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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  January 17, 2016 1:00am-1:45am EST

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now at 10:00, onto the afc championship. the biggest moments in the player reactions to today's win over the chiefs. >> saturday's nor'easter moving out, but tracking the next chance of snow ahead. >> plus, a native son coming home. >> woman: everybody is happy, as you can imagine. >> we have coverage of the captain is released from i run. >> and the man who was attacked, the suspects who police are after. >> now with breaking news, this is fox 25 at 10:00, complete new england news coverage.
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with breaking news out of lockton. there is heavy police activity on four street. john is live, and john, police it just started taking guns out of a home there? >> reporter: that is right, elizabeth. they caught that in just the last half hour. obviously, you can see that the lights are still on there, and i just walked out five minutes go to check. the lights are all still on, and the door is wide open and has been the last several hours. now, i want at about half hour ago to check with police about a possible statement.i saw investigators inside the home of this 294 force street. they were looking all around, that all of a sudden, an officer emerged during a rifle. right after him, a second officer emerged with the second rifle. i was able to grab a quick picture of that. they also walk at a few seconds later with several boxes, all that look to be evidence. it is unclear what was inside them. the police have been here for
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all my delights of been on inside. you can see occasional flashlights in different rooms. police are coming and going from the house. at one point, an officer with boots that they would wear at the crime scene came out. there were yellow markers usually used for counting bullet shells, and then when it back into the home. right now, no one is saying anything. we have reached out to police who referred us to the middlesex county da was also reached out to the da, but at this point we have not heard anything. we're still working on the story trying to get details. as soon as we learn any information about what exactly is going on here, we will get it right becky. for now we are live, and i am john one him. >> stayed with fox 25 for the continuing coverage. we will have any over night developments continuing at 6:00 am on fox 25 news. we're also following breaking news out of foxboro. the pats have cool down the red hat use and is on to the
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we will not with airplane until tomorrow night. ran silent kicks off tonight's coverage. >> it was a game that many of us figured the patriots would win, but with all the injuries with brady and chandler jones, there is a chance of the cheese castille it.but obviously, that did not happen. brady's ankle was a non-issue, and from the gate, it was crystal clear that julian edmond was a-ok. the patriots first possession, all the injury questions were answered quickly. they convert to 12 down for a pickup. they let them know about it as well. then it is gronkowski. i guess this means is back is okay. brock had seven catches for 83 hours, and then the top tv 12 to 87. the patriots were up 7 to 0 quickly in this game. 73 now for the patriots. second goal, tom brady. he is showing off a speed. well, it's not really all that fast, but he is tough. he shows that toughness and gets drilled at the goal line. he does not get in until the
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we have to call this the brady sneak. from the goal line, get the goal all across the line, 14 the patriots up, no question brady we get into the end zone. he is the best in the nfl, maybe ever, for doing that. the chiefs got the ball first and the second half and were driving, but now they've fumbled. taylor jones, he forces a fumble and dante hightower recovers it. it's good to see taylor making a playing this game, and that would lead to this beauty. the pump and go. that is pretty. ready to grunt again, 21 to 6 with the patriots running away with the same. brock had two touchdowns, one today, but that she's had one 11 straight games for a reason. alex smith find alan wilson, 21 to 13. smith had a very good game, and after a couple of gronkowski field goals, there is a long feel go down. this would've been a huge third-down pickup, but the
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15 with 115 remaining in the gagame, but casey's onside kick was no good. the patriots would recover that and run the clock out with an important brady to edelman completion. that connection was good. the patriots win again, your final 27 to 20. the patriots which their fifth straight afc championship game. really, wow. now, the patriots win in advance with no surprise with little to no casualties. tom is live and has more on a very impressive takers when. tom? >> reporter: you know, brian, it is amazing how effective the team can be with everyone on the field, and really amazing how much of a difference one player can make. the total for this one was set immediately when number 11 to the field. >> man: he had a good week at practice, and the practice execution became a game reality. it was good out there to get a catch. >> he has as much art as
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injury to come back from. to play the way he did today was great. all the receivers are great. >> man: he is a great football player. there's no question about that. he is great at catching the ball and that is what is close to. >> with edelman in the field, the patrons were back in sync looking more like the patriots in october and a lot less like the patriots of december. >> man: we have been battling alone for a few weeks, but i thought we had a good two weeks of preparation, not that we did very much last week on the field, but this week at practice, it was probably one of our best week ever. >> not to be overlooked, a defense that kept the game out of reach for the chiefs. >> man: all respect to kansas city. a great team all around offensively, defensively, special things. we did our best to go out there and compete to the best of our abilities, and i think that is what got the and result.
