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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, the first day in court for a man caught on tape attacking a boston police officer. what the suspect said to the officer right before he punched him. the patriots post-season schedule is released overnight. the potential match-up as they limp into the playoffs. a fiery start to the new year on the campaign trail. the candidates looking for a post-holiday boost and the well post-holiday boost and the well-known spouse making his debut in new england this morning. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 4:00 on this monday, january 4, i am daniel miller julie julie good morning, i am julie grauert. -- >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert.
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back to school, back to work. different than how we started the holiday freak. meteorologist shiri spear. cold and only getting shorter. >> shiri: when my purple dress matches the map you know we are in trouble. 32 degrees and that is the warmest. at midnight, 35 degrees and we are losing heat as we go. clear skies from beverly at 26 and lawrence at 27 degrees to clear skies in bedford at 22. plymouth at 28. and we have a few more cape clouds and a few clouds down across worcester county in western massachusetts. not expect much to come of any kind of snow today. so, so dry out there. even a temperature in that try even a temperature in that tries to get down to the ground spots like worcester going to dry up. 6:00 tempt 6:00 temps in the 20s. boston to 29 degrees and by noontime, hold steady. 26 degrees and we have snow developing down across the cape and the islands. that is the best bet for snow today. little iffy out toward plymouth and, say, the north shore as
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well. the north shore, south shore, you have the chance of a little bit of snow today, but most of our accumulation occurs over the cape and islands and 5 p.m. look at these temperatures as you are heading home from work. i have teens into worcester, fitchburg, nashua. 24 in boston. 25 in plymouth at 5 p.m. a really raw day. 20 to 28 for your highs this afternoon with the coastal risk of some snow. keep a close eye on the time keep a close eye on the timeline of that and accumulation coming up for now. back to you for a check of the roads. >> julie: shiri, right now overall volume very light at this early hour. things moving along on route 1 and 93 south. pike wide anticipate from framingham to the weston tolls and the alston-brighton. 24 minutes on the pike. 13 minutes from the tolls to the 4:02. an everett man accused of attacking a police officer is due in court for the first time.
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the new year's day incident was caught on camera as you see here. andrew bowman was the man in the orange jacket. he walks up to a boston police suv and punched the officer through the window. he said you heard about the war, right, before he started throwing punches. he took off when officers found him a short time later. he said, quote, you are all doomed and you are going to die. they told me to do this. the officer was treated and released from the hospital over the weekend. we are expected to learn more of a lawrence man that dragged a state troop we are his car. trooper david strong was pulling the man for an expired inspection sticker. the driver robert avar refused to get out of his car and took off with the officer's arm still in the window >> the trooper at the time his arm in the window and was dragged a short distance. from the window. could have been a lot worse any time you are in a vehicle that begins moving. it could be life-threatening.
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>> julie: after a short chase, police caught up with avar in everett. the only id is a card from the dominican republic. he will be arraigned later today. developing news in india six people are dead in a 672 magnitude earthquake that struck near my anmar. the quake hit early this morning in a remote northeastern region. officials say 100 other people were injured by falling debris from several buildings. facebook activated its safety check to help get in touch with each other. tremors felt in pang will he tesh, myanmar and nepal. facebook usering will be alerted by the site of their friends and family's where friends and family's whereabouts. the patriots stumbled again on sunday and could cost the team down the stretch. some concern early in the game against miami as suh throws his full body weight on brady's leg.
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brady was in pain right away and never missed a snap. james white this h this 68-yard catch and run, but that's it. miami puts up 10 points miami puts up 10 points in the fourth and allowed denver to secure home field in the playoffs but bill belichick is not concerned. >> we don't have any control over that. whatever it is, it is. wherever we play, we play. we just got a lot of work to do we just got a lot of work to do. that's why we are in the business. >> julie: the pats will play the bengals, chiefs or texans in two weeks. playoff tickets go on sale and fans are not phased by the pair of losses to end the season. we caught up with plenty of people looking to cheer on it. >> we are going to do it. five times. >> if we can win this super bowl on top of deflategate. that would be unreal. that would be awesome. >> julie: tickets will be sold through ticketmaster start at $100 and jump up to $230. big deadline in the bay state for presidential candidates.
