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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  December 28, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EST

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now at 10:00 we're expecting first measurable snow of the season on tuesday. winter preps are underway as we brace for the first snow of the season. how maas dot is preaching and what they're asking you to do to keep the streets safe. and people are already stocking up. >> i travel every day. >> reporter: tonight, what people in worcester county are doing to prepare for this week's storm. plus, talked away in new york. it is heads. you want to -- >> what the patriots have to say about the decision which cost them today's game. >> video sure to make your jaw drop. a dog thrown into the street. what may have led to the animal abuse.
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25 storm track weather alert. >> good evening. we have a storm tracker weather alert tonight just days after record-breaking warmth temperatures first major snowfall of the season is moving in. good evening i'm elizabeth hopkins. >> and i'm fred daniel. here we go a winter weather advisory has been issued for the region. we have team coverage tonight from road crews and people getting ready for the snow to how much will fall and when. storm tracker meteorologist rob eicher kicks off our coverage with the latest computer model data. rob? >> reporter: the latest computer models have been trending slightly warmer for tuesday which means we have adjusted the forecast snowfall totals down ever so slightly from the numbers we had out there this morning. but winter weather advisory issued earlier this afternoon already issued for tuesday and it goes for the north shore, boston, and areas south of the pike until 1:00. those areas we're expecting the change over from snow to rain to happen middle part of the day. north of the pike, up through into new hampshire and vermont, that weather advisory goes until 7:00 on tuesday evening.
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change yoev to happen a little bit later on in the day so the winter weather will linger on a little bit longer in those areas. how much are we excepting? >> this is our latest computer data model in. now having around 1.50 to two inches in the immediate boston area. more like four to six across northern mass up into southern vermont. so still some significant snowfall expected across parts of the area for boston i think it will be kind of a slushy snow sleet mix just in time for the tuesday morning commute. in the meantime right now we have some rainshowers slightly heavier rain heading right towards martha's vineyard. this is part of a cold front. the cold front will sweep through here and usher in the coldest air of the month of december so far. so it will be noticeably cooler when you're heading out the door monday morning. no problems with your monday morning commute other than it will be quite a bit cooler than last few days. low 30s mostly sunny skies tomorrow. not getting much warmer tomorrow afternoon. it's that cold air that will be the set up for our
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coming up we'll time out exactly what to expect when you are going to work on tuesday morning. now when the snowfall road traction can go quickly especially during the morning and evening commutes. fox 25's christine mccarthy joins us live with more on the department of transportation's plans to tackle this first storm. crystal? >> reporter: well, just because it's been a mild winter so far doesn't mean that mass dot contractors and snow engineers haven't been preparing for in first big snowstorm for the season. if you take a look at the piles and piles of rock salt behind me you can see that they're definitely getting ready. we don't way for the snow to preparings. >> reporter: 380,000 tons of rock salt to be exact, all waiting at 150 mass dot depot as the state braces for its first snow of the season early this week. >> we'll get a little bit of everything. we'll get snow, we'll get sleet, we'll get raven.
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roads safe. >> it is going to be a difficult commute on tuesday morning for sure. people should plan ahead. >> reporter: last winter may about anything. >> with battles like last year, multiple blizzards you storm. we can handle that. >> reporter: even with the mild winter massachusetts has had thus far, mass dot has been working with its contractors and snow engineers to prepare for the first big storm. >> give our crews plenty of space to do their jobs. always remember that the conditions behind the plow are better than the conditions in front of the plow. if be rock salt is bouncing off your windshield you're too close to our equipment. >> officials are also requesting drivers use an alternate mode of transportation if possible. >> i think the investment in the map has been made and we're very confident and comfortable reminding people that they should take the t. >> reporter: accumulation is not expected to being significant across much of the state but mass dot says it's ready if mother nature
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>> we hope for the best but prepare for worst. un. >> reporter: having a little bit of technical issue with christine mccarthy there. in the meantime of course the issues with the mbta and commuter rail have been well documented. tonight fox 25 reached out to both organizations to see if they have any special plans in place for tuesday's storm. the mbta says they will be running regular train and bus service on tuesday. riders are asked to check with the ts website for any service alerts. the western and northern areas are going to get the >> indeed. fox 25's crystal haynes is live in worcester tonight where people are preparing for winter to finally show up. crystal? >> reporter: ted, and elizabeth, i think folks were sort of lulled into some sort of sense of fall hope with all this warm weather we've had last week. but we know the snow is coming, at least that's what's being predicted and
