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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> jason: let you noy how cold it will be out there and weekend storm. >> daniel: off and on all morning and twitter keeping millions of people in the dark. >> julie: stock market off to a rough start this morning. how turbulent market can affect your budget. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good tuesday morning, it is tuesday, january 19th, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller
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jason brewer in the storm tracker weather center and some are getting negative temperatures. >> jason: temperatures mostly in the teens right now, although norwood come up to invent and chatham 22. look at winds, 30 to 40 miles per hour wind gusts, almost area wide, that's why we have a wind advisory today, higher gust 50 for the cape and islands and cause minor wind damage and look at wind chills though, negative territory worcester to orange and zero what it feels like in bedford, negative two portsmouth and hour-by-hour wind chill not too good out there, tough day, bitterly cold, keep skin covered up as we are seeing single digit wind chills for the afternoon. tonight it is cold again, temperature drop from the low 20s to the upper teens there in plymouth. i will be back with a look at when the bitter cold moves out and when weekend snow may arrive.
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now where we are seeing pretty heavy delays in usual spots, 93 spots jammed medford into somerville, and 128 southbound through burlington and lexington very sluggish as typical this time of the commute and pike very slow allston-brighton area and bumper to butch and her live drive time, hour on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave, 31 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and hour and ten minutes 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: 9:02 right now, commuters crossing fingers that it would be running on time and catherine parrotta live at quincy center where so far, catherine, things are looking pretty good. >> catherine: keeping an eye on mbta alerts all morning long and last half hour only alert
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branch, there are minor delays going into the eastbound direction and train and all the alerts we have been getting switch problems and nothing too severe this morning and commuters here at quincy center, they have bad memories of last winter, so going into this morning with frigid temperatures, they were sceptical but hoping for the best. outside the quincy center "t" stop bundled against the sub-zero chills. day like this bringing painful memory of last winter. >> last year was tough. >> catherine: historic snowfall piling problems for the mbta and as for weather commuters expect encore performance. >> not with the snow but with the train, yes. it could be 90 out and still have issues. >> catherine: frozen train parts and broken tracks what they are trying to avoid. they have touted the million dollar resiliency plan with
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some. >> big equipment coming in and make sure they are okay. >> what do you think of that? >> don't think they are doing what they are saying they are doing. >> catherine: mbta spokesperson taking it a step further to make sure they were warmed and up operational long before the first passengers boarded and so far. >> my commute was fine actually. no delays. no delays at all. >> because the time right here, so it should be on schedule. >> catherine: good sign for >> it is. >> catherine: in addition to which is something they have done in the past and heard from mbta spokesman and told me they exercise some of the switches overnight to try to prevent freezing, so again, so far this morning, only minor disruptions to service on some of the mbta line here, but in the meantime, fox25 did catch up with governor baker yesterday and asked him what the expectations were going into the "t" and frigid temperatures and hear what he
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half hour and live in quincy, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: after we get through today it will be time to keep eye on snowy forecast. hardware stores like this one stocked up on shovels and rock salt and found plenty of people that can't wait for significant amount of snow to fall, including folks at blue hills. >> i have seen five different projections but hoping better of them all and foot plus that's what i'm hoping for. >> julie: make sure you download the all new stormtracker weather app if you don't already have it. get custom forecast from where you live. it is free for apple and android devices. >> daniel: investigating death of young man hit by commuter rail train.
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tremont street and there's speculation he could be a high school student. melrose high school principal addressed rumors on the mayor's blog it is important to let police do their job and notify the family. foul play is not suspected. we will have more information as it becomes available. >> julie: fugitive accused of killing police officer in another country. ramon aguasviva-mejia was arrested and used 17 aliases in the past and arrest warranties cueing him of felony assault in massachusetts and the killing of a police officer in the dominican republic. >> julie: police still looking to catch these men wanted for robbery on shell station in route 20 in auburn. pair are both hispanic in early 20s and 5'10".
