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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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four. 's leased iran. but next tabs snow. my latest time line ahead. young hockey player seriously hurt during winter classic new tonight pledge bruins and td garden are making to help her out. now with breaking flaws. this is fox 25 news at 6:00. complete new england news coverage this man rehe is loo iran today. student held for 40 days up until today. good evening. . he was one of five americans rees is today. he released from for in part of
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more on what learned about that in just moment but first, reporter doug look at how these hostages got their freedom. >> washington pot? >> by tehran part what some prisoner swap. other americans are former u.s. marine. past photograph. they are. it twiech and then b . >> family is excited about this. children are feeks see would not having fall for over three years. and so it is a bit as you can imagine it is shocking. to you no believe this day finally come. and he has made it law. return for the release of prisoners united states is granting clemency seven iranian president' is on. washington also agreed drop interpol red notices for number of iranian fugitive. .
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>> are already reacting to the news. may be some of the >> ugly court >> we don't know about when yet. so we should withhold judgement. but right now, i give thanks to americans coming back and should have happened a long, long time ago. the prisoner swap happen is as international agency issues report on the iran nuclear program. iranian trans pore sayings minister says once edge he can in washington. e6. >> fog news. >> fox live in doug new fifth person released today who young man from that town. >> that's right. he 30 year old. i spoke with parent here. just short time all. they tell me they got call from
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join em of his release. you imagine they are no tonight. ry quest dose not want the fab fair so, here you go. here my entire interview with him. >> he coming home. very grateful for everything everybody has done to bring him home. and will he home? we can't is >> we are very happy. >> we appreciate everybody has done. >> and you say how you got the news? >> he called us this morning. . . >> yes. >> good. good. everybody happy. as you can imagine. >> as well. he was deined iran and december for reason unknown. he spent 40 days in even prison tehran according to. went to iran back in september. for four month language program. it was with the tehran university.
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he analyst wanted use passion to create unity. a war torn nation. right now back mere you can imagine family anxiously waiting their son's return. ones ge baths hookner going talk him about staying here. despite passion for the people the middle east. we will have a ewhat has. we vp happy for family tonight. looich hingeham. knowledges 25 news. search continues forker is vooufrts after pair maureen hemdani collided off coast of hawaii we. noon toe who >> with astaitsz marine corp and blue star flags.
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analyst. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. . [please stand by for closed captioning]. . beach who first reported crash. >> well rain started off day for most of ours meet meet in storm tracker weather center. we not out woods youth yet. objection not base got risk more
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before the weekend closes but at least the heavy rain that occurred earlier today, take look some of these impressive totals over an inch to two inches that moving on out of here. nantucket has two rain there storm system now finally pulling away. we do have clouds and watching cold front come through tonight. may kick up winds. but boy system that pushed on through some snow. especially where it was cold enough northern parts of the state into parts new hampshire as well as maine you seem snow fall totals anywhere from about an inch to about two inches in place like mer mac we are dealing with dryer conditions at this hour. and that will be the trends copy spite told front coming on through. temperature right now, 36 in boston. but we are near the freezing mark it not below some location. where we did have wet weather. won't be surprised see some eyesy spots. future cast showing clouds begin
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tomorrow we will dealing some sunshine. or with freezing temperature. so some icy spots. looking pretty okay. however, it is going to be cooler day. and clouds will thicken later on what we have in store is the risk some more snow quick shot i bringing latest time line but. arrives. >> download all of all new track ter weather app cost how many forecast from our team for where you live. free download on your smart phone 1234i6789 >> at least two people militants attacked and seedses an upscale hotel in west african country. attackers raided hole at the fright. . >> and in country cantal. 100 taken in hour long seige. that chin included gun fire. seige at the declared over after
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for attackers were killed. 126 hostages and shank illegal. continue. >> were women. analyst say al-qaeda affiliate known akim claimed responsible for that attack. >> this search on for at least three people who beat robbed an elderly man in the methune. . victim telling the get something out of hit car through daurs night all of sudden he was hit from behind the next thing he tells us, that he remembers that he was being kicked. >> it doesn't unparking lot behind in methune around 8:30 at night. 77
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blind side by the three men. this unkicked him before running off with some of his belongings. his friends who lived building for 11 years cannot figure out who would do this. . . i couldn't believe it they. >> taken ground. he with a punched several times kicked phase. >> working to generate leads in case. around the same time, officers did try stopping a gray honda civic for moving violation but the car was not. >> call came two minutes later. >> thighed finding surveillance video but parking lo did not have camera. when suspect are caught they will face more serious charge. because of victim's age. he have you know stomping. for their belong. just not right. it is shame. i mean why >> 77 also telling he is did
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face area. and some bruising but feel we live in methune tonight. fox 25 news. to two hurt house fire in rossen news. now north more than dozen people lot up they hours them. cell phone video scene. you see massive favor response. three alarment were called before that fire could be knocked down. damage there is estimated to be about $650,000. . . >> two hospitalize the serious injuries after this head on crash. wreck happened along route six in six sandwich police tell us one car crossed center line and hit the other. just to get both drivers out. . that crash is still under . .
