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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in saugus ijust minutes. first, talk about the weather. storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear. noted a cold this morning and still pretty chilly. >> shiri: still pretty chilly. nashua at 5. orange 2. in the 20s in worcester. and snow-free map all clear skies for the rest of the day. the next couple of hours, what happens between 7 and 8, the temperatures finally start to jump. we have got temperatures in the upper teens, lower 20s here at 8 a.m. check this out by noontime, temperatures go all the way into the middle 30s. so by lunchtime here, we will be above freezing and tap into sunshine and temperatures close to 40 this afternoon. highs 38 to 44 degrees. although we have a cool start, it is sunny and i don't want to say warm because it is january and still only going to be upper 30s and 40s, but more comfortable later today. send you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, how are the roads looking now 13 looking now looking now.
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saugus. the northbound exit blocked at essex street. northbound. however, we have a new accident. this is in the southbound lane of route 1 in saugus. and you can see jam-packed at 6 a.m. usually we don't see delays like this until 7:7:15. so i will avoid route 1 in saugus right now at all costs. here is a map of that closure because of the breaking news about fire. we will have more details for you shortly. we take a wider look. not seeing the volume increase in any of the major other road in any of the major other roadways quite yet. over to those live drive times. 17 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 24 minutes from 95 -- 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 28 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. >> first at 6:00, monday on that breaking news in saugus. fire fighters battling a huge house fire off of route 1. you can see from the video flames have consumed the house
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>> sara: unclear if anyone was inside when the fire broke out. catherine parrotta arrived just at the scene. what can you tell us, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, sara. we just got here ten minutes ago. i walked over and tried to get a word with the chief. i believe that is him walking away from us right now. you can imagine he has his hands very full right now. you can look at the skeenls behind me. fire trucks stretched across the ramp but i wanted if we could to spin around a little bit this way because where we are stand something actually the off ramp from route 1 going north. the essex street ramp in saugus. police have it blocked off. how close we are to route 1 right now. we are swinging along this way walking up the ramp. and that is where the fire is situated. pretty much the first house on this ramp, and you can see the fire truck stretch all the way across it right now. you can take another look of the video of the flames leaping out of this home. a three-alarm fire naps 'all we
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the address is 240 essex street in saugus. the walk i took around the scene that we saw fire trucks from saugus, lynn, melrose. i saw a fire truck with the lights and sirens on coming from chelsea up route 1. i don't know if that is from the scene or to cover other calls in the area. a huge response police and fire active. the fire still going. they are working to get this under control. as soon as we have a minute to get some information from the chief, we will be doing that and bring those details to you as soon as we can. live in saugus, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. another fire broke overnight in boston south end. fire crews knocked down an park. everybody inside the brick building was able to get out as the fire spread from the basement to the first and second floors. broke around 3:30. one fire fighter suffered minor injuries but everything else was okay. a half a dozen family a half a dozen families are back in their pneumonia medway. fire fighters telling us on the phone just before 4:00 this
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been fixed. this was breaking blast time in this was breaking blast time in. six homes eadvantage waited on milford because of a leak that converted to a gas converting station. service to the area has been restored. only the first week of january and the mbta is already apologizing for bad service. the freezing temperatures are once again wreaking havoc on the rails leaving passengers stranded. fox25's jessica reyes is live in andover where frustrated riders are hoping for a smoother day today. jess? >> reporter: they certainly are, sara, a nightmare for commuters north of boston. so far this morning, trains are running on time, but we just spoke to a couple of people on the 557 train, and some of them still little bit apprehensive. hundreds of people north of boston were left out in the cold on haverhill line and left stranded in the freezing cold. that all happened after a out that all happened after a out-of-service train from lawrence and andover around 4:00.
