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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> he spoke with in the past two hours tonight we have live team coverage.kerry kavanaugh has no information on the timeline when the stock showed up at the police department. window for media availability in foxboro was almost closed when chandler jones stepped up to his locker is to make a statement and answer one question it was a very short session with chandler apologizing for his actions this weekend. >> right now like i said i made a mistake. each and every day alike and focus on is kansas city. >> were you scared for your life? >> i understand the question i understand it but like i said
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focusing on probably the biggest game of my life. >> i made a stupid mistake. hopefully can go on. >> shorts we could write took responsibility now i want to move forward. >> the coach talk about chandler jones. it appeared that way because bill belichick to step up to the podium this morning about 9 o'clock and he actually started had to stay with the statement specifically about jones lets us do that. >> first of all, a relative the chandler situation nothing more important to me personally that help and well-being of our players staff and people in the organization so that's the way it is with this organization. personally, i don't think that will ever change. >> bill was pressed on a number of times he would not
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into further than that he will engage in anything that's off-topic this late in the week. this isn't the only concern. rob gronkowski did not practice today. this is video from earlier this week reported he was in the hospital today receiving an injection in his injured knee that is two days of practice that he is missed this week. we'll have more on gronkowski and what is in store for him at at six. >> two days away. >> they need to hunker down and get focus at this point. >> we are getting a timeline of what happened sunday morning. kerry kavanaugh is live in foxboro. >> kerry: the entire time the officers said most of the incident unfolded here in the back parking lot of the foxboro police department the time like giving us a little more insight into jones a state of mind but
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clear he came here for help. >> i'm in the front lobby area. dispatch audio obtained by fox 25 was a first insight we had since the star chandler does to visit the police department sunday morning on thursday the town released a timeline of the offices account of the moment they come to jones. the opposite the minute some point made a beeline for the rear door of the police department. then without warning or provocation the officer said the man got down on his knees and locked his fingers to place his hands tightly behind the back of his head. honestly the officer wrote it appeared he was actively praying or worshiping. shortly after that, the man was lying in a prone position in his arms were spread out by his side. the officer wrote the man stated i'm chandler jones kept telling them that he had been told to come to the police station. the man could not explain why he was there. but the officer noted he was
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also released a timeline noting that when the ambulance arrived at the station the subject home. when the officer went to jones apartment that officer noted the front door was open. the officer said he found jones keys and also noted the smell of burnt marijuana which he relayed to the paramedics. >> boston globe reported earlier this week that jones may have been suffering adverse reaction to synthetic marijuana. 10 foxboro also releasing a statement clarifying the chief of police of the departments security at gillette stadium why they say there's no conflict of interest to. more of that in the next hour.
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lighter here massachusetts governor charlie baker in missouri governor jay nixon made a really bipartisan bet on the outcome of the chiefs went promises to send boston cream pie cupcakes with coffee cup bakery in springfield at the pats when nixon promised to send some barbecue to the hub ribs from the famous gate barbecue. there is breaking his right now from west boylston where the school district sent a letter to parents. the letter reads quote the west boylston public schools is cooperating with the west boylston police department the worcester county district attorney's office to investigate an allegation proper behavior by a teacher towards a student at the west boylston high school. at the present time this is an active police investigation. the teacher has been removed from the school will have no further contact with any students. the crew headed to westminster
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this case is as we learn new information. >> another bitterly cold january day the sun to come out but did not want things up very much. tonight were looking ahead to a storm that's coming away this weekend. chief meteorologist kerry kevin lemanowicz joins us now. >> all the way out to the island to find those general in the 20s even 29 degrees in boston that's right now that's your evening plans getting out there still a wind chill to talk about general in the teens across the area to that 16 was stupid like 20,000 boston right now so still a chilly night although not as cold as we see in the last couple of nights. generally in the 20s through tonight clouds around some frosty spots but was returning to the south and east and southwest actually brings a milder air into the area. his was happening we been talking a lot about a storm for the weekend those clouds moving in during this afternoon
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actually warm front other means to you is that milder air is coming in so by the afternoon images will be in the 30s and low 40s tomorrow afternoon. that sounds nice and that's a help ahead of this mess coming out of the gulf of mexico. that's a storm down there by louisiana with its bright colors are that something is going to come to the coast to make a run at us this weekend milder air so the going to help us out especially if you don't like snow all give you a timeline what we can expect this storm leading up to the patriots game saturday just a few minutes away. >> learning more about a deadly and run involving a driver behind the wheel of a special needs bus. we first told you about the story wednesday as police arrested that driver. fox25 tonight. you spoke with the people who know both the suspect and the victim. >> reporter: that's right here in court this is where the
