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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> first let's take a look at he time line this storm. we've been tracking the storm for days now, sarah? >> since the weekend we're talking about the powerful storm in the west and southern states and now pushing eastward into the upper midwest. icy conditions in chicago. this is our storm system. it's still hours away. it is cold out there and you know it. temperatures below freezing. that's why as this storm arrives the precipitation is going start off as snow before we see a wintry mix, and change to rain. so, we do have a winter weather advisory in place, starts at 10:00 tonight and continues through mid day in boston through the evening hours further north and west. as we expect to see the changeover slower as you head further north. snow begins after midnight. we'll see a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain during the morning commute tomorrow and change-over to rain by the
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to the interior. not much in the way of snow is expected especially points south of boston but as you head north and west that's when you see the most amounts. on top of the snow will be the ice. and that's going to be the issue especially along the roadways where we could see a trace to a tenth of an inch. north and west of 495 that's where we're concerned with up to a quarter inch, maybe half inch in some spots. coming up i'll show you when to expect this changeover and my full time slain just ahead. over to you. all right. sarah what seemed like a never-ending winter last year. it's taken a while to get the first snowfall of the season but here we go. >> fox 25's elizabeth hawkins continues the coverage. elizabeth? >> this behind me represents 600 tops of salt. there's also several hundred
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plows on call in wooster. aweful untouched until now. >> worchester's got something of a bone to pick with mother nature. heading west, word from the d.o.t. is to plan ahead. wore set er shorts. morning. for many that will be easy. >> it's a big vacation. colleges are out. traffic on the roads, like today, much less than a normal commute. today we'll have an advantage of a little less traffic. >> reporter: public works commissioner said the department is more than capable of handling this offpeak snowfall. making things easier or fewer buses on the road and parking
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>> we'll have inspectors on the street bice midnight. >> reporter: those inspectors will decide what kind of response is needed and when. at her home. aziz will be watching, too. >> all of my stuff is in a supply closet. the shovel, scraper. i have to pull it out and get ready let's hope you got that prepared as well. >> they've been preparing for this storm before it was a twinkle in sarah's eyes. the tee has been work to months to make sure history does
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>> sherman went inside the control center. >> reporter: you said it. last year we saw the tee break down a in of times. they are hoping this is the first test and hoping they pass. >> reporter: months after it was ground to a halt in record snowfall, the city banking on upgrades to make sure this winter is not a repeat of the last. >> all of the systems have been put in place. and this will be a test for us to make sure those systems work. >> reporter: among those storms will be classified as a tiered system, one to five with five being the worst. so far tomorrow's storm project projected to hit during the morning commute is a tier 1. >> contact with the folks at d.o. d.o.t. and high bey department. >> reporter: the team has planned updates to the public and media and added new plows
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for the first time tomorrow but that's not all. >> we've replaced some rail on the redline, and half of all of the third rail heater on the orange line. >> reporter: the real test is whether or not the riding public is convinced. >> are you confident they can pull it off this went never >> i'm not. >> i hope they're more proactive than reactive. >> the commuter rail has upgraded their system putting into service right now. we'll take you for that behind the scenes look at the storm desk and what is t is meant to do for the public. we're live here in boston fox 25 news. as sarah told you, most of this storm will play out during tomorrow's commute. she'll join sherri starting at
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spread out across the area to keep you prepared and informed. wake up with fox 25. new developments on the threat made on the city of boston. we heard the police say that thread is not credible. ted daniel was live in boston where they took the threat very seriously. ted? >> reporter: fox 25 has been in contact with a number of agencies. and law enforcement familiar with the investigation, told us they do not, i repeat, told us they do not believe this threat is credible. we first learned of the investigation when boston police posted the advisory online. someone called the new york city police department on an new jersey line. the anonymous caller said something initially throughout to be a threat against boston.
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authorities analyzing the call and authorities said it likely came from the country of bosnia and they believe the caller was speaking about bosnia not boston. but all appropriate precautions have been taken just in case. >> our message has been similar ever since paris, which has been constant dialogue, constant conversation and significant presence in any large gathering. the best way to present something from happen something demonstrate extremely large presence. >> reporter: so, once again, the threat that you may have heard about earlier today has been p deemed not credible, according to sources who have spoken with fox 25. more on how that determination was made. new at 6:00. reporting live outside our state house, ted daniel fox 25 news.
