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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  January 12, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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now at 10:00 tracking some snow moving our way when it arrives and how much you can expect in your town. a firefighter hurt. people pulled out of this building as flames pour out of this roof. tonight the tool that firefighters say sparked the fire. massachusetts lawmakers are here in colorado gearing up for a possible vote on recreational marijuana. the warnings they heard today from colorado leaders. and just in time, how an off duty firefighter's trip to drop his child off at daycare turned into a lifesaving mission. >> announcer: this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. first at 10:00 another cold night and another round
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good evening i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm elizabeth hopkins. storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz tells us what to expect when you wake up. >> you're going to shiver that's for sure. temperatures in the 20s for the most part you know they will drop some more. it's a bit of a breeze out there. these aren't brutal wind chills but i think the degree depends on comfortable. still feels like 22 out there in hyannis. low temperature also drop into the teens especially low teens north and west and southwest, new mexico and southern vermont. bottom line the cold air in place as that storm system approaches. clear out there now this is a storm system just off the top of the newscast. some snow moving through the midwest. michigan back to wisconsin and illinois, this system will make its way our way. we'll see some clouds increasing by lunchtime this takes to you 11:00 tomorrow morning. now future cast shows the snow and rain showers coming in during the start of the evening commute and sticking around during that commute into the evening hours. it's looking a little
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future cast data but another batch of snow coming through worcester at 8:30. snow ams still aren't looking real hefty especially enland away from that coastline. however the latest information i may have updated snow totals stick around. to breaking news right now in brockton where there are reports of several shots being fired near pine grove drive. fox 25's christine mccarthy just got to the scene she has the latest information. christine? >> reporter: well, the very latest is that brockton police have just peeled out of the parking lot right near i'm standing saying they were heading over to the another scene where about 17 gunshots had been heard. now as for the situation right here where i'm standing you can see behind me this very apartment behind me is where a teenager was struck by a bullet is now at the hospital. you can see where that bullet entered the side and we did speak with a neighbor who tells us she inside her
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heard gunfire erupt. of course very scared to be here right now but she does says she's worried about her 17-year-old neighbor who was apparently hit by that stray bullet just while standing innocently in his kitchen. >> i just heard him we didn't know until afterwards what happened. >> how on are you feeling? >> not good. it's my neighbor's son. he's like family. >> do you know how he's doing? >> no, not yet. >> how old is he? >> 17. >> police do say there's still a lot to learn about this situation of course the recent gunfire that erupted at another scene. police officers heading over there. there was a k-9 unit out here a dog sniffing around in the parking lot. we are told that police were actually in this very neighborhood just a couple hours ago. a lot of activity right now and still a search for possible the shooter. we're live in brockton, christine mccarthy, fox 25
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a father, son and firefighter all recovering after this raging fire in mattapan. new tonight fox 25's ted daniel is live at the scene with the cause of that fire. ted? >> reporter: yes, we're going to get to that cause in a just a little bit, mark. six hours after this fire and firefighters are still on scene here keeping an eye on the heavily damaged buildings. this building housed several apartments and a dentist office. an elderly dentist had his office here. well, that dentist made it out but his adult son got trapped inside. >> surveillance video from minutes before firefighters arrived. look closely and you may be able to see a black cloud of smoke appear at the front door. that man is believed to be dr. walter holman the 83-year-old dentist keeps an
