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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  December 31, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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bill cosby after his arrest. developments in the criminal case >> it's what's coming up right now on "entertainment tonight." this is going to be h >> the headlines taking aim at cosby. could the trial be as big as michael jackson or o.j.? >> a rich, famous, powerful father figure. >> then -- >> three, two, on >> our countdown to the new year special. >> donnie learned there is not fair. i will make out withstrangers. >> we were inside the party from coast to coast. >> we're expecting 6,000 police officers to be patrolling the area. >> how new york is working to keep a million people safe in
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also -- carrie underwood, justinbieber, will harry be kissing kendall jenner at midnight and our flashback with j-lo, reliving her career captured by "e.t." cameras. >> there is no thing as overnight in this business. i knew everything about this business in 1995. >> now in our 35th season this is "entert tonight." >> thank you for joining us on this last day of 2015 >> we hope you're having a great new year's eve. let's get right to the latest hollywood news. >> new details cosby after his arrest. the comedian hugged his attorney and flew to massachusetts on his private jet in exclusive daily photos. and the daily news today with this brutal front page editorial. emphasizing how many women have come forward against the comedian. >> it's coming from that journalistic integrity. cosby's attorney attacked the paper. >> i'm not really much
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case. getter. >> cel attorney gloria allred represent twoz dozen of cosby's 50 plus accuser the speck tick come rival o.j. simpson and mich jackson. >> i do think it's going to be one of the biggest celebrity trials that we have ever seen because we have a famous, powerful formerly well respected father figure and then we have the unprecedented number of women. >> is going to be huge. >> we sat down today with the lead attorney in jackson's criminal trial. like then, he expects cosby's defense attorney to attack the case on three fronts. first by focusing on the alleged victims' credibility. >> we procee investigate thoroughly every accuser on the planet. we dissected their backgrounds and we cross examined the day lights out of nerve that trial. and michael jackson was
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>> se tactic, question prosecutors' motives. >> i think this is politically motivated prosecution. the da ran on a platform that he would go after mr. cosby. >> a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. >> and nuthree, blame the media. >> the case is going to be won in the courtroom in front of a jury and a judge, not in the media. >> now we to the ball going to drop at times square just as it done for more than a century now. >> but that's not only big party going on. the stars are rocking from coast to coast and we're getting you ready with oucountdown to the new year's special. >> nine, eig seven, six -- >> jenny will be joining ryan see crest on abc again and, yes, she's keeping her man nearby. >> donnie learned that if he's not, there i'll make out with strangers. so you ca sure that my husband will be there at midnight kissing these lips.
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the harsh reality that times square is on highalert. ryan told gma he's not concerned aboutintense security. >> i just have you have a if you have time getting into the studio. >> yeah, it's very tight. they do such a great job. we'll be very safe tonight. >> an estimated one million people are expected here in times square tonight. we're expecting 6,000 police officers to be patrolling the area. that includes bomb-sniffing dogs dogs, helicopters that will be flying above us and they'll be patrolling the waters around the island of manhattan. of course, tv and news crews will be over here in times square tonight. >> taylor will drop her out of the woods video on ryan's show. demi lava. to and ryan will ring in on nbc. gwen stefani will sing on new year's eve with carson daley. we're hoping for a midnight smooch from blake and andy cohen
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>> we're going to sit by a big fire and start drinking alcohol and all the when itty itty people will be on. >> oprah on fox, get ready to party. >> fire. >> "e.t." is confirmed miss universe runner up is in miami and will be part of pitbull's show. what's she doing? well, fox is hush-hush for now. >> this year t me is more about the music and energyst city of miami. >> another star hanging out with ryansecret, carrie underwood. you know, she really does have a lo celebrate this year. >> no doubt about. that she spent 2015 winning awards and breaking records and oh, yeah, she also became a mom. >> when you have a baby or whatever giant life moment that happens, it's going to its way into things that you d
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of tips to stay true to yourself. take time to take care of you. >> know we're all stretched very thin and w wear a lot of hats as wives and moms have that hobby or, you know, get that time to work out or have coffee with yourgirlfriends. it makes you feel better about your day. >> it's interesting. firry red look didn't make it with number two. it's okay to let some things go. >> i'm not going to sit back and make a whole album of mommy