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operates the commuter rail say the wheels of two cars slipped off of the tracks and as a result, inbound service was stopped on the haverhill line at the lawrence station. passengers were told to take buses into the city and many of them told our crews they waited more than hand hour out in the blistering cold. passengers were handed flyers at north station yesterday explains what had happened but many we spoke to say it is not nearly enough. >> this has been over an hour since i left bradford, hour and 20 minutes was when the last -- up. and here it is i am still standing here in the freezing cold. >> spill only ride it when i have to because it reached the part with the fare costs it is almost cheaper for me to drive. >> reporter: similar issues on the red line. entrance secretary stephanie pollack say the freezing cold temperatures make the old tracks brittle. coming up in the next hour, what she had to say about the mess yesterday morning. live in andover, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news.
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repeated reassurances from mbta leadership that we will not have a repeat of last winter. >> replace about ten miles of the third rate on the red line. >> there is a system in place which is new. >> we also replaced half of all the third rail heaters on the orange line. >> sara: and those t improvements were announced just nine days ago and all part of the mbta $83 million winter resiliency plan, a plan that was supposed to keep trains moving smoothly even when temperatures plunged. a former mbta spokesperson tell a former mbta spokesperson tells knee transit officials need to take a second look at the problem. >> day one when it got under freezing, you know and this there wasn't even snow to contend with, we had problems. they kind of set themselves up in a very good in a very bad position. >> riders lashed out on social media saying it would have been easier to walk to work than take the trains. fox25 will monitor the train lines again this morning. julie will have up to the minute information as any
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our jessica reyes will continue to watch and wait passengers on the platforms. and at 6:06 this morning. we are continuing to follow developing news out of north korea where there are reports that the country has tested a hydrogen bomb. if true, it could hit a milestone for the nation's military. daniel miller is following the story for us. >> daniel: the headlines on newspapers and web sites across the world. u.s. officials cannot confirm if it is true, but devices picked up major seismic activity along the coast where there is an atomic test site. >> each nuclear test the north's ability to develop a really effective weapon a warhead increases. >> reporter: mark chino y talking about seriousness of what north core ye says was a successful hydrogen bomb. defending the tests reading in part the dprk's access to h bomb of justice, standing
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the chief pain of aggression is sovereign state. a televised announcement of the test was followed by images of north korean leader kim jong-un signing the order for it. the test could take days to confirm, but u.s. officials say they are aware of seismic activity within the vicinity of a known nuclear test site. the u.s. geological survey said the event measured 5.1 in magnitude and triggered condemnation from regional leaders including south korea and japan. if confirmed the test would be a big step forward for north korea's military ambitions, a hydrogen bomb is more powerful than plutonium weapons used in underground nuclear tests. of the global research group says the real goal is more attention from the west. >> what north korea really wants is a conversation,
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south korea, but even more from south korea, but from the united states. >> u.s. stock futures dropped after the news broke. the united nations have called for an emergency meeting in response to the nuclear test. we will keep you updated as the world wakes up to this news all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. happening this morning the mother of a little girl once known as baby doe will be back in court. the first time we have even rachelle bond and her boyfriend michael mccarthy in several weeks. mccarthy has been charged with first-degree murder and bella's mother is charged with being an accessory after the fact. they will be arraigned just after 9:00 in suffolk superior court in boston. a local woman is face charges this morning for leaving her baby girl in a cold car while she went shopping. it was another shopper who heard the baby's cries and called 911. >> how old is the baby?
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>> i don't know, like 6 months, 8 months, i don't -- it's tiny. >> sara: police say 27-year-old yao liu of east providence parked at the wrentham outlets shopping for ten minutes leaving the 8 ten minutes leaving the 8-month-old alone. when officers arrived, the mother had returned. >> she said she didn't know she was breaking the law. we said not so much the law but judgment as a. >> sara: the mother was not arrested but summoned to court on a charge of child endangerment. the baby is doing just fine. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes and i was tweeting thought picture, skyfox was over the scene of a break breaking news of a house fire off of route 1 in saugus. in the area. several emergency vehicles on scene and you can see multiple hoses putting the fire out. you can make out flames burning very hot in this fair.
