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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  January 5, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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president moving orward with new plans to require background checks on more gun purchases. what the process means for on-line sales. someone is creeping around while you're sleeping and going into unlocked homes in marblehead. we'll tell you what the suspect is after. and making it legal at 18. the reason for a new push to dial back the drinking age with a catch in new hampshire. >> announcer: this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. first at 10:00 we are right in the middle of a deep freeze that will get worse before it gets better. evening i'm vanessa well,. >> and i'm mark ockerbloom. kevin lemanowicz tell us us what it will be like when you wake up. >> for all of us it's going to be bitter cold but for some you still have some snow flying. there is snow still happening out there. with antarctic cold front today that's the cold you see out there right now. now it's ocean effect snow is what we've been talking
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sitting -- setting up. let's take it in closest from? of the towns that border. from scituate over through nor well, hanover we have had about an inch of snow there already. on the the middle part of in hope blob of snow it's coming down hard. you see some of the deeper blues and purples in here. it's getting the steadiest and moderate snow at times right now. it's where you will see any significant accumulations by significant we're talking one to three inches we're not talking about a huge snowstorm but still enough they may have to shovel it off a bit. that will continue into the early morning hours. you see it here it's green but that's all snow we're talking about. in the morning shiri will be talking about those snow bands. we'll talk about those bitter cold temperatures, too. >> all right, kevin we'll see you in just a bit. fox 25's ted daniel live now in boston. ted, hard to believe it was
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than a week ago? >> i miss those days already, vanessa it is frigid out here. the feels-like temperature in boston is a lovely two degrees sidewalks are empty, a lot of people tonight are staying indoors. >> reporter: a big dose of reality the first monday of the new year. it's back to work and back to the cold. the last time boston recorded the low in the single digits was march, twenchl. tonight we metropolisa hang on boylston street as she was heading home to attleboro. >> it's that time of the year when it's deep cold but i feel like we've been so spoiled recently with the weather that i actually was not prepared. >> reporter: on the south shore and cape cold and ocean effect snow. all it took was a couple of inches to cause big problems on route 3. duxbury police and fire responded to a number of pileups and spinouts involving more than 20 vehicles.
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to the hospital with minor injuries. >> i think it iced soup quick just in that stretch of road it was really strange. it was between exits 10 and exits 12 basicly that whole stretch of the highway. >> reporter: in january the fact that it's cold and this bitter is nothing new but the first real arctic blast is always tough, especially when you consider it was nearly 70 weeks ago it. >> was very unusual christmas day. my son was outside riding his bike and here we are. >> reporter: so all of the northeast is in the grip of this cold snap. if you want relief you will have to travel far. florida, one option, and miami it was 74 today. reporting live in boston, ted daniel, fox 25 news. unreal with the warm temperatures behind us it's start time to start thinking about ways to protect your homes from freezing temperatures. tips include keeping water running even if it's just a trickle and keep your pipes
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avoid ice dams by ventilating your attic. and insulate your floors. also inspect your fireplace before using it and keep the flue closed. stay safe and work with our fox 25 weather app where you can track the latest temperatures and much more. it is free to download to your smartphone or tablet. we are following developing news out of malden after a car hit a pedestrian. it happened on salem street near auburn street around 6:00 p.m. tonight. police tell fox 25 the driver stopped after the crash and stayed at the scene. the road will be closed until the investigation is complete. no word on any possible charges or the condition of the pedestrian. developing at this hour reaction coming fast and furious after gun control. the executive orders will be announced tomorrow by the president and boston mayor marty walsh will be there. >> reporter: 200 new a.t.f.
