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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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workers are making sure the comute stays on track. but we begin with sarah wroblewski with an updated time line whet storm arrive. sarah? >> i've been watching it closely through the midwest. sure enough we're anticipating the first few snowflakes arriving after midnight. but the winder weather advisory continues through mid day tomorrow, through the evening hours north and west. wintry weather. not just snow. it will transition over to a mix like it is in chicago right now. we have rain ahead of the system that will eventually push on in. what we're talking about is cold air in place. temperatures below freezing in the 20s and 30s. 29 in boston drop aid degree over the last hour. with that cold air, as the system moves in it starts off as snow shortly after midnight and
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temperatures rise. then we see the wintry mix moving from south to north throughout the day. as for the amount of snowfall, some washed away with the rain moving in. the north and west the higher the totals and also the ice. we'll have to watch the impacts with the slippery conditions by the morning commute and now the evening commute with potential of icing. we'll take a closer look at that time line when we see things wrap up and see improvements coming up in a few mince. sarah we'll check in with you in a bit. this is what we've seen before. tonight people are preparing for the first blast of winter. road crews are working to keep highways and roads safe. elizabeth is reporting on what is being done to keep everyone safe. >> there's hundreds of yards of
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plows available for any given storm. all of it untouched until now. >> wore setter's got something of a bone to pick with mother nature. december is about to make itself known. heading west from the city of boston, word is to plan ahead. wore wore wore chest wore setter's resident is in shorts. shorts. >> it's a big vacation week. we'll have advantage of less traffic. >> preparing for a storm like this is ongoing. they tell me they're ready for the storm and will have extra line workers to respond to very power out annuals. >> tree-trimming program are critical parts of system reliability plan.
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at here home. aziza is ready, too. >> i have everything in a supply closet. the shovels and scrapers. i have to just pull it out and get ready. >> i want to direct your attention to a number on your screen. 465-1212. that's the number for the national grid to report any power out annuals if there are any. just a short time ago. i got off the phone with national grid. they tell me if there's a lone chance of wind there's a low chance of power out annuals but they are able to adjust at a moment's notice if anything changes. in the meantime, starting at 1:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. there's a parking ban and if business owners are able to delay the start of business past 9:00 a.m. that goes a long way
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elizabeth hopkins fox 25 news. we remember the hard times that we had keeping up with last winter's assault. we will show you how officials are trying to keep everything on time. >> we're not expecting a ton of snow but, yes, everybody knows what happened last winter and now this is a real test. the question is, will it pass? months after record snowfall. it won't be the last. while the city fixing mechanical failures can they restore public trust? >>. are you confident they can pull it off? >> no. i'm not. >> the tee is looking to improve itself. repairs and more organized command center including the storm desk. we're in the control center. this is one of the rooms that will be staffed 24/7.
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where all of the calls for snow removal will come. during the storm the tee plans updates to the public and media every few hours. they also classify storms using a period system from one to five with five the worst. so far tomorrow's storm is a tier one. >> we're expecting a sloppy commute tomorrow morning. people will need to be careful and patient. >> i've been constant contact with the folks at the tee and highway department. >> they will use special deicers on the third rail for the first time tomorrow but that's not all. >> we replaced half of all of the heard rail heaters on the orange line. >> whoa it comes to riding public some hold hope the tee pulls through. >> i hope it's more proactive and reactive. >> reporter: the computer rail
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40 new locomotives are in service this time around. after tomorrow's storms the tee is expected to do an after action report to figure out if there's any place for improvement. we'll be watching it. we're live here in boston. >> and the storm will make for a messy morning commute. be sure to be here tomorrow. we're tracking the storm's every movie and fox 25 morning news gets started at 4:00 a.m. our crews are scattered across the area keeping you prepared and informed and keeping a close eye on the road. the fbi and boston police are keeping tabs on a threat to the city. turns out they got an anonymous 911 call making threats to boston. ted daniels is live, and investigators are quick to point out the lack of credibility with
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>> reporter: with everything going on in the world cautious. we first learned about this investigation when boston police issued a community advisory. now, we have a copy of that advisory put out by boston police online. it said someone called new york police department on an imagine line. they said something initially thought to be a threat against boston. local state and federal agency spent hours analyzing the recorded call and law enforcement sources tell us after careful review they do not believe it's credible. former boston police is now the director of a global security company. decisions to make situation like this public are evaluated op a case by case basis. >> these type of threats come in to law enforcement every day. for the most part they're not credible. specific or nothing to be
