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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thankfully there's no snow out there today, but fox 25's storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear. you did look pretty cool over there. >> shiri: yeah, we love our new home over here. but we do have everything in the forecast tonight. it's going to arrive mostly rain, but a couple of us will see ice maybe a little bit of snow starting overnight tonight. these are the temperatures as you wake up this morning, thankfully just to some cloud cover. 28 in or liens. boston checking in at 25 degrees. 25 in woburn. worcester, good morning, how about 22 degrees. little cold for you this morning. this is your day planner for today. i'm going to warm us up to about 27 degrees at 10:00 a.m. you know what that means, temperatures are barely going to budge, my friend. best bet of sunshine further
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38 degrees at 3 p.m., so the kids coming home from school and by 7:00 this evening behavior your friday night plans, temperatures back down to 34 degrees. i'm going to break down where we're going to be freezing again tonight and where we can deal with little bit of ice and snow coming up just a few. katherine, let's turn it back those roads. >> catherine: all right. ma'am. a couple of spots west of the city, you can see the pike moving just fine. 128 going smoothly in both directions as well. giving you a broader look, 93 north of the city, you're moving fine. route 1 as well. here's a look, this is the pike going through brighten to, you can see a single scar there. that gives you a sense of how smooth it is right now. here's a look at the drive times on the pike from 495 to mass. avenue, 20 minute ride. braintree split, 8 minutes there. 128 to route 1, a 23 minute ride for you. happening this morning, there will be extra security at
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continue to he can which for any danger to students. fox 25 is live in chelsea where a written bomb threat was found inside the school. michael. >> reporter: catherine that extra security is on -- you can see the officers -- now you can't. live tv timing here, folks. there are two police cruisers parked in that main parking lot right in front of the front entrance. because of this possible bombing threat. that's the wording the chelsea school department used when reaching out to parents late last night. in that message, the school department says it received the possible bomb threat left somewhere in the high school. not a lot of details about that threat were released. but that said, the school said they do have information that makes it look like a hoax. chelsea police were involved. they did a sweep of the school. they were planning to do that sweep of the school late last
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they were in the area. they would update folks when that sweep was done. i have not seen an update on the facebook page that does not necessarily mean that the sweep was not complete. we're going to track more information on that. that said, school is expected to happen as normal. in that statement, the schools also warned, quote, the chelsea school department will not, under any set of circumstances, tolerate any threats that impact the well-being of our students or to their educational learning environment in hour schools. the school added in that sentence, either a bomb threat, either a hoax orally, is considered a felony in the commonwealth. if you know anything about who might have done this, call police right away. live in shells see, i'm michael hendrick, fox 25. >> a stomach virus has classes cancelled this morning. many students have gotten sick over the past 20 days. today the building will be cleaned to prevent the illness from spreading. closed. all other schools will be in
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>> this morning, police plan to search the high school of a teacher under investigation. fox 25 confirming school leaders in west boylston have not revealed the name of the teacher. leave. we're told the case involves improper behavior towards a student. police tell fox 25 the teacher has been interviewed twice. the county district attorney's office is also involved. detectives have applied for search warrant to seize electronic devices from the teacher's home. in a statement, the superintendent says, quote, the teacher has been removed from the school and will have no further contact with any students. >> new this morning, three terror suspects are arrested in connection with a deadly attack in indonesia. five other terrorists were killed in the attack that we covered as it was breaking yesterday morning. police say they found an isis flag found in the homes of one of the suspects. bombs exploded near a starbucks and burger king in a busy shopping center. one of the victims killed is
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>> something new at the gop debate last night. the crowd turned on donald trump. at one point, they even booed him. mary maloney reports. >> reporter: the gloves are off. >> you're worried most of all about keeping your homes and your families safe and secure. up cannot give hillary clinton a third term of bah rack obama's leadership. >> she wouldn't just be a disaster, hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the united states. >> reporter: the top 7 candidates of the republican race stood shoulder to shoulder hoping to convince voters why they should be the picks for president. >> our children and grandchildren are counting on us to get it done. >> reporter: but a good portion of the debate hit at the number 1 and number 2 candidates in the pops. donald trump, and ted cruz. not about elect ability but on he will little ability to be president. >> back in september, my friend
