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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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approached from behind near columbia road by a man who said he had a weapon. police said the 29-year-old woman was assaulted in the area of ann bell street. if you know anything about this incident call police. >> vanessa: four people including two young children hurt after an atv crash. as stefanie reports, police are working with other agencies to see if charges will be filed. >> reporter: reconstruction teams were here along this strerb ash burn and hill. they used spray paint to mark exactly where that crash happened. i also spoke with the fitchburg deputy fire chief who called this a tragedy. two men and two young boys were seriously injured after police
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stretch of ash burn and hill road. they received the call last night. >> as a concern, young concern obviously i'm sure they were passengers. >> reporter: police are still investigating how the two atvs collided but said each one had a man and boy on board. the fitchburg deputy fire chief said a seven-year-old boy had a severe trauma injury and a six-year-old boy had a compound fracture to his leg. police told tuesday six-year-old's father a 32-year-old man lost his leg. they say he severed it on a snowplow attached to one of the atvs. >> being on the roadways can be dangerous. these vehicles are capable of high speeds and things can happen. >> reporter: we spotted these warning signs in the woods along that road, stating no motorized vehicles allowed. according massachussetts law 8-second can only be driven on designated trails an paths.
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drives but we didn't find any for passengers. state law also requires everyone to follow safety guidelines. we did see one helmet at the crash site, but police are still working to determine how many were wearing helmets. >> any time something like this happens, it's a tragedy that affects families, lives, first responders, everyone. >> reporter: police haven't released the names of the riders or passengers involved in this crash. i did also ask for an update on their condition, but they aren't releasing that information at this point in time either. as soon as we get an update, we'll let you know. in fitchburg "fox25 news". >> blair: a drone scare league atan, this afternoon a crew of a jetblue flight spotted it northeast of the airport. that plane landed safely. it is illegal to fly a drone at 800 feet within 500 miles of an airport.
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man, aaron was found on pleasant street at 7:00. police are investigating the death as a homicide. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. a nine-year-old boy, rescued from the ice in acton, he fell in on wednesday behind a home on davis road. the victim told police he was walking on an embankment and fell n. two bystanders jumped in the water to save the boy. he was taken to emerson hospital. >> blair: developing news out of the middle east where two people dead at least seven hurt after a shooting near a pub in tel aviv israel. a spokesman says there is an active manhunt for the weapon. officers have not confirmed if the incident was criminal or if there were terrorists motives. developing news, at least one person killed and 11 wounded with a suicide bomber targeted a restaurant in kabul, afghanistan.
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12-year-old boy was dead on arrival after the attack. a suspect was arrested during the police search a. taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack. >> vanessa: thousands of people today woke up to a pay raise, the minimum wage in massachussetts is $10 an hour, up a dollar from last year. the hike makes massachussetts tied with california for highest minimum wage in the country. new hampshire's minimum wage did not go up. and everyone in massachussetts woke up to a tax break. the state income tax dropped by a half per cent to 5.1%. it could fall again in the future. >> blair: the weather today perfect for the winter classic spectacle at gillette stadium but not so perfect the game for bruins fans. >> vanessa: they did lose today. tom is live amount gillette. i'm willing to bet it's an
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forget. >> that's a great way to wrap it up. challengers, months ago they knew january 1st was going to be a special day. a familiar tailgating scene with an unfamiliar twist as 2016 kicks off in winter classic style. >> let's go bruins. >> the real spectacle was inside fans from both sides represented well, and apparently, a warm welcome for our friends from north of the boarder. >> we just got here walking around, no years or anything. >> the people are so polite and courteous. >> special experience. what do you expect today? >> expect some fighting. i'm probably not going to sit down. i'm probably going to be like i'm going to have laryngitis when i get home. >> it's the ultimate hockey fan and waits christmas surprise. >> it was my christmas gift.