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receptions, 100 yards, brought in the end zone twice with a chance to the championship. now we will all find out if the championship will be to denver or they can stay home and play the best steelers here. we'll find out more at the sports wrap at 1045. for now, reporting live, tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> ,you never want to put the cart before the horse, but with the wind, we cannot afford to the patriots have next.there are two teams with two vastly different scenarios. now, it could be the different broncos in denver. with a chance that retention. we remember them getting their overtime. there's also the scene of the crime where gronkowski had his knee injury. or, it could be the steelers, a very beat up and battered steelers income plus a b and foxboro is somehow pit wins tomorrow. patriots. regardless, pat fans will likely have the eyes glued to the screen and rooting for
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home instead of in denver. you know patriot nation is pumped about this game. we got up with fans right after the game. >> woman: i think brady was successful. >> man: we are going all the way to san francisco! oh my god! thank god! [cheering] >> they play great, gronkowski play great. we got adelman back, that's what we want. super bowl l coming to foxboro, baby! >> we got mckenzie up there, the front man. i'm living the scene, and that is my team, i'm representing. >> remember, fox 25 is the your home for the complete coverage for the patriots before and after every game. our team is there to get you the information you need to know about the super bowl champs. >> five americans today free from my running custody. this is news we've and following all day long, the local connection just a moment, but first, here's elway with what this means for the u.s.
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>> economic sanctions are >> economic sanctions are ending, and prisoners are heading out for my run. this is been the most significant change in washington and tehran relations since the fall of the shiite. >> man: we receive confirmation that five americans had been unjustly detained in iran have been released from custody. >> it included clemency for the iranians held in the u.s. and the dropping of international warns for the rest of iranians futures. one of the most prominent american prisoners released was a reporter ryan. he had been held for espionage and other charges. for other americans rose or leads, including former marine ahmed heck money for michigan. he was arrested when he went to see his grandmother. he was sentenced to death after being accuses mine for the ci. sayed is from boise idaho. he was arrested for organizing bible study versus in iran.
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imprisonment was open to a lot of pain and suffering for people to go through simply because of their faith, the pursuit of the honest christians in the middle east. >> at the same time the prisoner swap is going on, economic sanctions imposed on iran are being dropped. >> man: why the two tracks of the negotiations were not directly related, and they were not, there's no question that the pace and progress of the humanitarian talks accelerated in light of the relationships forged in the diplomatic channels unlocked over the course of the nuclear talks. >> the and of economic sanctions could release $100 billion in frozen assets for dyron. additionally, the and of sanctions will lift an oil embargo which could flood the international market with 38 million barrels of crude. in washington, doug mcelwee, fox 25 news. >> now, news broke that a hingham native was one of the
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as we speak, he is on his way home. erica is live in hingham force, and erica, the community has been in the national spotlight twice in two days now? >> yes, elizabeth. it's if ever a sign of a book is appropriate, is now in hingham. it really is the best of times and the worst of times. one family is waiting with dated the see if there son survived a helicopter crash and why, while another family here in town is elated and rejoicing tonight after letting their son was released from prison. >> woman: he called this morning. >> matthew trevithick made a phone call to his mother and father in hingham after spending 49 days behind bars. >> woman: we're really excited he's coming home and really grateful for everything that everyone is done to bring home. >> man: we are really happy and appreciate everything
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>> the local rowing championship wanted to use his passion for growing to help create unity in the middle east. trevithick entered iran in september as part of a four-month language program, and for an unknown reasons in september, he was taken captive until today. >> woman: everybody is happy, as you can imagine.>> across town were corporal christopher orlando is from, a different mood as the search continues off the coast of hawaii for the 2010 him high grade. and, the other 11 marines which went missing after the helicopters collided late thursday. they released the statement, saying that we continue to monitor the ongoing search effort and why, and are thankful for the hard work of the many federal and local heroes undertaking the search and rescue mission. we ask that you continue to pray for christopher and the other missing marines. meanwhile, leaders of the small quiet town struggle to balance the contrasting emotions as big
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is an irony, no doubt about it. obviously, our concerns are deep with the orlando family, and at the same time, we are happy for the other gentleman. >> is unclear when trevithick will return to massachusetts, but the fact that he is offers some hope everyone here that may be corporal orlando may as well. live in hingham, erica, fox 25 news. >> we went to stay with fox 25 for both of the major stories out of hingham online and on air with fox 25. now, we think that it was, a lot of people think about football, but don't forget about bikes before there's so much we can do this device.>> the technology inspired by cars being put to use on the trails. plus, helping out a warrior of the ice, what the boston bruins are doing with a female hockey day. we're drying out today, but the best chance of rain arrives let's them 48 hours. my latest timeline is ready. >> and we're trying to get
