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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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every day alike and focus on his kansas city. i know it sounds competitive but that's what it is right now to become the best number five i can be. >> like i said i understand the question i want to everyone. >> this weekend's going to be focus on having probably the biggest game of my life. >> i made a stupid mistake and hopefully i can go on. >> before chandler showed up to talk up today with the always get on the story would come from bill belichick were just the issue this morning as he began his news conference. >> first of all, relative to chandler situation is nothing more important to me personally than the health and well-being of our players staff and support people in the organization.
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this organization. i don't think that will ever change. >> vanessa bell was pressed on the topic a few times today but he did not crack the were not shed any light on whether chandler jones might see the bench at all during saturday's game so we will wait and see pickets a lot of pencil of pat spans concern about what's going on there picnics this is changed in the last hour in fact conflicting reports on gronkowski we know that he missed practice today but espn has said that he received an injection in his knee at the hospital while the nfl network refuted that report saying he did not receive a shot he just been getting treatments and getting ready to play on saturday. we will have more on that in sports yet another twist in the story is team gets ready for the game. >> newly released timeline of chandler jones trip to the foxboro police department feels more details about his medical emergency.
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officer ascribed the patrons defensive star as anxious cooperative and polite. although it six bucks 25 kerry kavanaugh is live in the police department where the town is defending its security role at gillette stadium. >> kerry: today vanessa the foxboro town manager released a statement saying that the gillette stadium reimburses the town directly for any police presence pretty games or events so in his eyes there is no conflict of interest here for the police department. all this of course coming into question after chandler jones showed up in the back parking lot of this department early sunday morning. >> dispatch audio obtained by fox 25 with the first insight we had into pat stark chandler jones visit to the foxboro police department sunday morning. on thursday the town released a timeline with the officer account of the moment they
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officer said the man at some point made a beeline for the rear door of the police department. then without warning or provocation the officer said the men got down on his knees and unlocked his fingers and he placed his hands tightly behind the back of his head. honestly the officer wrote it appeared he was actively praying or worshiping. shortly after that, the man was lying in a prone position in his arms were spread out by his side. the officer wrote the man stated i am chandler jones kept telling them that he had been told to come to the police station. the man could not explain why but the officer noted he was at all times polite cooperative and respectful. the chief of police at all larry also released a timeline noting that when the evidence arrived at the station, the subject remembered he left his keys at home. when the officer went to jones apartment that officer noted
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the officer said he found jones keys and also noted the smell of burnt marijuana which he relayed to the paramedics. the foxboro town manager said the police handled the issue without any conflict of interest. they said police chief serves as a towns chief of police services during events at gillette stadium but is paid by the town and has never been an employee of gillette stadium. >> town manager declined to say any question about this incident on camera.still working at this hour information about west boylston that's what school district has just sent a letter to parents the letter reads quote was will to public schools is police department and the worcester county district attorney's office to investigate an allegation improper behavior by the teacher toward student at the west boylston middle high school. at the present time, this is an active police investigation.
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the school and will have no further contact with any students. >> the crew had their will bring you any updates on this case as soon as we learn new information. >> new at 618-year-old amesbury woman dealing with a broken arm and busted lip it is all because another driver did not bother to clean the snow and ice from the car. this happened on 128 waltham that's where our ted joins us live now with the story you only see on fox 25. >> reporter: this happened on wednesday morning you may remember there was a storm that brought snow and ice the night before. a big piece of ice came off a car traveling south on 128 others taught in pond exit the ice slammed into a young woman's wasn't the call that gave paul a chill this afternoon it was a trip to a waltham tow yard fox25 rica's banged up car. >> miranda was behind the wheel of the honda traveling from her home in amesbury to universal tech and norwood
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diesel mechanic. all of a sudden on 128 s. and waltham, trouble with a capital ice. a car pretty far in front of me ice came off of it and i could not see where i was going i ended up slipping and i ended up hitting a barrier. her car went into a spin from the passing lane all the way over to the breakdown lane. first responders wanted to take her to the hospital but she refused. she was worried it would cost too much money. when we got to where she was a picture up and i could see she could not move her arm she's covered in blood and there was upsetting. never stopped miranda dock at the plate a broken arm dusted lip article bills and a totaled car. all because the other driver did not take just a few minutes to clean off the roof of their car. >> miranda's technical school runs in three weeks cycles she's been forced to postpone this one to deal with her injuries and her car.
