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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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powerball, but a winning ticket was sold in massachusetts. where a $1 million winning ticket was put into a lucky person's hand. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> and good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. it is january 7. i am gene lavanchy. >> and i am sara underwood. one last clear and quiet morning, but a change is coming for the weekend. fox 25's storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear is here with how long we have got sunshine before ice and rain returns. >> yes, so we have about 24 hours of clear skies and then the changes start, and then things are getting much wetter as we get into that weekend. 27 right now in boston. we have teens again this morning in norwood and bedford and nashua all at 15 degrees. fitchburg at 18. 24 in worcester. 20s in beverly and plymouth and down hyannis this morning. a decent range in temps. i suggest looking at the map as you get dressed this morning so
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are facing. 7 a.m., temperatures don't move very much until you hit 7 or 8:00. by noontime, we are bouncing into the upper 30s. a couple of thin clouds come into play. blend with our sunshine. you see 40s on the map because high temperatures end up ranging from 40 to 45 degrees under those nice mostly sunny skies. calm, chilly morning that we got to get through first and of course those big weekend changes that we got to break down in just a few. julie grauert up with live drive time traffic. julie, start the car early. >> yes on these chilly days. north of town things moving along nicely on route 1 along nicely on route 1, 93 south and 128. north and southbound. over to the pike wide anticipate from framingham through the weston tolls and this is what you will see through brighton. the live drive times. 12 minutes from route 128 to the tobin. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you.
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with breaking news out of boston. heavy fire has been knocked down in a home in roxbury on gadsden street. the call went into fire fighters just after 3:00 this morning. fire fighters were quick to put out the flame that started in the attic and moved to the roof the attic and moved to the roof. three people on the home got out. no word if anyone got injured. boston fire is still on the scene and they are tweeting there are about $400,000 in damage to this home. they are now investigating the cause. also, breaking this morning also, breaking this morning, a person has been hit by a car in brighton >> the victim and a driver have been rushed to the hospital. fox25's jessica reyes is live on chestnut hill avenue where this all happened. jess? >> and sara, this all happened around 11:00 last night, and police were out here for several hours investigating. they actually just cleared the scene about be a hour ago at 4:00 in the morning and this person was hit on this stretch of chestnut hill avenue in brighton just steps from where it intersects with union street it intersects with union street.
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and hit the windshield of a car ending up in the road here. they were rushed to the hospital with some very serious injuries, we understand. and the driver -- that driver did stop and was very visibly shaken up. police say that person had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out as well. now you can see chestnut hill avenue is open and closed again avenue is open and closed again. reopened about an hour ago. right now we do have calls and e-mails into the boston police department working to get an update on how that victim is doing this morning. and as soon as we do, we will pass that right along to you. for the latest live from bright for the latest live from brighton, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. also this morning, fire causes heavy damage a popular italian restaurant on the south shore. this is what is left of carmelo this is what is left of carmelo's restaurant on main street in kingston. the windows and walls are blown out. everything inside was charred. people were inside the restaurant having dinner when the fire broke out. everybody got out safely. fire fighters say the family-owned restaurant is a
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>> the family has been in business for a number years. they own the restaurant to my right down the street mama m+ ia's. they have a number restaurants throughout the area and they do a great business. >> gene: carmelo's posted on their facebook page they don't know the full extent of the damage but will let their customers know as soon as they get more information. more than 100 people posted comments of support in three than three hours. more at 5:30. lawyers for the danville teen convicted of murdering his teen convicted of murdering his.math teacher will be back in court. last month, phillip chism was found guilty of rape found guilty of raping and murdering colleen ritzer. a hearing to look at what will go into presentence investigation and a report. his sentencing is set for january 29. this morning someone has vandalized a tribute to a red sox legend, this morning graffiti on johnny petitions
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last night. fox25's catherine parrotta is live from fenway. catherine, the damage is still there. >> reporter: damage is still there and according to a report the team does not know when this happened and they are work this happened and they are working to get it cleaned up as soon as possible. that is youngkey way extension and in number 6 illuminated and what you can see on it is that graffiti scrawled along the top of the number and look at the video and gives you another view of this. mr. red sox johnny p s+ ky number 6 scrawled with red paint. boston police could not find reports of the incident. the team spokesman said they just found out.this last night, but it is country, they do occasionally need to deal with graffiti in the area. johnny p esky died three years ago after working for the sox as a player and in many different roles. in addition to the illuminated
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the right field foul pole named for him the pesky pole. he played in 1942 and his primary position was shortstop and he played second and third base. now this morning i did reach out to the team spokesman to get a little bit more information about this to see if they are investigate and when they may get this cleaned up. as we hear back from him, we will let him know. live on youngkey way extension, catherine parrotta, fox25 someone on the south shore is waking up pretty happy. no one hit the big powerball drawing, a $1 million winning ticket was sold in plymouth. the massachusetts state lottery tweeted this out overnight confirming where the ticket was sold. it was at the express mart right on court street and still unclear if the winner was local or simply passing through. a $1 million win means the ticket had all numbers right except the powerball. the odds of winning $1 million are actually one in 11. are actually one in 11 million.
