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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> we know it's cold right now we know there's been some flurries and new england but certainly no big storm. storm in the middle of the country fly right over that what hit us and into the pacific northwest this is the beginnings of what is forecast to become a nor'easter on the east coast. long way to go before it gets there though those computer models that we talked about all the time this is the american version shows a storm coming up the carolinas becoming a nor'easter. that's going to be the same on both models i was sure that blue line that's a rain snow line and look at this reading heavy snow into interior new england during saturday. this would be a big snowstorm. the european computer model also take the storm off the mid-atlantic coast by the way bringing the snow to dc baltimore even up to philadelphia perhaps near new
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this computer model much less know if that were to occur. both shifted southward which brings colder air into southern new england assuring was snowfall. letter questions with that this is not in question is wendy and his bitter cold out there. temperatures are in the teens and 20s with us when chilled you saw single numbers above and below zero. cold will be overnight my lettuce on the track will talk more details. >> be sure to download the all new facts 25 tracker whether app it is free for apple and android devices just search fox 25 weather. >> we are following breaking news now in boston two people shot inside the maverick t station is located in a very busy area of the city between mbta stops. it caused severe delays today. >> reporter: within the last 20 minutes or so source confirm for me that the 20 oh was shortly on the other man was just standing there he landed on the platform landed on his stomach tonight at this hour
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there looking for the shooter. >> the doors opened and all you could hear was bumblebee chaos and pandemonium is two men were shot in the maverick tea stopper on the 2:30 pm this afternoon witnesses tell fox 25 gunshots. everywhere. >> transit police tell us a 29-year-old and the shooter got into a verbal argument. at the 29-year-old was walking off of the train the gunman opened fire and shooting the 29-year-old and a 43-year-old man who was standing on the platform. the gunman then took off. >> the first victim was shot on the train as he was exiting the train. so he landed on the platform the second victim was shot on the platform. one of the victims had a white suit could not see his eyes. >> took me like a minute to get to my head that i just hear live gunshots in this area is not that common. it was pretty like shocking. >> tonight police tell us both
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hospitals they are expected to make a full recovery the other thing the transit police officer tells us 29-year-old victim as well as the suspect may just know each other we have course will keep you updated as soon as we learn more. >> when we learned about the shooting inside the train station we sent a fox 25 new zap to get breaking news weather and traffic throughout the day be sure to download your app for free. just search fox25 new speakers fbi investigating series of threats against several schools scattered across eastern massdot is a map showing each of the 15 communities affected today. investing is a most of the bomb threats automated phone calls credible. you may remember just last friday several communities received very similar threats. forcing parents to pick up the
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here is what we know about today's threats fbi says assisting state police to find the source some school shelter in place while students at other schools were sent home early. as of right now there are no word on any arrests fox 25 crystal live at arlington high school does one of the schools to be received the threat today. >> i can tell you here in arlington school will go on as normal tomorrow as will several other school communities.but it's like you said, state local and federal officials they are all working together to determine the source of these hoax phone calls that caused schools to go into lockdown evacuations and dismissals. students across a basic came back to school tuesday after the holiday to bomb threats. later found not to be credible. >> not fair to the kids not fair to the parents. from boston state police say more than 14 committees were forced to go into lockdown or evacuate school altogether. >> students was sent home from
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morning parents scrambling to pick up the kids as a school was swept by state local and federal law enforcement. with bomb sniffing dogs.>> it's alarming and the children at first initially freak out because they know it's not a drill. allington also dismissed a high school after the threat of a bomb and shooting. >> we quickly took it very seriously. today series of threats came just four days after seven schools received similar threats friday. for some districts like arlington weymouth in boston it's a second time in a row. and the fbi has been called in. state police say some of the threats were made by phone summer automated robo calls. all taken very seriously. >> huge wasted resources but i'm glad they're being thorough. as we don't want to minimize the case that individuals could be planning something this the first phase of the operation
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school district have no choice but to assume the threats are real until proven otherwise. >> individuals able to conceal basically utilizing wireless systems and it infrastructure. >> now the chief here in arlington tells me that he is confident that going to be able to make an arrest in this case in the near future.meantime the state police not releasing any details of those other bomb threats that came in to schools across the baystate. go to stay on top of this for you. >> in about an hour -and-a-half boston mayor archie walsh will deliver second state of the city address. you can watch a speech live right here on walks fox 25. >> about an hour to go until
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this will be there walsh is second state of the city address as he enters his third year and office. the mayor has enjoyed a strong approval rating so far. the dorchester democrat has already said that he plans to seek a second term when this one is over. when walsh gave his victory speech in 2013 he said he wanted to make a boston a place where dreams come true for children. his most vocal critics right now our parents and teachers of boston public school children. there are dozens that of been protesting outside in advance of the speech they claim that the mayor focusing too much efforts on other things and not enough on the city's $50 million budget shortfall. is one of the protesters we spoke with a short time ago. >> mice at school is going to have $250,000 budget cuts so the losing teachers of the losing programs.