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county are prepping for the worst. >> reporter: sunday night at the worcester common oval ice scprink it's rain that's falling instead of snow. >> we picking up the whole family to have fun. we put all the jackets on but doesn't need it at all. i'm just enjoying the weather right now, yeah. >> it's a good idea. the fox 25 storm tracker weather team predicts worcester county is going to see two to four inches of snow on tuesday. handle this. >> i'm planning on going skiing. >> so you're happy it's going to snow. >> i love the snow. you get to build a snowman and you get to play with the snow. >> reporter: leo is excited for the white stuff but mom and dad are bracing themselves. >> it's going to come and hit us really bad, i don't know. let's see. >> reporter: so is albert. >> i got the bad news that the snow is coming. >> reporter: albert is a new homeowner and came to this home depot to stock up on necessities. he tells me mother nature didn't fool him with the
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>> one way or the other it will be balanced one way so it will be eventually coming. emergencies have been declared for the city of worcester county yet. but go to our website also grab our app and you will get all the latest when this weather rolls through. for now reporting in worcester tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. the forecast models have been changing and they'll do that right up until the first snowfall. starting at 4:00 a.m. fox 25 shiri will be back on the air with overnight developments and changes throughout the morning. just as crystal said you don't have to be in front of the tv to catch your forecast. fox 25 is available 24 hours a day. its free and available right now in the app and google play stores. if you watch the patriots game today you saw it and it wasn't pretty. the patriots won the coin toss but instead of taking the ball first in overtime they gave it to the jets.
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lots of people are talking about this one. it didn't turn out so well for the patriots. >> ted, it's one of those decisions that you hope doesn't come back to bite the pats only way they could if they end up playing the was a championship on the road instead of at home. that's what we're talking about here. a judgment call by bill belichick as it turns out today it was the wrong callment and it cost the patriots. here's how it all transpired. belichick right in the mix of the discussion after this one deservedly pats down a touchdown late. tom brady let them down the field. james white scores the game-tying touchdown which set up the infamous coin toss. have a listen. >> heads. heads is the call, heads is the call. it is heads. we want to kick. >> you want to kick. >> you will receive. where do you want to receive that way. >> new england wins the toss they elected to kick. >> that's when matthew slater was told do choose to kick so the jets got the
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the field and scored the game-winning touchdown. fitzpatrick to decker. 26-20 is your final. jets win the game they stay in the playoff hunt and send loss. clearly we will have much more from this one ahead in "sportswrap". brian salman on the scene reaction. why they made the call what they were saying about it after the game. fans upset and for good reason. let's hope it blows over by next week. tom lieden, fox 25 news. complete garbage that's how denver broncos quarterback peyton manning describes the report which says he used human growth hormone to help recover from a broken neck. the story was aired by al-jazeera he said he had h.g.h. shipped to his house. at the time manning was a member of the indianapolis colts. in response to this story, manning says "the allegation that i would do something like that is complete garbage and is totally made
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al-jazeera cites a texas pharmacist who claims to have provided ghgh to manning. 11 people are dead in texas after tornadoes rip through parts of the state there. late last night, severe storms tore through parts of dallas with winds reaching up to 200 miles per hour. areas including garland and rowlett took the brunt of the damage. >> it's just a dark funnel and it was just a billing roar. really scary. it scared me. i don't scare that easy but i was scared. >> severe weather has now moved on to oklahoma and new mexico in the form of a blizzard. let's take a closer look at three minutes. >> to haverhill women accused of lying to police about a baby being thrown in the merrimack river will appear in court on monday. police say that holly fouler and her 23-year-old daughter christina told officers they saw a man throw a baby off a bridge on christmas eve. firefighters say the surveillance video shows that never happened.
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nearly two hours before police deemed that call a hoax. the brighton chilt on is back in business the cleveland -- chipotle is cleveland sichl it was forced to close when 130 people got sick many students at boston college. officials say the outbreak was likely caused by a sick employee they do not believe it's connected to the ongoing e. coli outbreak affecting chipotle customers in several states. still some people we talk to say they are not interested in going back any time soon. >> we have so many different solid options around here. i just don't see a reason to go back there any time soon. >> boston's chief health inspector told the boston herald he plans to eat lunch at the chipotle in cleveland circle tomorrow as a show of confidence. chipotle c.e.o. has apologized and says the chain is working with the c.d.c. it is the most looked
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playstation 4 box on christmas morning to find a block of wood inside it. >> was yoind like laughing in your face. >> tonight target has issued an official response for. mistake. what they're saying about that blunder. plus, a local credit union suspends all debit and a.t.m. transactions. the reasoning behind that drastic decision. got our first measurable snow this season headed our way on tuesday.