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>> the father met the fire companies out front. he appeared to be daysed and confused. >> reporter: when firefighters -- daised and confused. >> when firefighters arrived he was waiting outside his adult son still trapped inside while some firefighters worked to save the buildings others rushed in to save a life. he found the son unresponsive on the first floor in the back of the building. this is video of him being taken by ambulance. they were working on him to the sidewalk and brought him over to the ambulance they had a bag over his face. >> reporter: boston fire commissioner says the arrest. it wasn't the fire that the got him it was the smoke. >> e.m.s. did a nice job they were abletro survive him and get a pulse back. so hopefully there will be good news on that end. >> reporter: so the dentist had been practicing here for decades. we do not know what type of equipment or how old his
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but fire investigators say they believe some piece of dental equipment triggered this fire started on the first floor it and went through the roof. as for his son, no news is good news at this point. we know he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. reporting live in mattapan tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. the man charged with shooting a boston police officer. take a listen. hedley was in court today ordered held on bail. they total $1.5 million. investigators say he fired five rounds at police officer on friday in dorchester. one hitting officer kurt stokinger in the leg. police say they were trying to arrest him for selling drugs while on probation. >> both offers and civilians were assisting officer stokinger with the gunshot wound to his leg. they applied a tourniquet to
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hedley is due back in court next month. the decorated nine year veteran is a husband and father of two. he is also a member of the department's drug unit. officer stokinger says he is eager to get back to work. lawyers for the man accused of killing bella bonds suggesting in court today that the little girl's mother is the real killer. michael mccarthy pleaded not guilty for the death of the girl once known only as baby doe. prosecutors say mccarthy beat bella to death because mccarthy's lawyer says the case is based only on rochelle bonds word. mccarthy is due back in court next month. two people arrested accused of stuffing millions of dollars of worth powerful drug in a secret kparnt in a local apartment. kathryn? >> reporter: prosecutor told that judge here at lowell district court that that
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by state police for months before they were arrested and that prosecutor said it appears that they were operating a high value conspiracy to sell a dangerous synthetic drug called fentanyl. >> the sco discovery. >> reporter: listening with the help of an interpreter hilda sat emotionless both facing felony drug charges after their arrest. >> we believe this to be part of a very large scale it's an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: after months of watching this apartment they rented together state police moved in on friday. seizing more than 100 strips of white powder, $21,000 in cash, and tools that police say ruiz was using to cut and sell fentanyl. >> they are particularly although it looks like heroin can be almost 100 times more potent than heroin. >> reporter: investigators say gandy and ruiz's
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they used evasive driving techniques and that rue his hidden compartments like this one to hide drugs in his furniture. >> the combination of the value of this product as well as the strength of the important seizure. >> reporter: the middlesex district attorney said not only did police shut down the drug ring they are certainly saving lives. for addicts can easily overdose when fentanyl is fixed with heroin. >> even an experienced user gheats they have no way of knowing how much is heroin how much is fentanyl. >> reporter: last year overdose deaths. the d.a. said that the seizure of this drug is an important part in their fight against the heroin epidemic. as for gandy and ruiz they remain in jail tonight. they will face a judge again next month. live in lowell, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. investigators in gloucester still trying to firm up the cause of a deadly early morning fire. we have been following this
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news. still fire investigators have not released the name of the victim. you will be able to see that damaged. firefighters are working to figure out how these flames started. one of two brockton boys that fell through the ice critical condition. they had counsellors on hand today to help students deal with what happened. friends tell fox 25 that they were cutting across the pond to play football at the park when they fell through the ice. several good samaritans jumped into the the pond to try to help. firefighters had to save the older boy and perform c.p.r. >> powerball players still holding out hope as the jackpot rises to more than a billion dollars. in 15 minutes hear from someone who's already hit it big. his message for future winners about what's in store after those numbers are called. >> big differs tonight in mammogram guidelines for women in their 40s and women in their 50s. the brand new recommendations for how often those age groups should be screened. be shocking video of a robbery at a local convenience store.
