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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> reporter: we are ling tonight about going to boston globe a pats defensive and was on some sort of synthetic marijuana before he showed up here at the foxboro police department. but tonight the foxboro police department only thing it was a medical call and because of that there's no information available. foxboro police department dispatched transmissions and heavily redacted police logs obtained by fox 25 help shed some light on why patrons defensive end chandler jones ended up at the pd two blocks away from his condo. in a confused state as one dispenser put it. then you can hear the officer joined his condo a few blocks
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>> it's unclear what the officer was referencing in the foxboro police chief is not clarifying. class the drugs do include marijuana as well as other drugs. jones was taken to the hospital after being checked out the patrons only st. john's was treated and released from the hospital and reported to regularly scheduled practices week. from apostate superintendent and chief dan linsky says information for my medical call is all confidential except the basics which are in the police log. it was a medical assistant is under no obligation to provide information that occurred in a medical assistant nor city. because the officer made the classy reference fox25 has requested more public records. but the town telling us we fully appreciate and understand the need for transparency and full disclosure however we are likewise well aware of and about by law to secure individual rights and privileges involved when
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by the town public safety personnel. because that foxboro office be that classy reference we did reach out to the patriots as well but they are not saying much more than they did in the statement in saying that this was a medical situation. >> pats in the playoffs used to just actions to say the least fox25 was in the locker room this afternoon. they're not letting this noise get to them. >> reporter: is a team that knows how to lock it down and focus on what's happening on the field despite what may be happening off the field. you may ask why would a player that about ingesting any form of marijuana they know the going to be tested what should be noted nfl players are tested once a year for recreational drugs which include marijuana and those tests are typically administered at the beginning of each teams training camp. at no time would a player initial entrance into phase 1 of prevention program be made
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so still some incidents on this specific case but chandler's teammates as you expect are in his corner. >> i don't have enough knowledge of information about the attrition nor do any of us to really comment on that. >> chandler is in the news. you feel for your friend? >> 's got a lot of great support in this locker room is a great football player and i'm excited to see what he does this weekend we ignore it. >> to let you know that certain things that we need to care about somethings we need to let be. >> nfl reps tell me today league aware of the chandler issue and will review the facts of the case offering up for the comments. coming up stone was in the past locker in today talking to players they told him that they tune out the noise and they focus on the game plan with the chiefs. >> longtime girlfriend of james whitey bulger will plead the next month to criminal content captain greg refused to tell investigators and people
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the 50 + years on the run. greg is currently serving a sentence for helping whitey escape bulger is serving like first series of murders picnics alleged to step outside to feel the chill is cold outside. john tech or whether she neurologist kevin lemanowicz tracking the pretense headed away. >> is cold out there temperatures dropped to the 20s now 25 in boston 18 to the city of worcester at the airport it's 180 right now factor in the wind and feels even colder out there that's interesting out there right now some of the temperatures in between those bigger reporting stations is cold that back here to the west 17 just to the west of the alban reservoir out and shoes very to know the worcester county fitchburg holden auburn both checking in at 190.when gus i was talking about down a little bit last time i talked to most locations provincetown gust to 30 mph gives you when chill out there are provincetown of 120 14 in boston feels like only 40 in worcester seven orange feels like 90 portsmouth new
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colder spots that were out there. clear skies out there right now all the clouds and floors that we saw earlier all melted away we away another batch clouds coming into my with weak system coming across the area a couple of lorries a light snow showers will start to pop up tomorrow these are going to add up to anything but they will refuse lakes lying around tomorrow. it is tracking timeline on the nor'easter this weekend. following breaking news in dorchester police have just charged the driver of a special needs robust just within the last several hours they tell fox25 the driver hit a man who is trying to cross the and kept going. it happened this morning on washington street in dorchester six fox25 to 12 woman was also hit by a car at the same intersection. >> reporter: is a busy street here in washington street. this is where the crash happened right in russell street to me you can see the
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the scaffolding police tell me they do believe it does appear that it was a construction worker who was struck and killed. >> it was just trying to cross the street that male victim was killed this morning in a hit and run. this is the van police towed for evidence they caught up with a short time later on morton street. a few mitts from the crash you can see the windshield cracked so badly it broke. the crash happened around eight this morning a busy washington street. please tell us the drivers the 34-year-old from dorchester transportation company tells us her name is alyssa benedict and this is her employee badge which is still inside the van. the owner of the transportation company tells us benedict does not transport children but special needs adult and says no one was in the van at the time. >> any kind of previous record or this is completely out of the blue. >> fox 25 track down this surveillance to deal the store at the crash scene the store
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like the van and fall green around the corner of washington street at the time of the crash. only fox 25 spoke with fellow vhs transportation driver davis she tells us she knows the driver and says she seemed like a professional. been. og herring works be from the crash scene and says she too was once hit by a car and tried to flee in the same area of washington street as she was walking with her four-year-old son. >> you think the reason the street is so dangerous because everybody --. >> i don't know. >> now be in dorchester district court want to face charges of leaving the scene causing death and motor vehicle homicide the transportation company vhs transportation for their part tells me in the nearly 25 years of business they've never had an incident like this. >> dorchester mother held on $1000 bill tonight accused of getting and killing an elderly woman in the car in roslindale.