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outside court the van told me the key playing how this happened saying she likely just panic. >> the suspect came to court with her head down and little eye contact me four-year-old alyssa benedict facing the charges for accident here at washington street and harvard avenue dorchester. that left sean iv dead. in court prosecutor said benedict cut off another driver sped off pit ivy and kept going without calling police. the surveillance video we obtained from nearby store shows the work and going by the time of the truck it down along with benedict telling offices she tried to stop but couldn't vehicle. >> outside court today benedict's friends and family called a freak accident. this is not her. this is not the person that we've known forever. the person i know is a mother gentle. police say she told them she was going to work at the time. and did call 9-1-1 because she was having the anxiety attack
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these men told me there related to the suspect but also know the victim. they didn't realize what exactly has happened until they came here to court today. we was coming here for him to find out it was my sister that caused this tragic accident. that's what it was a tragic accident. she just got scared and panicked and made a bad decision it was a tragic accident. she made a bad decision. >> today we've also been looking into the background of that driver i will show you what we uncovered and how the band company is now responding to all of this that's coming up tonight at six. >> governor charlie baker looking beyond general electric is to move to boston saying this could be just the beginning. the short-term ge's decision to relocate from bethel connecticut to the seaport district is expected to bring in 800 high cellar jobs. the deal included a $120 million grant and benefit
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million in property tax relief. governor baker is already calling it a huge win for the city and the state added more could be on the way. >> i'm sure will be other companies that probably not even thinking about massachusetts or boston state taking a look at us because of this. >> he says in a statement the boston area has a diverse technologically work force that fits with this aspirations. >> bustamante claimed one of two dollar powerball ticket sold in massachusetts. he place to use the winnings to pay off his and his wife's student loans and help out their parents. he bought his ticket at the trouble can be stored charlestown.other million-dollar ticket was sold at to the seafood shops on bridgewater. just in the last five minutes we learned that ticket has been claimed by robert dole of east bridgewater. million-dollar prize is four tickets that matched the first five numbers but are missing
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>> meantime tonight three lucky people are holding jackpot winning powerball tickets. now a 1 and a half billion dollar jackpot is all there is to split. >> reporter: the odds were one and 292 million. once twice three times a lady lady luck that is tickets purchased in three states in wednesday's 1.5 billion dollar powerball. in chino hills california -- one for tennessee and melbourne beach florida. since powerball/jackpot was claimed in november there were 19 drawings without a winner and powerball players spent an tickets. owner of the 7-eleven franchise and chino hills with a winning ticket was sold said it was very exciting. >> after all chino hills is a land of the league dreams whether known for the rep baseballs field and a few other has the advice. >> were just trying to encourage anyone who might be holding that winning ticket go
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financial planner you can find before you come into claim that one third of that almost $1.6 billion prize. >> if you missed out on this one the next powerball drawing is saturday with a jackpot of just 40 million dollars. >> just moments ago the other massachusetts winner of a million-dollar powerball prizes mentioned robert dole of east bridgewater dual use numbers from birthdays and anniversaries to select his winning numbers. i did that and didn't when i think it is what you're hoping to buy a newer home with the winnings trouble someplace warm dope on his winning ticket at the diskeeper jobs in east bridgewater. >> a dog rescued by firefighters after falling into an icy pond. >> my heart was breaking. how he's doing now. the warning firefighters have for the public. >> also ahead frustrated flyers the issue that led to delayed flights at logan and
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>> quite cold night out there some flurries around tonight perhaps even tomorrow but that's not the main event. i'm tracking that coming out of the gulf of mexico impact the first part of your weekend and
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traffic back up and running after questions at the o'neil tunnel. video shows moment of impact this morning cost limited to less than the walrus exam led to the closure of two lanes. social police officer charge with lying and insurance fraud. he appeared in a brockton court today charges he made up a story about hit by a car while working. >> reporter: this police sergeant says he was on the patrol when he was hurt while working. and let's came to the scene even took him to the hospital but it turns out the whole thing may never have happened. >> vegan hang on police sergeant chris phillips walked into brockton superior court charge with line about an accident misleading yellow officers and insurance fraud. phillips in court minute clear he is fighting the charges. >> phillips is accused of lying about being hurt while working and taking in about $2000 a week as last july for
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the police sergeant says he was on patrol in the parking lot when a woman a car backed out and hit him. phillips veteran officer has faced criminal charges before. after being hired in the wall of 1987, promoted first to start in september 2004, and then to lieutenant in february 2008, he was fired in 2009 after being arrested on an assault charge involving under the town ploy. but the charges were thrown out and he was rehired in february 2012. the town now has him on unpaid leave while this new case is sorted out. his attorney says he wants to continue serving the public and that the injury was serious enough to file the insurance claim. something every police officer would be entitled to. >> physically demanding job.
