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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  January 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00 i'm tracking wet weather on the way. i'll show you when we could seen icy mix change to heavy rain. right now a boston police officer isifieding to recover after being shot. what he did that may have saved his own life. what we're learning about the suspect from his own father. police say a local nanny is so drunk while watching a baby she couldn't even open a door. the local company a family used to hire that woman and the problems we've uncovered that other families had with that business. plus an apartment robbery suddenly stopped. >> i owe roxy a box of biscuits. >> reporter: the way a dog was able to make sure the suspect ran right into police as he tried to get away. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. but first at 10:00, cold and dangerous. some places tonight there is a clans of ice out there as we head into the weekend.
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mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. we're hearing parts of 93 is in a dead stop because of parts of the road. let's get to storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski. >> in concord we do have temperatures right at the freezing mark. you will notice that as you travel north and west away from the coast where boston right now currently 40 . but the entire area seeing clouds out there. there could be a few areas of drizzle of some slick roadways out there but wow, look at the rain that's headed our way. and i say rain right now but when this band of precipitation pushes in to new england and into those temperatures that are at the freezing mark or below, we're likely going to see an icy mix. the best shot of that will be through the interior. we're still going to be dealing with these winds, too off of the water bringing in that moisture. so we'll look for spot drizzle through the morning hours noticing the risk of a few showers too, through the morning of your saturday
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so the best chances of slippery conditions away from the coast. where temperatures will be bottoming out in the upper 20s to low 30s. some patchy black ice is possible not widespread. i'll show you when we expect warm and much wetter conditions coming up in just a few minutes. be sure to stay informed as you head out for your weekend with our fox 25 weather app. that's where you will be able to track the radar for that rain and get the seven-day forecast. it's free to download to your apple or android device. also tonight a boston police officer still in intensive care right now recovering from surgery after being shot in the line of duty. it happened during a traffic stop this morning in dorchester. since then fox 25 has brought you breaking updates throughout the day as the situation unfolded. tonight we can tell you the officer is a nine year veteran rushed to boston medical center after being hit in the leg. we know the suspect was tackled by lease when he tried to run away. and that that suspect was just released from jail months ago. let's get right to fox 25's
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the shooting scene to kick off our team coverage. john? >> reporter: good evening, mark. that suspect is well-known to police. they say he was in jail for firearms charges and is also a known drug dealer. a source on fox 25 tonight is also the member of a gang. today police saw him they pulled him over right here as he got out of his car he opened fire. >> reporter: this black car possibly the shooter's being towed away from the scene of a wild shoot-out in the middle of the morning. >> all of a sudden we hear pop, pop, pop, then we heard pop, pop, pop returning. >> reporter: police say 27-year-old grant hedley of dorchester out on probation shot a nine year veteran of the boston police who had pulled him over. >> he began to fire unprovoked at the officer. the officer quickly exchanged gunfire at that time the suspect took off. >> reporter: the gunshots
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safety mode and sent panic through this normally quiet neighborhood. loud bang. it sounded so close i thought it was in my backyard that's why i got up. and i looked out the window i seen the guy running through the yard. >> reporter: police chased hedley on foot catching him here. meanwhile, the officer was center. the wounded cop using a lesson learned from the boston marathon. a tourniquet like this to help save his life. he tried to do his initially because all our officers have it but then a fellow uniform officer who was nearby heard the call and he tied it up. >> reporter: boston mayor incident. >> we're not going to tolerate anyone going after the boston police department. their job is to protect the community and protect the neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors tell us three glad that hedley is back in jail and that the officer will be okay but they say they are still only.
