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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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wareham over through mashpee westward towards barnstable now to harwich as well. this will continue overnight expecting to to three inches. through mid-cape during the the overnight and morning hours. up to an inch on either side of that. from this point on we know there was already a coating in many places off to the west. we'll talk more about where these snow bands are and we have to tackle those cold temperatures out there tonight. more than 20 vehicles skid off the road in duxbury in an hour. the temperature falling and creating these dangerous conditions on the road. live in boston it's going to be colder than it has been for a while. >> we've been so spoiled, mark, over the last few months i almost forget what it feels like to be out -- forgot what it feels like to be out here.
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to work and back to the cold. >> a new year's gift for all of new england. a big lump of coal. >> i wanted to crawl back in bed it was so cold. i didn't want to do it. it was bad. >> reporter: on the south shore and cape cold and ocean effect snow. all it took was a couple of inches to cause big problems on route 3. duxbury police and fire responded to a number of pileups and spinouts involving more than 20 vehicles. four people were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. >> i think it iced up so quick just in that stretch of road it was very strange between exits 10 and exit 12 basically that whole stretch of the highway. >> reporter: with this being january the fact that it's cold even this -- this first bit of arctic blast is always bitter especially
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degrees less than two weeks ago. not a lot of enthusiasm except for those in the business of winter. fox 25 visited direct tire in watertown where workers were busy putting snow tires on. >> our sales were up 12% and winter tires so i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: so it's been nearly 10 months since we've had temperatures this cold and kevin can explain better than i can but there's possibility of an even bigger cold snap coming up towards the middle of the month. reporting live in boston tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. download the fox 25 weather app and track all this season's winter weather it's a free download to your smartphone. be sure to watch the fox 25 morning news. shiri spear will have your forecast all morning starting at 4:00 a.m. breaking news tonight boston mayor marty walsh is heading to white house tomorrow to stand by the
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executive action on gun control. new a.t.f. agents, new f.b.i. employees, dedicated to background checks, and 500 million dollars to be allocated to mental healthcare. earlier today president obama talked about what he hopes to accomplish with this order. what i asked my team to do is see what more we could do to strengthen our enforcement and make sure extra criminals, people who are mentally unstable those who could pose a danger to themselves or others are less likely to get a gun. >> reporter: mayor marty walsh has been an outspoken advocate for preventing gun violence. he hosted the new england gun violence summit. developing news out of malden where police are investigating after a car hit a pedestrian. that person was seriously hurt. it happened on salem street near auburn street around 6:00 p.m. the driver stopped after the crash and stayed at the scene. the road will be closed
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no word on any possible charges after tonight's accident. homes broken into in one local community. new tonight both families are talking about what was stolen only to fox 25. fox 25's malini basu back live in marblehead now with the one thing these people could have done to protect themselves. malini? >> vanessa we're talking about prescription spill pills, laptops, cord, chargers money was also stolen. tonight the victims here are afraid of what could happen next. >> somebody came in very unsettling. >> reporter: andrea, her husband, daughter and son-in-law were all found asleep when someone was creeping around in their home. >> we had gone to bed around 10:00, 10:ly we woke up the next morning my husband's wallet was on the kitchen counter. >> reporter: the next morning they noticed money was missing. he occupied up his wallet saw crash missing credit cards were still there and driver's license was still there.
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took his or her time. and walked around a bit. >> but then i looked in my wallet which was out as well and the cash. gone but the driver's were still there. >> reporter: the person walked in through their kitchen door. it happened yesterday morning on longview drive. then blocks away -- >> i can't find my ipad. i thought i left it right on the counter. i don't see your computer. >> reporter: jerry and his wife woke up to their i-pads and laptops gone. >> they even took the cord and the plug and the connections i guess they were going to use it or whatever. >> reporter: same m.o. the person walked in through an unlocked door. that burglary happened on londonderry ro yesterday morning. in this case, the suspect even took off with their prescription medication. the homeowners just want closure. >> i feel really sorry that someone so des plate they were would enter someones a
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also that i'm grateful that nobody came down and confronted them. >> i think that's the lesson to be learned get a damn gun. >> reporter: jerry who you just heard from got a phone call from someone saying that they found his prescription pills. while police took that bottle for evidence tonight police think there is one person acting alone. if you have any information you are asked to do the right thing and call marblehead police police. malini basu, fox 25 news. some developing news we oregon. the father and son ranchers at the center of an armed standoff have turned themselves in to authorities are now in prison in california. armed supporters of the men have been occupied occupying a wildlife preserve in oregon. the sheriff is now urging the group to disperse peacefully. donald trump bringing cheers and protests to lowell tonight. thousands gathered inside the center at u-mass lowell