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so you >> we continue on fox 25 storm fraker weather alert. snow and a wintry mix isis on the way to our region. looks like the biggest impact will play out during the tuesday morning commute. meteorologist rob eicher continues to pore through the newest data to so if any of the totals need adjusting. >> local credit union suspending all debit and a.t.m. transactions tonight after reports of fraudulent charges. developing sent to quincy credit union sending out an
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debit card activity happening this weekend. some customers have reported as much as $500 being taken from their account. customer a.t.m. cards were suspended today along with some atms as bank officials investigate. the credit union is asking anyone who suspects fraud to call them and is providing regular updates on a website. this morning a plane diverted to logan. landed safely at logan no one was hurt. we know it was a united airlines plane but no word tonight on what exactly was wrong with that aircraft. happening now, the return home from the holidays and that means crowded flights and crowded airports. this morning long lines started forming at logan airport around 5:00 a.m. there was some minor delays throughout the day but very few cancellations. if you're flying during the holiday period make sure you give yourself a little extra time because you will likely have a lot of company at the airport. meanwhile, boston south station only moderately crowded on this normally busy travel day. here's a shot of the station from around 6:00 p.m.
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are only a few people of hanging around pretty quiet nothing like the crowds at the airport. travelers said things were easy today and they think hit to do with the mild weather it. >> wasn't too crowded. finding a seat was fine. the bus was fine. everything went smoothly and quickly. the weather accommodated to that really well. >> trains and buses also kept to their schedules throughout the day. no cancellations or serious delays. to a race for the white house now and republican front-runner donald trump will be in new hampshire on monday. his in any event nashua is set for 7:00 p.m. today several candidates spoke out for the first time since the holiday break. kristin fisher with what the leading candidates are saying tonight. >> reporter: for a while now donald trump has been hinting that he might -- well, today he said bill clinton will be fair game in 2016. >> i think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very
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because of all of the things that she's talking to me about. she's mentioning sexism. certainly bill clinton is not going to be the end all in campaign he will come under attack not just from me he will be coming under attack from many other people. >> reporter: this morning on meet the press wasserman said any candidate who raises bill clinton as a negative does so at their own peril. when asked about bill clinton joining hillary on the campaign flail january, bernie sanders gave this classic response. >> i tell you what we're going to let my wife jane out and i think hillary will be in real, real trouble. >> reporter: meanwhile ben carson's campaign is showing real signs of trouble. a few days ago carson said everything, including personnel changes was on the table. he dialed it babe a bit today on "face the nation" but still said changes are coming. >> there will be some alterations, you know, we've been looking in every particular area. one thing i want to do is
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response to attacks, particularly when they are false and you know we've kind of taken a nonchalant attitude. >> reporter: tomorrow chris christie and marco rubio through iowa. trump will join them on tuesday but that final sprint to the iowa caucus own really start in earnest envelope after the new year. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. we are approaching a new year and a new minimum wage in massachusetts it will be going up one dollar to $10. this is second year in a row that the minimum wage has been raised in massachusetts. in 2017, it will increase another dollar to $11 an hour which is highest scheduled increase in the u.s. new hampshire's minimum wage will remain at $7.25. new at 10:00, methuen police are looking to track down this man for a bank robbery. it happened just before noon at the citizens bank inside the stop & shop. the robbery was captured by surveillance cameras so there are several clear
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if you recognize him you are asked to contact police. human remains found in upton. the next official update from police isn't expected until monday that means people in the area will spend another night wondering what happened in the woods. fox 25's jim morelli caught up with some of them earlier today. >> in the town of upton, a mystery in the woods. police got a call saturday from a hunter who made a disturbing discovery in the brush off men den street the person. >> so sorry to hear. >> eleanor lives nearby and owns a parcel of land adjacent to where the remains were found. >> i'm amazed. i just learned about it a few hours ago. i'm just in a state of shock. >> reporter: a source tells fox 25 that the hunter found the bones near an informal trail that winds through this patch of forest. police are investigating the discovery as a case of unattended death which means the medical examiner will have to determine how this
