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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 31, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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on temperatures this morning, and we have got wet roads that could turn to ice, shiri. >> shiri: we do. mostly north of that we have to watch out for this. bedford, lawrence and portsmouth, nashua, new hampshire all at 32 degrees. the good news is we are up a degree and hopefully in the next two hours we will weed out the ice, but until then, you will be really cautious coming into the city to the north and west as we have some sprinkles remaining out there and a steadier rain out across the cape and south coast. through 7 a.m. comes along and you can see we have freezing temperatures in bedford, lawrence and up to nashua. i think these are a little underdone. we will be close to or perhaps just above freezing there. boston, 35 degrees. but 40s continuing across southeastern massachusetts. showers are done between 7 and 10 o'clock this morning. they will pull away from the outer cape and that leaves with us dry weather at noontime. lower 40s will do it for lunchtime and this afternoon at 5 p.m., temperatures mostly in
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couple of scattered clouds. 38 to 46 in particular. showers and fog before 10:00 and we have a partly sunny afternoon and, yes, i have that new year's eve forecast coming at new a couple of minutes. julie grauert is standing by with live drive time traffic. julie, things are looking okay. >> we have our first accident that says there are ice as you mentioned. fog is making visibility a challenge. the accidents on 95 southbound near route 1 in peabody. volume is light and not going to have a huge impact on the drive time, but please take it easy out there because the roads still are slippery. pike moving along fine from framingham through weston tolls to the alton have brighton area area. the fog lingering making it tough to e. the live drive times. 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 13 minutes to the weston tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. sara and catherine, over to you.
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in boston tonight to ring in 2016. >> catherine: police are ready for those big crowds. they are stepping up security to make sure everybody has a safe new year. live from copley square where the ice sculptures behind you are being worked on, michael. >> reporter: they, why they are. activity starting up right now moments ago. we heard them fire up some of their tools. the guy just walked away. you will have to take my word for it. moments before i came on air he start working on a sculpture start working on a sculpt on the left. the jet blue guy is working on that one. and a fun atmosphere already. i get excited seeing the ice sculptures do their thing early on new year's eve. a lot of eyes here on copley square. the revelers and folks making sure they have a safe night. as you first heard, boston police commissioner echx say in a live studio interview on fox25 yesterday morning, the
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security plan in place so expect uniformed and undercover officers to saturate the streets and t stops and for bomb sniffing dogs to be working around here as well. >> a lot of undercover officers out here. a lot of assets hitting the way, but, you know, i am very confident and like any event, if they see something out of the ordinary, they have to say something. >> reporter: such an important message. we also have the whole timeline about today's festivities, things you can things you can here at copley square on the common. we will go over all of that in detail in our next report coming up in 30 minutes. stay with us for that. live at copley square, michael henrich, station news. and time square is ready to party tonight. new york city officials promise the big apple will be one of the safest places during 2015 and here is what it looks like right now.
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around time square are closed this morning to put up barricades and police checkpoints. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to see the annual ball drop along with 5,000 police officers. and we do have some breaking news overseas right now about the investigation into the paris terror attacks. belgium prosecutors say 10th suspect has been arrested this morning. numerous cell phones have been seized. we will bring you details on that suspect when we get more information. have cancelled its new year's eve fireworks display because of threats of an extremist attack there. the mayor of belgium's capital made the decision after meeting with law enforcement and decided it is not worth the risk. 100,000 people showed up for last year's festivities and the mayor said no way to check everyone. bill cosby is out on $1 million bail. here is his mugshot after he was officially charged with
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the comedian was booked for a crime that took place a decade ago. mary maloney has the latest. >> mr. cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. >> reporter: hours after the announcement bill cosby entered a pennsylvania court room and charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault. his bail set at $1 million. andrea constan was the first woman to come forward and accuse cosby of a assault. in that deposition, he admitted acquiring prescription quaaludes to give to women. he said any sex and drug taking were consensual. >> mr. cosby urged her to take bills he provided to her and take wine, the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances. and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her.
