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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> daniel: three big powerball winners but and why new england has a few exciting people. >> julie: new reports about chandler jones and black eye and against the chiefs, there's live look at the podium, we are waiting for him to begin the news conference and take it live as soon as coach belichick arrives. weather right now. good morning, everyone. >> daniel: good morning, i'm grauert. shiri, tracking snow across the region. >> shiri: a little bit of snow out there. let's give you the latest on flurries. not any kind of high impact snow, but you're going to see it out there 15 , been a cold
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massachusetts with teens into localis and ringe, new hampshire and don't have much popping on radar. still chance there will be a couple of flakes out there, better chance for flurries in reading, tewksbury, also brockton and mansfield, temperatures here in the 20s as we shift down across the cape and islands and i got the light snow over the vineyard. now, here for the cape and islands this snow going to last longest. going to last with us through about lunchtime today. future cast not picking up on that so well. for the rest of the area flurries diminishing within the hour and temperatures upper 20s by lunch time today and pockets of 30s out there for highs and 28 to 34 for highs today, early clouds and flurries and then this afternoon more breaks of sunshine. of course, big changes for the weekend in form of snow, rain and wind. back to you for check on road. >> julie: let's start on map where you could see the slow spots remain.
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burlington into lexington and down through waltham. pike starting to look a little bit better, slow spot remains brighton area and 39 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave and 31 minutes on braintree split to the pike and 32 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. chino hill, chino hill, chino hill. >> julie: crowds of people swarmed to one of the places that sold one of the three winning power ball jackpots. it will be split between california, tennessee and florida. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and powerball 10. there's good news for at least two people in massachusetts. fox25 catherine parrotta is outside one of two local stores that each sold 1 million-dollar winner. >> catherine: two people here in massachusetts are waking up
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dollars which is not too shabby at all and sold one of the million dollar tickets and million dollars is pretty good chunk of change but as we know, three people across the country are waking up to find out their lives have changed in a major way. take a look, this is some video from overnight in california. this is a suburb called chino hill, it is right outside of l.a. and people were just going crazy there at the 7-eleven where one of the winning powerball tickets were sold. other winning tickets sold in florida and tennessee and two of the million dollar tickets sold here in massachusetts. 1777 convenience store in charleston, other at tedeschi's and checking tickets to see if it is a million dollar one, including this man we spoke with. >> this guy might be the won, he has 50 tickets he hasn't looked at. got to get home.
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i would be thrilled if it is me. >> catherine: good luck to that man and many others speaking to in charlestown this morning, if you didn't win this time around, there's still hope. jackpot now stands at $40 million, which is still pretty good. coming up next half hour, you will hear from the clerk at 777 convenience store in charleston and he reacts to fining out one of the million dollar tickets came from the store. let's hear from him next half hour. for now here in charlestown, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: we are following breaking news this morning. isis claimed responsibility for terror attack in the capitol of indonesia that left seven people dead. kyla campbell is live with details. good morning, kyla. >> kyla: look at video as explosions was in tacarda today. officers ended up in gun fight with attackers and killed all
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two other people died in today's attack. one of the explosions happened outside a starbucks. company put out statement saying one of the customers was injured but all of its employees are safe. indonesian authorities believe isis wanted to copy the deadly attacks in paris and attack tourists as well and isis planning to attack in indonesia. i reached out to contact at the white house a couple hours ago for reaction to the terror attack, but so far i haven't heard back. live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> julie: during the 6:30 newscast firefighters worked to put out hot spots still flaring up. the fire started in second floor kitchen of the apartment on pine street. the fire then got into the walls and spread to the third floor and other apartments. a neighbor ran down the street when she saw the flames and started yelling for everyone to get out. we are at the scene this morning and we will hear from the nab in 30 minutes.