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scene and will have more details coming up for you in just a moment and i will show you how it is affecting traffic. shiri. and, of course, we have kids, parents, teachers getting ready to head out to ready to head out to school in morning. 7 a.m. and ends up being mostly sunny. coming up we will look at the warm-up within when wear back in the 20s, 30s and 40 nrz just a few. a robbery spree in several local towns. the victims range from kids to seniors. at 6:30, the reason why police believe one man is responsible.
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that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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back at 6:14. breaking news in saugus that is impacting the morning commute. in saugus at essex street. a home there on fire. huge flames. our crews at the scene just learning that a fire fighter had to sgruvrp a window to get to safety this morning. we want to take you up to skyfox right now. this is live shot from skyfox. you can see from the air, plumes of smoke coming out. and it is just a remark -- remarkable that you can see orange flickering in there. flames are still burning and huge plumes of smoke coming from this fire that is also causing big problems on route 1 causing big problems on route 1. there are delay there. right now. which is not helping things
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julie grauert will have details on that and give us the latest on traffic situation. we will update this story of course throughout the morning. and a they are the six numbers that could change your life. tonight the powerball drawing will be worth a whooping $450 million. so expect some company at the convenience stores today. fox25's michael henrich is live inside a rest stop along the mass pike in natick where people are buying buying their tickets. do you have yours, michael? >> i don't have mine just yet and dust me i will pick up a ticket or two. i don't know if i am feeling lucky but i feel the power of optimism. i will go with i am kneeling lockry. getting their slips and picking out their numbers because the jackpot at 4 50 million. half a billion bucks on line here. the cash payout is about $275 million.
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one of the largest in the multistate lottery's history. nobody hit it jackpot according to the massachusetts state lottery since the first week of november meaning the jackpot has rolled over 17 times, and that has a lot of people dream that has a lot of people dreaming big here at the rest stop off of the pike in natick this morning. >> definitely take care of the wife. buy her something fancy. keep her happy. >> your chances are slim like we talked about but you still have a chance. it is worth a shot. >> reporter: worth a shot indeed. each shot, each regular powerball ticket will cost you $2 $2, and your chances stand at about one in roughly 292 million when it comes to the big winner matching all five regular numbers and the powerball. good luck to everybody who is playing. live in nay tim proximate cause i am. violent crime is up at t
6:17 am
uncovered by fox25 investigates uncovered by fox25 investigates, but a few stations have more trouble than many others. i generally feel very safe. i am mindful that anything could happen. >> we have to be open which inherently makes us a soft target. >> sara: forest hills has almost all of the stops. some of the other t stations with the most crime might surprise you. we will break down the top five and how police are responding tonight at 10:00. good morning, everyone. it is 6:17. let's go right back out to the live pictures from skyfox. they are over that house fire on essex street in saugus. heavy smoke, thick flames still burning very hot out there. because of the fire, the northbound exit on route 1 is closed; however, i am going to take you over to the map. we also have an accident at route southbound right at essex street.