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230 new f.b.i. employees dedicated background checks, and 500 million dollars for access to mental healthcare. president obama is planning to announce these and other sweeping gun control measures tuesday morning. >> president obama: i think everybody here is all too familiar with we have tens of thousands of people every single qler are killed by guns we have suicides that are committed by firearms that are far exceeds other countries. >> reporter: the focus of these actions keeping guns out of the wrong hands. the plan encourages states to report people who should be kept from buying weapons. it also partially closes the gun show loophole by expanding mandatory background checks for some private sales. however, hobbyists and collectors will still be exempt from the requirement to register. >> president obama: what i asked my team to do is see what more we could do to
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and make sure that criminals, people who are mentally unstable, those who could where others are less likely to get a gun. >> reporter: the president will also direct the pentagon to develop strategies to research smart gun technology that would scan fingerprints before guns can fire. republicans in d.c. and on the presidential campaign have blasted any attempt by the white house to do this on its own. >> this is something that needs to be worked out with congress. >> reporter: boston mayor marty walsh will join the president tomorrow. the mayor tweeting that he's proud and can't wait for congress to act. mayor walsh hosted the new england gun violence summit and has been working on gun we of course will be following the mayor's trip to washington and all the developments on these gun control announcements. beginning on the fox 25 "morning news" at 4:00 a.m. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend krooek is already in prison but pleading guilt -- catherine
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but pleading guilty tonight on new charge. christine mccarthy has more? >> reporter: it has been 34 years since steve davis lost his sister and it has never gotten easier for him. he tells me tonight that catherine greig's loyalty to whitey bulger is not only inif you are rating and frustratedding it's also disrespectful to the victims families. >> she went with somebody. >> reporter: the sister of catherine greig james "whitey" bulger's long time girlfriend defends her twin as agreeing plans to plead guilty to criminal consentiment -- contempt charges refusing to tell authorities who helped to hide her and the mobster for 16 years. >> reporter: but steve davis has far different words for for catherine greig who is serving an eight-year sentence. >> if she has any kind of heart or any kind of decency she would think about the families that lost loved ones.
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debbie the girlfriend of bulger's partner steve flemmi was strangeled and tossed in a grave along the river in 1981. >> i don't believe -- i believe he ordered her saying she knew too much she was going to leave flemmi. >> reporter: greg gregg's silence has beening a needing. >> did she know yes. >> reporter: davis who keeps a shrine to his sister in his milton home. >> she was beautiful. see the ring on her finger. >> reporter: says he knows loyalty but he can't understand how greig can support a convicted killer serving a life sentence. >> had one of my family members ever massacred and tortured and ripped people apart and murdered i would
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>> reporter: davis believes that greig isn't speaking to authorities because she's protecting people who might have helped her and bulger while they were hiding and davis says that he believes that any loyalty that greig has for whitey bulger would not be returned in bulger were in her shoes. the roles were reversed and he had a shot at freedom. we're live in boston, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. a scary sight for all patriots nation but tonight we can all breathe easier. as bad as the loss was to the dolphins things could have been much worse for number 12. brady suffered a high ankle sprain on the second quarter play here with a hit from ndamukong suh. but did stay in the game until there were two minutes
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-- tonight the man even at gillette stadium -- and drug possession. he was held on more than $17,000. a man charged with assaulting a police officer being held on bail tonight. attacked the officer on new year's morning while in his cruiser. with strange and threatening comments to officers during the incident. his lawyer says his client doesn't remember what happened he is due back in court next month. tonight a local police officer is recovering after what he calls a vicious and unprovoked attack. investigators say the officer went to a home for reports of an attack and that's when things took a very dangerous turn. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins explains the bizarre back story. >> reporter: it was new year's eve when a strange
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>> a man asked for help and another individual was chasing had imwith a gun. >> reporter: the officer responded to scene to find nothing. >> he checked the area. >> reporter: he eventually located one man argo in court argo's defense is he begged the officer for help but then suddenly police say he lurched at the officer. >> he was gouging at his eye this person squeezing his throat. squeezing his throat to the point he couldn't speak for a little while with us. >> reporter: the officer called for backup. >> the officer screamed for help you could tell he was engaged in a fight. it sounded like he was being stabbed to be honest with you. >> reporter: he claims that that fight was the result of a miscommunication and he believes he had been drugged. police say they believe whatever was in the 25-year-old's system he chose to take. >> he indicated that he had been drinking a lot. he had a bottle of whiskey, that night, five to six bottles of beer and on top of that was smoking marijuana with friends.
