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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 29, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the change weather alert right now at 4:30. slick roads developed while you were sleeping. >> shiri: kevin and i are tracking this. sleet, snow and freezing rain. an hour-by-hour forecast to get you through the worse of it. from the roads to the rails from the roads to the rails, our team coverage of how that weather is affecting this morning's drive starts right now. >>announcer: this is a storm >>announcer: this is a stormtracker weather alert. >> sara: the snow and sleet coating new england. a live picture from lowell right now as you can see that snow and sleet come down leaving just about everything
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here is how it looked in worcester just after 2 a.m. and good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, december 29. i am sara underwood. >> i am daniel miller. a winter weather advisory is up for everyone this morning. and while this is hardly the biggest storm we have seen, the timing could not be worse as it comes right in the heart of the morning commute. we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. julie grauert, of course, monitoring the roads. plus fox25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is teaming up with shiri spear. they are tracking the changes as they happen this morning. kev, good morning to you. >> kevin: good morning, daniel daniel. it is a mess out there. not a huge new england snowstorm but what is of big concern is the ice whether falling as lead is or rain on contact or freezing rain. you will have a little bit of both. that is the issue and makes things slippery out there. look how lit up our live storm tracker radar. all different colors. the green would be rain and it is hiding beneath my rain is
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you get into the purple colors and now you are talking sleet or ice pellet fog. you can hear that pinging off your windshield. if you were listening to it on the windshield or windows. the orange the peach-colored. that is freezing rain. that is the most dangerous of all because it looks like just rain. it is just rain falling but when it hits those frozen temperatures at ground level it freezes contact freezes con contact and causes a glaze of ice. you get on to the straight-on blue, you are talking snow. light snow in boston flipping over to rain and sleet at times. rain becoming sleet on the south shore where the snow is happening. the sleet around boston and quincy as well. into the merrimack valley, straight-on snow. at least an inch of snow in the andover area waiting for reports. zack reported from north bridge that it has become sleet there in worcester county i wanted to pass that along to you.
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southeastern vermont. steadier snow. this is when you will have anything to shovel. anywhere else you get the shovel out and push the sleet and the slush off the walkway before it freezes up and gets heavier. temperatures slowly rising through the morning. the sleet taking over and rain eventually but these temperatures are the biggest concern back in here staying below freezing where the heaviest ice accumulations can happen. and shiri, our biggest concern all along with the storm system. >> shiri: absolutely. 20s in beverly to bedford into worcester into southern new hampshire. only 21 degrees in keene and in nashua. currently freezing conditions from plymouth down to new bedford. we will quickly go above freeze we will quickly go above freezing in those locations. cape and islands, you are doing okay. temperatures on fringe on the cape. be careful on the roadways. a couple those spots could be close to freezing but we will be warming up very gradually.
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slippery conditions in and around the boston area. over the next couple of hours you need to be cautious. 38 degrees in boston. watch out, northern mass, southern new hampshire. itey out there as plain rain at 3 p.m. and by 7:00 this evening 3 p.m. and by 7:00 this evening, drizzle and even a little touch of freezing drizzle depending to wherein you are. the worst of the travel conditions really end up happening during the morning hours trait through about noontime. i will break down some of those tricky travel conditions coming up. but right now julie grauert with live drive time traffic. what do you got? >> julie: our weather and traffic world are colliding. i am using some of your tools. i turned on the radar and all of the color are slick conditions. you put them over the travel map so you can see that you will be affected on your morning commute. i turned it off to get a better look at the traffic flow. things look good on route 1, 93 south. take it slow as you head out the door. pike still light volume. it is early and you can see those conditions are going to
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compared to yesterday's very light commute. here are those live drive times. 29 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 27 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to thes weton tolls. daniel and sara, back to you. the big push from road crew the big push from road crews is to leave plenty of time when you are driving somewhere. >> sara: we will keep you updated if the conditions change. michael henrich is joining 128 southbound. you are moving shotgun all morning. >> reporter: that's right. from the passenger seat i have a good look how the roads are treating commuters early this morning. we will keep a close eye on how things progress. slickness on roadways. a layerer of ice on 128 north. in between exit 16 and 17 heading north at this point on 128.