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hear from one of those concerned neighbors. in dorchester, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. >> now the man accused of shooting that officer his name is grant hedley. police say the 27-year-old is a well-known drug dealer with a very long criminal history. fox 25 investigates dug into his background and our kerry kavanaugh spoke with hedley's father. >> my sympathy goes out to the police officer and his family. if it's him he's wrong for doing that. >> reporter: grant hedley used the word distraught to describe how he's feeling just hours after his son's arrest. boston police say his son 27-year-old grant headley seen here in a 2009 booking photo shot an officer who had pulled him over friday morning. commissioner bill evans says hedley was an area drug dealer and that police officers knew he was driving with a suspended license when he boxed him in near geneva ave. >> he began to fire
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the officer quickly exchanged gunfire he's out on probation and he's out selling drugs. >> what we know from police he has been arrested several times spent a few years to prison. they don't describe himself a very upstanding member of society? >> i can't comment about that. i don't want to comment about that. >> reporter: fox 25 investigates with court records showing hedley's criminal history dates back at least a decade. we tallied six separate arrest the majority for illegal weapons and drug charges. most recently in november, 2009 police charged hedley with four counts of carrying a firearm without a license. earlier that same year during a traffic stop police say they caught hedley with a bay state food stamp card with someone else's name it on. do have you any message for the boston police department today? >> yes, my sympathy goes out to the officer. i don't condone that kind of behavior if he did it he's my song. he's my son i can't say
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>> reporter: commissioner hedley says he believes his son is to be alive. praising his officers for the strength they showed tackling and arresting this suspect. in dorchester, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. back here in boston, some extra precautions were taken to keep children in the area safe. academy in dorchester was put into safe mode. that means classes kept going on but no one was allowed in or out of the building until the nearby scene was secure. a robocall did also go out to parents this morning letting them know what was happening. every traffic stop presents a risk as former boston police superintendent chief and current managing director dan linski told us us at 6:00 that risk rises when the suspect is a known criminal. >> going to be a little bit more cautious. this man has a long history of firearms and violence. they will be knowing that the officers will be looking for and preparing for him to engage in some type of violence they're going to be
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>> linski also adds that boston police have done an amazing job only using lethal force when absolutely necessary. today's case it was not needed to take -- stay with us as we continue to monitor the officer's condition as well as any news from police about that suspect on air and on-line at developing tonight we are hearing the chilling call for help from a police officer shot late last night in philadelphia. >> i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> that officer did survive. in the next few minutes the reason police think the suspect was inspired by isis. that's ahead at 10:00. militant firefighters rushing to put out a fire in brighton around 8:00 tonight. the flames broke out on bell vista road in the back of a three story brick apartment building. one person is out of a place to stay tonight but fortunately no one was hurt. the cause of this fire is still under investigation but we can tell you tonight that an electrical inspector has been called to the scene.
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charges. she's accused of being so drunk while taking care of a child she couldn't unlock a door. firefighters were forced to break down that door. tonight our kathryn burcham is live in salem digging into just how that woman got hired. kathryn?6b]3fmx >> reporter: vanessa, police here tell us that family found that woman susan conway through the website now while she passed the background check on that website we uncovered other situations where families say failed to protect them. >> reporter: all is quiet inside the apartment on daniel street tonight a four month-old little girl asleep inside. but wednesday, police say it was a far different scene that baby crying for help as firefighters used an axe to break down the door. according to police, the baby's mother came home to find hernanny, susan conway lally so drunk that she couldn't open the dead bolt and was slurring like she had marbles in her mouth.
