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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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with ice and snow the past couple of days, i think we can handle some clouds and cooler weather, but across new england, the clouds have filled in over the last several hours, expect to see them break apart but take a look at the temperatures. winds fairly light out of the west, 5-15 miles per hour. a little bit stronger across the islands, but it's adding a chill so you want to dress for temperatures in the 30s and expected to go feel it's in the 20s as we bring in the new year, so tonight in boston for the procession staying dry. breeze will make it feel cooler by the family faork at 7:00. by midnight in the mid 30s. coming up i'll show you what to expect in your town as we ring in 2016, plus a look at the weekend forecast.
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braigth are underway in boston. kerry is out there. you saw security forces we have been talking about in action. >> reporter: we spoke with the boston police commissioner. he said the police are out in force. it's about keeping this event safer. people like this gathering here, having a great time f. we look down the street here a political bit, you can see the procession is starting. all in good fun, it's a big crowd gathering here tonight. woven through the freshly carved ice sculptures, music and revelry, boston police officers keeping an eye on it all. >> definitely visible. that gives me a little more comfort. >> boston kmirber in evans was there as the force was briefly tested thursday afternoon. someone spotted in suitcase in a trashcan one block from copley square. >> though took pictures an it
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>> that's what you wants, people seeing something an calling it. >> like i said, they're not botheringing us at all. as you can see, we had a quick response here. >> it's on the forefront of your mind to be vigilant. >> police want a vigilant crowd but they also want people to feel safe. >> we are taking in first night festivities. >> the commissioner says officers will be in uniform undercover and tactical units are in place so boston can welcome 2016 without a hitch. >> you have to have fun and get out there. if you don't, then good luck. >> the clock in copley square, we are less than six hours from 2016. it's a beautiful night out here. commissioner is asking if you don't need to take a backpack or large bag out here, don't. the parade about to start. are you guys ready for new
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kerry kavanaugh, "fox45 news". >> vanessa: happening tonight 8:00, extra incentive to join that party, the t is going to be free. late night service today but not new year's day. the mbta will go to 2016 knowing they got harsh criticism from the federal government. the area is being low marks. >> blair: we continue to track the breaking news out of dubai where a massive hotel inferno happened, a story we've been following about four hours many eric is live once again in our control room tonight. still no cause of this fire yet. >> reporter: not yet. those images incredible. the latest information coming from a government twitter account is only the guests of that hotel being offered other accomodations, internal fire extinguishers kept that fire from spreading in that hotel, but video shot suggests a more
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an american in a nearby hotel recorded that video of a flash and what sounded like an explosion from the building. it's known just as the address in downtown dubai. witnesses say it started near the 20th floor of that 63 story building, the dubai media office reporting injuries mostly minor. one man visit from the united states shared his view of the fire, live on cnn as it continued to engulf the hotel. >> flames moving up pretty quickly up the side of the building. they're rising almost as quickly as they did when the fire first started. >> the fire was still burning as the clock struck midnight, but that didn't stop dubai from going ahead with its fireworks show and created a scene a few blocks from another building
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world. no chirp were among -- no children were among the injured. >> vanessa: 257 yield manuel is accused of buying knives and a machete for the attack. fbi says his accomplice was an fbi agent undercover. the city mayor posted on facebook the fireworks have been cancelled, but family events at the convention center still going to be held tonight. times square in new york one of three areas the fbi is closely monitoring in case of attempted
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no confirmed threat made but police are not taking chances when it comes to americans biggest party. joel is in times square for us tonight. >> reporter: a million people are expected to ring in the new year here in times square along with the confetti, there is caution in the air. thousands of cops controlling the crossroads of the world, performing thorough searches of folks arriving early to claim a front row seat to watch the ball drop. officials of assured the public there are no threats. >> we have a analysis stream we are constantly renewing, but again, we are not aware of any threat. >> the nypd not taking any chances, at least 6,000 patrol officers are assigned to the festivities many that's about 800 more than last year. visitors are seeing heavily armed counterterrorism teams and bomb sniffing dogs. rooftop patrols an nypd helicopters keeping an eye on
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>> there will be obvious security measures you will see and a number you won't see. >> partiers are being screened twice, once when entering one of 14 ago accepts points and depends where they'll be kept during the lead up to the countdown. >> think it will be safer with isis and everything. >> i feel safe because you can see police. >> about 20,000 smartphones were handed out to nypd officers, making it easier for them to transmit information in case of a potential terror threat. in times square, fox news. >> blair: crashing down in somerville, sky fox giving a look at the damage done to this construction site. sharmann sachetti joins us. >> reporter: this happened up
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and people are being allowed back inside nearby homes. crews tear down what's believed to be an old carriage house after part of it collapsed, causing damage to one nearby home and forcing out people living nearby. morning. >> it's just a very old build, and that may have contributed to why it collapsed. >> deputy fire chief christopher major tells us there was renovation going on when there was a collapse in the back of the building. nobody was hurt and the workers did make it out safely. >> some type of republican investigations that were going on. i understand they did have all their permits. why it collapsed we don't know. >> a handful of neighbors had to be evacuated for hours until the building could be torn down. >> thank god no one got hurt or killed. that's the main thing. >> he tells us his family used to live there. >> we lived here like 60 years ago.