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with the gun has a tattoo covering left hand and described as having a stalky build. >> daniel: hingham man resting at home after spending 40 days in iranian prison. fox25 was there when matthew arrived at parents' home last night. it has been a whirlwind few days he arrived at logan airport late sunday, day after being released from detention. matthew trevethick was in iran for language program and still unclear why he was detained. his father tells fox25 he is not ready to talk about the ordeal just yet he is happy to be home spending time with his family and catching up on boston sports. >> julie: search continues for another man from hingham part of dozen marines missing after pair of helicopters crashed off coast
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they are holding out hope for christopher orlando. four life rafts have been found but no signs anyone was ever on them. julie: iraqi security forces going door to door looking for three americans that were abducted. iraqi intelligence official say the kidnapping happened over the weekend when the americans were in an apartment known to be a brothel. the u.s. embassy has confirmed they were kidnapped but not id them or say why they were in the country. >> daniel: service employees international union held rally yesterday at logan airport and group part of national movement for higher wages and working conditions and allowed them to gather for short time and six of the protest refused to leave. >> julie: billion dollar gaming resort in everett. new this morning wynn resort chosen suffolk construction of boston to be the general contractor on the project.
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private construction contracts ever awarded in the state. five star resort expected to produce thousands of jobs over the next two years. wynn resort says it expects to break ground sometime this spring. julie: new this morning battle over pension going to sort. former house speaker sal dimasi serving time for corruption and fighting to get back pension payments. his lawyer says wrongful pension payments were wrongfully held and he is fighting to get moved closer to home as he battles throat and prostate cancer. >> daniel: mayor marty walsh will give state of the city address and talk about the accomplishments and goals for the year ahead and not everyone will be to cheer him on and parents planning to protest over millions in budget cuts the mayor proposing for the public schools. you can watch the state of the city address live right here on
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later this week, it could become illegal for drivers in massachusetts to talk on the phone while driving. state lawmakers will vote on a distracted driving bill on thursday. that bill would make it illegal to have a cell phone in hand. it would also make it illegal to enter information by hand into a gps device while driving. 14 other states already have hands-free cell phone laws. >> julie: happening right now there are major issues with twitter. website and mobile site both went down across the globe. some people are logging without issue while others are getting this error message. first popped up around 3:30 this morning. some report the network is over capacity and internal error and no confirmed why this is happening and when it will be complete lie fixed and continue to update you all morning long. ten minutes.
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with solar glare, volume remains steady and heavy right now eastbound there you brighton and i will have look at drive time in a moment. ifis here is jason brewer. >> jason: blustery, don't let that fool you, sub-zero wind chills in few spots and talking about bitter cold and weekend snow that could be straight ahead. >> daniel: brothers are natural rivals but these two have more reason to go head-to-head and why they both had stake in the game when pats take on broncos this weekend. >> julie: first a police officer has plan to deal with protesters blocking the interne marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015
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he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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>> jason: still tracking sub-zero wind chills in parts of southern new england and not going to warm up much yet but i will tell you when snow could come back. >> daniel: 15 minutes stock market opened after a three-day weekend and they are bracing for more chaos but futures are up this hour. kyla campbell is here to explain how rocky the start of the year has been. good morning, kyla. >> kyla: this is worst start of the year ever. investors want to know where is the bottom and that's tough to predict with three main concerns at hand. first china flowing economy
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is rising fears of recession right here in the united states and third, u.s. produced oil hit a 12 year low closing below $30 a barrel last week. now, just minutes ago stock futures were up with dow, s&p and nasdaq and we track developments after opening bell. >> daniel: showed the executive on cell phone video brutely attacking the driver. now the man says he was illegally filmed. he is suing for $5 million and wants the cell phone video thrown out as video in criminal case filed against him. >> julie: demonstrators mark martin luther king junior day with a massive protest.