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firefighters put out flames at home in east boston. the fire broke out at neptune circle around 11:40 last night. photographer on the scene says two people were trapped on back deck but they were rescued by firefighters. the flames were put out quickly and all four people got out safely. >> daniel: actor every harry potter fan knows dies. he was also in diehard and holiday favorite local actually. adam rickman's family says he had cancer and 69 years old. >> julie: worcester child who may have been poisoned now in dcf custody. 15-month-old taken to the hospital on tuesday afternoon. the boy was lethargic when first responders arrived on wellington street and police searched the building to see if the child may have injected any drugs or toxic substances. in september a two-year-old girl died in the same apartment. however, the two incidents involved different families. >> daniel: three people
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reservist has been ibindicted in connection to big theft in worcester armory. james morales faces multiple charges for stealing six assault rifles and ten hand guns from army reserve center in worcester he was out on bail in child rape charge at the time. two people from dorchester all face charges for working with morales. since the arrest police have recovered a number of the weapons. >> julie: long-time girlfriend of james whitey bulger will plead guilty next month to criminal contempt. catherine greig refuses to tell anything about people who may have helped them while they were on the run. burnham is serving life in prison poor -- for series of murders. julie: wayne chapman admitted child predator and spent decades in prison and also the suspect in 1976 disappearance of a lawrence boy who has never been found. at his hearing a corrections officer said chapman recently talked about playing assistant is a clause if he had gotten out
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jury will ultimately decide chapman's fate. >> daniel: new york man will be arraigned here in massachusetts for animal cruelty police say dominick donovan and local man were breeding aggressive fighting dogs. they called the dogs donovan pinschers and sold them for $1,000 each. court documents show the men were cropping the puppies ears with scissors and duct tape causing one of the dog to die. down von will be in court in connection to two dead dogs found in trash bag in revere over the summer. daniel: state's large animal response team pulls a deer out of east boston yard. the state was investigating reports that someone was keeping that deer as a pet which is illegal in the state. wildlife crews moved deer to the woods. no one is facing charges this morning. >> julie: it is 9:08. boston now considering relieving some people from shoveling snow from their homes. titty jackson introduced proposal yesterday. people every 60 should not have
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around their property. jackson says some people are older or disabled and shouldn't have to risk a fine. >> we send a dual message. we say we don't want you to have a heart took, don't want you to have a slip and fall and break your hip but within three hours we are going to be out there with a 50-dollar ticket. >> julie: similar legislation has been passed in canton and somerville. >> daniel: white house hopefuls will face off in south carolina. seven candidates including donald trump leads in new hampshire and ted cruz who leads in iowa take part in the main debate at 9:00. senator rand paul plans to boycott the event after he and carly fiorina did not have strong enough poll results to qualify for the main debate. daniel: bernie sanders will be campaigning in new hampshire today. the dick candidate will spend the evening in hanover and host
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meeting at the hopkins center for the arts. daniel: growing speculation about when massachusetts senator elizabeth warren will make her presidential pick. the senator is being urged to make her endorsement in the near future. yesterday politico reported that warren is far more likely to endorse hillary clinton than vermont senator bernie sanders. in 2014 clinton urged elizabeth warren to run but only female to skip fundraiser for clinton. >> julie: look at pikeeeb right now, volume still heavy and steady as you approach downtown. i will have look at drive times in a moment. first, here is shiri. >> shiri: these are weather threats this morning, including flurries, not much in the way of accumulation and cold. those are two things combating. how it changes by this afternoon next. julie: mom isn't worried about her son growing old to hang out with her.
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him around for years to come. >> daniel: bus driver under attack and all caught on camera. coming up next one thing every marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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subdefenses and their ends are -- outside and houston and they have some different looks. they don't need to pressure a lot because they get a lot of pressure with the front but they do pressure some and that causes problems too because they already have a good rush without bringing extra guys. you know, they mix it up, time and disguise well. so a lot of good players.