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alerted you on the fox 25 app. it's free for all devices. a 71-year-old woman hit and killed while krausing the street. police believe they tracked down the driver and left her for dead. crystal haines spoke with people who know her and join us live. >> reporter: the 71-year-old was steps from her door on pleasant street at her apartment complex when that driver struck her at the intersecond and took off. she was just steps from home. >> i was p devastated because i liked her. >> 71-year-old chen was standing outside of her apartment complex in malden sunday when a driver hit her and took off. chen was taken to a local hospital where she later died from her injuries. >> i feel so bad for her.
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>> reporter: vera is one of many neighbors neighbors upset by the news. chen remembered fondly. this is a picture of her celebrating chinese new year's. she told me the two of them were close. chen's son broke the now her today. police tell me this is a very active investigation and they located the vehicle connected to the fatal crash inth morning. fox 25 captured video deep in the police department garage with crime scene tape around it. tonight chen's neighbors told me they want the driver who killed their friend behind bars. >> hey. who won't be concerned? >> reporter: lots of residents in this area concerned especially those who have street. coming up at 6:00 they tell me their stories of close calls trying to cross pleasant street.
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crystal haynes, fox 25 news. an armed robbery captured on video. this surveillance is new at 5:00. the two men with guns are hispanic in their 20s. the one doing the talking had a distinctive tattoo. if you recognize these robbers contact auburn police. and fire officials are working to figure out what caused this fire. on p granite street you can see heavy flames coming up through the roof. we're still working to find out more details and if anyone was hurt. tonight two lawyers who represent women p claimed a baby river. holly and her daughter christina pled not guilty. they said they claimed they saw a man throw a baby off a bridge on crease mass eve. dive teams termed for two hours before they said it was all a hoax.
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>> tracking the first winter storm of the season, the time line of where snow starts and where to expect snow and ice. and a teenage driver accused of crashing into a local restaurant and taking off. why a phone call he made led right to him. and what people in sufficient fox downs were looking for and how it helped crack a case two decades old. snow, rain and tornadoes, now this deadly storm is coming our way. >> the building was cracking, ripping stuff up. all we could i runun to the class rhett. >> a look at the areas hardest
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a winter storm watch in effect as we get ready for the first of the season. snow and ice all in time for the morning compute tomorrow. sarah wroblewski with the updated forecast 3 minutes away.
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midwest record snowfall and flooding. flooding. >> sonya frorts one of the areas that took a direct hit. >> reporter: it was 80 degrees when tornadoes ripped through. now residents face cleaning up from the snow. twisters flooding and heavy snow a storm system from new mexico to the midwest will not release its grip. this man did not mind cleaning up after a tornado barrels through. it was proof he was alive. >> it was like a movie. i was running towards my closet. the doors and everything started to cave in. >> reporter: in the west the system caused heavy flooding and forced partial closure of i-70. several feel were killed including a group of international soldier at'leonard
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>> it was a small dark highway. 8:22. it was dark at night time. they probably did not know what hit them. >> reporter: in north texas as the death toll from the storm system mounts, survivors said life has a new meaning. >> this made me realize how fragile life is. but try to do better. you saw the devastation from tornados in texas this weekend. now washington is working on better weather technology in 2016. a top aide for the science committee chairman said passing a bill to improve tornado detection is a priority. stated doe tornado alerts give people more time to take shelter. the same system is moving to our area. sarah joins us with a time line of when it his our area.
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talking about severe weather but messy weather. we'll track not only snow, ice but also rain. so expecting to see really difficult travel especially early tomorrow with the snow and ice. but the rain, it's going to be coming down pretty hard, too. expecting to see about an inch or even higher in some spots. it's a pretty powerful system that's coming on through and as temperatures obviously cold today in the 30s in boston, it's cold enough to set the stage for wintry weather. we have a wintry weather advisory in effect starting tonight until 10:00. it goes mid day to boston to the evening hours north and west. a winter storm watch in effect. they are expecting to see higher snowfall titles but also ice will be a big problem with this system. here it is right now packing a burmg through the upper midwest an the tennessee valley with heavy rain. we have high pressure in control.