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responding officers who helped break inside say they found an 80 proof the bottle of vodka 90% empty in conway's purse and her blood alcohol content registered a .28. neighbors say conway lally once struggled with alcohol addiction but thought she had stayed sober. at her home tonight no one answered but we noticed beer cans and bottles piled on the front porch. >> that's not a good thing. disappointed in hearing that. since i knew she had it way back when. >> reporter: she was hired through a website that connects caregivers with parents searching for help but this isn't the first time a baby-sitter hired through the company has been in trouble with the law. in 2013, boston police arrested stephanie fox, for stealing more than a quarter million dollars from the beacon hill family she was nannying for. fox had dozens of prior
10:11 pm missed during a background check. in georgia, our sister station found a local family who used to hire gina grove, to baby-sit their son and grove allegedly racked up thousands of dollars on the family's yards. in a statement a spokeswoman told us we are deeply troubled by this incident and our thoughts are with the family. we have reached out to local law enforcement to provide any assistance. now conway layy has been ordered to stay away -- lally has been ordered to stay away from that family. live in salem, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. controlled explosion and fire the result of crews exposed to some dings chemicals. those chemicals seriously hurt. four people at the dow plant now haz-mat and bomb squad members in order to do that they have to remove another cylinders containing material from that area. until that helps when the
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investigators won't know what caused the explosion. >> that's where the investigation will focus is what caused, what material caused the compromise and therefore caused the explosion. >> we asked about the injured workers but firjs didn't have an update on their conditions. a quincy man is charged with last night's road rage stabbing. 32-year-old mario roman was arrested at a mom in somerset. braintree police say they got a break in this case after a witness provided a partial plate registration and a description of the vehicle. police say the victim had five stab wounds but locating the suspect took some time. a witness describes the scene. >> he was laying down on the ground with his shirt half up he had blood on his stomach. >> in court today prosecutors said roman admitted to having an altercation with another driver in braintree. it's unclear what led to the altercation but police say the two men did previously know each other. a robbery suspect no match for a dog who wasn't
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in 15 minutes how that pet helped police make an arrest before it was too late. in the next half hour the important item now missing from a lot of new cars even before you drive them off the lot. the reason it can make a difference if you're stranded on the side of the road. plus, what started as a shoplifting case ends inside a pizza shop freezer. who else was along for a ride when that suspect got cau cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access
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lord el chapo has been arrested in worth western mexico. video of the fugitive being taken into custody. take look here you can see a group of mexican marines leaving el chapo into an s.u.v. he had a towel on his head just minutes before the capture a shoot-out took place which leave five people dead. six months ago we first brought you this video of his escape from a maximum security prison. the drug kingpin vanishing through a noel his cell. >> the only way that the -- hole in his cell. >> the only way that the government of mexico is going to ensure absolutely that they don't go through another embarrassing situation, another embarrassing escape is to extradite him to the united states. >> after the arrest el chapo was taken aby that a private jet. it's unclear where authorities have taken him. developing tonight philadelphia police now say the man who ambushed one of that's officers late last night was inspired by isis. as mary maloney reports that officer is now recovering. >> shots fired, i'm shot.
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>> reporter: after a man came this close to a patrol car firing repeatedly, philadelphia police say one of necessary own is lucky to be alive. >> he certainly was targeting police, it wasn't just targeting a motorist driving down the street. he knew who he was shooting at and my god, i mean the way he got his arm inside that vehicle. >> reporter: officer jesse hartnet was hit in the arm three times on thursday but was able to chase the 30-year-old suspect and even managed to shoot the assailant. edward archer the man taken into custody then had a chilling confession for authorities. >> he pledgings his allegiance to the islamic state he follows allah that is the reason he was called upon to do this. >> reporter: officials say the semiautomatic gun was a police firearm stolen back in 2013. they add archer has won prior arrest on his record. the f.b.i. is also working with local police in the investigation. in the wake of the ambush and a similar attack on police in paris, the new york police department is now callingis on the
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i'm mary maloney reporting. >> a hyannis man is under arrest tonight after police say he stole a necklace from a case. 65-year-old james anderson was seen on surveillance cutting security wires. officers later stopped his car and say he was still wearing the same clothing, including this selfie hat. nearly $600 worth of fragrances have been stolen from a nact store. these two women committed the crime are asking for the public to help track them down. this incident happened on december 15th. called natick police if you know who these people are. a local grandmother allegedly caught stealing from a wal-mart with her grandson and a friend's baby in tow. the police say after she shoplifted she tried avoid arrest by running and shied -- hiding in the most chilling place. fox 25's erica richie is live in weymouth now to explain. erica?
