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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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still think us over 30 miles per hour in many locations was different since the seven piles power lords at 38 ounce per hour you know you want to know how it feel out there when you step outside for dinner or whatever you doing this evening. feels like 01 worcester seven bedford 11 boston temperatures at least windchill temperatures going subzero overnight no doubt about it. with skies mostly clear that's us know that pushed away earlier today on out of here snow showers in the western mass exit connected to the great lakes snow pants blowing this way with strong winds. low temperatures nine worcester 14 boston single numbers attains those wind chills to make it a whole lot colder. >> coldest dangerous napa let's talk about the storm threat out that you're watching closely for the end of the week. >> really quickly actually what were talking about. two different data computer models we use for this. what you want to look for here is consistency stop coming up
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that blue line by the way is a rain snow line it would not be total for southeastern mass on this track but that's one computer model what was interesting is your european computer models look very similar doesn't coming up the coast and going south east of us with the rain snow like the were talk about the storm several days away, was inconsistency among our computer models like this meeting a big storm forming and coming close enough to give us quite a blow. we start picking okay this is a higher percentage chance of actually happening. i'm above the 50-50 threshold now i would say 60 percent chance of us getting a pretty big storm to start the weekend timing right now looks to be saturday more so than friday night. but there several days for this to play out. >> this essay is the key. >> just download the fox25 whether app it is free for your app will or android device. >> one game down and want to go now for shot at the super bowl patriots now gearing up for another mile high showdown
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>> the past will play on the road so now it's on to denver. butch stearns joins us now. tom brady talk about his 10th afc championship this morning. >> it's pretty amazing how spoiled we are and what a surreal ride that brady and bill belichick to do to take this on. a win in denver this sunday it will be the record-setting seventh super bowl appearance for both of them and for all of us. this will be the third time that brady and peyton manning will face off in a ftse chevy chip game. the fourth time. manning is 12 of the three including the last one to 2013 in denver as brady looks back on 10 afc championship appearances is 14 years as a patriot starting quarterback yes he does pinch himself at least he did this morning on his weekly radio appearance on's beyond what i'd ever imagined in my wildest dreams to president his fate for the first one i ever transmitted in it was in pittsburgh where the flight on friday i missed friday practice
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of the of the game. the first time it really felt like while this is a big deal. 15 years later to be a part of 10 of those i never imagined that any of this was ever even possible. blood sweat and tears you put into it you never take it for granted. >> the good and the bad bit brady is two and six in his career in games played in denver but this year he does have more touchdown passes thrown in mile high stadium than peyton manning does. >> magic number 17 for brady and manning in the chance to see both in action again is something fans of course certainly interested in. >> reporter: is amazing isn't it? let me tell you something the fans i spoke to tonight at gillette stadium, they're just confident that tom brady and the new england patriots are headed back to the super bowl. and as for this rivalry are all telling me the same thing, bring on peyton manning. >> i think we want to let him have it. brady's been waiting for a
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for patriots fans is back familiar time of year the time when champions are crowned. in this year with rival qb peyton manning next up for the afc championship, it's game on. it's brady manning again. concern? >> not really because i've seen his arm yesterday. brady don't flow not of those. >> brady and manning are to into and playoff games when they face each other. and neither has one on the others home field. >> this time pat spans say it's different. back on facebook there's already a patent retirement party set up for sunday generally 24th at 30 5:00 p.m. game time. >> why are you worried about peyton manning? >> i'd be shocked if he could put up more than 25 points. >> i would be shocked to be put up more than 25.
