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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 28, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> daniel: breing news le you were sleeping. car crashes into coffee shop and driver bolts. what the owner of the store told us about the surprise wake-up call. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good monday morning, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. tracking first snowfall of winter and storm tracker shiri spear who's tracking first winter storm. >> shiri: that's right. appropriately winter weather advisory that has been posted for snow, sleet and freezing rain. although it starts at 8:00 this evening, i don't see anything moving in until 11:00 p.m. or even midnight tonight and initially it is going to be snow but big changeover and right now it is partly sunny skies, 32 in
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norwood, down to plymouth in beverly, upper 20s in nashua and portsmouth, new hampshire. starting out cool and temperatures barely move from here. and 33 in boston and under again partly sunny skies, extra afternoon cloud will start high and thin before they thicken up and temperatures are at and even below freezing as folks head home from work and check this out by tomorrow morning's commute i got snow at 5:00 in the morning in and around the boston area, sleet mixing in southward and warming up by this time tomorrow rain line moving into about boston, going to time out when your town or city makes a flip and today chilly and bright, 32 to 36 and that's all i'm giving you for afternoon temperatures, might be a little overdone. send over to you for check on the roads.
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fully engulfed eastbound at charlton sturbridge line and two right lanes closed at the moment route 193 south pike from framingham into the newton area and as you could see through brighton wide open. here are live drive times, 24 minutes on pike 495 to mass ave, 12 minutes weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel, nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. >> daniel: new details at nine on breaking news we have been following all morning in lynn. jeep plowed right into the front of coffee shop overnight and last 30 minutes police confirmed they have found the driver that struck the building and then took off. jessica reyes is live in lynn this morning. jess, you just spoke with the family that hones -- owns the cafe. what are they saying about the damage? >> jessica: the owner hopes to
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lynn police over the past hour. they confirm that driver is now in custody and jeep that he was driving had been stolen approximate. take a look. suspect crashed into the walnut street coffee cafe around 2:15 and then took off running from here. they just confirmed the past 45 minutes the person has been arrested but they are not releasing his name to us just yet. right now there's no word on who owns the jeep but police do say it has been stolen out of beverly. now, we did speak with the owner's wife 45 minutes ago they hope to reopen soon and just thankful that no one was hurt here. >> we have the place cleaned up and looking better than new in a couple days. >> jessica: she went on to say the cafe has been in her husband's family for 20 years and closed two hours before this happened. later this morning the building inspector will be out here to
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be able to reopen here. for now live in lynn, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: we are tracking the first winter storm of the season our shiri spear predicting snow and ice will start to fall around midnight tonight. fox25 catherine parrotta is live at salt pile in weston where it is time to get the roads ready for the first time this winter. catherine? >> catherine: i won't be here on this spot because i have a feeling a lot of trucks will be loading up with salt and haven't been touched so far this season. piled up high inside the shed here and truck will be coming here and getting out on roads first winter weather of the season moves in. >> don't wait for the snow to fly to start making preparations.
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>> catherine: ready to go first winter commute. >> people should plan ahead and plan accordingly. >> catherine: everything from snow to sleet and freezing rain in time for tomorrow morning's commute. mass dot will open all 150 of posts today and may not need all of it, the equipment is ready to go. >> we have 4,000 pieces of equipment at beck and call. >> encouraging drivers to stay off the road and take the "t" if you will be behind the wheel a reminder. >> give our crews plenty of space to do their job. always remember the conditions behind the plow are better than the conditions in front of the plow. its rock salt bouncing off your windshield you're too close to our equipment. >> catherine: drivers should be prepared with jumper cables and cell phone chargers in case it takes longer than usual. >> we are eight ready for
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sometimes she is in a soft mood and sometimes she is not. >> catherine: there are tanks holding liquid deiser too and another supply that's in the arsenal of mass dot as we move into the first winter storm of the season. again, saying we have plenty and break down the resources up ahead of the storm tomorrow. half hour. live in weston, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: north of pike and west of 128. fox25 storm tracker weather team predicts worcester county will see two to four inches of know from this system and while rain was falling last night there, we found plenty of people getting ready for the first flakes of
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>> hit bad. >> daniel: you will find more at >> julie: fox25 storm tracker meteorologist kevin lemanowicz will join shiri tomorrow morning, continuously tracking the storm and changing conditions. he will be with us starting at 4:00 a.m. and also have traffic updates and crews fanned out across the area to keep you prepared and informed. you don't have to be in front of tv to catch live coverage. forecasting available 24 hours a day at the fox25 weather app. right-hand free and google play store. shiri will be back with more in few minutes. >> daniel: two haverhill women will be in court after making up a story about a baby thrown off a bridge. dive teams searched the
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they determined the story was made up and fowlers are charged with misleading police. >> julie: trial for man accused of kidnapping a teenager is pushed back. it is three months later than originally planned. nathaniel kibby charged with kidnapping and rape that drew national attention and adducted conway girl and held her for nine months and kibby facing more than 200 charges. >> julie: more information from police about human remains found in upton. hunter discovered the skeleton near mendon street which is a rural area with thick woods and police aren't saying much about the investigation but whole thing has people on edge. >> it was like this.