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i shoved the -- shoveled the driveway. >> reporter: nobody hurt, firetrucks posted outside. we can tell that you building has been demolished and that street is reopened. just a few families affected here and yes they are allowed back to their homes for new year's eve. we are live in somerville, "fox45 news". >> blair: a body discovered along the charles river in boston this morning, sky 5 shows the police presence. state police say the victim was a male. not identified, police not saying how he may have died. the medical examiner will performance autopsy. >> vanessa: david has multiple warrants out for his arrest, including one for rape. if you know where he is, please call charleston police. >> blair: woman accused of selling heroin to an officer in massachussetts.
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arrested today in douglas, the child is okay, and now in dcf custody. rodriguez is charged with distributing drugs an child endangerment. >> vanessa: happening right now, gearing up for the winter classic at gillette stadium. patriots head coach belichick got a tour of the ice. certainly a very cold moment out there. cool moments is really what the winter classic is about. brian joins us live now from the stadium where several games have been taking place today. >> reporter: some pretty cool games and you talked about the winter classic goes on. today they had the alumni game. you got a chance to see multiple shots of the ice on the field and accounts from fox45. they have legendary players out, cam neely, and they're excited
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>> beautiful place. i've been to a lot of past games here, but i love it. >> how about the alumni game, cam neely and ray. >> i grew up watching these guys every day on tv. i love this. i got to admit this was emotional watching these guys on the ice. >> cam neely was my favorite. >> i thought he had a white beard. >> no, he's all about hockey because it's cold. >> did santa claus love the hat? >> he's more a bruins fan to be honest with you, but he respects the hat. >> reporter: good time talking just ended. the bruins won over the canadians. live outside gillette stadium, "fox45 news".
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lives. >> vanessa: ahead in the next 30 minutes, is reasons some firefighters say narcan is not the long term answer fighting addiction. >> blair: drowning and floodwaters, a region gasping for air. the daingers in the water people are asked to look out for sarah: we keep our eye on first night
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down doyel >> vanessa: first night in boston, great night if you've never been. if you hurry, you can still catch the fireworks show 7:00 on the commons. full recap on "fox45 news" at 10:00. to times square in new york city where the crowds are jam packed ready to watch the most famous ball drop in the world to ring in the new year. more than a million people expected to be out there tonight. >> blair: well, the federal government blasting the mbta in a new report. >> vanessa: as jeff explains it hits the t hard on a number of issues including one riders talk about all the time. >> reporter: many wishes the t many centering around maintenance. this one is named specifically and riders we have spoken to today say they're very concerned with the upcoming winter w. the
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brand new report is out saying the t still has a long way to go on a number of safety issues. >> i don't see any difference. i mean, the summer, you know, the last few weeks. they're always having a problem. >> the report was done by the federal transit administration and it found a number of problems with the mbta, specifically, its maintenance plans and service to riders with disabilities. riders we spoke with say they're nervous the new few months. >> they're sporadic. you never know if the train is going to come. >> among the problems the agency found, they said the agency lacks maintenance plans for trolley tracks. the oak grove station was mentioned in that report saying it's not accessible at all for disabled riders right now. >> seems to be a thin ramp or place to get over to the elevator.