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it's in denver. he's washed up. >> a lot of confidence here at gillette stadium. and coming up at 6 o'clock introduce you to a woman who was putting her money where her mouth is. charlie has a ticket to the big game on sunday that's coming up in the fox 25 news at six. >> stay with fox25 all week long as we count down to sunday's big game. joint sports director life in denver beginning thursday right here on fox 25. >> first day back home after being held hostage in iran. he was therefore a language program when he was arrested days ago. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is live now. >> kerry: we spoke briefly with his parents they didn't
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they just told us that right now matthew trevithick is resting decompressing try to make sense of a whirlwind of 40 days he's been home now less than 24 hours. 40 days he spent behind bars largely still a mystery. >> arm in arm with his mother matthew trevithick left logan airport sunday night the photo from the boston club marked the end of this families painful 40 day wait. >> mother and stepfather told fox 25 saturday travis had called him that morning to let them know he's being released from jail and tehran. 30-year-old account to i run for a form of language program. fox 25 contacted us state department to get more details about why travis trump was detained is negotiated release and state department officials emailed us saying only quote mr. travis that was detained
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were alerted to his detention vice family and the ministry of foreign affairs confirmed it. he is a us citizen who was detained in iran were able to bring them home. we have nothing further to add. travis release came the same as for the americans his family told us that he was unaware other american prisoners were released or their situation. for now family says trevithick is adjusting being back home resting and decompressing. >> at this point his family says he's not up for speaking about his experience over in tehran but that he could be wanted to share some more in the coming days were going to stay on top of this report giving them the opportunity to do so. >> three americans have been kidnapped in baghdad iraqi intelligence officials is a kidnapping happened after the americans were invited into the home of their interpreter in the southern baghdad neighborhood. just a lettuce in a series of brazen high-profile kidnappings
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iraqi government's ability to control sanctioned shiite militias. >> right now the search continues for 12 missing a marines off the coast of hawaii as fox25 is reported here one of them is 23-year-old christopher orlando of hingham the marines onto helicopters that collided tonight and tonight was beneficial still say the searches for survivors. >> we been searching 24 hours a day since we were notified and got on scene. we are still searching for survivors that's important point to make. >> family released a statement as we can send a thank you for everyone involved in the search and they're asking the public to keep orlando in their thoughts. >> what began as a peaceful protest and with six people under arrest. international union held a rally today in honor of martin luther king jr. at logan airport. group is part of a national movement fighting for higher wages and better working
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allowed the group to gather in terminal e for a short time but six of the protesters refused to leave. they were arrested and charged with trespassing picnics they are new questions and i about efforts to bring marathon bomber back to massachusetts court. it'll six da mary and ryan bowed to try him in state court for the murder of a mighty police officer sean collier. according to the boston globe ryan now says she has not asked the federal government to transfer him to state custody. lester he was sent to death is currently being held in a prison in colorado. a statement the das office as it will monitor so nyers ongoing appeal and will assessment when the suing changes. >> police pursuit through lowell and drake international fugitive behind bars. please say ramon nearly ran down officers trying to get away yesterday. he was finally arrested at
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least 17 aliases and multiple warrants for his arrest including felony assault in massachusetts and in interpol award for the murder of a police officer in the dominican republic it is doable district court tomorrow. >> two armed robbery suspect added to the mass most wanted list we first brought you the story back in december when these two men were caught on surveillance video robbing and gas station at gunpoint. it happened summer 27th at the shell station on route 20. both men are described as hispanic and in their early 20s. one had a tattoo on the back of his left hand. if you recognize either of these men contact auburn police picnics and during message of doctor martin luther king jr. taking center stage at boston's convention center this morning. city state and local leaders honoring doctor king. governor charlie biggest thing
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disappointed that some of the lingering racial tension in american society but there are achievements as well. >> i'm so many legal economic and social fronts, barriers have been blown away and changes that would've seemed impossible 50 years ago have been with us for most of my adult life. mayor walsh and senators warren and markey also addressed the crowd at this morning's memorial breakfast. 25 is proud to mark this mlk holiday by volunteering at the boston cares but looking day of service i know you are out there tiered picnics and see this great event today hundreds of volunteers with their including some familiar places here from fox 25. sarah underwood they all donated their time at boston latin school today. everyone created reading success kits that will be used in public elementary schools to give kids a great start. it was a fantastic opportunity
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our great community. >> known for his huge hit american pie but coming up clean is making news again headed by the recent adipose a
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we have breaking news from the music world singer glenn
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rock band the eagles has died. he was 67 years old he been battling intestinal issues for months and it surgery this past november. he cowrote several of the eagles big hits including take it easy and hard it tonight. his illness recently forced eagles to pull out of their kennedy center honors appearance in december. >> we are now just weeks away from the new hampshire primary president jill kennett continue to push for both the grant statement for the square off in the caucasus. >> reporter: closer gets to iowa the more the class come out that sunday night democratic debate. secretary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous. the candidates didn't play nice. >> i'm not sure whether were talking about the plane you just introduced tonight or talk about the plan you introduced nine times in the congress. the gloves are off on the republican side as well. with campaigns or the florida friends tour foes to get on the airwaves.