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an is a post-graduate law student from brazil who most recently has been working as cacarpenter in hudson. police say the man who claimed to have been chasing him was actually asleep in bed. police say the threat may have been in his mind but the injuries to the officer are very real. >> you are dealing with the victim and the victim turns on you. >> reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. getting guns off the street for good. how local police are making sure these guns don't get a second chance to hurt someone else. >> winter is just beginning but it's the last one that could be raising your homeowners insurance right now. in the next half hour what's being done to stop you from paying a higher plate massachusetts. >> they were standing outside for hours it's getting tough up here. >> reporter:. donald trump supporters and protestors waiting for
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developing news on wall street tonight where stocks
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the dow jones industrial average seeing the biggest loss falling 276 points. the nasdaq not doing much better. worst day of trading since 2001 falling 104 points. the s&p 500 dropped 31. experts say a plunge in chinese stocks triggered a global equity selloff. donald trump bringing cheers and protests to lowell tonight. thousands gathered for a huge rally inside the center. fox 25's kathryn burcham is live in lowell where there were quite a few interruptions tonight, kathryn? >> reporter: despite the fact that the protestors were corralled away several managed to make their way inside and disrupt trump several times. but it didn't dampen the crowds enthusiasm. the only thing louder than the screams of protestors and homemade t-shirts were the thousands of trump
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during a meeting. vietnam veteran and trump supporter penned a song for >> i had a first sergeant that was like him. he kept us guys alive. trump is like from heaven . >> reporter: he kept his speech local and wishing tom brady a swift recovery and focusing on the boston marathon during his criticism of plunder dome's handling of terrorists. >> when you have the -- of boston's handling of terrorists. >> when i watched that. >> reporter: trump also referenced president obama while targeting hillary clinton just hours after his first television ad placed the two side by side. >> let's say hillary -- four more years of obama that's what you call it.
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touched on some of the same themes in that television ad that debutted this morning, including the wall that he says he wants to build on the u.s. border with mexico. as for the protests that were there against those sort of ideas we're told that none of them were arrested after they were moved from the center here. live in lowell, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. former president bill clinton hitting the campaign trail today on behalf of his wife. clinton snapped photos. he also spoke to a crowd in nashua earlier in the day. while there was no direct mention of donald trump he alluded to his his wife's opponent. >> america is a place that welcomes all people. >> back in 2008, hillary clinton narrowly won new hampshire today she spent the day campaigning in iowa, at 11:00 more from former president clinton.
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is finally back open now. skyfox over the crash this this morning where a car crashed into a pole sending power lines over the road. state police reopened the northbound lanes earlier this afternoon. one southbound lane was open for the evening commute. the other opened earlier tonight. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries in that crash. an everett teen found shot under an overpass has died. the d.a. says 19-year-old omar reyes was found on sunday morning under the towson street overpass. he was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition but passed away tonight. right now police are not saying if they have any suspects. new at 10:00, local police catching a thief on camera as he breaks into parked cars in charleston. you can see the man try to open the door of one of the cars but it's locked so he moves onto the next one then leans inside here to take something.
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in the area of gail road. also new at 10:00 thieves breaking into homes while people are asleep inside. it happened two times over the weekend in marblehead. fox 25's malini basu joins us live now from marblehead after speaking exclusively with two victim was. -- victims. >> reporter: vanessa you said it imagine sleeping and someone walking around in your house and stealing your stuff. well, it's happening here in marblehead. tonight two of the victims tell us they feel nervous nothing the suspects are still out there. >> somebody came in it was very unsettling. >> reporter: andrea, her husband, her daughter and son-in-law were all found asleep when someone was creeping around in their home. >> we had gone to bed and we woke up the next morning. >> reporter: the next morning they noticed money was missing. he occupied up his wallet cash was missing. >> reporter: the suspect took his or her time.