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otherwise police aren't talking much at all. but over sunday brunch at rebecca's place in upton residents were talking. >> i was shocked to hear that something would happen in a town like this. >> kind of scary. >> i was a little fright ngeded because that's a little too close to home. >> reporter: forests are a living mystery from the details to disillusions to the secrets they sometimes keep. upton police chief tells fox 25 they should have more sometime monday morning. in upton. jim morelli, fox 25 news. the chinese government announcing a major policy change today. what it will mean for children ahead in our next half hour. a windshield smashed in during a road rage incident on a local street. the reason the suspect is not in custody tonight even though police know who he
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a road rage incident has left one person with a court date and another with a smashed windshield. it happened yesterday afternoon at the intersection of route 12 and auburn street. auburn police say two drivers got into an argument. one got out of his truck and smashed the other driver's windshield. there were two children inside the car when it was hit. the suspect went to the police department and gave his statement. police issued him a court summons. new at 10:00, check out these huge flames. as firefighters work to put
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it happened early this morning in dedham on route 1 right outside the fox 25 studios. the driver was able to get out and was not hurt. firefighters tell us the s.u.v. was totalled in that fire. >> unbelievable. wow. >> you know him for the ice bucket challenge now the friends and supporters of pete frates are taking the plunge. the fourth annual icy dive took place at good harbor beach. hundreds of people attend in the name of awareness and fund-raising. >> reporter: they're taking the plunge for pete. >> for pete, for the boys. strike out a.l.s. >> reporter: at 27 pete frates was diagnosed with a.l.s. our lou gehrig's disease but the disease slowly erodes a person's nervous system. pete was given just a couple of years to live. now at 31, he's survived that window and he's determined to help in the effort to find a cure. >> this separates the men from the boys.
1:22 am
water here in gloucester really is so inspiration. >> reporter: it's been a year and a half since the ice bucket challenge went viral. a cold splash to raise money and awareness about a.l.s. with the plunge for peace his supporters want to continue in that mission and his parents couldn'ting more grateful. >> for all this love and support that continue people to throw out. >> this means everything to us. >> reporter: they say it means so much to pete as well. now a married father who's appearance at the beach prompted a swell of cheers. more than 500 people took part in the plunge and say they'll be back next year and the year after until the former boston college baseball player succeeds in his mission to strike out a.l.s. >> it's one for all for a great cause. >> now if you would like to donate or for more information we have linked pete's website to ours. it's a shocking case of animal cruelty caught on
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in the next 15 minutes what police have learned about the woman seen throwing a pug into the street. a powerful storm system currently impacting texas. it will be impacting our area on tuesday.
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meansss new at 10:00 a be stabbing near the jackson square mbta station in jamaica plain. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon. service was suspended at jackson square for an hour while police investigated. hospital. police tell us they believe the victim will be okay. we are still waiting to learn the identity of that injured person. target is apologizing tonight after an unwelcome surprise was found in a christmas gift. fox 25 told you yesterday that a 9-year-old from wakefield opened up his brand new playstation 4 only to discover this inside. that's a block of wood and it's cut into the exact same shape as the game system. to make matters worst there was a graphic message
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>> he's crying and he's upset and he's in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone. so at this point was crushed. >> fox 25 was the only station there when the family returned the item to store. target tells fox 25 tonight the guest came in yesterday and we replaced the item. additionally we've given them a $whun gift card for their inconvenience. we never like to disappoint our guests and are thankful for our store team's quick response to make things right. the man that caused a christmas day standoff in everett will be in court tomorrow. >> it's christmas we don't want you or anyone getting hurt today. >> fox 25 was the only station there live when police took down 53-year-old mark lavoin. his arrest ended a six hour standoff at his summer street home. police tell us lavoin threatened officers when they arrived and barricaded himself inside. he was also armed with at least three pistols. the university of new hampshire working harder to prevent suicide and address
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u.n.h is using a $100,000 grant to expand an on-line training program that helps staff better identify students at risk. the program works by letting staff have conversations with computer generated avatars that show warning signs. the grant will also go towards efforts to reduce illness. turning now to the deadly tornado outbreak in texas. at this hour 11 people are dead and the focus is now on the recovery process. for more on the deadly severe weather that tore through texas this weekend we turn to will carr who is in texas tonight. >> it sounded like a freight train coming through. >> reporter: devastation across texas today after several tornadoes, including a powerful ef-4 ripped through the northern part of the state. >> we still don't know with 100% extent of the damage. we have done a primary search last night and do a secondary search. >> reporter: crews across the state are focused on cleanup and recovery after battling deadly storms in
