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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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parts of new hampshire and 8:00 in the boston area. expect to see slippery conditions as temperatures are below freezing and we start to see low level moisture, but this is our next storm system still across the mid-atlantic. it moves northward. as it does, it encounters temperatures below freezing. that's why we're expected to see the freezing rain to start. with the moisture we'll also see a warm-up. temperatures will rise and we should start to see improvement. nonetheless, we have low visibility out there. worcester, a quarter of a mile. take it easy out on the roadways. notice the boston temperature trend. the 20s. 30s and we climb above freezing as we get close to the midnight mark. notice the rain moving in. i have a full time line when
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back in the forecast. with more rain on the way you want to stay up to date with the forecast when we're not on the air. check out our weather app. you find the latest radar and any weather alerts. free to download from the app store and google play. bill cosby is out on $1 million jail. he faced a judge in pennsylvania on a felony charge dating back to 2004. >> he was accused of rape by dozens of women. steve anymore et cetera has nimitz has more what to expect in this case. >> we're here to announce charges that have been filed against william henry cosby. >> reporter: after years of accusations from dozens of women, bill cosby was charged
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assault. he appeared in a pennsylvania courtroom wednesday. he did not enter a plea. his bail was set for 1 million. pennsylvania district attorney kevin steele said cosby establish aid relationship with andrea constance a staffer for the temple women's university basketball team. she came to see cosby as mentor and friend until the night in question. >> mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided and drink wine, the fact of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances. and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. today's charge stems from information obtained from depositions from a 2005 civil suit filed by constance. that was settled confidentially but the deposition was unsealed in july. >> that gave them enough
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they read where cosby said he penetrated her. >> reporter: in that deposition he admitted to acquire prescription quaaludes for women he wanted to have sex with. he always said it was consensual. >> there are many accusers in new england. crystal haynes, spoke with an accuser for several women who crystal? >> reporter: many see cosby charge sd something they waited for decades especially since he consistently and publicly refuted their allegations. >> reporter: for a dozen of cosby accusers today is the day they hoped for. >> we are here to announce today charges that have been filed against william henry cosby.
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it's big and it's important. >> i spoke with the attorney who represents several women. i spoke to him within hours of the arraignment on these pennsylvania charges. >> does this bolster your case against cosby specifically? >> this does serve to provide evidence in support for a civil case. >> next thing i know i was in bed with mr. cosby partially clothed and he was trying to force me into oral sex. i sat down with windham new hampshire accuser last summer. she claims cosby assaulted and drugged her in 1965 and was one of the original women who came forward with allegations against cost bit because of development in her own suit against the entertainer. she could not comment on his arrest but she does tell me this is a significant day for her. >> i was the accidental tourist. >> what does this mean for other cosby victims that have cases
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>> this is a matter of his own making. now time for mr. cosby to face the music. >> reporter: there's other developments involving cosby right here in massachusetts. that includes counterclaims against his accusers. the latest on that tonight at 6:00. i'm crystal haynes. >> when the charges were announced we had it live on our fox 25 news app. it's free for your phone or tablet. breaking news tonight overseas the new year's eve fireworks display in brussels canceled. the mayor canceled it after meeting with law enforcement and decided it wasn't worth the risk. thousand of people turned up and the mayor said there's no way to check everyone. >>. right here, there are
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boston is not one. they will keep an eye on new york, d.c. and los angeles. they do not mention any specific targets but the areas of concern reflect on soft targets including mass gatherings and mass transit. >> here at home there's no credible threat fort new year. but we have more information on what police are doing to keep everyone safe. john? >> reporter: good evening. the police say there will be a lot more on hand for this event. check out the ice sculptures being built for this new year's eve bash. there are a few changed you need to be aware of. police uniforms around the city as security is is beefed up. this event will be focused on families according to the commissioner and mayor. focused in the square area as
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it will be a procession that starts at 6:00. fireworks at 7:00. as for security, the mayor and police commissioner say there's no credible threat in boston but with those security threats around the country and the world there will be enhanced security for visible and under cover. >> there's a lost undercover officers out there. there's a lot of assets hidden away. i'm very confident but i always encourage the public. like any event, if they see something out of the ordinary they have to say something. >> come out, enjoy the city of boston. i think it's said several times. you see something, grab a police officer, you see one on the street. call 911. we follow up on everything. come to our city. it will be a great night. >> the mayor asks everyone to come out and be respectful of one another. we have more on the intel unit
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a p car plunging into a pond in hamilton. the police say the driver was impaired, speeding, and did not have his lights on. fox 25 brought you the video of him leaving the police station. the 21-year-old beverly man is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. police are still trying to determine if road conditioned contributed to the accident. a manhunt in franklin after a bank robbery. new at 5:00 -- at franklin village plaza was hit before noon. earlier reports indicate two masked men hit the middlesex savings bank and ran. a worcester woman is alive because of heroics of those who ran into n to save the 83-year-old woman simply known as miss ellie.