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>> but then i looked in my wallet which was out as well and the cash. gone but the driver's license and credit cards were still there. >> reporter: person walked in through their kitchen door. it happened yesterday morning on longview drive. then blocks away. >> i can't find my ipad. i thought i left it right i think even on the counter. she said i don't see your computer. >> reporter: jerry and his wife woke up to their ipads and laptops gone. >> so he even took the cord and the plug and the connections i guess they were going to use it or whatever. >> reporter: same m.o. the person walked in through an unlocked door. that burglary happened on londonderry road also yesterday morning. in this case the suspect even took off with their prescription medication. the homeowners just want closure. >> i feel really story that someone is so desperate they would enter someone's home and risk what they were and
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nobody came down. >> and i think that's a lesson to be learned. get a damn gun. >> reporter: tonight for the laptop, the i-tops they have not yet been recovered. police think there is one suspect that may be acting alone. coming up at 11:00 we'll get into more details about the primgs medication was found how they -- prescription medication was found and how they got it back. malini basu, fox 25 news. a child after falling 25 feet from ski lift it happened over the weekend. new tonight answers from the ski area where the safety of that lift. a father and a son at the zblov an armed standoff turns -- at the center of an armed standoff turns
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developing news out of oregon.
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have turned themselves in to authorities and are now in prison in california. armed supporters of the men have been occupying a wildlife preserve in oregon. the sheriffs are there now urging the groups to disperse peacefully but they are still refusing to leave. an appeals court has increased the father and son's prison sentences after the pair had already served time. the supporters feel the ranchers were treated unfairly. >> everything that we use, everything that we benefit as people comes from the land. the federal government knows that that's where wealth is generated and they're taking it and stealing it from the people. >> amen bundy says his group is arm but does not describe it as a militia. the sight o'a deadly mass shooting in san bernardino reopened for the first time today under tighter security. the inland regional center has been closed since december 2nd when 14 people were killed. more guards are now in place. counsellors were also on hand. >> we are getting a look at
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ship el faro which rests at ocean. we first showed you this video last night on the fox 25 news at 10:00. now federal investigators are decide whether to launch another search of the wreckage. the shift's whole navigation tower are still missing. >> you can tell us why the route. chosen they can tell us what was happening we understand there was a boiler issue it and would tell us more about that so there's lots of information we can get. >> el faro sank in october after getting caught in a hurricane with 33 people on boochld among those who were lost were two mass maritime grads. also killed was marrett wright whose mother lived in massachusetts. from 21 to 18, the reason a local state rep wants thror the drinking age and the guideline he says will actually curb alcohol abuse. we'll track the bands
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the investigation continues at a new hampshire ski resort after a child fell from a ski lift. officials say an 11-year-old office a lift in danbury this weekend when he fell 25 feet. the boy's father tells the union leader the lift started moving before he could pull down the safety bar and no attendants were around. the boy reportedly suffered a concussion. a spokesman for the resort tells the paper saying there were attendants and the lift has been inspected and cleared for normal operations. the mbta narrowing down the fare hike options at the first meeting of the new year. the first option would increase single ride fares by about 5% further hike subway and bus passes. that would reduce the ts deficit by $10 million. the second and most expensive option providers would increase single fares nearly 10% and further hike passes to cut the deficit by $26 million. final decision on hikes will be made in march after public hearings. last year's disastrous
1:26 am
for home insurance rate hike dozens of insurance companies have increased their rates. some companies that have not raised rates say they will soon. investigative reporter kerry kavanaugh spoke with one lawmaker who says that using last winter as justification is actually against the law. >> that's $2,086 that's double. >> reporter: mar slal says safety insurance more than doubled his homeowners insurance presume after the epic winter of 2014. >> you have a lot of winter here. >> reporter: he filed a claim to repair the roof on his gloucester home he believes it cost him big time. but this year even homeowners without claims are paying up as we first reported last july, the state division of massachusetts granted several insurance companies increases this year including the two biggest. raising premiums by roughly
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>> it's hardly justified because we had a bad year. i had a bad year i got a hole in my roof. >> reporter: now fox 25 investigates has learned that some state lawmakers are asking the same question. >> we are very much interested in the way the inference does it job. >> reporter: they are concerned with state granted the rate increases without any public hearings. >> are they really fair, are they supported by the evidence that the company has given us. >> reporter: the state division of insurance reports that massachusetts policy holders paid $2.1 billion in premiums in 2014, that was an increase of 5.4% or about $100 million from 2013. bare eliminate says rates steadily climb each year but he thinks warrant further investigation. >> you're not supposed to play a one sided game where you make money in the good years and are held in the bad years. get on the board. do your job. do your damn job.