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>> so you had no idea a week ago. >> i was surprised. >> i hope the bruins win without having to go to a shooto like the game yesterday. >> it was a beautiful 40 degree day as the teams took the ice. 67,000 in attendance. bruins down 3-0 end of the second, spooner robbed by condon that took the air out of the sails, they went to the locker room down 3-0. matt beleskey makes it 3-1. you hope they might mount a rally but max put the nail in the coffin, just over 11 minutes to play, the two on one ends with the pass to rask and another one after that, so the canadiens beat up the bruins 5-1. we were in the dressing room after this one. ahead in sports we share the
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embarrassed how they played and flat when they took the ice and it showed giving up a goal less than two minutes into this game. that is the latest from foxborough. we will be back in a little bit. tom leyden "fox25 news". >> vanessa: new at 6:00 on monday will be your first chance to get a hottest ticket in town, the new england patriots playoff tickets. they go on sale general public 10:00 a.m. the patriots will either play january 16th or 17th. >> blair: suspected robbers under arrest in boston, police say the two men seen here and another woman robbed a store on thursday using a hypodermic needle to threaten a clerk. two of the suspects were arrested quickly. police say they picked up the third before another robbery. emotional day for several new hampshire national guard members. >> vanessa: they got to hold their loved ones for the first
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jim takes us inside the emotional reunion. >> reporter: definitely an uplifting story, 370 members of new hampshire national guard deployed to the middle east earlier this year and some of them had been there almost a year. they're coming home in groups of three. today we caught the middle third and it was moving. they were gone a long time. >> it's been almost 11 months. >> over 300 days. >> but this afternoon for dozens of new hampshire families the wait of all those weeks an months lifted because they were home. >> feeling two and under was definitely a loss, so we are excited to have daddy back. >> reporter: more than 120 members of the new hampshire national guard arrived back in manchester this afternoon after spending nearly a year in the middle east, training allied troops. many of the soldiers who left all those months ago are young dads who in serving their country missed big events with
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>> this little guy wasn't now. >> rachel hayes has been counting down the days of this deployment. >> 329. >> this is what it looked like when the countdown ended. overwhelmed, overcome, an yes, over the moon. >> hi. >> say daddy. >> daddy. >> welcome home. >> and a happy emotional scene will be repeated here tomorrow morning when the final group of 100 soldiers comes home n. manchester, new hampshire, "fox25 news". >> vanessa: what a way to begin the new year w. the new year's comes a special group of newborns. we were in umass in worcester as doctors welcomed in the first
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carmageddon a darn carmageddon that scaza. >> all these people tacting and calling. we haven't told them we have a baby yet. congratulations. >> vanessa: so kuchlt mom and baby are doing well, even though carmelita arrived a few weeks early. tufts medical center in boston says a baby was born at 12. 0. 2. zoe was born to her parents katherine and juan. no word which baby girl was officially first. >> blair: looking for people in connection with a bank robbery at the franklin village shopping center, police say they ordered everyone on the ground and left with money. no weapons shown there. an officer patrolling chased the
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color volkswagen. rescue crews responding to a car crash in duxbury. the car was facing down in a stream on union ridge road. fire department used a thermal camera but said they could not find anyone in that car. the crash is under investigation. >> vanessa: firefighters investigating after a crash nearly sent a sidewalk plow onto commuter rail tracks. police tell fox25 the driver was not hurt but trains were stopped a few years -- hours. >> blair: head stones toppled over. >> vanessa: the reason this particular crime is hiing the community extra hard. >> a local woman was killed while train agent the boston marathon. we will explain why we are on this beach in maine.
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behind in 2016, the financial trend experts stayed you need to look out for. >> vanessa: we are on the fox25 weather alert tonight, a slight chance for snow squalls until
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>> vanessa: worcester police investigating a shooting on new year's eve. a man was shot open lincoln
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>> blair: a day after a huge fire burned through a luxury hotel in dubai smoke continues to build up from that building. flames could be seen from miles around. now we are hearing one man's harrowing story of escape from that burning building. >> i'm not going to die because of the fire, because of the smoke. i'm here and can hear them. i saw some debris falling down from the building. i prayed if this is my last time so be it. is under investigation.