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breaking the snow or rain that you woke up to, it is no longer falling, but it turns out there is another system moving its way. our meteorologist sarah wroblewski is tracking that
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>> we definitely feel the full effect of the weather with the changes in temperature. it will come after our next chance of snow. pulling away. we are watching of the system out through the great lakes region that is heading our way late tomorrow and into monday, providing the risk of some snow showers and squalls. it also, down to the south here, see the area of precipitation? this will also get together and become a big storm that will be assessed, but the northern edge could clip us with a little bit of a cell late tomorrow. notice tomorrow morning, we have the storm back in the forecast with these two systems right in our forecast. we will watch it very closely, but what you need to know right now if you are stepping out is temperatures mostly in the 30s near 40 degrees, and it is actually warmed up a couple of degrees since earlier this evening. that is because the winds out of the south front coming through are dropping tonight. so we could wake up to the 20s
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but the clouds are increasing ahead of the snow. we'll see how much expect coming up. >> be sure you download the all new fox 25 weather app where you can custom forecast for martin to where you live. it is free to download on your smartphone. new at 10:00, arlington police successfully stopping a successful suicide situation by a cop today. the 32-year-old woman have barricaded herself inside i was yelling that she wanted to kill herself. the police broke down the door, and he said the woman charged at them with a large. officers fired beanbags to knock the knife out of her hand. the woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation. helping addicts kick the habit is to just throw them in jail. a local town is crating their own program of gestures breaking program. but the only thing is the champion plan these helpers like you. he is asking people to volunteer to act as angels in support addicts are being connected in treatment.
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have overdosed in brockton. people who are interested in becoming angels can fill out an application that's for your availability, prior experience, and any familiarity with local treatment options. now, we know the cause of a car that left a local woman with some serious burns to her entire body.according to the sun chronicle, last weekend, a fire in salisbury street was ignited by smoking materials. that let the catch on fire. 43-year-old allison was on the couch and was able to run to her relative some extra for help. she remains in critical condition tonight at rhode island hospital. >> winter is taking his crib, and local law enforcement is tightening their grip on the bad guys. maybe you can help. here is this week's massachusetts is most wanted. the police need your help tracking this man who robbed a man at night! threatening to cut his neck. he made off of about $560 worth of cash and property. the robbery took place on january 10 on dean street. if you can help saw this case,
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and they're looking for this man who entered a dutch keys and brought the clerk using a large kitchen knife. he has a slim build and is about 5:4. there is a reward offered in this case. take a look at these clear surveillance films. they're looking for this woman who was allegedly involved in a shoplifting case at the jcpenney's. she pled the store and a black borders a van with rhode island plates and had a large dog in the backseat. give north allen pearl police a call if you can help track her down. all of these cases come from the website mass most wanted. we also have them on our website 9 the state's first casino is not holding up to the competition. gross gambling revenue at pineridge park were 11.3 made in december. that was down from 11.9 million in just one month. the parlor opened on a 250 mean dollar investment. so far, it is only brought in about 43 million of that after taxes.
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in worchester after a baby was found dead in an apartment on greenville parkway late last month. the gazette reports the parents told the police that the child gone to sleep around midnight, and the father noticed he was not breathing a few hours later. doctors say the real signs of trauma and no charges have been filed, and an autopsy is house superstar is not your average. just a, the reason this fluffy
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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the searches on for at least three people who beat and robbed an elderly man. we spoke with the victim earlier today. >> reporter: we talked to the victim and he was telling us he was getting something out of his car when he was hit from behind. the next thing he remembers, he was being kicked. >> it unfolded in the parking lot behind us in his apartment building around a: 30 at night. the 77-year-old victim who talked to us off-camera said he was completely blindsided the three men. he said they punched him from behind, knocked him to the ground, and then stomped and kicked him before running off with some of his belongings. his friend, who had lived in the building for 11 years, could not figure out who would do this. >> man: i cannot believe it. he don't bother nobody.
