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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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a cold weather alert now at 4:00. single digit temperatures and snow this morning are leaving new england frostbitten. when temperatures bottom out and wraps up. breaking news in lynn, bullets fly outside a church sending one person to the hospital. boston's mayor standing side by side with the president on gun control today. the plan laid out by the white house to stop the violence. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: and they are making snow at nashoba valley, but many places don't need help this morning. we are tracking ocean-effect snow in single digits as you
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it is cold on this tuesday morning, january 5, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. if you were uncomfortably cold yesterday. brace yourself and an extra pair of pants and jackets. you will need them. stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear is pinpointing the towns that are starting near zero. are we talking zero wind chill or temperatures. >> shiri: both. worcester at 3 degrees. we could get to zero. the wind chills are sub zero. 6 from bedford to nashua to portsmouth, new hampshire. clear skies and clearing in boston at 9 degrees. first time we have been that cold since early march. and we start encountering teens and 20s over southeastern massachusetts and plymouth down to the cape as well as the vineyard. we still have snow falling. the ocean-effect snow and this will continue through 10:00 this morning. i have a winter weather advisory there. travelers to the south shore
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we have some snow accumulation we have some snow accumulation in slippery spots. underdoing the snow as we look at 6 a.m. 6 and 7 a.m., there are a couple of spots flirting with that 0-degree mark. by noontime up around 20 degrees and with the potential of a couple of snow showers hanging tight across the outer cape. and that threat will end about 1:00, you can see that we all end up clearing out by 5:00 this afternoon. note temperatures still in the lower 20s. going to be cold out there. 20 to 28. the warmest i am going to give you. early snow for the south shore and the cape and clearing out and cold and wait until we start talking wind chills. we will tell you how long they stay below zero coming up. over to you. >> julie: just frigid, shiri. i used my gloves when i was driving. brief brave over to the station. warm up your car and be prepared. roads will climb.
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there will be cold spots and beside the snow on the cape, not a lot of moisture that will cause black ice on our main roadways like the pike, the expressway. pike wide open through bright pike wide open through brighton. 23 money on the pike from 495 to the mass ave. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. another day to bundle up as temperatures continue to be bitterly cold. the last time boston recorded a low in the single digits as shiri mentioned last march. the first arctic blast of the season. after an unusually warm december, people tell fox25 they feel unprepared for the winter weather. >> that time of the year when it is like it should be cold, but, like, i feel like we have been so spoiled recently with the weather. so i actually was not prepared. >> daniel: not just the cold we are dealing with, snow on the south shore and cape. duxbury police and fire respond duxbury police and fire responded to 20 pile-ups and spinouts in just 30 minutes.
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hospital. we are on the south shore this morning monitoring the conditions. stay safe and warm our station weather app. keep track of the latest temperatures and weather conditions. it is free to download to your smartphone or tablet. shiri is back in just a few minutes. breaking news in lynn this morning where police surround a church that became a crime scene overnight. one person was reportedly shot in the parking lot of st. stevens on common street. police are searching for the suspects this morning. our crew at the scene was told the victim was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. right now no word on the victim right now no word on the victim's conditions. the church was blocked off by police overnight. new this morning in jamaica plains, police investigate a shooting on boylston street. a car was shot at and crashed into a traffic light. the traffic light was knocked down. the car had to be removed from the fence. the people inside the car were not hurt and police are searching the area for suspects searching the area for suspects. 4:04 right now. happening this morning, boston mayor marty wall low pressure
