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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 29, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a weather alert at 5:00, snow, sleet, freezing rain. all part of the morning forecast. >> shiri: we are tracking the heaviest and where conditions will stay dangerous throughout the afternoon. and working to keep the roads cleared. the crews out before dawn salt and sand as ice and sleet become the story of the morning. this is a fox25 storm track this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> sara: and snow and sleet kicking off our tuesday morning and the first winter storm of the season. this is a live look at lowell where the snow is coming down, and crew have been working all night long to keep the roads cleared. >> this is how it looked in the worcester area just before 2:00 this morning. good morning, i am daniel miller. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. a winter weather advisory is up for everyone this morning. and the biggest concern now is ice. we have reporters fan out across the area and our michael henrich is bringing us live reports from the road. jessica reyes is live in
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catherine parrotta is seeing a sloppy mix of snow and slush in lowell. and we are watching those drive times with julie grauert. we have a team of meteorologists tracking the storm. we begin with chief kevin lemanowicz. good morning, kevin. >> kevin: good morning, sara. a mess out there only because of the icy situation. considering what we saw last february, the no he is measly and looks nothing to you. getting on the walkways becomes a ditch problem. notice the different colors and the precipitation that is falling. first place you will zoom into live storm tracker. rain on nantucket. i had jim reporting to me on twitter. sleet to rain in cedarville in cape cod. a change over here. we have seen predominantly rain. we haven't seen much in the accumulation in the cape and islands. and going right to rain. a lot of reports from the south shore of mixing going on. holbrook and sleet. sleet and freezing rain mixing in around winthrop especially. out to worcester.
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news reports too, and also from tony that a lot of sleet is happening here in worcester. you can see that in the purple color. that is typically what sleet looks like on our live storm tracker radar and also snow in here too. going to be some mixing, but the predominant precipitation, the blue is snow and the purple is sleet. and you will see that change. and you go northwest of barre to orange and royalston, it has been predominantly snow on the north shore to southern new hampshire and a report of sleet mixing in. southern vermont into southwest new hampshire where we are seeing snow as well. the changeover will creep northward and the issue is back here and temperatures stay below freezing. while snow amounts are not much in the areas where it is below freezing where the chairover is happening. the potential for any power outages or icing on tree limbs as well. >> all right. so when we look at that hour-by-hour forecast in the boston area, i still have freezing temperatures at 7:00 this morning.
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see a transition by 9:00 to rain and freezing rain in and around the boston area. after 9 a.m., it will be all plain rain for the rest of 9 day. as we look at areas a little further south. we will see a similar temperature trend here out toward the plymouth area where, again, we will have sleet around 7:00 this morning, followed by 9 a.m. freezing rain and a transition shortly thereafter to plain rain and temperatures all the way into the 40s this afternoon. out toward the north shore, it will take a little longer. we have got the icy condition all the way to late morning before you see a swap out for rain by lunchtime today and out into the worcester hills. check this out. i don't like this. out in worcester, we are starting the 20s. we have sleet and freezing rain this morning. but we have the potential for slippery conditions all the way into the afternoon and the same thing into southern new hampshire. same for keene and nashua. we will have to watch out for ongoing icy roadways. we will continue to track this but right now julie grauert
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julie, i don't think there is any way that people will get to work on time today julie you are exactly right, shiri, hard to find an alternate route to give you because as you can see from the radar i put over the traffic maps, they are everywhere the slippery the bright colors are the slippery conditions that shiri and kevin have been telling us about. go up to lowell and just showed you this picture of a little bit of snow gathering on the ground in lowell. we do have an accident there 49 we do have an accident there 495 northbound is closed right by route 3 in lowell. weather conditions clearly not helping that situation. as we shift south, average speeds of about 32 miles per hour. so even though the volume is light, our speeds are dropping significantly because of the dangerous conditions. live look at the zakim bridge where we are seeing quite a few headlights throughout hazy headlights throughout haziness of the shot. remember bridges, overpasses, off and on ramps have a tendency to freeze first so be careful. 16 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin.
