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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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. it's a terrifying moment as a man dangles by his feet. 15 floors above the ground. >> the story behind the slip-up that left him hanging around for half an hour. a homeless cat needs a helping hand because, whoa -- >> cooper does have an injured leg. >> see why a trip to the doctor makes all the difference. cameras roll as bystanders keep an eye on the flames. but then -- >> oh! erupt. the fit momma-to-be who can put your workout game to shame. and this guy is hoping to score a date with a famous model. but he wants to sell himself.
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heat to get on her level. >> i'll say this for y'all -- god bless america. you've seen one video from russia, you've seen them all, right? >> you're always surprised by what you're seeing like in this video. it starts off, we're looking at a high-rise building. but as the camera zooms in it's from a mobil phone. someone is shooting in a car. what does that look like to you? >> it's probably a human, because russia? >> it is a human. you realize that is somebody hanging upside-down. in fact hanging by their feet. 15 floors above the ground. the story behind it is, this guy was apparently cleaning his windows, lost his footing, slipped, caught himself with his feet and is now dangling upside-down. screaming for help. >> so it wasn't his bookie. >> not someone holding his legs? >> his sweater has come off, it was over his face as well which
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apparently he was there for 30 minutes, swinging back and forth, trying to get himself back up before a neighbor broke the door down and rescued this guy before the police and ambulance can turn up. >> between being strong and afraid. he managed to stay there for 30 minutes. >> adrenalines can do amazing things to humans, so i'm pretty sure his adrenaline was pumping. though. >> this guy was just fine. i think his neighbors will be getting an extra christmas present as a thank you. and i think for now, leave the windows as they are. the folks over at vet ranch are back this time with this little cutie-pie cooper. >> cooper has a leg issue, obviously. >> ow. >> cooper does have an injured leg. say the bone is not broken, but the ligaments are messed up.
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he's young and friendly and he doesn't seem to be very moved by the fact that his leg has been injured. because it's been injured for so long. >> not a bit. >> the cat is like oh, cool. this leg? don't worry about it. >> we know that animals can walk with three legs. what are they going to do? >> they're going to have to amputate. >> it's in his best interests to get that bad leg off. the one that he's just dragging around all the time. and can you see that he's doing pretty well without it. >> they take little cooper into surgery. >> he's waking up from anesthesia now. can you see the incision, he did well under anesthesia. one day post-surgery. he has not lost his personality at all. >> they gave cooper a little tranquilizer at all. his personality is so big and he's so young, it doesn't seem to have affected him. >> we had to tranquilize him,
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playful. >> it looks like the doctor may have taken him home to be his own little kitty. >> thank you for helping us here at vet ranch, with your support by watching the videos and monetary donations. we could not have done it without you. >> a lot of folks are asking about cooper. he's cute and now he's ready to go and get a little tlc. >> it's so hot here, huh? car fires, that will make you lot and bothered. watch this one. these firefighters just rolling up on this car fire. listen. >> whoa! >> the gas tank. >> yeah, that was the gas tank. now after hearing that. these guys got to finish getting strapped in and go walking right over to it and that, they do. the only way to effectively put out a car fire is to get right inside the car window. as the firefighter closes in on the car.
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stream, fan it out a little bit. stick the hose right in there and start to extinguish things. >> look at the wave of metal glowing inside. the temperature is insane. >> i'm saying it's probably going to be a total loss on the insurance form? >> a very similar situation. this time in australia, some folks nearby this car fire had already heard one kaboom. that's what got the camera rolling. they caught the second one. >> oh! >> what was inside that car? >> that was like a movie-style car explosion. inside was a propane tank. >> that's what sent flames and debris shooting. it caught the nearby things on fire and started a fire in someone's nearby back yard. that was able to be extinguished. but the driver of the vehicle reports they did suffer significant burns to his hands and face. >> that looks like a stream
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>> you see the jet of flames spurting out of there. uncharacteristic for a typical car fire. >> a lot can happen in 39 seconds like i don't know. a baby can you born or 12. because that's what happened aboard this boat, javier capella posted this video, you can see a stingray was in the boat. they had gone out fishing. they caught the stingray and they realized she was pregnant and they realized uh-oh. she's having a problem giving birth and an unnamed man starts pushing on her belly and helps the babies come out. 12 were born on the boat and you get a stingrai. >> why not help it back into the water where the thing can naturally give birth? >> well the good thing is after all this happened, javier said water. along with the babies.