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scene to pick up her two-year-old twins but she later called 9-1-1 and then returned to talk to police. 78-year-old sylvia was walking in the crosswalk on washington street when she was hit and later died in hospital. >> truck catapult earlier it looks like that poll is balancing on a point in the middle of multiple borough neck road by part is tell us no one was hurt but the crash delay traffic in the area while utility crews replaceable. deadly church by remains under investigation at this hour tonight we have learned the victims john connell died tuesday inside a building on the property of the peaceful assembly church in grafton new 57-year-old pastor died of was hurt. >> suspicious irony multifamily home in lowell a cruise with their bipartisan addled claims that this building on avalon street late last night.
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and spread to the one was hurt the owner says he plans to repair the damage quickly to get the 13 people who live there in their homes he went over to help as soon as he heard what was happening. >> police were called to the same adjust for domestic assault monday night and arrested a 20-year-old man who lived there. police are investigating whether that incident at anything to do with this buyer. >> restored dealing with his first robbery 24 years of business surveillance picture of the suspect store put on facebook page the owner says diamond jewelry gallery sang philip to carry diamond yesterday afternoon after browsing for engagement rings. >> lesson five hours someone could become a billionaire. powerball drawing is set for powerball drawing is set for powerball drawing is set for 10:29 pm tonight live tonight on august 20 $51.5 billion is up for grabs. >> reporter: most resales in
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night after people get out of work you can see the lines already beginning to form right now. especially true tonight with the huge $1.5 billion jackpot x date. the store has five laundry machines cranking out $25,000 a day in sales. sales for this jackpot tonight standing more than 18 million in massachusetts alone. this place is busy because people tell us they win here. big when i hear back about 19 years ago only $42 million chump change compared to tonight's $1.5 billion jackpot. people are back here heading more than one ticket taking exercise went to jackpot of 1.5 billion will leave you with a cash option about 930 million before taxes. we caught one man who michael henry this morning he was back here buying more tickets. good store the lucky store. i figured i would get a few more. >> number one place for sales
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>> you think that the lucky thing or what? >> it might be. hopefully this will be a winning one. >> everyone dreaming of an early retirement . the storytelling is the staying open later than normal to deal with expected respite lines have not been to bed told the peak times are between five and 7 o'clock the machines open until 9:45 so plan accordingly. >> good luck wondering whether it's better to play or lucky numbers of by a quick pick about finding out where the luckiest lottery stores are in massachusetts and what should you do if you win the outrageous jackpot it's all on her website. you can watch sites powerball drawing right on fox 25 have the numbers live in 10:59 pm followed by the fox 25 news at 11. >> the time business boston bound next at 61 general
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massachusetts. ge will relocate from connecticut temporary location will go up the summer and the full move should be complete by 2018 boston mayor marty walsh said the news of this moves cannot be understated. >> connects gov. says he is disappointed with decision and views it as a wake-up call that connecticut needs to adapt to the current business climate. >> convicted child rapist is trying to get released from state custody can wayne chapman serving a 30 a sentence in 2004 after he raped to lawrence boys. since then he has had several hearings only to be deemed sexually dangerous remain in custody. fox25 reports at six this time a jury will determine whether the child rapist will be able to walk the streets again. >> wayne chapman is not only a convicted child rapist is also someone please looking at for the disappearance of a little boy from lawrence. the state believes even as an
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working harder to to keep them locked up. wayne chapman sex offenses against children stretch back to the 1960s and according to previous testimony in other cases the actual number of victims could reach up to hundred. wayne chapman has a long been suspected in the disappearance of 10-year-old andy puglisi from a lords woman pull 1976. annie's body had never been found. at this hearing in boston the state is trying to show the chapman is still physically attracted to children. mc actually corrections officer said she spoke to chapman in the fall chapman talked about playing santa claus. >> he said there was a potential for him to be out before christmas. so i said oh so this could possibly very make christmas for you and he said yes i might even get to play santa. >> another mci shirley employee testified chapman recently talked about changes