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to the elevator on and off of it. >> mbta officials estimate it will be extremely expensive to do everything they need to do to bring the t back up to par, saying it could cost up to $7 billion. in mauldin, jessica reyes. >> blair: we should know more about a hazing incident in a chelmsford high school football team. during a camp in new hampshire student was allegedly assaulted with a broom stick. >> vanessa: a woman arrested on robbery charges after police say she held up a gas station on christmas. 27-year-old carly is accused of
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locations. facing multiple charges. sarah: we are closing out the last few hours of 2015, and today is typical for this month i guess you could say because we were above average once again, boston climbed into the upper 40s about ten degrees above the normal 30s and yes, that continues the trend of the warmest december in boston on record. overall, we were running about ten degrees above average, so yes, it was a very warm one. we had record breaking temperatures christmas eve and christmas, but it was cold the last couple of days, cold enough that we had some snow and some ice, but today's sunshine and warmth helped melt some of that. as you can see as we look at the slaoipt and radar, we've got a cold front well to our south. clouds are going to begin to melt away.
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is temperatures begin to fall. until then we've got the upper 30s and low 40s. we are in the upper 40s across parts of the cape and island. there's a wind out of the west adding a chill. so if you're heading into the city, dress for temperatures in the 30s. in fact as we go through the next 12 hours, around midnight will it probably feel like the 20s despite temperatures in the middle 30s. by the time you wake up tomorrow around the freezing mark, so any melting we did see today could likely refrees overnight. if you're going to leave shortly after midnight from wherever you are, be careful because you could see patchy black ice also plan for extra time or get a ride home from somebody else
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across the cape and islands, milder but by tomorrow it will be chillier. more sunshine in the forecast. afternoon clouds delling. tomorrow highs once again above average in the upper 30s to low 40s and looking fantastic for the winter classic, games gets going around 1:00 at gillette stadium. there is also the chance of flurries late friday, but most of us staying dry. upper level energy will be rolling through but don't be surprised if those clouds allow for flurries. best chances second half of the day. by the weekend, pretty good across southern new england. to the north, better chance of
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for ski resorts. we have the potential of onshore winds leading to ocean effect snow. it's really going to drop the temperatures, weighinging up tuesday morning, single digits in teens in some locations. it's going to be much colder. there's a look at your forecast. >> blair: straight on i am parkts driver with nowhere to hide from this huge chunk of ice the damage it caused ahead in the next 15 minutes. >> vanessa: up next, vacationing on your dime, how much it cost
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little r & r. >> vanessa: the first family wrapping up two weeks in vacation in hawaii. new documents give a better picture how much the president's travel cost taxpayers, records show it cost $316 to protect -- 316,000 to protect the first family. combine with the use of air force one, $8 million. >> are the trips he takes
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account the cost. >> vanessa: the white house says appropriately funds expenses in accord with past presidents. >> blair: house speaker john boehner resign from congress after nearly 25 years. >> i asked the chair you know what this is, it's a snowball. >> blair: republicans in congress questioning the causes of climate change. and a florida man landing his home fade gyrocopter on the lawn. those are a few of the headlines >> attention grabbing but they don't have much to do with the
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>> congress nakd more laws this year than since 2009. congress enacted 115 laws this year, more than the 72 years ago and 81 in 2011. of the laws passed this year, 89 to be substantive. big bills included the tax and spending plans. a five-year highway funding bill and education overhaul. >> that's going to affect anybody in the country who sends kids to school. >> reporter: a cnn poem found congress has just a 14% approval rating. >> vanessa: a drug that saves the lives of someone who overdoses available statewide. enough. >> blair: and 2016 could mean some big things for this robot. what mit is designing him to do.