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they shut down a bridge naker san francisco by chaining cars together or sitting in traffic. traffic backed up for miles for nearly two hours. they want better health and well-being for black people around california and around the country. >> julie: facebook post seen by someone online and quad -- called the department to report that one officer. >> daniel: ethan couch remains under arrest in mexico. he left texas late last year with his mother because he feared he would be violated for probation. he killed four people in drunk driving crash and he was not
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argued he was spoiled by his rich parents. >> julie: now 9:16 and look at roads and where slow spots bothering us right now. slow going from the cloverleaf down in somerville and down to columbia road, pike a little bit slow as you allston-brighton area and live drive times 26 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split, 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128, 13 minutes on 93 north from 495 to 128. meteorologist jason brewer joining us now with wishes that sneak up on you. they almost paralyze you. >> jason: done take much to strip the heat away from the skin, dress in layers, keep exposed skin covered up because it is tough out there, and see at statehouse here with the
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chills tomorrow not adds blustery, but still very breezy and then we turn our attention to the weekend for the next head lien. because nor'easter in the making, we have windy conditions, let's start with that, go through 7:00 wind advisory for wind gusts 30, 40 miles per hour, wind gusts around 50 for the cape and islands and that could certainly cause some minor wind damage, so going to be watching that now right now temperatures in the teens and feeling a lot colder and i do want to point out low cloud deck and 18 in boston and one, clouds starting to build from the north and sliding back down and evening as well and worcester where we have a lot of wind as well, feels like minus five here right now with sunnier skies and west wind at 20 miles
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today and begin to march back downward and go back down, 22 there right now, feels like six with strong west wind and you could expect temperatures in the mid to 20s today and low 20s for you, bedford 22, zoom in here, heart failure and 23 rockport at 24. now, into waltham we go at 22, marlboro framingham both 21, that's about it today, so well below normal this time of the year and overnight we get back into the teens again, still be breezy, not as gusty and bundle up and be careful and seeing the windy conditions inside by thursday and weekend storm, go out here to pacific ocean, don't go back here on the maps but since talking about the weekend
9:20 am
region for all of this, this is the upper low, go across the rockies, down into the deep south and then form surface low pressure and text book type case with high pressure to the north feeding in cold air and this is the european model and here comes the low and still not much in the way of snow by saturday and focused on saturday night and sunday and official timing and challenges facing with this, this is saturday morning on the gfs model, american model, this one updated more recently and quicker solution and saturday afternoon into early sunday, still some snow and out of here quicker so much quicker for solution still too early to talk about amounts but give you idea, really friday night through mid
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let's go over to the seven day, mid-teens and stay blustery into the evening and then winds gradually subsiding through the end of the week and have to watch the weekend very closely, julie, and daniel, back to you. >> daniel: 9:20 right now. several big names in hollywood telling people to turn off the oscars. a-list protest popping up all over the web this morning. >> julie: hit the snooze button.
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>> daniel: little boy's christmas present stolen days after christmas and thanks to the community you live in few new power wheels truck and more. little jars out to help the family buy new power wheels but instead of couple bucks here and there people donated and big. >> daniel: bought power wheels truck, helmet and afford to store somewhere safe.
9:24 am
chicago getting less than hour hours of sleep spiked diabetes and chronically sleep deprived people likely develop other health problems just such as pressure. >> daniel: on sunday afternoon seattle seahawks fans were pretty disappointed when the team was down 31-0 at playoff game, so check this out. what one sea hawk fan did at half time. leo had loose tooth and tied string around the tooth and attached it to a football. he tossed it to his father and it is gone. tooth landed on floor right behind him and picks up tooth and pretty proud what he has done and hi-5 with his father. check that out. >> julie: i don't know if i could do that. family in colorado seems to be
9:25 am
meat brothers payton and brady, payton came along after namesake led colts to super bowl victory. coming sunday both will wear the name sakes engineer and he broncos and pats face off in the afc championship. >> daniel: who's tallest. >> julie: anthropology getting backlash for selling distressed trash can for $200. it is on sale for 9995 from originally $148. people writing reviews saying it is ridiculous to spend $100 on rusty trash can. it is from design of old new york city bins. >> like the one oscar the grouch >> no. >> tom:.