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court next month and residents are also reacting to these charges especially one specific charge will have more on that part of the story tonight at 6 o'clock. where live in hingham. >> five sky fox home in sutton that were worker fell from the roof of this worksite. were told it was a 30 foot drop. the worker was rushed to the hospital by helicopter the person identity and condition are unknown. >> overnight place to firefighters is a well into the morning at home and taught in. about 1 o'clock this morning at home on pine street let's continue well into the 6 o'clock hour as we cover this breaking story of the fox 25 morning news. we spoke with two neighbors who tell us they pulled up and heard a woman screaming. one ran inside that building to help. >> i heard some lady like this someone in this so i started following and that's when i went ahead of her and i was like is everyone okay that's
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and is it all right we need to get out of here. is nothing i can do. >> thankfully everyone to make out of the building okay pick right now the fire is being linked to an accident in the kitchen on the second door. >> another cold evening out there clouds are moving on in ahead of a warm but that's actually going to bring us some mild air into tomorrow. still a breeze out there not as windy as it's been but a little bit of a breeze with timid like that will make it feel colder 16 worcester 17 bedford and 20 in boston feels like 18 and beverly right now. clouds referring to many of you still have mostly clear skies but these clouds will can to do to increase night there are some flurries with these clouds as well. typical winter but comes on bye we talk about drizzle in the summertime with these fronts of the times in which you can talk about flurries because it's colder that activity seems to want to go to our west. out of the question we get a
5:18 pm
can tonight and during the day tomorrow with those clouds here but the big thing were watching in the main event of this forecast is still coming together way down here in the gulf of mexico. the storm system clearly is far away it has to make to the east coast and come toward us if we know exactly the path it's going to take so we work with this computer projection to see where it's going to go and they been very consistent over the last few days. minor changes kept updated on those as they been occurring but here's the latest thinking with the futurecast model first of all the clouds in a couple of worries around doing lipid called up to keep making snow the ski areas that support with the holiday weekend coming up for sure. clouds over us during the day tomorrow and mix of sun and clouds mostly cloudy at times but temperatures are going to respond so get back into the 30s mid and upper 30s this is average for this time of year
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33 harvard messages 36 degrees closer to boston northwestern to middlesex county 36 natick 35. braintree quincy at 36 degrees filing to the north shore 34 in ipswich 35 and lynn there will be towns austin and southward that have 40 degrees tomorrow afternoon. there the clouds on top of us late night tomorrow night first thing saturday morning to midnight saturday comes the first rain from the storm forming along the coast pushing toward us. it's going to take that long before we actually see anything from the storm to work on input by 1:30 a.m. a band of rain some mixing happening up in here that can be on the northern edge of this as it comes northward in the early morning hours some of these temperatures will be closed to if not below freezing. that's a one caution with it that can be some reason rain mixed in some of the higher elevations even some snow possibly mixing in the beginning. most of us are going to see playing rain.