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and i dropped to the ground. when i dropped to the ground all of the smoke went out to the hallway. i could see her in the apartment. >> during today's ceremony, the officers said he thought he was going to die inside that home. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. as patriots get ready to face the dolphins. new information surfaces of their first meeting. they brought extra members to make sure the paints did not tamper with any equipment. the nfl checked the visitor's locker room for listening devices. no evidence of wrong-doing was found. >> bill belichick was asked about that incident and was not interested in talking about it saying he was interest getting ready for sunday.
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it's the reality of life in the nfl. we have to figure out how to get it done against tom brady. tom brady getting philosophical about professional football. it's how you adjust that makes the difference between winning and losing. last week they rallied to tie it in the fourth quarter. it's been far from a perfect season for the patriots to say the least. >> you have to compete and do the best you can do. you wish you would be perfect. you win every week, no one gets injured, that never happens. do the best you can do. just try one last time to get a win. in a place we always have a tough time winning. i think we're in a good position. >> reporter: new players become key players every week.
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down. and a new hampshire driver killed in a car trash involving four secret service agents. why that man should not have been behind the wheel in the first place. >> and we have temperatures below freezing coming and time line when to expect showers. and bracing for historic and dangerous flooding. >> it's pretty scary.
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threat wit not be over freezing rain advisory is being tracked by sarah. the forecast is less than 3 minutes away. >> and a man falls through the ice trying it get his drone. the fire chief tells us the man went in up to his knees and was able to get out on his own. >> the thing about the ice, it's only half inch thick. it is not safe. stay off the ice. >> if you have a drone fly them on an open field that way you don't have to worry about the drone ending up on a pond. >> faa is investigating a drone incident. it was near a air canada plane trying to land.