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look at this from every which way. there was no issue to this. there was nothing to this burger issue. now, since september, the constitution hasn't changed. [laughing]. >> but the poll numbers have. >> if for some reason he beats the rest of the field, he beats the rest of the field. see they don't like that. they don't like that. no, they don't like that he beats the rest of the field because they want me. >> right now, why are you raising this issue now? >> because now he's doing a little bit better. >> reporter: these candidates know time is ticking for candidate voters to make up their mind. >> if we manage to damage ourselves and we lose the next election, this nation is over as we know it. >> i'm mary maloney reporting. >> daniel: republican candidates john sis kick carly fiorina and jeb bush will all be in new hampshire continuing their campaignralslies. >> catherine: as for the democrats, hillary clinton continues to lead bernie sanders
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it has shrunk to 2 percentage points in iowa. the poll shows clinton with 42%, sanders with 40. and ex maryland governor martin maryland with 14%. tomorrow, bernie sanders will open a campaign office in worcester. the second in the state. >> tomorrow, the playoffs for the patriots, there are questions about two key players. defensive end chandler jones we've first heard from on saturday morning. an officer found jones at the back door of the foxboro police department. jones was down on his knees as if he was surrendering or praying. the officer says jones identified himself and said he had been told to come there. jones seeking help after apparently smoking synthetic marijuana. yesterday, jones said he was sorry. >> i want to apologize to all of the fans and everyone important. but this weekend, i'm going to
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having probably the biggest day of my life. >> daniel: jones was treated at a local hospital on sunday but has not missed a team meeting or practice since the incident. on the field there are big concerns about the health of rob gronkowski. the tight end missed practice yesterday for the second time this week. espn is reporting that gronk went to the hospital for treatment for a knee injury. official report says gronk is dealing with knee and back problems. >> catherine: a bullet narrowly misses a 6-year-old brockton boy's head as he rides in his mother's car. it happened on tuesday geneva street in dorchester. she went to visit family and got lost on the way home. at first she thought the noise was firecrackers and didn't realize it was gunfire until a police officer told her just how close her family came to tragedy. >> it wasn't until the officer told me that went past your
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continue to investigate the shooting. and they do have a vague description of a suspect. >> daniel: a local woman suffered severe injuries when a huge chunk of ice slams into her car and she's telling her story only to fox 25. miranda cote was heading south on 128 in waltham when ice flew off the vehicle in front of her. it smashed into her windshield. the air bag felt like a punch in the face, pushing her teeth into her bottom lip. >> i couldn't see where i was going, i ended up slipping and i ended in the jersey barrier with the left side of my car. >> daniel: the other driver kept going and miranda was unable to get the license place. she wants other drivers to take the time to clean their cars this winter. failure to remove snow can result in a 200 dollar crime and 2 year jail sentence. >> catherine: this morning, a woman facing charges in a hit and a run is out on bail. she's accused of hitting a man in dorchester and then accused of taking off.
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of washington street and harvard avenue. police say she told them she didn't call 911 because she thought someone else would and because she was having an anxiety attack. friends and family item that's the only logical explanation for her leaving the scene. >> this is not her. this is not the person that i've known forever. the person i know is loving and caring and wonderful and gent it will. >> catherine: some members of ben necessity convict's family they showed up in court to support the victim. >> daniel: happening today, a north shoreman accused of running an illegal kennel where dogs were killed will face a judge. charged animal cruelty. prosecutors say he ran an unlicensed kennel in lynn. they were arrested after following the discovery of two dead dogs in revere last year. dominic donovan was in court yesterday. during that hearing they
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expected to testify against donovan. dozens of dangerous weapons an even degree mads are found at a home in aer. it all started when police were asked to check on the man who lives there. police say they found about 50 guns, ammunition, plus military style degree mads. the grenades weren't live. and charges are pending. >> catherine: on the pike, 495 to mass. avenue. 25 minutes. 128 from route 1 toe the weston tolls 22 minute ride. we'll give you a, look at the big map in just about 10 minutes. shiri. >> shiri: i know you're dying to know. so i figured i'd start with the patriots forecast. at kick off, temperatures in the upper 30s. timeline on tomorrow's rain coming up. >> catherine: junk food can be treated by drugs.