10:19 pm
sandra savage ditched those two kids when she saw the walk-in refrigerator that's right, refrigerator at a dominos here in weymouth and did just that subjecting herself to near freezing temperatures 34 degrees because she knew she was in hot water with the cops. >> reporter: 8:00 last night inside this wal-mart on middle street in weymouth, 47-year-old sandra savage is spotted stuffing merchandise under a blanket in a baby carriage she was pushing with a friend's one-year-old inside. her 9-year-old grandson by her side. savage reportedly returned the merchandise after being confronted by that wal-mart employee then police say she told her grandson to start running. she then took off after him baby carriage in tow crossing this busy main road here in weymouth washington street, before running into a dominos pizza across the street taking cover. over the phone tonight
10:20 pm
once inside savage appeared to be a patron waiting for pizza a few minutes later it became clear that wasn't the case. >> she stood up and said somebody's chasing me and walked right around the counterinto the back of the store appeared to become somewhat confused. >> reporter: savage locked the door behind her according to a police report had no intention of coming out. officers were unable to coax savage ought from the refrigerator were used to used a breaching tool to pry the door open. in the meantime she left two young children behind alone. >> they didn't appear to understand what was going. >> is this the residence of sandra savage. a woman who answered the door this afternoon declined an interview but through the glass door ashushd that the children are safe. >> do you know if the kids are okay. >> yes, no, they're home. >> okay. can you just tell us what happened? >> we don't we don't really know.
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behind bars tonight held to $2,000 bail. by the way, if she had paid for the merchandise she allegedly tried steal it would have only cost her $34. but it appears that shoplifting is her method of choice. more that coming up at 11:00. for now live in way moug, erica richie, fox 25 news. on monday the stock market will look to recover from its worst week in five years. falling oil prices. crude oil trading at $34 a barrel. numbers we have not seen since 2004. here's the final look at the big board today the dow dropping 167 points and the nasdaq and s&p 500 also finished well in the red on this friday. the governor announced millions of dollars in budget cuts while heading into the weekend. including $16.3 million being slashed from the early retirement program. 6.5 million from the transportation trust fund and $3.6 million from the state police. the fiscal budget currently has a $320 million deficit. the holiday gift that
10:22 pm
under fire. ahead at 10:00 more local schools banning hover boards. >> first while trying to apologize for controversial comments main's governor makes some more. the unique statistics he decided to disclose today. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later,
10:23 pm
and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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>> we could hear from the t.s.a. on when state i.d.s won't be accepted. recommended by the 9/11 commission that requires enhancements to the design residency needed to obtain them. but more than half of all state governments still i.d.s. the state of massachusetts isn't issuing real i.d.s right now but has been given a temporary extension through next october. homeland security spokeswoman says it plans to announce when the changes at the t.s.a. will take place by the end of the year for any changes go through the public will be given 120 days. reaction by one congressman to house undocumented immigrant teenagers at hanscom air force base. it's the country's
10:25 pm
kids but some oppose the plan to house teens at military bases like hanscom. our d.c. bureau caught up with massachusetts representative seth molt ton get his comments about the -- molten to get his comments about the plan. >> we're working closely with the base commander to ensure that the base can continue doing its important functions for the department of defense if these children come. >> the kids staying at the military bases would be between 13 and 17 years old. but the pentagon says it's still unknown whether any of the bases will be used. how many teens might be placed at a site and when they would arrive. the governor of maine is backtracking tonight after making racially charged comments this week. governor paul lepage says he slipped up on wednesday when he attributed the state's heroin problem to men who impregnate young white girls then leave. >> i was going impromptu in my brain, didn't catch up to my mouth.