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say to watch for in 2016. it's the time of the year when people reflect on their finances. >> they take a look at their financial situation, what went right, what went wrong in 2015, how they can make improvements in 2016, were they part-time employees, were they full-time employed. >> so what's in and what's out for 2016 regarding trends in the workplace, gigs are in, full-time jobs are out. >> in large part because of the employer mandate to provide health insurance there, are now changes in 2016. health insurance is expensive for employers so because of that as well as other factors, the reply ''s desire for greater flexibility, the economy is poised to take off. >> housing trends for 2016 in the burbs, out city life. >> rents are expected to skyrocket in 2016. they're going to be higher.
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move away from the city centers and to cheaper alternatives because affordable housing in the cities scarce. >> peer to peer payments are in. cash and checks bye-bye. >> now that apple is in talks with u.s. bank to provide a new peer to peer payment system, the technology is really poised to take off in 2016. more people are becoming comfortable with paying one another with phones. >> consume researchers less interested in showcasing what they have and more interested than showcasing who they are. in giving back, out keeping up with the jones. >> it shows that more than a third of us, 35% in fact, say that the purpose of making money over their life times is to give back, either during their lifetime or after their lifetime
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survey would rather be seen as generous than financially successful. >> passwords will become more obsolete in the new year. rob: temperatures marginal for snow out there. we have snow showers. we've got 35 in bedford. 32 in worcester, a little bit after breeze 5-15 miles per hour out of the west. more importantly than that windchill is what that weather wind is doing, if you watch the satellite picture, weather winds picking up moisture off the great lakes and sending it over toward the coastline.
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apart as they get west to east. we've got nothing more than a flurry or two, a few sprinkles of rain. temperatures are marginal between boston an scituate. these are moving at about 35 miles per hour, so they're not around long enough to dump significant accumulation. other reason we are not expecting anything more than a dusting, but a legitimate snow squall moving into western mass the question is always will these make it over the berks into central mass, generally no, because the atmosphere is so unstable. again, towards midnight a chance for any snow is over and done with. in fact, after midnight skies
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tomorrow morning good bit of sunshine. saturday should be a fairly pleasant day. bit of a weather wind, 10-15 miles per hour will make it feel cooler tomorrow afternoon than it was out there during the daytime today. lets fast forward. strong arctic cold front will bring the coldest air of the season. front will get here late sunday evening. when it arrives, few flurries not out of the question but more importantly it ltd bring the coldest air of the season and be cold monday and tuesday, a strong north westerly wind that, bitter cold wind blowing across the 40 some degree water temperatures can lead to lake-effect snow showers. we'll talk more about that the next half hour. this is tuesday morning. wake up temperatures, windchill subzero. you factor in the breeze, it will feel subzero and even in the middle of the afternoon,
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temperatures may be in the 20s but enough after breeze to make it feel like it's in the still digits. there will be enough after breeze on tuesday to make it significantly colder, so enjoy a mild weekend while you. -- while you can. more more cloud cover late in the day on sunday. seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view. ocean-effect snow showers likely monday and bitter cold especially with the windchill on tuesday. we'll talk more about the snow showers for monday in the next half hour. >> vanessa: the famous hubble telescope is celebrating its 25th year in space.
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the fre >> blair: developing a fight over medical records in the freddie gray case, one of the baltimore police officers charged in the death wants to know if he suffered from previous back an neck injuries, something the coroner didn't find on autopsy. gray died after getting hurt in a police van. six officers charged, first case related to the death ended in miss trial. >> vanessa: no terror attacks on new year's eve, thanks largely to security across the globe. one plot was stopped on u.s. soil. >> reporter: the world welcome e 2016 last night with jubilation
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officials across the u.s. and the world prepared for violence that never came n. rochester, new york, a terror plot was thwarted when officials arrested this man, alleging he attempted to provide material support to ice nice this person became a muslim we believe in state prison. >> reporter: his goal according officials was attack revelers on new year's eve. >> it's scary. i sat back an thought we have very good security staff. there's great police presence on east avenue and they're trying to put the fear into us.