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a conversation she said that made her nervous. >> sex offenders no longer a law that they could tell you they need to be at a certain time he was questioning about that if i heard about that i said i had. and he said so therefore i would need to be very careful of where i went. very sure of where i went. so they would be no temptations. to go into some of those areas. >> the state is still calling witnesses but the defense does have experts lined up to try to argue that wayne chapman is no longer sexually dangerous but in the end this is going to be up to a jury to decide. superior court boston. most powerful prosecutor in the country paying a visit to boston today. this morning atty. gen. letter lynch book about civic house in this afternoon which spoke about criminal justice and reentry services at harvard
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>> cold out there today in the 20s and low 30s actually below average for high temperature boston average high 360 27 city worcester other towns between currently 25 in boston. with the wind gust is a wind chill out there feels like only 14 the wins only blowing a 12 miles per hour stronger gusts than that going down to the low 20s few clouds rolling in later on. mostly clear across the area worcester at 180 right now with the wind it feels like four. that's bitter cold no question about it which is going down to the teens tonight about keene new hampshire 19 here feels like 10 with the winds only blowing at 7 mph settling into the midteens later on tonight. cold temptress out there wind chills make it even worse. bundle of going out tonight. not all that bad we've seen much worse it's not snowing had some flurries early in the berkshires all melted away the
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seven vermont have a couple flurries and the concrete futurecast shows is going to stay mostly clear overnight tonight early morning hours also some flurries moving in from the great lakes dotting the area during the 730 our when the system gets of the water produce more snow because more moisture to work without here. going to be very dry air mass selling over us. we took to get more than just a couple of snow showers is no flurries to pop up picket clear out the afternoon sunshine night time hours clear as well another cold night coming up force in new england. high temptress tomorrow with the sun popping up only getting in the low 30s the best sandwich 33 provincetown 32 new bedford 34. north and west only staying in upper 20s god to shrewsberry
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some kind of game going on this saturday. just in time for storm to threaten the area. let's take a look at that with the futurecast data this is the cloud cover that starts to move in the evening. still mostly clear that point but the clouds can up at night or comes the first batch of rain. it is rain storm coming up the coast have them wins coming up the water ahead of that water temperatures in the 40s so the air mass over us is going be moderated meeting this is going to fall as rain rather than snow on this contract but the track little farther south it will be colder here have to adjust the forecast as we get to it. all the information i'm looking at and watching with this track is going right now says to me this would be a rain event if it comes on and from most recent mixing colors up in here changing mixing colors we see even some snow in northern we can up into the mountains and western maine as well. this could be a critical track to
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this cold air sinks are the south and put it up is know as well if it does that comes father north is even warmer for the mountains of the north. planning some rain on saturday potentially some strong winds to with the rain comes temperatures in the low 40s upper 30s to low 40s across the area lower 30s to mid-30s of father north to go saturday with the game coming up looking at patriots game talking about the higher likely rain and snow in the area at this point the way the system is coming and it looks like a looks a little faster up the mystic see pic of sunshine before goes down on your tailgating with the rain moving out of the area before the game would start on the current track but again makes you check back with me that track could ship as this weekend in view something is going to have a
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>> gop presidentia 10 navy sailors back safely newest custody after being detained overnight via ron. ron kept in your cell is at the navy patrol both severed technical bills drifted to iranian waters reports of the iranians is tooting the sailors. members of congress for more information tonight. >> you can trust that i'll be
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getting to the bottom what happened making sure that doesn't happen again. >> john kerry thanked iranian authorities for their cooperation in a quick and safe return of the us sailors. >> for the first time in more than 80 years the fbi will track animal abuse cases.just like it does with murders arson and assault. warning tonight some of the images in the video the story may be disturbing to some people. >> more than more than 150 animals rescued on this ohio property last month. animal rescue found dogs and cats suffering from malnutrition mange ear and eye infections and flea and tick infestation. many of the dogs were left to scavenge for food from running deer carcasses. humane society united states called this case especially cruel but not uncommon. we've seen cases of cruelty the just involved horrific pain and suffering. things that make you sick. two people were eventually charged with animal cruelty in the ohio case. on january 1 of