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cuts but i think that's too drastic and i think that more needs to happen at the central office level. >> education will be a topic for the mayor tonight he will also tell some accomplishments like woman general electric to boston that is a big get increase in affordable housing city and number of new hires in the boston public school system. the mayor will announce a beautification and improvement projects in the city as well. including a project to essentially revive a once popular park in the south end. so the state of the city expected to start in just about an hour here and we will be following it if you're not able to get to a tv or two a computer and you have your phone you can follow it online
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it's going to be s otc 16 date of the city 16 is your hashtag to follow along if you want to check in on facebook or twitter. >> here is once again you can watch the mayor state of the city address here on fox 25 and on >> young west roxbury man convicted tonight connection with an crash that left people with devastating injuries but a jury convicted 20 world nicholas of negligent operation in september 2013. prosecutors say he was speeding with several other teams in his car after school when he crossed the center line and hit a truck. the driver of the truck suffered brain trauma can no longer communicate.a 14-year-old body with him was thrown from the car is now in a wheelchair. he will be sentenced on february 3. >> woman claims she was brutally attacked is not facing charges after police say she
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woman said she was attacked and robbed in chelsea on saturday by three men with a knife officer said their investigation found the 25-year-old denise perez was actually in a fight was cut by broken bottle. perez has been charged with misleading police. >> massachusetts governor charlie baker city still holding out hope tonight on a charter school bill the governor accepted book filled with more than 25,000 signatures for a petition today. the goal is to pass a log that will this a cap on charter school seats. states at present as he hopes to decide the coming week is enough support among senate democrats to pass a charter school extension bill. >> passer in the playoff sports illustrated highlighting the 17th meeting between tom brady and peyton manning. interesting right here they're calling it the last tango if you want to buy tickets to the last tango here's whether selling for on stub hub but if
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you're looking to splurge for two seats on the 50 yard line get ready to dish out more than seven thousand dollars. >> i find them about $7000 each if i was in charge if they were smart they would say nothing but complement are things about tom brady but the beauty play a football is that players are always smart. that makes our job so much fun. antonio smith denver defensive lineman agree with reported when asked if tom brady is a crybaby. >> it and stop the emily jackson another d lyman did not back away we told about smith's comments adding his own take on the way brady actually is on the field. >> he deftly throws temper tantrums. he whines but you know it's a competitive game i know i would be wanting like that. >> some people do.>> broncos fired first i can tell you almost 100 percent certainty do not expect the patriots to fire back. not smart and certainly not in character.