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bomb. meanwhile, back in the u.s., extra security teams were deployed for the annual new year's rose parade in pasadena, california, as well as the rose bowl game. >> if there's an unusual occurrence or emergency, those team will be immediately deployed. >> blair: the music world in mourning after learning about the death of r & b star, natalie cole. unforgettable in every way. >> blair: the grammy winner and daughter of the legendary nat king cole died in an l.a. hospital thursday night. she was 65. the cause of death has not been determined. natalie cole is a graduate of umass amherst. the credit card chain designed to brekt you from hackers not
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>> i don't understand it. >> vanessa: ahead in the next 15 minutes, the two major issues customers have the with credit card chips. >> blair: plus, remembering a nurse who died training for the boston marathon. the special gesture one of her friends is making.
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we w >> vanessa: we are on a fox25
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snow squalls until 9:00 p.m. for much of the region. please be careful out there. >> blair: stormtracker weather meteorologist rob iker joins us. rob: we've been watching these the last several hours blowing in from new york. because the atmosphere is so unstable, it's not out of the question some of these snow showers can maintain their intensity on their trip across massachussetts. we do have slightly heavier snow showers. moving east about 35 miles per hour coming up on bedford the next couple of minutes. these are flurries over sharon heading toward brockton the next couple of minutes.
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39 degrees in boston, which is why we are not expecting any more accumulation other than a dusting at most. we will keep the chance of snow showers through most of the evening. coldest air of the season, with that another possible round of snow showers next week. we'll show you how much snow in a few minutes. >> vanessa: top story. >> blair: four people hurt after an atv crash in fitchburg. no charges filed, but police are investigating. youngest victim six-year-old boy. >> vanessa: police in new bedford found the man shot and killed. aaron grant was transferred to the hospital where he died. police are investigating as homicide, anyone with information come forward. >> blair: more than two dozens gravestones knocked over in bridgewater. christine joins us.
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than 260 years old. >> reporter: that's right it's of course a very historic in west bridgewater, also quite remote. i was here a couple months ago in november around veterans day when police were investigating just a few head stones that had been toppled and little american flags that be strewn throughout the cemetery. if you look behind me the damage is much more extensive. you can see that one of these toppled and broken stones have been here since 1751 and is the oldest headstone in the cemetery. once police discovered this damage when they were doing regular patrols, about two thirds of the 33 stones we are told that were damaged are so old that the damage is actually irreparable, and some of the relatives aren't on record to be contacted even if there was damage that could be fixed.
6:30 pm
most of them are in facts beyond repair, and she says as she was arriving here preparing to call the relatives still around, she discovered that her own great, great-grandmother's headstone had been knocked on its face. >> it's heartbreaking. i pulled in here and saw all this damage and i wanted to burst into tears. i just want to know why did they think this is so fun? why do they think they have the right to do this? >> reporter: and i did just speak with a west bridgewater police sergeant who tells me they are still actively investigating and the reason they were doing routine patrol is because they've had to step up their presence here because of all this vandalism. there have been five incidents since 2012 and three of them
6:31 pm
months. police are reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses as well as a few homes that are here. they say what they want to do is get the word out to the public. if there's anything you know, call police. live in west bridgewater, christine mccarthy. >> vanessa: a boston nurse died. >> reporter: a local woman training for the boston marathon was hit and killed while training. her friend is running in place of her and raising money. she's training next to beach here in maine. she's getting up early every day the catch the sunrise, something her beloved friend would love to do. >> amanda russell touched so many lives. the 32-year-old was a labor and delivery nurse. amanda was raising money for the
6:32 pm
she was training for the 2016 boston marathon when she was hit by a car and later died. it happened right before christmas on winter street in hampton. >> i got a phone call from one of our close friends telling me she had been hit running, and my heart just completely sank. >> amanda's close friend nancy, who also worked with her. >> i will think about the big smile that was always on her face every time i came onto labor and delivery, she would say hi. her mom asked if i would run for her, and i said of course. >> nancy is following amanda's footsteps. she's running in the early morning hours to catch the sunrise, something amanda loved to do. >> every morning that she worked on labor and delivery she would go up to the roof, she had convinced the people on the roof to let her out onto the roof of the building. >> all so she could capture the beautiful skies it. >> just showed the type of
6:33 pm
>> now amanda's sunshine, her eight-year-old son will grow up without mom. nancy says every time she feels like stopping and she's out of breath she keeps thinking of amanda, and that keeps her going. the goal was to raise at least $20,000. we posted information on our web site. for now, we are in york, maine, "fox25 news". >> vanessa: firefighters being credited with saving a man's life on new year's after. the crash happened near 495. two rhode island firefighters going to gillette stadium saved the man's life. they say the man stopped breathing after the crash. he was rushed to a hospital before moved to providence.