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especially in southeastern massachusetts was to the north it's cold up for mixing and snow up in here and as a storm pulls away in the cold air gets pulled down we could see the changeover happening in northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire as well. stop this right about four or 5 skies. patriots game. you want to find snow it's good for the holiday weekend this is we're going to have to go in these regions just nice accumulations with the mixing happens in at the tail end of the storm father south of new england. >> always in view looks saturday looks like a messy day of course but let's talk just briefly a little more about what's coming up on saturday we know the pages play an
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like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. us officials say 1020s from time opening up and move to the middle country of oman. that means a population of the prison in cuba has dropped to 93. his first time the numbers dropped below 100 since 2002. on tuesday president barack obama renewed his call for total closure of doing his final state of the union address.
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health and human service officials visited air force bases week to determine whether the base is okay to house unoccupied minors under its care. fox25 is been digging into the story for several weeks now. unaccompanied minors will be housed there until they are released to an appropriate sponsor. this while their immigration cases are being processed. >> jetblue has resumed flight after a power outage caused delays across the country this afternoon including several at boston logan. the airlines website went down so about an hour because of power outage by the carrier. flights flyers to the twitter showing pictures of credit check in lines result of no one being able to print the tickets. after having harry potter fan noses died ellen and family confirmed he died away. professor snape and harry potter film series his first major movie role was in the at the evil hans gruber the first
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holiday favorite love actually rickman's family said cancer he was 69 years old. >> good movies. >> raced to the rescue icy waters bit by parts risking their lives to save a beloved pet. it's scary. she's part of our family. photos of the germanic said why firefighters of a warning for you tonight. >> also ahead first republican resident debate of the new year. why there will be fewer candidates on the stage and what you can expect some fireworks. the men who admit to sexually assaulting more than 100 children is trying to get
5:25 pm
next at five why the prime suspect in the
5:26 pm
lawrence boy is trying to get out of prison. fox25 first brought you the store yesterday. court today during her testimony the convicted child ribs chapman still things about his victims. fives joins us live in court bob this is not the first time when chapman has tried to win his freedom. >> reporter: know that's right. this is actually the fourth time that wayne chapman is tried to get out of prison. he's been convicted he served most of his life in prison on this trial rape charges but the state has had them declared sexually dangerous that's why he is still in prison. a jury is hearing this case now and they have heard some disturbing testimony. >> convicted serial sex offender wayne chapman is now 68 years old. he has helped problems including incontinence and some uncontrollable shaking. he spent decades in prison. by some counts the number of young boys he has admitted to molesting numbers up to 100. chapman has been civilly committed are still being
5:27 pm
even though he is finished his prison sentence. now when chapman is trying to get out of prison. and the defense expert told the jury it is time. no one is arguing that. the point i am making is that despite all of this offense is that happened 40+ years ago at the present time he is not that same person. the state is trying to keep chapman locked up. chapman is also the prime suspect in the disappearance of andy puglisi from lawrence in 1976. puglisi has never been found. forensic psychologist told the jury that just over year ago while chapman watched a tv sitcom at bridgewater he was reminded of one of his victims a boy who chapman said was eager to have sex with him. >> the thought that in december 2014, a little over year ago, still saying that he thought the children is willing participants in the assaults. seem quite as severe
5:28 pm
>> the jury also heard today that chapman is told people that if he wins if he gets out of prison, he wants to move to the state of maine and that's what he believes there are fewer restrictions on sex offenders. the jury expected to get this case on tuesday. >> 16 overdoses yesterday in brockton nearly 8 times the normal amount of the overdoses were fatal city officials say that normally have between two and three calls per day but as of this one police say there did not appear any connections between the cases. >> a few flakes falling at dorchester this one but tonight the snowflakes are gone. they were there you can see them right here dorchester zoomed in on this satellite radar stuff like definitely
5:29 pm
talked about them last night overhead is not much left out there right now is first like there are some clouds if you floors in western new england pushing up to the north of the war but coming by that will bring us some mild air head of this. i next system which is way down the gulf of mexico and just getting its act together when it gets to the coast make a move that is the better idea of exactly how it's going to track. but it's not going to be here tonight or tomorrow that's for sure. the tonight into tomorrow morning clouds around the area is not possible to see a couple flurries late in enforcing the morning inconsequential be pretty flakes to the sky. instantly cold enough for snowflake to raindrops damages out there in the 20s you factor in the breeze that we have wind chills are in the teens. if you miss a show you the exact time we expect to happen with that storm coming up the coast of acetic and how impactor planes and the patriots pains.>> pleasing you have to want your help