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one-half of the football at least. pats leave 14-6 half time. >> bay de-157 passing yards and touchdown through the air. and, additional touch down on xb sneak will full over an. and fox 25 sports want. will to so noed tommorrow and butch stearns live fragile let. >> making donation tonight. local hockey player hurt game before the winter classic. fox 25 reported that dareren lang suffered severe spinal cord injured while playing boston pride. pledge donate $200,000 to her care. organization says, they are inspired by her positived a attitude fighting spirit. >> three people arrested for skimming money local gas station later on 6s while police still have more work to do to solve this case. bust fist, ted cruises still coming under fire for comments he made about new yorkers during
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one expert say, new york no been let down boy liberal politicians that state. ted cues apology guys bunch times on friday. put he didn't apologize for anything he said about new yorkers or their values. i pole guides to all pro life pro marriage pro second amendment new yorkers, who were told by government governor cuomo this no place in new york. because that's not who new yorkers are. cys weighted double insulted.
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on insult. and bird i am lect in doing so. politically great move. flout side of new york west hudson people love to hate new york. i think most people know exactly what new york values are. but for as this ex he will need win the nomination. so as you re accident labelen city nations with hot still know. -- -- -- i think they were short sighted. absolutely. for sock independence. we unique. hard work. everybody different. i mean everybody has a their own style. world trade center came down, i saw some thing that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully more humanely than new york we like he have know he is not getting notes new york. >> >> bernie sander. >> he opened new field office in worcester.
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state. governor charlie baker gearing up for first state of commonwealth address this week and baker expected to talk about last winter. and his effort improve the imbased nbta as well recent decision by general electric to move headquarters hundreds jobs to boston. >> new now dramatic rescue for. >> new hampshire. james born springfield. had rescued if he cross over ladder tay born drive willing south on i-89 south in veered off road and. flipped several time. he not at the seem and police and canine followed trail blood. you shalled are hospital with some seven just injuries. >> here massachutes causing several crash this moeven. first one, was on narrow road by east road. and police also setting several other crashes.
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urge willing drivers to take it slow during and after the in plement weather: sign of the times in new hampshire. state considering creating death been at the time for school employees who are killed in line of duty. now under theed this built family of public school worker eligible to receive $100,000 if their loved one died object the job. it i would my both accidents and instances of violence. >> now your local forecast. from meet meet and fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> this mean. in soon areas especially further north you went. where we had temperatures, right that freezing mark if not below. and tact high temperatures very significant across region. from mid 30s in. and manchester. to boston, 43 degrees. and that's only because it happened after midnight.
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e6 but normally. i6. for some their per spots but for the where we is a that snow. so taking look some of snow reports not too much but enough to make it slippery on roadway where we didn't see any treatment sure enough we got anywhere from about an inch to even two inches place like mer mac. even along 128 though. metro boston we switch over to some snow. place like lexington picking up just about laugh an an inch. for a. rain quite significant. just over an boston.
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under accomplish.
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everybody though in look temperature mainly 20s further north you go. so, got we system to our south that's going skim us with clouds developing throughout day. may allow for few snow showers towards the evening hours. for cape as well as coast as this front approaches snore rounds some showers and snow squalls as we head into monday morning and then, though turns colder it turn breezy. and sure enough really going feel like it is more towards the winter. as for amount of snow, doesn't look like it impressive. >> >> and does show the return of much colder weather with temperature dropping into 20s for monday tuesday wake up tuesday morning. subzero to wind chills we will seeing as head through weekend number more about that many willing up next half an hour. >> trying to track down this suspect in bank robbery officers in watt holiday say happened
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bank object second after if you recognize suspect, give the police a call. new home -- and calls new life saving technology. . local suspect hiding from police
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toll thawed partnership dethey are onned man knife point threat $25660. worth of cash and property. robber took place on january 10th on dean street if you help solve this case come every con at that time police >> lowell on hunt for man they say he entered store on january 7th robbed clerk using large kitchen knew of i has slim build about five fewer. bless contact lowell police with any information this is there a reward offered this case. >> take look at this these clear. >> and black for dur is he. in large dog in the back seat. give the politics call if you help them track her down. all these cases come to us law enforcement went site math most wanted. we also have them up on our web site asite site. for mass most wanted i am bob ward.