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. >> daniel: today, jurors deciding if a convicted sex offender will be set free hearing a key piece of evidence. he's been locked up for decades. the state had him committed after serving his sentence because he was sexually dangerous.
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a disappearance of a 10-year-old boy in lawrence in 1966. the state is arguing he's no longer a danger and wants to go free. today jurors are expected to hear a phone call that chapman made from prison to a level 3 sex offender. fox 25 bob ward will have details tonight on our news at 5:00. >> catherine: a hingham police officer is accused of lying of being hit by a car. sergeant chris phillips allegedly told fellow officers he was hit while on duty. but they investigateded and it never happened. he is accuse of making up the story to collect thousands in floor money. but his lawyer says he was badly hurt. phillips is on paid leave. he's due back in court next month. >> daniel: congressman want allow weapons in washington, d.c. 6 republican lawmakers have introduced a bill that force police in the state capitol to recognize firearm permits from states which allow them.
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guns. allowing concealed weapons, attack. call the bill insane and a political stunt for the nra. >> catherine: no one has come forward to their share of a billion powerball jackpot. with he know three tickets were sold in mum ford tennessee. there's no word. people are convinced after tips september to her door. >> if i couldn't do it, having someone locally win it is exciting, i think it's great. >> catherine: the florida and tennessee winners need to claim their prizes been 180 days. the california winner has a year to come forward. >> daniel: she's not home. apparently the tickets were sold in massachusetts. look at the smiles on their faces, made one of those claims yesterday.
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paying off student loans and help out their parents. robert dole claimed the other ticket. he and his wife hope to travel someplace warm. congratulations to all of the winners. >> catherine: yeah, that is pretty good, travel someplace warm. if you're not travelling someplace warm, here's a look at how the roads are doing. we can't all win a million, right. that map looking just fine right now. 128, 93, moving from the south into the city, doing fine, no problems there. zooming back out, you can see north of the city, 128, 98, route 1, all looking good at this hour. this is actually the pike you're looking at as traffic is moving through brighten to, you can see smooth sailing and look at drive times for you route 1, to 128, 13 minutes. on 93, to 59, 12 minutes there. 128 to the weston tolls 23 minute ride. shiri. >> shiri: are we speaking of warm things? i'll speak of this.
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moving towards us, look where it's coming from, good unfortunately of mexico. that also means it's going to pack a punch, these kind of storm systems known as nor'easter, has a lot of moisture attached to them because of their tropical origin. right now 29 degrees in boston. only light winds in place. it is going to be kind of quiet game out there. i'm going to certainly most cloudy skies. temperatures at 28 degrees at 6 a.m., 8 i'm a, 28 degrees. bump you up to 33 by 10:00 this morning. upper 30s in around around the boston area. here it comes, i don't have any rain in the picture before midnight tonight. even if you have friday night plans out there, it's completely clouds we're going to be dealing with. these are a look at your temperatures, let's continue on that warm front, shall we, warm spots, taunton, scituate at 41 degrees, walpole, 47, which isn't too bad.