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it's unlikely police will ever be able to determine who was behind the wheel. it is a legal to have ice and snow on your car coming up on the fox 25 news at 10 were looking at the law and the penalties. >> fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz weather. my brand-new weather center. >> it's really looking like it's gotta be a situation where have a lot of warm air getting worked into the storm that's going to be a problem if you love snow for sherbet flurries out there this afternoon just a big concern the couple of flurries floating by with that milder air that is working going to play important part in the forecast if you want to find the story go all the way
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when were talking about is going to come to the coastline and make a run at southern new england. his latest computer information of futurecast data showing that rain working on it one thing we have to watch during the early morning hours of saturday is for any cold air that still sitting around the northern tier of massachusetts and western massachusetts and for you in southern new hampshire in southern vermont. that's when emitting could occur but it looks like the going to be timely rains right to the afternoon coming up on saturday. so that's a situation with dealing with right now look at some of the damages out there right now boston at 28 degrees at this hour. feels like 19 though to these hours dropping only to about 27 not going to be dropping fast thanks to clouds of the overhead also when shifting
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started to do southwest at five and worcester is 22 but feels like 16 out there right now. cold air in place for now just won't stick around for the storm system still take you hour by hour when you can expect the heaviest of the rain to come into this weekend. >> sky fox flying over home being built inside with that's where worker fell from the roof of this works that were told it was a 30 foot drop worker was rushed to the hospital like helicopter the persistent condition not been released. >> new at six adding a little hazmat crews walking in and out of a home in air tonight at the same house city pond road were police pulled old grenades out of last night. that's all they found police releasing last five minutes they pulled up 40 rifles 10 handguns and a sordid ammunition initial call yesterday was for a well-being check once offices arrived they discovered those old the bomb squad was called to render them safe. >> students at brockton high
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support for a fallen student who shot this week.students were planned for zach sidling her brockton enterprise reports the idea was organized by his mom longtime girlfriend shows up on facebook does not enough. monday night was hit by a stray bullet while he was in his apartment. that night at least 15 rounds from several guns were fired hitting three apartments and four cars. he is still recovering in the hospital. >> been released on $5000 bill dog abuse case out of revere dominic donovan is accused of in connection with the discovery of two dead puppies in revere last year. police say donovan local member reading aggressive fighting dogs they call the dogs donovan pictures and sold them for $1000 apiece. court documents of the men were cropping the puppies ears with scissors and duct tape. donovan's codependent in the case will be arraigned tomorrow in superior court 12 counts of animal cruelty.
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into the morning at a home in taunton. the fire started around 1 o'clock in the morning at a home in pine street. flareups continue well into the 6 o'clock hour as we cover this story on the fox25 morning news. we spoke with two neighbors tell us they pulled up and heard a woman screaming so one of them ran inside to help. >> i heard some lady like there's someone in there so i started following her in that's when i went ahead of her and i was like is everyone okay that's what i saw the fire was like was on fire so i was like our we need to get out of here does nothing i can do. >> everyone did make it out of the building okay. right now the fire is being linked to an accident and a kitchen on the second floor. firefighters rescued two people from a fire in east boston it happened last night on neptune circle.