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and whatever is going on in personal life, problems, guilds, dating, relationships, whatever it might be, family issues and making sure they are focused on what they need to be doing and going on here. >> that's what we do, every situation is here and right now our focus is on kansas city. >> how much will what happen affect the usage, the way you use him in the game against the chiefs. >> find out on saturday. over to kansas city might be easier for all of us. >> coach, do you think the fans have right to know about what happened to -- with chandler on
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>> i've already covered this. i just answered the question. >> can you go more deeply? >> nothing more important than health and well-being of our players. to me that covers it. talk to the team everyday. >> everything in that locker room stays at the locker room but close knit and care about each other and wondering -- >> i agree with that. >> any more questions about the chiefs here?
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issued a statement, that's it. >> (inaudible). >> 100 yards with the catch last time. very athletic. good speed, good size, good balance, hard guy to tackle for all of those reasons. so, you know, throw a lot of short passes, bubble screens, passes, crossing rounds, things like that, also vertical, vertical receiver as well and short catch or plays and tackle will be huge on him and got a good skill set. he avoids guys, runs over them. >> similar to delaney walker in that regard? >> delaney hurt us on that too.
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both after the catch and on those guys and when we get them tackle them. >> specific to chiefs double digit (inaudible). >> i don't care about that. worry about the chiefs this week. >> guys may not have had a lot of action, thing about seattle and kansas city and might have expanded role. how do you look at the individual and prepare and go back even -- >> go back to where you go back to and pick player up from another team and look at whatever you could look at, whatever that is. preseason, maybe it is with another team, possibly in college, depending what the situation is. again, that's a common thing every week.
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that particularly at this time of year that maybe haven't played a lot during the regular season but one play away from playing. it could be quarterback, could be anybody. pass rusher or receiver, anybody they have to be ready for the guys and prepare for everybody on the active roster, don't know who they are going to play and play for certain plays or we need to know what skills are and how we want to defend them or attack them as the case might be it is really common thing every week. just different subset of players but we always have to be ready for those guys, including practice club. many weeks guys popped up in practice squad the day before the game or could even be the day of the game, monday night game, but it could be one of those late things and don't want to be -- spend a lot of time on player five minutes before the
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squad, guys that potential guy come up based on an injury situation or position on your opponent that you think and factor into, so that's -- don't want to say it is common but certainly not uncommon. >> you talked about how things are going and is that true about injured players, don't know what they will be and feel? >> it could be. a lot of times when you have an injury, player feels good enough to play, and he is good enough to play and a lot of snaps and hits out there and as the game goes, maybe whatever that happens to be wears down or fatigue or healthy but after period of time he is not able to sustain the stamina with that particular body part or whatever
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so, you know, i don't think there's any set rule. >> coaching observation or medical staff ever look at the other team players. >> do what we think is best and who we are talking about but it could be any combination of those. >> kind of incline as season went along. every game. >> daniel: you have been listening to patriots head coach
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about getting ready for the game against chiefs. >> julie: tom leiden will have a full rap fox25 news at 5:00. >> julie: let's look at traffic right now where things are still a little bit slow on the expressway from the furnace brook parkway up to columbia road. pike looking better, i will show you live pictures through brighton and a little more space between the cars as you approach the allston-brighton tolls. here are your live drive times, south of boston ten minutes on route 3 from 228 to braintree split and 12 minutes 24, 106 to 128 and storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear here with cold and snowy forecast. >> shiri: a little bit. popping up in the boston area and looks like it is trying to lighten up just a little bit here, flurries will be done by noon, one spot to watch through them i think will be the cape and islands for a little coating of snow and then mostly rain here for your saturday forecast. not much in the way of snow
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flurries flurries really kind of dwindling the last hour, two hours, still got a couple up around the north shore, couple in southeastern massachusetts, but got the stretch of snow which is actually ocean effect snow showers that will continue for at least martha's vineyard, parts of the cape and likely and an tuck here. kind of scheming past the cape here so we will have to watch to waiver and a little coating of snow there. this afternoon we get into the 30s and things brighten up for all of us, even 30 in boston with partly sunny skies this afternoon, we did get a little early patchy coating of snow out toward central western mass and southwestern new hampshire, but temperatures that we are looking forward to this afternoon, hate to say it, mid to upper 20s, not going to be that warm, going to be warmer than it is right now. mostly cloudy skies, i know future cast underdoing the snow situation a little bit this morning and things looking on up and up here as you head home from work later today, we got dry weather and more breaks in
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friday we will feature on and off cloud cover. it is not going to be all that bright tomorrow, going to stay partly cloudy, friday night plans are fine, 5:00 p.m., you guys are dry, might turn overcast here during the overnight hours, but rain showers hold back until we hit saturday morning, so by 7:00 a.m. rain moving in possibly heavier reason for eastern and southeastern massachusetts but you have to go real far north, north likely concord, new hampshire to find any snowflakes mixing in and whole thing is over by 1:00 in the afternoon and saved with the weekend always in view has saturday breeze and rain but rain only through about early afternoon then a couple flurries and whole thing, dry for sunday but cooler with high of 36 and light snow on monday. back to you guys.