6:34 pm
huge house fire in spencer. the fire started in a barn and spread to a house. >> vanessa: now to the flooding in the midwest. >> blair: at least four people are still missing. >> reporter: devastating flooding in the midwest carries over into the new year, homes, cars an infrastructure in the region hit hard. road to missouri beginning to clear up with all the interstates open as crews work to pump out excess water. >> you see this devastation, and all the workers and everything going on, i just i'm 68 and i've never seen anything. i've been in war, never seen anything like this. >> the worst flooding seen along the merrimack river, in arnold, cars waterlogged. police say 145,000 sandbags were used here but weren't enough to keep the town dry. >> i feel bad for all the people in the area who have homes and are trying to get things dried out. it's going to be a long process. >> historic.
6:35 pm
could be a total loss. >> we are really kicking around whether we are going to come back here. we just don't know. my house smells of sewage, and i doejt think that will ever come out of there. >> illinois getting inundated, the governor toured flood damaged areas. >> hopefully we won't get any rain over the next couple weeks. >> in arnold, missouri, up to 200 homes affected or destroyed, the mayor saying this is the worst natural disaster the town has seen n. fenton, missouri, mat finn fox news. >> blair: confusion at the checkout counter, we told you about the deadline credit cards be embeded with a chip. a survey shows the cards are frustrating retailers an shoppers during one of the busiest times of the year. >> reporter: she runs a salon in washington. when hits i'm for hi clients to pay, the process can get
6:36 pm
>> it doesn't work. >> reporter: credit cards are required to have a small embeded computer chip. it's supposed to make transactions more secure. harder for hackers to get personal information. instead of swiping the card you insert it into a reader called a dip. most retailers have the equipment to read the cards but most aren't using it according a survey at consumer >> to change the cards and do all the stuff, and i don't understand i.. >> retailers aren't the only ones frustrated with these new cards. shoppers tell me they don't feel they are getting more protection. liz is used to using a pin after dipping the card. that's how she pays in france. here she just signs her name. >> we are the only one who has a pin and you can send whenever you want. >> the study found the cars are
6:37 pm
and many times don't work. in washington, jacqueline fell, "fox25 news". >> blair: a study by a research firms shows 20% of card hold researchers botds erred by this system. the city found some people try to avoid stores that require them to dip cards. >> vanessa: nasa hubble telescope is 25 years old. joel takes us on a behind the scenes look at nasas hubble command center. >> reporter: since 1909 the hubble telescope has been transmitting deep space pictures back to earth. every aspect of hubble capability can be controlled from this state of the art
6:38 pm
maryland. >> each of them are responsible to make sure that all of the data coming down in their area is within certain limits and we are not violating that's going to jeopardize the health or safety of hubble. >> the telescope was delivered into space by the sfut discovery with the original intention of beaming back images for only 15 years but as the breakthrough's continued so did nasa's interest in keeping it going. that meant a major overhaul in 2009 helped fight the aging process. >> with all the redundancy we have we are hoping we can make hubble last until 2020 and beyond. >> when president obama ended nasa shuttle program repairs would no longer be possible, meaning it's just a matter of time before hubble goes to sink.
6:39 pm
it's making new discoveries, like this star in the milky way galaxy dubbed the lightsaber after the jedi weapon of choice in the movie franchise, "star wars". >> we have the clouds behind the blades and brilliant gas coming out from the two poles of the star, and it looks like someone has got their hand on the hilt of a lightsaber.
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>> vanessa: it is of one of bostons oldest and chill yes traditions. >> blair: a lot of screams out there and people run to go find a towel. for many this is must-do on new year's day. at 8:15 a.m. in the boston harbor. >> we got 38 degrees. >> reporter: maybe it's a little hard to understand shall but off they went. 600 swimmers running, shif erring, hardly holding back in one of boston's oldest tradition the l. street new year's day swim, taking a cool plunge for more than a hundred years, but listen closely.