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feet in the air. drones cannot go above 400 feet and can't be within five miles of an airport. a 10-year-old boy being hail aid hero. he saved himself and brother when carbon monoxide alarm went off. we have more on this little life safer. >> we're live outside of the fire department. in a while we'll get a chance to speak with the whole family. what the 10-year-old did for his brother joshua and for himself was not only smart but really avoided what could have been a tragic outcome. they were inside their home in douglas. josh was sleeping upstairs and the carbon monoxide alarm in the basement went off. he ran upstairs, called the fire department. woke up his brother. and when they showed up they
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braden who is the in fourth grade went through a fire safety program. now the chief is recommending braden for a young hero award. >> he recognized there was a carbon monoxide detector sounding. he knew he had to do something. he called mom and the fire department and they got out. >> reporter: that's exactly ha happened. turns out it may have been a problem with the furnace. they're checking into that. we can tell you that i checked with the state fire marshal's office. they tell me whenever the state program went into effect some 20 years ago, 21 years ago as far as back as that. child fatalities when it comes to fires have dropped by 70%. now, coming up in just a little while, we will hear from that family. we'll bring it to you at 6:00. this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> we've got some pretty chilly
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temperatures below freezing. os fog is moving in, areas of drizzle, we're concerned with icing. and the storm system will bring overnight rain. as it does so, we will have temperatures at the freezing mark. we should see improvement. in fact the holiday forecast looking pretty oak as we head into the new year. current conditions we have the 20s and 30s. it is cold in boston. sure enough we have not been able to get rid much the cold air stuck in the lower part of the atmosphere. it's mild above but we have not tapped into that milder air. 27 in places like burlington. laurence,after frei, new hampshire. cold with the clouds sticking around. head to the cape and islands. the 40s. our storm to the south. it is going to be pushing
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increase the moisture. areas of fog likely to be persistent through the evening hours. we have visibility in places like connecticut valley. worcester. plymouth. some fog moving in. temperature at the freezing mark allowing for slick spots out there. but the rain looks to be moving in anywhere from 9:00 to 11:00 tonight. as it does so it will bump into the cold conditions as well. there is a freezing rain aadvisory in place for the majority of the region and parts of new hampshire through the morning hours of thursday. it doesn't go through the morning because we'll see temperatures warm as the rain moves in. notice after midnight we have wet weather. boston above freezing but some areas like bedford, laurence, nash ra wa nashua, you're right at the freezing mark.
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above us, we have warmer air at surface. >> notice around 5:00. early morning commute, we head out. still slick out there. sunshine, finally we'll see winds shift to the west and that's more optimistic makes us feel as though temperatures climbing in the upper 30s low 40s. perhaps milder. and we'll look for dryer conditions developing. if you have plans tomorrow night. here's some fireworks. temperatures in the 30s as we ring in the new year. a mix of sun and clouds on friday, temperatures in the 40s. we'll get back into the 30s. could get quite freezy as you
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waking up with some of the coldest air we've seen this season. there's a look at your forecast. >> a friendly winter reminder. clean off your car when it snow. officers posted a picture of this car on lind street. police asking drivers to clean off the snow and ice from yore car. it can fall off your car and hurt someone. it happened twice today. you can see how much damage was done. offering an apology why the city manager is saying sorry to people who live in the city hours after the season. and are you looking to kick the habit?
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making progress in the fight against isis. the pentagon said targeted air strikes killed ten isis leaders in recent days. >> we'll explain what some militants were up to.
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militants killed were actively planning attacks in the west. >> you want to strike in europe they want to strike in our homeland. >> reporter: two killed just this week were linked to paris attacks that left 130 people dead last month. colonel steve warren said the fact that isis is losing its leadership failed on the battlefield. warren said they will continue targeting leaders and planners syria syria. as long -- >> warren said the u.s.-led coalition is striking at the head of the snake. he said we have not severed the head and, quote, it still has fangs. in washington, kyle la campbell. fox 25 news.
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taken may not be headed back to the u.s. any time soon. ethan couch and his mother with were arrested in mexico. new surveillance video shows the two casually shopping here before being caught. they are fighting extradition. their attorneys filed the first delay. >> chicago police may be now carrying tasers. the mayor announced the new strategy today. tlfrjt there's . >> there's a difference when they should or can use a up gun. >> one officer faced murder charges after dashboard cameras shot a man 16 times. a new york police detective killed in afghanistan being remembered tonight. they gathered in st. patrick's for the funeral services of detective joseph lem.
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national guard who served in afghanistan and iraq. he was six serviceman killed outside of outside of the air force base. and the thieves got away of a china and cold caps in the teeth of the man attacked. human remains of a missing man gone two years. we ask whether the suspect could face additional charges. >> reporter: one person injured,
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what happened on a snowy stre this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert.
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cross new england today. tonight, rain is moving in. freezing rain advisory goes into effect. hi, everyone. let's get right over to fox 25 weather meteorologist sarah we wroblewski. >> sarah? >> we have the cold air moving in. that's why we have freezing rain in place. >> anticipating to be a couple hours of icy condition before a change over to rain and temperatures warm. mainly trace amounts of ice will toss black ice. >> take a look at the temperatures.