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billions about the text. marco rubio just another washington politician. can't trust. could candidates clamor for support in iowa where the latest polls show a dead heat tween ted cruz and donald trump cruised today cautioned voters that trump is quote no ronald reagan is a real estate mogul according to evangelical university votes on both sides of the aisle. while at the same time across the atlantic, the british commons debated banning the republican front runner from the united kingdom due to hate speech referred to trucks call for travel ban on muslims entering the united states. which is a fortnight to go before iowa's caucus the ugliness in the campaign trail will likely get worse before or if it gets better. donald trump made another appearance in new hampshire he spoke to a credit concord
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confident he would win the election were held right now. and that he will finish even stronger than the polls are suggesting picnics this morning republican ted cruz visited with otis at diner in keene new hampshire. texas senator on a five day tour to granite state which kicked off yesterday in londonderry. >> good news for drivers again to start the work week now that we know the price of oil is dropped low $30 a barrel. according to aaa is weak massachusetts drivers are saving an eight cent drop about gallon of gas average for regular unleaded now about a dollar 87. we tie this gas station today. as well as it is here you just can't beat those price in michigan. take a look at this here. one gas station selling gas for less than a dollar a gallon this is the bmb market is offering gas at $.78 a gallon. this is all because of a price war with the station right across the street. as you can imagine it was a long line down the block today
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and boats the lawnmowers old gas cans bathtubs. anything fill it all out. anything would hold gas they were filling it up.>> he is back. the boston yeti hibernation for months now but this morning snow had them out there breaking up a shovel he tweeted shoveling of this winter does anybody have a peer of four xl gloves i can borrow? your mother that yeti was spotted several times down the street of boston during last years never-ending storms is quite the following now. >> couple times this week a couple of more snow chances the first were not so much but the second one we really need to talk about that potential look outside right now 18 was the 24 boston have you been out shoveling say you know how cold it's been not only the temperature but the wind gust brutal is only a certain way you can shovel otherwise it's blowing right back in your face when gus up over 35 miles per hour in some places like in worcester new bedford as well
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40 miles per hour lawrence pretty amazing that's what makes it feel like outside feels like zero worcester feels like eight in lawrence and 11 in boston. if your windchill is zero now temperature drop this evening is going to go into the subzero category might even do that before done here at 5 o'clock. by 6 o'clock the wind advisory in place officially until 7 o'clock this evening is when gus continue to lessen as the night goes on because that storm the one that brought the snow to us is pushing away so producing some snow over the ocean last of it leaving the coast of maine now after leaving several inches here in southern england. some places getting as much as 5 to 6 inches of snow. i shall snow but certainly not a big one. this overhead you can see some more snow flurries making their way into western mass blowing all the way up the great lakes with those gusty winds.
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not be snow showers it will even be a flake flying most times clear temperatures be dropping tonight in worcester subzero wind chills dropping to 15 in boston and tina nashua. overnight tonight for low temperatures. we look all the way across the country and try to find some stormy weather coming our way is not much happening that all the way out to california nothing that looks like it would form into a big storm and come our way. because the energy that we need to make our storm for next weekend is actually quite in alaska office map not doing much right now. both of our computer models still show a storm coming off the atlantic coast and going south east of new england. little closer look at that blue squiggly line going to southeastern massachusetts around plymouth that's that rain snow line or freezing line when the precipitation comes down hard enough still snow self that line at least five
5:21 pm
where that rain snow line is going to be the bottom line is close up to produce heavy snow and heavy mix for us to notation other commuter model your pink pit amount is a very similar thing brings a storm southeast of us everything is green here you know we show you our computer models are futurecast data we see snow rain and sleet colors when you get into the longer-range computer models you don't have that luxury. you have to look at his invitation will be which is all of the green but also look for that where that freezing line going to be leased to models very similar to that happening in the world ideology coming before covenant the forecast and happen so saturday 60 percent chance for heavy snow and mixed precipitation lingering into sunday morning the timeline little different than it was earlier today talk about a friday night start
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were showing paris terror attacks. this word of a new arrest tonight. belgian men who investigate his claim had a direct relationship to the attackers has been arrested in morocco. were told the man had traveled through belgium in turkey before casablanca november tax