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season is now over after heading to the injured reserve list. >> catch all the action from denver with tom and butch stearns had to the rockies live reports ahead of the game start thursday right here on fox 25. >> local man found himself in a lot of trouble in the crash and icy creek and was upside down ahead at six how people in the neighborhood raced to his rescue including one man who knew exactly what to do. >> presidential candidate
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us supreme court expect to decide the fate of the presence executive order immigration bill the present campaign pick would here challenge presents with millions of immigrants here legally work in the country legally. how this will affect people right here in massachusetts. >> reporter: local advocates say this could affect at least 55,000 undocumented immigrants in massachusetts but some say that number could be much higher and say the impact will be felt here in the state all of this of course happening in the middle of a spirited presidential race. >> the ruling on whether or not the president exceeded his authority is set to come down
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presidential election. it comes at a time when he illegal immigration is a central issue in the campaign. >> were very pleased that the supreme court decided to take the case. at issue are the presence executive actions allowing millions of illegal immigrants to apply for programs that could make it possible to gain work authorization and other benefits.massachusetts immigrant and refugee advocacy coalition executive director abel malone telling me she's hopeful. because this is you know this is for the family who have been waiting for this day and they will have it in corporate could texas is leading 26 republican immigration plan. at issue at the plant focusing on nearly 4 and a half million illegal immigrants were parents of american citizens or lawful permanent residents. also this tension of a plan so-called streamers young adults who are foreign-born but states.
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profound here in massachusetts especially on the economy jessica vaughn is a center for immigration studies she says massachusetts will feel the impact if in fact this goes through. >> potentially as many as 80,000 people could be affected. 80,000 people who would suddenly be able to compete for jobs with legal immigrants and with us citizens. and they would also most likely qualify for most social services and welfare benefits. >> the justices are picking up the case after was caught up in the lower courts ruling is expected in june weeks before both parties hold the conventions and just five months before the country elects a new president. >> if you're looking to buy a home in the boston area you are far from alone. our area coming in at the top of the list for homebuyer competition in 2015. according to inman square in cambridge tops the list for the entire country the most competition. brighton and austin came in second place for the boston area.
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summerville. and cabbage court came and took the number four spot. thousand jobs created after local comes to build one of states first resort casinos announcing today that suffolk construction will be the general contractor for the casino. it will be built at the site of the former chemical plant never it. when in civics said the construction will create 4000 jobs in additional 4000 will be created once the casino opens. >> glad you stuck around new information and right now it changes the forecast a bit and several days away it's going to change more as we get closer to saturday i want to tell you what were looking at right now so as to ball outside it's cold the clouds breaking up going to be clear night snow you passed to the middle of the country that's going to go to a south next couple of days this is the beginnings of a storm system potentially here in the pacific northwest. this is that gfs or american computer model started at 1:00
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here yet. the track of the storm was a bigger hit going more northeast and the european model talk about earlier. don't want to be too much bottom line is this new track comes northward brings snow in during saturday middle of the day and then goes northeast much like the european model but that means is colder air selling farther south but this comes in and out fairly quickly with less snow if this track verifies here in southern new england. that similar to what we've been looking at with the european model coming up words and out to the east bringing it a quick hit and less snow to southern england. if you don't like snow your loving this news but i have to caution you this is going to change a lot the next couple of days likely as a storm comes ashore in the pacific northwest we get better information as our computer models these are the threats that were dealing
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dealing with heavy snow in lint mixing and southeastern massachusetts coastal complications because of the astronomical high tide this is all if it hits. and that is not set in stone i will keep updating you as i get more information the reason why i'm not putting numbers on a map for you for snowfall totals i would have to change them from yesterday very high totals to very low totals today i would want to flip back and forth all week long so let's see how this plays out over the next couple of days before we have to be putting some numbers on there for snow totals just be prepared for the worst just in case and keep listening. when advisory in place southern new england winds are blowing hard enough to give you wind chills at or below zero worcester is at 70 degrees feels like -1 with the wind blowing at 24 miles per hour higher gusts to 40 miles per