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if that wasn't enough. the western part of the state facing blizzard conditions. >> my message is please stay home. if we need help we will call you, i promise we'll call for help. we have all the help we need right now. we don't need -- it really hampers our ability to do our job. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott preparing a state of disaster for four counties as the number of people injured continues to rise. >> we pray and support those who have lost a family member. we pray and support those who have had their homes destroyed and their lives turned upside down. >> it's just sad. it's hard to see all these people's livelihood gone. cars destroyed plipd over in front of houses. it's just hard to see. it's just unbelievable to me. >> reporter: the heavy storm systems making its way across the country with missouri also facing deadly storms and flooding. as the damage continues to
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continues the state is not out of the woods yesterday. there are flash flood warnings through sunday night. from rowlett, texas, will carr, fox news. here is that storm system response for the severe weather in texas and also blizzard conditions for parts of northern texas and that is the storm system that is coming here on tuesday. we are not expecting severe weather whatsoever. because it will be cold enough it looks like it will at least begin as snow before changing over to rain. here's why i have a cold front sitting right on top of us. it's that cold front that will usher in what will probably be the coldest air of the month so far. without that cold front we would be talking rain and only rain for tuesday. but because we vary this cold front moving through the area now it will be cold enough it looks like to initially begin as snow. in the meantime, that front is just bringing us some rain. but moderate to heavy rain falling over parts of nantucket and martha's vineyard at this hour. this will be very brief.
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showers are quickly pushing south. they'll have maybe another half hour or hour to go then we'll be done with the rain and skies will clear out. behind that front the december so far. that means temperatures will be falling quickly as we head through the overnight hours. right now 45 in boston, 44 in reply mouth, 39 current temperature in fitchburg. watch how the numbers drop showers. down to about 34 in boston. lots of upper 20s on the map. that's late tonight and notice how the numbers really don't change whatsoever as we head into tomorrow afternoon. so 34 in boston tomorrow morning, 34 tomorrow afternoon. so that's it. that will make it the coldest day so far this month of december. looks like that cold air will linger around just long enough that that texas storm will begin as snow when it gets here. there you see the timing shortly after midnight look areas. it's likely that there still be winter weather around for the tuesday morning commute. some point late tuesday
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afternoon that snow will start to change over to sleet, freezing rain and then rain. then as we head into the evening commute things will start to taper off and mostly rain. by tuesday evening this is over and done with. so what can you expect as you're heading out the doors on tuesday morning? well, for most of thus is going to be snow and sleet. tuesday morning there you can see the timing again. snow and sleet for most of us with maybe a little bit of freezing rain across parts of plymouth county. vast majority of us heading to work on tuesday morning are going to be looking at winter weather and it will probably be slippery, especially since we do have the possibility of a little in. head into the early lunch time. you notice how the rain/snow line really starts to shift north. they're only talking slow and sleet from northern worcester county up into really southern vermont. now any concern about the possibility of a brief period of freezing rain late morning particularly in right around worcester could
1:31 am
accumulating ice which could conditions. only takes about a trace of ice accumulation to make a really slippery condition. so that's something we'll be watching for in the next couple days. get into the evening commute everyone heading home mostly rain. again it's a tuesday morning issue. as for how much we're expecting total about one to two inches of slushy snow, sleet combination in the immediate boston area. it's not so much that we're concerned about the amount of snow it's the timing because the worst impacts will be right about the time everyone is heading to work on tuesday. now west of 128, could be just enough accumulation that we might have to do a little bit of shoveling or maybe some plowing but again with the change over to rain tuesday afternoon it's likely that the a lot of it will wash away before we have a chance to shovel it. there's the rest of the seven day forecast with your weekend always in view. 35 tomorrow afternoon at best and it will be breezey that will add to the chill. then it's tuesday morning that we are most concerned about right now wednesday looks dry.