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monitor that hotel fire in dubai >> blair: first night in boston is well underway. people's parade has marched on copley. we are about 30 minutes away from the faork show on the commons. >> vanessa: a lot of people are getting ready to head out. sarah is tracking cold but not
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considering sub freezing temperatures yesterday. we saw the clouds develop during the afternoon. they've filled on in. expect to see some of the winds clear out the clouds as we head towards the midnight hour, but right now, we'll go with mostly cloudy skies. lower 40s in boston, but i mentioned that wind out of the west, fairly light, stronger along the coast. it is making it feel even colder so if you're stepping out in boston, prepare to have your windchill values into the 30s and dropping into the 20s as the night goes on. you mentioned the fireworks. yes, the family fireworks and the boston commons will go with feeling like the upper 30s. i'll show you what to expect in boston for the midnight fireworks coming up in a few
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>> vanessa: turning now to our top story, security is tight first night in boston even though no terror threat. police want the public to know they'll be out there but the objective is fun. security forces responded to a scare, someone with a briefcase in a trashcan, deemed not a threat. >> blair: in dubai the cause of today's massive hotel fire unknown, at least 14 people hurt due to the flames, but still the fire did not dampen the new year's celebrations. >> vanessa: in germany we are awaiting information on breaking news, train stations being evacuated and police in munich warning there was a credible threat of imminent terror attack. people encouraged not to gather in clouds. we will have more on this breaking news at 10:00. >> blair: a scary moment on the road captured on this dash cam video.
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man's windshield. eric rasmussen reports from lexington where a similar accident sent a woman to the hospital. >> by the time you see the ice flying, it's almost too late. take another look at this video from the dash board. >> i had nowhere to go. >> somehow the driver stayed calm enough to safely pull over. >> holy cripe there's glass in the back seat, too. >> christine never had a chance. >> i saw the ice fly off the roof and this wasn't anything i could do. >> caved in, also smashed bit another large piece of ice off the roof of another car on route two near the belmont line. somehow she escaped with only a few cuts. no one else was hurt. is this the first time you're seeing this car? >> yeah. >> what are you think something. >> wow. i probably am very lucky to be alive. >> fox45 saw it over and over
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snow an ice flying off of course whose drivers have had more than enough time to do something about it. i think it's ridiculous taking another five minutes to clear your roof. >> we spotted at least one person getting the message. >> that could do some damage. >> absolutely. >> just sitting behind the wheel of this car you get a sense how this could have been worse. state police say they will go after drivers for impeded operation or having an unsecured road. eric rasmussen, "fox45 news". >> blair: approaching a new year an new minimum wage in massachussetts, it will be going up $1 to $10 an hour. this is the second year in a row the minimum rage has been raised in massachussetts n. 2017. it will increase to $11 an hour. new hampshire's minimum wage
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fox45 capturing fire crews in everett working hard to put out these flames. the building caught far this morning. those crews battled the flames for hours before knocking them down. no information being released right now. no apparent injuries. >> vanessa: emergency responders requesting the effectiveness of narcan to fight the state heroin epidemic. fox45 kathryn burcham talked to first responders what they say can truly make a difference. >> reporter: portsmouth fire chief says it's a sign of the times, how to save lives in emergencies and how to counsel victims after their brush with death. >> it is every town usa. [bell] >> reporter: amidst the happy
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ugly truth. >> this is a medical problem, it's a behavioral problem. it's a disease. >> hirngs pervasive throughout the state has claimed more than 50 lives here this year. to the public. >> dozens more have been saved by emt who administer the lifesaving drug narcan, sometimes to the same victim. chief says his crews have compassion fatigue and he worries narcan is not the tool against heroin. now he's joining first responders to ask state lawmakers for more than a million dollars to train emt's about substance abuse. >> we get them at their most vulnerable time. >> a million dollars to have drug counselors train emt's? that doesn't equate to me.