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that cold air. temperature was mildest shortly after midnight in boston around 38 degree and it dropped today. currently below freezing. clouds in place now. temperatures in the 20s, low 30s. it's cold out there. the wind has a bite to the air, too. if you have plans this evening. we're not talking about precipitation. we're talking about the cold air. feels like the teens and 20s. you need to bundle up if you have evening plans but i want you to take close attention to this. this is our temperature. notice after midnight. we start to see the snow arrive. but those temperatures will continue to climb. so, by the early morning hours, we're seeing rain, freezing rain and ice beginning to mix on in with that snow, as warmer air moves on in. early tomorrow morning wake up to temperatures in the 20s. north and west, we are talking about snow arriving and staying snow through the early morning. then down across the southeast
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you start to see that mix develop. by the afternoon, all of us start to jump into the 30s and 40s. that's why we're not talking about one type of precipitation. it's mild conditions will be building on in and we'll see that mix of precipitation. so the future cast, this is the time line. this is what you need to know. clouds throughout the evening hours. snow arrive after midnight and continues to come down through several hours especially north of the city. by 7:00 we're seeing the mix in boston. points to the south along the south coast. the cape already flipped over to rain as those temperatures continue to jump. by mid morning we're see the rain-snow line to the boston area. still icy, freezing rain to the north and west. by 1:00 most of us have switched over to rain that could be heavy at times and them we dwindle down to some drizzle by the evening commute. temperatures still above
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out it will be dropping back. so we will watch for icy spots. not a big storm. sloppy couple of inches getting washed away south. north and west we could see a coach inches followed by a trace to a tenth of an inch of ice. further north and west you see the higher totals. the jackpot northern new england, 6 tnd, 6 to 12 inchs is expected but i'm concerned about the slippery conditions for the morning commute because of the ice. you could see a tenth of an inch to a quarter of inch. higher elevations northern and wore setter county. berkshires. could have power out annuals. closer to boston a trace. seven-day forecast does feature temperatures dropping below freezing after the tuesday night into wednesday. we could still be dealing with slippery spots.
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upper 40s by new year's eve. when you are ringing in the new year by 40 degrees, boston and 30 in the suburbs and bringing temperatures back down as we head into the forecast. they're beautiful to look at but there's one popular holiday decoration to that could make your family sick. >> next half hour, how the new proposal by the irs changes how people donate to charities and how it could cripple fund-raising.
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happening now, republican presidential front-runner donald trump is getting ready to address supporters in new hampshire. doors opened in nassau. we'll have more to of what to expect. and many americans think we're losing the war on terror. kylie campbell is in washington with reaction from the top u.s. commander.
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a statement saying more than 600ary strikes helped local forces retake ramadi. now forces are trying to clear ieds from roads and frinls. in syria, u.s. forces said they've taken control of a dam near iraq raqqah. this is one more step to what they have to do to isolate them. >> reporter: a new policy finds 18% of americans think the u.s. is winning the fight against terror. 40% think the terrorists have the upper hand. 60% of americans polled do not approve how president obama is hanning terror. cnn conducting the poll over the past 45 hours. the cnn poll finds americans
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should send ground troops to fight isis. 48% are in favor. and a search is going on for artwork stolen from boston's museum. several locates were searched at suffolk downs this fall. officials searched two safes, barns and a section of the grand stand. ultimately nothing was found. 13 pieces of art were stolen in 1990 and have not been seen then. the fbi did not say what led them to suffolk downs. the lines are shorter and charlie baker is ready to brag about the rmv. he wants to talk about the improvements since he took office. up with is duel lines. that gave customers more help. the point is to create a
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30 minutes or so out of their day. they opened aaa registry outposts and placed screeners in registries to give customers what they need when they walk in the door. a local restaurant turned into a drive-through by a hit and run driver this monk. >> tonight the opener is promising to rebuild. >> they are a family. we will have this place cleaned up and looking better than new in a couple days. >> police say it was so hard to track down the driver responsible and the simple phone call that led to an arrest. the first sim winter weather is
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why d.o.t. is not rushing to g winter has finally arrived.