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merrimac today, lowell, billerica, methuen, nashua new hampshire, only 34, 35 degrees. so it is going to be a much cooler day by comparison out that way. 43 in hyannis with most cloudy skies. especially north of the pike, going to be a cloudy one out there. here's where my concerns come into play, anybody below that freezing point tonight, has the potential of a slippery travel here tomorrow. in particular those upper 20s in fitchburg, manchester new hampshire, keene, new hampshire, orange even into the worcester area. we have to watch ultimate out for a little bit of freezing rain but most of what we're dealing with, temperatures like this, 37 in worcester, 42 in boston, 46 in chatham. it's going to be warm enough for almost entirely rain for this one. second half of the weekend, it cools down. 7 a.m., when you're waking up again, lowell, worcester, north and west, a little bit of freezing rain. out to southwestern new
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a little bit of snow mixing in no more than an inch of snow. this is mostly just going to be rain. but it's definitely worth keeping an eye on these spots far north and west of boston. for a colder shift in our forecast. this entire thing is going to wind down between 1 and 4 p.m. showers push out. and we've got some clearing skies overnight. we're not going to continue with that clear trend, though, because the clouds came right back into play as we head into that sunday forecast. so here's your seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view, today up to 39 degrees only a slight chance of a flurry this morning. by tomorrow, we've got 100% chance of rain. remember, it almost isn't entirely rain. of light snow. back to you guys. >> catherine: all right. 4:50. and opening the doors at one of america's most pressteg justice universities. coming up new at 5, why a group says harvard should be free.
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ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula not only cleans and freshens but also softens your carpet so it's always inviting. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. >> catherine: singer sell lean dionne's husband has died. he died thursday at their home in las vegas after a long battle with cancer. they were married in 1994 and have three children. reports that is he lean is taking a break from her show and won't return until january 23rd.
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morning after a fight outside of a florida bar. carter was down in key west when a bartender cut him and his friend off. carter made a big scene and punched the bouncer in the face. >> catherine: a veteran gets the surprise of a lifetime in nashua new hampshire. sergeant led beater got a brand new home mortgage free. it was a gift from the foundation and bank of america. the new place has been completely renovated and much bigger than their current apartment. >> step in the right direction from getting out of the military, having my family is actually just great. >> catherine: led beater completed two tours in iraq and received a purple heart. the couple said this home will mean the first time they're sleeping on a bed, not a futon. getting a taste of what it was like in boston last winter.
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say they haven't been able to get mail in days, the doors were frozen shut. >> i have seen people punching the mailboxes, kicking the mailboxes, shaking the mailboxes. and just pounding with their fists on the door trying to break up the ice that i guess is inside the locks. >> catherine: getting desperate there. the government has hired contractors to deice the mailboxes, it takes about an hour a box. >> daniel: various states come up with guidelines for the vehicles. google is testing the vehicles in and texas. none of the vehicles have ever crashed while in driverless mode. a spokesman did admit a driver had to take over a cousin times to avoid a wreck. for millions of americans, a data plan just isn't enough. one in more than five people reported paying for overages in
4:56 am
at&t customers suffered the most, and verizon was second with 21%. the new numbers are up across the board. jp morgan, bank offer in and wells fargo made more than $6 billion last year in atm and overdraft fees. the vast majority of that came from overdraft fees. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders both called for a limit on how much banks can charge. >> catherine: piano man is returning to fenway park. billy joel just put on the schedule for the summer concert series. billy joel just been put on the schedule for the summer concert serieses, six time grammy winner will come july 18th. >> daniel: coming up at 5, her search to find, to reunite a lost camera with its owner.
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>> catherine: now at 5, the next round of rain is headed in by this time tomorrow. where some ice and snow could actually interfere with your saturday plans. >> catherine: a local teacher under investigation this morning, what we've uncovered and the etch is about to happen today. >> daniel: and big health concerns as to why why the day before the playoffs. the hospital visit that has many people concerned about all pro tight end, rob gronkowski. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this friday morning, january the 15th. i'm gene lavanchy. >> shiri spears in the storm tracker weather center and tracking wet weather coming our way. >> shiri: yeah, heading our way, by this time tomorrow, a couple of showers, even icy
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