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this morning when he announces executive orders to curb gun violence. of the wrong hands. the president is expected to partially close a loophole with sales at gun shows by expanding mandatory background check for some private sales and provide funding for hundreds of fbi and staff to process background checks 24 hours a day. the president also wants to invest $500 million to increase access to mental health care. also this morning the atf is finalize finalizing a rule that ensures that dealers that ship firearms notify law enforcement if their guns are lost or stolen. act is now. >> i think everybody here is all too familiar with the statistics. we have tens of thousands of people every single year that are killed by guns. >> the president will also direct the pentagon to develop
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technology that will scan fire. the executive order means that the president is essentially by the president is essentially bystepping congress. boston's mayor was invited because because the administration sees him as working to end gun violence in new england. mayor walsh said he is glad to join the president and can't wait for congress to act. he added the hash tag, stop gun violence. the president will unveil his gun control orders during a news conference at 11:40 this morning. fox25, of course, will stream that for you on our web site and our news app and bring you details as it happens. it is now 4:06. a person is struck by a car in malden on salem street near auburn street around 6:00 last night. tell fox25 that the driver remains on the scene. not said if the driver will be charged. the victim had serious injuries no word on that person's condition. police in marblehead are looking into a thief that broke
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family were asleep inside. it happened at a home on longview drive where the thief walked around just feet from the sleeping family. the suspect took some money. then a few blocks away on londonderry drive, the suspect hit again and took ipads, lap hit again and took ipads, laptops and prescription medication. fox25 was the only station to talk to the victims and they said they feel violated. >> i feel really sorry that someone is so desperate they would enter someone's home with what they were. and also that i am grateful that nobody came down and confronted them. >> i think that is the lesson that we learned. get a damn gun. >> daniel: someone called the second victim to say they found his medication. police took the bottle as evidence and are using to track down the suspect. a federal judge said there is probable cause to charge dorchester man in connection with a theft of high powered weapon from a local armory. fox25 has been following this story since november when
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the u.s. army reserve center in worcester. the telegram reports a judge has ruled there is enough evidence to charge tyrone james. he is accused of helping sell some of the stolen guns. james is in custody and due park in court. the long-time girlfriend of convicted boston mobster whitey bulger will plead guilty to charges. catherine greig changed her plea in federal court. athe contempt charges is because of greig's refusal to fail to tell who helped them hide for the years. margaret mccuster told fox25 her sister's only crime is being in love. >> it is not any kind of crime. it shouldn't be fair. she went with somebody she loved. when was the last person -- when was the last woman put
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you loved. do you know anybody? right now it is not clear if this new charge will keep greig in prison longer because doesn't carry a mandatory sentence. the next court date for the case has not been set. a man accused of bringing a car full of weapons to gillette stadium refused in laugh in court. he seems to find something funny as they list the weapons found in his car during the winter classic. police were called to the employee parking lot by bus drivers and found knives, a taser and even a crossbow in the connecticut man's car. >> when asked if he had a ticket, he said he opened through a party and to scalp a ticket with the intention of going to the game. >> julie: not bronsan's first brush with the law. a record in massachusetts and connecticut. he is charged with drug possession and assault and being held on $17,000 bail.
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a violent attack on a police officer. the new year's eve attack happened when the officer was trying to help a man who thought he was being chased by someone with a gun. when argo silvera attacked the officer poking his eyes and choking him until he passed out choking him until he passed out. his defense argued that he had been drugged, but police believe whatever was in his system, he chose to take. >> he indicated that he had been drinking a lot. he had a bottle of whiskey that white and five six bottles of bear and on top of that smoking marijuana with friends. >> silvera is awaiting a hearing and the officer will need follow-up care because of damage to his eyes. a man is waking up behind bars. andrew bowman is being held on bail for allegedly attacking the officer on new year's morning while he was sitting in his police cruiser.