10:26 pm
women i say white women. i'm not going to apologized to the maine women for that. if you go to maine you will see that we are essentially 95% white. back in 2013, lepage allegedly told a private function that president obama hates white people. when you are stranded on the side of the road no longer a must at the dearlyship apparently. in the next 15 minutes the chances your next new car will be missing a key item. >> we've got some icy spots to track as we head into the weekend. but a big warmup on the way. it comes with some heavy rain. i'll show you the timeline (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, r where are you?r
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>> you will soon be able to fare hikes. the board is set to vote on the fare hikes between 7% to 10% in march at these meetings possible changes to late night service will also be discussed. a pesky feathered friend becoming a little too acquainted with natick police cruisers. check this out here. officers say this turkey has become obsessed with looking at him in the hubcaps of the cruisers and he chases those cruisers around every time they move.
10:30 pm
lot of if one this -- have been a lot of fun saying they will install gravy air fresheners in the cars. a crime in progress comes to a stop thanks to one tough dog. >> that dog didn't want a robbery suspect to get away so she took off after the suspect. fox 25's jim morelli live in dorchester with the story. >> reporter: mark, a dorchester couple spent the day going through their belongings trying to figure out what was missing after their apartment was burglarized while they were away. one thing they were pretty sure about is a lot more might have been missing had it not for a neighbor's dog. >> reporter: half husky and half german shepherd and yesterday morning 100% crime fighter. that's roxy a 35 pound pup from dorchester who it seemed foiled a capper. >> i owe roxy a box of biscuits. >> reporter: it all started when roxy's owner took her out for the morning walk. he spoke with fox 55 by
10:31 pm
>> she ran and started barking her aggressive something is not right tone. >> reporter: this is what got roxy so worked up. a young male cowering on top of a car. >> i asked the gentleman what are you dog my property? >> his response was he was visiting his grandmother. >> reporter: just one problem with that story, nobody of grandmotherly age lives in the house. so he called 9-1-1 and said. >> i have a kid trespassing on my the property i need someone here immediately. at that time the kid did jump off the car run away from me. >> reporter: but on his heels roxy who chased the young man down the block. when police arrived a short time later they found the first floor apartment trashed. >> they went through and everything they took a lot of things of value. >> reporter: martin lives in that vandalized apartment. he doesn't own a dog but maybe just maybe one is in his future. >> when i had my locks changed years ago the
10:32 pm
thing that really keeps out intruders the best is a barking dog. >> reporter: now we don't know for sure what that young man was actually doing in the backyard but the fact he was there and the fact that that an apartment got burglarized has that neighborhood spooked. they are now considering organizing a neighborhood watch. live in boston, jim morelli, fox 25 news. if your week is getting off to a pleasant start i'll tell you right now it's not going to be the prettiest of weekends but it sure is going to be warm and well wet. we'll be tracking some drizzle starting tonight and continuing through tomorrow. but as temperatures drop we may see some icing conditions, some series of black ice possible through the interior even a few flurries as wet weather comes in from the southwest. but it's sunday is the day that we're going to see
10:33 pm
with some strong winds gusts upwards of 40 to even 50 miles per hour. that also boosts us into the 50s. but again it's pretty much going on to be a washout. that area of precipitation just getting going down across the south. so we'll be watching this area of rain right here as it links up and it moves towards us through the week. but we have precipitation pushing through the atlantic. this area of rain is breaking apart but it will be pushing through our region overnight tonight and on the day on saturday. if temperatures are cold enough well, we could see some pockets of freezing rain as well as a few snowflakes mixing in. temperatures are milder now than when i was talking to you at 5:00 and 6:00 earlier this evening. we have that on shore flow
10:34 pm
periods of drizzle overnight. there may be pockets will be north and west of the city. out through worcester county. back through the connecticut river valley into western parts of the state. i want to show you future cast bringing in some areas of drizzle off of the coast with that onshore wind. meanwhile we have rain pushing on in if you are headed out and about make sure you just check where you are going and any untreated services that's where we could see the potential of that black ice. through the day temperature also warm. that's where we'll see the chance of rainshowers for most part. for the north a better chance you will see that mix. but really not much in the way of precipitation. less than a tenth of an inch. now sunday 7:00 look at this