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three people suspected writ cade fraud l in police custody. they accused putting skimming device. arrested of mr. connection with in krlts cade that will help them track those suspect down. after her hugs dealt her breaux last passed way. remember represent sayingsing i today that 699 died tay . >> daniel was one of 14 children. two days ago dion husband and long time manager 73 year old reany peaced away knowledge long battle with throw the want certificate. . >> >> and it is 36 degrees in boston right now. temperature dropping to the 20s in tonight but some of the coldest air of the season. i will now when at this ace room. >> in iran what learn him his release.
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may include tiredness, headache and weakness. v v i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. . rain ask soon snow fox 25 meterologist in storm tracker weather center with la is for for us rest of weekend. >> yes you know we are going still be watching for some more snow to develop as the weekend goes on. but we are drying out right now the and take look some winds gusts reports.
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like nantucket. through interior not as bad in the worcester just seeing 20 miles per hour it was not just no but also heavy rain this morning. lot of picking anywhere about half an inch to even two inches of rain. of course, it is temperature were cold enough we would be talking about 1 to 2 feet of snow but just couple initiates fell. >> it is go we got some clouds still lingering around. somes snow showers out here through great wlik region watch for, another cold front come on through tonight. feast going allow for winds pick back up mrs. go clear up clouds. so, have 36 degrees boston right now some areas we are talking about below freezing place like new bedford. 29. lawrence right around fleeing mark. so we will see these temperature dropping it could get icy and some location. as temperatures drops.
6:26 pm
as we clear out through overnight hours. boston temperature trend for you. >> again, cop i will have mean. but we will bright too but clouds if i cannen ahead next chance of snow showers. i will have time line coming up for you put few continues in. be sure download newell rubbermaid weather app where get cost some forecast from your team, from our team for where you live. it is free download on your smart phone. >> free at least five americans being held iran believe calls prisoner swap finally on their way home. one of them is from hingeham. full report on him but first, fox new correspondent on lou those hostages were freed. >> washington bless bureau clief is one of american prisoner release a bad tehran today at part of what some are calling prisoner swan. am owe americans are former u.s.
6:27 pm
pastor -- -- en sfwr >> your family is ex about this. children especially with you know not having fall e for to other three years. and so it is bit as you can imagine. it is shocking. you know believe this day finally come. and he made through. return for the release of the rest sewner united states is granted will lem seven in prison in united states. washington also agreed drop enter poll red notices for number of iranian fudge tithe. . >> arrest warrants. may thought coming to. for white house in already reacting to news. there maybe some you willy court that we don't no about when yet. so we should withhold the judgement but right now, i give thanks that american are coming what and should have happened a long, long time ago. >> prison swap happens as the
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>> report on iran new nuke >> washington. fox news. >> will continue to tid survivors after pair marine helicopter collided off the coast of had we. hang haim one of missing. noon showing its support for its family telling fox commonwealth and town flag will replaced with ustates marine corp and blue star flags. flown.
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now joe phenomenon i swument you know, never give hope. he just great kid praying for him and his family. and hope i get to see him again: there were do sten no word yet if any of them have been found. cause the crash still being investigated. aircraft did not issue may day call and it was actually person on the beach who first reported that crash. >> at least 23 people authorities say islamist member >> in country capital. one were taken in what was hour fire. seige at the declared over at joint operation by both --. four attackers were killed. 126 hostages initially freed. as security force continued to search building in that area and
6:30 pm
bodies were discovered cast fe located next to the hospital. >> he says two were women. in say the al-qaeda affiliate known as acam has claimed responsibility for the that attack. >> search on for at least three people beat and robbed an elderly man in methune. fox 25 reports on how the man was caught off guard. of. >> he getting car when he lit from behind. next anything he remembers, he was being killed. . >> lined in. bile. arnltdz 8:30 at night. 77 year victim talked us camera sayings he was completely blinds sided by the three men. says they punch him from involvment. . >> and then stock exchange offed kicked him. before running off with some of his belongings. his friends who lived building for 11 years cannot figure out who would do this. >> i couldn't believe it! they don't bottle they are
6:31 pm
>> he taken grounds. punched several time he kicked face: working to again, rate leads in case. around the same time, officers did try stopping gray honda conservative i can moving violation bullets he car would not top. that pursuit term that the died >> have camera. sus are caught police say they will face more serious charge. because the victim's age. i can't people running around, you know just top for their -- -- it is shame. i her -- you know pick on someone young not 70. >> he did have some pretty bad cuts and bruises but he feeling much better. . methune. >> being fire: . . ---.
6:32 pm
be about $650,000. red cross helping those who were forced from their home. two drivers hospitalized with serious injuries. after this head on crash. wreck happened along 67-a. police tell fox 25 lock one car crossed center line and hit the other. joseph had used get drivers out. that crash still under investigation. . >> >> from kay sherly. one of wheels. crashed through the wooden blank there happened this morning.