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128. not connected to the fire and people slowing down because of the accident and in the southbound lanes and rubber necking to look at all of the smoke we just showed you. my advice avoid route 1 at all costs until this starts to simmer down. over to the live drive times, we bounced up to 31 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 30 minutes on 693 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 24 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the wes welker. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear join us now. the fire fighters working in chilly conditions. >> shiri: they are. not as cold as yesterday. yesterday only 26 for the high -- and today we will be back up to 40 this afternoon bounce around the 40s. the overnight temperatures are going to be chilly. boston, 27 degrees. in worcester, 21. but down to 9 in plymouth. one of the reasons we are much cooler, the plymouth, vineyard,
6:19 am
the fresh snow that cooled things down during the overnight bounces all this heat to outer space. at 8 a.m. in plymouth, about 16 degrees. lower 30s at 10 a.m. and for the afternoon, we will get close to about 40 degrees in boston itself, 27 right now. we have got winds that are going to be much lighter than yesterday, so i am not going to be covering wind chills today. temperatures will do just fine. 8 a.m., 24 degrees. mid-30s in boston by noontime and high the in the upper 30s. right through futurecast and this is all sunshine, all day long. nothing but high thin clouds north and west of boston. not interfering with the sun today and tomorrow and just a couple more clouds tossed in there. friday that things will change. friday afterians being date starts with sunshine and we draw wind in off the water. will bring the moisture not
6:20 am
enough moisture to create some drizzle late on friday. for today, though, it is all sunshine like i mentioned a couple high, thin clouds not going to do anything for the bright skies. 38 in worcester, orange and keene. chilly parts. 40 in nashua, fitchburg, boston and beverly. 42 in nor wood. 42 in chatham and 46, nantucket 42 in chatham and 46, nantucket. tonight we will be back into the teens and 20s. don't be surprised if they are about 5 degrees even lower than what we are seeing on the map here and another quiet overnight. the winds, again, not going to be cranking any time soon, and for the day tomorrow, more sun and 42 in boston and will take it up by a couple more degrees into your thursday. seven-day forecast for the weekend falls view. increasing clouds. and we are going to have to watch out for slippery travel here on saturday. saturday will be our cooler day of the weekend. high about 43 degrees. over the weekend, though, a couple of spots in the upper 30s saturday including orange and worcester. possibly even nashua, new
6:21 am
we gained several degrees on sunday with temps around 50 degrees, but we will also be tempting some heavy showers and downpours. back to you, guys. >> 620. a provocative image. why the until says don't judge a book by the cover even when it has a gun on the front. push. a school principal really breaking it down with a group
6:22 am
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this morning more than 1100 pounds of chicken are being recalled from a well-known grocery store. wegman says chicken produced on sunday went to stores without being inspecta federal inspector noticed the problem after -- -- without being inspected. the federal nption inspection noticed this. it is the most serious problem that they issue. there is a reasonable problem that people could get particular. people who love tuna fish are suing trader joe's saying that the grocery store is cheating customers by not filling their cans all the way. they claim there is less than 3 ounces of tuna in the 5-ounce
6:25 am
the suit said they had them tested by a government lab and man found every single can was underfilled. trader joe's did not comment on this lawsuit. well, sara, check this out. an atlanta teacher's video goes viral for his pretty smooth dance move. he took on i bet you can't do it like me alongside some of his students. take a look. you know what, he is not bad. >> he is very good. he is very good. >> julie: i don't know even know what those moves are called. beside being an awesome beside being an you a dancer he starts the ron klavshing academy a nonprofit for kids through 5 and 8. give students a place where they would love going every day. he won national teacher of the year for his work in harlem and the school is designed to look like hogwarts inside. they are damaging in a magical place.
6:26 am
over the principal. >> julie: what would you be called the anch. >> gene: threat of litigation, maybe we do not want to go there. the red sox family is expanding the red sox family is expanding. tessie, the newest member of the red sox mascot family. was there a demand for this? did i miss that. >> julie: come in on a stork. who are her parents? >> gene: two decades since they introduced wally the green monster. tessie is introduced as wally's little sister. gets her name from the broadway song by the royal rootish fan club when they were getting started. the dropkick murphy fame us will us willly redid that. >> julie: a brother and a sister. a rough morning from time to time. >> gene: do we ever. >> julie: especially these hours that we wake up. some days we are happy to make it here. other days a michelle that we
6:27 am
gene might be having one those days. happened -- he got to work together -- >> gene: one black, one brown, yeah. there it is. >> julie: you know what, this isn't the first time this has happened. >> gene: happened previously julie friends our up close -- we can do some analysis of the tassel. >> gene: i am tassel guy if you did not figure out. not a very favorable shot in terms of the shoeshine ability. need a little work -- here is the ironic thing, i have a pair of shoes just like this at home. >> julie: weird, you bought them apart and brought them -- i like your style, gene. >> gene: a rough morning. >> julie: you made it. >> gene: i left my phone at home. >> julie: a step behind. >> gene: i feel like a "heel." >> shiri: atly least his socks match. that is good. chance of precipitation as low as it gets. creep in friday but especially as we hit the weekend. we will take a closer look next.
