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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 28, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the updating timel now at 4:30. winter weather arrives within the next 24 hours. the town where ice will be a bigger headache than snow. all eyes on commute ahead of the storm. the preparations under way right now to make sure the roads and rails are ready. breaking news overnight, a jeep slams into a coffee shop. the search for the driver that police say took off after that crash. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good monday morning, everyone, it is december 28, 4:30 in the morning. i am julie grauert.
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henrich in for you daniel. grab a coat and grab your ice scraper. shiri spear is watching the first show of the winter move in this morning. >> shiri: the crazy things is it is very far from cincinnati to solution and perhaps the chicago area to find those snowflakes. in terms of what is closest to us now. what we are going to see today is the quiet weather up ahead of it, but also the cold air moving into place that is going to prime us for snow at the so right now worcester at 32 degrees. leominster at 34. hollis, new hampshire at 32. tux burly, 32. 32 in natick and 32 freezing in walpole and boston good morning waking up to 34 degrees there. 32 in salisbury and the middle 30s growing pretty strong hanover to duxbury, 34 degrees. sandwich, 37 sandwich, 37. same in harwich. problem is from here we don't see things warm up.
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it will be cool and also bright as the sun comes up. at noontime, winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. it will be a breezy day. temperatures 34 degrees. we are back down to 33 though at 3 p.m. with dry conditions in place. increasing clouds and some of the timelines on the worst less than 10. julie, back over to you for a check on the roads. >> things moving along fine right now. morning. let's be thankful that hopeful flee it will be an easier commute. pike identify open from framingham through the weston tolls through the alston-bright tolls through the alston-brighton area. zakim bridge wide open. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. eight minutes from the braintree split to the pike. we begin now our 4:30 newscast with breaking news in lynn. a jeep slams into a coffee shop overnight causing extensive
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our crew got to the scene as police started searching for the driver involved in the crash. jis jess is live in -- jessica reyes is live in lynn and a lot of damage behind you. >> reporter: a lot of damage. crews are here boarding up the building. you can see that it left a massive hole right in front of this coffee shop. ands see. police are also search for the in is the scene right after it happened at 2:15. this jeep crashed right not walnut creek cafe leaving a hole in the building. hole in the building. 30 minutes ago i spoke with lynn police and they said the driver took off running from the scene. they know that person is a man but they are working to give us a more detailed description. they searched the a area for several hours and they are searching right now with k-9s. we know crews will be here for several more hours this morning boarding up the building. the building inspector is
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we know this cafe usually opens around 5:00 this morning so we expect the owner will be here soon and we will let you know as soon as we get in touch with that person. i am jessica reyes, fox25 news. a weather alert for you in england and the salt piles are standing by this morning. the calm before the storms but crews are already making the road as safe as possible. fox25's catherine parrotta live at the salt pile in weston where they aren't waiting for the flakes to start flying. >> reporter: right now a clear morning in weston. chilly out here and feels like it could know and behind me, a pile of salt is ready for any winter weather we may have coming our way. you can see them nice and stocked up. the start of the winter season. haven't had any winter weather yet, and this will certainly be a hot spot as the winter weather moves in for the first time this season. as shiri has been forecasting, the mix of snow, let and
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overnight into the early morning and the snow fall is expected to be heavy, road conditions will be messy but mass dot says they are prepared. the agency says 380,000 tons of rock salt and 4,000 pieces of equipment ready to go along with 750,000 gallons of liquid de-icer deicers. officials need drivers to help. >> i give our crews plenty of space to do their jobs. space to do their jobs. -- always remember that the conditions behind the plow is better than the conditions in front of the plow. if the rock salt is bouncing off your windshield, you are too close to our equipment. >> reporter: with the storm expected to continue through the morning commute, mass dot is encouraging drivers to stay off the roads and take the t if possible. the t has struggled in the past during winter storm, but mass dot say taking the t should be a good option and explain why that is coming up next half hour. live in weston, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. >> the t says it will be ready for the first round of winter