10:35 pm
out to our west it will region through the morning and by your lunch hour we have some heavy downpours coming on through may even hear a rumble of thunderful could see some pockets of isolated flooding across the roadway. meanwhile winds are gusting out of the south especially along the coast. by 7:00 this system is on out of here. so the things you need to know widespread rain of one to two inches some minor possible. those winds could gust as high as 50 miles per hour and boy those temperatures they're going to be climbing into the 50s. is 56 in boston on sunday. you will see i think we'll have to really watch the cloud cover and of course the rain that day. unthing you need to know temperatures fall back into
10:36 pm
really the cold will move back in as we head through next week. over to you. >> thank you, sarah. jewelery and uns had of dollars in cash stolen. >> a suspect in some local home break-ins arrested. how an unexpected run-in with a teenage girl led to his arrest. from new york to d.c. in just 60 minutes. the secret behind this new high-speed train being dreamed up by the government. next after fox 25 exposed boxes of boxes of personal information were dumped in a field how the attorn find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together
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america runs on dunkin'. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> an update an investigation. attorney general's office taking action after we uncovered hundreds of personal documents dumped in a field. we first showed you back in june of 2014 boxes and boxes of documents containing personal information from hundreds of mortgage loan applications. the files belonged to attorney michael haney at the time he was running navigator realty and represented mortgage lenders during closings.
10:39 pm
attorney general filed a civil suit against haney saying michael haney violated a consumer protection act, the massachusetts data disposal act and massachusetts breach act by improperly storing his files containing protected information. the cost of the investigation and the restitution. we have reached out to attorney haney and we have not heard back. teachers are at the center of a blockbuster case at the u.s. supreme court on monday. the high court's decision could have a significant impact here in massachusetts. the decision will affect schoolteachers, nurses and firefighters justice also decide whether states can keep acquiring employees not in a union to pay union fees for negotiating. a group of california teachers will argue monday that mander to fees violate first amendment -- mandatory fees violate first amendment rights especially politically. union advocates say that these cover the costs of negotiating employee contracts.
10:40 pm
that says let's weaken unions. >> the justices decision could unravel thousands of contracts around the country. some america's biggest tech companies met with a top white house officials in san jose, california, today the groups discussed how terrorists are using social media. a key issue includes identifying recruitment methods, apple, google, fake, microsoft and twitter are among the groups helping administration officials come up with a plan to address this issue. in november, massachusetts voters could have the opportunity to legalize recreational marijuana and state senators want to make sure they're ready. next week several of them will travel to colorado to learn more about that state's system for legalizing pot. the marijuana question still has to be approved before it appears on the 2016 ballot. i'll be travelling to colorado to cover the legislators. they will be studying how to regulate pot and grow houses. watch for those live reports monday and tuesday on fox 25 news at 10:00. too dangerous for school
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hottest gifts of 2015 banned on two college campuses in massachusetts. coming up the schools saying you can no longer roll your way to class. but first you might be leaving the dealership without it. the one essential car accessory that many new models just don't have. that's next on the fox 25 news at dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby.
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background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton
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well, there's an important feature that could be missing from a lot of new cars and you might not even know it. >> consumer advisor clark howard says it's what its and how it could leave you stranded on the side of the road if it's not in your car. >> i was shocked i mean i just said you just got to be kidding me. >> reporter: that question, is this car come with a spare tire.
