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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 29, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. a weather alert now at 4:00 a weather alert now at 4:00. winter weather advisory winter weather advisories are in effect for a slippery morning commute. >> shiri: we have team coverage for sleet to freezing rain to rain in your town. >> daniel: working through the night to keep roads cleared. the crews out with salt and sand as ice and sleet are the story of the morning. >>announcer: this is a fox25 stormtracker weather alert. >> daniel: snow and sleet kicking off our tuesday morning and the first snow of the season. we will show you. it will be in worcester before 2:00.
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>> sara: i am sara underwood. a winter weather advisory is up for everyone. this is the first measurable snow of the season, the biggest concern is the ice. team coverage to get you through sloppy commute and fox25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is teaming up with shiri spear tracking the changes as they happen this morning. kevin, welcome. >> meteorologist: great to be here. some places rain and other places mixture coming down. bottom line, winter weather advisory for everyone and south coast. dominantly rain. the rest will have to deal with ice and snow and becomes a winter storm warning the farther north you go and winter storm watch in place for western massachusetts. this is the scene the last six hours that system has moved on in. this is not a huge winter storm by new england standards as far as snowfall. we have been emphasizing all along not the snow but the ice that you need to be most
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take a tour around with your live storm doppler radar. mostly rain expected to the south. you go around buzzards bay and points northward. all the area is sleet. a mixture of sleet and know or sleet and rain depending on what time. it is falling this time. the line extends here in leominster. a report via twitter from robert telling me mostly sleet that is happening. but a coating of sleet that is happening here extends southward into worcester into westborough and westward to southborough. wavering back and forth so a mixture of snow and sleet happening out there right now. now farther to the north, a deeper blue in here on the north shore where the snow is happening. aid report from one of our cool leagues telling us an inch had fallen in the andover area before driving into work. a little birth accumulating snow from southern new hampshire. a look at the deeper blues of southwest new hampshire and into vermont as well. we will get hefty we will get heftier totals.
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on the ground. amazing things that i checked with the national weather service and after all this warm air and measurable snow at logan airport. only tight number five latest measurable snow on record. pretty amazing considering all the warm air we have had lately the warm air we have had lately. >> shiri: a big changes for the winter. in boston today, slippery icy conditions through 8 a.m. where temperatures are slowly going to shift above freezing there in the boston area, and then for the rest of the early afternoon, it will be rain and at times heavy rain. now hour-by-hour forecast. in plymouth we are going to make a changeover a little bit sooner. i think 8 a.m. will be a good guide of how long things will stay icy. in ipswich slowest to weed out some of the freezing rain. so we stay slippery here through about 10:00 this morning on the north shore. in the worcester area, it will go through about noon time with the potential for icy conditions, and in keene, new hampshire, close to freezing those temperatures are even
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as well to watch out for icy spots well into the second half of the day. we do have a look at some of up. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. i saw the salt and sanding trucks on may way into work this morning. >> julie: and you showed us the map. so has kevin. here are the colors. you guys explained it. i want to put it on my traffic map. it will be slippery all over the morning commute. turn off the radar and average speed of 33 miles per hour through westin. as i show you these average speeds go 10 miles slower because dangerous, 93 south ruth 1, volume is light but the roads will be problematic. a live look at the zakim and a little bit hazy but volume manageable 307 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
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>> sarah: all right, julie. a little bit of everything as you head out to to start your day. >> daniel: it is not bringing a lot of accumulating snow but a sloppy mess as you head out the door. >> sara: leave plenty of time if you are driving somewhere. there are 1,000 crews treating the pavement and plowing where necessary. boston mayor marty walsh essential urging commuters to take public transit to keep roads clear and new hampshire department of public safety said they are opening the state emergency operation center before the commute just as a precaution. new this morning, slippery roads are being blamed for this tractor-trailer rollover in sutton overnight. this is on route 146 northbound right after boston road. right now we are working to find out if anyone was hurt in that accident. the roads are so slippery out there right now that even our photographer had a hard time getting to that scene. we will bring you an update as soon as we get more information. this is the first winter
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last winter the mbta was crippled during the snowfall. they have upgraded equipment, made 'requires and a more organized command center including a storm desk. state leaders tell us they are classifying storms use classifying storms using a tier system from 1 to 5 with 5 being being the worst. today's storm is being classified as a tier 1. they replaced miles of rail damaged last winter and commuter rail has replaced 40 locomotives. later this morning the spokesperson for the mbta will join us live with a status report how the morning is going. >> daniel: we are seeing accidents on icy roads. slow going throughout the region and will remain that way for the entire morning commute. last night we found a truck driver who adjusted his route to make sure he would miss the worst of the weather this morning.i drove a lot further than i normally do so i would have a shorter distance to go to my store.