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e-mailed the division of insurance for comment on their process. we did not hear back. the company designed to comment on the story we never heard back from safety. senator barrett says even though the rate increases have already been approved the division of insurance could go back and take another look. in beverly tonight, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. this is antarctic cold front coming on through but the main event was always going to be the ocean evening snow. onto the upper cape even to the mid-cape, today, this is a steadier band of snow right through plymouth county. halifax it's begun snowing there again. even stretches out into areas, too. the northern extent of this stretches from about norwell, kingston still getting some
1:29 am
tonight. that continues right down here through wareham across the bridges of cape cod. that's where it's coming down a little more steadily. mash pea over to barnstable as well seeing some of -- mashpee over to barnstable as well seeing some of that. yarmouth and chatham and orleans seeing some flurries as well. snow reports just in from the national weather service thanks to those guys putting together the list. kingston 2.50 inches of snow so far. hall tax -- halifax at one inch. millis coming about half inch. these snow bands will continue to come across those areas of cape cod right through the overnight hours into the morning. not always going to come down heavily. meteorologist shiri spear will be here in the morning to keep you up-to-date as to where those bands are still blowing some snow on you on cape cod through the later morning it starts to taper
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we'll see sunshine just about everywhere else. it will only be in those areas during the morning hours but it will still be snowing. in those areas already seeing 2.50 inches up there in kingston. one to three inches of snow in this area. we saw coatings earlier out in central to eastern massachusetts. metro west you're not getting any more tonight it's clearing skies which leads to this. arctic cold air is in place. when you have the wind blowing, too you get wind chills of -2 , it feels like -3 in boston and -8 single numbers keene to orange to worcester now nine degrees. boston 16 still much milder out on cape cod in the 20s. pellham, new hampshire is at eight degrees tyngsboro you are at nine degrees. manchester at nine, bedford at eight how about this for you in southeastern vermont. you think they're making
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how about -two, -3 not a wind chill an actual temperature. here's what we get up to in the morning. teens at the coast. then 20s out there in cape cod with a snow flurries will continue. by noon time just about everybody gone. and a clear night tomorrow night. now as far as temperatures tomorrow don't expect to be a warm day for sure. we are decidedly arcticly cold tomorrow. 27 watertown to cambridge, 26 in braintree tomorrow afternoon. the farther north and west you go the coolest it's going to be. the coldest day of the week coming up tomorrow. here's your seven-day forecast showing the very cold temperatures in the morning wednesday, thursday but nice rebounds in the afternoon with sunshine. your weekend is always in view has to be tracked closely. right now predominantly rain on saturday. working hard out on the water. new at 11:00, why firefighters were trying to gather up animals in one local town today.
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where this animal was just >> groundbreaking local program to help drug addicts is getting a new boost of support. boston police have been providing help for heroin addicts who were turning themselves in. now the insurance will give the addicts comprehensive treatment plans once they are done detoxing. portsmouth, mampz police
1:33 am
hampshire police want your help tracking down two who made fraudulent purchases does 9th . if you recognize them contact portsmouth police. the search continues in nempz for a coyote that is -- new hampshire for a coyote that is in trouble. general motors is throwing some of its weight behind a ride hailing company. it's investing half a million dollars into lyft. now some of the money will go towards developing an autonomous on demand network for self-driving cars. short-term car rental will also be set up at hubs across the country so people who don't have cars can still work for lyft. g.m.s president will also become a lyft board member. troubles continue to mount for volkswagen. the e.p.a. are suing volkswagen over its emissions cheating software.