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>> daniel: revenant leads oscar nominations and cate blanchett, brie larson, jennifer larson. best picture had a lot of nods. movie is vying for the award are the martian, revenant, room, spy and spotlight.
9:25 am
full list is up on the website this morning on web we be. >> julie: you see the lip balms shaped like eggs but new ones are causing wristers and rashes for some of the users, like one here, sparked class action lawsuit. everyone uses them, all over the newsroom, celebrities kim kardashian, britney spears use them. but they could be trouble. >> shiri: chance for snow and flurries at 10:00 this morning and noon time chances dwindling and much brighter when we come back.
9:26 am
person l complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: welcome back, everyone. taking live look at the radar right now. might look bright in the city right now and flurries in parts of the bay state. good morning, january 14th, welcome back. >> daniel: i was hoping i hit the powerball so i could go to florida and get warmer weather. >> shiri: take vacation with you? >> daniel: did see flurries out.
9:27 am
seeing cloud cover lightening in boston, yes, but look at burlington, ipswich, northeastern mass flurries around and southeastern massachusetts as well, brightening up in the worcester area and 15 in worcester, 20 in amherst, new hampshire, 20s across southern mass and still got snow to go and falmouth as well and coming for you there at nantucket and minor accumulations and only coating to inch of snow for the cape and islands through about noon time today. so still going to be mostly cloudy at noon, clouds lightning up and this afternoon turns partly sunny and 30 . 7:00 p.m. 26 with a dry weather really staying put through the overnight hours. i do have kind of the messy forecast we have been detailing for saturday here and i will break down the wind, rain, where we get a couple of snowflakes coming up. julie, for now send over to you for live drive time traffic. >> julie: few slow spots in
9:28 am
93 south we have an accident, it is in the southbound lane right as you're approaching somerville and otherwise not too bad. zakim bridge and leverett connector moving along fine. here are live drive times, 31 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave and 29 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 48 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. julie: fire wouldn't quit overnight as flames sparked back up at taunton home during the 6:00 a.m.-hour. the fire left the home in bad shape this morning and several people looking for new place to live. fox25 michael henrich live outside the home where investigators trying to figure out what sparked the fire. michael, you saw the flames still very active this morning. >> michael: they did spark back up while we were live in the 6:00 hour. right now things are calm. firefighters have once again cleared this scene here on pine street, several families lived in the giant house and different
9:29 am
not be able to any more. thankfully the silver lining they were all okay and pesky fire i believe you worded it as and certainly did some damage to the building. a lot of damage to the building. i want to show what you sparked back and up firefighters who had cleared the scene had to come back and take care of it while we were reporting live. that was situation that developed while the restoration crews were already doing their assessments. they had to runaway from the house and call the fire department to come back out. the original fire started at 1:00 this morning. fire chief says that it started at -- on the second floor and then spread into the walls up through the third floor and roof and he says the deputy fire chief says initially and the owner told me this as well, initially they believe it was some sort of cooking accident that caused it. two men spoke with fox25. they live nearby and they saw the fire, heard a woman scream, both of them ran to help.