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maufr we're in a heightened state of alert not only in our country but along the globe and people should be vigilant. >> reporter: once again this threat to boston is deemed not credible according to sources. they say the caller may have placed the call from bosnia and they believe the caller may have said bosnia instead of boston but we're toll the message was very gashled and they are analyzing it all day. we'll make you aware if anything changes on this story. >> reporting live from the statehouse ted daniel fox 25 news. download our app. it's free for all devices. also tonight not only are elderly and disabled are bracing for winter weather and keeping one eye open as someone is
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complexes. christine spoke with one woman who said she's too scared to fall asleep. >> reporter: thankfully no one has gotten hurt so far and these fires are easy to put out. but the neighbors i spoke with, who are in their 60s and 70s. if police are not out patrolling they are out op their own. keeping an eye out to make sure the most vulnerable residents are safe. >> wake up in the morning and you thank god you're alive because your house ain't burned down. >> reporter: elderly and disabled residents of this complex are living in fear following four suspicious fires in the past month. >> i've been sleeping on my couch to make sure i hear the alarms or if noise is going on. >> reporter: the first two fires happened inside the community room. >> i walked in and turned the corner to go to the mailboxes
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>> reporter: then an outdoor curtain in this window caught fire following and ann argument and resident and elderly tenet who is now the only suspect. beverly souza said she witnessed the woman setting a fire on this stairway. >> she was making sounds. >> reporter: police were installing surveillance cameras at the same time. she was taken for evaluation but was taken the next day. >> we prefer this person not on the property any longer. >> reporter: they hope to get her help. the housing authority executive director said the agency hired security to patrol while police investigate. >> if it happens to be a resident who gets charged the housing authority will pursue an eviction proceeding. >> reporter: until then, residents are concerned they want this suspect gone for their
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they say they are actually concerned about her well-being and want her to get better. in the meantime she is still just a suspect and is innocent knoll proven guilty. so, until police can get enough evidence to prove that she is responsible for setting these fires, or perhaps to -- she will remain here. and fire officials are loor looking to see what sparked this fire. you can see heavy flames coming through the roof. we're looking to find more details and if everyone was help. >> an armed robbery captured on video. it shows intense moments as two men with guns come into the gas space in auburn, one shouting at clerks. the two men are hispanic in 20s. the one doing talking had a distinctive tattoo on his left hand. they got away with cash.
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can auburn police. no bail for a man causing a christmas day standoff. he was in court today. fox 25 was the only ones on the scene when police took him into custody. he is due back in court on wednesday. tonight year' looking fbi searched the track in sufficient knock downs. and and whether they found what they are were looking for. >> reporter: and a woman was hit and killed by a car. the big piece of evidence they have. >> and what dron ald [mother] yeah but this
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tonight we continue to track the changes headed our way. sarah wroblewski is updating her full forecast now. she'll have that in 2 minutes. and a search is going on for artwork stolen from a museum. fbi agents searched several locations at sufficient olk barn downs. they searched two barns. the artwork was stolen and has not been seen since.
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the ground after a pickup truck hits a baby carrying. it happened near north main street and new salem street. the baby only suffered minor injuries. tonight they are asking within to come forward. tonight. two women who claimed they saw a baby being thrown in the merrimack river. may have been a hoax. prosecutors say they claimed they saw a man throw a baby off a bridge crass mass christmas. that search cost 50 thousand. this is a were alert. >> tracking the first weather storm of the season. heading our way and going to bring a mess for the day tomorrow. in the next 24 hours we're expecting to see snow, ice and
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and of course it's going be the snow and ice bringing slippery conditions for the commute. mainly in the morning but also, as we head into the evening hours we could be talking about slippery spots. so, there is a winter weather advisory. going into effect about 10:00 tonight. this will continue mid day in boston until we see the icy mix turn over to rain. that takes us into the afternoon hours into the evening for areas north. that's why there is a winter weather advisory until 7:00 tomorrow. up through the berkshires, talking about a winter storm ice. it will be a big concern out there, too. so, definitely cold enough to support the snow out there. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we've got the clouds thickening up. wind this morning is chilly.