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>> daniel: stemming charges from a christmas day standoff. >> don't want anyone getting hurt today. >> daniel: fox25 was only station on the scene when they took mark levine into custody. at end of standoff his summer street home went up in flame and right now cause still under investigation. he is reportedly facing disorderly conduct and gun related charges. >> julie: boston area chipolte linked to norovirus is back in business. chief petty officer restaurant opened for the first time in weeks. closed earlier this month after 136 people, hostly boston college students got sick. it was traced back to sick employee and not believed to be linked to ongoing e. coli outbreak. some people tell us they are still unsure about eating there. >> so many different solid options around here don't see soon. >> julie: one person that does
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health inspector. he will have lunch there as show of confidence. julie: there was two people that went to the hospital on christmas day. building condemned until the source of the leak is found. tragic reminder to always have a carbon monoxide detecter. >> daniel: this morning new england patriots are taking some hits and bill belichick is taking questions about overtime game that backfired in a big way here is coin toss everyone is talking about. >> heads is call. heads is call. it is heads. >> kickoff. >> daniel: you heard it right patriots won the toss and start the sudden death overtime. the jets took the ball and went right down the field.
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with game winning td. 26 jets, pats 20 and bill belichick had short explanation about kicking off. >> thought it was the best thing to do. >> daniel: this morning the new york paper are having a field day with what happened. and there was the headline thank, genius, on back page paid. daniel: man that made millions smile died yesterday. meadowlark clemons was famous for jokes. he wasin ducted into the basketball hall of fame in springfield. he was 83 years old. >> julie: check traffic and weather every ten minutes and live look outside at pike through brighton and really overall volume has been nice and
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be challenging with the weather that's making way into town. shiri? >> shiri: don't have any snow, ice or rain and partly cloudy skies and a little bit of breeze but tuesday morning it is snow and it is ice and by tuesday evening it is going to be rain and slow improvements when we come back. >> michael: nerves leading up to first winter event of the season. >> it was awful last year. >> michael: changes "t" has already made to make sure trains run on time. >> daniel: thousands of people across middle america are cleaning up this morning from deadly tornadoes. >> the sound, i can't get the
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>> julie: turns carved a path of destruction and stretching from new mexico to texas killed at least two dozen people over the weekend. we have more as storm moves toward new england. >> reporter: in the darkness could people see the tornado in the distance. see damage easily now after one of the tornadoes hit texas ripping home into the air. >> pretty traumatic. went out to assess our own damages and he is over there
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road for the baby. >> two day old child to the hospital while her husband glen helped this to try. >> she was pinned in between ray wall and door. >> reporter: she survived but her baby did not. a tornado destroyed an elementary school in red oak while just a few blocks away willard jordan and family coward inside a closet. >> i can't get the sound out of my head. >> reporter: range from light to devastating and national weather service now says was hit by ef4 tornado. donations of warm clothes and food kept coming into storm shelters all over the area. >> i have no heat, no electricity.
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codes and he happy to have her family with her. >> i'm happy. >> reporter: sentiment many of the storm survivors can appreciate. this year will be the first where december is dread liest month of the year for tornadoes. in typical year there are only three tornado deaths in december so far there have been at least 24 this month. >> daniel: tens of thousands of travelers remain stranded. 6,000 more were delayed. these are pictures from inside left field in dallas yesterday storms in the midwest and south could make matters worst today. at logan there were some delays but just a handful of cancellations. >> julie: car carrier fire at 93-mile marker and right two lanes are closed.