9:30 am
>> sort of like a little thing and then the fire department showed up, all of these people showed and went inside and thought it was over and then next thing we know come back outside, probably like five, ten minutes later and then the whole top of the building was just like in flames. >> michael: that's something the owner said as well, how surprised he was at how quickly the fire spread and a lot of good people live here and won't be able to any more, at least for sometime. says the member of the military even lives here, good people who are without a home. so certainly a sad situation here. silver lining is that they are safe physically okay and that is what they will have to hold close to as they deal with this property loss here on pine street in taunton. reporting live in taunton, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: breaking news this morning, learning more about the victims of today's terror attack in the capitol hill city of indonesia. environmental expert is one of the wounded.
9:31 am
critical condition. two people were killed when authorities set off bombs near starbucks and burger king. police say five authorities were killed in gun battle that followed. isis has claimed responsibility. officials say the terrorists tried to imitate the deadly attacks in paris. >> julie: 9:35. powerball fever has come to end. we did have a few big winners in new england, few people in bay state scored a million dollar jackpot. fox25 catherine parrotta is in charlestown outside one of the stores that sold a winning ticket. >> catherine: two people here in massachusetts waking up to find out they won a million dollars, which is not too shabby at all, and this is the convenience store that sold one of the million dollar tickets, 777 convenience store here in charlestown and million dollars sipretty good chunk of change but as we know three people across the country waking up to find out their lives have changed in major way and take a look, video from overnight in
9:32 am
called chino hills, right outside of l.a. and people were just going crazy there at the 7-eleven where one of the winning powerball tickets was sold. other winning tickets were sold in florida and tennessee. identities of the winners aren't known yet but we know they will be splitting $1.5 billion jackpot but two of the million dollar tickets were sold here in massachusetts. 1777 convenience store in charleston and other thirty six in each -- one in tedeschi's and clerk at 777 convenience store didn't want to be seen but here is what he said. >> prize for our store, good for our store in way and good for the person that won. >> catherine: clerk said he didn't know who won the million dollar ticket but feels happy for them nonetheless ask didn't win this time around and, of course, another chance, not
9:33 am
stands at $40 million. here in charleston, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: look at this. shattered window special needs van now evidence of deadly hit and run. driver of the van is set to appear in court today. fox25 jessica reyes is live outside the courthouse where we are still waiting on the driver to arrive. good morning, jess. >> jessica: good morning, daniel, that's right. she is due here at dorchester district court likely sometime this morning for her arraignment court is now in session here. they opened just about 30 minutes ago and case has not been called just yet. we do have a photographer inside the courtroom right now and suffolk d.a.'s office tells us this morning that the victim that was killed yesterday was 23 years old and this morning -- once again, expecting to be in court -- sometime over the next couple hours. van clipping the curve and drivers making quick turn off of washington street in dorchester
9:34 am
and killed. police say the man was trying to cross the street steps from construction site he was apparent working on and shortly later officers tracked down a van and damage to the front end and windshield broken. they identified the driver as 34-year-old melissa benedict of dorchester. owner of dhs transportation which specializes in transporting people of special needs says benedict was on her way to work and no passengers at the time. >> officer could give authorities driver and talking with him. >> jessica: stunned to hear what happened. people say the stretch of washington is notorious. one woman even telling us she was hit in this very same area while crossing the street with
9:35 am
>> i don't know what's wrong, i don't know. >> jessica: and owner of the van company we spoke to has not been in touch with benedict, waiting to learn more information about what happened and come after the arraignment here this morning and once again, she is set to be here sometime in the next couple of hours. we have a photographer inside the courtroom right now i'm going to be heading in there the next couple of minutes and we will be tweeting updates just as soon as the arraignment begins. live here in dorchester, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: bill belichick not commenting about chandler jones. bill belichick wrapped up a conference ahead of the game against the kansas city chiefs. new report says jones had bad reaction to synthetic northern. he was taken to the hospital and not missed practice or meeting this week. coach is number one priority is health and safety of his players.