5:30 pm
a suspicious white band. police in the van was spotted yesterday on amos tucker road. that band was reportedly seeing pulling down the driveway on that road got stuck while turning around. homeowner saw them. this image was taken on a surveillance camera if you know anything you're asked to call kensington police. >> a man pistol whipped and shot at the front of a home in falmouth and tonight police are looking for the men who did it. the victim only had minor injuries from being hit with a pistol and was not hurt by the gunfire but police did find bullet holes in the nearby home and car. police issued an arrest warrant for vince carol ryan lucas cordell dacosta carol turned himself in this morning but police are still looking for lucas and dacosta were considered armed and dangerous. new hampshire hospital is apologizing tonight for major mistake in children's vaccines. they say hundreds of kids got in effective shots. alice peck hospital says 827 kids likely that those vaccines
5:31 pm
were for drill damages of pediatric center were outside the acceptable range. it would've affected vaccines october 2015. the hospital says vaccines would not have been harmful but would've lost the potency. now. i was away from first republican debate of the year. fireworks between the top two contenders are expected. >> reporter: gop candidates of preparing to face up and debate number six of this election cycle. later tonight republican hopefuls will walk out into the spotlight or north charleston. seven candidates reading the requirements for the prime time debate on the fox is this network. that's going to give the kids more time to talk about the vision the solutions they have been done in texas editor ted cruz taking the top two spots in the lineup. >> go to be good. i expect to see the donald trump is finally found some is going to fight back.
5:32 pm
after each other over cruises eligibility. >> a lot of lawyers say you can't run if you do that you can't be born in canada. when suddenly he was trailing in the polls in iowa. florida senator rubio holds number three spot going after president obama while making his case for the nomination. our next president is know what the going to do from the first in office. to reverse barack obama's damaged when i'm present were going to do it. >> carly fiorina kentucky congressman rand paul dropping to the undercard debate. paul subsequently using to participate living fiorina to spar with rick santorum and mike huckabee. >> this is one of the last times you'll get to see the candidate face off before all eyes turned iowa which has its caucuses less than three weeks from today.
5:33 pm
president campaign-finance chart dean parker has now left political reports members of cousins campaign took issue with how much carson was spending on consultants as well as his $20,000 a month salary. statement parker called details misrepresentation. meantime democratic side new poll released today showed only did it over bernie sanders has shrunk just two percentage points in iowa. bloomberg poll shows clinton top santos 42 percent to 40 percent next maryland governor martin o'malley was at four percent. >> teenage driver is lucky to be alive after an incredibly post-call when her car was totaled on 128. just talking a five talking to fox 25 about the crash picnics a warning for women check your purse a popular cosmetic now part of a lawsuit for causing
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what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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local survivors of crash and icy pond in connecticut. >> told you an 18-year-old crash. she was in the car with three other friends when they say they took a wrong turn in a state park. ended up on the ice that was covered in snow. >> couldn't open the door. the ice was too thick. the water was so cold. there was no way out the window.>> police to say the group was in part or in that
5:36 pm
tuesday and had traveled to under that pond went gave way. all three survivors are expected to be okay. the democrats house of representatives to push an impeachment measure against governor paul lepage the globe reports a movement is adding momentum after the lepage's comments regarding out-of-state drug dealers coming into maine girls. whoever rubs say none of the republicans of the house are expected to support the measure which would cause the measure to fail. >> you can potentially pack a gun on your next visit to our nation's capital. that's the goal of 36 republican lawmakers who deduced a bill that would force the capital cities to recognize concealed by our permits from other states. right now the generally prohibits law-enforcement people from carrying guns. bills per se allowing concealed weapons can save lives in the terror attack. >> when you have areas that don't allow concealed carry
5:37 pm
thugs criminals and thugs the going to go for the easy target. >> washington d.c. representative to congress, the bill insane and a political stunt for the nra. >> called and upper floor is out there.not a big concern but i'll be tracking storm heading away this weekend that will bring some significant precipitation and may impact
5:38 pm
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5:40 pm
pond this morning. firefighters were able to rescue her but now have a warning to others. >> reporter: firefighters are asking everyone to be very careful when it comes to going out on the ice. right here behind me you can see this pond it looks like it's frozen shut and solid but it's actually not. just a few dozen feet away that's where maia fell in. tonight her owner says he's just so thankful she's okay. >> should part of our family. god for bid anything happen to her. i would be able to forgive myself. like water on a hunt maia tightly just a few hours after she fell into an icy pond. ike says he was taking her on a walk with vietnam veterans park in billerica which he ran down to the ice. she seen a squirrel and she ran down on the ice and then she went right through. mike says maia started panicking fighting tree branches to get out while the fire department arrived within minutes, he says it felt like forever.
