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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. breaking now at 4:00, suicide bombers target star suicide bombers target starbucks overseas. the warning that may have come months before. three tickets hit it big massachusetts. the frenzy right now outside of one of the winning stores outside california. and the two places here in massachusetts where a million dollar winning ticket was sold. breaking overnight, several people forced to find a new place to live as flames tear through that i parts firefighters were told to get out for their own safety. >> reporter: new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 4:00 on this thursday, january 14. i am daniel miller.
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everyone, i am julie grauert. we should be used to this by now starting off our day in the teens and 20s. stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joins us with the cold spots, and a timeline on today's warm-up. shir. shirsz >> shiri: kind of small warm >> shiri: kind of small warm-up. teens and 20s. 22 in boston. 20 norwood over to beverly and lawrence. teens in spots like worcester. keene at 14. and we have a couple of flurries leaking into the keene area. the spot to really watch is the cape and islands for a couple of those flurries. through 6:00 this morning, nothing changes. in fact we could go down by 1 or 2 degrees. and the warm-up starts by noon and the warm-up starts by noontime here. we are crafting 30 degrees in boston. still a lot of upper 20s on my map. mostly cloudy in nantucket. snow showers four of all the spots today. that is the most likely to get the coating of snow. during university noon, we actually end up brightening up. with that said, we can see snow
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a coating up to possibly an inch of ocean-effect snow showers over the cape and island. a little patchy coating toward central and western massachusetts or southwestern new hampshire. 20 to 34. early clouds and a few clouds turn a little brighter before our next weather maker over the weekend. julie, over to you for a check of the roads. >> julie: things quiet as you head out the door at 4:02. route 1, 93 south moving wine. through the weston tolls, through brighton, live drive times 237 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 4:02 right now. breaking overnight. a busy shopping sent cert target of a terror attack in the capital city of indonesia. all five suspected terrorists are dead. so far two people are confirmed
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near a starbucks in the center of jakarta. after the attack, 150,000 police and military members were deployed to protect public places across the country. there have been warnings about credible terror threats in indonesia over the last month. we will have the latest on this breaking story throughout the morning. and developing this morning and developing this morning, three lucky tickets matched all of the numbers in the record-breaking powerball jackpot. none of those were in new england but not all bad news. >> daniel: that's right. two tickets sold right here did hit for 1 million. they got every number but the powerball. we brought you the drawing live when it happened during our 10 p.m. newscast. the winning numbers, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball, that red ball, number 10. the big winners are from california, tennessee and florida. julie look at this.
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store in california where huge crowds gathered overnight. it is a suburb of la called chino hills and hundreds of people are out celebrating. the winners will split the $1.5 billion jackpot. here is massachusetts, two million dollar winners were told at the triple seven convenience store in charlestown. the other at the tedeschi's on bedford in east bridgewater. the lottery said 73 tickets that matched five of six numbers. the state lottery was a big winner for this drawing. the total sales for this drawing was $33 million. yesterday's sales alone were more than $17.5 million. we will be following this story for reaction all morning. 4:04 right now. we are also following breaking news in taunton where a number of family of families woke up this morning to flames to find their homes on fire overnight. our photographer on the scene said the fire broke out on the second-floor kitchen on this home on pine street.