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are going to watch again all morning. massachusetts department of transportation has a lot of crews out there, and we have seen a bunch of them as well, putting down salt. web definitely tell that these roads have been pretreated considering it is pretty responsive so far. we are taking it slow going about 40 miles per hour. safe. and certainly set a fair example here as we want to portray the roads as accurately as possible to you. forgive me. we are approaching exit 19 at this point entering the needham area here. but, again, 1006 crews with the mass dot across the state right now, and we are going to see how they do and give you another update in just a few minutes, guys. back to you. >> sarah: all right, michael. new this morning slippery roads are being blamed for this tractor-trailer rollover in sutton. this is on route 146 northbound right after boston road. now right now we are working to find out if anyone was hurt in
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the roads are so slippery out there right now that even our photographer had a tough time getting to the scene. we will bring you an update just as soon as we get it. while many of us will see a mix of rain and sleep, the further north you go, the more likely you are to see snow. fox25 catherine parrotta is live for us in lowell. shiri said that area would be the last to see the changeover. >> reporter: yeah, daniel. right now we are seeing some snow and i am also feeling ice pellets bouncing off my dmrov in this morning. a little sleet mixed here in lowell as well. you can see the condition coming down. you may be able to hear it bouncing off my jacket. traffic through central street and just a few seconds ago before we started our report about five or six plows in all a lane came down here and i wanted to mention their plows were knocked down and if you look on the ground not much in the way of snow accumulation here, but what we do have is a very slick and sticky layer of the slush on the ground.
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there is some ice mixed in here and what we have been seeing is trucks going by and sanding and i have been seeing quite a bit of that. might have one coming now not one our sander trucks. seeing that quite a bit in the amount of time we have been here this morning. we did call lowell police and checked in with them. they told me we don't have a parking ban in effect today. that is good news. so far it has been pretty quiet yet in the way of crashes they have needed to respond to. as my photographer and i were driving up on the lowell connector, we did see one car stretched across a ramp that looked like looked like it had spun out and crashed into something. not sure what the circumstances are with that. rest assured it is pretty quick. and if you head out in a few hours or even now, you want to take it and build in extra time, but, again, in terms of what lowell police have been seeing, nothing too bad too far in the way of crashes. keep this mind that school not in session and a lot of people might have this week off between christmas and new year's. hopefully you won't be too
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build in extra time and we will be keeping an eye on conditions all morning long. live in lowell, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. this is the first winter test this season for the t. last winter the mbta was crippled during record snowfall. now the t has upgraded equipment, made repairs, and has a more organized command center including a storm desk. state leaders telling us they are also classifying storms use are also classifying storms using a tiered system from one to five with five being the worst. so far today, the storm is being classified as a tier one. they have replaced miles of rail damage last winter and the commuter rail has also replaced 40 locomotives. later this morning the spokesperson for the mbta will join us live with the status going. this morning, the delays and cancellations have already started at logan international airport, and once again many of those flights are coming in from or heading to chicago's o'hare airport. more than 1,000 flights to and from o'hare were cancelled
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that is sweeping the country. one traveler told fox25 he is hoping to make it home today. >> the flight was cancelled when i was in security. have a 5:30 a.m. flight to milwaukee, which is about an hour -- only an hour drive. so it is close. the hope is that it being the first flight, the plane is here. the higher likelihood of getting out. >> many airlines are rewaving >> many airlines are rewavinging fees of travelling into the storm's past. we will pass along any power outages numbers we get into the newsroom. if the lights do go out, you can stay up to date on the fox25 weather app where you find the latest radar and snow door. free to download through the app store and google play. shiri and kevin are back in just a few minutes. breaking this morning, police have stopped plan s for a new terror attack in europe. prosecutors in belgium say they have arrested two people
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in brussels. the arrest followed anti-terror raids over the last two days. police found military-style uniform and isis propaganda materials. belgium is where the terror cells that carried out the terrorist attacks were based. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now you are looking at a 11-minute drive time on the expressway northbound. this is because our calculators and some of the science we have to give you 11 minutes. i would give yourself at least 20, maybe even 25 because the roads are so slippery out there today. here is shiri with more. >> shiri: here is what we have on the roads. hey, kevin. >> kevin: shiri, me, the best meteorologists in the state or even the country. shiri, what is going on. >> shiri: 128, sleet. flip to freezing rain first. 190 and 290, tricky. one of the icyicier roads longer during the
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these are morning commute. we will take you well into the afternoon when we come back. a. >> sara: all right, shiri. warm weather extending lobster season but comes at a cost. coming up on the fox25 morning news, the other shellfish that costing more at the grocery store.