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all candidates have to file nomination papers with the state by 5:00 tonight in order to be in the massachusetts primary. and in am of candidates are in town today including donald trump who will be in lowell this evening. this morning he says he will not tone down his criticism of muslims after a terror recruiting video featured him. the video is believed to have been created by al qaeda affiliate group, and used footage of trump to label the u.s. as a racist society. >> they use other people too. what am i going to do. i have to say what i am going to say. you know what i have to say, there is a problem. we have to find out what is the problem and we have to solve that problem. >> daniel: . >> daniel: trump tweeted about the video saying hillary clinton lied when he said that isis used him in their recruiting videos. hillary clinton continue to campaign with her husband by the sigh. and a heckler tried to take the show -- >> this man right here -- there
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you go, right there, you are very rude and i am not going to ever call on you. thank you. julie that heckler was a republican legislator wanted to ask clinton. >> rape victims should be believed and you should assess. she didn't even want to assess it. >> julie: o'brian asked hillary clinton about the allegations on two different occasions. as we mentioned a busy day for candidates in new england. hillary clinton and bill clintonton will be back in new hampshire. bernie sanders, rand paul and carly fiorina will hit towns in new hampshire. no answers when subscriber also have their papers delivered to the front doors. globe met with managers of the new distributors to discuss the delivery failure.
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they have taken over the delivery and yet to hire enough driver to hit the routes. they hit the streets to help deliver the sunday paper. >> this is an amazing group of people and we put on an amazing product and make sure we get it to the reader so as they enjoy it. >> daniel: despite their effort a few thousand papers never reached people's front doors. "globe" officials say it will take time to smooth things out. relaunching the search of the black box from the sunken cargo ship el fara as new images from wreckage under the sea is released. it sank after sailing into the keen. 30 people on board and no survivors but no human remains were found. among those lost were two mass maritime grads. close killed was a woman whose mother lived in massachusetts. a new resort is investigating safety concerns after an 11-year-old
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the boy's father told the union leader his son fell from a fast leader his son fell from a fast-moving lift at rag mountain. the nashua man said the lift started moving before copull down the safety arm. the father said he turned around to yell for an attendant and couldn't find anyone. the 11-year-old has a severe concussion. northeastern students will have counselors to deal with the death of a classmate. the body of 21-year-old dennis girovi was pulled from the charles river on new year's eve charles river on new year's eve. he was last seen on campus just after thanksgiving and was reportedly missing shortly after that. an autopsy is being done to determine the cause of death. and an everett teenager found under an overpass with a gunshot wound is in critical condition. the 19-year-old was found under this overpass. his name has not been released. the middlesex da's office is investigating the find. two people arrested for using fake money at a local mcdonald's will be in court. police arrested stanley wood
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wood tried use a fake 20 bill at the restaurant and they believe he been doing it for years. police searched the couple's hotel room and they also found counterfeit prescriptions and sheets of partially forged bills in that room. they will be in quincy court. a balance tham laundromat will not be open this morning. fire. this is video we gathered of crews on the scene around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the laundromat is in a building on moody street with three other businesses including a convenience store. that was also badly damaged in the flames. fire investigators are still checking in to how it happened. we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a live look at drive times. an easy 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri. if you were hitting the road, the warmest i am able to give new boston. 32 degrees. it is freezing right now under clear skies. 5 a.m., 30. and back to the 20s by 6:00 this morning. i will show you the cool spots even as we head into the
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locations coming up next. a battle over body parts is heating up in new hampshire. still coming your way, the comment the state rep made on facebook faceabout a colleague's chest is going viral this morning. still going on, a militia takes over a federal building saying they are willing to meet any force with force itself. the fight they are willing to