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counter and started slashing at a clerk. >> all of that as we continue to follow breaking news in brockton. shots fired and a large police presence around pine grove drive. we'll continue to work this and bring you new
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you're catching >> flowers and candles for david bowie outside his new york city apartment. musician, actor, some would even call him a magician. david bowie dying at cancer at the age of 69. his death stunning the music world today. in 1999, bowie was given an honorary doctorate at the berkley college of music. he says he was lucky enough to meet him during his visit to the boston. >> so my job was basically to pick like the eight or nine david bowie songs that i thought that our students could do the best justice to. just because his music is maybe a little bit different than what is typical at trying to come up with
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and to present it it was fun. >> bowie always seemed one step ahead of other performers and made his mark as a master joe reinvention. he continued working through this year releasing his latest album black star days ago on his 69th birthday to critical acclaim. in november massachusetts voters could legalize recreational marijuana. state lawmakers are getting ready right now. members are in colorado to see how that state regulates and controls marijuana sales. >> reporter: fox 25 is the only local television station traveling with them. our vanessa welch joins us live from denver right now. today they heard that legalization hasn't caused any huge issues in that state? >> reporter: yeah, colorado's marijuana director told us there haven't been many red flags since voters changed the constitution and made marijuana legal for recreational use. they've not seen a big uptick in crime or usage
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lawmakers about some potential dangers in massachusetts voters say yes. rocky mountain high >> reporter: it gives new meaning to rocky mountain high, marijuana legally sold in colorado taxed and regulated like alcohol. along denver's green mile pot shops sit across the street from restaurants we could soon see the same thing in massachusetts. voters may decide the issue on the november ballot. >> recreational marijuana is much more complex. will massachusetts be ready if our voters say yes? >> that's why we created this special senate committee on marijuana that's why we're doing all this work so we're trying to learn from those mistakes. >> reporter: massachusetts senator jason lewis chairs a special senate committee on marijuana. they came to denver to research how colorado regulates recreational pot. we caught up with him after their first meeting when they learned half of all sales includes edibles.
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product with t.h.c. in them. marijuana-infused gummy bears have been mistaken for candy and edibles contributed to the at least one death. a big concern for the senator. >> that's something that i would try to address immediately and make sure that we don't get into that edible market. >> reporter: colorado leaders encourage our senators to delay legalizing edibles and warned them about allowing people to grow marijuana at home at least in the beginning. they've had trouble with unlicensed growers shipping marijuana to be sold illegally in other states. but the issue our senators asked the most questions about today involve testing for people driving under the influence of marijuana. the police chief of eerie, colorado told them it's not easy. >> much more difficult they become an impairment with t.h.c. we don't have portable breath tests. >> reporter: now this trip was paid for by the millbank memorial fund a nonpartisan health policy foundation.
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learning here back to massachusetts and tweak the law if voters say yes to recreational marijuana. as for tomorrow's plans well, the senators are going to tour places where marijuana is grown and sold here in denver. we'll be along with them. coming up tomorrow night at 10:00 i'll be back with some incredible video of a marijuana grow operation. i'm also going to tell you while pot is big business here it's just not generating the tax revenue that colorado thought it would. for now live in denver, vanessa welch, fox 25 news. >> vanessa continues her coverage from colorado. be sure to tune in tomorrow night. a man charged in a dead scplit are 91co you are the to face charges today. 24-year-old was ordered held on $10,000 bail. if he does make that bail he's not allowed to drive. he was on pleasant street in malden last month when he hit and killed a 71-year-old woman. he drove away but witnesses were able to give police a description of the car.
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nan this photo for an attempted scam. police say the man is wanted for questioning in a scam where someone tried to trick another person into giving them money. if you know the person call police. a man is under arrest tonight suspected in a string of area robberies. 44-year-old stephen stanley was in court today to face charges. police say he was seen on surveillance video at a medical office in concord stealing high end eyeglass frames. after his arrest, offers found that stanley had nine open warrants on similar charges. he was on the police department's most-wanted list in boston. wave of b.b. gun vandalism sweeping through belmont. police there sharing these pictures of the damage. they say the vandals have caused thousands of dollars in damage shooting out windows since november. now they are concerned things could escalate to involve larger guns and they're asking anyone who lives there to report any suspicious activity. tonight the family of this murder victim hopes that her convicted killer and rapist stays behind bars.