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have alleged similar sexual assault over a period of four decades. attorney gloria alred is representing many of those women. >> for many of my 29 clients who say they are victims of bill cosby. seeing him criminally charged and having to face a trial, the best christmas present they could have ever received. >> reporter: cosby's lawyer releases a statement saying the charges come as no surprise and are unjustified. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for january 14. i am mary maloney reporting. >> catherine: cosby lives in western massachusetts and somey several of his accusers are from new england. christina ruly sailed the could he immediate yen drugged and assaulted her in 1965. she calls the arrest a significant day for her. several other women filed a lawsuit against cosby in massachusetts. the criminal case will provide evidence to support their civil suit. a popular streaming service
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cosby show" eligible for customers to watch. hulu will not remove from their play list. some stations have stopped any reruns of "the cosby show. netflix and amazon have other ways to watch it. and the mother who helped her son evade capture is back in the u.s. the airport in los angeles around 3:00 this morning. her son filed a motion to remain in mexico for a few more days. new surveillance video show the pair casually shopping before they were arrested. couch fled to mexico after violating his probation. he was convicted of killing four people in a drunk driving crash but only received probation because he said he was spoiled by his rich parents was spoiled by his rich parents. happening today, a man in drove his car into a pond in
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this is breaking on the fox25 morning news yesterday. our cameras were there as james chase walked out of the police station. he was drunk, speeding and did not have headlights on when the car plunged into the water. chase was not hurt. roads in the area were slick when the accident happened. police on the claim continue to search for a yar continue to search for a yarmouth man reported missing 11 days ago. william fleming's family was last known driving a pickup truck. they man found truck on a secluded dirt road in wellfleet eight days later and aggressively searching the area ever since. new at 5:00, people are sleeping at hotels in rhode island. the pilot of this plane from sanford, florida to bangor was forced to make an emergency landing at tf green. some passengers smelled smoke in the cabin before the flight was diverted. >> my girls were sitting the
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and smelled like smoke behind their seats. >> sara: fire fighters were waiting for the plane when it touched down. the passengers were rebooked on another flight that leaves at 11:00 this morning. federal investigators say the mbta is not properly maintaining its subway and trolley tracks and become trolley tracks and becoming a big safety issue. jessica reyes is live in malden with a look at the report that is nod good news for commuters. jessica. >> reporter: no, it is not, catherine. the investigation found a number issues with the t surrounding its maintenance and service for disabled riders. oak grove station where we are right now in the report saying right now it is not accessible at all for disabled people. this comes just days after the first real winter storm test. people are starting to wonder if it can be the nightmare that is last february. the report was done by the transportation commission and
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more than $7 billion to get the t into proper working order. among the problems that the agency found that the last maintenance plans for subway and trolley -- the ride which is the door-to-door service for disabled riders and boston harbor cruises which is the company that operates the ferry boats. we just spoke to a handful of riders here that tell us not a whole lot has changed and we will be hearing from them in 30 minutes. live in malden, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. every ten minutes. here a live look at the zakim bridge. and this is the leverett connector. it is so foggy though that it is tough to make out both of those roadways. i will show you how the fog is affecting your drive time. first here is shiri. >> shiri: if you were headed out there any time soon. in boston yourself you are doing fine. 34 degrees. 35 35. by 6 a.m. 36 degrees still. a.m.