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last winter the subway and commuter rail systems had significant problems during cold weather. the mbta has been getting trains and tracks ready for months and they say regular train and bus service will be running tomorrow. riders will be asked to check the t's web site for individual alerts on individual routes. >> of course will be tweeting that out as well. the fox25 stormtracker predicts worcester county will see 2 to 4 inches of snow. while rain was falling last night, plenty of people getting ready for the first flakes of the season. >> it is going to hit us really bad. i don't know. i need to prepare myself.i loft snow because you can play in the snow. julie so part city of worcester has not issued a snow emergency or parking ban. if that changes, you can find the information on the fox25 weather app and on
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the weather system bringing snow to us. the hardest-hit area of the community where an ef 4 tornado with winds of 200 miles per hour damaged or destroyed homes hour damaged or destroyed homes. kelly wright has more on the storms that is coming our way. >> reporter: turning to matchsticks and insulation ended up in trees as a powerful tornado. they sounded the warning. >> the boys were making nachos and i heard the siren goes off. i said you need to get to the bathroom. they said we have go queso. i say drag the queso into the bathroom. >> reporter: ruth crawly said her family made it into the safety of the bathroom just in time. >> we got in the bathtub in the center bathroom in our house and all of a sudden like a train went over the top of us and could you hear things bolting into the roof. >> one of crawly's neighbors is susan white.
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over quickly, but she will never forget the experience. >> the scariest moment of my life. it was 40 seconds but very scary like a loud roar, and our house shook. >> reporter: as many as a dozen twisters touched down in texas. and while some of these storms can be blamed for unseasonably warm weather, don't tell that to people who live in the panhandle. a 26-county area is being blasted by snow. most of interstate 40 was shut down on sunday because of blizzard-like conditions. oklahoma governor mary fallin has declared a state of emergency. it is estimated that 60,000 homes and businesses are without power in that state. missouri's governor jay nixon has also declared a state of emergency because widespread flooding. in washington, kelly wright,
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>> michael: our team coverage >> michael: our team coverage.continues through the duration of event. kevin lemanowicz will join shiri tomorrow morning continuously tracking the storm and the changing conditions. he will be with us starting at 4 a.m. we have traffic updates and crews span across the area to keep you prepared and informed, and, remember, you don't have to be in front of a tv to catch our live coverage. our forecasting is available 24 hours a day on the fox25 weather app. it is free and available right now in the app and google play stores. shiri will be back with a check of the forecast in just a few minutes. time now is 4:39. happening today, two haverhill women will be in court accused of making up a story of a baby being thrown off a bridge. the scene on christmas eve as dive teams and helicopters searched the merrimack river. of a nearly two hours, first responders determined that holly fowler and her 23-year-old daughter, christina 23-year-old daughter, christina, made the whole thing up.
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surveillance video prove the story was a hoax. the fowlers are charged about misleading police. later this morning we will hear more about human remains found in upton. we first told you saturday night a hunter discovered the shelton near mendon street in a thick rural area with very heavy woods. right now police are not saying much about the investigation but the whole thing has people in the area on edge. >> i was shocked to hear that something would happen in a town like this. >> kind of scary. >> i was a lit frightened because it is too close to home julie the medical examiner is working to determine how the person died. a bank robbery suspect at the center of a multistate man the center of a multistate manhunt is off the streets. pictures of a man accused of robbing seven banks in vermont and new hampshire. the suspect matthew martin turned himself into authorities yesterday. u.s. marshals issued an alert about martin saying he was armed and dangerous. new england patriots are taking hits and head coach bill
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of an overtime gamble that back of an overtime gamble that backfired in a big way. the coin toss that everybody is talking about. >> heads is the call. heads is the call. it is heads. you want to kick off. >> you heard right. the pats won the toss and decided to kick the ball to the jets at the start of sudden death overtime. the jets took the ball, went down the field. fitzpatrick hit derek deck we are a 6-yard touchdown. after the game belichick with a very short explanation of the decision to kickoff. >> i just thought that was the best thing to do. >> julie: that's it. the new york pneumonia are having a field day with what happened. "the daily news" with the headline "thanks genius" on the back page today. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. the live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. overall volume is very light and roads are clear.