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meet the big winner. the new jackpot winner could get an estimated 675 million when the next drawing happens on saturday. still no word what caused this massive house fire in saugus that trapped several fire fighters. fox25 was on the scene as this was breaking yesterday morning on essex street. everyone who lived in the home was able to get out on time including a woman in her 80s. three fire fighters had to call for help when the smoke got too intense, and they started running out of air. fire fighters from several other cities came in to help, including malden. as for the rescue -- >> give me your hand and let's get out. there was a small bottom pane window and a bunch of pushes there, and basically just dragged them out. >> family members showed up to the house yesterday evening to salvage what they could. damage is estimated at $5 damage is estimated at $500,000. this morning, u.s. officials do not believe that north korea tested a hydrogen
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north korea made claims late tuesday night that they had successfully test and h bomb. but u.s. authorities say the seismic activity in the region was not powerful enough to prove that. a air force plan will be close enough to look for radioactive material that will help determine what kind of blast actually occurred. new this morning, south korea says nuclear test was an act of war, and they will retail 1998 by broadcasting propaganda into the north. 5:08 this morning. state police hope an autopsy will unravel the mystery surrounding the death of a man whose body found in a wooded area off of i-290 in a auburn. laved -- david laroche was found at the bottom of a steep 50-foot embankment by family members. he had gotten out of a car on the road. laroche is from florida and used to live in oxford. his family is planning a
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the mother of bella bond is being held on $1 million bail as she faces new charges in connection with her daughter's death. rachelle bond tried to hide her face in court as she pled not guilty to larceny charges. received hundreds of dollars of state aid for her daughter months after the child's murder months after the child's murder. the child's mother washed up on deer island and months before anyone came forward of who she was. michael mccarthy murdered the toddler and helped murder the body. bond claimed that mccarthy threatened her life if they said anything. a major change in the death penalty case. judge wolf decided to step down in the case of gary lee sampson as resentencing was about to begin. the judge moved himself after learning that the potential witness at the trial was someone he knew. family members of sampson's victims are happy about the change. they have long believed that
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death penalty. they tell us that that is the sentence that they have longed hope for. >> what mr. sampson did is totally unacceptable and no reason in any our minds that he should continue to live and breathe and be fed at our expense and taken care of at our expense. death penalty. a new judge is on the case. a tractor-trailer rolled over in the southbound lanes on 495 in andover. state police tweeting out these images right here. at one point, just one lane was getting by there. police say there were some minor injuries, and further south, a truck fire tied up traffic for hours. a viewer sending us this video driving by and from skyfox, you can see the mess left behind by exit 20. still no word yet what caused that truck to ignite. this morning metheun police are trying to track down a missing woman last night. they released this fire for
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facebook and twitter pages. the 45-year-old was last seen on tuesday morning on woodland street. police say she has several health issues and may need medical attention. we track traffic and weather together over ten minutes if you were getting ready to head out the door. a 20-minute commute from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri shareholder shiri. >> shiri: if you were hitting the road nice clear conditions. anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees. 19 at 6 a.m. at 7 a.m., we will look at when that warm-up really kicks off coming up next. 5:11 this morning. fox25 investigates exposes shocking new details surrounding the former principle principal of swampscott high school. the trouble the troublingline conversation he is accused of having that forced him to leave his job. el nino wreaking havoc. heavy rain and rising water trapping people in their cars. the lucky breaks that saved one
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. damaging weather on the west coast in one of the worst el ninos in years. a couple got stuck in a truck in california. the truck was swept away until it got wedged against a telephone pole that allowed the people to get out. this is the third el nino fueled storm in southern
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fox25's daniel miller joins now with the amazing video. >> daniel: it is amazing. wicked weather left parts of california under water and the heavy rains aren't over yet. highways from san francisco to los angeles to san diego all flooded trapping vehicles in the standing water. a record-tying el nino is tying the golden state with heavy rain. flashflooding and mudslides are increasing. the site of recent wildwires are particularly vulnerable with all of that coming after years of dangerous drought conditions which has plague the area. >> i don't mean to be rain. i could have sunshine all the time and a little bit of drought and i would be okay. >> daniel: even hollywood took note. the photographs at the event looked miserable standing in the rain. the stormy weather will continue into the weekend. we will keep an eye out on it.