5:27 pm
islands to see temperatures. some frog is freezing on contact on cars and roads. here's our storm system that will push milder air into the region as it comes in as well. that's why we're expecting to see temperatures warm up. so, take a look at the visibility out there with the clouds and fog. we have reduced conditions in some spots. we'll condition to see some patchy fog and drizzle until the rain arrives between 9:00 and 11:00. continues in the overnight hours as temperatures in the 30s. i'll take you through the full time line and when to expect improvement coming up in a couple minneapolis. >> four secret service agents are nearly killed in a new hampshire car crash. police say the driver that hit them died in the accident. as elizabeth hopkins reports that driver was behind the wheel without a license.
5:28 pm
been taken here. secret service vehicle has been taken to another location as authorities try to figure out what happened here. >> it was on a snowy wet stretch where this mercury sable crashed head op into a ford taurus. >> the collision resulted in serious body injury from all occupants in both vehicles. from one fatality of the driver. >> reporter: the 45-year-old should never have been driving. police say his license has been suspended. his passengers. his girlfriend and christina boswell were both injured. injuries so severe police have not been able to interview them about the crash. in the other car four secret service agents whose names have not been released. >> they were working as part of secretary -- >> reporter: in a statement, presidential hopeful hillary clinton on the campaign trail in new hampshire had this to stay.
5:29 pm
the serious accident that occurred last night in new hampshire where four secret service agents were injured and a passenger killed. my husband and i second our thoughts to all of the victims and families. police are not sure exact how the crash happened but they say he may have passed another car in the northbound lane before the collision. police would like to speak with anyone. >> the driver in that vehicle that was passed if they could please contact the police. >> reporter: police say he had an extensive criminal history. a toxicology report will be released in months. coming up, we'll look at his checkered past including the fact he had his license suspended a number of times.
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2-year-old mystery for a local family. today investigators confirmed that the remains are that of an avon man. we look at what began as a new year's day kidnapping. a lucky day in the woods gives closure to what a family always feared. investigators say james robertson left his home on new year's day. two men claimed they were there for a drug test. they were dressed as constables. >> i saw them walk up the street. >> reporter: they said it's a daily heartache. they would remind hunters of their son's case hoping someone p turns up a close. >> they hope to get lucky.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: the d.a. then examined all missing person's cases. the state medical examiner used dental records to identify the man. four men were charged in his kidnapping including former dedham police officer, who was accused to provide equipment to james fini the alleged girlfriend of robert. investigators would not speculate as to what happened now that james has been found. we visited briefly with the family of james robertson at their avon home. they were very kind and polite and simply could not talk about their son's case. we continue to talk about the district attorney's office. in avon, kerr carrie cavanaugh.