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going down to the teens overnight boston your 23 but if you walk around downtown it only feels like eight degrees out there with that gusty wind going down to about 20 first thing in the morning cold temperatures out there to be sure. this is futurecast over the next couple of days tonight where clearing out snow showers north of new england that's not coming our way it settling in the mountains wake up to sunshine the be some clouds stood working here during the afternoon is because the storm center on the middle the country it's going to our south is in the clouds increased during late day and tomorrow evening also started blowing on out of here first thing thursday morning with nothing more than a flurry here and the new england and then back to sunshine for the afternoon on thursday. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be about on par with a should be in january near
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not the other way around. next. ben carson suspending his campaign tonight after staffer was gravely injured in a van crash in iowa. the van flipped after hitting a patch of ice early today it was hit by another car doctor
6:23 pm
that staffer is being treated. >> the past couple of hours donald trump is picked up a big endorsement sarah palin through her support the gop front runner. they'll be in iowa later tonight for the poll showing very tight race. >> donald trump's campaign of the day to losing a big announcement as he made his way around iowa firming up the campaigns ground game in the hawkeye state. it took about that later but it's a very big event planned i think everyone's going to be very impressed. >> nationally new poll shows trump 17 points ahead of his strongest while ted cruz. but in iowa with the caucuses just 13 days away the two candidates are clawing for the top spot. and the gloves have come off. >> are doing very well the pollsters came out in south carolina where as you so i was up four points in crews went down three. crews shoring up support the first of the nation primary state of no have to today continue to last trump for not being a true conservative. >> mr. trump enthusiastically
6:24 pm
i disagree with him we should have known bailouts of wall street banks. >> on the democratic side a new mom university poll shows bernie sanders to do to cut into hillary clinton's lead. >> vermont senator gained 11 points last month promising his campaign is not finished gaining ground. we have many many thousands of volunteers we have a great field staff on the phones are knocking on doors we certainly need all of you. >> hillary clinton picked up a big endorsement earlier today as a human rights campaign the largest lgbt civil right advocacy group in the nation announced plans to back up local man said 30 year prison sentence after meeting that resulting more than 100 children. the decision the jury has to make that release them from state custody. the placement of his car into an icy creek and gets trapped by his seatbelt. hear from the driver himself about the good samaritans who rescued him pick up local man
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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. two people shot an mbta station in east boston to stop stores victims were wounded around 2:30 pm this afternoon instead of the maverick station on the blue line. all started when someone got into an argument and passages tell us they were forced to duck for cover.
6:27 pm
okay. so far there been no respite. >> more than a dozen massachusetts schools targeted by threats today fox25 is been following developments all day is a list grew instance were evacuated. right now the police confirmed 15 schools are district received threats. the fbi is helping monitoring the situation these cases very similar to other threats phoned in all over area just last friday. >> strong winds play a role knocking on the street in the middle of the road have a new route 16 wellesley thankfully nobody was hurt bitter cold at people bundling up in boston downright freezing outside. >> schools in provincetown had been closed for the day because they didn't have a heat.fox25 fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz in the heart of which is no doubt about it is a winter advisory when speeds see how they played out wellesley street though some because of a 40 miles per hour in the area didn't have some
6:28 pm
early this afternoon as well high wind gusts as high as 22 miles per hour at worcester earlier today. those of come down a bit but still dusty out there with temperature 17 and worcester 19 and orange 23 in boston factor in the wins on their consistently blowing over 30 miles per hour and worcester wind gust retreat was to up over 40 last time i checked so come down quite a bit that helps help with the wind chill one below and worcester eight boston feels like zero in portsmouth and nine of their provincetown where the have the problems. the other part of the stories what were expecting for this weekend not much happening out there right now and across the country snow fly over the middle of the country to go south of us this is a beginnings of what will be a nor'easter for the east coast however lake computer model data coming in right now shows a slightly different track that we were talk about as early as late as 5 o'clock when i was
6:29 pm
i will show you what that new track is what it could mean for doing that. >> cold snap mbta action ran empty trains attract last night to prevent critical components from trains from freezing early of the season several tracks broke in which a blast computers till this morning jury still out of service. >> going to make sure that were okay. >> i don't think there were doing with the saying that going to do. t has been telling is a 3 million under resilience of planning clinic plows rails and deicing particles inspection. >> under the cold morning head tomorrow wake up with the fox 25 morning news. >> it is now up to jury to decide if a convicted serial child rapists will get out of state custody. wayne chapman served his time for molesting young boys but but for the last nine years he's been kept behind bars your descendents because he's been deemed sexually dangerous. tonight fox 25 bob ward tells us chapman's fate rests with the jury.
