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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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from all of us here at the powerball studios. have a great night. we'll see you back here this saturday night account b.e.a. everybody. >> there are numbers 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 and 10. now to fox 25's john monday handle you know about 400 people fiercely checking their tickets right now, john. >> yeah, they like the rest of us mark. i didn't are have any luck tonight. but everyone hoping they can get a slice of this massive jackpot. >> for powerball it didn't take the lottery to get this group together. >> there is no one funner than gloucester people. i'm dead serious. we're just full of spirit, we're full of culture. we love each other. >> reporter: lillian lagrosso was contacted by her friend missy who thought it would be nice to put together a powerball pool in
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>> all you have to do -- all i have to do is collect money. >> reporter: misty posted a page on facebook and with lillian's help it took off. >> lillian is known throughout our city as the facebook queen. she's always on the pulse. >> reporter: within 48 hours they had 493 people. their excitement so infectious news of the pool spread easily. each person pitching in $2. >> everybody knows everybody. >> reporter: if they win they say the money will be spent in gloucester and for the city where they live and that they all love. >> when we all win we wake up and we're all millionaires, billionaires, whatever you want to call us, we're going to share the wealth throughout everybody. >> reporter: no word yet from anyone in the group if they won. they tell us though they're nervous but they did hire a lawyer just in case. we'll certainly keep you posted. we're live in gloucester
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>> let's get you another good look at those numbers. they are 8, 27, 34, 4, 19 w a powerball of 10. we'll be recapping the news throughout the newscast. now to chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. if you have that powerball ticket you are probably headed to somewhere warm. >> you could guess i didn't win. here with my numbers these aren't anywhere near as numbers. 19 in lawrence, 18 in keen it's up to 22 in boston right now. now the wind chills are have been cold. 4 in beverly. 8 for new lawrence. temperatures will be stabilized now as the clouds have moved on in in some spots and they'll continue to move in from the west. there's some snow happening here in the midwest and towards us. we'll see some flurries around tomorrow as the clouds thicken up tonight
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through western mass during those morning hours. shiri will be talking about them by the late morning afternoon we'll see some sun starting to get on in here. but the bigger news this next couple days will be this storm system that looks like it will affect thus weekend. that's the latest track in our future cast model. i'll explain to you what this all means and the exact timing when you can expect it to occur. how it will impact the patriots game, too. >> be sure to take the weather with you wherever you go with our fox 25 storm tracker weather app. what may have happened weekend. this was breaking news last night at 10:00 and 11:00. since then we have learned much more about the incident. new tonight fox 25's ted foxborough. you tried to speak to the police chief there. >> reporter: yes tonight boston globe is reporting that chandler jones had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.
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altering drug commonly known as spice. >> reporter: according to dispatch recordings in heavily redacted police blogs the patriots defensive end ended up in the hospital after being found in confused state in the parking lot of a foxborough public safety complex. >> reporter: class d is a code police typically use to reference marijuana. if the report is correct, and chandler jones really did have a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana, also known as spice, it certainly would not be the first. just search bad spice trip on youtube and you will see exactly what we mean.
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former boston police superintendent and chief dan linski says it's likely we may never know. >> veg reports -- individual reports may be redacted if they contain personal sensitive information should be redacted so people's personal information isn't released to the public. >> reporter: if anyone knows what happened with chandler jones it should be this man. but long time foxborough police chief ed o'leary declined to comment when we approached him tonight. in his words he's been told zip on it by whom he didn't say. in a statement the foxborough town manager says he understands the need for transparency but says the town is bound by privacy laws with a medical such as this. we also reached out to the patriots they will only say that chandler jones was involved in a medical emergency. reporting live in foxborough tonight, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news.