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to the leverett connector. 32 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to thes weton tolls. daniel and sarah, back to you. the big push from police and road crew is to plan ahead and leave plenty of time if you were driving somewhere. >> sara: we will be part of the commute watching the conditions change. michael henrich reporting from the road and michael, you are riding shotgun for us all morning long. >> reporter: i have to admit i do not envy the position our photographer is in driving through this mess. i am grateful to be in the passenger seat delivering these reports. what a difference a few miles makes. earlier about a half hour ago in my first report of the morning i didn't sound as concerned as i expected to sound, because down by dedham, 128 north wasn't awful. there was certainly ice and reason to be caution. we were still going 40 miles per hour. and now we are up in the lexington area 128 north and
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the much thicker coating of this -- of this precipitation mix here. this sleet, snow, coming down here. building up as ice on the roadway, and it is making driving a lot more difficult. julie, you mentioned -- julie mentioned an average speed of 3 mentioned an average speed of 32 miles per hour 32 miles per hour. and she nailed it. a very accurate picture of what constitutes a safe speed at this point on 128 north. mass dot crews doing what they can, tweeting out about an hour ago that 1006 pieces of equipment, 1006 crews to be specific are out on the roadway specific are out on the roadways throughout the commonwealth. we have seen a handful of those contractors on 128 laying down material to try to deal with this ice buildup. but again mother nature winning the battle so far. much cause -- a lot of cause to be careful out there and take it slow on the roadways. and we will continue to give you this live picture throughout the morning.
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back to you, guys. all right, michael. new this morning slippery roads are being blamed for this tractor-trailer roll overin sutton overnight. this is on route 146 northbound right after boston road. right now we are working to find out if anyone was you were in the this accident. the roads are so slippery out there right now that even our photographer had a tough time getting to the scene. we will bring you an update as soon as we get it. many of us will see a mix of rain and sleet. the further north, the more likely you are to see snow. catherine parrotta is live in lowell where it is already snow on ground and still falling, catherine. >> reporter: yeah, it is still coming down, daniel. and picked up in the last half hour and still feelings pretty cold out here. we are not seeing we are not seeing too much changeover just yet and i can hear some of this bouncing off of my jacket and i am wondering if there is a little ice mixed in this morning. central street where we are in lowell and you can see the street is snow-covered.
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are plows out today and sanding trucks out today and i have seen a lot trucks going by especially doing that sanding component because, of course, the big concern that the roads will become even slicker than they are right now. we do see some traffic going by as you can see here. and people moving for the most part pretty slow. i checked in with lowell police and they told me they weren't seeing too much in the way of crashes. that was good news. they did tweet out 24 hours ago around noon yesterday. a little bit less than 24 hours ago and they were telling people that because of the impending weather today, clear off your car, take it slow, make your you are focus when you are there behind the wheel. don't be using your phone or anything like that. seems like people are taking their advice. lowell police say no parking ban or anybody in effect. in terms of the snow and the texture of what we are dealing with, a sticky snow and slushy and icy in some parts as well. problematic as petition go up and get going. for now we are live in lowell,
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the roads aren't any better to our west. fox25 jessica reyes is live in worcester this morning with the conditions in central massachusetts. good morning, jess. >> hi, sara, good morning. well, right now we are seeing a mix of snow and sleet. sort of an icy snow that is coming down right now. you can see it is coating the ground here and coating the road as well and it is making things a bit slippery for driving out there from dedham to get to worcester. took us an hour and 15 minutes drive that normally takes 45 minutes. we have seen a number fog out here on the roads -- plows on the roads in worcester. the city of worcester has 300 plows on call for us and a parking ban that will help them get get some of the roads cleared. one other thing we know they are banking on that will are banking on that will get the roads cleared in time that a lot of people are off from
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hoping the commute is not buzzer. we have seen them out here in full force this morning and they are certainly going to be busy over the next couple of hours. we are back with another look at what is happening in 30 minutes. checking in at 5:30. for now the latest live from worcester. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. and we will also be keeping a close eye on any airport delays for you all morning. we will also pass along any power outage numbers as we get into the newsroom. as the lights go out, we will stay up to date on the forecast with the accuweather app where you will find the latest radar and snow totals. it is free to down load through the app store and google play. shiri and kevin are back in just a few minutes. 5:10 now. breaking this morning. police have stopped plans for a new terror attack in europe. prosecutors in belgium say they have arrested two people accused of plotting an attack in brussels. the arrest followed anti-terror raids over the last two days. police say they have found military-style uniforms and
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belgium is where the terror cell that carried out the terrorist attack was based. the fbi continues to investigate a possible terror threat that reportedly mention the city of boston. it came from an anonymous 911 call. a caller said something about a threat against boston and, however, after analyzing the call, agents believed it came from bosnia and they believe the calling the -- the waller was affecting about bosnia not boston. special considerations were put in place when the threat was made. 28 28-minute chute from 495 to the zakim bridge. a number cars are on the road and you should budget 15 if not 20 extra minutes because of road conditions. shiri. >> shiri: our big concern. down playing the snow and upplaying the ice because we have decent accumulation into the afternoon, central mass. southern new hampshire.