6:33 pm
eight. by east road. mris also senting photos of several other crashes. no one hurt but police urging drivers to take it slow during the and after weather. mere probably got hoverboard go unh not be able bring report . e-mail concerned about when safety since hoverboard been known fwhurment flames. or sends rider flying. unh joins 30 universities three play year airlines in banning apoufr every however. . . >> on sunday day of >> went at each other it is the
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. meet in achael south carolina. fourth presidential debate. [inaudible]. . am [please standby for closed
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. copy tate with up to 12 friends at same time. they making communal rides more communal. tracking. that maps all activity of trips. first device that's consolidating features action cram nav gas activity track but in one. >> new in hellment recording that leaves jumping for joy. >> so camera lus reports last 15 seconds sniff the time. so you never miss any thing that's really great. absolutely. i can. tell how i am i wish gone turned camera on recorded what i missed, but that won't happen any more. >> more and importantly, he will savor. it is trim tries does not work out. it is planned 12346r789
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douglas he kennedy. fox news. >> a. >> will soon owning rock and roasting cafe on route one. cafe skewed open in april job police . . . . your local forecast from meterologist. and fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> but you what warm cup coffee nod bad thing 1234e678 we had some snow out there. elsewhere we had some rain. pee had lot of it. talk about soon rainfall totals well over an inch across the region and place like nantucket, look at that. picking up two inches of rain. temperature were so mild. now, just a few degrees cooler, we would talking 12 feet of snow.
6:38 pm
boston mix-up twupt after inch of rain as well a nor wood: . . >> it was. further. got colder air. about an inch to april in half. new hampshire pick up about two inches. . you travel favorite north place like portland, pick up around three to even four inchers around that area. even along fitchburg gardener you can see about an inch or inch and happen. it was lot but it was enough make roads very slick perry this morning at times. good news is this system just
6:39 pm
got see breaks in cloud cover during the afternoon. saw some sunshine today. but got some clouds back to west ways we got this cold front that will pushing on through. may stir up independence >> testimony a little cooler tomorrow. but i am also track in system because this is our next snow maker. as head overnight hours. sunday and into monte. watching for the risk some light snow accumulation as well as potential of some snow squalls 36 degrees. we got partly cloudy skies out to there. winds is very light. not noted a coast. and seeself testimony in into 20. so, with clear skies out there that will really allow temperature ball back go cold but. that any sanding we have for day today.
6:40 pm
on those secondary roadway on truthed. you are o walkway. your drive way. relatively light. see. on through. start off some sunshine. but then as day goes on clouds are going thicken. we see risk some light snow especially down across the southeast. as we will tracking this south. . . were brings i can know showers. so again high temperature tommorrow, a little bit cooler than today. mid upper 30 s down across southeast, mid 30s in further north and west you go. as you travel north we run some sunshine bus future cast just blowing on by leer with risk of those snow showers. >> and it is going to bring us anywhere from coasting to about an inch as hell through the evening hour. sun tay .
6:41 pm
from an inch to two inches by late monday. so really have watch for potential. one. know will be on down. ed. you are monday. those are going to be ramping up we are talking, wind gust anywhere from 30 to 40 mile an hour and that just going bring in the cold air. and allow for temperatures to feel like they are in single digits in teens by later on monday. . . as we head through the overnight hours. are going to. does show temperature involvment 30 snvt by sun stament again, gur notice know clouds thing risk snow late along coast if then again we see talk they. earlier monday. >> right around the those folks that do have go to work. watch out for viblts. tapes. could drop any where from coasting to about an inch.
6:42 pm
see front mr. on through. notice how temperature getting stuck 20s in. tuesday morning when you wake up. >> saturday. well right now watching another system look stay to our south but could potentially also bring us some rain. >> >> is tight grip. local law enforcement is tighten grip on the bad guys. maybe you would can help. this. another neat your help tracking down these men detect think are onned man knife point snint to cut his next. >> off about $35206 worth of cash. property. rob took place on january 10th on dean street if help solve this case. contact nor wood police. lowell on hundred for man they say he entered store on january 6th robbed the clefk
6:43 pm
slim build but 54. police . this want. >> involved in shoplifting case j.c. penalty fledded store black four-de. >> large doing in the back seat. give police call if you help them track her down. all these case come to us from law enforcement web. >> we also have them up on web site. . >> --. >> after the break quick update on the patriot chief stick around for that plus, catch on our other pro eggs national sports team. as both bounce back in strong way friday night. stick ar marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his
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our most loyal facts 25 fans so, for you, here late the paid to the chief game right now pats got on board quickly tom brady. to agrob grob. . o on facts. wrap. post game reaction from winners and losers. of >> out three gram losing skid billing way be tray night. . and
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