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and we don't have that much rain popping on radar now. a lot of light stuff more in the form of midst. along the pike, we have some showers and watch out for icy conditions north of the pike this morning but overall just plain rain to the south including a steady light rain over the cape. a local mother hopes to reunite with a good samaritan who help her family after a car accident. maria benway lost control of her car and it skidded off the road and crashed into a tree. a nursing student saw the accident and stopped to help. she called 911 and kept benway she called 911 and kept benway's children. >> i am freaking out. and i have the kids in the back and i am trying to calm the kids down and having another person who understands pause she is a mom is really, like -- it is really amaze it is really amazing what she did for me. >> catherine: benway used facebook to find the woman and they plan to reunite. a local 10-year-old used lessons learned at school to save his brother during a
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house. brandon wilcox woke up to a beeping sound and he knew it was the carbon monoxide alarm because of a tate-funded fire safety program that he completed at school. his 15-year-old josh was the only western at home and braden ran to wake him up and get him out of the house. >> he saved my life i guess could you say. so i am proud of him for doing that. >> sara: josh heard the beeping but was half asleep and went back to bed before braden came running in. the douglas fire chief is plan the douglas fire chief is planning to recommend braden for an award for the state for his battery. fire fighters suffered a dangerous situation inside their own station. one of that i fire trucks caught fire. they smelled smoke and found the engine compartment on fire. they moved it outside and the station was not damaged. >> a bad time of the year for one thing and we wanted to make
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station. the guys did a great job putting the fire out. >> sara: the department is trying to figure why that truck caught fire. 5:15. good morning, everyone. shiri mentioned icy conditions north of town and we have an accident on 95 southbound at route 1 in peabody. shifting over to the pike, expect to see fog there. i will show you live picture in a moment. expressway moving along fine. here is that foggy spot of the pike. eastbound and westbound lanes is hard to make out because of the shot. live drive time. 13 minutes from 128 to the tobin 3725 minutes on the pike from 495 to the mass avenue. we have michael henrich in copley square, but people in new york are getting ready for the big ball drop in times square. check thought live picture, shiri with a giant light switch. turn it on and send it up. are you and your girls going to
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we are kind of late. yes, tomorrow morning. bell see if beck stray up that late. new york, boston, will be dry for us of us for midnight festivities. in boston, 34 degrees. i have one-mile visibility. as it brightens up after 7:00 this morning, you will find a lot of fog out there and the fog will continue until 10:00 this morning. our showers lasting, but lightening up. the latest they will last 10:00 and for the outer cape. we clear on out and 30s in place for the evening hours. by midnight tonight and friday night flurries and a couple of snow squalls and that is for late tomorrow. we will have to keep an eye out for slippery for slippery where we get those flakes. from boston back through wurz. my concern is any kind of mist or very fine drizzle under radar north of boston because that's where i still have a
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lawrence, good to see you are up. 63 degrees. you were freezing last hour. same in fitchburg. worcester at 35. we have portsmouth, new hampshire and manchester, new hampshire new hampshire, at 32 degrees. we have rain around, fog around and the potential for icy spots over the border and parts of merrimack valley and 7 a.m., temperatures that are still freeze freezing in portsmouth, new hampshire. temperatures into the middle 30s by 9 a.m. we get into the lower 40s. and check out boston, 34. we that same rain and fog out there. temperature-wise by 9 a.m., 38 degrees. 11 a.m., 41 degrees and lower 40s. around 43 and 44 degrees for your high. and more like plymouth that could get a couple more degrees than that, but foggy, wet, kind of that dank and dreary start and temperatures up to 46 this afternoon. some this is future cast cast today.
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best chance of any steady rain from plymouth down to the cape and islands. noontimes tie. plenty of cloudy plenty of clouds as i pause through midnight nice and quiet across the northeast. unless you are headed way up into northeastern new england, nothing on lay. dry start to the day and on and off clouds and the evening hours, 8 p.m. tomorrow. 8 p.m. tomorrow, we have a little bit of snow in and around the worcester area, but honestly, everybody can see that passing temperature in or like i said that little burst of snow very short-lived. we call it a snow squall. this afternoon 44 in boston and norwood. 46 in plymouth before 46 in plymouth 46 in plymouth, 41 in lawrence new hampshire. down to the cape temps near 57 degrees for the second half of this the last day of 2015 as we usher in the.
5:20 am
boston but freezing the burbs. i don't see any issues from wind shear and we won't have any major wind chill concerns for tomorrow. temperatures up to 40 degrees. that late chance for a temperature in or snow squall nay mentioned. it will be very limited activity even at that. into the weekend we go, lower 40s both days. it will be breezy and partly cloudy into early next week. i have got more monday flurries and it will be much, much cooler and we are thinking mostly sunny skies tuesday into wednesday and by the way, any of you looking forward to the winter class recognize. chilly, partly cloudy. but, yes, it is going to be dry. back to you guys. >> catherine: -- >> sara: all right, shiri. a disturbing incident
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what left an elevator cordes: most nurses are tough.
