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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  December 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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areas of drizzle, too. limited visibility. fog freezing on contact to the roadways, cars, frees, take it easy and plan extra travel in the city of boston. expect to see mostly cloudy skies, then the rain arrives between 9:00 and 11:00. notice temperatures updating. i'll take you to the full time line coming up. >> this is not the smartest thing. police pulled a driver over because they only cleaned off a little circle on the windshield. the driver received a citation. please clear on after much as possible. use common sense. with more rain headed our way. download our fox weather app. also seat important seven day forecast. tonight we know president obama was warned about terror threats before he left for his hawaiian family vacation.
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originalitied overseas he warning of attacks in new york city, los angeles and washington, d.c. meanwhile belgium canceled the fireworks display because of a threat. and boston said our city celebration will be safe. john monahan said our police commissioner claims there are no credible threats. >> reporter: that's right. they had a press conference and said there's no threat in boston. boston police will be out in full force and should come out to enjoy first night in the city. boston police said they met with their intel unit. there is no credible threat in the city. security this year will be tight. there will be bomb-sniffing bombs and undercover officers spread out across the city.
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main area will focus in the square. there will be a heavy police presence but commissioner said he wants to strike a balance and not make people feel intimidated. still he said providing a safe environment is his top priority. >> there's nothing that would indicate we have any threat to the city. but every threat. any type of incident, we are always on the side of caution. but to answer your question, we have plenty of offices of out there. >> reporter: and a line look at an ice sculpture created here. to add to this the mayor told us, he expected everyone to be respectful. both the commissioner and everyone wants to repeat. if you see something, say something. we're live tonight in the square. i'm john monahan. new york city says times
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on earth. 1 million people of expected to watch the ball drop at midnight. nypd are guarding other parts targets. breaking news. bill cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman. he drugged and sexual a li assaulted a woman inhis home in 2004. and now awaiting trial. bill cosby arriving in a courthouse in pennsylvania for his arraignment on sexual assault charge. he's facing first criminal charges filed against him since dozens of women are coming forward accusing cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. >> we're here to announce charges filed against william henry cosby. these stem from a sexual assault that took place on an evening in
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earl 2004 in mr. cosby's home in montgomery county. he is charged with aggregated indecent assault. this is a felony of first degree. >> reporter: cosby's charges are punishable up to ten years in prison. they were able to bring charges again him after earning information from a previously sealed documents from a civil deposition. >> the issue, they have gone and obtained documents he testified under oath he drugged here. that will be used against him. >> reporter: at least 52 women came toward to say he aassaulted and drugged them. it took place as early as 2008 and n eight states. he said had sex with andrea constant but it was consensual.
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rejected before he drugged her. >> reopening this case was our duty as law enforcement officers with a sworn obligation to uphold our constitutions and to uphold the law. >> reporter: charges come days before the 12-year statute of limitations was about to run out. constant's attorney said her client welcomes the charges. and dozens of women claim cosby took advantage of them at least one woman lives in our area. she and others filed suit in federal court in massachusetts. crystal haynes is in our courtroom after speaking with their attorney. crystal? >> reporter: there are a number of involvements involving cosby including a counterclaim by cosby against his accusers. >> we are here to announce today charges that have just been filed against william henry cosby. >> reporter: more than a dozen
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the day they've hoped for in some cases for decades. >> next thing i know i was in bed with mr. cosby partially clothed and he was trying to force me into oral sex. >> reporter: she claimed he drugged and assaulted her in 1956 and was one of 13 women that came forward against cosby. because of her own suit against the entertainer. she cannot comment against his arrest but tells me this is a significant day for her. >> it's huge, big and important. >> reporter: the d.c. attorney represents several women who filed a suit against cosby in massachusetts. i spoke to him within hours of the arraignment of these pennsylvania charges. >> does this bolster your case against cosby specifically? >> it does serve to provide evidence in support for a civil case.
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filed a countersuit claiming defamation against the attorney's clients. >> what does ma mean for his counterclaim. >> hess reputation is at stake. he put it at issue. this is a matter of his own making. now time for mr. cosby to face the muse inge the music. >> reporter: last week former las vegas show girl katherine mckey claimed cosby's public denial of her claims has imaged her ability to get work in the entertainment business. i'm crystal haynes. >> we posted that on our foxnews app. download the fox 25 news app. it's free and available on any device. this photo calls the aftermath of a boston police cruiser crash in brighton.