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tomorrow that killer is up for his latest parole hearing remember he was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 15 years but now that time is here. fox 25's christine mccarthy spoke to the brother. >> reporter: 55 years of mourning and the pain is still fresh for -- 25 years of mourning and the pain is still fresh for david who will face his sister's murderer. >> when this time comes around when we have to face the parole board it feels like you're living it all over again. >> reporter: his older sister careen flynn a 33-year-old mother fairly 100 pounds and suffering from multiple sclerosis was raped and murdered in her hyde park home in 1991. four agonizing years later the boston police tied gerald's d.n.a. to the scene leading to a confession. >> he my older brother mark, one of his friends. we didn't see this coming, no. >> reporter: fox 25 was at
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hearing five years ago when flynn's family faced the man who had pretended to mourn with them. >> why did you do this? i was just out of control at the time. >> reporter: flynn's daughter courtney was 8 at the time pleaded to keep crafty behind bars. >> at a very young age i was forced to grow up fast. >> reporter: the board rejected crafty's last request while he can't but feel anxious. >> crafty in my mind is a monster who raped and murdered my sister and it wasn't the first time he attacked a woman and i do not think he should be on the street with the public. >> reporter: that was fox 25's christine mccarthy reporting. secret service agent facing a brain battle. ahead the at 10:00 a brand new wife by his side. the emotional wedding that just happened inside a local hospital.
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passed its first winter test. this reaction tonight just days after cold weather sent
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>> u.s. stocks squeezing out small gains today. dow closing up 54 points. the nasdaq composite that ended in the red down five point while the s&p 500 eked out a one point gain. >> today the white house said that president obama has every reason to be optimistic in his final state of the union address. the white house says president obama's speech tomorrow will focus on progress made during his time in office. he will also encourage americans to step up challenges facing our nation. fox 25 will carry the president's address live tomorrow night. and a sir yab refugee who lost his arm will be a union address. we told you about him back november. that boy is being treated at
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for his injuries and is seeking alie sum here. he wrote a letter to the president asking for help. premp you're fired. -- president obama you're fired. >> republican front-runner donald trump taking a shot at president obama he was also attacking everyone from hillary clinton to ted cruz. trump told the wyndham crowd he would beat hillary in the general election but it's his dream to run against bernie sanders. some wonder whether ted cruz is a natural born citizen but still maintains he would bring people together. >> i'm a unifier. i get along before i was a politician i got along with the democrats and the republicans with liberals, i get along with everybody. about an hour into this event protestors shouted
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him to tell some folks. he passed the first test but not everybody agrees with them. the they told the control board that it scored high marks but many commuters we spoke with had to deal with frozen switch and power delays over the last few weeks. a lot of them are given a lower grade. still the t is staying positive. >> we created the new situation we created the which essentially has changed the way we manage each individual that's what i meant by it being a success. >> with more snow in the forecast this week the mbta says it will have extra staff on hand and work on traffic preparation and contingencies. its trains need to be taken out of service. tweaking the totals just a little bit. but timing that's critical when it can mess up your evening commute. plus, a carbon monoxide leak at a local church. the way an off duty firefighter figured it out and jumped in to action right as he dropped his child off at daycare.
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stake for powerball players. the advice from a previous
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big and the changes it it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month
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>> wild scene in a local market when a clerk tries to fight off a local robber. watch the video in the upper left-hand corner you might see the suspect start attacking that clerk. then the clerk pulls out his own knife and starts fighting back. the suspect is able to get away some cash. he's described as a hispanic man with mustache and tattoos on his face and neck. the story for many lottery winners doesn't always have a happy ending. that is not the story though of gary justiceon. it's hard to believe no one asked for a dime. >>. >> reporter: they said, we're glad that you won it couldn't be me.
1:27 am
juson windfall came in 2011 a $2 million prize when he hit the lucky numbers on his billion dollar blockbuster game he could hardly believe his eyes and very quickly after looked for help. >> i called financial advisor right away. he says some of the best advice came from the office. >> they sat me down with an attorney before i on monday morning before i turned the ticket in and gave me all kinds of advice. >> reporter: since then he has done on everything a hopeful jackpot winner's list. taking care of the kids and grandkids a house on the beach a leisurely life in florida so he is able -- i think you can take some worry away. so what he did say though is
1:28 am
their future. >> look the at him i thought there would be a but snrer we do not know who was holding the phone. it looks like it's worked out well for him. not always the case. >> very true. very true. kevin? >> let's tell you this first of all, i'm sorry. >> forbes you would still have to catch up to bob kraft. you might recognize this young lady that's gisele and her husband tom brady checked in with $33 million in his contract with the pats. there you have it. >> everybody thought you were going to put me on that list. >> is there a kevin lemanowicz island in your future if you win that powerball ticket?