1:32 am
rain for thursday morning. at least we're not dealing with this. fog that just won't go away. how much longer people in one area will be living in these conditions. but first a bank robber wanted in new hampshire and
1:33 am
the way he was a want the fugitive suspected in several bank robberies has surrendered himself to police. fox 25 told you earlier this week about 31-year-old
1:34 am
he's suspected of at least seven robberies in new hampshire and vermont. the latest being last monday. martin became a fugitive earlier this month after he jumped bail on a case for three robberies. vermont state police say martin turned himself in early this morning. all lanes on i-93 north are back open tonight after a tractor-trailer jackknifed and spilled fuel all over the highway. the crash happened around 6:30 this morning near exit 18 in boston. it shut down the entire highway on the northbound side for hours. it took hours for crews to move traffic to the right lane and traffic still remains slow. drivers tell us the smell of fuel was so strong they actually smelled it before they even saw the accident. >> you can smell it almost like a heavy diesel smell. oven though the window is up and the rain it had that odor of an accident. >> no word yet on how much gas actually spilled out of the truck.
1:35 am
dot tweeted out around 1:00 in the afternoon saying everything had been cleared. a new hampshire man faces reckless driving charges after he was caught going over 100 miles per hour. he was on route 25 when a state trooper saw him speeding and pulled him over. the trooper said he could smell marijuana during that traffic stop and he turned over a small amount of the drug and the smoking device. he was released on bail and will return to court in march. china today announced families can now have two children. just ahead what led to the major policy change for that nation. plus, a woman caught on street. the distinct that may have sparked this -- the incident that may have sparked this animal abuse.
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>> a california woman caught on tape throwing a pug into the street. >> unbelievable. doug johnson has more on the search for this animal abuser. >> this video has already gotten almost 40,000 views on facebook and more are coming every expected. >> she doesn't -- >> reporter: among those that click the link are the humane animal services. >> we are currently looking for her at this time. she is from what i understand hiding from us. >> reporter: sergeant michael romero say they know the woman throwing the pug
1:38 am
a suspect they're trying to find who has abused this dog before. >> she was recently seen walking down a busy street and she had the dog by the tail. she was pulling it around. >> we were able to find the home that the surveillance video was shot in front of in fairfield. >> i feel really bad. the woman that came to the door told her it's her roommate's boyfriend and thing if you name ben was used in an argument between. >> she got in a fight with her boyfriend and she took it out on him. >> reporter: stewart says she and others wanted to take ben but she stormed off with the pug before anyone could. >>. >> reporter: ramirez believes shannon is hiding in vallejo area and hopes
1:39 am
and ben are will help end the dog's torture. >> we are looking to file animal cruelty charges against her and have this dog removed from her because that dog doesn't deserve that. >> doug johnson reporting. emotional words tonight from the mother of one of the people killed during a police-involved shooting in chicago. early yesterday morning, 19-year-old lagreer and 55-year-old bettie johnson were shot after police responded to a domestic disturbance. johnson was lagreer's name and a mother of four. police say she was shot by accident. lagreer's mother says she thought she office a good path. >> she always said i'm going to -- >> reporter: chicago's mayor is now calling on the police department and their oversight agency to review the training around how offers respond to health health crisis calls. >> china has officially
1:40 am
policy. each couple is now allowed to have two kids. china's population is getting older they are enough young people to support them. the ruling is getting mixed parents. better. the only child is too selfish because there's only one in the family the four dad parents and dad and mom are all focusing on him. for him. >> one thrilled is enough. another one would be a burden. especially when they need to go to school and find a job. >> one child policy was put into place in the 1970s. also in china, hazy weather will continue throughout most of the country tomorrow. take a look at this footage from beijing. that haze is so thick you can apparently see through it. it started blanketing the city last week and sparked officials in some regions to send out advisories telling people to stay inside. weather officials in china say the haze will linger for about 10 more days.