5:41 pm
down. >> my heart was breaking. but i'm just glad she did not go under. when help arrived firefighters on a wetsuit and got into the water while several others stood by with a rope. once my was pulled from the icy pond, mike immediately wrapped her in a sweatshirt and took her home. >> i heated up a blanket right away and i put her right near my fireplace. after some much-needed rest, maia is now back on her feet with more energy than ever. in fact our cameras had a hard time keeping up. >> mike says he wanted to share the story and thank the people who helped save his best friend. >> were also rate my family could not think them enough. >> it was just so great to meet maia and see just the energetic dog that he is for the firefighters who rescued her, they didn't want to go on camera they told me that they did not want any of the
5:42 pm
part of the job that they are very happy that she is okay. >> a chilly day for a walk on the beach in quincy the sun was shining out there but it wasn't very warm. looking at another very cold evening ahead and another storm that's coming our way. great spot but yes when a storm hits like this one you can get some wave to kick up even watch those tides this was not going to be quite that intense but still whether to talk about first of all temperatures tonight 23 was to 25 bedford 29 in boston right now. the breeze out there to be a little cooler like it in the teens that when chill out there. although boston still feeling like 20 look at worcester feeling like 16 plymouth in chatham both colder at 19 degrees. a couple of stories worked their way toward wiggling this afternoon the western new england all ahead of a warm and that's coming away struck of clouds here denotes with a warm front is lower that i've been
5:43 pm
around sugarbush west vermont nor the vermont happy to see that in the gulf of mexico look at this. this rain and heavy precipitation is just beginning. the storm system is going to come toward the coast and make its way toward the northeast. today looks like it's a little father out. too far out to be an intense storm for us. first of all to the day tomorrow, some clouds from time to time to be some sound mixing in as well not impossible to see a flurry pop up along this for the comes on through but it will be milder in the afternoon. high temperatures especially south of boston despite a lot of clouds and some bricks of sunday temperatures get into the low 40s even mid- orders on the vineyard and on nantucket. north and west will stay in the 30s low to mid-30s. here's the thing that's really what you have to watch for for the storm system colder areas to the north and west are typical with one of those ocean storms this time of year this will receive
5:44 pm
in this case is where we could see any snow at all. as the rain is working on here during saturday morning have to watch for during the early morning hours up to 5:00 a.m. as the rain comes across the area it's running mixing that occur in the northern reaches of the storm it stays cold even some snow in the higher elevations for southern vermont and adults of southwest new hampshire and father north into new hampshire and vermont. this continues to lift northward storm centers well offshore and taking the heaviest rain with it. it could be some heavy showers here but the heavy steady rain will stay offshore. it pushes to the northeast and as it intensifies it will wrap that cold air around the backside of it see all happening here that's when measurable snow significant snow is going to start to form across northern and central new england.
5:45 pm
southern new england at least part of the area north of massachusetts. but look at this by 230 in the afternoon around gillette stadium things assigned to dry out by kickoff you'll be in the dry air. meeting some sons going to poke out in the rain certainly coming! even if you don't see sun hour by hour his heart soaking on saturday. gillette stadium 37 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 42 minute time that's when the rains go to be happening. by 2 o'clock some breaks of sun is the cloud is still 41 and 40 by 4 o'clock kickoff is at 4:30 38 by 6 o'clock partly cloudy skies of dry for the football game looks like now. that's different from what we look at the last couple of days for the time you sped up with the storm system states that we are going to be fine and you get when it tailgating but during the grain it will be dry. >> early estimates computer models to inches up here to the mountains 3 to 6 even up to a foot of snow in northern maine. seven day forecast gives you weekend in view it keeps the
5:46 pm
first part of it 70 with temperature 42 degrees by sunday will be cooler about 36 for high temperature with some late snow reactivity later in the day that could becoming more significant snow overnight into monday meeting you might have to do some shoveling especially along the coastline the clipper system intensifies offshore that's why have the snow bleeds over into mlk day monday morning of course it's going to snow yorty don't have school right and then things get really cold to the middle of next week. >> piano man. making his return to ny park billy joel has just been put on the schedule for the summer concert series six time grammy winner will return on august 18 and this year that comes with a special title. >> first artist that will ever in the hundred and four year three of fenway the first artist to ever play three consecutive years in a row. tickets go on sale generally 22nd. did make it anyway but everybody spoke with said it was outstanding. >> is an awesome entertainer.