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different story tomorrow morning when we are dealing with sleet, snow, ice. shiri, take it away. >> shiri: that will develop tomorrow. we have travel conditions the road conditions looking nice and good. by 7:00, poor conditions straight into the afternoon. by 5 p.m. starting to see some improvements. i will give you the exact totals expected for snow and ice before the flip to rain coming up next. >> julie: a local chipotle opens following an outbreak that made dozens sick. the person eating lunch there today that could restore confidence that it is safe. christmas surprise. a local boy gets a chunk of
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welcome back, a patriotic bank robber caught on camera. metheun police are searching for this man. he wore a knit hat with the words "usa" on it after robbing a citizens bank in a stop and shop. the suspect was captured on several surveillance cameras and there is clear pictures of his face. a new hampshire man is accused of reckless driving. they clocked him going nearly 1 they clocked him going nearly 120 miles per hour. militski was arrested and they found marijuana in his car during the traffic stop. he is out on bail and in due in
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target is apologizing for an unwelcomed christmas surprise for a local boy. the 9-year-old from wakefield was devastated to open up his new playstation 4 and discovered no game system. instead, no, look, the box contained that block of wood and to make matters worse a graphic message scrawled on the back. >> he was crying and he is upset and in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone. at that point i was crushed. >> michael: fox25 was only station there when the family returned the item to the store. target replaced the system and gave the family a $100 gift card. target sent a statement about the incident to fox25 saying in part, quote, we never like to disappoint our guests and are thankful for our store team's right. the boston bruins have been playing well for most of december and they finally find themselves with a three-game losing streak. the bs up in ottawa and second
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game at one. check out the replay. the puck barely crosses the line. hard to see. senators grab the lead right back. minutes later. ottawa would add an empty neter. bs fall 3-1. better news for the celtics celtics. isaiah thomas for the knicks. right there. and then 20 seconds later he goes the length of the court, more. nice. thomas finishes with 21 points. cs win 100-91. at 4:47, taking a look at the map right now, and things are overall light. going to be very different tomorrow morning when we are dealing with pretty severe weather. 93 south route 1 movings along nicely and zakim bridge, leverett connector wide open. the live drive times. 14 minutes from route 1 to the tobin. 21 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector.
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in peabody to the weston toll. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and shiri, this is the morning when off few extra minutes, pack up the car for tomorrow morning's drive in. >> shiri: yeah i went down and hunted down -- you need all of that stuff in the car for the day tomorrow. today, nice and quiet. only 34 degrees. check out where we are going. we are going in the lower 30s which means temperatures stay almost static today. lower 30s really the rule across southern new england. that forecast is going to be pretty spot on for worcester, southern new hampshire, north his or her, south shore as well well. we have partly to mostly sunny skies today. you go down to the midwest, to the south, we do have a whole mess of not just rain on the move toward us but snow as well move toward us but snow as well. in fact, i got a blizzard happening right now in parts of texas before we even get a snowflake here in the boston area. don't you worry. we will chip away at that
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tomorrow but for the remainder of today, look how quiet it stays. 5 p.m. tonight. we have clouds rolling in. we do not have any snowflakes yet until about midnight tonight. you can see just arriving in westernmost massachusetts in southern vermont. hit that 7 a.m. commute tomorrow starts to get tricky because not just the snow. where we have that pink, some sleet and freezing rain coming on in. remember cold at the surface. even a flip over to rain at first, freeze up a little bit here. 7 a.m. traveling north of boston, still snow. south of boston, start seeing that sleet, that freezing rain mix on in. by 10:00 in the morning, i expect our rain line will be pretty close to boston, but from boston to worcester, especially northward, we are still going to have icy patches north shore to the seacoast and southern new hampshire. we have snow mixing in, but we do have plain rain over southeastern massachusetts. where conditions will turn somewhat slushy into the rain