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storm tracker radar showing the mess this morning. all different colors because all different things falling, sleet, freezing rain, straight sleet, freezing rain, straight-out snow. even rain in nantucket. this will continue through the morning making for a mess of your morning commute. a real-life nightmare for elderly and disabled people at a taunton public housing complex. they tell fox25 that a neighbor keeps setting the place on fire. there have been four suspicious fires at john shea court in one month. in one case, another person reported seeing the elderly woman light a staircase on fire. the housing authority tell us they will not kick the woman out unless police charge her. so as police investigate, neighbors are living on edge. >> you wake up in the morning and you thank god you are alive because your house didn't burn down. i have - sleeping on the couch to make sure that i hear the alarm. >> sara: police tell fox25 they are trying to tie evidence to the suspect and also want to get her help.
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and extra guards to keep everyone safe. a dartmouth college swimmer is found unresponsive in a florida pool. trying to do four laps under water without coming up for air water without coming up for air. they notified the lifeguards after they noticed him not moving under water. moving under water. he was scheduled to graduate in 2018. the black and cold will host the ottawa senators at the gardens and bs will be without one of their big stars for the near future. the team said that david krejci is week-to-week with an undisclosed upper body injury. he was hurt on a hit by ottawa he was hurt on a hit by ottawa's bobby ryan. he was seen wearing a sling at practice yesterday. and check out this amazing view from skyfox. that is the field at gillette stadium. everything is in place for
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the bruins and the canadians. president -- and the canadiens. the rink is built and the logo and julie, it is finally cold enough to start thinking of hockey on new year's day. so exciting. >> julie: seems more reasonable for what we see on these type of days than what we saw on christmas. route 3 south of town. i do not have the radar turned on. i will save that for shiri anden to detail for you. but i can tell you you will be slipping and sliding through your morning commute. don't be confused by the bright green traffic flows, that just means volume is light. the weather conditions are creating a bit of a challenge. a little slowing right now on the expressway northbound as we taking out there, a little dark to see the number of tail lights and brake lights passing the gas tank, but you can tell in the shot that people are significantly dropping their speeds and that is the right plan for this morning. the live drive times.
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to the braintree split. 15 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. fox25 storm tracker chief weather meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is in with us this morning and kevin, i know you have been glued to that phone and you are asking people to send this their reports to have a complete view of how everything is unfolding. >> kevin: i don't mean to look at this during you at all, but i need some reports. we have radar and the different colors and great to have ground troops to tell us what is going on. it changes quickly depending on the temperature everybody is ot or below freezing. you look at those temperatures and say must be snow and ice and you don't know what exactly it is until you see what is happening up above. the color changes. brockton -- scott saying 32 degrees with sleet and freezing rain. this purple color denotes sleet on the stormtracker radar.
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mrs. k on twitter telling me there is sleet as well and goes along with the colors we are seeing there too. report from worcester from the "worcester daily news" a coating of sleet in the worcester union station. and pete said that in worcester. and new hampshire, and getting into this area plain ol' snow. in salem, new hampshire, talking about sleet and this is where those ground crews come into play. president estimate from our storm tracker radar does a very good job but snow into southern new hampshire. sleet in salem, new hampshire from that report from keith and i appreciate that into southern vermont. there is snow out there and still happening. the snow that will be shovelable will be in these areas and mix with sleet. keep in mind when i show you the snow totals that the snow, sleet combination. see that mixing working northward, 7:00, in all this or northward, 7:00, in all this oring an area or peach area changing the rain down in here and snow farther to the north.