5:32 pm
board cleared those of wrong-doing wrong-doing. police say the man who died outside of the bar. they appeared before the license licensing board eight times. new ham shierp police arrested two men. the two men of facing marijuana charges. police say they discovered 6 thousand in potent hydroponic marijuana in the men's car. they are due back in court on january. a boston woman used a.c. to fight off a thief. the suspect tried to break into a home by pushing in the a.c. unit. the home owner fought back by pushing the a.c. in the direction of the suspect. police are now searching for a second suspect in a double murder earlier this month. the 36 yearly man is wanted for murder. they were shot together on wade
5:33 pm
a third person was suspect. the other suspect, michael deleon is being held without bail. and these photos are hoping to track down an indecent assault suspect. they say he's about 5'7" between 20 and 25 years old. and here's a surveillance photo of a woman wanted in a shoplifting case. police say she went into a nutshell store and dumped children's clothing into her louis vuitton bag until it was full. when it was finished she came back for more. and charlie baker will address the people of massachusetts. it will be governor baker's first address. and fox 25 investigates what
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costs the government millions. and why worcester city manager is saying sorry for how they handled the first storm of the season. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license
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they failed to do background checks. the issue came up when the boston nanny was accused of stealing $3,000. the company is also dealing with lawsuits in nebraska and wisconsin by parents who say their babies were killed by nannies. tufts health care is apologizing for a series of robocalls. about 10,000 seniors got calls reminding them to get flu shots. the calls were supposed to go out between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. the issue was the result of human error. just show up to work and vote no. if you don't want to cite. >> chris christie slamming marco
5:38 pm
the most missed votes in the senate. >> rubio missed 120 votes of 129. >> for the time being. i want those votes to matter again. we uncovered voting records. ted cruz missed 80 votes. bernie sanders missed 28 votes. more details how many votes our local senators did. ed murphy missed 2%. elizabeth warren missed none. kelly ayotte missed 1% of senate votes in 2015. hillary clinton returns to new hampshire sunday and monday, during a campaign event in nashua, the former secretary of state will be joined by her
5:39 pm
israelry allies, including benjamin netanyahu. after obama said he'll enthe practice. he would not comment on any specific alleged intell against activities. coming up, i'ming traing fog, ice and rain moving in. my time line when to expect the weather and rebound in temperatures. and bracing for flooding and millions of people across
5:40 pm
>> we've freezing rain advisory goes into effect. right now sarah is gathering the latest advisory. tracking rain from new england to the south. the forecast is less than 3 minutes away. the city manager said the city made the wrong call during
5:41 pm
comments made and posted on this city's twitter account. the storm brought a little snow and a lot of freezing rain. as a result many streets were covered in slush and ice. to fix the problem crews were out salting the roads all day. parking bans are in place overnight. 193 cars in towed in manchester alone. drivers had to fay $110 to get their cars out that means $1,000 in tow fees about to be selected. nearly 18 million people in flood warnings. the hardest hit is where police are bracing for historic and dangerous flooding. and it's not the open river expected to goefr over its banks. missouri declared a state of emergency. tonight officials can only watch and wait. and stacey cohens the
5:42 pm
later today or tomorrow at record level. >> reporter: these are the scenes missouri residue crews expect to persist. check out one of the numerous drivers who need to be rescued. officials repeating the message. >> we've never seen water this high. not by i an inch but two, three feet. you you don't know how far that water goes. >> millions of people are in areas with flood warnings. officials fear mississippi and other waterways could cause flooding worse than the great flood of 1993 when rising water caused $15 billion in damage. some say this time things feel different. >> normally. the sun comes in and you got a week or so to prepare what is going on. this is just instantly here. >> as they've done many times in
5:43 pm
louis area are sandbagging flood-prone areas. >> we are trying to play pay it forward. i know they've had issues with flooding before. it's just the right thing to do. >> these floods from a storm system that killed people in the past week. the el nino is to blame. i'm stacey cohen, reporting. >> at home cold temperatures again today. tonight sarah is watching a freezing rain advisory that goes into effect. right, sarah? >> that's right. a little sooner. travel conditions as you are headed out the door. they are fair. not that great because of temperatures in the freezing mark. that could cause some slick conditions but throughout overnight hours the rain is going move in as temperatures on
5:44 pm
creating that slippery conditions across the region. expect to see poor conditions. by tomorrow morning still lingering showers by the afternoon we should say good-bye to the wet weather and seeing the sunshine. so, i mentioned the fog out there. reduced visibility, places like wooft connecticut valley. limited visibility. temperatures through the freezing mark and below. below. untreated surfaces. sidewalks, take it easy. we have clouds across the region. limited temperatures to improve. we're stuck in the 20s and 30s. you have to head to the south coast cape and islands that's where the temperatures are in the 40s. here is what we're tracking. this storm system has mild air with it. so, as it makes its way closer into new england, we see the