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the real trouble pot for traveling will be where that pink conditions well into the afternoon. southern new hampshire, central mass, western mass, southern vermont. towns at stake. icy here. and layer of ice and kind of mush on top of the snow that will create slippery conditions will create slippery conditions. by the evening commute improvements. things seriously lightening up by 5 p.m. drizzle in and around the boston area into the board near new hampshire. we still have a couple of icy patches and because precipitations is so much lighter road crews will have a pretty good handle on the tuesday evening commute. snow totals, most of this falling overnight into the early commute tomorrow. 1 to 2 inches in boston up into northeastern, massachusetts. southeastern mass. along and outside of 128 along and outside of 128, we are going with 2 to 4 inches of snow newspaper southern new hampshire. parts of northern central massachusetts, 4 to 6 inches of
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ice on top of it. central mass, southern new hampshire we have to watch for a 10th of an inch of ice, accumulation. it doesn't sound like a lot but a trace to make roads treacherous. we will see mostly morning around the boston area but i think it lasts well into the interior were interior. so this afternoon partly sunny with highs in the 30s. tonight, we fall back into the 20s. first for everybody. but then as temperatures warm up to 43 in boston, 40 in norwood. 46 in plymouth. we get that change over to rain during the morning commute from south to north tomorrow. but fitchburg, manchester really struggling. middle 30s there. i wouldn't be surprised closer to freezing tomorrow afternoon. seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. 34 degrees and partly sunny. average high of 40 tomorrow. we with snow. mix it with rain and freezing rain and eventually ends as
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wednesday, dry, brighter, 45 and more rain on thursday. dry for the new year and the weekend. back to you, julie. >> julie: talk to you soon. making sure it is a white christmas even in warm weather. how one man was able to grant his wife's wish for the holidays despite 70-degree temperatures. blasting away records at the box office.
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"star wars a fire has destroyed more than00 homes in australia. this morning some people are returning to the area. cooler weather has lessened the threat, but there are still some spots where it is too close to the fire. officials say one in three homes in the affected region is now unlivable. no one was hurt in that blaze. a new report suggests that cities in thailand could be completely under water in just 15 years. the thai government say rising sea levels and linking sea levels and sea levels sinking land can jeopardize the lives and homes of a million people. some villages are already sea some villages are already seawater. the capital city of bangkok could go over in a decade if nothing is done. the new "star wars" movie soaring to record heights. the film earned $1 billion in global sales faster than any other movie in history.
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"jurassic world." and just behind "avatar" and expected to break that record and it haven't been in every country. it will nope china in january. according to the average price is holding firm at $2 a gallon down $.04 from this time last month and $.29 from last year. aaa say a gallon in massachusetts let is you back, $2.03. the massachusetts minimum wage will go up to $10 an hour. the second year in a row the massachusetts. in 2017, it will go up again, this time to $11 an hour. that will be the highest scheduled increase in the united states. new hampshire minimum wage will remain at $7:25. the ice bucket chal. more friends and supporters of
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>> hundreds took part in the 4 >> hundreds took part in the 4th annual plunge for pete all in the name of awareness and fund raising. there is pete right there. frate s was diagnosed with als or lou gehrig's disease. the ice bucket challenge went viral. and they want to support pete and his parents couldn't be more grateful. >> for all the love and support that people are showing us, it is just so fantastic. >> this means evening >> this means everything. >> julie: john and nancy are the best. if you want to donate or want more information we linked petefork rates' web site to ours at a suv slams into the wall of a coffee shop. that cafe is scheduled at 9 a.m. live from the scene of the very latest now on the run. the big story is the weather.
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