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>> to climb as a rescued after triggering an avalanche on mt. washington been a climber and his gear were climbing an area known as a shoot. when he detected unstable snow service such a term back. that slope 75 200 feet above the fractured which launched a 100 foot wide avalanche that led both climbers and nearly two skiers nearby skiers to the base of the ravine. this happened were told on sunday afternoon the two men were treated for minor injuries. >> small town in warning tonight after police officers gunned down. it happened in danville ohio. the body of officer thomas cottrell was found last night and was cruiser and gun were missing. herschel jones was later arrested for the killing. please say his ex-girlfriend tipped them off saying jones was armed and said he want to kill a police officer. >> the police officers dead one other hurt following a shoot out this one happening in utah. please say two officers were chasing a man and a woman who
5:24 pm
that's when the man henderson started shooting officer doug barney officer was shot in the head. >> other offices came into the area. at 958 hours officer came onto a frequency and indicated that an officer was down shots of been fired numerous offices began to respond to the scene of occurrence. x another officer was shot three times but he is expected to be okay. henderson was shot and killed by police. >> don maclean the singer behind the classic thong american pie is facing serious criminal charges in maine tonight. is accused of domestic violence assault. he was released on bail police received a 9-1-1 call from his home in camden with the singer lives with his wife. police would not release any details about the incident. >> boston symphony orchestra looking for new way of trying to attract concertgoers. concert halls ask people to turn up the mobile devices but in the next half-hour the
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out ipads to people in the audience. >> recognizing martin luther king jr. by doing good being incredible local acts of service performed today a my constipation and belly pain have my stomach feeling all knotted up. i've tried laxatives... but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a pile of bricks... that keeps coming back. linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation.
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blustery winds dropping temperatures and we show you a live look the dangerous a cold out there tonight. >> son of their fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz with how low it will go tonight. >> that sundin too much when i was out there shoveling the driveway the wind taking over making it really cold. actual temperatures right now it's in the teens and 20s and worcester is 18 k new hampshire is at 19 most everywhere else in the 20s right now low 20s anyway. the windsor still blowing hard the wind advisory until 7
5:28 pm
this still wind gusts 37 and worcester lawrence logan airport at 30 miles per hour makes it feel like this outside about zero and worcester and 10 in norwood and 70 for you in nashua new hampshire. cold stuff to be sure. with clear skies over tonight and the wind continue to blow although starting to come on down is going to feel just as cold evening plans. keep that in mind snow was pushed on out of here storm the process several inches of snow that's gone we are clearing out any snow showers blowing in from the great lakes believe it or not the blowing in from all the way across to the great lakes into western new england these industries interesting coming up the lakes of the way toward doing that. strong was to do that there's going to be a diminishes evening left with clear skies and these temperatures when you wake up in the morning it will be nine degrees and worcester 15 in boston. there will be a breeze not
5:29 pm
but enough of a priest to make it feel subzero most places in southern new england tomorrow morning especially away from the coastline will be talking more about how long this cold is going to last and put it up or we can storm. >> is an attempt just keep dropping sure you know how much to bundle up by downloading the fox 25 whether app. it is free to download to your mobile device. >> hang him and held hostage in iran for 40 days spending his first day back here at home. matthew trevithick was in iran for a language program. we don't know why he was arrested. his parents tell fox 25 matthew was decompressing and catching up on some much needed sleep. >> 's release came the same day as for other americans and some more details now of those for other americans were also freed in that prison swap between the us and iran. three of them including trevithick for the plan of a man fourth man chose to stay there in iran this morning washing the post reported jason
5:30 pm
being evaluated and resting in the us military facility lee in germany could seven iranians accused of sanctions violations pardoned by the us as part of that deal. >> gloucester police using facebook now to encourage drug addicts to seek help. chief campanella made the post yesterday facebook after officer saved for life to 24 hours he's over reversing drug narcan. chief says it the part is there to support addicts writing quote we don't want to lose you when you're ready we will be here. >> he also will lawmakers to speed up the process when it comes to opiate abuse bills. writing thank you for moving fast to start introducing bills to more faster. campanella ended his post the harsh message to pharmacies telling them to be part of the problem. >> waltham police are still not releasing details in a murder suicide investigation. officers were called right upper check and found two people dead in a home on four street on saturday.