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suffer serious injury. but it cause delays in the area. earlier reports indicated two masked men hit a middlesex savings bank. new information about the deadly sooth on thanksgiving morning. they cleared the bar who's on first of any wrongdoing. the conductor died after getting shot out of getting shot outside of the bar. since 2001 the bar appeared before a licensing board eight times over public safety concerns. a car plunged into a pond. police say he was impaired. and did not have his lights on. you see him leaving the station. 921-year-old beverly man is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. video those was snowing on the narrow roads shortly after the, kra.
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if that contributed to the cash. worcester woman alive thanks to three great police officers. they were honored for spomding to a fire on granite street. they rushed inside to save the 83-year-old woman simply known as miss ellie. >> as soon as it opened i got hit with smoke and heat. i dropped to the ground. when i dropped to the ground all of the smoke went into the hallway. i saw her in the apartment. >> during the ceremony i said he thought he was going to die. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. and the family of a marine, the family of lance corporal o'hare was devastated when the home caught fire. tonight we learned they've
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from fallen heroes and military friends foundation. they are establishing a relief drive for the o'hare family. and governor charlie baker will address the people from the statehouse. it will be his first state of the commonwealth address. tonight tom brady and new england patriots are preparing for the regular season game. they travel to miami. the pats prepare for playover position. the quarterback talks about secrets to stay healthy. >> sometime us just have to know when to take one for the team and when mott to take one for the team. you will not find a more physical game than what we witnessed each and every sunday. there's brutal hits every time the play is snapped. sometimes it's guys who avoid
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tom brady has taken big hits and avoided as well. something he thinks about a lot. >> you would lofk to stand there every throw, step in and get blown up. sometimes they are big hits. knock out for four, five games. i talk a lot of types to receivers especially 185-pound receivers or smaller running back you still take on unnecessary hits. you still put yourself in position where you're not available tos a team. >> wetter they are top seed or not they'll play january 15th and 16th. second week of the playoffs. there's bigger fish to fry than the dolphins this sunday. a 10-year-old boy is getting credit for saving his older brother's life. >> he heard the carbon monoxide detector going offer and he saved his brother. the program he lettered in
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and the city did not do a good job keeping the roads clear
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and what a man first responders say a 10-year-old boy jumped into action and saved his brother's life. >> he heard a carbon monoxide
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to do, including wake up his older brother. >> we spoke with that family. they are calls hi brother a hero for what he did tonight. braden wilcox gave the fire chief a painting as a thank you. he and his brother josh were inside their home this morning when a carbon monoxide detector was going op. braden's mom called and he told her what was going on. after that he ran upstairs, got house. it looks like a furnace problem. they will be better checking c.o. defectors and bought four new ones. last month. he went through a program at school called the safe program. >> i woke up my brother, went outside and called the fire department. >> i thought it was a low
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i thought it's nothing big. i was half asleep. then i should go to sleep. when he brought it to my attention i realized we had to get out of the house fast. >> it's a feeling of helplessness. i still have knots in my stomach thinking what could have happened but i heard them both on the phone. i knew they were okay by the way they were talking and knew they were outside before i hung up. that made me feel better. i also know they are very responsible kids and they knew what to do. and in fact the chief will be recommending braden for what is called a young hero award for what it is he did. i did check with the state fire marshal's office earlier today. i can tell you the safe program has been in place for about 21 years and they told me that the average number of child fire
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this program was put in place. we did check and it's been funned this year. scary in middleton a man falls through thin ice trying to get his drone. the fire department tells us he went up to his knees but was able to get out on his own. >> the ice is only about half inch thick. it's not safe. stay off the ice. >> here's another recommendation, if you have a drone fly them on a field. and crews made the wrong call during this week's snowstorm. the comments were made on a letter posted on this city's twitter account. they had minimal crews in place during the storm which brought a little snow but a lot of freezing rain and as a result many streets were covered in slush and eyes. cruce in worcester had been out
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now your forecast from sarah wroblewski and fox 25 weather team. >> i know my driveway was covered in ice. take a look at video we shout in canton the birds and ice on the tree s trees. >> looks cold out there. >> we have temperatures in the 40s in cape cod. >> now we're seeing more wet weather begin to arrive tonight. as it comes it it bumps into the coldary and we have a few concerns. one freezing drizzle and fog. with that rain bumping into the colder temperatures we talk about icing. take it easy if you have to head outdoors and travel late tonight through early tomorrow.