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you need to dress for windchill values in the tens and 20s right now. in boston it looks good next couple of hours. around midnight you see snowflakes coming down and continuing as we head towards the morning commute. in the the temperature trend. it continues to rise. that's something we'll watch for tomorrow. temperatures improve greatly throughout the day getting into the 30s, 40s and 50s. that will help transition the icy mix in the morning to rain by the afternoon before we see things dwindle. it may take a while to the north and west. that's why we see toughest conditions. here's the storm system through the mid west, bringing heavy rain to places like atlanta. this is our storm moving on in. over the next couple of hours clouds continue to thicken. after midnight we start to see the snow arrive. it's snowing for some time. temperatures have been so warm
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it may take a while for the snow to stick. by 7:00 tomorrow we see snow still through parts of the north sure and new hampshire and that wintry mix starting to get close to the boston area pushing through the southeastern area where we have rain across the cape and islands. mid morning that snow to mix pushing to the north. that rain, heavy at times across the southeastern areas, so, still some icy conditions going through the morning hours to the north and west. by 1:00 we're talking ice through parts of new hampshire and vermont. that changen over occurs across the merrimack valley. look at dark shades of red. we're talking heavy downpours through the cape and islands. some areas an inch to an inch and a half of rain. by the evening, dwindling down, then the temperatures begin to drop. we have to watch for icy
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as for the snow, not a big storm. but a slushy coating to a couple inches being washed away the further south you go. a little higher amounts to the north and west with ice atop of that. as you head to the north we'll see higher amounts. 6 to 12 inches of snow through northern new england. as through the amount of ice expected we could see a tenth of an inch to a quarter inch, perhaps higher amounts as you head through southern vermont. although the winds won't be a factor. ice could cause scattered power outages. but that seven-day forecast sees temperatures warming up as we head into wednesday. mix of sun and clouds and new year's eve upper 40s and cooler weather will follow. that's your latest forecast. and suv slams through a cafe. we showed you this void grow on fox 25 morning news tonight we learn g b the phone call that
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and tornados tore through texas. we hear from the home owner who said it was exactly like a
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. take a look at this new video. aerial video showing damage from deathly tornadoes in texas. tonight the death toll continues to grow including a baby om a few days old.
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the violent storm system. now blizzard conditions for some states. we are showing you the daniel first-hand. >> reporter: it was 80 degrees parts of north texas when residents ripped through now residents face cleaning up in the snow. from twister, flooding to heavy snow a brutal storm system will not release its grip. this man in ellis county, texas did not mind cleaning up after a tornado barreled through. it was proof he was alive. >> it was like a movie. i was running towards my closet. >> in the northwest. the system proud heavy flooding. forcing closures of parts of missouri. several people were killed including a group of international soldiers that were
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they probably did not know what hit them. >> reporter: in north texas as the death toll mounts, survivors said life has a new meaning. >> this makes me realize how fragile life is. but you got to do better. texas -- >> you saw the devastation from tornadoes this weekend. now washington is working on 2016. a top aide for the senate science committee chairman said improving tornado detection is a priority. future technology could predict tornados. a local hero passed away. sammi bernstein was an ewoe iwo jima survivor with an incredible
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he joined us on may 2013 on vet traps day. our thoughts are with him tonight. charlie baker touting improvments to the state's rmv. he up dated the public since he took office. one creating duel lines to give customers the help they need. >> the point is to createn aexperience that's dependable. reliable and one they can expect that will only take 30 minutes or so out of their day. they improved the website to make transactions go more smoothly. open outposts and place greeters in registries to give them what they need. tonight a teen is accused much leading police on a chase that came to a crashing end. >> officers discovered the suv like this but the young driver was nowhere to be found.