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the nfl handling all this? >> sports director tom lieden has that part of the story just ahead in a few minutes. this video just back into our newsroom within the last hour from the scene of a shooting death in mission hill. boston police tell us they got a 9-1-1 call found a man with a gunshot wound on finwood road. he later died at the hospital. we'll let you know when we get more information on what happened. we continue to press the mbta about a collision between a bus and commuter rail train in medford earlier. the t only telling us tonight that there was "contact between the train and the bus and that neither had passengers on board so no one was hurt. we'll keep working to get you any updates. d.c.f. has taken custody of a child found lethargic in worster this week. the 15 month was taken to hospital and police were called in. the infant was found inside an apartment on wellington industries just this past september a 2-year-old girl died in that very same apartment. both zints involved different families. on thursday a dorchester
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connection with a deadly hit-and-run. melissa benedict is accused of running over a man this morning while driving a special needs van. the van was later found police have not identified the victim. this surveillance photo of a suspected bank robber in newton all new at 11:00 tonight. the man walked into the bank on walnut street yesterday and passed a note demanding money. if you think you might know police. the long time girlfriend of convicted mobster james "whitey" bulger will plead guilty to contempt charges february 3rd. catherine greig is charged with contempt greig was with bulger when he was arrested in santa monica an more than 15 years on the run. sentence. tonight a convicted child rapist is trying to get released from state custody again. wayne chapman finished serving a 30 year prison
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he raped two lawrence boys. since then he has had several hearings only to be deemed sexually dangerous and remain in custody. as fox 25's bob ward found, this time a jury will determine whether the child rapist will be able to walk the streets again. >> reporter: wayne chapman is not only a convicted child rapist he is also someone police are looking at for the disappearance of a little boy from lawrence. the state believes even as an old man wayne chapman still sexually dangerous and they're working hard in a courtroom here in boston to keep him locked up. wayne chapman sex offenses to children start back in the 1970s and according to previous testimony the actual number of victims could reach up to 100. wayne chapman has long been suspected in disappearance of 10-year-old andy from a lawrence swimming pool in 1976 andy's body has never been found. at this hearing in boston, the state is trying to show that chapman is still physically attracted to
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m.c.i. shirley corrections officer says she spoke to chapman in the fall and chapman talked about playing santa claus. >> and i had asked him oh, so you're getting out soon? and he said that there was a potential for him to be out before christmas. so i said oh, so this would be a very merry christmas for you. he said yes, i might even get to play santa. >> reporter: and another m.c.i. shirley employee testified that chapman talked about changes in the state sex offender laws a conversation she said that made her nervous. >> he recently heard from his attorney that there were no longer city ordinances for sex offenders that there was month longer a law where they could tell you needed to be a certain time. so i had heard about that. i said i had. he said so therefore, i would need to be very careful of where i went, very sure of where i went so there would be no temptations to go into some of those areas. >> reporter: the state is still calling witnesses but
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experts lined up to try to argue that wayne chapman is no longer sexually dangerous but in the end this will be up to a jury to decide. at superior court in boston, i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. south bridge woman has died after the car she was in crashed through the ice. >> this happened in union, connecticut, 18-year-old emily bloom was in the car with three other people when it fell through the ice. investigators say the group was in the park illegally after dark on tuesday and had travel 50 yards on a pond when the ice gave way. the three others are expected to be okay. deadly church fire remains under investigation at this hour. tonight we have learned the victim's name. john connell died tuesday inside of a building on the property of peaceful assembly church. the 57-year-old pastor died of smoke inhalation. no one else was hurd. general electric moving its headquarters to boston. the announcement quickly capturing headlines around the world.
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calls the deal one of the biggest business accomplishments in the city's history. talking about cold temperatures and wind chills out there tonight although winds are diminishing and i'll be tracking our next storm system a noreaster to impact us this week. you use the cloud to store photos, files, but what about track down a thief? that's exactly what happened to one local man after
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one very just in the last 15
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winning numbers in that $1.5 billion power jackpot. let's get another good look at the numbers this is how they rolled out tonight 8, 27, 34, 4, 19, and the powerball 10. good luck to all of you out there. tonight three people are indicted in connection with a theft of weapons from an armory in worcester. a federal grand jury indicted morales a former army reservist charged with stealing six assault rifles and 10 handguns back inform. no another two are accused of trying to sell the guns and lying to f.b.i. agents. a local man gets his ipad swiped but thanks to the cloud police were able to track it down and be track down who they think is responsible. >> reporter: fox 25's blair miller with more on just what got that pricey piece of technology back to its owny. >> reporter: wealthy who smiled for the camera when the ipad he stole along with other items during a car break-in on the westside of wrentham. deputy police chief told me tonight one of their quicker crimes solved. largely because the help
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victim. after the break-in the victim checked his icloud on-line storage and found this picture. >> they had logged on to their account they had about nine pictures. >> reporter: the victim also checked the find my iphone app and it led police right to the suspect's home here in woonsocket, rhode island. we went by that home tonight but didn't find anyone. via face time tonight fox 25 digital security expert with hotspot shield told me he's seen other recent cases like this. >> dumb criminals never cease to amaze me. and with technology today the way it is, connected to the cloud, it's more and more plausible that criminals will self-incriminate them. >> reporter: it's not just this picture it's this one that they hope the 19-year-old remembers it. >> makes those of us who have technically challenged feel like victors on days like this because the very
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us has to pay the price in this case. >> reporter: that suspect remains in jail tonight. police here telling me this case is far from over. they do expect additional charges. in wrentham tonight, blair miller, fox 25 news. new information tonight about the sexual assault charges bill cosby is facing in pennsylvania. on february 2nd a hearing will be held regarding a motion to dismiss the case. that case is pushing back cosby's deposition. he was supposed to testify next month but his wife will now be deposed instead. cosby is accuse of assaulting several women. 10 u.s. navy sailors now back on u.s. soil after being detained overnight by iran. we told you last night at 10:00 how iran captured the u.s. sailors after technical problems sent their navy patrol boats drifting into the water. secretary of state john kerry thanked the iranian
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return of the sailors. a few 20s right at the coastline to find them. a colder spot that's rather surprising 17 bedford and in worcester, 19 lawrence. 4 in worcester is what it feels like it feels like 13 in nor pood, eight for you in the city of lawrence. cold night no doubt but clouds spreading overhead. from where they are now. and clouds will be around all night long once they're over your town then we'll watch these flurries start to bork our way. as it has been coming eastward. i expect with our dry air over us any will diminish even more. you will see that here on our future cast data. there's the snow that's popping up in western mass and trying to make it through southern new england during the morning hours tomorrow. it's not much there but i expect there will be a few more flurries inland as opposed to what you are seeing on future cast. the idea is there are going to be snow flurries who gets them though will be the wild card. sort of like playing the lottery. by the afternoon sunshine
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looking cold again for one more night. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be chilly. 27 auburn worcester, 30 for you in milford tomorrow. close enter boston to the northwest toward woburn boston will be 29. foxborough 30. to the north shore beverly both at 29 be, rockport freezing cold at 32 . mixture of clouds and been watching this storm develop and every time we see the future cast mole come come in it looks a little bit closer. especially one where there's not a solid block of arctic air sitting over us sure it's cold but there's nothing holding it in. what that means this storm can push the cold air out and give us a rainstorm. stale nor'easter. northeasterly -- still a nor'easter. it can be rain in this case it looks like it is going to be. snow in northern new england and on the back side of this it can be some mixing.