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taken to the ground and punched several times in the face. >> police are working to generate leads in the case. around the same time, officers to try to stop a great honda civic for a moving violation, but the car would not stop. >> man: that present was terminated due to weather conditions, then a call came robbery. >> they try to find surveillance video, but the parking lot did not have a camera. they said they will face a more serious charge because of the victim states before you cannot have people running around and their bodies. is that right. >> man: it's a shame.why pick on because of the young, not someone in their 70s. >> the 77-year-old told us he did have some bad cuts and better. and methuen, fox 25 news. 9 two people hurt and more than one dozen left homeless after a fire on harrison street the cost about $650,000 worth of damage. disposal of smoking materials is blame.most people hurt are
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and turning out to the race the white house, democratic candidate bernie sanders is expanding his presence here in massachusetts. in fact, today he opened a new field office in worchester. is actually his second in the state. donald trump is campaigning in new hampshire this morning at an event sponsored by former massachusetts senator scott brown. because of the snow, the no bs backyard party still went on despite the snow. trump fired often remarked on the prisoners from our run. >> man: on whether coming home but it was a disgrace there that long. remember that, it was a disgrace. >> he also said that trump
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>> making a we are returning now to breaking news we have been following since the top of the hour for hours. there's been a heavy police presence on fourth street. police are going in and out of the home snapping photos and removing items like a rifle. we've also been told the middlesex das office is handling the case. fox 25 has reached out for an official comment multiple times but we have not heard practice it.
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resources tonight and will have any overnight developments on the fox 25 news starting at 6 am. the boston bruins making a heartfelt donation to a local hockey player heard in the game. denna laing suffered a severe spinal cord injury while playing for the pride. the bruins have pledged to donate $200,000 to her care. there inspired by her positive attitude and fighting spirit. they are calling it a swiss army knife for your bike helmet. as douglas kennedy reports, using smartphone technology, a new helmet kit consents accidents and automatically call for help 42), mountain biking is not fun unless it is a little bit dangerous. so unfortunately, you have some family members who just want you to be safe? >> man: 100 percent. if you fall on the trail, you could be knocked unconscious and not be able to move. >> man: there's so much we can do with technology in this device. >> one of the reasons that the
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helmet kit they can report accidents or real-time. >> you have internal components in consents impact it will immediately notified loved ones in ms if there has been a crash? >> man: that is great. there's an on board an action motion sensor that can detect that. just like the lightbox in an airplane, it can plug in the last two minutes of information see have a full record leading up to the vet. >> but the mohawk is not all about safety. the walkie-talkie system allows users to communicate to with up to 12 friends at the same time, making communal rides more communal. it also has advanced gps tracking that maps all activity of current and past trails and trips. >> man: the first device is consolidating devices from active cameras, communications, tracking, all-in-one.
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helmet recording that leaves brett to jumping for joy.>> so the camera always records the last 15 seconds of time, see you never miss anything that is really great? >> man: absolutely. i can't tell you how may times i wish i could've gone back and turned on my camera and recorded what i missed, but that will not happen anymore. >> and more portly, he will be safer if the tricky tries does not work out as planned. at grandville's park in new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. 9 local police are trying to track down a suspect from the t bank yesterday afternoon. if you recognize the suspect, call the police. well, some slippery roads caused several crashes this morning. the first one was on narrows road by east road. the police were also sending out this photo of several other crashes. no one was hurt, but certainly a slippery and scary situation there. we know snow can make a big difference, and so can rain. he can make the raspberry hazardous for drivers.
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>> absolutely. it's a little bit of a roller coaster. weird right now right now, but this morning we had heavy rain, snow, and will have some really strong wind gusts out there. taking a look at some of the snow reports, you see mostly crossed northern new england, and our area we saw a couple of of inches. inches. the rain, it was so heavy causing ponding of the roadway. places like nantucket pick up more than two inches of rain in arlington picked up over an inch and half. worchester picked up a half-inch. we also talked about the wins. look at the wind gust. places like nantucket, but a little bit lighter as you head into the interfere. what you're noticing now is the storm system, the nor'easter, it is on out of here. it is pulled away and we're
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but we do have temperatures picking up a couple of degrees, and the winds have increased. that is something you will notice, it will not bring moisture. his moisture starved and will break up part the cloud coverage that will let the temperatures drop later on. then we will watch a system move in tomorrow night and monday, and they can bring in some scattered snow showers and even snow squalls by early monday morning. we have a lot going on in the holiday weekend, and right now it's 36 degrees in boston, 37 a bedford. we're back below freezing in nashua and portsmith. any standing water or slush of the roadways, or perhaps on your walkways, a freeze in some spots. you want to take it easy by tomorrow. i mentioned the wins picking up, and sure enough, when sustained winds of 25 miles per hour, 15 and wooster. it is a calmer action behind the front expecting the temperatures to drop back into the 20s by the time you wake up. so yes, there can be icy spots early on.