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first winter symptom of the season. talking about a storm that brings snow, ice and reason. good evening i'm vanessa ross. >> it's going get interesting. sarah wroblewski joins us with more on what to expect. >> it's not just rain, it's all of the above. it's packing a punch in the midwest as well as the tennessee valley. this storm system will bring our first snowflakes after midnight. it's cold enough for snow. temperatures in the 20s and 30s right now. we'll see snow arrive first before that changeover with warmer weather op the way. that's why we have a winter weather advisory in place starting at 10:00 tonight. it will go through mid day in the boston area until the evening hours as you head for the north and west.
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sleet, ice and rain for the morning commute and slow changeover from south to north. although a few icy spots. not a lot of snow but a lot out there for slippery conditions. we'll also be watching for that ice accumulating to -- especially to the north and west. we'll take a look at the full time line coming up in a few minutes. okay, sarah. trucks gassed up and loaded up on salt and crews are ready to roll out when the snow starts to fall. >> we caught up with folks in weston to see how they prepared for the snow for the first time this season. >> we can't wait for the snow to fly to make preparations. >> while snow mounds are in short supply these salt is piled high. >> peel should plan ahead and plan accordingly. >> as forecasted our area will
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to freezing rain in time for tomorrow morn's commute. d.o.t. said they'll open all 150 posts today heil they may not need it all. it's bread reidy to go. >> officials are encouraging drivers to stay off the roads or take the tee. if you will be behind the wheel a reminder. >> give our crews plenty of space to do their job. always remember the conditions behind the plow are better than conditions in front of the plow. is the rock salt is bouncing off your windshield you're too close to our equipment. >> drivers should be prepared with their own equipment like cell phones and chargers as we embark on another winter season with whatever it bite bring. >> we're ready for whatever mother nature brings us. stipes she's in a soft mood and sometimes she's not. you do not have to be in
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updated forecast. fox 25 news is available 24 hours a day on the fox weather app. it's free. a man crashed a car into a popular cafe and gets away. police couldn't track down the driver behind the wheel because the car was stolen. the man faced a judge and leather is live with more how police caught up with him. >> reporter: that's right. they caught up with him a short time ago. from information found in court documents this was a very dangerous situation but thankfully police and a taxi dispatcher of all people are responsible for police catching up with the suspect and no one being hurt in the process. this all started at 2:15 this monk. police saw a white jeep. that jeep came back as a stolen
5:31 pm
police said it picked up speed. they put on emergency lights. the jeep failed to stop. it took off going the wrong way. that's when the jeep later crashed in the walnut street cafe and driver took off running. police did a search for the suspect in that neighborhood but turned up no one. at 6:00 a.m. police got a call from tom's taxi in lint. the dispatcher thought a customer was calling and seeming suspicious, was actually calling from the street the chase started. we spoke with that dispatcher on the phone. >> he was trying to catch his breath and claiming to be cold like he was outside for a while. and in a panic mode like he had to get out of there real fast.
5:32 pm
the taxi over. inside they found the 18-year-old with blood on his ripped shirt and cuts on his hands. he faced a judge this afternoon. in court he was allowed to stand behind a chalk board because police said they never did a witness lineup. he had charged failure to stop. driving without a license and receiving stolen property. coming up at 6:30 you hear from the cafe as to where they go from here. cruz may only be 18 but he already faces charges in another city as well. we'll tell but that in an hour. the hunt is on in dover, new hampshire for a woman who has eve. the mother of jennifer santos contacted police when she failed to many could home. she was driving a mercedes sedan. she has a history of not
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a man accused of fighting his neighbors pled not guilty. jose pereira got in a fight with his neighbor saturday outside of their melbourne street home. during the fight he bit part of the map's ear off and threw it into the woods. afterwards he told police he only did it because the other man built his finger. fox 25 was the only station live on the scene when police were finally able to make him into custody. he had three pistols on him. a pickup truck hits a baby carriage with an infant inside. it happened near north main street and new salem street. the 3-month-old baby fell out of the carriage but only suffered minor injuries. police ruled out speed and
5:34 pm
for witnesses to come forward. take a look at this photo of a massive fire. it hand eastbound. firefighters taking these pictures at the scene. right now two lanes were shut down but have since reopen. and a fire in a wood rare find of skeletal remains. were found. officials are considering this an unattended death. the medical examiner will now perform an autopsy to figure out how the person died. elderly and disabled residents fear for their lives following a string of fires. why they believe they know who is responsible. >> also ahead a dangerous decoration. how a popular christmas item in homes across the country right
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and ohio grand jury decided they will not bring charges against two officers in the 2014 shooting death of tamir rice in cleveland. >> rice was holding a pellet gun and the two offices said it looked real. the weapon was probably fake but the officers involved were not
5:37 pm
and president obama's plan to tighten gun laws could be unveiled any day now. >> it comes with controversy since he plans to do it without congress. it could include expanding background checks. they are hopeful the president will follow through with this promise. >> we'll be here until there's some change. we're here because this issue affects everyone. >> president obama issued the executive order. he'll likely face serious backlash from gun rights groups. kelly ayotte is likely to face one of the biggest fights. pundits put ayotte as the third vulnerable senator. she will be defending her seat against a democrat. this will be a very competitive race.