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everyone got out safely. at one point, fire fighters were ordered out of their building for their own safety. we will be following this story for you all morning as crews investigate the cause. now 4:04. foxborough police chief tells fox25 he has been told to kept quiet about the medical emergency involving new england patriot.channeledler jones. chief o'leary met with fox25. he and foxborough town manager won't comment what happened sunday morning. that is when jones arrived in a confused state at foxborough's police station asking for help. a new report says jones had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. he was taken to the hospital, but has not missed a team meeting or practice all week. town official say they can't comment because medical privacy laws. the nfl will review the circumstances surrounding jones' visit to the hospital. as for the rest of the patriots as for the rest of the patriots, they are standing by their teammate ahead of the playoffs against the chiefs. >> channeledler has a lot of support in this locker room and he is a great football player
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week. >> to be honest we just ignore it. >> julie: he was listed on the injury. he was lifted in practice because of his injury to his stomach and toes. the fox25 news app stay in contact for the chandler jones situation. coach bell bill belichick will have a news conference. we will bring it to you live. a dorchester woman will face a judge for a deadly hit-and-run. dorchester. a 34-year-old school van driver ran over a man on washington street then took off. this is surveillance video as you can see the van as it left the scene. it was later found down the road on morton street. people in the area tell us drivers go too fast in this area all the time. >> i don't know what's wrong. i don't know. it shouldn't have happened dan police have not identified the victim.
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she is charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident causing death. a new york man will be arraigned in massachusetts for animal cruelty. dominic donovan and local man was breeding aggressive fighting dogs. they call them donovan pinchers and sell them for $1,000 each. the men were cropping the puppy the men were cropping the puppy's ears by scissors and duct tape causing one of the dogs to die. donovan will be from court in connection with two dead dogs found in a trash bag in revere over the summer. a worcester child who may have been poisoned is in d cf custody. the 15 month-old was taken to the hospital. he was lethargic. police searched the building to see if he may have ingested drugs or toxic substances. in september a 2-year-old kid to in that same apartment. the two incidents involved different families. boston are investigating a deadly shooting in mission hill. police received a 911 call last
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fenwood road. they responded to the scene and found a man with a gunshot wound. he later died at a local hospital. 4:08. the long-time girlfriend of james whitey bulger will plead guilty to criminal contempt. catherine greig refuses to tell investigators anything about who may have helped her and bulger while they were on the run for more than 15 years. greig is currently serve greig is currently serving a 8-year sentence for helping whitey escape. bulger is serving life in prison for a series of murders. three people including the former army reserve former army reservist have been indicted in connection with a big theft at a worcester armory big theft at a worcester armory. james morales faces multiple charges for stealing six assault rifles and ten handguns from an army reserve center in worcester. morales was out on bail for a child rape charge at the time. two people from worcester face charges for working with morales. since the arrest police have uncovered a number of the
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convicted sex offender a suspect in the disappearance of a 10-year-old lawrence boy is trying to win his freedom. chapman is an admitted child predator and the suspect in the 1976 disappearance of a boy who has never been found. at this hearing a corrections officer said chapman recently talked about playing santa claus if he had gotten out of prison before christmas. a jury will ultimately decide chapman's fate. new video show a soldier apologizing for crossing into iran. >> it was a mistake that was our fault, and we apologize. >> iranian state television released that video. the u.s. military will not say if the sailor was speaking voluntarily or under duress. iran released ten navy sailors yesterday detained after technical problems caused their navy patrol boats to drift into iranian waters. secretary of state john kerry thanked iran for its cooperation in returning the sailors.
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which as everybody here knows, have the ability if not proper have the ability if not properly guided to get out of control. >> daniel: the sailors left iran on the same boats they arrived on. they were being interviewed at an american base in bahrain. >> one of the nation's largest companies. general electric has decided to move its headquarters from connecticut to boston. g e will be making the move this summer. mayor marty walsh says the city mayor marty walsh says the city's new economic cabinet worked for months to land this deal. >> this was the intent of that cabinet to be able to sit down and to be able to go out and recruit companies from around the world to come to our city and as i said earlier, we hit powerball today by getting ge. >> julie: connecticut's governor said he is disappointed in the decision. the state needs to do more to adapt to the current business climate. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a look at your live drive times right now. 13 minutes on the pike eastbound from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel.
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>> i will tell you what, julie. right now we have increasing clouds but only the slight chance for flurries out there. 20 degrees in and around the boston area, but dropping by a degree at 5 a.m., at 6 a.m., about 19 degrees. i will time out the morning flurries and coming up next. a tech savvy man helped police nab a thief. still coming your way, a selfie led police right to his door. and vaccine alert for hundreds of family hundreds of families. a mistake at a local hospital that is forcing nearly 1,000 kids to get new shots did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours.