5:47 pm
>> academy award nominations are in revenant leads a pillow feel with 12 nominations return best actor nominations went to matt damon leo dicaprio michael fassbender and the red maine ryan cranston best actress kate blanchet brie larson jennifer lawrence charlotte rambling the movie is fine for better pics of the martian the remnant room spotlight and mad max the polis is up on a website >> patriot star chandler jones is speaking out about his medical emergency. six. airbags deployed blood on the dash 18 injured because someone else did not bother to clean the ice off their car. >> but first are you sick of paying extra to take money out
5:48 pm
atm and overdraft fees self driving cars on the way. government outline how it's getting ready for driverless vehicles to the row. >> reporter: today in detroit us transportation says he doesn't want to get in the way of driverless cars. this is video of google's self driving car. there on the roads in california and texas always with a human at the wheel. secretary anthony fox announced a plan to spend $4 billion to test and develop guidelines for driverless cars. proposal would be included in the present 2017 budget due next month. he says autonomous cars on the
5:49 pm
road congestion. other safety experts say regulators are racing to keep technologies. >> we don't want to be testing thousand pieces pump pieces of equipment rolling on the road at 70 miles an hour. the obama administration will work with automakers and state policy. new guidance is likely within six months. the push comes as we get a look at google's driverless record california showing improved 2014. >> if you been charged for or overcharges on your cell phone bill you're not alone. do it five new survey found only one in five customers reported paying for overages last six months. at&t customers hit the most 20 percent fries was sick or 20 percent. these numbers are up across the board october survey which at
5:50 pm
>> atm overdraft fees costing americans so much money that they become a presidential campaign issue. j.p. morgan chase bank of america and wells fargo made more than $6 billion last year in atm and overdraft fees. more than 5 billion came from overdraft these alone. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are now calling for changes to those systems. >> chipotle is preparing a new ad campaign to get people back to stores health-conscious chain has been hit by several recent skiers last month recall whether hundred people getting sick after eating at a store near boston college. chipotle is also dealing with e. coli outbreak in nine different states rather that started last year the chain is working with the help officials to end the output. >> brenda want to know about a popular lip balm vistas and rashes are being reported by some users the lip on the container has been egg like shape.
5:51 pm
were also learning the average age of new moms is older than it's ever been. according to the cdc the average age a woman has her first child is now 26 years old. that's up from 24.9 years old back in 2000. in massachusetts it's even higher age 29.we researchers say women are starting families later with the trend is also representative of a big drop in teenage pregnancies. >> exits breaking news chandler jones breaks his mystery. >> why he is saying sorry about the encounter with cops that ended with an ambulance. >> horror on the highways issued a by supplies of a cars windshield. she's sharing a story only on fox 25 pickets tracking and we can storm the letters a potential nor'easter and with the rain snow and sleet will fall the timeline. >> twisted metal and the tip o'neill tunnel see what happened after the moments of impact. >> now with breaking news.
5:52 pm
complete new england news coverage. patrons defensive lineman challenge on speaking out for the first time since a mysterious medical issue sent him to the hospital. tonight the super bowl champion is apologizing. hello everyone i'm vanessa welch. john's apology comes on the same day that we learned more about his bizarre arrival at foxboro police station with triggered everything. kerry kavanaugh is outside the police station. >> kerry: final moments of disease media building he walked into his locker made a statement and took what turned out to be one question. he was contrite he was direct events. >> right now i made a mistake.
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