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a potential for a few 10th of an inch of ice around the boston area strictly this morning we will pick up trace amounts of ice. we have the timeline coming up next. mother nature is testing the t. the changes nut place this year to get people to work on time. and new this morning, the teenager who got out of a crime by blaming his affluent lifestyle has been captured in
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:14. meteorologist shiri spear here and we continue from north to south. snow to sleet to freezing rain and rain. now we are making the switchover to rain. parts of the cape especially the outer cape, but in and around the boston air why we are seeing a mix of both snow and sleet. and that's where you get those kind of ice pellets and actually the sleet rolling into the worcester hills and extending into new ipswich, new hampshire. new this morning, a new picture of the so-called affluenza teen was found in mexico near the town of puerta mexico near the town of puerta vallarta. he made national news when only sentenced to probation for a crash that killed four people. they said he wasn't responsible they said he wasn't responsible because he was so privileged. hes with issued a warrant after leaving his hometown. a grand jury decided no the to bring charges against two
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shooting of a 12-year-old boy. tamir rice was holding a pellet gun when he was shot in 2014. the two officers involved said they thought it was real. a witness who reported to 911 said the weapon the 6th grader was holding was probably fake, but officers involved were never made aware of it. there is a pending civil lawsuit against the city. a woman saved from a burning building is in critical condition this morning. skyfox was over the scene on granite street in webster. you can see the huge flames shooting from the roof. and when police arrived, they rescued a woman and a man from the home. both were rushed to the hospital. two officers were also treated for smoke inhalation. so far no word on the cause of the fire. good morning, everyone. i turned on the radar over the traffic map so you can see what roads are affected, and really it is all of them. we are seeing some issues on the road as well. new accident on 93 northbound
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medford. we have an accident on 24 and a rollover accident 13 in blockton slowing things down as well. as you head out the door, please take it much slower than usual. the flashing lights of the sanding and ice trucks doing the best they can to keep the roads safe. overall speeds though much slow overall speeds though much slower because of the conditions right now. here are those live drive times. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. 16 minutes on 24 from 123 to 128. 35 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz in with us this morning. morning. en, how are things looking this morning. are they going according to what we have been forecasting? >> kevin: no doubt about it a ice situation since the beginning of the forecast. talking about a little bit of snow. everybody likes to see those snow amounts, one the sleet flattening it down and the freezing rain on top of that the ice to be concerned about that becomes tough to measure any snow that would fall. winter weather advisories through this morning and into
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locations for the slippery conditions you are seeing out there and what julie has been telling but all morning. have some rain down on here. the purple is the sleet. meantime, you see that peach color, denoting the glaze and the freezing rain falling and the spwlu predominantly snow. mixing in all of these place bus the predominant precipitation shown by live storm tracker radar and it is green it is the rain. from cape cod. a report from centerville and cape cod that it was primarily rain falling that switched over to my ipad and i can see it a little better, i am getting a little older. the sleet -- a lot of reports of sleet happening in most locations on the south shore with the rain or snow that is falling. a mix basically. and out in worcester county, predominantly sleet predominantly sleet. and dee told me in franklin sleet happening. out in worcester, many reports of sleet. and also i wanted to point out also. a tweet from susan -- first of all from kathleen in lowell which is up here and to the north. she has been talking about
5:18 am