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prepared for the storm by hitting stores and gas stations. our cameras caught former new england patriots patrick cass filling up his suv in newton. parking bans in effect in several cities and towns. cars were ordered off the streets at 10:00. the dpw has 300 plows on call. for a complete list of parking bans and other closings and delays, go to the fox25 weather app and it is 4:07 right now in morning the delays and cancellations have started at logan international airport and once again many of those flights are coming in from or heading to chicago's o'hare airport. more than 1,000 flights to and from o'hare were cancelled yesterday thanks to the storm that is sweeping the country. one traveler told fox25 he is hoping to make it home today. >> it was cancelled when i was in security. a 5:30 a.m. flight to milwaukee, which is about an
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it is close. the hope that it being the first flight. the plane is here. there is a higher likelihood of getting on it. >> daniel: many airlines are rewaving booking fees for people travelling into the storm's pass. >> sara: a we will be keeping a close eye on the airport delays and pass on any power outage numbers we get in the newsroom. if the lights go out you can stay up to date with the weather app. you will find the latest radars and snow totals as you head out the door this morning. it is free to download for the app store and google play. shiri and kevin are back in just a few minutes. breaking this morning, police have stopped plans for a new terror attack in europe. prosecutors in belgium have arrested two people accused of plotting an attack in brussels. the arrest followed anti-terror raids over the last two days. police found military-style uniforms and isis propaganda materials.
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cell that carried out the paris attacks was based. also this morning the fbi continues to investigate a possible terror threat which reportedly mentioned the city of boston. the threat came from an anonymous 911 dual police in new york city. sources tell fox25 that the caller said something about a threat against boston; however, after analyzing that call, agents believe it came from bosnia, and they believe the caller was speaking about bosnia bosnia, not boston. state leaders said extra precautions were put in place when the threat was alameda constant dialogue, constant conversation, and significance presence at any large gathering presence at any large gathering. fox25 that the threat has been deemed not credible. a woman saved from a burning building remains in critical condition this morning. skyfox was over the scene on granite street in webster. you can see the huge flames shooting from the roof here. and when police arrived, they rescued the woman and the man from the home. both were rushed to the
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two officers were also treated for smoke inhalation. the fire. 4:09 right now. new hampshire. hillary clinton is holding a town hall meeting in portsmouth town hall meeting in portsmouth. it is happening at the south church on state street. fox25 will be there to bring you complete coverage. after her stop on the seacoast, clinton will hold another event in berlin, new hampshire. and republican contender jeb bush is attending an event in peterborough this evening that gets under way at 5:00 tonight. bush's visit to new hampshire comes on the heels of riv al donald trump's stop there. insults were flying at trump's events. trump had choice words for the publisher of the "union leader" newspaper as an editorial referred to him as a bully. trump fought back referring to the publisher as a low life and sleaze bag. reporters tell fox25 that trump reporters tell fox25 that
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what is attracting them to the controversial candidate. >> he is honest. that's what we like about him. he tells people how it is and he doesn't care if he hurts people's feelings. he is telling what you he wants to you know. >> sara: drama with protesters being escorted out for calling trump a pass itist. next campaign stop will be tonight in iowa. a 24 minute drive time on 9 a 24 minute drive time on 93 south from 495 and andover down to the zakim bridge. be careful out there. the roads are widespread, slippery conditions. shiri? shirsz >> shiri: that's right. not just the snow we are tracking but the icing potential and through the morning hours, eastern, southeastern massachusetts. a trace up to a 10th of an inch of ice. the main concern central mag, merrimack and vermont where we could could up to a quarter inch of ice. the timeline when we will see
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ice to rain coming up next. >> sara: all right, shiri. residents at a local housing complex are sleeping with one eye open this morning. the dangerous crime happening over and over again and the neighbor police are looking at as a possible suspect. new this morning, the teenager who got out of a crime by blaming his affluent lifestyle has been captured in
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how he did his -- how .