5:31 pm
took a peer of rifles and several boxes of evidence from this home. right now there's still no word on the victim's names police say this is still an open and active investigation. >> luther king david a day of service across the nation includes here in our area were fox 25 elizabeth hawkins went action. >> in one room a snapshot of the world doctor martin luther king jr. division for each one of them here for national day of service in his honor. >> i love volunteer. >> over here the project underway to provide gifts to homeless children. over there volunteers a writing valentines to soldiers. >> what you write to encourage someone we've never met before? >> i don't know that's why i'm struggling.i think it's really important that the soldiers know that no matter what your politics are they deserve our support. >> catherine manning is an enthusiastic volunteer. >> this group is reading herb cartons for the elderly.
5:32 pm
part of president obama's call to serve hundreds of thousands people across the country answered that's a learning moment it's a teaching moment. it's good. i think it's important to remember what the state is all about.>> to get out and volunteer. >> a vision these volunteers believe doctor king could see before most. >> great to see so many kids out there getting involved in that wasn't the only event going on today in the area dozens of volunteers helped pack clothing books and toys and packages for needy children. this happened at the cradles to cry on getting back in brighton. as part of a national day of service for martin luther king junior d organizers say it was inspired by the king's heart and his spirit picnics boston police commissioner william evans is completed another marathon the commission travel to texas and the houston marathon in support of the martin luther foundation. pitch was treated out by the
5:33 pm
can see is wearing in our age short in honor of the youngest boston marathon bombing victim. this was the 49th marathon he has completed. >> massachusetts law that prevents convicted drug balance from getting a drivers license for years even after they've served time. tonight there are some changes in the works on beacon hill that could send thousands of ex-offenders back out onto the roads.our heather hegedus spoke exclusively. >> heather: legislation in limbo right now the state house opponents of the current law doesn't make sense because it convicted drug offenders of already served time are being penalized after they get to prison they can't get behind the wheel even though their crimes have nothing to do with driving. we disguised the identity of the men who are about to hear from because he says right now he's being forced to break the law in order to support his family.
5:34 pm
pled guilty to dealing marijuana and cocaine and serve time now is on probation working in the trade to provide for his children. he doesn't want to go back to life on the streets. >> this is the way for me all i want to do is work to be successful. >> with that i need my license. >> 'slicense is key it was a prerequisite for his job but in december he got a letter from the mass r&b singer license was being suspended for three years because of his conviction. since then he's been driving illegally. >> does your boss know that you don't have a license? >> no he doesn't. >> if he knew what he fire you? >> he probably would have to let me go because i have to have it to drive. two jobsite to have to be able to start pick the law passed in 1989 automatically suspends a license of anyone convicted of dealing even possessing illegal drugs for up to five years. this month the house unanimously voted to repeal it senate passed similar
5:35 pm
reach the governor's desk. we asked him about it today. >> obviously the legislature has to work out which version in which terms are going to make it to our desk but we said before we told both the house and the senate conceptually we support the idea. of getting out of the business of taking people's license away from them for such a long. topics until then this man is risking it all i driving to work. >> he has a message for lawmakers and the governor. >> i like them to know that it's only hurting people in society everybody around us by us not being able to drive and be successful. supporting putting us down. republican minority leader brad jones is sponsoring an amendment that would still require automatic suspensions to be in place for anyone who
5:36 pm
heroine and elder illicit drugs in a statement he told us he doesn't support the overall repeal says quote given a score of drug use is tearing our family securities across mass i also believe it is important that we continue to impose strong sanctions against those are been convicted of trafficking in narcotics. >> senate majority leader's office tells me they're optimistic to get this to the governor within the next week or two will keep you posted. >> a family on moving day loses a member on the way they
5:37 pm
dog ahead at five the what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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the local colleges banning hoverboard's tonight over safety concerns university of new hampshire no longer allow the devices on campus. foster's daily democrat unh says our boards are just too dangerous people falling off of them they can also burst into flames. some 30 colleges and three major airlines have banned hoverboard's as well. >> check your cabinets raw cashews for possible salmonella cam navigation. effective cashews are in 16 ounce non-resealable backs. they have a best before code of july 17, 2016 tf four.