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city, expressway right now pike though moving along fine as you could see wide open through brighton and 12 minutes 106 to 128 and 495 to the leverett connector and nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist and fooled by what's outside at the moment. >> sara: >> shiri: not much snow actually thinking leaning more toward sleet and freezing rain and will get minor snow accumulation and will get everything in your tuesday morning by tuesday afternoon and rain with icy spots and rain and freezing rain and before it does, expecting one to two inches of snow from the north shore to boston down into
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along and outside of 128 so from portions of the north shore through merrimack valley, through central massachusetts, two to four inches of snow and sleet and see slightly totals into southern new hampshire before we make the flip. now, this is the whole system that's going to be moving toward us and so much attached to it and know falling in portions of kansas and oklahoma and texas overnight, up to chicago but we have got rain in the mississippi valley and all of that. all of that is going to be in the forecast for day tomorrow. bear in mind it is chilly right now, only 32 in boston, and we got a wind chill. so with winds right now sustained at 20 miles per hour, breezy, feels like it is only 20 if caught by the breeze and through the afternoon with temperatures barely budging in the lower 30s, basically continue with the wind chills around 20 and by comparison such a mild december today will
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cold weather sets the stage as precipitation moves on in and as it does around midnight tonight, first time showing it on air, come on over to the screen and see the very latest and what you will find 7:00 tomorrow morning the spots where we still have snow southern new hampshire over to the north shore. south of that into boston and central extra massachusetts, southeastern massachusetts, we got sleet mixing in and starting to fall as liquid here so going to get slushy pretty quickly tomorrow by 10:00 in the morning, i'm seeing plain rain in boston, up to parts of the north shore, back through about worcester, so really along and south of the mass pike we are talking rain by 10:00 a.m. to the north of that we still got icy spots but the snow is going to be done. so the snow ends pretty early, not going to have any snow in the area after 10:00 in the morning, by 1:00 p.m. notice eastern massachusetts, even
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temps above freezing and so close to freezing and watch out for ongoing slippery spots, icy roadways. future cast by 7:00 p.m. though same improvements we have been seeing all morning long between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. it is over and ice going to be a concern, especially during the morning hours as we make the changeover from snow to sleet and freezing rain, talking trace up to tenth of an inch of ice on top of the snow before the rain in eastern most massachusetts into central massachusetts that's where we have a tenth to two tenths of inch of ice and going to be more problematic because icy spots will linger into the afternoon. by the time this ends we cool down again overnight into wednesday, wake up to freezing temps, 45, a little bit of break, thursday get ready for more morning rain.
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>> julie: this weekend film hit new milestone hit billion dollars in global sales faster
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hit the mark one day earlier than the previous record holder jurassic world. we saw that and liked it. right now it is behind avatar for the top title of all time and expected to blow it out of the water soon and get this, star wars hasn't opened in every country around the world. opens in china in january. >> daniel: trend in work that has characters always help. character has been rescued total of eight times in movies, four times from out of space and four times from war zones and here is how it breaks down by cost. four space missions included inner stellar add up to $900 billion. that's a lot. >> julie: going to space and
9:25 am
$500,000 to rebecca cost god -- >> daniel: put it into perspective cost under $730 million to make. >> julie: one of the favorite shows help celebrate holiday season. we are talking about cookie lion. >> daniel: entertainer of the year hinson stars as cookie lion roles earned emmy and golden globe nomination and skyrocket hinson's fame and long-acting career but empire launched star power to the point she can't leave her house without being recognized. >> shiri: snow coming into town. so far this season we have had nothing normal nearly nine inches of snow.