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fox25 morning news. and you can see the effects of the el nino system tonight on the fox25 news at o'clock, 6:00 and 10:00, as chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz reports live from lake tahoe, california. apps keep us connected but a new app designed for teenager a new app designed for teenagers that is creating a lot of controversy and has even led to drastic measures. >> what is happening is really a -- an extended case of cyberbullying where students are being -- having their identity posted online and unwanted phone calls and e-mail unwanted phone calls and e-mails from all over the school to some point where students had to go and get their phone numbers changed because receiving so many harassing and bullying calls. >> gene: the social media app after school is intended for teens to ask their classmates any questions at all no matter how embarrassing while remain how embarrassing while
5:17 am
cyberbullying and threats were link to it. daniel miller show us how the app works and what parents need to look for tonight on the fox25 news at 10. good thursday morning. now 5:16. start on the expressway where you are cruising at a speed limit ride from furnacebrook parkway up to columbia road. north of town, route 1. 93 south still looking good. average speed on 93 is 68 miles per hour. here is a look at the zakim on leverett connector and the zakim itself is wide open. and 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike 20 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. check in wow with meteorologist shiri spear. and shir, i am sorry you didn't get lucky -- maybe did you and you are going to keep the money close to you and you want to keep working because you love spending time with us. >> i want to say anonymous. that's it. maybe worth checking your tickets.
5:18 am
think the south shore. worth checking that ticket. i, for one, was not a winner. the weather is bright skies and nice warm-ups today. bright skies tomorrow and more drizzle and by saturday morning drizzle and by saturday morning, we will have to watch out for a couple of slippery patches. kind of want to down play it a little bit because so, so batchy. i think any amount of ice on the roads is a dangerous amount of ice on the roads here for early saturday travelers. 27 degrees right now in boston with clear skies. a little bit of a breeze. winds under 10 miles per hour today. 27 degrees still at 7 a.m. check out all the sunshine. by 11 a.m., up to 36 degrees. we get into the upper 30s. there. look at the cooler in norwood, 15 degrees as you wake up this morning there. clear conditions as well that is still in the teens at 7 a.m. between 7 and 9 a.m., though, we usually see a pretty healthy jump in temperatures. we are actually end up about double doubling our temperatures it not even beyond that in somewhere lake norwood. 40 degrees this afternoon.
5:19 am
thin clouds mixing in, but as seen here from futurecast, high, thin clouds, not doing too much on our bright forecast for thursday. by friday morning, though, tomorrow morning, we have a couple of clouds setting the stage for your drive into work. once we hit the afternoon and winds coming in off the water, dragging in the moisture to fuel the clouds going to be enough moisture to fuel a couple of patches of drizzle. this is not going be too wide this is not going be too widespread thing. something you should know about something you should know about. could be a little bit wet in spots, especially northeastern massachusetts, seacoast of new a cloudy kind of drizzly set. up for your friday afternoon. and overnight, the problem with that, we have several spots north and west of boston. overnight. and got a little drizzle and freezing temperatures at the grunt that will ice up. that is my concern saturday it will be drizzle. to the north and west it will be freezing drizzle and if we get to manchester, new hampshire and north word, it will be a little snow and
5:20 am
and a couple of sprinkles around on your saturday afternoon. check out your seven-day forecast -- oh, first, hey, check out today's forecast. lower 40s here we come. tonight back into the 20s and tomorrow get up to 40 in boston. but whenever we have winds coming in off the water, we can struggle to warm up sometimes. the north and west of boston. wouldn't be surprised if you guys get stuck in the upper 30s guys get stuck in the upper 30s. here is your seven-day forecast with that weekend always in view because for saturday, this is going to be the cooler day of the weekend, but the drier day of the weekend. he end up getting above freezing and upper 30s in worcester, orange and nashua. some of the more likely areas seeing a little ice internet morning and mid-40s at the coastline. 50 on sunday with heavy rain. timeline on that coming up. back to you, guys. a start with the patriots is catching some heat with his neighbors. what he puts up at hits house to help him get to work in time that is causing such a fuss. >> just to beautiful. >> you are gorgeous.