6:24 pm
investigation for the first time began tracking animal abuse in the same way that attracts homicide, assault and arson pickets i don't think anyone who has a family pet want someone that we do that sort of thing running loose in the neighborhood pick fbi says animal cruelty is a steppingstone to human cruelty. this evidence showing animal abuse including dogfighting is linked to crimes against people. including domestic violence. >> the fbi's goal is to be able to find trends that will allow law enforcement to better allocate resources to capturing animal abusers. but is a challenge convincing local agencies to report the statistics fbi's data collection is voluntary. >> collecting specific data on four types of animal abuse including simple gross neglect, intentional abuse and torture and organize abuse like dogfighting previously local
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>> people over the age of 60 wonderful city might be off the hook when it comes to shoveling and clearing sidewalks is winter. whether city consular sitting well with his coworkers. who would have to help clear the snow instead.
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determine at marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced
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pages player chandler jones topping the stories right now at 6:30. pages player chandler jones topping the stories right now at 6:31 to the boston globe jones had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. the four short the foxboro police department sunday. jones is now fine practicing with the team this week the town will only call the incident a medical call. nfl reps reviewing the case. breaking news in dorchester were police have just charge the driver of a special needs school bus in a deadly and run crash. police say the driver a man trying to cross the washington street and kept going. fox 25 track down surveillance video from the store the crest saying please tell me that the dumais had been a construction work. tonight baby boy in the hospital police trying to find out if the fifth month old might have been exposed to drugs. >> reporter: neighbors in the building behind me really shaken up hesitant to speak on camera was to police telling me this afternoon the medical call they responded to yesterday and the investigation into the
6:29 pm
not necessarily connected to the mother in that case. it was around to yesterday afternoon more police were called to the apartment for l here on wellington street for what they described as a lethargic child. the 15-month-old boy was found in that apartment the same one where the family of two-year-old judy brown was staying at the time of her death. police say this case involves quote a different family that boy not related to gigi's mother. >> this little boy was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive but police say they were back at this apartment early this morning with a search warrant looking for anything the child may have ingested or was exposed to . tonight department of children and families tells me they have taken custody of this little boy. quote the department received a report on this matter and while the department investigates in collaboration with law enforcement, custody of the child has been transferred to
6:30 pm
is still a very active investigation stay tuned to fox25 for the latest updates. >> live look at current temperatures in your area can see no matter where you are it's cold outside. 180 right now when you factor in those wins their blowing over 20 miles per hour most spots in worcester 26 mph makes it feel even colder look at this 40 is the wind chill out wheels in worcester right now. seven orange feels like portsmouth know what feeling like 110 at this hour cold like it's clear out there to allow temperature to drop a little more clear as we had early today blowing on the berkshires southern new hampshire and vermont those are gone. mostly clear skies this point on during the early morning hours start to see some clouds increasing those will pick up during the morning but notice
6:31 pm
snow shower activity and snowblowers around new england. all coming from a system working in from the great lakes when it gets here one of dry air. tough to get much more than just a few flurries of snow showers around you see more of the ocean stands to reason because there's a weather over the water that's with more to work with the storm system as it comes on by the general it's going to be a dry situation for most tomorrow is a couple of stories don't be surprised to see those however that may not be the case coming up this weekend. just ahead i'll tell liz track and timing of the storm brewing for saturday that will not only impact your weekend plans but potentially the patriots game as well. >> boston city consular want to help people over the age of 60 when it snows. tito jackson doesn't want that to show themselves out after big storm is asking his coworkers at the on board with the idea. >> we send a dual message we say we want you to not have a heart attack we want you to not