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six. you definitely hit and run crash involving a driver of a special needs bus. we first told you about the store yesterday fox25 news as it will police arrested the driver and today she was in court. that's where blair miller's life now six blair spoke with that band company lately. >> reporter: this to looking into it that the owner told me that driver likely won't drive for his company ever again and
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nothing to say about what happened. >> . court records no convictions and no serious traffic citations for 34-year-old alyssa benedict just a few cases dismissed. now she faces charges for accident here at washington street and harvard avenue dorchester that left wish on iv dead. in court prosecutor said benedict cut off another driver sped off ivy and kept going without calling police. the surveillance video we obtained from nearby store shows the work and going by at the time. officers tracked down along with benedict. telling officers to try to stop but could not because of damage to the vehicle. she must've been in shopping outside court today and ask friends and family called a freak accident. this is not her. this is not the person that i've known. forever. the person i know is loving and caring and wonderful and gentle. police say she told them she was going to work at the time. and did not call 9-1-1 because was having an eight anxiety attack and thought someone else
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these men told me there related to the suspected but also know the victim. they didn't realize what exactly had happened until they came here to court today. we was coming here for him to find out it was my sister that accident. you know what i mean. that's what it was it was a tragic accident. she just got scared of panicked and made a bad decision that was a tragic accident. she made a bad decision. >> tonight that woman is free on bail she is due back in court in february. >> traffic backup and running tonight after crash inside the o'neil tunnel take a look at this video right shows moment of impact this morning, slammed into the left side of the wall around 6:00 a.m. and led to the closure of the two right-hand lanes. it is coming again it's been cold for a few days some mild air try to work in do so for
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some clouds even the couple lori's floating western massachusetts western new england. can be a couple of those during the day tomorrow is a spot comes on by but it will be getting milder. that's important because this is a storm system just starting to be born in the gulf of mexico or to make it toward the east coast to make a run at us with a mild air working in public guess what that means for that storm system case you can't i'm going to show you in a moment tonight tomorrow morning those flurries and the clouds overhead from time to time. still see some fun tomorrow but clouds that will mix on it and surely the house will increase in the afternoon. temperatures will still be cool tomorrow at the going to be warmer further south you go. start out here to the west of boston was 235 fitchburg 33 douglas at 30 degrees. those are at or above average. immediate boston area dedham will be 34 boston 34 braintree quincy boson 36 degrees.
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county 35 34 ipswich finals in southeastern massachusetts during the afternoon tomorrow with a mild it will come in more quickly than anywhere else. rain were talk about the early morning hours taking you to saturday at 1 o'clock in the morning. important to note that time temperatures are going to be the coldest during these early morning hours so this rain for stuff to work and especially to the north and west of boston there can be some spots of ice or mix and something will be watching very closely for this. that can make things a little treacherous early saturday morning. then heavy rains does work northward and nose the high elevation of the berkshire southern vermont southwest and new hampshire points north can be snow or mix with the storm system but the storm itself is just not too intense at this point not going to have a strong winds across here it will get breezy in the afternoon it's hard to call this windy when this comes on in and lets the storm can
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the next 24 hours but it will push some bands of heavy rain onto the south shore especially during saturday afternoon and this is the heaviest rain stank mostly out over the ocean. storm taking a little more something track what that does do is increase the likelihood of snow and mix to work its way southward as a storm pulls away. michael's father set the cold air can settle the backside of it snow taking over here that mixing line working into northern massachusetts especially here was to county during the afternoon hours. stop this at 3 o'clock because the last of the shows coming on by foxboro. for 30 p.m. kickoff looks pretty good. starting at 8:00 a.m. 37 degrees going up to 42 by noontime and then as a son starts to pick out at least the rains going to stop during this afternoon hours leading up to kick off still 40 with a give up 39 degrees right at kickoff 30 by 6 o'clock so willing to the 30s during evening. if you want snow and is martin
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weekend many people go north skiing big skiing weekend especially in more significant snow is going to be a place like western maine sunday river sugarloaf also be cold enough a place to make snow even here in massachusetts. >> seven day forecast weekend in view average of 42 degrees in saturday on average but cooler to the north and west and he mixing can happen on sunday 36 degrees see what happens on behind the storm can be some snow early on monday morning a clipper system take one storm at a time arctic air deftly settling in behind that. >> convicted child predator who's being looked at for the