window that she can hear. if you can hear it it is sleet. an ice pellet hitting your window and you are seeing this happen around lowell -- lowell is down in here actually where it looks like just snow, but you can see sleet happening. mixing in around lowell and now i have a report from that. thank you, kathleen. keep the reports coming. great to have that to go along with the radar. freezing rain and sleet. not just snow. an inch of snow around the andover area. we would love an update on that and dare the elements to get out there with a ruler. a report from london derry from susan who told me 22 degrees and sleeting there. so, yes, predominantly snow and hampshire. sleet mixing in as well. the situation all morning long. continue to see this mixing through the morning. the colors changing and shifting northward. notice the temperatures inland staying at or below freezing many locations even if the change to rain happens. this is the most dangerous situation at all because once you change to rain, the
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that is very slichry. notice it stays blue farther to the north. pushed farther north and the snow is going to be -- any significant snow up there to the key area to the north -- paltry amounts in southern new england and snow is not the big issue for this storm. >> i am grouping the snow and the sleet together. because we will see the minor accumulations of but the bigger threat will be the ice that rolls in late morning into the early afternoon. so even at midday, we will have a lot of areas seeing plain rain and there will be icy spots still at noontime, same thing for the evening hour even though a drizzle remaining for the evening commute. where we have that drizzle far enough inland will be in the form of freezing drizzle and that winter weather advisory goes a little bit later into areas north of worcester into the merrimack valley. winter weather advisory extends until 7 p.m. and we could hang on to those icy conditions that long. boston up to 43.
5:20 am
so clearly we will get out of that freezing threat as we make our way into the second half of the day along the coastline down into southeastern massachusetts. but anywhere you see the 30s, if our warm-up is delayed at all, we are going to see those icy conditions last us quite a while into the afternoon. low temperatures tonight back into the 20s and lower 30s which means we will have icy spots on the roads tomorrow because whatever moisture is out there ends up refreezing and we got to deal with it tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow, luckily above freezing again, out around 40 degrees. ends up being a mostly cloudy day. very late on wednesday night and into thursday morning. we are watching southeastern massachusetts. for the risk for some showers and other than that, the seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view, shaping up pretty quiet yet. 54 tomorrow. 48 on thursday. 44 on friday as well that 44 on friday as well that-to-start the new year and the only threat i have friday into saturday, couple of flurries. i think we can handle it. for now, back to you, guys. >> sara: all right, shiri. tragedy for an ivy league
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how he lost his life swimming laps. trying to eliminate the
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have been made to the rmv and made it quicker to get it in and out. the governor stopped by the hay market registry of motor vehicles to update the public on customer service upgrades since he took office. one improvement create one improvement creating dual lines to get more customers the help they need. >> the point here is to create an experience for people that is dependable and reliable and one that they can expect will only take about 30 minutes or so out of their day. >> sara: the rmv has improved their web site to make transaction goes more smoothly. to get customers what they need and in the right direction when they walk in the door. and for the first time in seven years, the price of a gallon of gas in the bay state has dropped below $2. aaa reports that it is down to an average of $1.98. that is about a dime lower than a month ago and $.48 lower than a year ago. the national average is about a
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send it over to you julie and daniel. >> daniel: everyone at home, check this out. something that will make you glad it is too cold to swim. new video out of japan this morning is getting up, close and personal with giant squid. >> julie: take a look. wow! that is -- what is it a 10,000 -- 100,000 leagues under the league. that is what it reminds me of. >> daniel: reminds me of that too. >> julie: normally this kind of squid can be found in the deep depth of the ocean but a diver shot this in the marina. it is 13 feet long. >> daniel: pretty scary stuff i would say. we have all seen the christmas videos of screaming kids going crazy over christmas presents, but what about dogs? >> no, this facebook video has been viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times. here is what happened. noel parsons went home for christmas and decided to surprise his dog and wrapped himself up under the tree and dogs have a good sense of smell that, of course, trouble thought something was up.