9:26 am
three inches. i will show you how much we get tonight before we change it over to rain coming up next. >> julie: we w
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>> julie: weather alert this
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swing by this time tomorrow. first round of winter weather since historic snow since the first of the year. >> daniel: shiri spear, you say the ice may be the story of the course of the storm? >> shiri: all of this moving infrared us and change over to rain and freezing rain and pretty small window to actually send the kids outside if they are on school vacation and they actually want to do anything with that snow before turns to slush. right now 28 in londonderry, manchester and hollis, new hampshire, 29 in leominster, boylston and worcester, temperatures have been falling , same in hull, we got lower 30s reading and lexington, down to natick and walpole, brockton coming in at 34 , duxbury 34, 35 in harwhich and the vineyard now at 38
9:30 am
actually involve partly sunny skies kind of looks harm less and going to make it 10 cooler and if you're out in the open examine do watch that breeze and cloud and he 28 at 7:00 p.m. and really cool weather and like i said initially going to start as snow and how long it lasts in your town or city coming up before we change it over to wintery mix. >> julie: 128 southbound near winter street in waltham. making move to the pike, see things wide open through brighton, still nice and light out there. here are live drive times, 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 12 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. >> daniel: t says it will be ready for the first round of winter weather.
9:31 am
at the commuter rail station where commuters say you're anxious about getting standed this intwith. >> michael: canton junction and this is a praise where i spent a lot of time during the delays and cancellations and shutdowns of last winter and with that in mind look at 83 million-dollar winter readiness plan that the mbta put into place with a little bit of skepticism. nonetheless, let's go over what the "t" did to get ready for the storm as the "t" expects to run regular skeleton during this first test tomorrow. mbta has replaced almost every inch of the above ground third rails on the red and orange lines and "t" has added new diesel powered snow removal equipment coupled with gas
9:32 am
swishes and still commuters have the nerves. >> no idea how late they were, where they were, all of a sudden train would show up and i'm nervous about this coming season and maybe communication will be better. >> michael: "t" official post and tweet out alerts as they happen. our julie grauert stays on the commute every day of the week and, of course, keep you posted on any alerts, cancellations, delays may take place during tomorrow's winter weather event. reporting live in canton junction, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: we continue the team coverage this morning. salt trucks and snow plows standing by to get the roads ready for what shiri is forecasting. right in front of huge salt pile hardly even touched yet, catherine. >> catherine: haven't been
9:33 am
been here for several hours, hasn't seen any trucks coming through to get any of the salt and i'm sure that will not be the case about 12 to 24 hours and piles of salt there as you mentioned, don't look like they have been touched so far this season. of course, we have had pretty good and mild season this far and first winter weather will be mixing in and snow, sleet and freezing rain will arrive here sometime overnight in the early morning hours and while snowfall wasn't expected to be heavy, road conditions will be slick and mass dot says they are prepared and they have 380,000 tons of rock salt and along with 750,000 gallons of liquid deicier and they need it to help.
9:34 am
are better than conditions in front of the plow. >> catherine: mass dot encouraging to take the "t" if possible and very good tip mass dot has been giving and expected to be the worst storm ever seen, it is always helpful to have supplies in car in case you might need them, in case your journey takes longer than anticipated, jumper cables and even cell phone charger. live in weston, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: team coverage continues for the duration of the snow event. kevin lemanowicz will join shiri spear tomorrow morning continuously tracking the storm and changing conditions. he will be here with us starting at 4:00 a.m. i will also have the traffic updates and crews will be across the area to keep you prepared and informed. remember, you don't have to be in front of the tv to catch the live coverage. it is available 24 hours a day
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it is free on app and google play stores. shiri will be live more in a few minutes. >> daniel: investigation underway in malden where person struck on the street last night. police tell us it happened around pleasant street around 8:00 p.m. and no details about the person who was hit. daniel: patriotic bank robber caught on camera. methuen police say they are searching for this man. he wore a knit hit with usa while robbing stop & shop. suspect was captured on surveillance cameras and there are clear pictures of his face. >> julie: it is 9:36. this morning fox25 working to get more information about stabbing around jamaica plain. it happened near the jackson "t" station yesterday. the globe reports the victim is a teenager. we are told he is expected to be okay. no word on motive or suspects at
9:36 am