9:36 am
surrounding jones hospital visit as for the rest of the patriots they are standing by the teammates ahead of saturday's playoff game against the chiefs. >> chandler has a lot of great support in the locker room and he is a great football player and excited to see what he does this week. >> honestly just ignore it. >> daniel: jones was listed on the team's injury report yesterday and limited from injury to his abdomen and toes. stay with fox25 and and fox25 news app for continuing coverage of the chandler jones situation and patriots playoff push. >> julie: look at live drive times, earlier this morning everything was in the red. right now just expressway 28 minutes from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: drive in to work or run errands and teens and 20s and flurries in the mix and folks headed home in the 20s and also going to be clearer and going to be dryer, i will map
9:37 am
we come back. >> daniel: remember the guy that stuffed snake down his pants to smuggle it out of pet store? it is now back home. the strange way the snake made its way back to the pet store. >> julie: olympic gold medalist, what marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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>> shiri: check vineyard and ocean effect snow showers and stick and coating to an inch of snow from this, otherwise flurries elsewhere. >> daniel: new push by bill cosby's legal team to dismiss charges. he is charged with sexual assault in pennsylvania and hearing to dismiss that case next month and defamation lawsuit in massachusetts against cosby is delayed because of that case. it is now unclear when cosby will give deposition and wife expected to speak with attorneys next month and this week judge in worcester federal court wanted it out of the public eye. daniel: this morning learning disturbing new details about the american artist found dead in her apartment in italy. during the 4:00 hour the prosecutors announced they made arrest in death of ashley olsen. she fractured her skull twice before strangled to death in her apartment.
9:39 am
>> julie: olympic gold medalist peekaboo street facing charges. she pushed her father down the stairs in her utah home in december. her father called 911 and she admitted to it. street said her father pulled her hair in front of hers charges and assess four misdemeanor charges. >> julie: woman says husband's death preventable and by negligence careless actions. her husband was killed during 14 people killed at terrorist attack in holiday party in california. the shooters syed farook and wife were killed by police. the widow suing. >> julie: sons of phillip wood filed a suit in washington d.c.
9:40 am
from malaysia to china when it went missing in 2014. last year a piece of the wing washed up on an island in the indian ocean and rest of the plane has never been found. >> daniel: selfie helps police bust teenager who took stolen ipad. he broke into a wrentham man's car and stole the ipad. victim used find my iphone feature to pinpoint the address where the ipad was. plus he found nine pictures of him on icloud and able to track them down. >> every generation makes fun of us has to pay the price. >> daniel: suspect is still behind bars and he could face more charges. daniel: two brothers from peabody accused of selling fake parts and accessories for real iphones. men owned store called accessory unlimited at mall in saugus.
9:41 am
sold between december 2010 and february of last year. the men are also accused of using counterfeit parts to repair iphones brought in by customers. >> julie: look at traffic right now, things looking better, still a little slow on 95 as approach 128 in canton and expressway slow around morrissey boulevard. 93 south slow as you approach somerville, 128 southbound sluggish through lexington. you could see zakim bridge though and leverett connector moving along fine. here are live drive times, 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 30 minutes on 93 south from 495 to leverett connector and 39 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear keeping eye on falling flakes and how is it looking out there? >> shiri: lookout snowflakes in boston area, find them out there, temperature 21 , dew point is 15 and we have seen
9:42 am
is pretty dry, some of the snow with minor accumulation right there and not same in and around boston and actually ocean effect snow showers that will continue through about noon time there across the islands, as well as the south side of the cape. future cast i know it is underdoing the snow a little bit, just reminder through noon time we will have to watch out for slippery spots across nantucket, martha's vineyard, parts of the cape, rest of the area no more, those flurries will melt away by lunchtime today. then it turns partly sunny and guess what, tomorrow we got a nice quiet forecast for you here again, where you see the light blue, we are facing about a coating, patchy coating in spots, up to an inch of snow, vineyard gets up to 33 with brightening conditions this afternoon, 31 in sandwich, 30 in marshfield, hull and brockton and as we turn our attention to