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he went absolutely bonkers after getting that paper off. >> daniel: this dog reminds me of our executive producer's dog of our executive producer's dog. >> julie: paige should wrap her is up up and see if the dog does the same thing. a cute video and a spin on how excited you can be to fine the right present. we are tracking inclement latest. >> shiri: not so excited about this forecast. poor travel conditions in massachusetts. 7 a.m., 10 a.m. by lunchtime start to see slow improvement. an hour-by-hour look coming up next. the tsa increases random
5:26 am
the gaps in the s >> the snow and sleet coating new england this morning. here is a live picture from boston where you can see the snowflakes are coming down. we also want to show you video that just came into our newsroom from lowell. a good amount of snow coming down there as well. and good morning, everyone. keep it safe today. i am sara underwood. >> i am daniel miller. a winter weather advisory is up for everyone this morning and it comes right in the heart of the morning commute. we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. julie grauert monitoring the road conditions plus fox25 storm tracker weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz
5:27 am
to get us through it all. kevin, icy pellets are falling in boston right now. >> kevin: i had a report from anthony in charlestown and clearly a good report coming in. thank you for that, daniel. the different colors we are seeing on your live storm tracker radar. the bottom line the biggest i shall lieu be ice. falling as ice pellets or rain freezing on contact with frozen ground and frozen services. freezing rain or a glaze that is happening. predominantly rain in cape cod sleet mixing in. a report out in cape cod. would love more reports out here in was a sleet to rain there. predominantly rain. just had a report from weymouth and that report telling me that there was an icy glaze out there in weymouth. i don't like hearing that and that is the worst of all situations to have happen and that is why we are seeing spinouts and accidents. julie is telling us more about that.
5:28 am
town. there. plenty of sleet in worcester county as well and place where is snow continues to mix in out there, shiri. >> shiri: that is right. temperatures. this is just vital to the stroke because boston at 34 degrees. things will have a tougher time of sticking. bedford, 22. 21 in nashua, new hampshire. and temperatures right around freezing for norwood over to plymouth and cape and islands. temperatures just above freezing there. as we look ahead. we start planning your day. keep in mind it is slippery out there. no matter where you are travel no matter where you are travelling with that sleet falling and snow mixing in it will be slippery. icy spots in northern mass and southern new hampshire, but boston at 38 degree. plain rain by the afternoon and by 7 a.m., drizzle in place. some spots dealing with freezing drizzle. julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. julie, how are the roads doing?
5:29 am
that is the way to put it. several accidents and several closures. i turned on the radar and you will see sleet and snow. some of that rain. the icy rain this kevin and shiri were talking about. south of town, 24 northbound a rollover accident at 123 in brockton. another accident on route 3 northbound in hingham right near derby street. as we shift north, make you aware of an accident on 93 northbound near 128 in medford northbound near 128 in medford. the exit ramp partially blocked as you are heading from 93. one other accident of . seeing some issues on 495. earlier this morning reports of a closure and a tractor-trailer accident near route 3 in lowell accident near route 3 in lowell. we will keep an eye on that for you. 11 minutes from the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. 22 minutes on 24 from 123 to 28 22 minutes on 24 from 123 to 28. 33 minutes on the pike from 495
5:30 am
daniel and sara, back to you. >> daniel: 5:33 right now. a white knuckle drive on both the highways and the side streets. >> we are out on the roads this morning watching the changing conditions. fox25's michael henrich is in the passenger seat this morning bringing us a first-hand look at some of the worst areas out there, and looking pretty tough out there, michael. >> it is. , but as they say, it is better to drive behind the plow than in front of it and that is the position we find ourselves in going on 3 a north in burlington. definitely an easy definitely an easier time on this road as we travel behind one much the -- one of the 1006 different crews that are out from mass dot throughout the state. you can see the plow in front of us. i tried to squint here and see whether it is dropping salt down as well. if does not appear to. it appears to be pushing the snow out of the way in this northbound lane of route 3 a.