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scenario playing out in western
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how a our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast.
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that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at now at 6:30, new details of breaking news in saugus. huge fire essex street. skyfox over the scene right now. we did learn that the family did make it out safely. fire fighters jumped out of windows when the fire got so big they were ordered out for their own safety just off of route 1 and it is impacting the morning commute.
6:31 am
in just a few minutes on what exactly the impact is to the morning commute to that stretch. thank you so much for joining us, everybody. the traffic can't be great in that area right now. and also, it must be tough for the fire fighters who are battling the flames in this freezing cold weather. >> gene: real tough conditions for them. not as cold as yesterday but still pretty cold out there. meteorologist shiri spear is here with the latest forecast and when the temp also warm up a bit. >> shiri: temps will be an issue. winds aren't an issue. the strongest is out of boston at 8 miles per hour. beverly reporting calm winds. that means while while is not an issue but look at this cold in place. 21 in worcester. 13 in chelmsford. s who his to rindge. auburn at 17 degrees. 17 in lexington 21 in milton. 19 in lynn. reading at 13. likely teens up around that fire right now. brockton, 12 degrees.
6:32 am
from 19 in duxbury to 27 in sandwich. we are going to go all the way up to 36 by noontime today. going to be a great jump in temperatures starting after about 7 a.m. between 7 and 8, i think we are going to see those temperatures rise significant temperatures rise significantly. highs around 40. all sunshine, all day long. we will show you when it fades coming up. julie, over to you. where are the problem spots now where are the problem spots now. >> the problem pot route 1 in saugus at essex. a northbound closed because of the fire. now we have an accident in the southbound lanes of essex street for about the past 20, 30 minutes we have been covering for you. you can see still very heavy volume while they work to clear that accident. here is a look at the map where i indicated a closure. northbound not having a big impact there but the southbound stretching back not dwight 128 but almost. orange traffic flow and indicates that things are slowing down. live drive times. 30 minutes on route 1 from 138
6:33 am
26 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. just incredible flames coming from saugus. this huge fire at a house just off of route 1 this morning. the good news is in the last few minutes, we have learned everyone made it out of that home safely. but really some tense moments for fire fighters who we just learned had to jump for their lives this morning. fox25 catherine parrotta getting those new details at the scene. what have you learned, catherine? >> reporter: good morning, sara. i have not been able to speak with the fire chief just yet. he has his hands full with this fire. speaking with officials and provided me a little bit of information. i wanted to give you a live look. 240 essex street in saugus. you see the flames leaping out of the roof of the home. this is situated on the ramp off of route 1 and i know this area very well. typically this house is
6:34 am
foliage trees, things of that nature, but you can see now very clearly through some of those trees, the flames are leaping out of the roof and you can see fire fighters now surrounding the outside of the home as they are trying to get back some of those flames. a ladder extending from the back of the home as well. i wanted if we could to pan this way -- i wanted to get a little more of an idea where we are located route 1 in saw gus. you can see over my shoulder here and you can see this ramp is blocked off by police officers because of the fire fighting efforts that are going on right now. come back this way to show you what the scene looks like. this is the ramp that we are typically talking about where traffic is coming off of route 1. there are all those fire trucks stretched out across it with hoses as well. i wanted to give you a look at video while we give you information we were able to collect from the scene. this broke out this broke out 4:42 this morning. this is the official time of the fire. in terms of the crews we have here, saugus, of course, and fire departments from melrose, lynn, revere, malden and the
6:35 am