>> julie: fox25 working to get more information about shooting in mattapan. happened on rosewood street around 8:30 last night. man was hurt but told the injuries were not life-threatening. police have not released any details of that investigation. >> daniel: bank robbery suspect at the center of state manhunt off the streets and man accused of robbing at least seven banks in vermont and new hampshire. police say the suspect matthew martin turned himself into authorities yesterday. u.s. marshall issued an alert about martin last week. they said he was around and dangerous. daniel: this morning local credit union telling the customers to not use debit cards or get money from cash machines. quincy credit union says some account holders had up to $500 stolen over the weekend. the credit union issued a fraud alert on its website yesterday saying it is investigating. customers are being told to
9:37 am
any unauthorized transactions. >> julie: target apologizing for unwelcomed christmas surprise. nine-year-old from wakefield was very disappointed to open up the new play station four and discover no game system. instead the box contained a block of wood. you could here. matters worst a graphic message scrolled on the back. >> play room by himself and wants to be alone. at that point i was crushed. >> julie: fox25 was only station there when the family returned the station to the store. they gave the family 100-dollar gift card and also said incident about fox25 saying in part, quote, never like to point our guests and thankful for the store's quick response to make things right. >> daniel: new this morning secret search for boston. globe says fbi agents seven several locations at suffolk
9:38 am
find the missing pieces. the search reportedly took place in september. racetrack official say agents searched two safes as well as barnes and section of the grandstand. 13 pieces of art were stolen in 1990. they have not been seen since. fbi will not say what information led to seven the track. >> julie: peyton manning will probably sue a network. first reported by al jazzerra saturday night and had hgh shipped to the house in 2011 while he was recovering from four neck surgeries. in angry denial it is complete garbage and later told sports illustrated peter king will probably sue for defamation. the sex pharmacist mentioned in store he also denies providing hgh to manning. >> julie: check traffic and
9:39 am
let's check in with shiri. >> shiri: for the day today we have great travel conditions just a little bit windy out there but 7:00 tomorrow morning, non-tumor it is going to be messy on those roadways because of snow, because of ice, tell you when things are done for good when we come back. >> daniel: large number of kids are now breathing easier. dramatic drop in cases of medical problems that has
9:40 am
>> julie: big victory on the >> daniel: wildfires mostly contained this morning but new worries. fire forced dozens of families from their homes that was caused by downed power lines and high winds and concerned if rains in charred area it could trigger landslides and fire that destroyed more than 100 homes in australia some people returning to the area. cooler weather lessened the threat but there's still some spots where it is too close to the fire. official say one in three homes in the affected region are now unliveable. no one was hurt in the blaze. >> julie: this morning mayor of chicago calling for a complete investigation after a shooting in the city. early sunday morning police responded to domestic disturbance. 19-year-old man and 55-year-old mother of four were shot and killed. police say the woman was shot by accident and teenager's mother
9:41 am
good path. >> always said momma had millions because i will work hard and study hard and honor student. >> julie: review the training on how officers respond to crisis calls. >> daniel: vickie gardner was being interviewed in virginia. during the interview former employee of the tv station walked up and started shooting. park and her photographer adam ward were killed. gardner was shot in the back and this weekend she explained what she was thinking as the shooter approached. >> i was a little distracted but i was not concerned and when he opened fire it was still very difficult to even to comprehend what was happening. >> daniel: gardner spent two weeks in the hospital and plans to return to work next month for
9:42 am
daniel: father in indiana killed in tragic accident. he was looking at cell phone when slips and fell from cliff in san diego. they tried to perform cpr but it was too late. 13 boy was one of the first people on the scene. >> heard the guy that felt help, please god save me. >> daniel: the boy's mother called 911 when she heard the screaming. in facebook post it said he was the father of young boy. >> julie: new poll understand we are losing fight against terror but key city is liberated against militants and information from the top u.s. commander. kyla? >> kyla: commander colonel
9:43 am
saying more than 600 air strikes helped local forces take over ramadi and trying to clear ied, roads and bridges and they have taken control of key dam near racka, isis self-proclaimed capital. >> big blow to isis and one more step what the coalition has to do tois late them. >> kyla: new cnn poll find 18% of americans think u.s. is winning the fight against terror 40% say terrorists are winning and 60% of americans polled do not approve of how president obama is handling terror and keep in mind cnn conducted the poll before the key victories before u.s. led forces over the past 48 hours. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news.