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two and half hours republican president all candidate square off in the first debate of the election-year. only feature the top seven candidates that has one candidate who's near the bottom of the poles boycotting it. >> later tonight republican hopefuls will walk you to the spotlight in north charleston. seven candidates meeting the requirements for the prime time debate the foxbusiness network. >> that's going to give the candidates more time to talk about the vision the solutions they have been donald trump and texas senator ted cruz taking the top two spots in the lineup. ding ding ding. go to be good. expect to see that donald trump is finally found something is
6:22 pm
the candidates already going after each other over cruises legibility in the lead out to the contest. lot of lawyers who can't run if you do that you can be born in canada. >> this is you do not seem to concern donald until over a week ago. when suddenly he was trailing in the polls in iowa. florida editor michael rubio three spot going off to present obama while making his case for the nomination. >> our next president need to know what the going to do that from their first day in office reverse brock obama's damages. were going to do. carly fiorina gusman rand paul coming to the undercard debate all subsequently refusing to pursue debate living fiorina to spar with rick santorum and mike huckabee. >> is time to get to see the candidates face off before all eyes turned to iowa which has its caucuses lesson three weeks from now. >> you can potentially pack a gun you next is it to the nation's capital that's the goal of 36 republican lawmakers
6:23 pm
forced the capital city to recognize concealed firearm permits from other states. right now dc generally prohibits non-law-enforcement people from carrying guns. the bill supporters say allows concealed weapons could save lives in terror attacks. >> you have areas that don't allow concealed carry permits you have what i call victim zones and the thugs criminals and thugs the going to go for the easy target. >> washington d.c. representative's to congress, stunt from the nra. >> bernie sanders picking up endorsement: new hampshire minutes ago messages under paul coconut's endorsement of sanders kirk served in the u.s. senate for 2009 2010 after center ted kennedy passed away. sanders will address the public is expected to discuss the tuition free higher education climate change and what his campaign calls a corrupt political system. >> like many people tuned out present obama's final state of the union. his speech lowest tv ratings in 15 years.
6:24 pm
once a president speak while the future of the country tuesday night however that number does not clued those who streamed the speech or watched it online. >> local police sergeant is in trouble. exit 6 stories accused of making up and how best is that he cashed it because of it. plus a man with a 100 children such resulting trying to get released from state custody. why has plans to move to maine if he does become a premium. >> firefighters rescue a dog after all still the ice what sparked wyatt to run on the ice in the first place.
6:25 pm
new patriot chandler jones breaking his silence to meeting you made a mistake over the weekend it's one of our top stories tonight. johnson showed up a foxboro police station disoriented sunday morning. he has reportedly taken synthetic marijuana was taken to the hospital. bill belichick singh today he's concerned for jones's health. >> also following some breaking news from west wilson right now the school district to a letter to parents and teachers been involved in improper behavior with a student at the west wilson middle school. that teacher's name has not been made public the school is cooperating with police and will have a full report for you
6:26 pm
>> police sergeant charged with lying about a crash accepting insurance money with a fake injury. >> 25's robert goulston was in court. police sergeant said he was on a foot patrol when he was hit by a car. his own department looked into it and they say it never happened. the police lied you lose your respect. the charges involving the lying is what really upset people. >> affected hingham lee sergeant chris phillips accused of telling his fellow officers he was hit by a car and then collecting about $2000 a week in insurance money for the injury. the police sergeant that he was on patrol in this parking lot when a woman in a car act out and hit him 's attorney says the accident did happen and the injuries were serious enough to involve medical attention. >> they said the ambulance. the endless drivers made observations. >> he needed to be seen at the hospital. phillips a veteran officer has faced criminal charges before after being hired in the fall
6:27 pm
in september 2000 four and then to lieutenant in february 2008 he was fired in 2009 after being arrested on an assault charge involving another town employee. but the charges were thrown out and he was rehired in february 2012. the town now has him on unpaid leave while this new case is sorted out. residents are not happy about the allegation. >> i think it would be awful if he was abusing the system. terrible. he goes back to court next month and he will remain on unpaid leave while the charges are sorted out. >> during the past half hour fox 25 fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz good time to have a storm coming debuting this new set storm going to be really be a juicy one offshore question is how close will be to us to bring some of the jews to us to talk about what's going on out there right now some cloud re-showing up especially western new england.
6:28 pm
when i whited up to show the midwest we have to go all the way to the gulf of mexico to find with us what is its coming off the coast of houston into louisiana going to push off the east coast it up toward us this weekend with the storm will be a nice looking storm and a nor'easter but a norse easter doesn't have to hit us. can still be nor'easter of his days off shore. most of it is going to stay that way to taking right to tomorrow afternoon with the cloud start to increase the storm not here yet it's going to arrive during the early morning hours of saturday. temperatures out there right now you can see our chili holding of us know but tomorrow some milder air stuff to work on in ahead of the system with the winds coming in off the water ahead of that storm it comes up the coast that mild air is going to be critical how far it reaches in land whether or not you get some mix to go along with the rain most of us going to see rain i'm going to show a timeline to saturday with a worst will be coming up.