1:41 am
has changed nearly two years after widespread issues at the phoenix veterans affairs hospital since those were exposed. since april, 2013, the issues have led to the deaths of at least 40 veterans. brian yennis is in new york with more on the controversy. >> reporter: more than two years after whistle-blower dr. sam foote made allegations that at least 40 veterans died while waiting for proper medical care at the phoenix health administration hospital foote says there are still not enough doctors and wait times are too long it. >> really hasn't changed very much over the time. there's still a lot of problems. >> and it's really no surprise because many of the architects of the downfall of phoenix is still there. they have yet to take action on the chief of h.a.s., the associate director or the chief of staff. he was at the center of the waiting list scandal. >> reporter: 15 months after
1:42 am
phoenix hospital trying to retaliate against foote and other whistle-blowers they have yet to be disciplined or punished. foote was a doctor of internal medicine at the phoenix v.a. hospital before retiring in december, 2013, after exposing the hospital for covering up long wait times the for vets. foote said those wait times led to the deaths of 40 vets. his testimonies have led to major reforms at v.a. medical centers nationwide. now in october the inspector general released a scathing report finding some patients with bladder and prostate cancer died waiting for medical treatment at the phoenix hospital and exposing critz call staffing shortages in the urology -- critical staffing short not as in the urology department which led to 3200 cancelled appointments and the death of seven patients. but despite new reforms implethed by robert mcdonald -- implemented by robert
1:43 am
all of us this holiday season that major problems still persist in how our veterans are cared for. in new york, brian yennis, fox news. so rob eicher is the busiest man in the newsroom tonight tracking the first season. so what are the latest models saying, rob, and quite frankly what do you think of them? >> the latest models have been trending down. i think that's probably in the right direction. if you watch me on the fox 25 morning news just this morning, the model had over six inches of snow for boston and more than a foot of snow from orange up to keene. notice how in the latest model run just in a couple of hours ago how those numbers are down significantly. the european models also down a little bit although it's always been the more conservative one now indicating just maybe over two inches of snow in boston and around five inches as you get up towards keene. i am going a little bit lower than both of those. primarily because it has been a record warm month. oil temperatures in the upper 40s that means it's going to be hard for that snow to stick to the ground.
1:44 am
concerned more about bridges and overpasses turning icy for the tuesday morning commute than i am about huge accumulations of snowfall. again this would be primarily the tuesday morning commute. another reason i think they the accumulations could be a little bit lower than what the models are saying is that the water temperatures are still quite warm. upper 40s to even disclose 50 degrees. we got one lone shower passing over nantucket here that should be the last one i think by the time we wrap up the evening news here the radar will be clear. 45 degrees currently in boston. temperatures down to the low 30s for the morning and that will be the set up for the cold their we need for a snowstorm on tuesday. a mess in dracut today. coming up tonight new at 11:00 a closer look at how this crash happened and what happened to the driver just minutes after the car rolled. plus, we're still on top of the inbound storm. tonight at 11:00 we're looking into how maas mass dot is getting ready to
1:45 am
>> a busy day for sports. everybody buzzing now into the next few days about the choice to kick off in overtime. why did it happen and what
1:46 am
say by the fter this one. it's a decision that will be dissected until we know it isn't costly it may be next week. will bill belichick's choice come back to haunt the patriots. in reality it's a 50-50 proposition when you look at all the numbers. but today the pats were in the wrong 50%. things were going well. pats had tied up the score at 20. with less than two to play. tom brady and james white but they went to overtime and then this happened. >> heads. heads is the call. heads is the call. it is heads. we want to kick off. >> you are going to receive. >> where do you want to receive at?
1:47 am
new england wins the toss they elected to kick. >> matthew slater just following orders. he was told to kick off and the jets did the one thing the pats could not let them do they cruised right down the field and scored the game winner are. if it pack rick to er-- fitzpatrick to erecdecker. >> reporter: a lot of confusion and surprise when the patriots decided to kick instead of receive in overtime but that notion was quickly quieted by head coach bill belichick in his post game press conference. >> i thought that was the best thing this do. there was wasn't any confusion there was no confusion. >> and not only, that but belichick and tom brady also did not mince words when they explained exactly why the patriots lost this game. >> i thought we did a good job battling to the end. you know we just didn't make enough plays to score enough points.
1:48 am
it's a good football team they got a lot of good players. they played pretty well so we certainly had our chances, you know, but just didn't come away with it. pass interference on third down we the got the stop and ball back where we want it then get beat on two flag patterns. didn't play good enough defense either. >> that just means that the game in miami is that much more important as the patriots look to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. in east rutherford, brian salman, fox 25 sports. >> thanks, brian. bruins were in ottawa for the first half of home at home against the senators. suddenly riding a four game losing streak but the offense did not come to play. bruins did tie it up in the second with a goal. david krejci on shoves it in under the skate of anderson. they called it a goal. shortly before the second
1:49 am
that's your game winner. the bruins have dropped three straight. they return home to face ottawa tuesday night at t.d. garden. better news for the celtics tonight they took care of business against the knicks. isiah thomas with a big night 21 points including a couple big hoops in the fourth quarter. knicks were drawn within five but ooit scored a quick four that really opened it up again. celtics win it 100-91. we'll have more on the fox 25 "sportswrap". more from brian salman in new jersey, more from butch stearns who joins me in studio to talk about the
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