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will be most treacherous. temperatures at or below freezing from 10:00 north and to the west of worcester. the. potential for ice out there. snow totals are just -- they look weak, but don't focus just on that. remember this is snow and sleet that we are measuring. don't focus just on the snow because the biggest issue will come from what is under foot and under tire in the form of ice, shiri. >> anything that is not salted or sanded, we will have the situation where things will get really ice really icy mid to late morning in most locations. the storm headlines and icy mix developing this morning. boston area will switch to plain rain between 8 and 10:00 this morning and lingering icy spots into central and western massachusetts and southern new hampshire into the afternoon. so you can see ice totals obviously going to be much, much bigger toward the merrimack, north of worcester, southern new hampshire, western massachusetts. and one temp to a couple of 10 and one temp to a couple of 10th of an inch of rain would boil down to a couple of
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most certainly the dangerous roadways that we are talking about. late in the day, everybody does make it above freezing. boston, 43 degrees this afternoon. norwood, 43. we even have 50s from hyannis to the vineyard. the spots where we are more concerned 30s from worcester. and keene and manchester only at 36 degrees and portsmouth, 39. a ground that is a little slow a ground that is a little slower to warm up in those spots will actually hang on to icy conditions for the duration of this event even though things will lighten up significantly for the second half of the day. low temperatures tonight, you can see back to freezing in boston and 20s in the burbs. any moisture on the ground is going to refreeze. we are going to have black ice that we are likely talking about tomorrow but tomorrow going with a dry forecast. temperatures back up close to 40 degrees. it is not until late wednesday night into early thursday morning that we have got the chance for rain. best chance there over southeastern massachusetts. so we really have got to get through today, and then we will see vast improvements for the
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but that weekend but that weekend falls rue. 44 tomorrow. 48 on thursday with that morning rain will slowly clear out. new year's eve pretty quiet yet. the only thing friday into saturday a couple of flurries. highs still in the lower 40s. 38 degrees on sunday. partly cloudy. and we brighten up for monday. remember, plan ahead today. we are staying on top of this. we are with you all morning long. fox25 morning news is on until 10 a.m. to track these icy roads. back over to you guys. >> sara: all right, shiri, 4 >> sara: all right, shiri, 4:52. the gift reveal that is going viral. coming up the pup's reaction to its christmas present that people just can't stop watching people just can't stop watching. and coming up next, they were just unwrapped and those
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the increased number of >> the organizer of a topless protest at a new hampshire beach is defending her action. heidi lilly and in laconia court room and said the goal of her event at gu milford beach was to change was to change opinions. the display was to stop body shaming. they will vote on the constitutionality of gu milford constitutionality of gu milford's public nudity ban in recent weeks. a check of random airline employee inspection goes for employees that hold badges that would normally allow them to bypass security. decision was made after a number instances where
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entrances to smuggle guns or money on board some planes. also move for increased in paris. and are he tail sales were up nearly 8% between black friday and christmas eve. and spending online was up by 20%. the national retail federation expect sales for november and december to rise 3.7% from a year ago. and one of the christmas benefiting companies that is benefitting from all that online holiday shopping was amazon. amazon prime gained 3 million new members in the third week of december alone. the new now service had its biggest night christmas eve. offered two-hour delivery service in more than 20 cities. amazon said 70% of its customers this holiday used a mobile device to shop. fed ex is blame fed ex is blaming a surge of online purchases for
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the country. they were handling a larger amount of last minute bans then they were expecting and bad weather in the midwest caused problems. some employees volunteered to come in on christmas to help deliver presents. holiday hoverboarders had a difficult time staying upright. the consumer safety commission said 70 hoverboard-related emergency room visits over the holidays. most involved falls and collisions. the trend marked the hashtag hoverboard fail and many post hoverboard fail and many posting embarrassing videos of the spills and hoverboards are known to catch fire. 22 reports of hoverboards burst 22 reports of hoverboards bursting into flames. and our winter weather coverage continues this morning. >> slick and slushy snow and sleet are covering new england this morning. the worst are in the morning commute. a live look in worcester right
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