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shooting in mission hill received a 9-1-1 call last night the house on inwood road. unknown medical condition. responded that a man with a gunshot wound to died at the hospital. that man has not been identified. no suspects are in custody. >> convicted pedophile and the suspect of the well-known case of the missing boy.wayne chapman is trying to get out of prison after serving decades behind bars. for 25 tells us the state is fighting back with the juries hearing some disturbing testimony. >> reporter: at 68 years old wayne chapman is spent most of his adult life in prison on charges of molesting boys. differences date back to the 1960s the victims number up to 100 wayne chapman a receptive time but he remains definitely committed the still sexually dangerous chapman is fighting to get out of prison now. the state is biting his release. saying that chapman has said he will move to maine if he is released because he thinks there are fewer restrictions on sex offenders the state
6:30 pm
>> he was looking at children so the opportunity for mr. chapman to offend remains just about exactly what it was 40 years ago. wayne chapman's also the suspect in the disappearance of 10-year-old andy puglisi from lords in 1976. andy's body has never been found. but chapman's defense team believes he is fit for release now. the point i'm making as that despite all of this offense is that happened 40+ years ago at the present time he is not that same person. in the end it will be up to a jury to decide if wayne chapman is still sexually dangerous or if it's okay to release him. the jury may get this case on tuesday. policing have to try to track down a suspicious white band spotted yesterday and amos talk road home that ban was reportedly seeing pulling down the driveway on that road got stuck while turning around when a homeowner saw them this image was taken on home surveillance camera if you know anything
6:31 pm
police. >> thousands of dollars in cash and colorful bags containing some that marijuana taken of the street in worcester. police a 32-year-old joshua evans was determining the drugs and open on the city hall common. evans and another man were arraigned today on drug charges. worcester child who may have been poisoned is now in dcf custody 50-month-old was taken to the hospital on tuesday the boy was lethargic when first responders arrived and apartment building on wellington street. please search the billing to see if the child may have been adjusted any drugs or toxic substances back in september 8 two-year-old girl died in that very same apartment. however these two incidents involved different families. >> young boy is helping veterans by pairing them with a new furry friend for 10-year-old vic started his own nonprofit to help veterans with ptsd.hi-fi for soldiers is a raises money to train service dogs came up with an idea after learning about the organization
6:32 pm
>> she was raising money for dad to get a dog i thought why not do that. every time a check comes in or a bag of nickels comes in his face lights up is excited he's proud. from as mentioned nickels. >> 's mom also said they've set up a goal for me page for their organization. good job seek. surprising moments after dog fell through the ice at a local pond meet maia happy to report this adorable little dog is doing well tonight firefighters say this morning. >> reporter: right here behind me this is the area this the pond where my health and this morning as you can imagine the water underneath this water is incredibly cold. so timing is crucial. a firefighter actually wore a special wetsuit to go in and get my out. i did speak with my as owner
6:33 pm
>> she's my best friend so like i said if anything happened to her you know, i would be heartbroken. for mike martorano this morning started like any other. he was walking maia here at nonveterans park and billerica. we were right back by my car and she seen a squirrel and she ran down and went on the ice and she went right through. after trying to rescue maia himself, using a stick, called 9-1-1 and waited. he said those in its heartbreaking as he watched her struggle. she was panicking and i started to call her out and then i didn't want her to lose her energy so i started to calm her down and talk to her in a calm voice. he shared this photo of the rescue you could see a firefighter in wetsuit ready to get in the water and rescue maia. several other firefighters stood nearby. they had a rope ready just in
6:34 pm
or i assume that you know, to get the dog. as soon as mayor was on land, wrapped her up sweatshirt and took her home to warm up to the fire. following the best advice she closely monitored her temperature to make sure she did not have hypothermia. she has a kinda sweetest dog. as you can see from this deal she definitely back to jumping and playing and kissing. >> coming back here you can see this pond right here behind me firefighters and police say despite the recent cold weather, the ice is not the kenaf to stand on. so they are asking everyone to be safe. >> good reminder more details now this afternoon billerica police held a rescue training exercise at that very same park where maia the dog was rescued this morning. it was scheduled ahead of that rescue. >> three lucky people very
6:35 pm
jackpot winning powerball tickets sold in chino hills california mumford tennessee and melbourne beach florida the one and half billion dollar jackpot will be split between the three winners. last night a big celebration took place the 711 in chino hills while one of those tickets were sold. powerball/jackpot was played in november there were 19 drawings without a winner powerball player spent the night estimated $2.6 billion on tickets. >> but there were two $1 million wintering tickets in massachusetts. use the wings to pay off his and his wife's student loans and help out the parents. robert dole not that robert dole east bridgewater robert dole claimed the other ticket he used numbers from birthdays and anniversaries to select his winning numbers his wife hoping to buy a newer home with their for them. how sweet is that congratulations.