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welcome back, everyone, a local halfway house that helps hopeless vets is turning down big bucks from the federal government. the chance esther house said it will allow guests to use drugs and alcohol if they accept $40,000 from the department of public development. the ten vets that need there need to be sobber to turn their lives around.
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all ten of the auditors recommendations. a new hampshire hospital is apologizing and offering to revak nate hundreds of children that received ineffective shots at the hospital. alex memorial hospital says 827 kids likely got those vaccines. vaccine refrigerator temperatures were outside the acceptable range. it would have affected between 2014 and 2015. the vaccines wouldn't have been harmful but would have lost their potency. a bill before congress could make more college students he will gable for
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pell grants go to students in financial need and the money doesn't have to be repaid. it would am raise the limit of we will grants to $10,000 and make more students eligible for the funds. >> this is about trying to improve college affordability. this is about trying to make sure that students have more opportunities to actually pursue their dreams and not be of debt >> the average student loan debt is $29,000. thursday. let's start with a look at our traffic map, where you can see lots of green in our traffic flow. expressway you are flying from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. pike open through framingham tolls into the allston/brighton tolls area. 11 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. is it minutes on 24 from 106 to 98. 2 minutes north as you approach 128. stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us.
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a few rogu e flurries, shir? >> shiri: a few during the morning hours and the best chance of getting that and ocean-effect showers over the cape and islands. watch fought or slip vis spots. afternoon turns brighter and we have got mostly rain in the forecast here for your saturday forecast here for your saturday. further inland a little bit of a mix, but good news as far as the patriots game goes. satellite and radar. we have got clouds that are really filling in this morning. this morning we tend to turn mostly cloudy. we have this little piece of energy that will come out of area. will not bring all that snow across the region, but it is going to lead to a couple of flurries and we already have ocean-effect snow showers popping south of nantucket and martha's vineyard. what we will keep an eye on with the snowfall. boston area staying dry. lower 20s through 8 a.m. through 10 a.m. we bump up to 25 degrees. 29 at noontime, and for the afternoon we brighten up with
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and i have included that chance for a couple of flurries say between 8 and noontime again. looking at that 10 a.m. hour for a couple of flakes. we are not looking at too much of an impact here or through keene, new hampshire. and through 10:00 this morning we will have to watch out for a couple of flurries. otherwise, hyannis, one of the more likely spots to see it and that goes for nantucket as well that goes for nantucket as well. a little period of snow through noontime today. so that is something to watch, and since it is developing now, we are going to watch it straight throughout fox25 morning news. we are on air until 10 a.m., i have got you covered with this one. otherwise this afternoon 32 in boston, beverly, plymouth, norwood. above freeze above freezing in hyannis at 33 above freezing in hyannis at 33. nantucket at 37 degrees. and only 27 in worcester. 31 fitchburg up to nashua. 30 in keene and 29 in orange. we definitely have chilly spots out there. this is what it looks like at 11 a.m. and this is our best chance of know down across the islands.