5:31 am
perspective. we have been on 128 for some time and the buildup was significant on the roadways. the sleet coming down, caking on to the road, making it slippery. the on-and-off ramps trouble the on-and-off ramps troublesome as well, even as mass dot continues to pepper the roadways with treatment.and with plow service as well. we want everyone to be careful we have been traveling on route 3 a going 20 miles per hour. when we weren't going behind a plow we weren't going much faster on 128. we were going 30 miles per hour. we are going to head to one of those accidents that julie mentioned in just a minute and we hope to be there by our next report either way give a live look at the roads in just a minute. in the meantime back to you in the studio. new this morning slippery roads are being blamed for the tractor-trailer rollover in sutton overnight on route 146 northbound right after boston road right now we are working
5:32 am
the accident. the roads are so slippery right now that our photographer had a tough time getting to the we will bring you an update as soon as we get it. the roads are not any better to the west. fox25's jessica reyes is live in worcester with the conditions in central massachusetts, and, jess, you you are. >> no you can't right now. the conditions haven't changed a lot since we saw you at 5:00. an icy sort of sleety snow that is falling right now. this is webster street and covered with that snowy, icy mix that i just mentioned. in the past half hour, we have seen a couple more people driving down the street. people are certainly driving very, very slowly. as we mentioned in my last report, it took us about a half hour longer to get here from dedham than it usually would. the conditions are slowing things down a bit. the city of worcester have 300 plows on call right now. we have seen a couple of them come by here and plow out the roads.
5:33 am
ban here in the city of worcester, so they are hoping that by not having cars on the streets, it will help them to get the roads cleared as quickly as possible, but right now, again, a it is very icy. people are certainly taking it very, very slowly and sure to be a slow commute here in worcester this morning. for now we are live in worcester. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. well, many of us will see a mix of rain and sleet, the further north you go, the more likely you are to see snow. fox25 catherine parrotta is live in lowell this morning monitoring the conditions there for us. and catherine, kevin says you have got snow and sleet falling, and i can see that behind you. >> reporter: yes, that is the case, sara. you may be able to hear some of this bouncing off of my jacket now. we got here and first came to you about an hour ago, 4:30 and the first live report. and at that time could you see a lot more of the pavement here on central street and significantly more covered over significantly more covered
5:34 am
inches by any means, but the thick layer of slush over the road and we do see cars as people are getting ready to go to work and taking it slow around this corner and that is merrimack street behind me where that man is walking. you can see that is also slicked over with snow and slush and the traffic i am talking about. you can see it is moving along for the most part okay, but for the most part okay, people are taking it a bit slower this morning. i call lowell police when they first arrived and no parking ban in effect and at that time not seeing too many crashes and around 4:30 this morning. i will be checking in with them again as i go throughout the morning. we will get some numbers about their response to the storm as well, although i can tell that you we have seen some trucks out here, both plows and sanding trucks and of course sanding is going to be especially important as we go through the day because once the snow stops, it is going to turn into sleet and freezing rain, and that is really going to be problematic on the roads. lowell police officers tweeting
5:35 am
this weather moving in, but certainly when you get up this morning and make sure you allow enough time to clean up your car. keep it slow and put grur seat belts on and make sure you are really focused on what you are doing when you are on the roads doing when you are on the roads. don't be using a phone or anything like according to lowell police because, again, the conditions today will be a little bit trouble some as you make your way out. we will continue to monitor it for you. live in lowell, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. this is the first winter test for the season for the t. last winter the mbta was tripled during record snowfall. now the t has upgraded equipment, made repairs and as a more organized command center including a storm desk. state leaders telling us they are also dollars are also classifying storms using a tiered testimony is from 1 to 5 with 5 being the worse. so far today's storm is being classified as a tier 1. they replaced miles of rail damage last winter and the commuter rail has replaced 40
5:36 am
in our 6 a.m. hour the spokesperson for the mbta will join us live with a status report on how the morning is going. we will be keeping an eye on any airport delays for you all morning long and pass along any power outage numbers we will get into the newsroom. if the lights go out, you can stay up to date on the forecast with the fox25 weather app. that is where you will find the very latest radar and snow door. it is free to download it is free to download through the app store and google play. shiri and kevin are back in just a few minutes. 5:40. the reminder of cold weather in new england should help reduce the price of lobster. the new england lobster men said the long weather has meant a longer season great for the supplies and the same lobster men fish for scallops when the weather gets colder. because they haven't switched over yet scallop supplies are low and prices are rising. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. another traffic another tractor-trailer accident on 495 northbound near route 3.