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year's eve, looking pretty okay. i want to talk about visibility. we have limited visibility through the south shore and worcester and through the connecticut river valley. some areas seeing fog and mist. temperatures below freezing. fog and mist freezing on contact to the car's untreated surfaces roadways driveways you got it. take it easy as you see slick conditions, patches of black ice developing. temperatures above freezing so looking okay right now. a lot of clouds in place and more coming. clouds ahead of this storm system will be pushing most of the moisture south of our region but also another disturbance to our north. in between we'll start to see showers developing. you are starting to see them in pennsylvania and new york pushing eastward into our area
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because showers are arriving and temperatures still below freezing we have a freezing rain advisory. advisory goes until 3:00 in the morning by then we notice temperatures rising through the night. future cast showing cold conditions in place over the next couple of hours likely to see icy conditions. right around midnight notice the boston temperature above freezing now so to the north and west still cold. as wet weather arrives likely to see icy conditions in exec county. worcester, new hampshire. through the overnight hours we'll see temperatures either side of the freezing mark north and west. so, you are an early morning commuter. dealing with wet roadways and showers across the southeast. and mid morning, showers out of
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we see the clouds break apart. bumping temperature to the mid and upper showers as you head north and west of the city. as you take in the new year, this is what you expect temperatures falling into the 30s. looks to be dry. look at the forecast. we are near 40. mix of son of sun and showers. temperatures this time of year in the 30s. and cold air moves in early next week. we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. >> you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. a vehicle carrying four secret service agents. details in this fail at crash. >> first new numbers show candidate senator marco rubio shows more votes than any senator this year. how many times he was not there and what donald trump was saying
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head donald trump making comments this time on the campaign trail about the possibility of a woman in the white house. >> listen. madam president, can you imagine? believe me, women, if it's got to be a woman, which i'm all in
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be hillary. >> trump manging comments at an event in council bluffs iowa last night. >> despite trump's comments he dominates the polls. and comes coming from every direction. >> reporter: donald trump are remains firmly in first place. >> i loves polls. >> reporter: he is also leading the way when comes to verbally trailing opponents even those behind him like jeb bush polling in the low single digits. >> you started off next to me. then were you there, next time you would be off the stage, right? >> reporter: while trump bashes bush. rand paul and chris christie are all beating up on marco rubio
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>> rubio missed national security votes and more than any other senator. >> reporter: those missed votes have not kept rubio from picking up a deendorsement who sits on the powerful committee. >> john kasich picked up an endorsement of his own. meanwhile leading democrat hillary clinton taking a break through the campaign trail also taking a break from responding to attacks during the campaign stop yesterday. >> i will do everything in my power to keep us safe. i are laid out my plan in a number of speeches over the last two months. >>. >> reporter: the last day will
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sanders scheduled to appear in iowa. >>. there were several crashes on the slippery roads in the first winter storm of the season. >> only one is catching the attention of hillary clinton the head-on crash that left four secret service agents in serious injuries. and the human remains of a missing man gone two year. we ask whether suspect could
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good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert.
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the radar. the rape will arrive about an hour and a half. a freezing rain advisory women go into effect. i'm new york city ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welsh. winter is here. sarah wroblewski tracking ice on roads. >> we have advisories in a lot of occasions even though the rain will arrive at 9:00, 10:00. we have fog out there and because of the rape to the south and west arriving later tonight we have freezing rain advisory in place for southern new hampshire and majority of the state. here is our storm system. most of it will push to the east but there's a disturbance to the north, too. we have the wet weather that will had advance into our region later on tonight.
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freezing in many spots. visibility poor, down along the south shore as well as central and western part of the states. that fog freezing on contact to the cars and roadways. you talk about icy spots when we see improvement and latest time line coming up in a few minneapolis. as we continue to follow breaking news. charges filed against comedian bill cosby for sexual assault charges. he arrived in a pennsylvania courthouse today. he is officially charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman inside of his home in 2004. his lawyer said he will be clear. the charges became before the 12-year statute of limitation run out. and police say there are no credible threats for the boston area for new year's celebration.
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should expect heavy police presence however. also they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. four secret service agents were nearly killed in i acar trash. the driver who hit them lost his life was driving without a license. the 45-year-old was taken here. the secret service vehicle was taken to another location as authorities try to figure out what happened here. >> it was on a snowy wet stretch where this mercury sable crotched head-on into a forward taurus. >> the collision resulted in serious body injury to all occupant thes in both vehicles. one fatalities to the driver of the sable. bruce danforth. >> reporter: 45-year-old danforth should never have been driving. his passengers were both
6:30 pm
have not been able to interview them about the crash. in the other car four secret service agents whose names have not been released. >> they were working as part of the protection efforts for second clinton. >> hillary clinton on the campaign trail in new hampshire had this to-to-stay. i was saddened and concerned about the serious accident that happened last night in new hampshire and a passenger in a second car killed my husband and i said prayers and condolences to all victims and families we are grateful every day for the professionalism of the secret service. they are not sure how it happened but think danforth may have crossed the line. >> if any passengers that were state police.