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it's really importa to me that stay true to who i was before. but just have this piece of my life. >> tip number three, incorporate the ones you love into everything you do. on her new album "storyteller," there is a song carry eric karabell yi wrote for this guy. >> i did write a song for the little man. ways actually trying to resist that urge. but it just happened. and it a really cool thing for him. noi, t his song. >> carrie is going to have a busy 2016 not just taking care of a toddler, she is launching her sto tour on january 30th in jacksonville, florida. i don't know how she's doing that with a toddl >> i guarantee that you baby is on the road. >> oh, yeah. >> the baby is probably hanging with her tonight. she'll be in times square. while she's in new york city, one direction will be performing on the same show on the west coast. they were on tour in belfast
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samantha harris and opened up about all the big changes on with the band. i got a river >> your fans, of course, always want to know who they have a chance with. who is single? >> i am. >> iam. >> yeah. >> all right. what do you look for in a girl? give me the top two things you like to see in a lady catches your eye? >> someone that is nice. good sense ofhumor. >> same. >> yeah. >> define nice. snis nice is so generic. >> it comes in many different forms. >> someone caring, someone cute. yeah. and someone with a good sense of humor. i don't like boring. >> harry's love life, anything but boring. he was just spotted in the caribbean with kendall jenner. i know you're thinking didn't these two hook up at the same time last year? remember when they hit
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maybe harry and kendall can make it work this one d is taking time off in2016 but they swear it's just temporary. >> i think it's impo for us to take a break have it as a break. we've done five albums, five tours in five years. i think we're not going to do that next year. and that's always said and obviously, it will be naive to think that we need it in different ways. we're going to take a little break next yea >> look, one direction fans are bound to be a little nervou in 2016. they can only hope they true to their word and only taking a break to each other and they'll come back together. i don't know. >> so they're going opposite directions as opposed to direction? coming up, ear with arianna gran day. is she opening up about her love life? >> are you able to find tim for romance these days? >> that's
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shoo opening for t show? >> we were born ready. >> nancy and the property go full 007 mode as they host the rose parade on hgtv. >> time to wake up and smell the roses. >> this is like an action super hero opener. it's epic. that's why you had to it. >> we're like your james bo 007, jason borne, that makes you
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>> i like i need that is ariana grande doing her thing. that kicked off an amaze 20g 15 ing 2015 for her. she was trod talk about it. but trying t her down on
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different story. >> do you find time in your personal romance? a date? are you drawing on personal inspiration in that way? >> yeah. a lot of people ask me, do you n write about your s because of what people will say? like, will they be like that's about this situation and t -- of course i draw inspiration from what i'm going through. my diary. >> herself spregs expression was parent as she was decked out for halloween. you spend so much time making sure every lyric is perfect and then you shoot the video and you're in editing sessions. i'm very hands off sort of like -- i like to see everything and be a part of every process. it's such a relief. it feels as -- it feels like you baby. >> folk us is from a
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in 2016. i really can't wait for people to hear it. yeah. i think my fans will be really happy. it's a very honest a it feels like the next version of me. it feels like a step forward. >> >> you know, it was an amazing year for arianna. she became the first singer ever to have the first single from each of her first three albums debut in the top 10 of billboard top 100. congratulations to her. justin bieber had interesting 2015. he did a lot of cleaning up his past. is justin tired of saying he's sorry. >> i lost my purpose for a while. >> then j-lo looks back us with at her 2015 and beyond. >> you g to see me all through my early 20s. >> that's in my chunky days. >> that's ahead. closed captioning
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>> 2015 was a crazy, wild roller coaster ride for justinbieber. a number one album, on stage meltdown and even tears. and we talked to him with the help of radio host who found justin at a turning point. >> it's an motional time in life, for sure. i've been having a lot of cries lately. >> good cries? bad cries? >> just all around just being emotional. care. i care about thismuch. i put my heart and soul into it. i spent the lastthree, four years making it. it's been exciting. it's been an amazing roller coaster ride. some times good days and some times bad days. you give me purpose >> being able to connect with the audience again, because it was -- there was a disconnect. you created the discorrect disconnect.