6:43 pm
>> the way to start with a splash. >> reporter: simple fun for most here, others doing it to raise a cause, or this teacher who even used the plunge to motivate her students to read. >> i challenge my students to read so many books. i said i would do it. >> plenty taking a full dunk, a few just to say they did it, but then this. >> kind of chilly. my voice has changed. >> here you truly see it all. [horn]. >> blair: a lot of people are dressed up in costumes. ones. would you do it? >> blair: never. i'd go watch it. >> vanessa: and rob, we may have rob: we do. i have done one of those. it feels like jumping into a bed
6:44 pm
it itches your skin in the worth way. 36 degrees the air temperature when they were jumping into the water. now the mid up toer 30s, marge no for snow showers but we have some out there right now. because the temperatures are marginal and these are quick moving snow showers, we are not expecting more than a dusting, but if you watch the trend the last several hours, we've got weather winds picking up moisture to have great lakes and blowing it this way. showers tend to fall apart on the trip across new england, but because the atmosphere is so unstable, not out of the question some of these showers can maintain their intensity crossing the berkshires an working across massachussetts. one batch between sharon and attleboro, wrapping around
6:45 pm
toward the ese. "futurecast" will see that until around 9:00. so clearing trend overnight hours. weekend looks quiet. down in arctic cold front heading our way. it could be a few flurries mainly in western mass, berkshires, green mountains an vermont. could see snow showers when the front gets here. front moves through late sunday night. bringing the coldest air of the season so far. strong north westerly winds behind the front, water temperatures generally in the low to mid 40s, get that cold wind blowing and that's likely
6:46 pm
showers primarily for the cape and a few lingering into tuesday morning. the puter models add that up. they're indicating about 1-3 inches of snow possible, primarily for the cape and the islands again mainly on monday some of this lingering around into tuesday. by the time this wraps up, 1-3 inches of snow possible, but even parts of the south shore could get a few flurries during the day monday. the other story is just how cold it will get. the weekend not bad. oegts effect snow showers on monday primarily the cape and tilds, but possibly a few flurries in portsmouth. 26, that's the high temperature on monday afternoon.
6:47 pm
the actual air temperature. >> blair: the black bairp hunting numbers are in for new hampshire an vlt. wildlife officers say 1400 bears were harvested this year, on par with past years. >> reporter: tom leyden standing by live outside gillette stadium. i'll have the complete wrap up of the 2016 winter classic an injury update for the patriots. the pomp and circumstance from
6:48 pm
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rob: you know it was a perfect day weather wise, nice gray sky for outdoor hockey but the bruins did not rise to the occasion and fall very, very badly to the montreal canadiens. is the guys embarrassed by their effort but you can't question the pomp and circumstance of the winter classic. less than two minutes david deflates the crowd, eighth goal of the season. it was 1-0 half. signature game if you ask me, spooner shot on net as time winds down the second period, mike condon gloves it, sucked
6:50 pm
heading to the locker room down 3-0. third appeared beleskey deflected one home, the crowd night, hoping the b's could mount the challenge but max finish off an odd man rush, gets it past rask, 4-11 with 11 to play, the canadiens added one more, certainly not the effort the bruins were looking for an they won't forget it soon. >> came out flat. >> we had high expectations as well. definitely feel like we let everybody down. >> forever it's going to be a game we are not very proud of, and we are always going to look back an be embarrassed. we didn't represent the bruins or the city of boston very well today. >> the only good news is that it is just one regular season game,
6:51 pm
they play the capitols next. the patriots are in florida for sundayed matchup against the miami dolphins. chandler jones was originally on the injured reported this week with an a dome en but yesterday it became clear he had a toe injury which apparently happened in practice and is bad enough to keep him out of action this sunday against the dolphins. it is a game the patriots have to win to clinch the top seed in the afc and now they'll have to do it without jones. also out for sunday, justin coleman, julian edelman won't give it a go; the loss from denver to cure the afc top seed. >> vanessa: a lot of injuries. >> blair: tom was ready for the cold.
6:52 pm
weekend mild but colder later in announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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