6:30 pm
wayne chapman are highly disturbing but this trial is not about guilt or innocence. this is about whether wayne chapman is still sexually dangerous weather he should be set free. you heard that he admits an attraction to children that the lifelong thing. >> but rbc that's says nothing about whether he can or should be released today but in his closing argument to the jury wayne chapman's lawyer said that the frail man sitting in the courtroom today is not the same man who was admitted to sexually molesting up to 100 voiceovers lifetime. >> he argued that time itself is rented chapman safe and that after decades in prison it is time to release him. >> he's just too old and too sick and then his life will create the circumstances that would allow him to offend. he should be at the treatment center need to be confined way does not have access to the state contends wayne chapman is the same man who was sexually attractive young boys that he's always been.
6:31 pm
just last fall chapman told a corrections officer he might play santa claus if he got out time for christmas.>> he deceives a lot of people. he deceives a lot of people for decades.11 of the 13 jurors on this trial have to agree that wayne chapman is still sexually dangerous if the state can continue to hold him. if they don't get a least 11 jurors in wayne chapman is a free man. the jury resumes deliberation at 9:00 a.m.. >> international fugitive captured after police chase this week it is being held on $1 million bill tonight. ramon face a judge of low to court today. he's wanted for the murder of a police officer in the dominican
6:32 pm
including a offense here in massachusetts. he was finally arrested at gunpoint after a chase that ended in dracut on sunday. he is due back in court next month. >> tonight we have finally learned the names of the victims in a wall the murder six the middlesex da telus retired while the police officer kevin o'connor shot his wife jeannie o'connor several times then took his own life. police found the couple saturday at their forced street home.the da says it's tragic case of domestic violence. >> report revealing number of guns taken off the streets by a police around the state data shows nearly 1000 guns were seized last year alone. toward 20 of the guns were legally owned 100 city to illegally owned. the status of the other 400 is unclear the massachusetts chief of police associations as more information is needed on how the guns are getting into the hands of criminals. >> after the people arrested during peaceful labor protest logan airport was in court today.
6:33 pm
41-year-old roxbury woman were dismissed even before she was arraigned in east boston. yesterday logan workers and the supporters rallied over higher wages and union organizing rights. six were arrested for refusing to leave the terminal to others are expected in court tomorrow three more will be arraigned thursday. >> imprisoned former messages house speaker is asking the state's highest court to restore his pension payments. 70-year-old is serving an eight year prison sentence for corruption conviction. he says more than $127,000 in pension payments were wrongfully withheld from his family. he's asking the supreme additional court to reinstate those funds. a hearing on issue will be held next month. >> marshfield man arraigned on ou i charges after crashing into quincy city hall this holiday weekend. prosecutors say 29-year-old thomas cosenza was under the
6:34 pm
drove his car into the back of that building. you can see the damage here that was caused by the crash city hall was closed at the time picnics eastern man kery coming tonight after car? isaac we get five to just story rescue be of no it six fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is live. >> kerry: more ways than one leon rudman isn't exactly sure how his car plunged off easton's bay road into the icy creek tuesday morning. something. it had to be ice because i don't go fast. rodman says the next thing he knew he was upside down secured by seatbelt ugly help was not far away. >> i live right down the street and then i heard a crash a big thud it settled like a huge tree falling down. lee edison knew better.i'm a retired firefighter. i am really came down and saw the car upside down in the water and went tried. that's what left of that car now. when it was sitting in the
6:35 pm
help the driver at two other passerby's called i will one. i tapped on the window and yelled inside that are you okay are you okay. he says yeah but i can't buy my glasses. so he was pretty good. the experience retired firefighter had already set the scene. the emts helped rodman out briefly into the frigid water and into an ambulance. >> a real severe motorcycle accident pretty bad injuries. but it's a constant constant area. they said they could've gotten killed if i hit a tree. first responder say drivers approach this curb straightaways in either direction is a constant trouble spot they say today it was a set of another date is a close call that fortunately the 73-year-old did not have to endure alone. >> very nice. my -- don't mind me i get emotional. you can imagine how that water fell on a day like today. mr. rudman says he really hopes he can personally meet retired firefighter so we can thank him