1:34 am
the automaker of violating u.s. environmental rules are seeking $18 billion in penalties. volkswagen has admitted its diesel cars had illegal software installed to cheat emissions tests. what would do you with a million dollars? >> how about millions of dollars? the jackpot still growing tonight. how much the powerball stands at right now. plus, the process to
1:35 am
getting guns off the streets for good. >> they go through a particular process to make sure guns connected to crimes don't get a second chance to hurt someone. fox 25's reporter kerry kavanaugh was there as hundreds of weapons were repurposed for good. >> this is what we're destroying. >> reporter: a stockpile of weapons at boston police headquarters. >> this is two years worth of evidence. >> reporter: for these guns this is the end of the road. >> we don't need them for any court case we're not going to sell them to anybody. and it just becomes a storage problem. we have weapons back to 1995. five more boxes over here. >> reporter: other guns turned over to police some officers simply found. >> we do have a lot of found weapons. where they're hidden somewhere that several people know the location so a gun might be used multiple time to time. >> this is say a typical crime gun. it's a -- >> reporter: it's the department's mission to make sure they're not used again. >> but every single weapon
1:36 am
check the serial number and sign off on it and then we move it. >> reporter: a meticulous process that begins here and ends here. >> so we were contacted by the boston police many years ago to help them with some disposal of guns that have been taken off the streets. >> reporter: collin county is with sister steel the metal recycler in everett that transforms the weapon. >> entirely repurposed. the material will come back in the forms of something like offenders of cars or rebar some commodities up. >> reporter: the process includes several witnesses that signed off on each gun that's to be destroyed. so all of the guns today 257 from boston police another 50 from quincy police. they're loaded into thisle on car -- loaded into this old car. and then collectively all of this will be loaded up and sent into a giant shredder.
1:37 am
process. -- shredding process. >> hopefully that's one less gun that's going to hurt someone. i think it sends a great message that we're trying to get as many guns off the street. >> reporter: from potential weapons in serious crimes to scrap metal. in everett. kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. the boston police department says it typically recycles guns on a quarterly basis. other smaller departments will occasionally join them as was the case when quincy police came out in december. the state's highest court is ruling that spanking is enough to deny a foster parent application. a fish -- fitchburg said the state discriminated against them because they spanked their bilogical children. they ruled that the state acted legally by denying their foster application. saying their rights are outweighed by the interests in protecting foster kids. a new bill being proposed to legalize prostitution.
1:38 am
the bill that would remove the criminal penalty if it involves two consenting adults. opponents of the bill say it will open the door for more violations. it can prevent certain forms of cancer but a new study shows not all doctors are recommending the h.p.v. vaccine to patients. it protects against the human papillomavirus. all girls and boys receive the vaccination between 11 or 12. researchers found some doctors delayed the discussion over concerns parents might object. you can expect to pay more for health insurance in massachusetts this year. also about cross blue shield raising premiums an average of 5%. health plan rates are set to go up between 3% and 7%. harvard pilgrim jumping 6% to 7%. insurers are blaming rising drug prices and the expansion of the affordable
1:39 am
planning public hearings on this next week. they are collecting cold weather items. now they are collecting hats, items. new hampshire's statistics shows there are nearly 1500 homeless people living in the state. and as many as 10% of those are veterans. two of the world's fastest supercomputers are now being put to work by the national weather service to change the way they forecast storms and severe weather. the new supercomputers are designed to give forecasts better more complete information to predict where dangerous weather will hit. each $35 million supercomputer will help change the way weather is predicted and planned for. >> it will be done faster, it will be done more accurate, and it will be done giving a longer extended forecast. >> the new supercomputers will now have a number of new features such as neighborhood-specific flooding forecasts.