5:45 pm
night but odds of precipitation, the first few hours expecting to surface. that's why we have a freezing rain advisory, likely to see slippery conditions on the secondary roadways. ramps. take it easy. throw down salt and expect to see improvement as we head towards the morning hours and still patchy black ice possible. future cast looking at ice and fog through 8:00. once 9:00, 10:00 the rain moves in right around midnight. i want to show you boston improves temperatures to above freezing. to the north and west we have temperatures below freezing. you see this area in pink. i showed you this last night where we could seat potential of a mixed precipitation. looks like freezing rain across the region. now that warmer air makes its way to the surface,
5:46 pm
region by early tomorrow. notice around 6:00 for you early morning commuters. still cold through the interior and north. through the coast you're in the 40s dealing with showers. improvement by the afternoon. look at this, a mix of sun and clouds. could get stuck with southern new hampshire and vermont. middle 40s. upper 40s for parts of the cape. highs looking much better than what we're experiencing toward the day today. we'll be talking about above average temperatures. as we ring in the new here. temperatures fall back to the 30s around midnight. we get back to 40 with a mix of sun and clouds. could see a stray flurry, right now looking okay. we really cool off as we head through the weekend. temperatures in the 30s. cold as we start next week. temperatures may allow for a
5:47 pm
tuesday we're waking up to the coldest air we've seen so far with temperatures in the teens. there's a look at your forecast. >> with more rain on the way, stay update with the forecast. you will find the fox weather radar. free to download in the app store and google play. according to the indianapolis business journal a letter of intent was signed regarding the grand prix. among those that signed it. mass dot. the race will be the second to the last event in 2016 indycar calendar. a rare sight for whale lovers a 50-foot hump back whale. hump backs are not usually in this area until late december.
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good 45 minutes before heading on his way. we are following several news stories ahead at 6:00. first getting this brand-new picture showing a police suv smashed after a crash. what happened at the moment of impact. he died fighting our country and his family's house desfloid a fire how veterans organizations are stepping up. and what federal authorities failed to do to led to tens of thousand of people getting unnecessary checks.
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prohibits behavior and users may not promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism. twitter will suspend any account as they see fit. the real test will be how the site enforces the rules. the state of new hampshire is helping people kick the habit when it comes to smoking. the department of health and human services helps nicotine packages. the state set up a free website tores departments who want to learn more. second hand smoke is taking a heavy toll on your pets. scientists found cats and dogs were at a greater risk because they spend more time indoors and closer carpets. cats are particularly at risk because their constant self-grooming brings carcinogens
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and exercising as a child can alter the organisms in the stomach in positive ways. doctors are not sure why this affects the human brain over the entire force of life. recall on popular cookware. macy's is recalling martha stewart frying pans. the covers can pop off and fly across the kitchen. at least three people have been hurt that way. nip who has the pans can stop using them. macy's said they can return them for store credit. right now hover boars not legal in new york city. hoverboards, segue ways and other transporters as registered. problem is they cannot be registered so they are illegal in new york city.
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this woman shared a picture of a ghost or light in a hospital that was vacant since hurricane katrina. he went in and saw a pair of lights and card guard. now at six icing is a concern as the next storm system moves in. i'll show you when the wet weather arrives. breaking news. bill cosby charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. and what top security experts told him about pop terror attacks in major city and the promise boston leaders maybe making ahead of new year's eve alley sbrigs. >> and the secret service crash that is catching the attention
5:54 pm
first we look at the radar and a big patch of rain will arrive later tonight. good evening i'm vanessa well. i'm mark ockerbloom. our meteorologist. sarah wroblewski, winter has arrived. >> oh, yes. it was cold in the city of boston and points north. temperatures stuck in the 20s with sub freezing temperatures and rain arriving. we are likely going to see a period of icing before the temperatures warm up. freezing rain advisory for southern new hampshire and vermont as well as central and western parts of the state even the boston metro area. you notice showers developing to the west. this pushes all into the region, bringing milder air. bumping into the 20s and 30s. we see icing ahead of this.
5:55 pm
areas of drizzle, too.
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