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york in the midwest. no illnesses have been reported but if you have one of the specs your urge to throw it out returning to trader joe's for a refund picnics outright still growing tonight even after the government starts to send help to michigan city dealing with contaminated water.volunteers arrived in chicken with filters testing kits and the fresh water. the water there in flint is undrinkable because it's contaminated with lead. this weekend the present sign estate of emergency for that city was given access to federal aid some say the help us too little too late. >> i'm glad to see that the doing it but i'm going wanting our visit more that could be done. i know that is more that should be done. >> this problem started when
5:40 pm
source from the city of detroit to the flint river back in 2014. shortly after that children
5:41 pm
elevated levels this video right here gives us a first-hand view of the bravery of california firefighter rescue people from the burning apartment building in a camera on his helmet catches the whole thing. >> an astonishing site the second floor of an apartment cop looks engulfed in flames. two parts image by fire firefighters are still investigating the cause and no one was hurt. but less than three hours later cruise would be added again but this time and apartment accomplice in linden avenue. it was apparent that the six-story department complex was actually charged with smoke.>> this helmet cam video the firefighter they puts up his ladder.he yells into a
5:42 pm
firefighter brings his ladder to another window. he sees people and yells for backup. >> then and a heart stopping moment the tenant hands of firefighter her baby through the window. his infant to the firefighter below. then helps the other family members down. ray bergman owns a property he got the frightening call minutes after the fire started. i just want to make sure everything is safe and hopefully something be left when i got here. bergman believes that transit got in and lit a fire in the back stairway he says while the damage looks bad it could've been much worse without this smoke alarm. >> it really helped out. it was supposed to do. >> property owners is now planning to put more smoke alarms in that hallway of the conference. >> actor sean penn now defending his decision to interview a mexican drug lord penn spoke with juan el chapo guzman physical location in
5:43 pm
at the time guzman was a fugitive who escaped from mexican prison. penn did not tell authorities about this interview instead it was published by rolling stone magazine. after guzman was captured earlier this month.less than 60 minutes penn explains why he did the interview. >> i don't have to be the one that reports on the alleged murders. or the amount of narcotics are brought in. i go and i spend time in the company of another human being which everyone is. >> penn says it's his intent was to start a conversation about the war on drugs and he regrets the focus is now on him and his drug lord pick. >> spotlight getting the wind of the critics choice awards film based on the boston globe's uncovering of the church sex abuse scandal. spotlight one best shirt and best acting ensemble the film overpowered budget movies like the revenant and mad max and also beat straight out of compton for best ensemble.
5:44 pm
skipping the oscars this year at a protest this year no african-americans were nominated the best acting or directing categories. so data pickett smith and spike lee announced today the book adding the ceremony to smith posted a video online encouraging people of color to recognize the power they do have and not to beg for acknowledgment. spike lee think the economy first honorary oscar lecture but says he and his wife will also not be attending. >> you scandal overshadowing the first major tennis tournament of the year. a new report by the bbc says sports governing body having ignored evidence of widespread match fixing by some highly ranked players. the support says 16 players ranked in the top 50 told them investigators have intentionally thrown matches. no players are named but a reports is eight are playing in the australian open which is started some of the pics matches allegedly happened at wimbledon. >> the snow turning to sun
5:45 pm
temperatures. fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz is also talk about some strong winds too. rex when advisory goes until 7 o'clock this evening blowing all the snow around what to some of the snow totals something interesting happened we got all the snow inches of snow in excellent forecast by sarah last night jason this morning heaviest amount moved right along the coastline gloucester five boston logan airport getting 3.1 inches. 1.3 of that fell on sunday that means into plus of snow meeting we don't become the latest inch of snow storm on record going back to the 1800s. 2007 from the 14th to lock the fishery finish number two 2016 generally 17 that would be sunday yesterday all bunched up in between numbers two and four bottom line is with the mild weather we've seen this winter still not setting records or when the snow comes or how loud it comes great pictures being sent into us. we appreciate this that was from plymouth. we get a lot of reports and
5:46 pm
drivers we love helping you out make sure you keep sending in pictures or reports. this one got sent into us on a short two backyard skating import to know if you going to be doing skating you don't want to go on to freshwater ponds lakes and streams we don't have enough cold air to get a thicken up layer of ice out there. you have snow on whenever insulates stop it from freezing rapidly seeking out there be safe and keep that mind. when advisory until 7 o'clock tonight temperatures are cold worcester it is 18 degrees right now it feels like zero with that wind blowing from the northwest at 25 miles per hour. your tracking down into low teens tonight even single digits in and around worcester manchester new hampshire is 23 boston is at 24 right now but it feels like 11 northwest wind at 60 miles per hour we go down to 16 for low temperature