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impact that led price to him, plus -- >> an elderly woman is hill and killed grout side her building. >> i am devastated i liked her.
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catch the person who killed her. this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. fox 25 continues to track a
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radar shows the system make its approach. you can look outside the pike. no problems on the roadway now. it's smooth sailing but tomorrow morning will be a different story. i'm vanessa welsh. . the winter storm could make the commute a headache. >> jim morelli is live to show us what workers are doing to get ahead of it but sarah wroblewski will show us what is going on. >> reporter: that's right. it is fine until midnight. that's when you notice the first few snowflakes arriving, continuing through the morning but changing over a wintry mix from south to north and eventually rain. morning and afternoon expecting to see difficult travel. improvement as precipitation let
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winter weather advisory goes into effect tonight from 10:00 to 10:00 tomorrow. 7:00 to the north and west all because of this big storm system. pushing through the midwest as well well as the tennessee valley. it's headed our way. temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. very cold out there. it's cold enough to start out as snow. in boston, looking fine if you have evening plans. notice the temperature climbing into the mid 30s by the morning commute. we'll start to seat transition. that limits snowfall totals in the city and points south. further west you go you could see 2 to 4 inches but also the ice accumulation. we are really going to watch creating slippery spots expecting to see a trace up to a tenth of inch and higher. coming up i'll show you my full time line when to expect that
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right now, people inside the emergency operations center are working hard to make sure tomorrow's commute stace on track. the department of transportation makes sure the roads are as clear as they can be. jim morelli has the latest on whether that big pile of salt will be put to work. >> the mass. d.o.t. takes care of the mass pike. we're already hearing that we could have significant icing conditions in the western part of the state. now, to handle that let me show you what they've got. these giant tanks are filled with what is called magnesium chloride. this is a pre treatment. this is put on the road before the ice and snow falls. problem is it has to be put out at the right time and tens to be
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the good old piles of salt and sand. as you can see we have a very large stockpile. keeping in mind these piles were severely depleted last year. this year does not appear to be a short annual. they will use this significantly as they start the winter season. the trues can treat the roads as much as possible but also depending on drivers to do their part. please remember as we begin the winter storm season. bridges ice over first and that's especially important where the air is cooler underneath those bridges. exits tend not to be treated. also, if you're driving a 4 by 4 yes they get through the snow better but does not have enhanced brakinging. finally. d.o.t. asks everybody to stay 200 feet back. you don't want to cause an accident and on top of that you don't want to have salt and sand sitting back at your vehicles.
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fox 25 news. the department of transportation is encouraging drivers to have a plan for tomorrow's storm. a parking ban will go into effect in the city of worcester 10:00 tomorrow. with the first storm headed your way. now is the perfect time to download the fox 25 weather app. search fox 25 weather on any device. right now malden police trying to track down the driver of a vehicle that hit and kill aid woman outside of her apartment complex. >> malden police tell me this is still a very active investigation. they did recover the vehicle involved in this fatal crash. the neighbors tell me that 71-year-old chen was steps away
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when that driver struck her in the area of this intersection and just took off. >> she was just steps from home. >> i was devastated because i liked her. >> neighbors say she was standing just outside of her apartment complex on pleasant street in malden sunday when a driver hit her and then just took off. chen was taken to a local hospital where she later tied from her injuries. >> i feel so bad for her. she was such a nice lady. >> reporter: vera was one of many upset by the news. this is a picture of her celebrating the chinese new year at a party in the building. the two of them were close. today. >> nice lady. very nice lady. >> reporter: this is a very active investigation and they located the vehicle connected to
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fox 25 cameras captured this vehicle in a garage with crime tape around it. many tell us they have ehad their share of close calls on their street. >> i can't go without my walker. >> reporter: malden police tell me they have not made any arrests just yet. when i ask if they have a suspect's description, they told me they have a pretty good idea who could be responsible in this case. i'm crystal haynes, fox 25nys. a disturbing find in a local area sparked investigation. a hunter called police after finding human skel toll remains in upton. authorities searched for clues. officials consider this an unattended death. so the medical examiner will perform an autopsy to figure out how the person died.