6:32 pm
your hip but within three hours were going out there with a $50 ticket. 15% of residents are elderly in boston and 9% are disabled. according to boston city consular tito jackson. so there is a growing group of people who are simply not up to the task of shoveling. jackson has a new proposal to offer help . >> the proposal would be an exemption for individuals who are above the age of 60 or who have a proven disability. meeting of the council it was well received. legislation is passed in newton revere cambridge summerville and winchendon. boston would like to see residents register with the city and if approved we would match those homes with young people to come young or maybe not so young people to come and clean those paths. the study to determine how impatient was. fine for an average resident who doesn't clear the sidewalk within three hours is $ idea is to use that money to fund the program. jackson says the plan is a neighborly one pick is they
6:33 pm
young will going to take care of them they are in need. >> more details now the snow fights we reached out to the city to find out how many businesses and homes were find after the snowstorm on december 29. the code enforcement office tells us there are 973 violations at commercial properties and 289 violations at residences. a hearing will be held at jackson proposal so far no date is been set. austin firefighter while battling fire mattapan flames first responded at about 6:40 p.m. last night seven residents lived inside the triple-decker top floor suffered the most damage boston fire says one firefighter suffered minor burns and was treated at a local hospital. sex assault charges bill cosby is facing in pennsylvania having a direct impact on a case being heard locally. cosby will no longer be deposed in a defamation lawsuit. scheduled for next month. instead his wife camille will be questioned cosby will be
6:34 pm
cosby's lawyers asked the majority of evidence to be kept private. a judge dismissed that but agreed to keep things like bank accounts and addresses free from the public eye. >> this is appropriate order protecting what may be legitimate concerns for confidentiality a question by question basis. >> bill cosby accused of defaming several women who accuse him of sexual assault pick from a new hampshire emt who killed a college student is appealing his murder conviction. he was found guilty of killing 19-year-old lizzie marriott 2012. prosecutors say he strangled marriott with rope when she refused to sexual gases. his coffin was a prosecutions star witness and admitted to luring area to the couple's apartment.public defender while the pill yesterday the state has a month to respond to over 24 hours of the state was cruiser was hit the search for the truck involved continues. after six last night tractor-trailers lit into the snow and hit the cruiser.
6:35 pm
lane up interstate 8091 a new hampshire tumor had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out truck involved had a canadian license plate. >> disturbing sign of the times state of new hampshire now considering creating a death benefit for school employees who were killed in a line of duty. public hearing was held today that bill would give hundred thousand dollars to the family of any public school worker dies because of an incident an accident or violence while performing their duties. >> new at six police need help finding this man they say he robbed a bank at webster bank at gunpoint today and then ran away. investigators say he's about 50 years old he was wearing a black hat sunglasses and beige winter gloves. if you recognize as many asked to call 9-1-1 immediately pick action on beacon hill related to opiate abuse this morning they gave an initial approval to a bill that would prohibit doctors from prescribing the weeks worth of opiate painkillers.also evaluation
6:36 pm
who ods it ends up in the er. this bill does not include something gov. baker wanted which is to let doctors commit a patient involuntarily to a drug treatment facility for up to 72 hours of their considered an immediate danger picnics that record-breaking heat was on december leading to some big financial news. home sales in massachusetts jumped 34% over the same month in 2014.many experts say it was because of the warm weather. more than 3500 agreements were reached the median price of $345,000. >> what type are drawn uses police in several communities not want to see them near the hanscom field airport. joint wanting issue comes in the bedford concord accident in lincoln police department. illegal to fly drones within 5 miles of the airfield. unless they get prior approval from a control tower or airport. >> republican race for president a race for second place how chris christie is telling me he believes he can beat donald trump. plus water shoes into the sky nearly freezing before it
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center new chris christie find pres. obama after the commander-in-chief took a shot at him during his state of the union address. gop president can livers, a campaign stop in
6:39 pm