10:44 pm
a new car, the answer is it doesn't. >> about a third of the cars that are sold now do not have a spare tire. >> reporter: in an effort to make cars more fuel efficient, some manufacturers have stopped supplying them. mike flanagan found out he didn't have a spare when he went to the repair shop for a slow leak. >> they said you know we can't fix it and we can't order the same tire so let's put your spare on and you can take it to another shop that's when we found out we didn't have a spare. >> reporter: in its place he found an inflater kit but those only work in very rare specific situations. >> some of the challenges with an inflater kit is that really what's lodged in the tire has to be center tread it can't be on the side and what made it go flat has to still be in there. >> reporter: which needs will you need to be towed. >> takes a 20 minute problem and changes it into an entire day's event. >> reporter: you got somewhere around a four in
10:45 pm
will not have a spare tire. so what a lot of people do is when their tires wear out they keep the best of the four when they replace them, buy an extra rim, and keep that as a spare tire. that way you're not stranded by the side of the road. i'm clark howard. >> for more consumer advice and ways to save your family money visit clark new research indicates illegal hits play a large role in concussions. researchers found concussion rates in youth hockey are no contact sports. more than 40% of concussions are caused by those hits. the two year study also found that the younger the player the higher the risk for an illegal hit. there's a new reason to cut back on sugar. a new study suggests too much sugar in your diet could increase your risk of breast cancer. the research was done on mice and found that the mice on high sugar diets were much more likely to develop tumor on their ma'amry glands.
10:46 pm
the first time they have pointed a link between sugar and cancer. it seems possible that the federal government is spending millions on what it believes is the future. the united states used to be a railroad pioneer. but since then japan, china, and europe have passed us by. check out this bullet train in japan it might look futuristic but it has been transporting millions of japanese every day for years now. known as the maglev it suspends cars four inches off the ground with speeds at more than 300 miles per hour. now there's an effort to bring this train to the u.s. >> this is truly transformational and generation-skipping technology. our fastest train in america is the 86 miles per hour acela train so you are jump from 86 miles per hour to 311 miles per hour. >> reporter: the department of transportation has
10:47 pm
maryland to assess the feasibility of the first maglev train in the u.s. it would run between baltimore and washington, d.c. in just 15 minutes ultimately the plan is to connect the whole northeast corridor custodying down the commute between new york and washington to about 60 minutes. critics say it's too expensive. the service between baltimore and d.c. alone is expected to cost $10 billion. japan is pledging to help cover some of the costs and the federal rail administration argues that shelling it out now would provide huge economic and quality of life benefits down the road. >> there's no question by the we're going have to dig deep to do this both public sector and private sector but there is really no choice but to do that if we want to continue to see our economy growing in the future. >> reporter: from new york to washington the train would be 30 minutes faster than a direct flight. if this all goes as planned people can expect the maglev to start running between d.c. and baltimore towards
10:48 pm
two area colleges have banned hover boards u-mass amherst and boston college say the devries are too dangerous to have on campus. as we've reported the batteries can overheat causing the hover board to catch fire. people also fall and get hurt. hover boards were one of the most popular holiday gifts this year. >> no hover boards while we're doing the weather that's for sure. we'll be talking about the weather changing as we head into the weekend. we have some drizzle on the way but a lot of clouds out there right now. some showers, too. heavy rain by sunday. so what we've got going on 30s and 40s right at the freezing mark in keen. it's through the interior we're concerned that as the precipitation moves on in we could see some slick the spots. just take it easy on the roadways where temperatures are below freezing. in the boston taking you hour by hour we're going to be hovering from 40 into the upper 30s. and by the morning lots of clouds out there. best changes of seeing those below freezing temperatures away from the coast. that's when we'll see the shot getting into the upper
10:49 pm
again freezing fog can be a possibility as well. but as we head on through the day boy we've got some really warm heading our way and the chance of the icy conditions will actually begin to diminish. but just be aware of the slippery spots coming up at 11:00 i'll talk about the heavy rain and the big warmup heading our way. $800 million that is the powerball drawing. a number which can still climb if you win the cash option before taxes about something like $496 million. you can buy tickets until 9:45 on saturday night. during wednesday, a $1 million ticket was actually sold in plymouth. more details now on the powerball jackpot. earlier today a canton convenience store raffled off $50 worth of tickets. all people had to do was like and share the facebook posts. if you win the jackpot this weekend here's an interesting fact. just with that one ticket you will make more than some