6:34 pm
result of an unlicensed driver being behind the wheel of a stolen drive. a driver smashed into a cafe and got out and ran. it's the phone calls that he made after the crash that put him in handcuffs. >> reporter: police say it's all thanks to a driver of a taxi cap company that police were able to catch up with this 18-year-old suspect. they said someone could have been hurt here. >> extremely grateful it happened late at night. >> reporter: the jeep almost went all of the way into a wall net street cafe. the driver took off running. this is around 2:15 in the morning monday. police spotted the suv op a nearby road and when ran the plates discovered it had been stolen from beverly and tried to get it to stop. >> the officer went on pursuit and shortly thereafter recorded there was a vehicle into the
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>> reporter: k-9 police searched the area, tracked his cent but found no one. and then got a call from tom's taxi. emthought a customer calling for a cab seemed suspicious. >> he was out of breath. complaining to be cold like he had been outside for a while. it wasn't all that cold out this morning and, you know, in a panic mode like he had to get out of there real fast. >> reporter: so laramie called police who pulled the taxi over. inside found egore sousse za cruz with cuts all over his hand. he faced a judge where he was allowed to stand behind a chalk board because police never did a witness line-up on him. >> the police -- of mr. cruz and persons driving that vehicle. >> reporter: and cruz was
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including driving without a license and receiving stolen property. he's back in court january. as for the cafe, they posted on the facebook page they'll try to remain open for business as they report the damage. right now people are flocking to a new hampshire middle school to see donald trump in person. fox 25's katherine is at the middle school where the doors open right now. >> as donald trump is not a stranger to criticism. they are thick skinned. >> i'm upset the way themes going. >> reporter: richard does not hide his opinions. his current hero donald trump, curse word and all. >> i have wonderful results.
6:37 pm
okay? >> he porked his i rolling billboard hoping donald trump himself cease the support as he drove into the rally. >> as soon as donald trump said he's going to build a while, i decided to go with him. the largest paper slammed the candid. but even with the primary looming here in a few months, the words don't matter. >> we need him as the republican. i think he can be the next ronald reagan. >> reporter: and supporter showed there are only two contenders trump and hillary clinton. >> absolutely it will come down to those two. that's how i feel. >> reporter: many in the small crowd told us for them it's no
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>> i have george bush tattooed op this arm, i flap to have done. and he was accused of abuse against women. we'll see if he clarifies those remarks. president obama is expected to take executive action on gun control. next at 6:00, changes he plans to make without congress. them in sports tom brady is talking about the controversial coin flip during overtime of
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we continue to track the changes in the winter storm headed our way expected to impact the morning commute. sarah wroblewski is updating the full draft right now. she'll have it in two minutes. first the president's plan to tighten gun laws without congress should be any day now. and we talk about protester outside of the white house who say they are encouraged. >> every monday they hold up their banner, and protest for more restrictive gun control loss in front of the white they have done this for more than three years. >> we'll be here until there's is change. the group started this after the shooting in colorado. more than three years later as
6:41 pm
the president takes executive action on gun control. next week. right before he left for the holidays, his executive action may be weeks not months. it may expand to gun purchases. that would close what gun control groups loopholes allowing criminals to avoid background checks to buy guns. gun control proponent said he would be overstepping his powers. >> he is using his power to get us to give away our rights. >> reporter: they, like these protesters are waiting to see the white house plan. in washington.
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the annual pyre works display will be happening on this year. it starts at 7:00 on the corner street. the reason for the time. 7:00 here is midnight in greenwich meantime. rins in 2016. tune in later for fox 25 at 10:00. we'll tell you about the situation at logan airport. what you need to know about the travel plans before the storm tomorrow. this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. vacation. some kids, excited about the snow but we change over to ice and rain. so going to be short-lived. it does come in after midnight tonight and already transitioning into icy mix of sleet and rain.