5:47 pm
it's going to be cold last of the snow pushing out of there with the storm system that's gone we have sunny skies tomorrow morning we have them out there with clear skies wake up to sunshine in the morning the only thing that's happening right now as we wake up reaching the berkshires could you drive over tonight look across the country no big storms look like the coming away but you know we've heard all about the potential for we can storm. tackle tomorrow first. tonight will be clearing out to wake up to sunshine tomorrow morning. you'll have to all day long of sunshine a couple of fair weather clouds snow showers in the mountains to the north. high temperatures during the day tomorrow going to be cold they will be quite as cold as you saw there today but expecting it to be in the 20s. 22 natick. when chills will be as bad tomorrow. both of our main computer model
5:48 pm
coast on saturday and then making a southeast pass bringing heavy snow potentially some heavy rain in southeastern massachusetts. that gfs is a brand-new model that came on in showing same thing consistency run after run models that agree alike to see that as a forecaster going to give us a 60 percent chance of getting hit with a pretty storm on saturday into sunday but timing is a little later than it was over the last 24 hours firmly starting saturday morning rather than friday night early or late night early morning hours of saturday but of course information keeps trickling and i'll keep updating the situation and a call to just pick. >> boston mayor marty walsh saying giving them bad flashbacks to last winter. he said the city will be better prepared to matter what comes our way this weekend. he's hoping it's not much. quickly. i'm hoping that we have a break we'll see what happens.
5:49 pm
mlk breakfast in boston. a reminder boston mayor marty walsh state of the city addresses tomorrow night you can watch it right here live as it is about 25 begins at seven 30 p.m. >> first the overnight effort by the mbta to make sure the morning commute stays on track. plus massachusetts drivers might soon have to hang up the check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt.
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everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
5:52 pm
boston symphony orchestra looking to attract new unease by working technology into the concert some concertgoers upcoming piety performances loading ipad so they can see the sheet music watch interviews with musicians and listen to podcast about composers and the musical pieces.right now the ipad only being offered for people to see the in the rear floor section. >> a dog who went missing five months ago has now been this is crazy. the dog not only disappear but somehow ended up on an incredible journey several states away. >> reporter: for anyone who is moved you know how easy it is for things to get lost. when amanda moved out of their arlington home in september probably understand how their five pound chihuahua cocoa slipped out the door. we looked all over the neighborhood. it's the rest of the story
5:53 pm
>> after five months of searching, without even a sniff, amanda received a phone call. whenever they called and said, come get your dog. i was like, okay. what your address? >> the collison were right after the roe the humane society of atlanta. the very next day amanda boarded a plane. she still wasn't sure how this was even possible. it had been five months more than 100 miles and then she landed. >> at that point figuring out how this happened wasn't nearly as important as the fact that did. >> now that coco is back at the arms and texas amanda john do wonder how she ever ended up so far away. they dealt with the lever nope what they do know is had it not been for electronic microchip they put cocoa years ago, and
5:54 pm
they would have never have seen him again. >> that is incredible. by the way the humane society of atlanta paid for amanda's flight to pick up cocoa. >> how about this. posting this photo right here of a flower and international space station the first time a flower has ever been grown in space knots could have it as a snack they'd like it's an edible oranges india nasa working on ground plant their space with hopes of someday being able to do so on mars. >> now it's six. weeks after train tracks broken bone chilling cold we asked the governor what's being done to in sure it won't happen again. >> white mbta workers will lose tonight make sure you get to work on time tomorrow. imprisoned and iran for 40 days what we've learned about the
5:55 pm
>> what people got arrested inside logan airport. brady versus manning for 17th time. what is never happened in this story rivaling the pats fans might not like. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 6. >> many of you woke up to a scene like this fresh coat of snow falling overnight into the morning. now that that snow is moved out focused on this. take a look here these are the current when chills the shows you how cold it feels outside. take a look at that one degree in worcester. not very pleasant out there. good evening everyone. we are feeling the freeze thanks to that blast of arctic air we begin tonight with fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz at the storm tracker weather center. >> when chilled showing actually act going to help you freeze anymore freeze the water for instance on the lakes and
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