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guilty. >> they cut off her stingray, she doesn't need it but again, this poor thing, heavily pregnant, caught by fishermen, they threw her and her babies back in the water so hopefully she was able to get along well with them. he said that she swam away fine, awe did the babies, but wow, what an experience these guys had. >> i think it's kind of cool they decided maybe this is one of those return to the ocean kind of moments. >> this guy is splitting lanes and then -- >> bonk. >> right into the back of that pick-up truck. >> why this option is not always the safest. >> your blind spot. and don't see them. it could end bad. and this car is under attack. >> that is watson, her black sheep and that black sheep is now the black sheep of the family. >> how do you explain >> how do you explain this to
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when i have a breakout from e closed captioning provided by -- frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. like us on now back to the show. strap on the helmet, we're heading to the highways of america for videos of a two-wheeled variety. we start in california which will explain why we're seeing what we're seeing. this guy is splitting lanes. in california, that is legal. but it's not at the same time recommended because things like this can happen. >> oh! >> right into the back of that pickup truck. you back it up, you notice the guy who is in the far lane
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before moving over. the guy ends up almost bang-on into the back of the pickup truck. the hardest part is listening to him as he tries to walk off. he explains in the comments under the video. how he's trying to stop himself from throwing up in his helmet. he gets pretty close around here. >> oh! >> that made me nauseated just listening to it. >> he's okay. the bike is going to be out for a little bit. though not the only video i've got for you. this other one is from el paso, texas. a group of guys out for what was described as a spirited ride. open road, the open sky. out for a good time. as they approach this long, sweeping right-hander. all too fun to ride around. keep an eye on the left-hand lane. this fellow needs to get wide, go, go go -- oh! >> he goes down hard.
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he pops off his bike -- >> you good? >> yeah. >> it seems he was okay. >> his buddy tells him to take a seat and apparently everybody was okay. meow. meow. >> are you all familiar with the term bad mama jamma. >> this is the epitome of a bad mama jamma. she is six months pregnant and she's handling it like a beast. >> okay. i thought she just had over done it on the ab workout. >> one epically strong ab. >> just one. or maybe two. >> could be three. well she'll need the strong abs because she'll be giving birth soon. she is the trainer and owner of a crossfit box. but not everybody is singing her praises for such an intense workout. >> people outraged in today's society? you're joking!