5:37 am
right now to give us a glimpse of what it looks like on the ground, but beware, in that area we have seen several accidents and even more slippery than we are seeing in other parts around town. kevin. >> kevin: no doubt about it. looking at the north shore and seeing a bit of everything. the north shore, a mixture of sleet and snow and many reports of just a little accumulation of a half inch to an inch of sleet and snow and that is enough to make things slippery. got to take it easy. hour by hour as this changeover occurs throughout the morning. >> sara: a local college student missing for a month. while the discovery of his personal cell phone haven't helped the case. residents at a local housing complex, they are sleeping with one eye open. this morning, the dangerous
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all right, we are seeing that snow, sleet, freezing rain that snow, sleet, freezing rain, all the different colors in our live doppler radar. what it all means to you is slippery roadways out there. don't go by measuring the snow this morning. it is more about the ice under foot and under tires. plenty of accidents. shiri spear and i will be tracking this changeover throughout the morning. >> sara: all right, kevin. a real-life nightmare for elderly and disabled people at complex. they tell fox25 that a neighbor keeps setting the place on fire fire. four suspicious fires at john jay court in just a month. another noticed the elderly woman light a staircase on fire woman light a staircase on fire. the housing authority said they won't take the woman out until police charge her. and neighbors are living on edge. >> you wake up in the morning
5:42 am
because the house ain't burnt down. >> i am sleeping on the couch so make sure that i hear the alarm. >> sara: police tell fox25 they are trying to tie evidence to the suspect and want to get her help. meanwhile, new security cameras everyone safe. a dartmouth college swimmer florida wool. kate ransom died after trying to complete four laps underwater without coming up for here. ransom was scheduled it graduate from dartmouth in 2017 graduate from dartmouth in 2017. good morning, everyone. if you were going to head out on the roads this morning, leave very, very early and be sure you are prepared by packing your ice scraper and all the things we have been reminding to you have handy. i turn on the radar so you can see all of the roads that are being affected right now. i am going to take to you one of the stops where you see
5:43 am
495 near route 3 in lowell and several issues this morning and the most recent is a tractor-trailer accident right south of route 3 in chelmsford. all of the lanes were closed except for the break downlane. michael henrich is in the car one of our photographers heading to give you an on-the heading to give you an on-the-ground glimpse. i will turn the radar off so you can seat traffic flows better. a lot of orange which means volume is light, but speeds are low. a live look at the pike through brighton, and you can see the reflection of the headlights off of the wet, slick payments. the live drive times. 11 minutes from the braintree split to columbia road. 29 minutes from 1234 from 123 to 28. 33 minutes on the pining from 495 to mass ave. fox25 storm tracker weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz in with us this morning to make sure we have all aspects of this winter weather advisory covereden, how are things look something in. >> kevin: not very good, unfortunately. more snow. a little burst of snow happening right now.