5:38 pm
millions of dollars into new hampshire along with the presidential campaign going op. this will be a barn burner until the end. >> new hampshire republicans already spent $1 million campaigning. >> a longtime advocate for the poor in boston's city hall passing away unexpected. 63 yearly served as an aide and adviser. lebowitz dedicated much of his life to dedicating his community to public service and he will be missed by many. >> tracking a winter storm on the way. i'll show you when snow changes to ice and rain in your town. plus, how much you can expect. >> first, it's the season of giving. are you thinking about making a donation to the local charity before the end of the year why your favorite charities may have
5:39 pm
of the season is come our way. tsaoing about snow, sleet and freezing rain all falling in the morning commute tomorrow. sarah he's updated forecast is less than 3 minutes away right here on fox 25 news at 5. a boston chipotle that was shut down by an out break was believed to be caused the a sick worker an not e. coli. the safety director ate lunch there as a show of confidence. on thursday boston's minimum wage will go up to $10 an hour. gone up. 2017 it will go up to $11 an hour. which is the highest in the u.s.
5:40 pm
as we are set to turn the page on 2015. gas prices partying like it's 2009. a average price is below 2 bucks for the first time in nearly 7 years. the average is now 1.98. that's 50 krens lower than this time last year. >> it is the time of year when many people think about making a last-minute donation to a church or charity. before 2015 ens. justin gray reports on a roefrs yal new proposal boy the irs that encourages those non-profits to collect social security numbers along with donations. >> reporter: the cars lined up at this google drop-off site in suburban washington. it's a place where people scramble to make last-minute donations but worried about the
5:41 pm
it would encourage non-profits to collect social security numbers for donations of $250 to give donors a better way of verifying their donation. but it could keep people from giving. >> thank you. >> christina rogers made a donation to goodwill. she said she's weary of sharing her social security number with anyone including charities. >> i have had my identify stolen cards. fraud is something, i think. that i'm certainly conscious of. >> reporter: an pirs spokesperson tells me it would not require them to provide an social security number. >> having a regulation like this on the books at all opens the door to scam artists. >> more than 38,000 people filed public comments with the irs about the proposed rule, many against it.
5:42 pm
reviewing those comments before making a final decision. news. this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. if you have places to go, i suggest you head out now. once we get past midnight we'll start to see wintry weather arrive and, boy, the roads tomorrow, are going to become quite trencherous. and even by the lunch hour, the further north and west you go we'll deal with icy conditions. by the evening commute we'll see moderate conditions with rain to the south but still icy spots through the interior. expect to see a massive day tomorrow. good news, a lot of folks on vacation. if you want v to commute pay attention to the time line i have to show you. winter weather advisory that's been issued, goes into effect 10:00 tonight.