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the sunshine out there, but as we go on throughout the day, temperatures will climb into the 30s. notice by your lunch hour, we have a milky sky with thicker clouds developing toward the evening hours. so, high temperatures tomorrow, typical for january, that's for sure. we will have mid to upper 30s, perhaps a little cooler to the north and west.well, notice the clouds increasing from south to north route the day, and by the evening hours, we could be seen a little bit of snow across the eastern coast, the southeast, according up to one inch. an additional coating to one inch through monday with a cold front coming on through. overall, looking at a coating of about two inches in some spots from sunday night through monday. i will show you the futurecast for that, again, waking up to sunshine.
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notice the cloud cover getting thicker and still right around the lecture tomorrow. fred 6:00, you start to see light snow as the system passes to our south. it may spread back across eastern areas overnight through sunday, as this cold front will allow for some snow squalls to develop.that may drop the snow quickly, allow for some slick roadways, as well as reduced his ability. take it easy if you have to travel early on monday. this will blow by, and when i say bye-bye, we're talking about the wins increasing out of the northwest, cooling is down significantly. i monday evening, the wind gust will be up to the 40s, even 50 miles per hour, and take a look at that. those are your wind chill values feeling like the single digits. the same day forecast shows you that the temperatures will struggle in the 20s monday and tuesday.tuesday when you wake up in the teams in single digits, it will feel like it is lozier. we watched the temperatures at or slightly below normal at drying conditions as we have through the week.
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>> a crash victim found 10 hours after his car when i throw. it happened in new hampshire. james waterman was not on the scene, and police in a canine followed a trail of blood to find him unconscious it was. he was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. >> newto drivers rush after ahead on crash and sandwich. police say it looks like one car crossed the centerline. the crash is still under investigation. nasty back and forth between new neighbors these to a lawsuit, it's all over noise.
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nothing to say three people suspected of credit card fraud are in police custody. these men are accused of putting skimming devices on the gas pumps in hudson, new hampshire. they were arrested after police got a tip about them buying a large number of gift cards. they're not looking for two more people in connection with the credit card fraud and they're hoping the surveillance images can help break up the suspect. >> man: i will need to check in.
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from saved by the bell. today, actor dustin diamond checked in for his four-month jail sentence and wisconsin. diamond was convicted last year of stabbing someone in a bar fight. he is serving his sentence in a unit reserved for short-term and work release inmates. a battle between neighbors turning into a lawsuit. a texas mother said their neighbors have started to read caliente against her family because of the noise of her family lacking in the backyard play has for the neighbors weapon of choice is apparently rap music full of explicit lyrics. now, both families are suing each other over the noise. >> woman: i cannot imagine hearing the sound of children playing at any age or stage in my life, and thinking, that i needed to sue someone over it. >> kelly kountze said her neighbor has never asked her to tone down the noise of her children playing. the city and the hla have both approved the playhouse. town. it has four legs and a fluffy tail, and quite a wild
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>> woman: she is very aloof. >> man: she is very outgoing and assertive as well. >> she has been kicked out of multiple restaurants, hats pizza, woodman, family dog. >> sounds like a wild child? she is. >> woman: it is like a problem teenager.>> they are talking about leela, the free-spirited feline, wondering the street with one eye like a pillaging pirate. in fact, that is her nickname, pirate cat. >> woman: but she loves people and follows him everywhere. if she is out on the sidewalk or the street, she will just follow quivers walking by. >> leela has been somewhat of a sensation in town starting her morning at the town and. >> woman: if we were to throw her out and allow us to come in, i'm sure town would boycott us. >> and then ending her day with a nightcap. >> woman: she will eat dinner and then go out and have to go retriever. >> her owner, mindy crandall,
1:36 am
recently hook up a gps to leela color and has even been found near the river. >> woman: i can see her of fighting the system, the oppressive system of having to be indoors asleep in a house when she doesn't want to. >> is probably because leela has so many friends. >> man: i make an effort to stop and say good morning, how are you today? she will follow me out of the store and try to follow me into the deli. >> woman: there have been times were good margaritas and get a drink and walked back, and she is there next to us. she is like the night out mascot. [laughter] >> as much as i would like to linger there, we do have breaking news understanding that the middlesex district attorney has just confirmed that tonight is signed cream is in fact a death investigation. two people are found that in
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it a murder suicide be the back. a quick look at the weather?
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