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back for a final time. can't you be blue over me . >> gene: auditions brought out to a wide range of singers, 5-year-olds, unlikely talent and someone playing a cello. a cop who handcuffed harry and kanye west stopped by but the real star of the night was son real star of the night was sonica. >> you are so beautiful. >> you are going to hollywood. >> thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> gene: she blew away the judges and easily made it to hollywood. she has been performing every chance he gets at her favorite park in weston. idol winner and superstar carrie underwood tweeted this. wow, i may have foun wow, i may have found a season favorite already. what a beautiful voice. who sonica will be competing against. sara, awed chance to meet son sara, awed chance to meet
5:24 am
>> i . >> she is the nicest person and i predict her career will score. >> julie: always fun to have a local connection. >> sara: we know that strange things go by. how about this a puddle making a splash on the internet. >> julie: i don't know if i would have tuned into this but thousands turned into periscope to watch a live stream of a puddle in england. it is to big it blocks a bridge walkway. people tip-toe their way around the water and they would ride rafts or suffer of boards through the water. that guy has an umbrella. one person has a caution wet floor sign in the middlea sart things that go viral. i am trying to figure out what it is. but a puddle? >> julie: guys, like, let's do the puddle. you never know. >> sara: the next video makes us believe that dancing is only thing that makes you go viral. two girls in mississippi tape
5:25 am
the whip nae nae. >> what they don't see that their dad sneaks up behind them to photobomb them. they may not have had the camera on reverse. might see better. >> how does he know the dance. he gets an a-plus in parenting and the cutest thing ever. >> julie: watch at the end when they catch him. take a look. >> oh, nice moves, dad. check him out. [laughter] do you think they were embarrassed or loved it. >> julie: sounds like embarrassed at first and a little mad and now they are internet famous. >> sara: like 17 million view >> sara: like 17 million views. >> julie: they are happy about it. thanks, dad. >> julie: shiri do you photobomb your kids? >> i am the one that take the kids. we are a little bit away from them actually operating the camera. drizzle on icy roads is the main concern as we head into
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right now at 5:30, a live
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a popular restaurant gutted by fire. what is left of carmelo restaurant in kingston. coming up in a few minutes. eye michael henrich. outpouring of support for this place overnight. good morning, everyone, and thank you so much for joining us on this thursday, january 7, one more day until the weekend begins. >> gene: and can't wait approximately. we will get there. we will get to that weekend. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear says temperatures jump this afternoon. and what type of warm-up are we talking about here? >> we are talking about several spots double spots doubling their temperature. dedham 20 degrees. a good january warm-up. 27 in boston. 25 in peabody. upper 20s in ipswich, burlington at 25 degrees. 18 in wellesley. 17 in norton as you wake up this morning. worcester at 24. maynard at 178. same in pepperell and amherst and hillsboro, new hampshire. check out southeastern massachusetts with 21 in plymouth.
5:30 am
25 in brewster, and we have smooth sailing here through the morning commute as long as you don't mind the teens and 20s. noontime, 39 degrees. we are adding 20 degrees by lunchtime. mostly sunny and highs in the lower 40s with a few clouds creeping in and keeping it nice and dry through 7:00 this evening. back down to freezing and eventually going to have more clouds and more wet weather really within the next 24 hours hours. we will break it down coming up and julie grauert stand wig with live, drive-time traffic. >> in the highly travelled part of your commute. it may affect your drive times. a multivehicle crash right before the braintree split. we are starting to see some delays backing on to 128 as you approach the split. i will keep a close eye on that for you. a wider view. expressway looks fine. the rest of 128 and the pike moving along at a decent clip. a live look at the expressway
5:31 am
morrissey boulevard not affected by the accident i just told but. live drive times. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 10 minutes on 128 northbound from university avenue to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. this morning fox25 has specifics of allegations again a former principal of swampscott high school. edward rozmiarek resigned after allegationsen inappropriate couldn't duct on state computers. the first to break the news of the details of the alleged inappropriate behavior. >> sara: we have been trying to get our hands on the police report for a full month. beverly police say beverly police say he is not being charged but reveals what was behind the behavior that led to the resignation. >> heather: details a series of internet chats that rozmiarek allegedly had with someone he thought it was a 13-year-old girl.