5:44 am
happening inland from the coast at the coast, you are seeing that sleet, even freezing rain mixing in, but look to the northwest of boston especially. this is the area getting a burst of snow right now. the mixing happening in the purple. so when you see the purple, it is predominantly sleep. in cape cod you are telling us that it is going to be rain there. i am aware that places like harwich and reports of an half inch of sleet or snow, and at this point predominantly rain. yes and no coating already and it will get wash aid way and that. weymouth seeing some of that in the boston area. we are seeing some mixing happening, sleet happening right in boston. so that's right at the coast so that's right at the coastline and back to 495. i have been telling but accidents in the lowell, the chelmsford area. snow. and orange means freezing rain
5:45 am
above as warm enough as the snow is melting on the way home snow is melting on the way home. it drops as rain pellets. i had a report from weymouth a glaze of ice on south shore. looks like that may be happening wenham to cape, gloucester, on north port and manchester-by-the-sea as well. continues to new hampshire. saw sleet in the charlestown area and show that you line is still right there and that is the cutoff. you go beyond there and find snow out in worcester county. sleet predominantly through worcester and snow in portions of northeastern worcester county. we have seen freezing rain here and southern new hampshire and deeper shades of blue, and accumulating snow up in this area. a couple of reports that have come in into southern new hampshire of two to two and a half inches from hampton falls north-westward to concord, new hampshire. while this mixing continues this morning, shiri. temperatures are a big problem even after the snow ends. >> resulting from ice which is a bigger concern the snow.
5:46 am
fashion alsely confident. but ice is tough to navigate. the boston area switch over to plain ol' rain with above freezing temperatures between 8:00 and 10:00 lingering icy spods into the afternoon and where we are looking at a few hundreds of an inch of ice and looking at the worst travel conditions and worst roadways until possibly 7:00 this evening. how long the weather advisory will go, boston, plymouth, new bedford into the 40s. hyannis at 50 degrees. but wherever we have 30s, my word of warning is the warm-up stalls out at all, we are facing a long period of icy roads from portsmouth, new hampshire down to worcester. down over to manchester. lows into the 20s and lingering
5:47 am
later in the day, we have highs in the 40s and clear out for the new year we are talking temperatures in the 30s by midnight. 32 when you wake up friday. the potential for flurries friday and saturday. otherwise i have no problems other than the forecast of course that we are on top of for today. sara, back to you. >> sarah: all right, shiri. they were just unwrapped and those hoverboards are already causing problems. the increased number of emergency room visits being blamed on this popular toy. coming up all new at 6:00, a nonalcoholic drink being pulled off shelves find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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>> the organizer of a topless protest at a new hampshire beach is defending her actions. heidi lilly and in a lanconia and said the goal at gu milford beach was to change positions. they wanted to combat the law like female body shaming. the judge will rule on the constitutionality of her public nudy ban in the coming weeks. 9 . the tsa will be increasing checks of airline employees.
5:50 am
could have them bypass security could have them bypass security. employees used private entrance employees used private entrances to smuggle weapons on to planes. it was used because of increased security after the terrorist attack in paris. retail sales were up 8% between black friday and christmas eve. and spending online was up by 20%. the nation national retail federation expects sales for december to rise 3.7% from a year ago. one of the companies benefitting from all that online holiday shopping was amazon. amazon prime gained 3 million new members in the third week of december alone and prime new now service saw their biggest night on christmas eve. they offered two-hour delivery service in more than 20 stills. amazon said nearly 70% of its customers this holiday used a mobile device to shop. fed ex is blaming a surge
5:51 am
packages across the country. they were handling a large amount of last-minute demand than expecting. bad weather in the midwest also caused problems. some employees even volunteered to come in on christmas to help deliver presents. holiday hoverboarders had a difficult time staying upright. the consumer product safety commission said 70 reported hoverboard emergency room visits over the holidays. most of those involve falls and collisions. the trend sparked the hashtag hoverboard sales on social media with many postings including embarrassing videos of the spills. hoverboards have also been known to suddenly catch fire. the federal government is investigating 22 points of hoverboards bursting into flames. four minutes until the top of the hour. our winter weather coverage continues this morning. >> reporter: slick and slushy snow and sleet covering new england this morning. and the worst is during our morning commute. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is watching this minute by minute for us, and we
5:52 am
kevin. >> yeah, just a little bit an not the biggest issue. it will be ice. even as i say what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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you're ready. get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? a weather alert now at 6:00 a weather alert now at 6:00. celebrity and dangerous roads developed while you were sleeping. >> shiri: we have team coverage with an hour-by-hour forecast to get you through the worst of it. and it is the first big test of the season. the preparations under way right now as thousands of crews work to keep the roads and
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