covering some of the calls while all the other fire fire. now in terms of the response, i am told that initially it was mosley just a lot of smoke. then flames left out. a mayday call was heard. at this point some of the fire fighters jumped out some of the windows of this home which have already been broken. the good news is i am told by officials here at the scene that all of the fire fighters are accounted for. at the time. i am told the homeowner is home i am told the homeowner is i am told she was an elderly woman and there with other family members and i am told they made it out okay and staying warm inside. this is not nearly over yet. it a lot of fire crews still on the scene and for that matter a lot of flames to be seen. a lot of smoke coming out of this home as well. going to be a little while longer before things are back to normal here. the essex street ramp from route 1 is closed at this time. we will continue to give you live reports from the scene as we work to gather more
6:36 am
live in saugus. catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. and as soon as we learned about this fire. we sent out a news alert on our app. you can get up to date as soon as we get up from our app. it is free to download and continuing coverage all morning from the scene in saugus. the mbta has already issued its first apology of the winter season after frozen tracks lead to lots of delay for frustrated passengers and now this morning, riders are hoping to get to work on time. fox25's jessica reyes is live at the andover station where all those problems started. jess. hundreds of commuters were left out in the cold. so far things are running much more smoothly on the haverhill lines and people we spoke to this morning are hoping that it stays this way today. yesterday morning's problems all started when an out-of all started when an out-of-service train derailed in andover around 4:00. keolis said the wheels of two cars slipped off of the tracks, and as a result, inbound
6:37 am
haverhill line at lawrence station pappas injuries were told to take buses and many told our crews they waited more than an hour in the blistering cold. the red line has serious delays because of serious issues. transportation secretary stephanie pollack told our crew stephanie pollack told our crews the freezing cold makes the tracks brittle. >> we are sorry that today's cold snap disrupted the commute of some much our commuter rail and our red line customers. >> reporter: passengers at north station were handed flyers explaining what happened enough. we will hear from passengers who were frustrated yesterday that went back on the train early this morning. for now live in andover. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. and fox25 will keep monitoring the train lines again this morning. julie will have up to the minute information as any i believe ewes pop up. our jessica reyes will continue to watch and to watch and wait with 6:37.
6:38 am
information on a man found dead on route 290 in auburn. the man's body was found at the bottom of an embankment. fox25 was on scene when connects domed connects combed the area looking for clues yesterday. the investigation shut down the right lane near exit 9 for hours. all lanes are reopened. the man's name has not been released and waiting on if an autopsy from the state medical examiner. a young man is behind bars for going on a crime spree hours after going to jail. frank bender accused of dilling frank bender accused of frank bender accused robbing ten people many of them young teens. half of those victims were robbed in a comer about land farms parking lot. we talked to the father of one of the victim. >> a gentleman came up and said i have a gun, give me your money. they ran into cumberland farms and called police and part of his description is what led to his arrest. >> reporter: they are working
6:39 am
carver to see if he is related to similar robbery to similar robberies on the same day. a new hampshire man picked the wrong women to rob. this suspect was shot when he was approached from behind. the 65-year-old victim said she wasn't taking any chances. daniel miller has more from sorry. >> daniel: absolutely, gene. she was driving home in manchester when she noticed she was being followed. the 65-year-old said when she parked outside her house, the suspect ran right behind her and tried to grab her. she didn't want to show her face on camera but tells us a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than she is, so she didn't his tight grab her gun. i believe so the suspect saw her and targeted her because of her age and small statue. >> to try rob you or steal from no. i am sorry. that is not the way it works. >> daniel: police identified the suspect as michael potant. a bullet hit him in the chest.