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bowman made staged and threatening comments at officers during his arrest. his lawyers said his client doesn't remember what happened. tremendous track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a look at your live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave. it is going to be frigid out there as we head out the door. we check in with shiri with more. >> shiri: that's right, julie with if you driving into the boston area, 8 degrees. by 6 a.m., 6 degrees. we just keep on cooling down. i will show you when we hit rock bottom and when the last of the snowfall over southeastern massachusetts coming up next. the teenager who used his affluent life as a defense is back in the headlines. coming up this half an hour, how he spent thousands of dollars while in the run in mexico. tensions are mounting at a standoff. how police are asking to end the protest peacefully and a
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megared krill oil. is easily absorbed by your body. megared. easy to absorb. 4:14. meteorologist shiri spear here, and i still have a steady clip of snow from plymouth down to sandwich, down to seabrook. on the cape as well as barnstable and snow showers will be ongoing for about the next six hours. developing this morning, the family of oregon ranchers who sparked the militia standoff are distancing themselves from protesters. a group has taken over a
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protest the five-year prison sentence of two cattle ravagers sentence of two cattle ravagers. dwe dwe dwight and steve hammond were sentenced to five years in prison for ason. a controlled burn on their property spread to federal property burning down 127 acres of land. the sheriff pleading with the protesters to go home >> the hammonds have turned themselves in. it is time for to you leave our community. go home to your family go home to your families. and end this peacefully. >> the protesters have occupied the wildlife sanctuary since saturday. other towns in oregon are sending backup to the area. and a new hampshire man is travelling to oregon to help the situation. jerry delimas was head of security at the pwunldy farm when ranchers were in a similar situation with federal government in 2014. he hopes to serve as a mediator he hopes to serve as a mediator, fearful of what could happen to the protesters who don't stand down. wall street you off to a bad start in 2016. stocks begin in the red this morning.
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stocks plummeted by the end of the day. the dow jones industrials saw the biggest loss dropping 276 points. the nasdaq had its worst day of trade points. the snp 500 dropped 31 points. experts say a plunge in chinese stocks triggered a global equity selloff. >> daniel: 4:16. more trouble for volkswagen. the perks pa and the justice department is suing over the cheating software. the federal agency accused the automaker of violating rules. the agencies are seeking up to $18 billion in civil penalty $18 billion in civil penalties. volkswagen admitted that they had illegal software. the next friday night pizza could be cheaper as two delivery giants are taking on each other. pizza hut and papa john's.
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sales but pizza sales were overall flight. 4 :. let's take a look at the roads right now. things are light right now because it is only 4:00 in the morning; however, it is very, very cold, warm up that car. expressway wide open. pike looks good from framingham through the tolls into bright through the tolls into brighton. 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 108. 20 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear is joining. you are watching frigid temperatures and snow that is falling. >> reporter: a lot of threats mostly in the form of the cold and the wind chills that will go along with it. snow is something to keep an eye on as well. tive in the low threat category because the coverage will be so limited. these are my snow reports coming in since yesterday could seriously use some of their reports this morning. you can send them to me at fox25 on twitter. kingston, two and a half inches kingston, two and a half inches.
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snow. halifax, an inch of snow. scituate and bourne, half an inch of snow and you have the snow falling in several spots. plymouth down to, say, the canal in the middle cape where we are going to get the highest snow totals. total we are looking at 2 to 4 inches in those spots. outer cape down to the island 1 to 2 inches to 2 inches snow total and that will all go the way back to yesterday with the plow drivers and the guys clearing up the streets are going to have to handle right now. from plymouth to marshfield down to the middle cape. these are the most impacted areas over the next couple of hours and what you will find are that the snow showers will slowly -- excuse me push their way to the east. in plymouth, 13 degrees right now. and we have got the snow, and i have got a wind chill of 2 below. so it is not just snowing. it is still cold out there this morning and we have mostly cloudy skies. and buy count on some snow showers until 8:00 this