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>> president obama announced renewed mission to cure cancer in the state of the union. exit 6 disturbing reality we expose how congress cutting the budget cancer research for more than a decade now. piano man coming back to fenway take a coming up wife billy joel third concert in a row is so unique. >> marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... and worked with liberal
6:37 pm
to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
6:38 pm
memorable moving moments present obama state of the union address a new mission to cure cancer once and for all. cancer research funding has been cut each year present obama's administration for years before as well. >> achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. it was a call to action but it was backed up with money about hundred and $70 billion to put a man on the moon. his final state of the union address barack obama pledged another shot. for the families that we can still say let's make america become the cancer that national cancer institute's budget for cancer research was cut every year from 2010 to 2014 and the cost of inflation is the 25
6:39 pm
it's colossally stupid to cut spending on medical research. the 26 in congress did give the national cancer institute its first certificate budget increase in years. a $260 million. i was proud of what we did this last in terms of major increases at the to build on them but with years of cuts to make up for senator brown says it's still not enough for a moonshot pick too many people here try to cut medical research in the name of something that's got to stop and i think the presence call to action can help you bipartisan how bill to increase medical research funding has been sitting for months in the senate brown says they're still trying to figure out how to pay for it. moon shots don't come cheap. >> with new information on how may people in boston massachusetts and new hampshire center for healthcare through the affordable care act about
6:40 pm
signed up since november 1. across the commonwealth about 189,000 people enrolled in new hampshire just over 50,000. the ceo told us about 80 percent of enrollees are eligible for subsidies to help cover premium cost.>> for example a single person that makes $47,000 and change his elbow for tax credit a family for making $94,000 and change is also eligible. >> last day can sign up for 2015 coverage is january 31 picnics harry potter fan is died alan rickman's family confirms he passed away in london. rickman played special snake in the harry potter film series his first major movie role was eva hans gruber. the first diehard film.he also started holiday favorite love actual. his family says he had cancer he was 69 years old. >> tonight tenor john monahan continuing to do for new information regarding the breaking news we've been following all evening long. a west boylston teacher removed
6:41 pm
accused of improper behavior with a student. what has been able to uncover tonight after american idol picnics piano man is returning to ny park billy joel is to put on the schedule for the summer concert series. six time grammy winner will return on august 18 this year that comes with a special title. >> the first artist that will ever in the hundred and four years history of fenway the first artist to ever play three consecutive years in a row. tickets go on sale for the piano man on january 22. musical lineup for the boston music festival also just been released so pop sensation see as a headliner along with r&b singer janel monet other acts include swedish singer robin x snow and l king the event will happen on city hall plaza may 27 the 29th tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 in the morning it's $170 for a general admission. >> lots of buzz about the storm for this weekend
6:42 pm
game if you're going to tailgate anyway happening outside right now you clouds drifting by floor is popping up. also leading edge of mild air working plays a part in this forecast. storm way down here just developing now it's off louisiana off the coast of texas houston new orleans all going to come together off the east coast of the us to make a run at the northeast too far off it looks like to be a direct hit but have to caution you the storms you know this from winter nor'easter to have to get offshore of these coast before is exactly where the going all indications to be too proud to be a direct hit or big hit for us. let's talk about the timeline on the first of all through the night tonight into tomorrow clouds from time to time can get a flurry warm front come through mildest temperatures to the south the clouds appear that's with the front is in a
6:43 pm