5:32 am
charges but the allegations are disturbing. this police report obtained by fox25 investigates. this former swampscott high principal spoke over a one principal spoke over a one-month period in two chat rooms with someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl. it was actually a trained decoy for a nonprofit called the perverted justice foundation. according to a report the foundation tipped off investigators and provided chat logs, screen. rozmiarek allegedly admitted to the decoy. he was a principal and father and said, quote, he was a regular guy in a chat room and guy." the chats between rozmiarek and the decoy were sexual in nature and he initiated the sexual chat. fox25 first reported that they had been to his beverly home for an investigation. we can now tell you an examination of his desktop computer found brower activity from the two chat rooms in
5:33 am
school issued dell laptop also contained evidence consistent with chat activity on those web sites plus dozens of graphic files depicting adult pornography. when investigators questioned rozmiarek he acknowledged that it was inappropriate but did it because, quote "it was excitement exciting." we tried to reach edward rozmiarek, and he did not come to the door and swampscott parent told us us after what they learned.i think it is horrific. for a school with children. >> the best thing is he is not here anymore. the most important thing of all is our kids sea safety and i think they did a great job by telling imhe is no longer allowed in school. >> reporter: >> heather: >> we reached out to rozmiarek's attorney and said no criminal charges against his client.
5:34 am
tampa the state statute requires that the defendant entice an alleged victim to a specific location and no evidence that showed rozmiarek did that in a statement the essex county da said, quote, i am not charging mr. rozmiarek in the essex district attorney's office. it does not suggest that his conduct was in any way appropriate as repugnant as his conduct was, it does not cross the criminal line. fox25 investigates checks with lowell's school where his contract was not renewed by contract was not renewed by master prior to coming to swampscott. only confirm that rozmiarek finished out the length of his contract and it was not renewed contract and it was not renewed. we are following breaking news in boston where a pedestrian was hit by a car in brighton. chestnut hill. and police tell our crews that the victim hit the windshield and ended up in the street. the victim was taken to a boston hospital for serious head injuries. the driver the driver was also taken to
5:35 am
the road was closed while police investigated and it did reopen after 4:00. we have a reporter in brighton and working to get an update. fire fighters instead of diners crowding into a popular eye tall man in restaurant. fox25's michael henrich live outside the restaurant in kingston. fire fighters say it is a tapele in that town. michael. >> reporter: good morning, this family has been in this town for four-plus decades and restaurant owner. according to the restaurant's web site for the same amount of time. this particular restaurant was started in 1996 perhaps 20-year history and sadly you can see that second floor is now board that second floor is now boarded up because of this fire that broke out last night. fire fighters say people were inside carmelo's restaurant
5:36 am
on the second floor just before 8:45 p.m. they say an employee inside first called the fire department and everybody thankfully made it out safely the restaurant face book page has a message letting the public know it is okay and more than 100 people have commented to express their support. and fire fighters say the restaurant and their owner were very well known in town and very well liked. >> the family has been in business for number years and own the restaurant to my right down the street, mama mia's, and this he a number restaurants throughout the area and do a great business. >> reporter: fire crews say the hvac and storage and office was on second floor but not the kitchen. the cause not yet known. that investigation continues as the owners of carmelo's behind me here in kingston cope with
5:37 am
live in kingston, michael henrich, fox25 news. happening today, lawyers for a danville teenage -- danvers teenager accused of killing his math teacher will be back in court. phillip phillip chism was found guilty of killing and raping his math teacher. his sentencing date is set for january 29. donald trump continues to campaign throughout new england campaign throughout new england. today he is talking with voters in vermont. the presidential candidates will speak tonight in burlington. his office says they have released 20,000 tickets. that is more than ten times the number of seats actually avail be. it is a first-come, first-serve basis. there will be airport-like security in this area tonight. and this morning, the vice president says he regrets not entering the race for president this year. joe biden says he regrets it
5:38 am
right choice for his family. biden ended the speculation that he will run not long after the death of his son beau. he said while he isn't a candidate, he will not remain candidate. he will speak out in a direction that he hopes to see the country go. dozens of people take to the streets in jamaica plain in support of the black lives matter movement. last night, demonstrator marched to what they called injustice. clergy member led the crime in a lack of indictment in the tam ir rice case. the officer involved in that charges. massachusetts lawmakers pushing for tough new fines for anyone who protests on the highway. commuters may remember these protests last year. check traffic on the expressway and the mass pike. state senator richard ross wants the current $50 fine increased to $500,000 with the potential for up to six months in jail.