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not looking too shabby for tomorrow. featuring a mixture of sunshine and scattered clouds and even the friday evening, any plans you have that are, tra drive home from work looking a okay. nice and dry and in comes the rain overnight and into early saturday morning. i don't know who is awake here at 6 a.m. on saturday morning. hopefully you are sleeping in. this is when the first of the rain moves in. primary primarily rain. you have to look at all the way through manchester, new hampshire to see snow mixing in hampshire to see snow mixing in. we are going to keep this as a mostly rain storm. future cast incredibly slow to wrap this thing up. i can tell you every single other tool that i use to forecast says that this is going to come to an end before 1 and 4 p.m. that is the good news for the patriots game, although a couple of flurries could mix in on the tail end of the whole thing. the whole scenario is looking much better. 30 degrees. 34 degrees for your high temperature today after mostly cloudy skies this morning and couple of flurries. we tend to dry out and brighten
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for your friday up to 42 degrees degrees under partly cloudy skies. and now let's talk about that weekend forecast. start the morning on saturday around 30. we will get up to 43. that is pretty mild and mostly in the form of rain. i am going to keep the patriots game at 39 degrees and rain tapering off. the good chance of sighing a chunk of dry weather just breezy conditions, and then for your sunday, temperatures end up dropping. mostly cloudy skies still. but you can see we go from 43 on saturday in boston to only 33 on sunday. so we will 10 degrees for the second half of the weekend. more light snow on monday and a drying trend toward the middle of the week. back to you, guys. >> 4:20 right now. a new england boy's dying wish is to become famous online wish is to become famous online. still coming your way, the new england celeb trying to make that dream come true and the hash tag you can use to be part of the growing trend this morning. and it was supposed to be a
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human in drag ended up costing this morning we are learning disturbing details of the american artist found dead in her italian apartment.
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the italian media said they are looking for a man seen coming home with olson the night of her death. she may have died the result of a sex game gone wrong. someone intentionally set a fire that led to an explosion at a ohio home. fire crews found a couple and their two young daughters dead inside the house. police haven't named any suspects or mentioned how the four people inside the home died. three people are dead following an avalanche in the french alps. a school group was skiing on a closed area of the mountain when the avalanche bury when the avalanche buried ten students and their teacher. two students died and a man not with the party also died. the rest of the students are recovering in the hospital. a new push by pill cosby's legal team to dismiss all charges against him. cosby is charged with sexual assault in pennsylvania. there will be a hearing to dismiss that case next month. and a defamation lawsuit in massachusetts against cosby is delayed because of that case. it is now unclear whens could
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the massachusetts case. his wife is expected to speak with attorneys next month. this week, a judge in worcester this week, a judge in worcester's federal court ruled to keep some evidence in the lawsuit out of the public eye. >> this is an appropriate order protecting what may be legitimate concerns for confidentiality on a question confidentiality on a question-by-question basis. >> daniel: several women sued cosby claiming he defamed then when they claim that cosby sexually assaulted them. it took a few days but crews removed a car completely frozen in ice in buffalo, new york. crews chipped away at the melted ice. look at this car. they used portable heaters before they were able to tow the car out sliding it on the ice. the owner had apparently been drinking with friends at a nearby restaurants. he didn't want to drive home and he left it there. days later it is at a car
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>> daniel: i see a car commercial coming from that. a miss ter flee connecticut when people found a strange image on the beach. the images popped up all over facebook. the department environmental department is investigating. they confirm the animal is a mammal and likely skunk that died on the beach. meanwhile in massachusetts, the state's large animal repo response team pulled a deer out of east boston yard. the state was investigating reports that someone was keeping the deer as a pet which is illegal in the state. wildlife crews moved the deer to the woods. no one is facing charges this morning. the corrector of cranston, rhode island senior services is out of a job all because of a strange news conference. sue stenhouse resigned following an announcement of a program pairing high school students with senior citizens that need help shoveling their sidewalks. the problem wasn't the message, the problem was someone dressed the man up as a old woman and slapped a tag on that person
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the city dumped piles of snow in front of the senior sent that's right high school students would have something to shovel during the news conference. an olympic gold medalist is taken away in handcuffs. still coming your way this morning, the confrontation with her elderly father that now has her facing charges. plus, nichols
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are -- nickels breaking now at 4:30, a shopping center hit by ft. worth ft. worths killing at least two people overseas. the american restaurants that may have been targeted. lottery mania this morning is real. where three big winning tickets were sold and why massachusetts players need to check their tickets closely this morning. and also breaking overnight, families wake up to flames tearing through their homes. how fire fighters say the flames spread so quickly to the roof. >> reporter: complete new england coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning
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>> julie: good thursday morning.
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