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developing this morning, militia members are holding strong at an oregon federal building. they are accusing authorities of punishing ranchers who did not want to sell their land. those ranchers are scheduled to report to prison for an arson sentence. chris lydell says the group is planning to stay for years. >> reporter: wildlife refuge 30 miles north of burn, oregon is better known for bird-watching and sightseeing. a group of patriots have taken over blocking off roads, arming guard towers and restricting access. the militia is led by aman pwunldy. >> when government steps outside of its bounds that the people have given it, that it is the duty of the people to put that government back in its place. >> reporter: the bundys and their supporters are protesting the federal government after the prosecution of two harney county ranchers, dwight and
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steve hammond. a federal judge convicted the two of arson after burning 127 acres of blm land in 2001. they are scheduled to report to prison on monday. >> i am going to jail for five years. seems like a bit of an overkill seems like a bit of an overkill. >> reporter: in response bundy called on the militia and held a protest saturday. some traveled as far away as colorado and arizona. and the overwhelming majority are not from oregon. >> we came over here to show our support. >> reporter: under the cover of darkness saturday night, the militia took over the wildlife refuge, a federally owned site. they plan to use it for several months. >> and i will be very clear. we will -- we will not be aggressive. that will be something that we will not be. here we are to -- to defend the people. >> reporter: and law enforcement is nowhere to be found. bundy say it is and when they do show up, they will be ready to respond with force. >> if they did, they would be doing it and putting lives at risk because we are not putting
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we are not endangering anybody. we are not harming anybody. >> daniel: that is chris lydell. the lawyer for the ranchers do not condone the actions of the militia and do not want their help. they are working with multiple agencies to come up with a peaceful solution. 4:16. local police are making sure guns they seize ready not involved in any more crime. >> i think it sends a great message that we are trying to get as many guns off the street get as many guns off the street. fox25 was there as roughly 300 guns from boston and chelsea police were turned into scrap metal. many of the guns were used in crimes. some were legal guns turned into police by gun owners. tonight at 5:00, kerry kavanaugh gets a behind-the-scenes look in a boston police ballistic lab to see how they are tracked and tagged before being sent to the grinder. happening today a program that helps drug addicts get off the street is getting help themselves. massachusetts insurance companies are getting involved with the gloucester police department program that
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provides treatment for heroin addicts. the company the companies will give treatment plans once they are done detoxing and they will also keep track of the patient's progress. since the program launched in june, gloucester police say they have helped more than 300 people get into treatment. time for a look at your traffic, and right now, or is it a time to head out the door because overall volume is so light. route 1 and 93 south moving along fine. pike wide open. nobody is out there through brighton. 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 13 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us. shir, did you say now is the warmest time to hit the roads? >> shiri: midnight was the warmest night to hit the roads. 35 degrees. temperatures are cooling down. most of the days in the 20s. the coolest temperatures so far this winter happening today, especially tonight and during the day tomorrow.
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it is just going -- it is going to be winter in full force out there. ocean-effect snow along the coastline expected. most accumulations restricted near the cape and along with zero wind chills tomorrow morning. this is the kind of weather, guys, 73 guys, 7 32 in boston. 20 in the burbs where you got to grab the heavy coat, the gloves and hat. very warm. not the occasion anymore. 32 in boston. look what is happening to temperatures. right now we have barely a breeze, but it is creating this wind chill. it feels like 26 right now and of course it is going down. it is actually going to be 26 degrees by 8 a.m. still 26 at 10 a.m. at noontime, we drop you down to 25. at 2:00 at 2:00 this afternoon. you will see a lot of clouds around and chance for snow is helping boston is going to be pretty slim. much better chance we are going to get some snow as we look out toward the cape. right now hyannis at 32 degrees right now hyannis at 32 degrees. feels like 26 because of the wind chill there as well.