5:39 am
them out of traffic keeping them from impeding our public safety access to hospitals and other things we contend on. >> plenty of places for protest >> plenty of places for protests that will not put news jeopardy. pistons and the celtics neck in neck. they really control action for most of the game and a seven most of the game and a seven-point leave heading into the fourth quarter. andrew drummond showing why. isaiah thomas tried to lead the cs to back and the drive -- this shot put them up 79-88. it would not be enough as the piston goes on to beat the celtics at the garden 99-94 celtics at the garden 99-94. ken griffey jr. and mike by as za headed to the hall of fame. griffey set a record by claiming more than 99% of the vote that broke the record by tom sever. might just be the second player inducted wearing a mets hat.
5:40 am
and we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. good morning. waiting for there are accident to clear at 128 southbound to clear at 128 southbound. it is right before the braintree split. several cars are involved and it is causing backup to 28 right now. i will have a look at your drive times in a moment. here is shiri. >> shiri: thrust morning from 15 to 25 degrees as you leave the house. clear skies and a few more clouds this evening with temps in the 30s. and increasing clouds. how about an igloo in the middle of a highway? what inspired a man to spend hours making a tiny home out of ice. and a patriot star, he's just trying to do his job. why his neighbors say the carport he ne
5:41 am
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5:44 am
danny amendola getting push back from his historic neighborhood in providence. >> daniel: danny amendo la says he needs a carport to make it to work in time. the temperature structure his neighbors say is an eyesore. amen dpd dola is just renting the house and got a permit from the city to build a carport and have it installed a few weeks ago. neighbors say it is an eyesore and takes away from the town's charm. >> people around here are definitely protective of the look of the neighborhood. >> this horrible kind of tin structure with metal and black and it just looks chinsy. >> daniel: chinsy. bill belichick is known to send players home or benching them if they are late for practice. he put the carport out to get him out of the driveway when it
5:45 am
he declined to comment saying i am not talking about that. the permit allows them to have the carport out until march. daniel miller, fox25 news. well, surprise hotel thieves may soon be the thing of the past. a congresswoman is working with the federal trade commission to stop a hotel and travel sites from slapping on extra fees when booking a vacation. this week the ftc said it does not have a practical way to ban hidden hotel fees for legislation would need to be passed. macy's is closing dozens of stores including some in new england. the department store announced it is close being 40 of its 770 stores because of disappointing holiday sales. in massachusetts, macy's is closing its location in the berkshire mall and east field mall in connecticut. two stores in enfield are shutting down as well. good morning, everyone, now 5:46. waiting for this accident to clear on 128 southbound right
5:46 am
as you can see those delays are starting to stretch back to 28. and hopefully get that clear before the bulk of the morning commute and all the drivers head out the road because a highly traveled spot. the expressway moving along fine and 128 northbound and the pike. 93 south and route 1 also open right now. a live look at the expressway where you can see more brake lights than last time we checked in on this shot as that volume starts to increase just a little bit. your live drive times. ten minutes from route 3 to 228 to the plit. 12 anyone from 106 to 128. 12 minutes on 95 from 495 to 128. fox25 stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us. and we are all going to work today because we didn't win the powerball, but we can look forward to -- looks like in this tweet, an increase in temperatures throughout the day temperatures throughout the day. >> shiri: absolutely, julie. teens and 20s but 40s for highs this afternoon. upper 30s as you head home from work.