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object a kevin lemanowicz island before by the time the newscast starts. 21 orange, right now the temperature also drop down to the teens tonight. cold night out there no question. a bit of a breeze someplace of a wind chill. 15 -- under the clear skies tonight that will be a couple thing clouds but that's about it. there are your low temperatures overnight. 22 for you in boston. staying a little bit warmer right at the shoreline in southeastern months -- massachusetts. it's going to become the a pretty big storm. it's a small storm right now. here's where it's located. not over us it's clear here back hear to the midwest. the snow has come together quite nicely this evening from chicago. this is actually with the the storm system. the lake-effect snow seems to want to quit up here in new york but it's still flying off of the lake and trying earlier today was making all these northern
1:30 am
bands but not so much anymore just weakened as the night progressed. takes to you lunchtime 11:30 in the morning noon timish still be some clouds mixing with the sun. by the late afternoon here come a couple snow and rainshowers by the late afternoon early evening hours. now we're getting up into the commute time. this is where the timing is critical. it just takes a little bit of snow to really mess things up. temperatures are going to be cold enough especially inland for this to be snow. we'll look at different fofths. we have to look at the temperature all the way up in the atmosphere. the layers up above us have to be capable of supporting snow but they are. that's where the warmest temperatures will be along the shoreline to give us some rain and snow mix. north shore right along maybe some rain or rain/snow mix. out to the west another band
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evening hours. this one comes through boston during the later night hours. so we're not at all about a big wall of snow coming in it looks like right now. right now that just does not seem to be in the offing. bring some heavy snow to northern new england. behind it the winds will howl into winds morning. some very -- into wednesday morning. here's what we're thinking now this is our computer model chart showing you how much snow could fall in these locations based on the computer modeling. not much by 9:00 in the evening because of the rain/snow mix and a little bit by the time the snow is all done. more so the farther inland you go. that could actually follow these lines exactly. what we're thinking it had a one to three inch band it's just looking more and more mostly one to two inches. produced up to three inches but for the most part one to two inches. i'm zipping this down just west of boston.
1:32 am
line. and bring much needed know. there by the way if we get an inch we'll crack this top five. january 11th with latest inch of snow on record recorded in boston. remember boston only got .9 just short of an inch on december 29th . we're still waiting for that first inch. these are the threats through wednesday morning. snow and rain. wind chills especially wednesday morning are going to be a high threat. the temperatures tomorrow will be critical. make sure you are following along with us through the morning with sherry into the afternoon with myself. there's that seven-day forecast with your week in view. brutal wind chills wednesday morning staying cold for the start of the weekend. that storm may affect the patriots game. a high-profile case and a high-profile attorney. while the st. george's school is mired in sexual abuse case new at 11:00, we now know who's investigating those allegations. former massachusetts attorney general taking the case. but first at 10:00 it's the meeting seen all over social media.
1:33 am
when lady gaga bumped into him at the golden globes. new tonight the actor explains what he was
1:34 am
they say it's connected to a theft at a cumberland farms on milton road if you can identify this person call rochester police.