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to say between 7 and 10 a.m., we will start to see snow develop. by 10 a.m., we have got snow showers hovering around the cape and the potential is going to be there all afternoon long. we are going to be tracking those bands of snow coming in off the ocean. on the flipside, check out worcester at 28 degrees. and there we are going to see temperatures dropping all the way into the lower 20s once we hit the afternoon. so futurecast here we go, the winds coming in from the north dmrawing that cooler air. as it moves over the ocean waters and stirs up clouds and stirs up ocean-effect snow showers. that little extra push of moisture to get some of that snow and directed mostly across the cape. this is really a formula completely of where winds are coming from appear a little easterly component that will push into spots like plymouth and the north shore. that a little less certain as we get into the afternoon which is why we are going to give you guys a lot less snow, north shore, south shore and most accumulation over the cape. the further inland you go the
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less cloud cover. the brighter it is going to be through the course of the day and at 6 p.m., the drive home from work. i am going to say use caution in and out of southeastern massachusetts and most of your drive is going to be dry out there and just pretty darn cold and snow showers are going to be winding down by 10:00 tomorrow morning over the cape. let's look at that snow accumulation map. 2 to 4 inches for the cape and nantucket. martha's vineyard as well as the south shore, north shore, up to an inch of snow. boston likely snow for you. no more than a couple of flurries. worcester, lowell, all of you today. this afternoon 25 in boston. 25 in beverly. 28 in plymouth. only 20 in worcester. 22 in fitchburg, and 18 in keene, new hampshire. though. here we come single digits to the north and west of boston. it will be cold. boston down to 10 degrees. and 20s, our hot temperatures over the cape. it will be one of those
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tomorrow. tomorrow's highs are into the 20s. here is your seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. 26 degrees today. i am going to go up to 27 tomorrow with just a couple of early flakes across the cape. otherwise breezy and brightening up. mostly sunny wednesday and thursday with wake-up temperatures in the teens, highs in the 40s. friday increasing clouds leading to a mix or rain over the weekend. more on tomorrow morning's wind chills in the spots where it will feel like it is below zero coming up. back to you guys. 4:2 right now. critics say the president is planning too much time out of the oval office. the multiple trips planned out of the country as the president begins his final year in office. and call it divine intervention.
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the middle of his sermon. president obama is starting the new year with the potential executive order on gun control. happening today, he is meeting with the attorney general to determine what action he can take on without getting approval from congress. the president is expected to announce the new executive action at a town hall-style meeting on thursday. this morning the site of the san bernandino terror attack will reopen. the mass shooting killed 14
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people and injured 21 others. 600 employees will see tighter security when they return to work including security guards at entrances and a fence around the campus. police killed a husband and wife believed to be behind the attack and a third person is now facing charges. 4:25. the downside of home sharing services has a california couple regretting their new year's eve plan. an oakland couple who put their house on air b&b for you in year's eve are still cleaning up a mess. they said their home was trash they said their home was trashed when dozens of kids threw a party at the home after one of them represented on the site. >> the tv was in my bathroom. objects -- everything, photos, memorabilia. i have pictures of my nieces that are on my that are on my fridge that were completely on the floor tramp we willed and and torn with shoe prints over their cute little faces. >> daniel: wow. an air b&b spokesperson said the company will pay for the damage.
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protects his congregation when a man walks into his service with a gun. pastor larry wright in the middle his new year's eve sermo n when he is a you a man enter the sanctuary with the rifle. the man said he had been hurt by the church and initial legal come to, quote, do some bad thing. he took the gun away and asked others to embrace him. >> i told the congregation it was okay and he wanted prayer and i began to pray for him and the power of god hit and he fell to his knees and began to cry. and he had his face on the ground. >> julie: the man stayed for the rest of the service and police led him away. he is not being charged and instead he is receiving treatment. a flight attendant for southwest is winning over the internet with a simple act of kindness. one of the passengers on board a flight from florida to new york snapped this photo of anista charles. she picked up a fussy 9-month she picked up a fussy 9-month-old child and carried him up and down the aisle.
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the parents wrote a thank you letter responding saying that charles had helped them. the flight attendant actually replied herself saying she was so moved by all the kind words. a local police department is trying to find the owner of a lost wedding ring. someone turned in a 14 someone turned in a 14-karat gold wedding band after finding it at tj marx. has aj to bb and the date november 27, '74 engraved on it. if it is yours or you know who it belongs to, call plainville police. haunting look below the surface. new images of a cargo ship that sunk in a hurricane. are promoting. grab your heavy coat. coldest weather so far is
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meteorologist sh what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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now at 4:30, a local man answers to charges this morning after a video shows him attacks a police officer. what he i told police after
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striving to run away.
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