6:43 pm
further north and west we could talk about slick spots on the roadway. travel not advised. if you head out be prepared. we have a winter weather advisory that goes into place tonight. continues 1:00 in boston. even the berkshires, will see likely snowfall totals. even eyes. there's a winter storm watch for that area. it's definitely cold enough for snow. take a look at temperatures, boston dropped back to 29. that's the coldest it's been all day. below freezing, clouds in place. that wind is adding a bite to the air out of the north. windchills right now, this is what you need to dress for. if you have evening plans, it feels like the teens and 20s. in the boston area. again it's after midnight, when we see the snow move in continuing for several hours before we see temperatures begin
6:44 pm
allow for that icy mix to rain. temperatures tomorrow will be much of an improvement today. that's why we expect the wintry mix. getting into the 30s north and west. 30s and 50s southeast. as we see the warmer air move in. we'll see the flip from snow to rain. it's this storm system we're tracking. low pressure bringing in a good amount of snow and ice to parts of chicago. flipping over to rain and rain down through the atlanta region. high pressure to the north keeping us cold for the day. so, expecting clouds to stay several hours. after midnight moving west to early tomorrow. if you have to head out by 5:00, snow from boston, points north, further south we're starting to see the milder air work in and allow for the icy mix.
6:45 pm
boston area at 7:00. coast. it's still snowing in the merrimack valley. north shore. by mid morning we'll see transition from snow to ice through parts of lowell, into southwestern new hampshire. we'll see rain drops into the boston area with rain across the southeast. heavy rains through the afternoon. take a look at darker shades of orange and red. could see well over an inch of rain across the southeast. by 1:00, still slippery through parts of new hampshire with that mix but that rain-snow line pushed up towards the border. so we're going to see improvement as the day goes on and by the evening we dwindle to a few showers. by the evening temperatures begin to drop again so we have to watch for further icy spots by the evening commute. it's tomorrow's morning commute that will be impacted.
6:46 pm
slushy coating to a couple of inches. as you head north and west higher totals to the north. 6 to 12 inches expected across northern new england. something we'll have to watch very carefully. we could see up to a half inch of ice accumulation through parts of new sham hire and vermont that could cause power out annuals and traces of ice into the boston area. warmer weather arriving through wednesday. more showers thursday and cooler weather as we head into the weekend. over to you. spy gate, deflate gate, now type cause gate. did bill belichick's decision in overtime bother you? maybe not. but if you're a red sox fan this will bother you.
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to the jets, nothing has changed. patriots are still in the drivers seat for the number one seed. tom brady still waiting to touch the ball in overtime and bill belichick's coin toss decision is hotly debated. you can easily make the case this was not as crazy of a decision as it felt like at the time. but this decision lead to a loss with tom brady in the sideline. today the quarterback gives further insight into the decision. >> i felt that was our best opportunity. that's why we did it. department like the way it worked. it was the right decision for our team at the time. i don't understand what the issue is. what should have happened that didn't happen or whatever? i don't know. >> if coach thins that's the best thing to help us do to make us win. there's nobody that we trust more to help us whip. he did what was best to help us win. it's hard to inspire your coach
6:49 pm
offensively all day. >> here are the odds of bill belichick's decision. if the team does not score on the first drive they have the 74% chap of win. and of course 36% of the time they do score. if a team does score on first try only 12 1/2% of that time they win. problem is if you score a touchdown on the first drive you win. that's what the jets did. so, how does tom brady feel about peyton manning be under the scrutiny of explosive accusations of use of human growth hormone? does he feel like he did when deflategate broke? >> i have respect for peyton and everything he accomplished. i support peyton and my friendship over the years. he's a guy that i can always
6:50 pm
he's been supportive of me. we'll have life-long friendships. and the closer acquired from the reds, is now a yankky. ee yankee. chapman gives the yankees the most dominant bull pen in red sox. meadowlark lemon has passed away. up with of the greatest showman and globe trotter of all time. he played in 16,000 games. >> you remember him being a big prankster. >> he was the best. he was the best. he really was. he has a great legacy. >> talking about tracking it all. we're tracking snow, ice,
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