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runs a recovery center an says she could open three more with that kind of money. she says narcan remains the best weapon against opioid addiction. >> quite frankly new hampshire doesn't have the capacity to dispatch clinical people out every time there's an overdose. >> a request came in the form of a bill which will likely be voted on by the legislature in the next session. >> firefighters in portsmouth, new hampshire coming to the aid of three dogs in a fire on state street this morning. that fire burned the kitchen but was put out. firefighters say they were able to work quickly to save the dogs. firefighters struggled to put out a three alarm fire to home in goff town. february was home at the time,. it is not clear what caused the
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it is under investigation. >> vanessa: president obama could announce new executive action on gun control in coming days. the action is expected to include expanded backround checks on gun sales. the white house is not commenteding directly but says president obama was expressing urgency for steps he can take. >> vanessa: a man missing for several days found dead. 56-year-old william fleming was found in a marshy area well fleet. >> vanessa: a suspect in custody for shooting a killing a man in 2014 in lawrence. 23-year-old joshua chavez was arrested in salem new hampshire last night. police say chavez pulled the trigger killing mark tressel. he faces drugs and weapons charges. he's held without bail. >> blair: a deadly accident involving a man riding a bike in
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police are investigating. driver who hit him stopped. the victim was 54 years old. we know he's from shrewsbury. >> in the 28 years, some people think you lead with strength. that's the worst thing can you do. you show that you're with them, and you want to build a better quality of life in the community. when you do that with compassion you end up with a better city. >> blair: he says he plans to spend time with his grandkids
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something he has told his wife he would do for 28 years. >> vanessa: to the race for the white house, a major blow to republican candidate ben carson's campaign. today two top aides resigned. republican front-runner donald trump is stepping up attacks against jeb bush and hillary clinton. trump returning to his favorite media tweeting jeb bush has spent $63 million and is at the bottom of the polls. i've spent almost nothing and i'm at the attack. the --. >> this is a last ditch effort to save the campaign life. >> a new focus on clinton after she said the republican front republican-runer had a penchant for sexism. >> it's really going to hurt hillary, because if trump is talking about it, the media is talking about it, that can't be
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>> meanwhile ted cruz pulled in nearly $20 million during the last three months. his campaign says cruz will finish the year having raised more than $45 million. >> i am here to win your support and win your confidence an win your vote on february 1st. >> meanwhile the state department was supposed to release a number of hillary clinton's emails, they didn't, and blamed the holiday season for throwing them off track. on the democratic side bernie sanders with plenty of campaign stops in worcester. he's expected to discuss money, politics, climate change and college affordability. >> blair: another high rise may change the skyline over the back bay, according the globe, boston properties filed notice to build a tower above back bay station.
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space, housing and retail stores. details being worked out. this proposal will need to win community approval. >> vanessa: as the calendar switches to be 2016 something is about to vanish. >> blair: the item you'll no longer have to worry about with the purchase of a cell phone.
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across the midwest. >> blair: developing news out of
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will be celebrating new year's underwater. >> vanessa: the flooding forced the st. louis sewer district to shut down a plant, meaning there's raw sewage flowing into these flooded areas. matt is in the midwest. >> reporter: the midwest saturated by historic flooding ahead of the new year, the merrimack river cresting near valley park at a level several feet higher than the record set in 1982. metal added to the top of a levee there is holding but some areas still flooding. >> i still can't believe it's even happening. it's pretty scary right now. >> reporter: the river also taking over this four lane road in arnold, a business here almost entirely underwater. police say 145b,000 sandbags were used in the area but are you will submerged. missouri governor jay nixon urging people to keep away from waterlogged roads.
6:38 pm
water than many locations when means this is very dangerous. >> the deadly flooding forcing areas to close, crews working to clear roadways, erecting sand barrier walls. >> we have overnight been sandbagging our drain in the inside of the barrier wall and also trying to pump the water to the outside. >> this road behind me one of the last main streets in the region allowing cars to head north or south but traffic problems aside, wastewater treat plants release sewage. >> blair: the era of two-year contracts for cell phone users ends next month, at&t the last major carrier to offer them. customers will pay full price for new phones and have a lower monthly fee.