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>> after a public breakup and run ins with the justin finally found his purpose. >> purpose i a very strong word. i think one time you said that you felt like you were a little confused tooz w your purpose was. >> yeah, for sure. i think that i forgot what i truly loved and what my purpose was just because i got so used to doing stuff all thetime. used to going on stage. used to -- and i how much i really loved it. so getting a chance to go back on stage and feel it it's just like an amazing feeling, for >> we were with bieber on stage in new york at the today show. he made sure voice wasn't altered for his live performance. we don't need auto tune. that's for other artists, not me. trying to get you back on me >> you and selena released an album within a month of other. i'd love to know what she thinks
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you have heard her album at all? >> i heard a coup songs. >> do you like it? >> yeah, i think she's great. she is super talented. >> he asked justin about where he sees himself in next ten years? he said he hopes to have a familiar lishgs wife and kids. but he also wants an indoor basketball court andindoor pool for the wife and kids. >> i get it. i understand that. now, let's bring cameron masterson with a star that's been on the new year's eve rocking stage before. >> performed in 2010. but guess what? she's not performing to ni she's so incredibly busy. she has two tv shows and her first vegas residency is on the way. i talked to jennifer about her crazy busy life. >> i identify with hard. i identify with wanting to improve, you know, in what i do. and i identify with being very creative. >> she may be the hardest working woman in hollywood even
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she is showing the hard abs in a sweater and then going high glam in a gown. but what we learned from the superstar, nothing has come easy. >> when was it for you that you feel like you madeit? >> probably last year whether i bought my first apartment in new york. >> come on! >> i swear to you. i used to dream about that when i was g up in the bronx. one day i'll have a nice apartment. i'll girlfriends over. and we'll be, like, you know, single and -- you know, i used to be -- and i'll be working on broadway. will be so nice. >> flash forward. >> yeah, flash forwar i'm just like, what the hell? how did i get here? >> well, j-lo, you got here by walking countless red carpets, doing too fly girl auditions, 450k9 40 acting roles, 36 music videos, 198 appearance on "e.t." over the years. >> that's me with a few extra
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if you love me my chunky days, you are a real fan. >> it has been overnight. okay? there is no such thing as overnight in this business. i knew everything about this business in 1995. >> you did. >> here on the set selena. welcome. i'll be playing selena. >> number one at the box number one on the charts. >> that is the best thing that ever happened to me in m whole life! but right now, i just, like, back at work. it just seems like another day. you know? >> so makes jennifer so special? one, passion. like she ha for her two tv series. "american idol"'s final season and "januth she starts in "shades of blue" on nbc. >> we have a plan. you remember that plan? >> two, when it comes to all the ups and downs in life, they only made her better and stronger. >> you k it's just growth. you know? you got to see me all through my
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30s and now i'm in my 40s, grog oing from a girl to a big girl. >> out of everything you have accomplished, what are you mos proud snf. >> my kids. they just bring me the most jo and, know that i would not be as good a mother if i wasn't doing all the things that ido. >> her favorite fashions include this golden globe caped dress this bandage dress from the amas and, of course, that green versace. >> you still jennif on the block? >> you saw when i walked in here. >> that's right. >> you saw me i had my bomber on. i had my hat and jeans. >> come on. that's right. >> i'm still jenny from the block. >> i don't know how she does it, she gets it all done. now jennifer's re at planet hollywood starts on the 20th. she is the only woman have a reality show and a series on at the same time. i'm talking about "american idol" and her new drama "shades of blue". >> if anybody can do i is jennifer lopez.
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>> in tonight's entertainment to niment birthdays, which boy band member competed twice in the boston marathon? it is joey mcintyre, nick lachey or joey patonsnechlt. >> i'm going with joey patone. >> really? >> i'm going with joey mcintyre.
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at -- force. >> who are you going kiss at midnight? >> the countdown begins. >> there is nothing like a new
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we're counting down six of t all time. been really tough. >> relive seven of the biggest scandals to hit "the real housewives" in 2015. we break down what to watch for in movies, music and tv in 2016. it's all on time now for the answer t tonight's birthdays. which boy band member competed twice in the boston marathon? that is joey mcintyre who turns 43 today. i got it right! last day of the year.
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all girl group, little mix broke out whether they won an award in 201 and the 2011 and their new album is out now. >> the talk quickly turned to their love lives. it out. bye, everybody. >> whether you get famous, then boys start coming out of the wood work and want to take out. >> what are you looking for in a boyfriend?
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