5:47 am
27 right now in boston. a slight breeze. winds under 10 miles per hour. feels a little cooler in boston. your wind chill is 18 degrees but while is not big thing. 7:00, 27 degrees. 31 at a.m. we get into the upper 30s by about lunchtime today and close to 40 in boston and tap into the clear skies again today. i have no big weather makers come coming into town but is shift in the wind change in wind direction. couple of high clouds mixing with sunshine. massachusetts. spots like taunton at 44 spots like taunton at 44. carver, mattapoisett, wareham. brockton, braintree at 42 with the merrimack valley, a couple of degrees cooler but 41
5:48 am
it will be about 40 on the nose it will be about 40 on the nose. worcester, 41. hyannis. 44. keene, new hampshire 41 degrees keene, new hampshire 41 degrees. tomorrow, several spots north and west of boston getting stuck in the upper 30s and start out with increasing clouds and once we start bumping in the northeast winds. winds coming in off the water tend to delay and stall out our warm-up, especially north and west of boston. some of the cooler air could end up being trapped. the clouds rolling in and the potential for some drizzle developing tomorrow. not widespread. very patchy stuff and something to keep in mind for friday night because overnight, as long as we have that patchy dri drizzle and spots falling back to freezing, a chance of icy roads early saturday. you will notice. not a lot of precipitation from the maps. south of boston a slight chance of a drizzle. north and west of the city, we have a chance for freezing drizzle and manchester, keene, northward, a chance of a little bit of snow and sleet and i
5:49 am
"little." not much too it and only takes conditions. that is our saturday concerns. temperatures do get up to 42 in the afternoon. and keeps warming into your sunday. sunday, though, look at this mess that is moving toward us we have heavy rain. we have some wind moving on, and we have a good chance of downpours and we could see honestly an inch of rain. a washout. by monday, all day 30s. temperatures will be dropping during the day. we have got some flurries around in the next chance for a mix of rain and snow on wednesday. back to you, guys. >> sarah: all right, shiri. >> sarah: all right, shiri. bottoms up for a beer that is 140 years old. it tasted like.
5:50 am
four-legged friends. a somber anniversary in france as the country marks a one-year anniversary in the attacks of charlie hebdo. they have a satirical
5:51 am
people have been stopping by the magazine's building all week to pay their respects. the future of obamacare is now in the hands of the president. both houses of congress have approved legislation that would repeal the affordable care act. but president obama has promised to veto any bill that dismantled this health care law dismantled this health care law. the measure would bar any federal money for planned parenthood. the next big thing in virtual reality is this. the oculus rift. the downpour is owned by facebook. mark zuckerberg posted on his page that the product is ready for preorder. so many people filled out orders that the oculus web site actually crashed. the product cost about $600. it is official, "star wars" is the number one grossing film of call kind in north america tampa "star wars: the force
5:52 am
nrshtion 2009 and it in 20 days. took "avatar" seven months to make $760 million. the only two move reese to ever make more than $700 million. "star wars" has not broken "avatar"'s worldwide record, but it has to open in china. kerry washington was named hasty pudding woman of the year hasty pudding woman of the year. they chose washington because of her talent and she continues to break barriers in hollywood. washington will be given a pudding put and a parade. past winners include amy pohler, meryl streep and elizabeth taylor. a diver in canada finds a one of a kind sunken treasure. john cruz found a strange botle in halifax harbor. a bottle 140 years old. and inside some sort of liquid. a local bar paid to have that liquid tested and turned out it was beer.
5:53 am
decided to try the beer. of it. it is terrible. for sitting on the bottom halifax harbor for 100 years, it was surprisingly familiar as a beer product. >> gene: brave guys. cruz didn't want to try it. he has been in the harbor and he know what is is down there and lastth raher not taste it. >> sara: turns my stomach. >> gene: i know researchers are into it, but no, my friend. the new requirements that police are asking for every uber the drive and lyft driver to meet before they pick up a fare. bring pot in school with their text books and back packs. the new england school district is allowing some students to take marijuana on campus. no rain today, but chance for some drizzle coming back
5:54 am
even more substantial sun now at 6:00, we are following breaking news out of brighton where a person was struck by a car late last night. what police told our crew at the scene as he spent hours investigating. vandals struck outside of fenway park. the monument to an iconic player that was defaced overnight. and good and bad news about the powerball. the jackpot up for grabs and the winning ticket was told in massachusetts. >>announcer: complete news coverage starts right now.
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