6:31 pm
has a record. >> he was known to us and has an extensive criminal history. >> reporter: that history is failing to pay child support, including 2013 when mug shot was taken. police say his results along with toxicology tests will be released in the next several moss. police say if you know of the driver that was passed in the northbound lane they ask that you contact them. that number is on your screen. elizabeth hopkins fox 25 news. new at 6:00. check this out. a fire truck at the fire station. the city back in the news room within the last hour. chief telling us firefighters smelled smoke and saw the engine department on fire. they got the truck outside so the t was not damaged. a local child care website coming under fire for faulty
6:32 pm failed to conduct background checks for care givers it came up for a boston nanny who stole $3,000 for a family she worked for. she was on probation when she registered. and other parents said their babies were killed. police are searching for a double suspect who is wanting for a shooting wanted earlier this month when a man and woman were killed and a third was injured. another suspect michael deleon was arrested the day after the shooting and held without bail. (and hoping these photos will help to track down an indecent assault suspect. they hope they will hope find a suspect who followed them yesterday.
6:33 pm
wanted in a shoplifting case. police say she wealth to a store and dumped clothing in her bag and when it was finished she came back for more. police confirmed human remains are that of a missing avon man. we report on the heartbreaking end to a 2-year-old mystery for a local family. >> reporter: a lucky break in the woods have given the avon family closure they feared. >> it's release to the family now able to identify who has been missing. >> reporter: he left his home new year's day 2014. two men dressed as constables claimed they were there for a drug test. >> i saw them driving up the street. he was in the back of the car. >> reporter: earlier this month they say it's a daily heartache.
6:34 pm
their son's case. hoping some turn up some clue. >> they go where traditional walkers and joggers don't go. >> clothing and bones were found in the area. >> reporter: the d.a. said they examined all missing person's cases and they used dental records to identify the 37-year-old man. >> he had a beautiful smile. he loved his kids. >> reporter: four men had been charged in robertson's kidnapping including former police officer. he was accused of providing equipment to the alleged boyfriend of robertson's girlfriend. on wednesday investigators wouldn't speculate to what might happen to this case now that james has been found. we visited to the family of james robertson at their avon home. they were kind and polite and could not talk about their son's
6:35 pm
we'll continue to stay in touch with the district attorney's office to see if the suspects face any additional charges. the truck of a missing hudson new hampshire man was found. the 44-year-old man vanished monday last scene wearing a new england patriots jersey. call police if you know where he is. and the parents of an 18 that was killed last month when the gunman opened fire on a car in a traffic jam. schwartz was spending time after graduating. two people are recovering after being hit by a plow. police told us a privately contacted plow struck a man and woman in a parking lot. the victims were 29 years old. police say they were taken to a nearby hospital.
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the drive ever has not been charged. and a drone near an air canada plane tried to land tuesday afternoon. runway crews saw the drone 800 feet in the air. drones cannot go above 400 feet and not within five miles of 0 an airport. and about 10,000 seniors got a call reminding them to get threw shots when calls were supposed to go out 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. the company's statement we realize the calls are jarring and inconvenient we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. take a look at this a rare sight for whale lovers. the harbor master said he heard a big flash in the bay. they are not usually in the area. but he splashed for about 45
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tonight fox 25 is exposing a discovery surrounding your tax dollars. and a big mistake that led to tens of thousand of people getting tens of millions of dollars they shouldn't have.
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under water after what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote?
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you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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tens of millions of dollars in disability checks sent to people who should have never been sent the money. the federal government is >>. >> millions of tax dollars misspent. a lifeline for americans who physically cant work but this, after a decade of work trying to ensure disability payments go to the right people the government is still cutting checks to ineligible recipients. >> bottom line people are getting benefits they shouldn't get. >> reporter: the government paid $64 million to 38,000 people. the problem is not the systems are not in place to catch people
6:41 pm
the problem is government is not properly reporting or paying attention to alerts. it's a case of simple human error. >> people in this country want to help other people who have fallen on bad times but don't want to give people money that are gaming the system and not reporting proper income. and it's the response that the social security add minneapolis station agreed to the auditor's suggestion to fix it but the third time auditors have pointed out these same problems and they are still not fixed. reporting in washington. fox 25 news. ideas are reporting in for ways to improve wireless alerts. justin gray was at the fcc as commissions asked for suggestions. we looked at suggestions all over country they should increase the link from 09 to 360
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season. >> i get alerts on my phone and them. where i get alerts i'm in seattle and it's not really relevant. >> the national center for missing and exploited children asking for web links. we have to tell you about flooding in missouri. they actually swept an entire cabin down the river near a town of bourquen. wow. over 30 people have been killed and this dramatic rescue playing out. >> crews saved this man and dog off the roof of the car. the building actually started to move off the foundation. the map falls into the water. as he tried to get he and the dog on the boat.