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they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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show up to work and vote no show up to work and vote no, right. just show up to work and vote no. if you don't want to, then quit if you don't want to, then quit. that is republican
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presidential candidate chris christie slamming fellow candidate marco rubio for missing the most votes in the senate. marco rubio missed 120 votes out of 339. most recently, marco rubio skipped a vote on a major spending bill he said he opposed. >> i am running for president because i want to change the direction of this country, and it will require me for the time being to miss votes in the u.s. senate because i want those votes to matter again. >> reporter: we uncovered voting records for others running for president. ted cruz missed 80 votes. on the democratic side. bernie sanders missed 28 votes. jeb bush is making a multimillion dollar gamble. his presidential campaign decided to pull $3 million worth of tv ads that plans to run in iowa and south carolina next month. he plans to send dozens of staff members to events across father four states that homeland the primary. this includes volunteers where a new wave of volunteers will
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sara and julie, over to you catherine parrotta it's new year's eve and we thought look at some of the top viral stories of 2015. first of all, the fabulous taylor swift fan. haters are going to hate, hate, hate i am going to shake, shake, shake shake it off . >> julie: his dance the shake it off went viral. he got to meet taylor swift back stage at a tour stop. taylor dances like i in my head taylor dances like i in my head. move all parts of the body. >> this is how i dance when i am by myself in the house julie julie outside is a different story. a little aretha franklin also stole our hearts. >> sara: look at that attitude. >> julie: whoo. she has just got spirit. >> sara: she has spunk. she has moves.
5:26 am
the video quickly went viral. >> sara: of course it did. i can watch them all day long. this one had everybody talking. this was the dr. he is. we couldn't figure it out is it blue and black. >> still playing trip to my eyes. you i saw gold and white and now blue and black again. >> all the infrastructure. because it is obviously blue and black. >> this one is blue and black for me right now but blue and black no matter what you see in person. shiri, what were you seeing? >> shiri: when i first came up i saw white and gold. i want to see her that day in that outfit. this will then i am not going to believe it. 32 at midnight in boston. scattered clouds and dry and cool and i will show you how we go from wet and muggy to that when we come back. four secret service agents are nearly killed in ordinance.
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ab j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise
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a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: a dark and cold morning out here. here is a live look at boston beautiful with those lights out there still. icy spots but a warm-up is coming. good morning, everybody. it is the last day of 2015. happy new year's eve. i am sara underwood. >> catherine: i'm catherine parrotta in for gene lavanchy.
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shiri spear says it willing a little bit warmer than normal for festivities tonight, shiri. >> shiri: we are talking freezing temperatures and we are not talking the change. we are not talking terrible wind chills. we are talking lower 30s by midnight. this is what we have. fog that we will have to battle on the roadways, no dense fog but visibility is down to one mile in boston, and we still have a lot of wet weather out there. patchy lighter showers covering southeastern massachusetts from orleans at 41 to plymouth at 43 orleans at 41 to plymouth at 43. 37 in taunton. clearly we are not worried about any kind of icy spots there or in boston which is now at 34 degrees. but millis still checking in at 32. framingham. wayland, 31. a string of 32st from lowell to woburn to boxford and pelham, new hampshire. careful in those spots and northern worcester hills as well, temperatures hanging tonight lower 30s straight for southern new hampshire. that is the potential for a
5:30 am
and 8:00 north of boston. by noontime today, 40 degrees. dry, brightening up. will turn partly sunny this afternoon at 44 degrees at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. 36 degrees. nice and quiet. this wet weather will only take us to around 8:00 this morning. we have improvements on the way, but with some icy spots, the fog out there. julie and i are going to stay pretty busy this morning. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie. >> speaking of that from the traffic camera. lingering nice and low on the pike through brighton. makes the eastbound and westbound lanes a little hard to see in this camera. over to our maps where things are moving along fine on the pike beside that fog that we are watching. we do have a brand-new accident we do have a brand-new accident. i will get those details for you just happened in the last few seconds on the expressway southbound. right now one lane is blocked before columbia road. here are your live drive times. 24 minutes on pike from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike.