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speak. protestors made multiple attempts to derail the speech but trump and his thousands of supporters kept going. one supporter wrote a song and the republican presidential candidate. >> i had a first sergeant that was like him. he kept us guys alive. it's amazing this is trump is like came from heaven. >> trump kept hits speech local wishing tom brady a swift recovery on his sprained ankle and focusing on the boston marathon during his criticism of president obama's handling of terrorists. police tell fox 25 no protestors were arrested. bill clinton in new hampshire today trying to drum up support from his wife's campaign. coming up later on he wasted no time going after donald trump. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend will plead guilty to a new charge. new tonight fox 25's christine mccarthy spoke with a brother about this plea. >> reporter: it's been 34 years since steve davis lost
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ever gotten easier for him. he tells me tonight that catherine greig's loyalty for whitey bulger is infuriating and frustrating also disrespectful to the victims families. >> she went with somebody she loved. >> reporter: the sister of catherine greig james "whitey" bulger's long time girl zends defends her twin as greig plans to plead guilty refusing to tell authorities who helped hide her and the boston mobster for 16 years. >> reporter: but steve davis has far different words for greig who is already serving an eight-year sentence for helping bulger evade police. >> if she had any kind of heart or any kind of decency she would think about the families and her loved ones. >> reporter: his sister debbie the girlfriend of bulger's partner steve flemmi was strangled and
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>> i don't believe hands on killed my sister i believe he ordered her, you know, saying she knew too much. she was going to leave flemmi. >> reporter: greig's silence has been agonizing for davis. >> did she have apart in any of the murders no,. did she know and aid and abet him, yes. davis who keeps a shrine to home. >> she's beautiful. >> reporter: says he knows loyalty but he can't understand how greig can support a convicted killer serving a life sentence. >> if one of my family members ever massacred and tortured and ripped people apart and murdered i would have to let go. >> reporter: davis believes greig is protecting some people on the street who may have helped her and bulger while they were hiding and he believes any loyalty that
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bulger would not be returned if bulger were in her shoes and he had a shot at freedom. in boston, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. norwood are sharing these photos of two men believed to be responsible for some thefts of a local gym. police say they took keys out of unsecured lockers at a gym in town and stole items from cars parked outside. norwood police say this is a reminder to always lock up your belongings. new at 11:00, a man is in hospital after being hit by a car in a parking lot. it happened this afternoon outside of the wal-mart in leicester. police say surveillance video shows the driver hitting the victim knocking him into the air then landing on the hood of the car. the man that was hit is expected to be okay. the driver was given a citation. the mbta narrowing down the fare hike options at the year. the first option would increase by about 5% and further hike subway and bus passes. that would reduce the deficit by $10 million. the second and most expensive option for riders
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nearly 10% and further hike cutting the deficit by $26 million. a final decision will be made after a public hearing. tracking that snow out there tonight still applying in plymouth county. i'll show where you the worst of it is but for everyone it's bitter cold. wait until you see the wind chills out there right now. bill clinton campaigning in new hampshire what he did instead of mentioning donald trump. swans, ducks and whole lot of firefighters why they were find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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former president bill clinton was in new hampshire today. as sharman sacchetti witnessed he said a lot about donald trump without once mentioning his name. >> reporter: former president bill clinton shaking hands, snapping pictures and otherwise mingling during a stop at the backroom restaurant in manchester, new hampshire. before this he told a crowd in nashua why he believes his wife is the best choice for improving the economy and keeping the country safe. >> she understands what it takes to keep our country as safe as possible. >> reporter: right now hillary clinton is campaigning in iowa, and she could really use her husband's help in new hampshire, a state she narrowly won in 2008. at nashua community college, president clinton relayed to the crowd of 750 the personal stories about hillary clinton while detailing her accomplishments all in that conversational manner he's known for. the one name we didn't hear donald trump.
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kind of scary this year but believe it or not, most everybody actually tries to do what they say they're going to whener this running. >> reporter: he never once mentioned the g.o.p. front-runner by by name. >> we don't want to run away from a place from the place we've been america is a place that welcomes all people. >> reporter: so president clinton's presence on the campaign trail help or hurt? we asked the voters inside. >> after hearing him talk today i'm still searching but i think he did a really good job today. >> i'm leaning towards hillary. >> reporter: leaving less than 36 days to win over those undecided voters. >> there's a new push to drop the legal drinking age.
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down the details now from new hampshire. a local fire department coming to the rescue of some feathered friends today. we're having a little trouble with jim's package. right here fitchburg firefighters were joined by the d.p.w. to scratch some swans and ducks that were out on the frozen pond here. they will be moved to an outdoor pen at a farm for the winter. they do this to keep the birds safe from coyotes and foxes while the pond is frozen over. kevin? >> reporter: two things about tonight one is the snow that's flying. but for everyone the other part of this alert is the bitter cold that's happening and the wind chills that are subzero even subzero by 10 degrees or more in some spots. this is the snow that has been happening.