christie call the state of the union quote story time with barack obama. >> reporter: republican pres. all candidate chris christie is with law enforcement at a roundtable the bedford new hampshire police department talk about everything from the opioid crisis illegal immigration. when it was over we asked gov. christie why after all this time on the trail in new hampshire is still not rolling a candle to front runner to try . >> is this really a race for second place at this point picnics i don't know again i think you know he such a different type of candidate right now christie is stuck in the middle of the pack even though we've made dozens of stops in new hampshire so i pressed him. >> you been campaigning hard here donald trump will fly in to a rally for an hour leave and he's still in the lead you in january. >> we will see. you know just because you're in the lead in january we see lots of people in the lead in
6:40 pm
primary spin in february and also the primary comes in they don't necessarily want it given christie showing impulse here in new hampshire he still says he's not yet ready to concede anything. at least not with less than a month to go. >> we also asked the governor about the present address last night. he blasted his call for more civility in politics pick to be one of the most annoying parts of the speech last night that hose on at the end. from a guy who was been nothing more than a chicago war politician in the white house. he's lecturing us about civility? please. when we asked the president was spot on our missed the point in fighting isys gov. christie best know. it should be called storytime with barack obama. >> also on the gop side iowa caucus shipping up to be ted cruz or sedona trump they pulled away from the pack with crews in the lead three weeks ago his ahead of trump by three points however today's numbers are well within the poll's .
6:41 pm
and congress introduced a bill to expand pell grants to try and ease that burden most federal dollars to undergraduate students in financial need and they don't have to be repaid. call guzman derek kilmer's bill would almost double the amount of pell grants to $10,000. they would be available tomorrow low income students. >> this is about trying to improve college affordability. this is about try to make sure that have more opportunities to actually pursue their dreams and not be burdened by tremendous amounts of debt. >> the bill may run into resistance from lawmakers concerned about the price of expanding pell grants. >> new audit the federal government will outbreak response on major gaps in the screening process at us airports and borders. two years ago as parts of africa ravaged by people like department of homeland security required anyone coming into the country from the affected areas to go
6:42 pm
investors found border patrol officers did not always refer passengers to and people like screening. >> i come from spheres we had at the of the things we talk about certain areas they didn't get arrived. >> us department of homeland security agreed to comply with all 10 of the auditors recommendation pickets powerball excitement keeps building to the tune of one half billion dollars. stay tuned for the fox 25 news at 10 as we monitor ticket sales rep night kickoff the final countdown to that drawing you see life on our air at 10:59. >> water main break in pennsylvania shooting into the air like a geyser. break happened in subzero temperatures early this morning and quickly coded nearby power lines and ice. >> discussed the snow out there little bit not much over an inch in boston with not you had a storm of 1 inch or more in that single storm we have .9 inches december 29 yesterday
6:43 pm
than half an inch i'm surprised especially considering what we had out here in dedham not too far from the city line.that's with the official report is top five latest inch of snow storms in boston on record. wrapped in a before now tying it january 13, january 13, 2020 16 next one would be two days from now will do that to be an inch of snow unless it's measured differently will look ahead to january 29 but there were places that snow yesterday westford 2 inches of new snow nashoba ski area with a skiing and tubing and father to the north skiers if it's on client how about this that is sunday river 8 inches of fresh powder what a beautiful looking scene today out that way. there is snow in new england some we need a whole lot more we need this cold weather to make some snow for ski areas. certainly cold enough to do that. 18 other western 25 in boston 21 nashua 23 in norwood wind gusts continue to ramp down no more gust of 30 miles an hour
6:44 pm
lawrence a chill in the air. now feels like it's 40 in worcester and eight in king nonenforcement. autumn line it's cold. keep those gloves and hats on if you're going out tonight. floors around stream of them coming to southern new hampshire nippon purchaser had a few of those blowing in those are often gone this evening so will be clearing out if you haven't already your town you should have more clouds arriving during the morning hours. clouds are coming from the great lakes they have some snow with it right now. that's no going to tend to dry out as it gets into our dry air mass. these very scattered snow showers will happen but lucky if you like snow to see if lori is no shower tomorrow. system gets out of the water has more juice to work with and produce more snow. get some sunshine during the afternoon clear skies tomorrow night under the cold night coming up for us futurecast