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you can see temperatures barely getting out of the teens by noontime today. it is just going to be cold, cold, cold, and boston we have already cleared out. 9 degrees right now under clear skies. it feels like 8 below. wind chill is going to be a major thing to consider this morning as you get yourselves, your kids, today school. 10 degrees at 6 a.m. in boston. at 8 a.m. 13 degrees. by noontime, 19 degrees. we do get into the 20s, but will take some time and worcester at 3 currently with also those clear skies. i could actually see get down close to zero this morning before the warm-up starts. by 8 a.m., 7 degrees. by 10 a.m., 13 degrees. we only get in the 20s once we hit 2:00 in the afternoon. futurecast here we go. futurecast a tough time with the ocean-effect snow showers since yesterday. by 10:00 this morning. we still have some hanging on for the cape. for the cape comes to an end
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p.m., i expect all the snow to be offshore. still lingering clouds over the cape west of the area. hello sunshine all day long and at 5 p.m., a nice quiet ride home from work. high temperatures about 22 in boston and beverly. 24 in lawrence and norwood and new bedford, also this plymouth. upper 20s for the outer cape. and 21 degrees in worcester. 24 in nashua and keene and going to be bitter and you add you the wind on top of that 10 degrees cooler. back into the teens. at least won't be as chilly as it was tonight or what you are waking up to this morning rather and tomorrow we will be back into the 40s. today will be the coldest day of our seven-day forecast. here it is seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view because breezy and chilly today. we don't climb out of the 20s. 40s with highs on wednesday, thursday. and those clouds not coming into play until pretty late. start off with a little bit of an icy mix. change it over to rain and the
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rain continues into your sunday, back to you. >> 4:20 >> 4:20. encouraging teenagers to drink alcohol. the possible law that will give kids a few sips to keep them from overdoing it later. the hottest tech show of
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a terrifying near miss in oregon. an 18-wheeler slid on ice and nearly crashed into an apartment complex in the city of troutdale. it jackknifed on a hill and they watched it slide a few yards and spin before coming to rest just feet from the building. happening today, of a flew when sglav teen ethan couch with meet with his lawyer. they say he violated his probation in the states for a deadly drunk driving case of which he killed four people. his mother is accused of helping him flee to mexico and she is now locked up in california. now new reports that couch maxed out his credit cards at two mexican strip club and got so drunk that employees there had to carry him back to his mom's hotel room to get her to
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the lifestyle in full display in las vegas. features a fridge with a large touch screen in the door and a high-def tv talk roll up like a newspaper. there it is. i want to know more. you can expect new gadgets and gizmo's at the biggest techno of the world. tomorrow thousand also it is tomorrow thousand also descend on the sin city. mary maloney has more on what you can expect. >> reporter: the largest names will showcase their shiny new gadgets. dominated last year's event as did cool cars. this year expect more.worth he inventions and mind-blowing tech. new tv technology will be unveiled. big names like lg, sony and sharp are forecasted to tout new ways to make your tv watching better, but at least one company is jumping the gun and giving us a look at what they will show off. samsung has three projects from its super secret creative lab that may some day change your life. the first is the next
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technology. it looks like a typical belt, but hidden inside so-called smart sensor technology that can track your health like recording waist size, eating habits, steps and even time spent sitting down. this is a rink, a hand-motioned controller for those who like to play in virtual reality. and the last project is a little harder to see. it is a watch trap called tick tock and let's you hear your smartphones without headphones. all you have to do is touch your ear and voila, calls, video and anything else you play can be heard in your ear without these pesky headphone cords. cool, huh. don't expect to see them on store shelves any time soon. samsung said the products are in development stages and you will be able to see the photo types and other eye-popping technology at the cef. from consumer watch, i am mary maloney.
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crews look to find and save a coyote. they found the their in pembroke with a plastic container stuck on its head. the fish and game department is hope hoping to find him soon, tranquilize him and remove the container before he starves. a local fire department come together rescue of feather come together rescue of feathered friends. fitchburg fawvrs capture three swans and three ducks on the frozen pond. they will be moved to an outdoor pen at a farm for the winter. fire officials said they do this to keep the birds safe from coyote and foxes while the pond is frozen over. that looks -- that is dangerous there. >> julie: i wander how thick that ice is. >> daniel: wow. a woman ripped off in the drive-thru. ahead what happened when she came to confront the coffee shop.
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start is putting it li weather alert now at 4:30. the coldest weather we have
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where we are dgerously close
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