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now it goes right up to about hull fantastic if you are seeing some flurries stretches over through to the scituate area and southward toward halifax where the snow has picked up again just about an inch of snow there into west bridge. off the west of there right along to 495 right near the 495 boundary. that stretches to the other boundary that's off to the east on cape cod. it's in the middle here where the deeper blues are showing up to the upper cape that's where the steadiest snow is happening tonight. out here to barnstable and well harwich nothing accumulating. dennis seeing a little steadier snow right now. one new one come in. that's 27 degrees in south orleans again sent in via twitter. i really appreciate the picture obviously some flurries happening in the outer cape and orleans as well. these snow bands will continue. the steadiest right in that same area.
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takes you overnight into the early morning hours which means out here in this part of the state especially you need to make sure you check with shiri first thing in the morning about the snow situation where the roads will be the worst because with temperatures like we have out there right now it only takes a tiny bit of snow to make it very slippery. in this band here so difficult to say exactly where the bands will set up. this looks like the area that has the best chance for seeing some i guess shovelable snow on either side this is from now through the morning. i know other places already had half an inch of snow in metro west in some spots but you won't get anything more from this tonight this is all ocean effect now. look at these temperatures. -13 wind chill in teen, -11 . the actual temperatures are a little better it's 15 in boston, 7 worcester, 5 in keene, new hampshire and nashua you are at 8 . hollis is at 9
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hudson new hampshire at 9 , to the north in southern and central new hampshire, new boston at 5 , bedford at 7 . westover -1 wilmington 3 . these temperatures will bottom out tonight in the single numbers for the most spot. in southwest, new hampshire, 9 in brockton, 12 in boston in the morning. milder on cape cod in the 20s. these bands of snow will taper off through the morning and the afternoon. we will stay clear tomorrow night into wednesday morning. into the day wednesday which will set us up for another cold start to the day coming up on wednesday. how about high temperatures tomorrow. so the south where have you more clouds keeping you a little milder overnight. temperatures will still only rise into the mid-20s for high temperatures. to the north shore here in
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temperatures portsmouth 26 , 25 hampton beach here in rockport cape anne 26 lawrence tomorrow afternoon for a high temperature. back here into worcester county temperatures in the 20s here as well. worcester 24 gabdner at 25 and metro west into middlesex county arlington 27 . there's quincy at 25 degrees tomorrow afternoon for a high temperature. here's the seven-day forecast. your weekend always in view. some cold starts milder days wednesday through friday. on saturday and sunday that weekend is in view it looks like it could get messy. plan for some messy weather. >> we will try to bring that you story we had some audio issues with with regarding a new push to drop the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 in new hampshire. it is the state rep's idea as we said earlier but does come with some guidelines. >> reporter: damien marsden is 18 years old he cleant
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hampshire house passes under certain circumstances he could. >> i would be like you're too young at 18 to drimpt you still do stupid stuff you're not fully aware of what you're doing. >> reporter: house bill number 1606 filed by a scret state representative would allow alcohol use for those aged 18 to 20 with the intent that "younger people will no longer be initiated to alcohol consumption in the absence of adult supervision. adult supervision as defined by the bill a responsible 21-year-old. under the proposal the 18 to 20-year-old would not have unlimited access to alcohol. for one thing they could only consume beer and wine. plus, the bill makes no provision for the age group to purchase or possess alcohol. >> people they can't even handle their own alcohol so i don't see people being 18 years of age being around alcohol. i don't see it being safe. >> reporter: the drinking age in new hampshire was lowered to 18 in the 1970s
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some 30 years ago along with every other state. a representative for mothers against drunk driving or madd tells fox 25 that's where it should stay. >> it is a well studied public health law that has saved lives and is now more than ever is needed to because teen alcohol use has declined but teen alcohol use still continues to kill 4700 people a year. >> reporter: and madd spokesperson said beer and wine just as harmful to teens as hard liquor. we did try to reach out to the sponsor of this bill. we were unable to get in touch. in seabrook, new hampshire, jim morelli, fox 25 news. celtics in brooklyn tonight's looking to help their playoffs and lottery chances. but we've got a patriots update. tom brady's find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together
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i've always dealt with injuries. i'll try to do believe me i'll be doing everything i can to be out there. there's nothing else in my life that's a priority at this point of getting just feeling like i'm 100%. >> adam reporting that both josh mcdaniels and mat patricia are interviewing with the dolphins have been asked permission with the patriots and given it. we'll see what happens with them. celtics in brooklyn tonight with the red hot star 37 point first quarter. jay crowder leads the way the steal and the dunk. celts by 6 later in the first. crowder does it again. celts by 12. they had 10 steals in this game in just seven turnovers. then watch marcus smart are you really going to leave the ball, gone. crowder would then knock down three. celtics shoot 44% and win by nine. pistons are at the garden on wednesday. that's it for sports.
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