9:43 am
, 29 in bedford, mid-20s worcester gardner to keene and a little bit of coating out that way and future cast though as we travel through tomorrow, just highlights on and off clouds, real weather maker going to come into town for saturday, and you could see there's a lot of green on the screen denoting rain, and we are really favoring rain for this one, far enough to the north and west of boston places like manchester, new hampshire, keene or berkshires and couple snowflakes mixing in and primarily warm enough for rain across all of southern new england and between one and 4:00 p.m. and rain showers melt away and turn breezy on the back side of this whole thing and conditions mostly rain and potential for a little bit of mixing further inland. here is 7-day forecast with the weekend always in view. today we got 34 , we are going up by almost 10 here tomorrow to 42 with the on and off clouds, saturday we got mostly
9:44 am
whole event and turning blustery 43 the high temperatures, this is what it does for the patriots game about 39 , good chance of it being dry and just breezy and then over the weekend sunday we are going to be about 10 cooler in the afternoon, so going from 43 on saturday to 33 in boston on sunday and it is still going to be mostly cloudy. i think we are going to get couple breaks in the clouds, monday light snow in the picture, pretty chilly with highs close to freezing through the middle of the week and coming up in just a couple minutes, we are actually going to take you out to the first hurricane of 2016 in the open atlantic. alex just updated. latest in minutes. back to you. >> daniel: city leadener new england out of job following a
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>> julie: take look at video that just came into the newsroom right there. video from morning multicar crash inside the o'neill tunnel. i covered it for you with live pictures and delays and here see the car slam into the left side of the wall. it happened just after 6:00 this morning. we sent out an alert on fox25
9:48 am
of the closures. two right-hand lanes were closed no word on injuries but traffic was back up and running and 6:40. >> daniel: mystery in connecticut as people find a strange animal on the beach. images popped up all over facebook. connecticut environmental protection department investigating. they confirmed the animal is mammal and likely skunk that died on the beach. >> julie: this morning we have a new twist in story we showed you yesterday. remember 2-foot snake which was stolen from a pet store in oregon, by the guy putting it down his pants? it has been returned. the python was stolen after put down pants and walked out of the store. man returned the snake yesterday after the story went viral. the man says he purchased the python from someone and the person who stole the snake has not been caught yet. creepy or cute, you could decide
9:49 am
of her teenage son to keep her company. i go with creepy. she says he doesn't want to hang outing with mom and listen to ipod and hang out with friends. so she knitted life size version to cure empty nest syndrome. >> daniel: director of cranston, rhode island senior services out of a job because of a strange news conference. announcement about a program pairing high school students with senior citizens that need help shoveling their sidewalks. the problem wasn't the message though. the problem was someone dressed a man up as old woman and slapped a tag on them which said cranston senior home resident and senior center and high school student would have something to shovel during the news conference. >> julie: young brockton boy helping.
9:50 am
nonprofit to help veterans with ptsd. he came up with the idea after learning about paws for pets. >> girl raising money for dad to get ptsd dog and i thought why not do that. >> every time a check comes in or bag of nickels comes in his face lights up. he is excited, he is proud. >> julie: i would be proud too so far zeke has raised $160, mostly from the nickels and mom set up gofundme page for the organization. >> daniel: i love the entrepreneurial skills. tank. >> daniel: i believe he will. hurricane. hurricane alex in the atlantic. and only threat will be for the azor. this is real far away, not something that will impact us locally but haven't seen something like this in about 50 years. so this is really unusual and you will hear about hurricane
9:51 am
in the next couple of days but for us today temperatures lower 30s and partly sunny this afternoon and over the weekend mostly rain on saturday and looks like the rain is probably going to come to an end in time for the pats game, a little bit breezy for the game itself. >> daniel: when i hear the word haleigh cummings i think warmer weather is around around -- word hurricane i think
9:52 am
>> shiri: it is way out t you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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