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meteorologist shiri spear here. what we have on the map is a mix of snow and sleet and the purple shading down to the cape. we have got sleet and in fact we have rain now developing over areas like nantucket. also adding some rain and freezing rain in and around the boston area and check it out from worcester to leominster and douglas, it is primary and douglas, it is primarily sleet. this morning we still don't know why a woman and her daughter made up a store be a baby being thrown into a river on christmas eve. lawyers for holly fowler and her 23-year-old daughter, christina say the women both have mental health issues. divers and helicopters searched the merrimack for two hours spending about $50,000 before they learned it was all a hoax. now the "herald" reports the department of children and families are investigating because christina has a newborn daughter. she is out on personal recognizance. her mother is being held on $5,000 bail. a back bay landmark is getting a new tenant.
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to open the city sports location on boylston treat. the chain currently has seven stores in massachusetts. modell's plans to take over city city sports location in philadelphia and washington d.c. city sports declared bankruptcy earlier this year. whole foods is looking to put an overcharging scandal behind it and willing to she will out big bucks to do so. on monday the grocery chain agreed to pay $500,000 for overcharging customers at new york city stores. the store apologized and admitted to the whole thing after a probe was launch the after whole foods paid $800,000 for similar pricing violations in california. and target is in the market for your unwanted gift cards. the retailers are partnering with two companies that exchange gift cards. a $100 card for wal-mart could be swapped for an $85 target card.
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600 stores and restaurants. the program is available at over 1500 target stores. good tuesday morning, everyone. yesterday we warned you of the slippery conditions. we are seeing them today. all of these colors indicate some form of precipitation on the road. kevin and shiri will detail that for you. that is their specialty. i put on my map so you can see that anywhere you head this morning you will be affected by that. if i take it off, you can see traffic flows moving along for the most part well; however, we weren't going to want to drop our speed down significantly just to stay safe out there. a live look at the pike through brighton and just the reflection and the sheen off of the road show how slippery it is. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 24 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 13 minutes on 128 northbound from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. share this tweet from our executive producer of shiri and kevin.
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this morning because quite a few issues in the weather that you are tracking for us. kevin, good morning. >> kevin: good morning, julie. i am looking at twitter if you are wondering why i am looking down at my phone, reports from steve in worcester county. a quarter inch of sleet on road a dangerous situation because pellets. what we actually call it. sounds less meteorological to say ice pellets. you doll sleet and that's what we will keep calling because it is the little freezing balls of ice. and thank you for that. matt fisher@1021. that is the situation with the changeover happening more of a sleet and freezing rain event for most areas. i have to tell that you has always been the situation. we have been emphasizing more of an icy than snowy situation in some places snow falling and that's why you see all the different colors behind me not just green which is rain, we are seeing some of that, but the purple color which is sleet. you get into the orange color
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out blue is snow falling in some areas. we take a tour with our live doppler and storm tracker radar doppler and storm tracker radar. rain down in here. and goes a little farther to the south and sleet may be happening for you out on the vineyard. and reports from out on the vineyard --@kayla manowitz and hit up shiri on twitter. and sleeting from worcester to foxborough. the sleet to snow line at least for now. and this is something different i wanted to show you. our live storm tracker radar can go to the coefficient -- without getting geeky, the colors that get all mish-mashed on here. that is showing approximately where the changeover line. the radar is shooting up from out here in taunton. so what it is doing is hitting warm air aloft. the warm air will melt snowflakes down to ice or raindrops. really raindrops that will refreeze down to sleet or
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some areas of this snow. an inch of snow andover driving in this morning and the deeper blues here in southern new hampshire to southern vermont steady steadier snow. this change over will change over from the north to the morning hours. er about expecting a coating to an inch. know and sleet. shiri, we have been emphasizing that. not just snow you will measure but sleet on the ground as well but sleet on the ground as well. >> maps the bigger concern is ice that follows that as temperatures will be a little bit below freezing as we get the liquid start to fall. slow and sleet and i will bump up to ice because that could be the biggest issue on the road. rain -- because rain will fall heavily at times even when we are above freezing, we need to include that in the threat graphic for the day ahead. this is what i have for today, a couple of winter weather advisories in effect from 1 p.m. across eastern massachusetts and really south of the mass pike.