5:31 am
to the leverett connector. sara and catherine, back to you sara and catherine, back to you. a quiet night in the city as hundreds of thousands are ready to ring in the big night at copley square. >> catherine: michael is live where they are working on ice sculptures. >> reporter: you can hear the buzzing of the ice sculptures, saws, chain saws, i don't know what tool they are using right now cleaning up some of the moisture that gathered on some of the moisture that gathered last night. the 40th first night for boston the 40th first night for boston. and this is going to be a gray one. they are expecting a lot -- a great one. they are expecting a lot of people on that stage as preparations continue tampa they will have live music, again, going through noon going through the rest of 2015. they will finish out the year. a lot you need to know if you
5:32 am
square for you in year's eve, first night. good news. the mbta will stop collecting fares and they will run until 2 a.m. most line also run on a modified weekday schedule so you will want to take a look at the line that most concerns your travel plans. your travel plans. driving, regular street parking meter rules are in effect, so feed the meter. the parade from here at copley down boylston to the common starts at 6 a.m. and two fireworks displays to know about. a family friendly fireworks show on the common at 7, and then the main event over the harbor at midnight. boston mayor marty walsh is encouraging people to come in for a fun but safe night. >> come out and, again, enjoy the city of boston. i think it has been said several times if you see something out of the ordinary, grab a police officer. you will see one on the street. call 911. we follow up on everything but
5:33 am
it will be a great night. >> reporter: when it comes to keeping these revelers boston police say they have a good security plan in place. we will go over that in 30 minutes. rouping live from copley square, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. times square is ready to party. new york city promises the big apple will be one of the safest places to ring in 2015. they changed the live shot to show the famous crystal ball around times square to set up barricades and police checkpoints and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to see the annual ball drop alongside 5,000 police officers. and in the meantime, overseas, brussels have cancelled their new year's eve fireworks display because of threats of an extremist attack. the mayor of belgium's capital made the decision after meeting with law enforcement and decided it is not worth the risk. 100,000 people turned up for last year's festivities and the mayor said no way to check anyone. following dozens of allegations, bill cosby has now
5:34 am
felony sexual assault. the actor and comedian out on 1 million bail. he was charged with three counts stemming from a 2005 lawsuit filed by constand. 50 woman have accused cosby over a period of four decades. a preliminary hearing set for january 14. new this morning the mother of a texas teenager who fled to mexico to avoid going to prison is now back in the u.s. 18-year-old ethan couch and his mother were arrested earlier this week. u.s. marshals brought her into the airport in los angeles around 3:00 this morning. her son filed a motion to remain in mexico for a few more days. new surveillance video show the pair casually shopping before they were arrested. couch fled to mexico after violating his probation. he was convicted of killing four people in a drunk driving crash but only received probation because he said he
5:35 am
police are trying to determine what caused the crash that nearly killed four see dret service agents. those agents were protesting former secretary of state hillary clinton. they were driving in wakefield, new hampshire on monday when another car crossed the double yellow lines and slammed into them. police believe the driver of that car, 45-year-old bruce dan that car, 45-year-old bruce danford had passed another car before the crash. danford was killed on the scene and police said he should not have been behind the wheel. >> mr. danford did not possess a valid driver's license at the time of the accident. mr. danforth was known to us and he has an extensive criminal history. >> sara: investigators are waiting for toxicology report from danforth's autopsy. it the two people in his car were seriously hurt. police are looking for the car that was passed or anyone else that may have seen the crash. a local mom shaken up after a man nearly breaks into her
5:36 am
her little boil. the man tried to get in by busting through the ark c unit. happened at her home on west broadway in boston getting her 2-year-old ready for bed and saw the man trying to come in through the window, she fought back. i looked out and saw the guy and he was like, wrah! he was pushing in it at the same time i was pushing it out toward him. >> catherine: she said the man eventually walked away and police have someone in custody. a new report show the mbta tracks are not being properly maintained and could put passenger safety at risk. jessica reyes is live in malden at the oak grove stop, one of the stations mentioned in the report. jess? >> reporter: that's right, sara >> reporter: that's right, sara, it was named specifically in this report. the oak grove station in malden at the end of the orange line and it was named because the agency that did this report
5:37 am
right now for disabled rider naps report was done by the federal transit administration and found a number of issues with the mbta, specifically for this maintenance plan and service for riders with disabilities. we just spoke to a handful of riders here at the oak grove station. they say they are a bit concerned of the next few months after winter. >> i don't see any difference. i mean the summer, you know, the last few weeks. they are always having a problem every day. >> reporter: now among the problems that the agency found they said the mbta lacks maintenance plans for its trolley and subway tracks. the ride, which is the door-to-door service it uses for disabled riders and with boston harbor crews. the operator of the ferry boat that the mbta uses. coming up in just 30 minutes, we are hearing from some riders who say that the services for disabled riders here oak grove continue be a big problem. live in malden, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news.