9:26 am
spend $100 on trash can, spend $100 on trash can. >> julie: absolutely. >> jason: i think it should open by itself for that price. blustery and cold and have sun but don't be cooled bitterly cold day with wind chills staying down in the single digits. i will talk much more about the weekend forecast and what we are watching for snow potential. >> julie: convicted felon served time only to run into a new problem and local man says he is forced to break the law or do something we do everyday or there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: hats can be gloves, that's how you get through the day today, see people bundled up stay in the bathtub, whatever it is. it is freezing out there and thank you for saying with us. these bitter temperatures are tough to get through. >> sara: >> jason: if it wasn't for the teens it would be a lot better
9:30 am
and dress in layers and keep skin covered, especially the little ones, especially gusts 39, 38, boston, worcester, 31 lawrence, so ton of wind, not going anywhere all day, stay like this, and sub-zero wind chills still being reported portsmouth, worcester and orange, zero to one other wind chill bedford over to boston, so hour-by-hour not much improvement, still single digit through the day today and day planner stays cold and clouds planning to increase as well from the north to the south and watching that and also winds and snow and get update on traffic for julie. >> julie: 128 southbound
9:31 am
live look at zakim where bridge itself moving fine, leverett some delays. over to the live drive times, 41 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave, 26 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 49 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: so far so good for the mbta, trains on schedule despite the bitter cold. catherine parrotta live in quincy with the technique they used overnight and, carat, -- catherine parrotta looks so for so good. >> catherine: quickly cleared out and so far everything is still running. however, i i was speaking with commuters and they had bad memory last year and hoping that wouldn't be the case today and mbta hoping that wouldn't be the case today and doing whatever
9:32 am
running on time, and that also included running empty trains overnight on the tracks to make sure they were warmed up and operational by the time the first passengers got on board this morning and very little snow so far this season, there have been problems, two weeks ago cold temperatures caused of broken tracks on the commuter rail between andover and lawrence causing derailment. two other brakes happened on the red line and fox25 asked governor baker what changed since then and he is what he said. >> they are pretty much out almost everyday inspecting various places around the system. >> sounds like nothing different is happening. >> you mean beyond the work we did last winter. tons different gone on this year >> catherine: "t" has been touting 83 million-dollar resiliency plan with deicing and inspections as well and i have been keeping an eye on them all
9:33 am
spotted was sent out two minutes ago, minor westbound delay near disabled train near arlington and disabled train but nothing like we saw last winter. commuters are keeping fingers crossed and hoping that will be the case, that happened, fox 25 news. >> julie: not everyone is upset about the winter blast hitting us this morning. michael henrich is live in melrose with some businesses that are welcoming the cold. michael? >> michael: there are a handful of them, including this locally owned display in melrose they have sleds, they have snowblowers here and big ticket item owner told me more than hour ago in demand in september and october and a lot of people happened last winter, how could we forget, right? however, since that time, since the end of october with more mild winter until this week, things that really slowed down
9:34 am
but now he says he is optimistic that the rush will continue to build until this weekend, leading up to weekend where we have a lot of snow. >> usually typically quiet in the winter unless it snowez, weather driven business, people can't mow the lawn, can't paint outside, can't do anything outside, so when it snows, we jump for joy here. >> michael: also jumping for joy in blue hills and not because fresh powder will bring folks out and when there isn't fresh powder from mother nature, they say they spent 90 thousand dollars so far this season on manmade snow, so round of snow on the house pretty good to them and retailers and restaurant and timing couldn't be worse and weekends when many retailers and restaurants really make bread and butter make a lot of money
9:35 am
for those folks, so there's two sides to this coin when it comes to economic picture here and keep eye on it either way and have stories when they come out the coming days. live in melrose, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: with the storm approaching now is great time to look at stormtracker weather app if you don't already have it. you can get custom forecast for the team for where you live and free for apple and android devices. jason's full forecast is on the way in a few minutes. >> julie: markets are open. here is live look at big board. dow up 139 points right now and gained about 100 points upon the initial opening three or four minutes ago and this is after markets were closed yesterday for mlk junior holiday and right now market up 139 points. >> daniel: 9:36 woman who claimed to be brutely attacked over the weekend is accused of
9:36 am
chelsea woman says he was cut by knife when throw men robbed her. turns out denise perez actually hit by broken bottle in fight between several men and 25-year-old is charged with misleading police. >> julie: new this morning first of its kind report has been filed about the number of guns seized by police around the state. the crime gun data shows nearly 1,000 guns were taken last year alone and most of the guns were legally owned. 162 were illegally owned and status of another 400 was unclear. massachusetts chief of police says they need to figure out how they are getting into criminal hands in the first place. >> daniel: we will learn when aaron hernandez will stand trial for double-murder for daniel abreau and safiro furtado. it followed a confrontation in boston nightclub.