6:45 pm
to be looking at clear skies to stop it things will be changing later on in the day. high temperatures for tomorrow on the north shore. 32 ipswich essex tomorrow afternoon 32 methuen and lowell as well. beckett was the county little colder 32 westborough ashland framingham and 310 immediate boston area in the south 33 scituate quincy braintree freezing as well 35 in taunton. friday into saturday critical time with the next storm system coming up the coast towards southern new england. track. drift away to see exactly where the track is going to take you. all the latest computer model tracks this far enough north to push warm air in here and bring rain you see that here in watch the green advancing on the southern new england zoom dentsu can see a little more closely and also know off to the north and west different color is pink color here going to be some mixing rain snow possibly ice mixing as well too
6:46 pm
of amounts talk about some heavy rain looks like it wants to come into southern new england. looks like because the storm going. place projections were thinking here fox 25 storm tracker weather center is this rain will move in during the morning hours and that is dick with us until the afternoon mixing in snow father to the north as a storm intensifies and pulls away raps cold air behind it changeover happening western massachusetts and southern hampshire. this is all important for us saturday afternoon with the patriots game pages playing in the afternoon cloudy skies rain likely potentially snow at the tail end of it 390 kickoff the storm moves quickly and has been up since yesterday in a timeline that we would be dealing with rain getting out of here after tailgate and before kickoff. >> weekend 42 in there for saturday because it looks to me to be the storm is going to blow in that mild air chilled down the tail end of it.
6:47 pm
flurries later on and sunday but the storm said they intimate is looking more and more like it a miss us but something else that were watching as well tracking very closely. >> mr. chandler jones is the page is still getting to do is have a game against kansas city good to see this guy on the field. rob gronkowski out there with the team is a full report from foxboro coming cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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it bands certainly right now more interested in what chandler jones was doing last week and boston globe reports was experienced a bad reaction to using synthetic marijuana that is what he saw assistance at the police station from their transported to norwood
6:50 pm
on sunday jones is not missed any time this week has been present for all meetings and practices. almost everybody on the roster on the practice field today including rob gronkowski was not there for the portion of practice open to the meeting yesterday. among huge throng of reporters with the chance today. >> chandler jones not in the locker room during media foxboro. teammates. >> i don't have enough knowledge and information about the situation or do any of us to really comment on the cameras in the news do feel your friend? >> 's got a lot of great support in this locker room and is a great football player and i'm excited to see what it does is we pick chandler jones grok single practice bill belichick black-eyed dealing with distractions and getting ready for a big game these patriots wrote the book on how to do that. distractions are distractions you can't really look at it you just got to play. gotta worry about the job at hand.
6:51 pm
job of really like rain washing you. to let you know that certain things we need to care about some things that we need to let be. i'm working on what i can control and working on my craft my practice whatever else is there. that's all i can do big to hear from sebastian bowler even better to see him moving well on the practice field. three nights from now here at gillette stadium the only distractions the patriots are going to be dealing with will be wearing red and white kansas city uniforms. >> celtics lost last night new york for brad stevens the lost the game pales in comparison to the loss of a former player. enter smith died yesterday and stevens coast at butler was incredibly moved to the time these two shared with each other. >> is really about when you coach somebody i mean you get a lot more out of coaching than you do from you. that's that. i don't know i could go on and on it would do him justice. he was special he was tough.
6:52 pm
>> can't quantify the and a coach. the celtics host the pacers. the powerball drawing which will probably get the highest rating of the night. right here at 10:59. stay tuned to see if i'm here to get the forecast in case i went. >> fine i will stay either way. >> going to bring in cool temperatures we know that this weekend all eyes on a potential storm that will be a storm is going to form on saturday morning to up the coast whether or not directed to us is the question if it is right now my track projection it will be close enough to us that we see some warm air work in rainstorm into the afternoon through the tailgate potentially ending just in time for kickoff but still this could be some rain and wind play a part in that game on saturday. any change in the track or
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