5:38 am
was killed on thanksgiving will not face any punishment. mbta conductor she have besheri was shot outside of the straens was shot outside of the was shot outside of the entrance of who is on first which is on youngkey way. the board ruled no connection between the bar and the shooting. it was an unforeseeable event. who's on first has been before the licensing board ten time. boston had fewer murders and convictions than other cities. 14 fewer homicides in the hub. officers investigated 54 murders in 2014 and 40 in 2015. of those cases, 80% resulted in convictions 10% convictions 10% more than the national average. and the ice is ready and the anticipation is building for tomorrow's winter classic between the bruins and the
5:39 am
at gillette stadium. ray bourque and cam neely will ray bourque and cam neely will suit up for the bs and a great event and a preview of what is to come on new year's day. as expected the bruins will be without brad marchand for the big game. marchand hit with the three marchand hit with the three-game us is spechx for his he will legal check tuesday night against ottawa night against ot -- ottawa. no injuries but the hit was dangerous and low and marchand dangerous and low and marchand's fourth suspension during his career the reason banner 18 is not hanging from the goran listen from the reaction from celtics fans as kobe bryant takes to the court for the last time. >> number 24, kobe bryant! [cheering] >> a great moment there, as for the game, celtics trailed much of the night. watch the hustle from marcus smart. a nice put-back slam and ouch, that would have to hurt. will cut the lead to two.
5:40 am
and the easy bucket and the moment that will be remembered. kobe bryant with a deep three to put the guam away. there you have it. the garden crowd was cheering bryant's name after that shot. celtics lose 112-104. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes for you. another live look at the pike through brighton. those foggy conditions are lingering for us on this morning commute. leave a few minutes early to accommodate for them. shiri. >> shiri: by new year's eve. 37. partly cloudy. hampton beach, worcester, dry with only a few clouds. how we get from wet to those clearing skies next. one major phone company is making changes for the new year. coming up next, the new way people will have to buy cell phones.
5:41 am
welcome back. 5:44. meteorologist shiri spear here. areas south of boston is what we are generally looking at wet weather. luckily these places all above freezing and just light rain, brockton, marshfield, bridgewater and back to franklin and parts of the cape as well. an update on charges in the san bernandino massacre. the friend accused of providing assault guns to one of the suspects faces charges. enrique marquez is charged for lying in the attack that left 14 people dead. he had terrorist plans with syed farook in 2012 but never carried them out. entered a plea. a terrifying incident on a caribbean cruise ship that was straight out of a horror movie. the video of what they discovered is pretty graphic. mattapan davis and his family -- matt davis and his family were heading to dinner when
5:42 am
a crewmember died doing electrical work on that elevator. dave and his family were his or her. >> to look and -- and his family were horrified. >> to look and see blood on that elevator coming down like a sheet and not stopping. it was a real-life scene of "the shining." >> sara: the crewmember's death is under investigation and they have agreed to pay for counseling services for davis and his family. several passengers were hurt. the air canada flight was on its way from shanghai to toronto when the turbulence hit. passengers said it was terrifying. 21 people to the hurt including two children. many suffered neck and back injuries. the plane was able to land safely. a new call for help from someone use someone using a defective hover someone using a defective hoverboard. take a listen. >> it's smoking in his garage. >> repeating, we need the fire department.
5:43 am
911 when he saw his son 'hoverboard smoke 'hoverboard smoking in his room 'hoverboard smoking in his room. the teenager only used it twice before the fire happened. >> it was really -- real scary. >> catherine: fire fighters say one of the wires was broken and the smoke stopped when they turned off. the family took the hoverboard back for a refund. federal regulators are investigating dozens of hoverboard fires. >> julie: always looking for ways to get places faster. just walk and nobody gets lit on fire. route 3 south of town from 228 in rockland right now through hingham, weymouth and into braintree. major roadways that feed 128 look good between 24 and 95. freeway, starting to slow down just a little bit around morrisseey boulevard. the fog is not helping makes it a little before divl to see all of those brake lights but volume is starting to increase on the expressway. your live drive times. ten minutes on route 3. 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128.