1:40 am
those computers up and running. a lot of technology there kevin. >> we need it that's for sure. trying to pinpoint exactly where the snowflakes are flying. take tonight, for example we're talking about ocean effect snow bands. a skinny area relatively speaking we're talking about the whole state it's clear most of the state but just this area that's getting steady snow right now. it stretches out to the east on cape cod. so the north to about scituate. circles around the halifax a little farther west too towards bridgewater. this is the main event from plymouth towards barnstable. you can me deeper blues and purples then it stretches out here with some flurries around harwich and brewster. we saw some great pictures come in to us today. to the early evening hours. our own heather hegedus showed us they were out there salting the streets on 128. on 128 it wasn't very much. then there was this.
1:41 am
along route 3. it's not all bad news though. pam sent us this from the ski area look at this. that's blown snow on the slopes getting them covered soup we can get the skies on and enjoy some of this snow that's falling. expecting a couple more inches out there and that band that's set up along cape cod and the upper cape. we'll talk more about those amounts and updates on all of it including the very cold weather just ahead at 11:00 it. >> may be cold outside but the powerball game is heating up. >> the jackpot for wednesday now estimated at $400 million. just the right number when you could actually take home $171 million after taxes in the lump sum payout. the biggest drawing since february of last year. >> how about that what would do you with that financial? any idea. >> give a lot of it away. travel a lot and buy my dad a new house. wow, that's great. pay off christmas. life. >> $171 million is still 46
1:42 am
sox gave david price. think about that. we're not talking baseball we're tonight though we're still talking football. thank goodness we're still talking about tom brady as the patriots quarterback for the playoffs. up next brady talks about how worried we should be about his high ankle sprain. imagine sleeping through the night and waking up to find your belongings missing. it's happening in mayoralhead. the story next at 11:00. marblehead. the story next at 11:00. new at 11:00 why police
1:43 am
reminder for everyone totototo patriots were 2-4 down the stretch. 2-4 when asked today about how badly they have been playing down the stretch both bill belichick and tom brady said none of mattered. all that matters is what's next. they're right but it's still a question of if they can flip the switch and become as potent for the playoffs
1:44 am
and the answer to that with the help of tom brady --. and heal his high ankle sprain. on wee thirks morning brady tells dennis calahan i'll be fine. >> i'll just work hard to get the right treatment. i've always dealt with injuries. i'm very confident i know how to deal with injuries i know how to go. i will be doing everything i can to be out there. there's nothing else in my life that's a priority at this point other than getting me to feel like i'm 100%. >> in yesterday's game against the dolphins brady once again should have had a bull's-eye on his jersey maybe he did. the he was sacked just twice and hit just six times. our eyes tell us he probably should have been out of the game long before the last two minutes. did belichick consider taking brady out of this game earlier? >> we we consider doing it earlier, no.
1:45 am
him in? >> they were beating us. we're trying to play good football. i figured is that offensive to anybody? >> the pats are off this week but by the time this saturday night is over they will know their next opponent. steelers are favored by two and a half in cincinnati on january 16ing in the foxborough. it will either be the bengals, dhefs or texans. if the steelers win they go to denver. it's jobs fair week in the nfl. the detroit lions have been given permission to speak with norwood native bob quinn about their g.m. job. quinn has worked for the patriots for 16 years the last four as director of -- miami dolphins have asked permission to speak with josh mcdaniels and patricia. they are on a long list of candidates that the dolphins are looking at. celtics in brooklyn
1:46 am
helps the celtics both with their playoff chances and draft chances. after losing to brooklyn on saturday night celts come out smoking in this one. a 37 point first quarter in jay crowder leads the way. by six. later in the first crowder does it again. another steal he goes coast-to-coast. 31-19 at this moment. third quarter a lot of things to love about marcus smart there's one of them. diving on#the loose ball and stealing it from donald sloan. fourth quarter more crowder he knocks down the 3a career high 25 for jay. five celtics in double figures they win by nine. pistons come to the garden on wednesday night. tom coughlin resigns as head coach of the new york giants. but in a shocker on black monday the colts are bringing back chuck pagano
1:47 am
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