10:50 pm
celebrities like floyd mayweather, taylor swift and singer katy perry combined. if you take the cash payout you can still top that list. >> i just like a chance to have a second chance. earlier in the week wednesday, right, i didn't walk out a winner. >> i picked the numbers earlier in the week you pick the numbers this weekend. >> i know up headed westward. see if we can send you off a millionaire. >> i love it. a professional hockey player hurt at last week's winter classic. new at 11:00 what her parents are saying tonight about her injuries. a mother accused of stealing from a local store. the surprising place where police tracked her down. and coming up next in sports, the patriots clue me in on their plans for the beginning of the nfl second season, plus, the road warriors the bruins look to end a two game slide in
10:51 pm
shows highlights and more. announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. the new year means a house full and that can slow your internet down. so you should get verizon fios - quick. internet and wi-fi available with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for $79.99 a month online, tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2 year agreement, fios gives you $400 back,
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the bruins enjoy more than frequent flyer miles as the team played better on the road than in the comfy confines of the garden. black and gold loses two straight in five of six looking to get back on track. taking on the devils in jersey and the bs get out the gate really quickfully this one. just two minutes and two seconds into this game it's frank. this game had a little bit of everything. a little hand to hand combat be zach and jordan going at it. it's good way to get tutu into the highlights. after the devils close the gap 2-1. bs on the power play. they get one from dorchester's jimmy hayes off the redirection. 3-1 bruins. that's nice but that one was even better. colin miller showing off. the bs start the five game roadie off with a 4-1 win over jersey. now i love a good hotel as much as the next guy but this is really ridiculous. the bruins they improve to 12-3-1 on the road this season scoring 3.50 goals a
10:54 pm
surprising 9-11-2 inside the garden scoring more than a goal less a game. wow. now eagles head man jerry york three wins shy of 1,000, york and the eagles taking on providence early in the second period. eagles up 2-1, make that 3-1. colin white. nice hand and stick coordination. they show some life. look at the puck work by nick. he goes five hold. the fliers trail 4-2 sorry about that, mark. too much white. this eagles score again in the third. it was his third yes it's a hat trick. eagles win this thing football score 7-3. now, nfl set to start tomorrow but for patriots fans finally in the waiting game of who the pats will play for the pats players it's a sunday too relaxed to be a fan just like me which is pretty cool.
10:55 pm
you know, lay back, watch the games. it's always cool to see the other games go down and just enjoy them. >> of course, any time football is on i'm going to watch it. >> i'm going to watch every game that goes on this weekend. it's not a chance unless it's a thursday night or monday night you get to watch other teams play. it's going to be a pleasure. it's going to be good to see. >> that's what i'm talking about. the games pats fans will pay attention to the chiefs and texans, steelers and bengals. if the steelers win the game the patriots get the winner of houston and kansas city. sunday's nfc games are very good especially the ones right here on fox 25. washington and green bay. it bengals are 06-6 in the playoffs under marvin lewis which is really horrible now cincy has to get that first win without andy dalton. ruled out and a.j. mccarron the kid from alabama will make his first career playoff start series the steelers. now the meat of this
10:56 pm
press all pro teams out and the patriots have two first teamers tom brady is not one of them. gronk and the kicker, cam newton edges out t.d. 12 for the team team as quarterback. and lions doing anything on to be patriots-like. hiring bob quinn to be detroit's next general manager. quinn is only 39. more sports at 11:00. now at 11:00, i'm tracking some wet weather on the way. when we could see an icy mix change to heavy rain. >> a boston police officer shot on the job. >> it really bothers me that someone would think it's okay to shoot at a policeman. >> the suspect under arrest why he was no stranger to police. a local nanny allegedly getting drunk while watching be a infant. the drastic measures firefighters had to go through to make sure that baby is is okay. complete new england news coverage starts right now this is fox 25 news at
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