9:37 am
start of the case because several pretrial motions still undecided and hernandez already serving life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd in 2013. >> julie: massachusetts lawmakers trying to put convicted drug felons behind the wheel and fox25 spoke to man that was hopeful that would happen. he is forced to break the law to provide for his children and under the current law driver's licenses are taken away from convicted drug felons. former drug dealer tells heather hegedus he lost his license in the fall but still needs to drive for work. >> family struggling, i will be struggling. >> julie: house and senate still need to iron out a lot of details before the bill makes it to his desk. senate leaders hope this will happen within the next two weeks. >> daniel: massachusetts homeowners can expect higher property tax bill this year. this year the globe is reporting
9:38 am
home will go up by more than $200 this year. that's jump 5200 to $5,400, increase 3.9% and higher tax linked to rise in home assessment and cost of city services. >> julie: still no comment about peyton manning but tom brady says it will be fun to face manning again in the afc championship game and this will be the fourth time the qb's squared off with super bowl berth on the line. manning's teams won two of the three match-up and they talked about the rivalry and respect. >> i think being in the same profession for all of these years and being at different events, you know, good friendship developed. >> julie: brady has dominated rivalry with manning. patriots been to twice as many afc title games and twice as
9:39 am
won four super bowls to one for payton. >> daniel: tom brady wanted to score a touchdown on sunday against the chiefs and pointing blame to one of the best friends qb went on facebook yesterday to post the picture and you can see edelman and brady writes, julian, how about a little less next time. he wouldman posting back with this picture with week two against buffly. my bad, tom brady, usually when i go to the if i lon it counts as td. love you, bud. we countdown kickoff of sunday's games and sports director tom leyden and butch stearns are heading to colorado and live reports from denver begin thursday right here on fox25. >> julie: check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. here is look at live drive times, still a little slow on
9:40 am
braintree split to the pike. >> jason: sub-zero wind chills is better day and tell you when these move out and when next snow arrives. may change the way you decorate. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. politician you can't trust. jeb bush. so you always know
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right to rise usa is responsible for the
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of motion pictures says she is disappointed. cheryl boone is heartbroken there's many not more diversity and comes as spike lee and jada pinkett smith would boycott this oscar's ceremony. for a second year in row not single person of color was nominated in acting category. pinkett smith says it is time to rethink things. >> time to put resources back into our community, into our program. >> julie: for the second straight year #oscarsowhite trending online. >> daniel: tribute to one of members of eagle.
9:43 am
don henry and frey started the eagles. he had been battling health issues and passed away in new york. henly says he is grateful for everyday frey was in his life. daniel: police are not releasing details about incident with domestic issue with singer of american pie. >> julie: home today takes three minutes to burn. firefighters say it is a combination what homes are no you -- are now built with and homes are filled with synthetic petroleum based products and catch fire a lot easier. >> julie: bug causing many six user more battery power than they actually do because the battery percentage is not updating.
9:44 am
connected to traveling through different time zones. temporary solution is to reset the iphone date and time through the settings app. >> daniel: big change for expensive medical treatment. cambridge based biogen has european approval to sell generic version for rheumatoid arthritis. biogen has created near replica of the drug embren at plant in rhode island. europe allows the sale of these biosimilars and u.s. does not have imogen. daniel: disease carrying ticks are just about everywhere. ticks that spread lyme disease now live in half of all u.s. counties. that's up from just 30% of counties back in the late '90s the cdc says it is important to be aware that ticks could be living in places where they were not previously. since the '90s the number of
9:45 am
than tripled. >> julie: taking look at roads at 9:46 on tuesday, still slow on the expressway furnace brook parkway to columbia road. 93 south sluggish starting right after the cloverleaf and continuing through woburn, through medford and then as you approach somerville. zakim bridge and leverett connector pretty typical delays right now. over to those live drive times, 20 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 45 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and 37 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri spear today and updating us on those frigid wind chills out there. >> jason: a biting wind out there, bitter out there for today and we will be seeing few clouds coming in as well, making it feel kind of raw, some sun elsewhere and don't be fooled wind will continue so single digit feels all day, not as blustery tomorrow, a little bit
9:46 am
eyes to the weekend and keeping eye on porsche -- potential nor'easter and wind advisory until 7:00 and we will be seeing gusts up 30, 40 miles per hour, higher for the cape and islands, let's take a look at some of the conditions right now, hyannis at 21 , with the wind it feels like 8 , plenty of sun here but as we head into the afternoon, mid-20s, that will about do it and seeing the clouds coming in boston to worcester and pike once again and 18 in lawrence and feels like one when you factor in that steady strong wind. high temperatures into the low and mid-20s there, two or 3:00 and let's go out to worcester here, 40 miles per hour wind gusts. that's producing wind feels like readings of negative five and sub-zero wind chills and it is almost 10:00 in the morning. tough out there, be careful and 3:00 and worcester today.