6:43 pm
no happy meals at this mcdonald's. one of dozens of businesses in the st. louis area wiped out by the floodwaters. the flooding is not expettinged to subside for several days. and in damage, damage is expected to top $1 million. tornadoes were blamed for most of the death and destruction. at least 11 people killed and dozens hurt in the twitters. and your local forecast from sarah wroblewski. >> the good news, it is drying out in texas and missouri. they have 5 to 12 inches of rain, of course leading to the historic flooding. wet weather pushing through the southeast. this area of low pressure we're tracking as it brings wet weather to our area tonight.
6:44 pm
but, we will see it connect with the disturb action to the north and that will bring a period of showers into southern new england as we head into the evening and overnight hours. at most precipitation will actually arrive between 9:00 and 11:00 tonight. take a closer look you see showers fill in across pennsylvania and new york. until then we have clouds out there right now and we have really cold conditions. take a look at these temperatures. some folks didn't get out of the 20s. cold air at surface but warm air above never made its way down. what we're dealing with as the rape moves in. temperatures in the 20s and low 30s we'll see freezing rain, slick spots developing and ice on the untreated surfaces. take it easy if you have to head outdoors. places like worcester you got
6:45 pm
visibilities and that fog is freezing on contact to surfaces. really tricky slippery spots. visibility reduced through the connecticut river valley. also notice places like plymouth continued to show visibility under a mile. the national weather service issued freezing rain advisory for southern vermont an new hampshire. this goes until 3:00 in the morning. the reason why we'll start to see temperatures rise as the wet weather moves in. right now travel concerns are fair. they continue to drop with the icy conditions through midnight and temperatures start to improve. by 8:00 tomorrow, most of the rain will push offshore by noon. looking at brighter skies by noon. we'll see temperatures at 9:00. starting to get freezing notice still in the 20s.
6:46 pm
midnight notice shades of pink indicating the froozing rain. something we'll watch for the slick conditions. chances of icing north and west of the city but can't rule out cooler shots as the rain moves in. as we head through the morning hours notice by 7:00 we have some showers. temperature stay above freezing for the cape. by tomorrow afternoon we're looking at temperatures upper 30s low hos mid to upper 30s as you travel across the southeast. and partly cloudy skies will stay try as you ring in the new year. notice, temperatures will be near 40 friday. could see a chance of a flurry or two. >> right now it's looking good
6:47 pm
temperatures colder by next week. tuesday we're talking some of the coldest conditions we've seen so far waking up in w temperatures in the teens and 20s. we'll get a bit of a warm number but colder weather afliefg 2016. >> wheel a be ready. >> foxborough i had a chance to
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just a two week as we talk about whether the patriots would be resting a few people. but you have to think the pats would go all out and clinch home field advantage. one of the great stars keshawn martin who set career highs for
6:50 pm
he can do it in a number of ways. return kick, getting better with the hands. big return against tennessee is key to his confidence. >> you out there making plays gives you confidence. for a lot of guys, you know, making those plays. those are things that are sparking -- you know, making more plays. hopefully they continue to make plays on special teams. >> busy day at gil let today gearing up for friday's winter classic. they practice tomorrow but today was no escape die. a chance tore friends and family to have fun. for a rookie, this experience was not anything they could have predicted two months ago. >> it was awesome to see how happen they were. my brother came from singapore. my mom and dad were here, nieces
6:51 pm
to seat smiles on their face they are happier than i am. >> to see the controversy here. ice. didn't mean to take the legs out of mark. we're waiting on the decision if he will be suspended if he'll miss friday's game at gil let. rahn. >> there's not much we can control. it's in the hands of the safety department. it's a big part of their offense and team. i don't know. we'll wait to see what the verdict is. >> for the final time kobe bryant will suit up as a laker. many classic games and lots of memories. kobe took time to reflect on games against boston what does he expect from the crowd? >> i think a little bit of both,
6:52 pm
appreciation appreciation, i certainly appreciate that. this place was always special. first time i came into the league it was special. so, you know, the history. that's what i think. makes it all the best. >> should be fun. the eagles down 1-o. and nailed up a bucket later tied at 65. eli carter got it to go. eagles hang on and win. they host duke saturday afternoon. what a difficult snow makes. >> all of a sudden the white stuff is out there and feels they are ready for the name. >> i saw the forecast -- >> 30s, partly cloudy. tonight is the night we're tracking rain moving in.
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