6:40 am
him with robbery. he is currently at a local hospital. police say the victim had a conceal carry permit. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. a dog saves the way in person mass by leading officers woods. one of the dogs got stuck at the bottom of the embankment after running away from its owner. the owner suffered a medical emergency while walking the dogs and they both ran off. police tried to catch them but were unsuccessful. later on one of the dogs ran up to an officer and started barking and led him to the dog that was trapped. both dogs are safe and healthy this morning. we check traffic together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. skyfox still over that house fire on essex street in saugus. route 1 northbound. the exit to essex street is still blocked. catherine parrotta showed us a fire truck using that. many of them on scene to try to put this fire out.
6:41 am
southbound at ex-secretaries street backing things up on route 1. we will have a live look your lifetimes in a moment. first here is gene. >> shiri: still under clear skies. a look the today's warm-up and what time temperatures peak. 6:417.police searching for two men caught on camera stealing from a local gym. the lies they told in order to get their hands on people's car keys. and the fbi is appearing to the public for help tracking the wheres of the san bernandino shooters after the massacre. the 18 minutes they are trying to account for and why it announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes?
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number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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6:44 this morning. we are following developing news out of where one u.s. servicemember was killed and two others wounded fighting the taliban. it happened during a joint special ops mission. the u.s. troops came under heavy fire. two medivac hello
6:44 am
get them out and came under fire. one had to return to base. the taliban has been repushing to take part of the province not far from the pakistan border. we will bring you any new becomes available. happening today, the friend of one of the san bernandino attackers will be arraigned in court. en ray kay marquez is accused of conspiring with syed farook. marquez hat not entered a plea but is expected to do so today. they believe he bought rifles for farook and his wife to use during the attack on september 2. 14 people were killed at the inland regional center. at i rainment comes as the fbi is asking the public for help in the investigation. agents are working on filling in the timeline of where the attackers were the day of the shooting. they are 13e they are specifically trying to get more information on an 18 get more information on an 18-minute gap between when the attack happened and the shootout that left both gunmen dead. a spelling error on the
6:45 am
victims of an attack in paris. tomorrow marks the anniversary of the charlie hebdo massacre. one of the cartoonist names were smelled wrong. the plaque was removed. 12 people were killed ben islamic i will continue ats stormed the office january 7 of last year. the president gets emotional while issuing an executive action trying to reduce gun violence. >> from every family who -- you can never imagine that your loved one will you can taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. ... >> gene: tears rolling down president obama's face as he remembers young lives lost. boston mayor marty walsh was at yesterday's announcement and a key piece to the puzzle.
6:46 am
or father from getting a phone call that their son or daughter was gunned on on the streets, that is a benefit republican are speaking out saying it is abuse of power. some parent in new york are judging a book by its cover. the book is "when i was the greatest" by jason reynolds and the picture on the cover is a gun wrapped in yarn. it is on the recommended reading list for 7th and 8th graders in new york city. the story has a message of anti-violence but as gun violence increases across the country. some don't like an idea of kids reading a book with a gun on the cover. >> i don't think it is appropriate and a good idea. enough guns on the street illegally for kids that want to belong to gangs. i wouldn't want my grandson to learn about that. >> new york officials say the cover does not cause a problem but that the book is targeted to a young audience. they say it is symbolic of the
6:47 am
6:47. we are still following breaking news of that fire off of route 1 in saugus. mass state police tweeting out route 1 north exit ramp am on essex street is still closed. they say it will likely be closed for the neck hour, maybe even two as they fight that fire. the southbound accident was causing some delays and has cleared. we have ate love of drivers slowing down to see that fire because the flames and the smoke are so intense and thick still. as we shift down south, you can see things moving along pretty typically slow on the expressway from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. the live drive times. 34 minutes. 20 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. 12 minutes on 24 from 123 to 128. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and giving us sun, shir, and the temperatures are a little warmer and got sun. >> shiri: going to warm up
6:48 am
starting the 20s in boston. normal starting place as the sun comes up 23 degrees where we hit the low for the day. normal high 36. we are actually going to be a afternoon. sun comes up at 7:13 this morning, as it does, it will be endless sunshine. 27, materials like 19 because a little bit of a breeze still in boston. winds are not going to be too huge an issue. not going to break down wind chills. instead just look up these warming temperatures. at 8 a.m., 27 degrees. lower 30s at 10:00 this morning morning. middle 30s. and it is mid if not upper 30s through the afternoon. wouldn't be surprised if boston gets even up to 40 degrees later today, but we have got clear skies, high pressure for the next two days. so all these clear conditions, your treat for about wednesday it also allows it also allows us to just roll right through futurecast. very little going on. no more than a couple of high, thin clouds north and west of boston. the cape today.