the front during tonight and tomorrow. temperatures in the southeastern massachusetts bridgewater 41 hundred 49. again the father northwest to go other side of the front staying in the 30s not too far from average for this time of year. norwood is at 41 gillette stadium at 40 degrees high temperature tomorrow afternoon. this clouds the cup tomorrow night becomes the rank first batch of rain coming in after midnight notice different coloration here. that's what we've been talking about all evening long. potential for some mixing happening in the northern bridges of the store. updated futurecast coming in technicolor that in here. watch for any freezing rain at the very beginning her sleep mixing and as a storm comes in. most of us will see just rang but that's an indication that were going to have to watch areas of 495 and what the rest of the early icing saturday. then to the morning the rain takes over the colder it gets push off to the north higher
6:44 pm
continues into the monadnock region into new hampshire vermont and also to make it also looks colder indication storms stink far enough off herself to watch cold air drain on the backside of it. storm pulls away when shift around tries to come father to the south you can mixing noontime snow mostly if not totally will stay in northern central new england not southern. 2 o'clock to show most of the rain out of here. kickoff time at gillette stadium 4:35 pm the clouds i see the sun put sets beautiful sunset to go along with the game will support part is the rain out of here. it's going to be a dry ballgame looks like. our by our going up to 42 with the rain by noontime calling back down a bit after kickoff doctor thinking 39 degrees officially for your kickoff temperature with any son poking out just before it sets the rain will be gone tailgates may be wet if you start early really not going to be much of a wind storm either to affect the game if you're looking for snowcone north this weekend if
6:45 pm
get some fresh snow take it right through your upcoming weekend long holiday weekend saturday is a mess sunday looks better that's after the snow has fallen so great day to do some skiing and then monday being the third day of this holiday weekend mlk day to be cold after about 30 degrees for high warm portly watching for another batch of snow that could come in early and monday morning for all new england. >> very latest from foxboro a really busy day with a lot of moving parts of bryan salmond was ever chandler jones apology. stay with cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands
6:46 pm
and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life.
6:47 pm
us. pages gets upset his game against chiefs to take control the situation this afternoon bryan salmond was there.
6:48 pm
chandler jones walked into the locker room but to its remaining immediate availability to say more or less he sorry. >> i'm sorry to all the fans. focused on having probably the biggest game of my life. i made a stupid mistake hopefully can just pick shocking if you could to the page away brady silent during the deflate gait hearing bella check spelling checker when asked about his blackeye --. or start on jones on orchard situations. nothing more important to me personally than the health and well-being of our players staff and support people and organization. that's the way it is at this organization be personally i don't think that will ever change.
6:49 pm
and i really don't have anything to add to it. chandler radially face the music while still trying to keep his statement on football. >> each and every day all i can focus on is the kansas city chiefs.. gronkowski officially did not participate in practice it. a practice that was surprisingly held inside gillette stadium. to give the team a more game -like feel. and gillette stadium bryan salmond. >> 10 top of that got a story for you walk through for the pats tomorrow and foxboro to kick it off saturday at 4:35 pm meanwhile the chiefs dealing with the possibility playing without one of their top players high ankle sprain this practice yet again today is gotten out there all week laying without him would be a big setback for the chiefs. the standard titan knows this match up a new england has little extra juice.>> statement game for anybody that
6:50 pm
champs stadium in take on the patriots and who they are. it's a challenge but at the same time were excited for ready for pick coaching updates continue kelly was not at work for a long eagles coach hired by the 49ers today.bring his unorthodox message to the west coast could be news for colin catherine lost a job this year he could fit kelly system a little better. meanwhile the eagles going to hire for mccormick doug peterson will be here this weekend he is a chiefs office of core data. another reason to pay attention to that see how well chiefs office plays obviously hope the patriots shut them down. >> it's cold tonight mixed bag it's on the head on saturday mostly rain but they can be some mixing to go along with this meeting suffice the very beginning especially north of the pike and some snow into central and northern woodland
6:51 pm
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