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look at this. there's the rain even heavy rain on the coastline moving northward toward boston by 8:00 a.m. by 10:ly one caution here any time it rains that hard it can pull down some of that colder air from up above. that's what you are seeing in here i believe. but you may see that to the northwest of 128 from time to time during saturday at the height of the storm. this pushes away that cold rain getting out of foxborough it looks like just in time for kickoff start -- saturday afternoon. this track will change a little bit they always do the storm has not even formed yet. there's your seven-day in view. now started that 42 may be misleading to some of you. to the south and east we'll be into the 40s same in boston the immediate boston area. but that's important on saturday and something that you know tom lieden will be talking about in a moment. that patriots game it looks like rain likely the possibility of snow mixing
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this point. any breaks in the clouds by the end of the day could give you a little bit of sun before it sets. but that's being optimistic. bottom line is you will be tail bait gating before the patriots game on saturday expect a cold rain to fall on you until i tell you otherwise. the way to means away from that storm actually making a direct hit on southern new england. cold rainy tailgate it's all good as long as they win. wild night of action. the bruins and celtics both down to the wire tonight and an army of reporters in foxborough today as the
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chandler jones distraction. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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chandler jones was on the practice field once again today amidst the reports of his weekend troubles in foxborough. butch stearns was one of many reporters on the beat today at gillette stadium. >> reporter: chantedder will jones not in the locker room during media availability on wednesday in foxborough but he was topic one a with his teammates. >> i don't have enough knowledge and information about him nor do any of us. >> a guy like chandler in the news you feel for your friend? >> chantedder will has a lot of great support -- chandler has a lot of great support in this locker room. >> reporter: gronk missing from practice, bill
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dealing with distraction -- distractions and -- >> distractions are distractions you can't look at it you just got to play. you just got to worry about the job at hand. >> i think coach belichick just does a great job of really like brain washing you to let you know that certain things we need to care about. >> i'm working on what i can control whatever else is there. >> reporter: good to hear from sebastian volmer and even better to see him. moving well on the practice field. three nights from now here at gillette stadium the only distractions the patriots will be dealing with will be wearing red and white kansas city uniforms. butch stearns, fox 25 sports. celtics and pacers. after blowing a lead they literally stole it back from indiana. one-point game down the stretch. marcus smart with some larceny on one end and layup on the other. he scored 28 that put the cs
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jay crowder he steals it from paul george almost double dribble den 3-94. brian salman was in the locker room. >> we were just going down for a win. we got down a couple games on the road. we wanted to get this win out there tonight. we definitely owe it to our fans. not only ourselves but our fan comes in every night so we want to get this win tonight. >> they did. bruins led the flyers 2-1 in the third and blew it. claude that is the goal that ties the game at 2. and just 82 seconds later philly takes the lead mark street unassisted and just like the bs were done. should have won this one 3-2 flyers is your final tonight. b.c. blown out in syracuse the orange take it bay 62-40 final. b.c. could not shoot tonight two straight embarrassing losses for the eagles. hopefully somebody had a win. did somebody win this
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>> do you know anybody in chino hills, california. do you know anybody there. >> no, i know where chino hills is right near anaheim. >> that will get you nothing. >> that gives you knowledge though. >> seven-day forecast includes flurries tomorrow morning a storm on saturday that still looks like it will bring heavy rain to southern new england. as that track shifts a little bit they tend to this storm doesn't even exist yet. once it gets going off the coast you will see where it goes. be sure to check back with shiri first thing in the morning. there was a possibility sunday into monday. latest information in right now that showed me there's less of a changes of that being much of anything sunday into monday. so the beat goes on this winter no big snow in the offing meaning the seven-day forecast. but something we'll be tracking very closely. really check with shiri in the morning. that one on saturday certainly has some implications not only for your plans but for that patriots game. >> they're good in the rain. they want the bad weather. they're going to win.
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