6:49 am
spots with 43 this afternoon. bourne and barnstable. 46, nantucket and 42 chatham. all sunshine in those spots. the rest of southeastern massachusetts, plymouth, marlborough, middleborough up to 41 degrees. new bedford, 42 and 40 on the nose for fall river over to brockton and attleboro, marshfield. 43 best degrees. 40 in woburn 40 in woburn. 42 in dedham. 41, foxborough and in chelmsford. northeastern massachusetts. for the north shore, plan on lower 40s all the way from lynn to ipswich over to haverhill. central massachusetts a touch cooler with highs in the middle 30s. boylston and spencer over to hampshire. this is where temperatures are kind of on the fringe. manchester. concord at 38 degrees and hillsboro 37. mostly sunny skies there.
6:50 am
lead to late drizzle and freezing drizzle overnight and saturday only with light precipitation. sunday is a day with heavy rains with a high of 50. back to you, guys. >> sara: all right, shiri. a hot item under the christmas tree, but those popular hoverboards are getting banned everywhere. the school in boston telling stud to leave them at home. we continue to -- students to leave them at home. we continue to look as fire fighters are trying to control a house fire. the family outside made it out find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99 after 12:00 p.m.
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so-called affluenza teen -- the mother of the so-called affluenza team affluenza teen has agreed to go to texas to face charges. she was in california for an extradition hearing. couch is accused of helping her 18-year-old son ethan flee to mexico while prosecutors investigated whether he violated his probation for a deadly drunk driving crash. if convicted she faces 17 -- ten years in prison, pardon me. her son is still in mexico in an immigration holding facility an immigration holding facility. a judge has agreed to postpone the deposition of bill cosby's wife in a defamation lawsuit. bill cosby's deposition was
6:53 am
springfield. she would have met with the lawyers who accused cosby of sexual assault. she is appealing the ruling to testify. it will be delayed in a decision on the appeal is made. apple investors are cling apple investors are clinging to what is left of the stock prices. apple stocks crashed to $102 a share. the top stock is closing in on the 100. apple stock has not closed below $1,000 since 2014. the crash came when apple said they are cutting back on iphone production by 40%. twitter may soon go beyond the 140 character limit. reports that a 10,000-character limit is in the work. the site is currently testing a version that boo only display the first 140 characters, but then allow users to read the rest of the tweet by clicking on a link. twitter ceo jack dorsey says users are getting around the current limit tweeting pictures
6:54 am
nor place to talk. emerson college the latest school to ban the use of hoverboards on campus. the associate dean e-mailed students saying hoverboards and other similar devices are prohibited in halls. they cited safety risks like falls and crashes, but also they are prone to explosions. buddy cianci jr. is getting married and check out the ring. the 74-year-old proposed to his girlfriend tara marie hayward. a 40-year distance in their ages. they met in 2014, and they have been inseparable ever since. and we wish them well. we also continue to follow breaking news out of saugus where a massive house fire is still burning more than two hours after it started. coming up at 7:00, we will have another live report from that active scene and how it is affecting traffic in the area. and yesterday's highs only in the middle 20s. boston, worcester, plymouth and
6:55 am
going to the 40s. i will time out that warm-up next. and it is must-see tv. the final season of american idol gets under way tonight, and we have got a local contestant hope contestant hoping to impress the judges.
6:56 am
that breaking news now at 7:00, local firefighters jump from
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