1:35 am
are underway to send mexican drug lord especially alcoholo to the united states. joaquin guzman was captured on friday after six months on the run. they are looking the at new video of the raid at his hideout. guzman was inside at the time but managed to escape only to be captured later on a highway. in the meantime, the white house is not saying much on actor sean penn's rolling stone interview with guzman. >> i haven't spoken to the bpt the rolling stone interview -- president about the rolling stone interview i have read a little bit about the interview but i his. >> questions have been swirling over whether penn's guzman's arrest. surfaced u.s. law enforcement officials say tracking cell phones and electronic exchanges had led them to guzman. a new bill in massachusetts aims to do more to fight opiate abuse the bill would include a number of pills and also set overdose victims that come to emergency rooms. house speaker robert deleo
1:36 am
bill today and talked about why it so important. >> the opioid drains vitality from our cities and towns. extinguishes lives and steals souls. by bringing the light no defeat. >> the new bill will be debated in the house on wednesday and it joins a pair of similar bills one of which has already been passed by the senate. >> ecigarette poisonings are on the rise now congress is trying to deal with that tonight the house of representatives passed a bill which would require childproof packaging. more than 3,000 people reported ecigarette and liquid nicotine poisonings in 2015. more than half of the reported calls in 2014 were for 13 under the age of 13. who should get mammograms and how often? brand new national guidelines just ret released on breast cancer screenings coming up. >> first a firefighter on
1:37 am
daycare r >> an off duty firefighter in the right place at a right time to stop a dangerous kbakd -- carbon dioxide leak. >> what's the story, jim? >> mark this all the started with a strong smell and that led a medway firefighter on his way to take action, action that almost certainly
1:38 am
carbon dioxide -- carbon monoxide poisoning. >> reporter: this morning medway fire lieutenant prevented a potential tragedy one that might have involved his own two children. >> i'm glad i was there. >> reporter: the place he was at the christ episcopal church home to the back to the basics preschool and daycare he was dropping off his daughters there this morning before going to work. >> we entered the building and i was greeted with a strong sulfurous odor. my first instinct was to coming from. i found that the odor got stronger in the basement. so i evacuated the building. >> reporter: the evacuees included his daughters, other children, and daycare providers. fire crews arrived a short time later and made an alarming discovery. >> the company found co readings of over 600 parts
1:39 am
>> reporter: the severity depends on how much is in the air and duration of exposure. for the 600 parts per million of that inside the church basement it would have taken just three hours to kill someone. the everyday truth is firefighters engage in heroics all the time. habitually go out on a limb to make sure everyone goes home. it's safe to say lieutenant, you're not the only one. >> the christ episcopal church remains closed tonight. there was supposed to be meeting there but a sign on the door indicated it had been moved. cause of this carbon monoxide build up appears to be a faulty furnace. oddly enough, carbon monoxide detectors in the building did not go off. live in medway, jim morelli, fox 25 news. new guidelines for mammograms saying they do the most good for women 50 and up. the u.s. preventive services task force releasing those guidelines today. they recommend women between the ages of 50 and 74 get a mammogram every two years. younger women are urged to weigh the pros and cons and make their own choice about whether to have the
1:40 am
new cancer test is getting some serious investment from two of the richest people in the world. microsoft founder bill gates and amazon's jeff bay zos have led a $100 in -- bay zoz have led a $100 million braille that has -- he claims that the test will cost $1,000 or less and be available by 2019. bail for the affluenza mother teen tonya couch's bail is down to $75,000 now from $1 million. a judge making that decision today saying he felt it was a more appropriate number for the case. couch is accused of helping her son ethan couch leave the country to avoid a probation hearing that may have led to jail time. ethan was on probation for killing four people in a 2013 drunk driving crash. he is being held in mexico and is fighting extradition. an emotional moment for a secret service agent hurt in a car crash in new hampshire.