9:47 am
woburn 23, chelmsford 22 and natick at 23 and foxborough and then back father to the west, douglas at 20 for the high today overnight tonight we will chill it back down mid-teens and still be breezy but not as windy but i think a good idea to really layer it up again tomorrow and then winds will gradually come down and back to the lower 30s at least and now to the 20s for tomorrow. let's talk about the weekend, go all the way back to the pacific because this is what i'm watching, lots of moisture coming on shore california oregon and up into washington, this storm has to come all the way over to the rockies and east and deep south and eventually form a surface low center out of the outer banks of north carolina and that's what the european model forecasting we start to see low forming and that's saturday 8:00 in the morning. still not much precipitation here in southern new england if looking at this particular model run.
9:48 am
have a lot to go on the forecast accumulation if we get any timing, still very uncertain and this is what we are watching, timing here saturday evening for the european model to bring in the snow and potentially mixing for the cape and islands early on. there's 2:00 sunday, still dealing with accumulating snows. let's go to the american model, this is gfs, saturday early way before sunrise already seeing some snow and mixing in down to the south and east there, so much quicker solution and it passes by during the day saturday with a lot of wind, snow, potentially some mixing south and east and then by sunday midday it is out of here, so we have differences to keep track of and we will be doing that throughout the upcoming week, still have plenty of time to keep our eyes peeled on this particular situation. kevin will have more at 5:00, so check back in. mid-teens tonight though with more breezy winds, so bundle up in the morning. 32 tomorrow and then slight chance of a flurry overnight
9:49 am
then the weekend storm is what we will be watching. >> julie: widow taking on one of the biggest companies on the planet.
9:50 am
>> julie: happy homecoming who thought their beloved dog was long gone. terrier made it all the way from south miami to houston, texas and that's not even the strangest part of the tale. ginger had been missing for a decade. ultimately it was a micro trip that brought her home. >> daniel: what a long time. elementary school tutor charged with child endangerment and they found three children in the trunk of the car and customer at gas station in tennessee they found children getting out of the vehicle and trunk and they have surveillance video that proved it but 33-year-old tutor says it is not true. >> all of them didn't get into the trunk, let's be serious. all of them didn't get out of the trunk. >> daniel: police say there were nine children between eight
9:51 am
teacher after spending time. >> julie: peggy bush never thought to ask her husband for information before he died, serial numbers, copy of will and even notarized death certificate were not good for the company. >> need a court order, need to go to court to do that and i said that was ridiculous. all i want to do was download card game for my mother on the ipad. don't want to have to go to court to do that. >> julie: apple lawyer says it is a misunderstanding but they will hear more about this. make sure will has instructions on where to find passwords. julie: millions of americans are using passwords aren't secure.
9:52 am
make up top spots and others include password, qwerty, football and baseball and 2 million stolen passwords. >> daniel: messenger app that can be used on smartphone and moved intended to remove barriers from service and not everyone has access to credit card. so far what's app has been free for the first year and uses -- for use in 99 cents per year after that and has more than 150 million users. >> julie: do you know what a free app is, fox25 stormtracker weather app. >> jason: blustery and stay wind and he tomorrow winds begin to come down a little bit and right now temperatures in the teens and lower 20s, wind chills still negative five and worcester zero bedford one what it feels like in boston. 7-day forecast no snow until we get flurry chance wednesday, early thursday and really going
9:53 am
weekend watching next system unfold check back with us and updating the model track. of course, kevin will have much more at 5:00 on developing nor'easter. >> daniel: pretty cold today. >> jason: lots of layers. be careful.
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