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you're putting your baby in danger. you're not supposed to be doing this. this isn't safe. everybody just calm down. >> 26 weeks. 26 weeks is like halfway through, there's loads of things you can keep doing. i understand some people feel the need to take it easy. but other people, she's obviously a fit person. she was fit before. she knows her body better than anyone. >> in this video posted, she mentioned she stays super-hydrated. next to the fan. has a wet cloth. she's a trainer. so i'm pretty sure that she knows how to pay attention and monitor her body. a few articles addressed in the situation. circuits in which she says, i'm going to be okay. i want to continue doing the things i do to feel healthy and strong and to keep all of this intact. i guess whether you like it or not, jane is here 0 to stay and she's fit and fabulous and i say
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my friends, i give you -- angry rabbit ii. >> do you see what's happening to that car? that car belongs to sharif homer. and he says that is watson, the black sheep of the family. she just brought the car home from the detailing shop. they fixed where a car hit the other side. look what watson does. >> how do you explain this to your insurance company. um i've had a little fender-bender. >> say you've got rammed. >> we found out what the insurance company said. they said please call us to fill out your claim and thank you for the funniest story i've had all year. >> then the insurance person said they had other sheep story that they could swap. this may not be the first time this has happened. i felt bad for scherree, he said they just brought the car back
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>> he's seeing his reflection, in the shiny car wax. and it's like what are you look looking at? >> i posted this video. i head-butted my owner's car the day of a she got it back. and i totally trashed it. going high-tech on the hunt for fish. >> you can do this without anything. >> how much pressure can a drone take. >> next "right this minute"! still to come -- >> love's in the air. >> i want to propose to my girlfriend, shawna. >> see how the guys at crank it forward seal the deal for him. >> my mouth is open. plus -- >> these fellows are channeling their inner tarzan. >> how this jump turned into a flop. >> woo woo! >> and he did it in style. yle. he's like let me put my back into it. ...made with whole grains
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promotional considerations provided by -- unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. what makes gold bond ultimate so ultimate? it's packed with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. rich, yet absorbs lickety-split. skin looks nourished, healed, healthy. gold bond. another prank it forward prank this time love is in the air. >> this time fanny is helping out this fine man in love. >> i'm chad and i want to pro most to my girlfriend shawna. the reason i want to my girlfriend, shawna. i love her more than cake. >> chad and his girlfriend were on this boat. >> it was like go into the middle of the ocean by yourself and we'll catch up and i'll know what to do. what does that mean?
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>> he doesn't really know how he's going to get the ring. he picked it out himself. but the guys have a surprise for him. he's not going to have to pay for this ring. he is big, patty, mayo over here is giving harnesses that he's going to deliver the ring on the boat. it's a very carefully get the helicopter really close to the boat. >> my mouth is open like what is going on. >> they almost land a helicopter on his head. >> this is where it gets real lovely. >> the helicopter pulls away. >> will you marry me! >> what? >> marry me! >> i can't -- the jet engine. what? >> i love you! >> yes, i love chicken! >> it didn't go like that. at all. >> i love you more than i could ever describe.
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stuff together and shawna, as scared as i am to do this, in this moment -- shawna, will you marry me? >> yes! >> yes! >> i love that last shot at the end where the helicopter is just flies right on by right next to them. when you give a porcupine an apple.
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their inner tarzan me jane is always such a good idea. >> meow. >> first one makes it over. >> and guy number two. landing. and woo! >> oh wow. he did it in style. he's like let me put my back into it. >> he noodled it. he didn't jump. he flopped his body across the rope there. [ laughter ] >> i love that. from the swamp to the boat. >> oh! >> and he landed on the, out of all the places he could land was on the rocks. beginning. >> whoops whoops, bad idea. >> kadeem williams has quite an for --
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hey practice. but real quick. >> can i record it? >> >>. as younger adolescent men, nick and i didn't have many options when it came to crushing on actresses and models. but today with the social media, there are so many options available. like for example -- this young gent. >> what's going on? >> from chicago, 22 years old, he's got a little message for someone special. >> so abigail -- i'm a senior at the university of illinois. and every year we have this exciting dance called formal. it would be an honor for me to take you to the senior formal. >> he appears to be asking some girl named abigail to his formal. >> give me a chance to explain. >> he wants to sell himself.
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why this chick abigail might want to go with him. >> you grew up catholic. i grew up catholic. you model for "sports illustrated," i read "sports illustrated." >> abigail, abigail, who? >> and -- abigail is abigail from the video he's referring to. i had to do a bit of research. i had to look into it. 1.5 million people have watched it. too. he decided to make a version of this video, getting all lathered up. >> he's do just fine without her. >> i love a man who keeps things clean, if you know what i mean. actress. believe we both work hard to try to accomplish our goals. >> pay attention. >> he gets up in a he's got a bunch of flowers --. >> abigail. will you go to the formal? >> she's got to say yes. did she respond? >> i haven't heard anything yet.
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from this video. let's hope abigail if she's not too busy washing cars, gets a moment to see this video and you never know, the magic might happen. christmas may be over, but the gift of "right this minute"
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