9:44 am
and expressway moving along nicely past the gas tank and 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. enjoy the commute because we will be dealing with weather challenges tomorrow. >> shiri: yes, indeed. grab bag forecast for your tuesday morning and right now cold air moving in and that means as this whole shield of precipitation shifts toward us it is going to come in as snow initially and today stays a little bit breezy, stays partly cloudy and stays cool, 33 temperature at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. in boston and then we start taking a little dip down for the afternoon and i think whether we are talking boston, north shore, south shore, southern new hampshire, these where we will be dealing with adding on top of it and area wide gusts invent to 30 miles per hour from
9:45 am
air, wind on top of it makes the wind chills feel like it is in the 20s and going to feel awful chilly, especially by comparison to a very mild december today there's your cold air at 5:00 p.m., clouds on the increase, still no snow, snow arrives around midnight tonight, at first a little bit patchy, see it overspread the area and by the time you hit the road to do any driving early tomorrow morning, this is when things are a little bit tricky because we got snow accumulation, minor snow accumulation already turning to some slush over southeastern massachusetts from the southcoast to the cape and islands where we got chance of rain occurring and north of boston see all of this snow and pink boston through worcester, that is a little bit of sleet but mostly freezing rain and see freezing rain conditions that last through 10:00 this morning in boston, by 10:00 in the morning temperatures should be
9:46 am
means it is just going to be wet roadways and going to end up washing away most of that snow. points north and westward where pink continues and slippery roadways and late-morning and even the afternoon because southern new hampshire central massachusetts and so close to freezing if we never get above freezing it is going to stay icy there so please travel carefully tomorrow, eastern massachusetts roads turn wet but into central mass, southern new hampshire and i see some ongoing icy conditions and slushy conditions but by 7:00 in the evening whole thing coming to an end, wind down, turns to a little bit of drizzle and road crew will have pretty easy time handling evening commute and go to be sloppy with slippery spots for sure and fog as well and this is what we got before the changeover one to two inches of
9:47 am
to boston, down into southeastern massachusetts inside of 128, we got slightly higher totals north eastern massachusetts into the worcester area and go a little bit above that with southern new hampshire and couple spots as much as six inches of snow and changeover happens as fast as what i'm seeing now i think it is going to land us in the lower end of the ranges but ice on top of the snow is going to create quite a headache on the roads, trace to about a tenth of inch of ice on top of the snow before plain rain in eastern massachusetts, but check this out, derry, higher ice totals from one-tenth to two-tenth to inch of ice and persist in the afternoon and those will be more dangerous spots for driving as all of this winds down on tuesday afternoon we stay dry but chilly overnight into wednesday, wednesday's high 45 and partly sunny and thursday
9:48 am
deal with in the morning, high 48, going to be somewhat piled piled -- mild day. thursday, friday, saturday, partly sunny skies and quiet conditions and watch for a couple of flurries. back to you guys. >> daniel: it is a little different than the ice bucket
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>> this separates the from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed.
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>> daniel: new study shows fears more being diagnosed with asthma than year's past. by the end overall number of children under 17 being diagnosed has dropped. here in the northeast the number plateaued. experts say air pollution and possible plateau in childhood obesity are factors. >> julie: big change when it comes to end-of-life care. starting january 1st blue cross blue shield will cover office visits where patients talk about how they are treated in final days. it will also ensure psychologist
9:51 am
of expensive hospital visit. >> julie: sprint and verizon have agreed to pay $158 million as part of settlement with the government. the companies charge customers for unauthorized text messages such as sports scores. >> julie: little change at gas pump. average price for gallon of regular is holding firm at $2 a gallon nationally. massachusetts drivers can expect to pay 3 cents more a gallon to fill up. numbers came from aaa and still good news when it comes to previous prices. dropped 29 cents since last year. >> daniel: more friend of pete fratas are taking the plunge. >> strike out als. >> daniel: all name of
9:52 am
year and a half ago the ice bucket challenge went viral and plunge for pete supporters want to continue in the mission and parents couldn't be more grateful. >> all the love and support people bestore on -- bestouts. >> julie: look outside the won't do not be fooled. trying to remind you all morning we will have big challenges in the weather department tomorrow. >> shiri: priming us during the morning commute and rain and freezing rain and busy morning chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz will be here tomorrow and we will be tag teaming because so much changing and if
9:53 am
can be kind of dearns -- dangerous conditions on the road. >> julie: fox25 storm tracker meteorologist kevin lemanowicz will be here tomorrow morning to make sure you're totally covered and reporters who are out there and i got your task covered. >> daniel: thank you for joining us. don't forget the fox25 morning news at 5:00. >> julie: see you for full weathe caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his sunshine. his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. alzheimer's treatment, r function and cognition. of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. p it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, tto namenda xr or
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