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7:00 this evening into north central massachusetts to the merrimack valley, southern new hampshire. temperatures will be much slow temperatures will be much slower to warm up there. and even once we hit those high temperatures this afternoon, this laps pretty late in the day. you can see it is still in the 30s in bedford and lawrence. 39 degrees. nashua, 37. worcester, 37. versus the 40s and even the 50s that we get across the coast and down to the cape. tonight i have got temperatures back to freezing. any moisture on the roads will freeze on up. we will have to watch out for black ice early tomorrow morning and high temperatures tomorrow above freezing again. close to 40 degrees. you will find a lot of clouds and you will not find a lot of showers in your wednesday forecast. this is taking you through the day tomorrow and not until the overnight hours that we have been close enough to swing on in and impact your thursday morning by thursday afternoon it is long gone and we will actually see clearing skies. here is your seven-day forecast with the week jemd always in view. average 40 and cooler spots to the north and west where slippery conditions can
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afternoon in theer in remack valley. by thursday 48 degrees and keep it dry through the rest of the forecast. daniel, back to you. >> daniel: shiri, thanks. coming up tragedy for an ivy league swimmer. still coming your way the extreme underwater challenge he was trying to complete when he lost his life.
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the headache at the rmv, how new this morning, a new picture of the so-called affluenza teen has been arrest affluenza teen has been arrested in mexico. ethan couch and his mom were found in the resort town of puerta vallarta. he made headlines after only been sentenced to probation for a crash that killed four people. his attorney argued that he wasn't responsible because he was so privileged. his hometown. a ohio grand jury has decided not to bring charges against two officers involved in the shooting death of a 12-year-old boy. video of protesters marching through the rain overnight. tamir rice was holding a pellet gun when he was shot in 2014.
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the weapon was real. a person that called 911 said the weapon was, quote, probably fake but the officers involved were never made aware of that. a pending civil lawsuit against the city. massachusetts governor charlie baker says improvements have been made to the rmv and made it quicker to get in and out. the governor stopped by the hay the governor stopped by the haymarket registry of motor vehicles to update the public on customer service upgrades since he took office. one improvement, creating dual lines that get more customers the help they need. >> the point >> the point here is to create an experience for people that is dependable and reliable and one that they can expect will only take about 30 minutes or so out of their day. >> sara: the rmv has improved their web sites to make transaction goes smoothly, opened aaa registry outposts and greeters and registry and greeters and registries to get customers what they need and often in the right direction when they walk in the door. the first time in seven years, the price of a gallon of
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dropped below $2. aaa reports it is down to an average of $1.98. a dime lower than a month ago and $.48 lower than one year ago. the national average is about a penny more. preparations are under way in new york city for the biggest party of the year. crews spent all weekend getting everybody ready in time's square for the annual new year's eve celebration. sunday, 300 new waterford crystals were installed on the famous ball as you see. this year's design is called gifts of wonder. and boston is also getting ready for the first night celebration. the annual fireworks display will be happening on the boston common this year that starts at 7:00 at the corner of boylston and charles street. now the reason for the time is because 7 p.m. here is midnight in girlfriend niche. meantime in london, it is also known as the university time and technically when the world rings in 2016. 4:27 right now. at the airport. still coming your way, the gaps
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sparking the change. and the big story all morning long is the sloppy weather out there. sleep, freezing rain, and our first measurable snow of the year. our team of meteorologists are
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