5:43 pm
1:00 tomorrow in the boston area. it will go through the evening hours as you head through the north and west. there's a winter storm watch through the berkshires because they expect more snow as well as ice on top of that. it's cold enough for winter weather. we've got temperatures in the 20s and 30s right now. boston 38 degrees today and that happened shortly after midnight. boy, that temperature continues to drop through the day. also feeling much cooler with the wind out of the north-northeast. if you're planning on traveling, you need to bundle up. it will be dry fort next several hours as temperatures begin to rise. notice what happens shortly after midnight. boston, sure enough, the snow begins to move in. it continues through the morning. notice 34 degree, 5:00 you see the warmer air move in and we start to see transition from
5:44 pm
and event toolly rain ually rain. tomorrow it will be a slow progression from south to north. we'll watch the storm system pushing through the west. bringing a wintry mix to places like chicago. bringing heavy rain through the atlanta area. this is the storm system which kept us dry through the day. besides a few snow flurries. it will push it to the east. the clouds stay thick this evening. hoarse a first few snowflakes arriving. continuing throughout morning. notice across the north shore, by 7:00 it's still snow. but in places like boston, plymouth. you're see the wintry mix. down along the coast that's where you see the transition of rain. up to an inch and a half of rain is expected. by mid morning we're seeing icy conditions to the north and
5:45 pm
snow to the north but rain in boston. that continues through the early afternoon before we city conditions taper by the evening. i have to point out temperature drop once again so we could see still icy spots. as for the snow, not a lot is expected. it will be a slushy 1 to 2 inches. lesser ams being washed away south. you could see a couple of inches then you head north. that's where you see higher totals. 6 to 12 inches expected across northern new england. it's also ice which will be an issue. we could see a tenth to a quarter inch of ice through the interior. to the coast. that could still allow for slippery conditions throughout the day as well as some isolated power out annuals in places like vermont in southwestern parts of new hampshire and berkshires. that seven-day forecast features messy conditions if you can. you may want to avoid the roadways. by new year's eve.
5:46 pm
dropping to mid 40s by midnight. new year's day. with a chance of flurries into the weekend. over you to. >> all right. sarah not a typical dave work for this bedford massachusetts officer. the police department tweeting this picture residuing a deer. the animal was stuck in a creek. we're following new stories at 6:00. first people are scared to sleep at night and scared to leave their homes during the day. >> when you go out i don't know if i'll have a house when i come back. all new at 6:00, neighbors believe people are setting dangerous fires at their homes and donald trump at new hampshire. we'll take you to the middle school filling up fast to see the front-runner. and tom brady addressing
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human growth hormone. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy. register today. toerd. toerd. a man who made millions smile over the years is gone. meadow meadowdark lemon died yesterday. he was arguably the most famous member of the team in the '60s
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12 years ago he was inducted in the basketballe hall of fame. he was 83 years old. a new poll showing sports teams op all levels need to do more to protect players from head injuries. they can develop a serious brain disease later in life known as cte. right now there's no way to diagnose it in the living. >> we see people who had either multiple concussions or some concern after playing collision sports for a period of time where they are very worried they'll develop this program. >> a new study is under way to determine a way to diagnose cte and learn why some players get it and others don't. >> government researchers studied children over 12 years
5:49 pm
here in the northeast asthma rates plateaued. and you may not be saving any calories by drinking diet soda. researchers found people who p drank a lot of diet drinks load up on chip, cookies an ice cream. people should consider what they drink in relation to overall eating habits. that study is in the journal of the academy of nutrition and dietetics. your fake christmas tree could be making you sick according to health experts. trees made with pvc can release gases that irritate eyes, heart and lungs. holiday spending in 2015 making a big jump over last year. a new report shows specificallily in the online shopping realm, spending was up
5:50 pm
in-store purchases included furniture and women's clothing. sales are expected to rise 3.7% from a year ago. it was not a happy holiday for fedex. the company missing deliveries for thousand of people across the country. they handled a larger demand than expected. some employees volunteered to come on christmas to deliver presents. crews get are getting ready for the annual new year's eve celebration. this year's design is called the gift of wonder. now at 6:00, winter is here. i'm tracking snow, ice and freezing rain. up to the time line of what will be a messy morning community. plus how residents and road crews bracing for the first storm of the season. >> getting ready for the area's
5:51 pm
what they are putting into place that's never been done here before. >> then people living in fear because someone is setting fire. >> wake up in the morning. you thank god you're arrive because your house ain't burned down. >> what resident thinks they know who is to blame >> and convenience clerks staring down the barrel of a gun. what police want you to see. right now a winter weather advisory is in effect. this is the reason why. this storm system is packed with snow, ice and freezing rain. road crews are hard at work doing their best to keep drivers safe. the timing is a big concern. good evening, everyone. >> expect a messy computer foreman. but let's focus on tonight. fox 25 news is bring sing bringing you live
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