5:44 am
the brain. tree split to columbia road. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and we have lingering fog, a little ice out there. kind of a messy morning. >> yeah, we do. the potential for a couple of slippery spots, but right on the cusp of freezing. north of the city several towns and cities reporting 32 degrees and likely will sit there for the next couple of hours and most. rain, light rain in and around the boston area and point south. green and misty out there and futurecast point out by 10:00 this morning, it is done and we will see things improve and in just the next couple of hours, and clouds begin to break apart for the afternoon. we deal with partly sunny skies we deal with partly sunny skies. we will have on and are off clouds here. into the evening hours and by midnight tonight we are in the clear. so maybe a scattered cloud or two but no rainmakers. no snowmakers. wind is not an issue. temps fall back in the lower
5:45 am
34 degrees in boston. visibility one mile. fog will continue to be an issue through about 10:00 this morning as well. after 8:00, it will likely start to lighten up. 7 a.m. 34 degrees. by 9 a.m. 38 degrees. this is for boston, 11 a.m., 41 this is for boston, 11 a.m., 41. and temperatures here at about 44, 43 degrees for your highs this afternoon. as we do brighten up, high temperatures. here we go if you want hot spots. down to southeast massachusetts down to southeast massachusetts. that's where we have today. plymouth around 46 degrees. i have carver at 47. 49 degrees in taunton this afternoon, folks. we have 45 in brockton. 47 in braintree. versus -- look how much cooler across the interior. central mass. worcester up to northborough. gardner and athol at 38 degrees later today. decent rains. much, much cooler the further north and west. keene at 38. fitchburg, 40. 42 in framingham. lower 40s lawrence up to portsmouth.
5:46 am
47, hyannis an even 50 degrees in nantucket. these are your midnight temperatures. suburbs are freezing again. no more than a couple of passing clouds and then tomorrow we bounce back up to 40 degrees and within a partly cloudy forecast. but. friday's forecast will be flurries and possibly isolated snow squalls friday night. for the weekend highs in the upper 30s to lower 40s both days. a little bit of a breeze and, again, stay partly cloudy. i have got 40 both days in boston, beverly and foxborough. worcester 35 degrees both days and nashua 48 degrees both days. not too much variations. five to pick one. pick of the weekend sunday because a little bit brighter. by monday, real cold. teens and 20s. high only 34. we we will have to watch out for more flurries on monday and keeping us nice and bright tuesday into wednesday. so no big weather makers on the
5:47 am
probably the biggest bump that i have in the road weather-wise. back to you, guys. severe floods continue across the midwest this morning. take a look at this scene in fenton, missouri. that is a house you see there floating down the river and there. homes and businesses across the region have been swallowed up by these floodwaters. far. officials say most of the peej officials say most of the officials say most of the people who tried to drive rode through the high waters. volunteers from wisconsin to solution came to help the flood victims. a lost christmas gift almost leads to an icy rescue. what the person was looking for on the pond when he fell through. stay with us for our news at 6 a.m. coming up the next boston
5:48 am
take shape. you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn.
5:50 am
a littleton man risked his life to retrieve his drone that landed on a pond. he walked in to get it back. after a few steps in he fell right through the surface. the man went in to his knees but he was able to get it out on his own. fire fighters recommend flying drones in fields and other open
5:51 am
these dangerous situations. worcester city manager admits the city should have done a better job preparing for this week's snow. he addressed city residents in this letter that was posted on the city's official twitter account. it says the city didn't have enough crews in place to prepare for the amount of freezing rain that the storm bought. as a result, the streets were covered in slush and ice. to fix the problem, crews in worcester were salting the roads all day yesterday. the driver of this minivan is cited in wellesley. he was driving away without clearing his windshield. it was covered with snow but a small hole near his windshield. they said how important it is to clear the snow and ice from your car. three webster police officers honored for risking their lives for save their lives for saving a 8 their lives for saving a 83-year-old woman from a fire. they rescued that woman from a
5:52 am
they rushed in to save the 8 they rushed in to save the 83-year-old woman simply known as missiley. >> i got hit with smoke and heat and i dropped to the ground. when i dropped to the ground, owl the sneak went to the hallway, and i went into the apartment ma. >> sara: during yesterday's ceremony officer larochelle said he thought he was going to die inside that home. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. no word what caused the fire. preparations are under way for you in year's eve in boston. coming up at 6:00, the extra security security in place for first night and why the thousands of people are expected to crowd the streets. a holiday prank goes too far. why the grinch in this christmas story isn't the bad guy. and i have got the best chance for rain this morning before 7:00, but i have got rain done by about 10 a.m.
5:53 am
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