1:41 am
garrett fitzgerald has major spinal injuries from the accident. he just released from i.c.u. which is one movement most important days of his life just took place. >> reporter: beaming from ear to ear, love in their eyes. garrett fitzgerald and facee joan said i do on sunday. the company planned to get married next month but they moved the date up because of his upcoming rehab schedule. garrett is part of hillary clinton's secret service detail. he has major spinal injuries after this car crossed the line and hit the car he and other agents were in two weeks ago in wakefield, new hampshire. the impact left him without any feeling or movement from the upper chest down. garet and joan moved to boston in september were planning their wedding in march. a friend set up a go fund me account because the couple faces a long grueling rehab and severe financial burden. on that page their friends describe the wedding writing
1:42 am
his i.c.u. room as family from all over the world video streamed the ceremony live. the it shows the couple's lifetime commitment to each other in sickness and in health. a go fund me account has raised more than $200,000 to help garrett. we posted it on our website if you would like to donate. national guardsmen honored at the state house today for his heroism during the the marathon bombings. governor baker presenting jeff curtis standing at the finish line as a spectator with friends. he quickly jumped into action to help the seriously wounded. >> when they went off you know so i guess we did it together it was a great thing. >> reporter: curtis served in afghanistan but said he never expected his training to kick in here at home. boston's major sports teams are backing a proposal to ban discrimination against transgender people
1:43 am
the patriots, reds, celtics and bruins have all confirm the support for a bill that calls for equal access to bathrooms in public places. the red sox have already announced their support. this is a possible viehe for for governor baker. uber is cutting fare prices it's all a bid to stimulate business as tries to beat the winter slump. in some cities this is the third straight year uber has dropped prices at the start of the new year. the amount of the discount will vary by city. those price cuts went into effect over the weekend. first the cold air is in place temperatures dropping into the 20s will drop through the teens overnight then this storm arrives with some snow. now it's not going to be that impress whiff it gets here but the timing will be critical. what it looks like is fits and starts of rain and snow coming through during the late afternoon and evening hours. your evening commute will have rain or snow falling to
1:44 am
like of 128 but then up to an inch of snow in the boston area. the heaviest snow will be to the north. our computer model numbers continue to give very little with the tail end of the snow bringing any accumulation to boston trying to get that snow you will tie the fifth latest first inch on record. look at one to two inches up to the suburbs of boston. boston itself will be close then three plus farther north from there. southeastern massachusetts. i also told you we would talk a little bit about the weekend. this storm system moving in noon time saturday and through the afternoon and evening hours that's critical for that game in foxborough. the patriots chiefs rain changing to snow in 37 degrees is the early outlook. more on the latest timeline for tomorrow at 11:00. actor leonardo dicaprio saying tonight he wasn't throwing shade at lady gaga at last night's golden globes you have seen this clip the american horror store bumped him.
1:45 am
feud leonardo dicaprio tells entertainment tonight he was just surprised didn't know what was passing him. >> glad we cleared that up. it's game week for the patriots. had a clans to talk to julian edelman today and a rivalry game at madison square garden. bruins and rangers squaring off in the big apple. plus, we're following breaking news out of the brockton at 11:00. our crew just arriving to the scene of the shooting. the latest on the investigation at the top of the hour. also at 11:00. pot problems. fox 25 taking to you colorado.
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bruins and rangers really evenly matched entering this one tonight. new york two more points in
1:48 am
home ice advantage as the rivalry renewed at madison square garden. cider loses -- cryder loses the puck. rangers going to tie it up. a lot of traffic in front of net. ends up on the blade of derek. so there is your equalizer. now it's just a matter of who caves first it wasn't going to be lundquist. this is an outstanding save. kicks up his right heel to block a shot. take another look at this one from up top. that's pretty incredible. time winding down under two to play. going to redirect it home that's your game winner. rangers win it tonight 2-1. well, it is game week for the patriots. the intensity a little bit higher today on the practice field as the guys got to work gearing up for saturday's matchup with kansas city. chiefs have won 11 straight.
1:49 am
since that game against the giants he has been fighting his way back from a broken the foot. while it may or may not be 100% it is the postseason. edelman he is going to be out there. >> i want to go full throttle regardless. if it goes it goes. >> it's a rehab process tried your patience a little bit? >> oh, yeah, definitely. i'm kind of my worst enemy when it comes to that. trying to overpush things we've had our staff you know work with me to keep me from hurting myself. so you know i think we've handled it pretty decent. >> you get to get him back. a couple of buddies are going in together. the group is headlined by the long time captain jason varitek he said today that he would like to manage tim wakefield during that era good times and bad. rock steady along the way.
1:50 am
behind the success of the 2000. today we heard from jason. >> i'm extremely honored to be the part of that group. i think it helps to have somebody that has been in this same place. i have been fortunate to play at wake there day one. >> it's a huge honor over the moon excited about it. i'm proud to be going in with tech as well. he and i were teammates for 15 years. i have a lot of bomb to thank, including himmself. >> clemson and alabama are
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