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is not only a time to look forward but back as well. >> blair: everyone is reflected on the great moments of 2015, including at m.i.t.. the school reminded us about one of their cooler problems will last month m.i.t. announced nasa is fwifg them a robot to test an develop for future missions to mars and beyond. it can help test whether future space traditional to planets is possible. it's designed to follow directions. it could only be that easy. sarah joins us with more what we are expecting out there tonight sarah: nature definitely cooperating following directions for today and for new year's eve. you know, we were so chillty last couple of days, we had some snow. we had some sleet and some ice, but today we saw some melting temperatures, 10 degrees above average in boston. it got to 47. i wish we could hold onto that mild air into january but looks
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changes. tonight we will see clearing and temperatures dropping into the 30, few upper 20s. when you come home from anywhere you're heading out tonight, be prepared. we could see icy spots. right now, it's fairly quiet out there. we've got clouds to our south. we have some lake-effect snow showers that are dwindling and the clouds that came across the region today, they're going to begin to melt as we head through overnight. back into the 30s as you head along 93, 95, heading into parts of southwestern new hampshire. the cape and islands mild in the 40s, so not bad out there. the wind is adding a chill, so you want to dress for the 30s,
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by 8:00 expect the temperatures to drop into the 30s in boston. around midnight we will be in the 30s. near the city, near the freezing mark if not below. should stay mild for the cape and islands, but notice a mix of clouds out there, so anticipating clear conditions. starting tomorrow with sunshine. we'll see the clouds develop during the afternoon. look at this temperature trend looking fantastic getting once again above average, either side of 40 degrees. high temperatures mid 40s. wind out of the west about 5-15 miles per hour. could be cooler to the north and west but notice foxborough around 40 degrees, winter classic tomorrow at gillette stadium 1:00. we'll go with partly sunny skies temperatures upper 30, feeling
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overall should be a dry day, although late in the afternoon, into the evening we could see flurries, some of those clouds. there's a lot of energy in the upper atmosphere. most of southern new england should stay dry. can't rule out a passing flurry. saturday sunshine clouds developing. further north best shot of seeing flurries out there. temperatures in the 30s. right across our region for the week, seasonable. temperatures near 40 degrees but pattern change heading our way, jet stream bringing in colder air, in fact we will see an arctic front head our way monday that may lead to the risk of some flurries across the eastern coast monday. temperatures dip monday night into tuesday, waking up to single digits and teens.
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first few days of january. latest look at your forecast. >> thankfully sarah it's not that cold out here, but outside gillette stadium, we will talk about the patriots and the walking wounded as they prepare for their game in miami.
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>> welcome back live outside the gillette stadium where the winter classic will go down, the montreal canadians taking on the bruins, but they had the alumni game. great chance for guys to see guys like cam neily. going on inside of gillette stadium the atmosphere in there was ridiculous but the bruins
6:45 pm
third period they're down 2-0, mark scored two goals that would tie the thing up. marco stern puts the bruins ahead but then a penalty by don sweeney the g.m. would set up a penalty shot for donald. a shootout in this game, so in the shootout it was ray bourque getting the game winner that andrew was saving for the bruins. as they win this game, in a shootout, 5-4, here are a couple of players after the game. >> it was really a fun game to be part of playing and to watch to have it go down to a shootout i think that was pretty neat. could you see at the end both teams did not want to lose. incredible. guys play in the nhl because they want to win. no different when you get out there, and it's loose to start
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>> oh, that was pretty cool. brad will miss the winter classic unfortunately. news today that marchand won't appeal his suspension saying, i want to apologize, so speaking of the winter classic, bill belichick and the patriots talked about football, but they also talked about hockey. bill belichick loves hockey. today he was down on the ice, down on the ice as was rob gronkowski, but belichick says he's a huge fan of julian and the game of hockey. >> i think we probably have a lot in common just the way we coach and look at the team and things like that i don't know anything about about hockey, but simple game, put the puck in the net.
6:47 pm
>> you can tell that belichick was excited, right? look at this mask. you've got to love these masks these goalies are wearing for the game. you've got tom brady on there. rob gronkowski, julian edelman and steve. edelman was limited to practice, but i'll have a report on saturday. live outside gillette stadium, brian, "fox45 news". >> vanessa: you are going, you have tickets. sarah: i'll be bundled up preparing for temperatures in the 30s. it's going to be a fantastic day. a lot of folks heading out. i have to point out looking pretty good as we will be ringing in the new year around the mid 30s but watch out for icy patches when you wake up.
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