6:36 pm
>> two roads will spill in mansfield police say this truck crashed intersection of shield and sweat street parts of both roads were closed for a few hours so crews can clean up the mess. >> at home on i 93 from boston expected a little more smoothly than the morning commute into the city hov lane on 93 s. is now open as scheduled. some mechanical problems forced the so-called zip relate to be closed earlier today as you can imagine that caused big traffic issues. >> massachusetts homeowner should expect a higher poverty tax bill this year. the globe is reporting the average build a single family home is going to go up by more than $200. for two more than $5400 that's an increase of 3.9 percent. the higher tax going to arise at home assessments and the cost of city and town services. new homes are apparently more livable than ever before
6:37 pm
laboratories chicago living room in 1950 took about half an hour to burn. >> hope today takes about three minutes. five say it's combination of what homes are now built with and also the synthetic petroleum-based products we use every day. >> it feels like it's a long way away when the weather does warm-up make sure you watch out for techs a new study from the cdc shows tics of spread lyme disease now live in half of all us county countries. counties that is just up from 20 percent of counties back in the late 90s cdc says is important to note here that tics could now be living in places that they were not living in before. umass boston extending tobacco ban all across campus property tobacco use is already been inside buildings on the campus new policy that takes effect tuesday extends the bed to all outdoor includes e-cigarette to vaporize. in addition to traditional cigarettes.
6:38 pm
become one of the college of music in boston conservatory have agreed to merge into one school. focusing on music dance and theater. officials expect the accreditation review process to be finished within a few months. the new combined school will be called berkeley. >> pearl jam playing at fenway this summer the band announcing on their website that they will play two shows friday, august 5 and sunday, august 7. the rockers have not played in massachusetts since 2013 when they were at the dcu center in
6:39 pm
online deception the putter mother and a family danger man accused of processing that woman adult website fox25 articles and incorporate today's hearing and learned suspect allegedly rest interest in some pretty graphic crimes. >> 45-year-old married man's attorney court today saying this was not a plan to hurt anyone it was a role-playing fantasy online. the probably say is someone else was in danger. >> my name and picture was on this disturbing sex website. and for me to be aware of my surroundings. one of the women was working with investigators on the case tells fox 25 news she was
6:40 pm
called saying her photo name and other contact information was being used by a thomas sheehan on adult website called color pretending to be me said that was my fantasy to be abducted raped and he gave out my address my work address and home address. police and groveland were one of the victims lives and the rest massachusetts attorney general's office says in addition to giving out that personal information about the women he was posing as the also try to give details on how to do the assaults. she and solicit men to use dangerous what weapons the woman's part of this although he was listening. using the screen name girl 42543 police say she and asked men like so would you at some point come here stockman kidnap me. sheehan's attorney says the 45-year-old wasn't trying to hurt anyone describing it as something sheehan was doing on line between himself and other males. >> it was role-play only. she is married and lives in
6:41 pm
not know what to think. >> it's crazy you never think you love next to someone like that. police of the suspects was getting people like this in some cases he actually knew the women one was a former coworker. >> ticketed tote hundred of cars towed away and one local city the tickets given but the drivers still forced to put the bill for the towing. tonight fox25 gets to the bottom of these parking wars it's all new on august 25 news at 10. >> just about to leave your evening plans be warned is to windy out there and those winds really dimension your temperature the wind chill as we like to call it below zero in some places when advisory is in place until 7 o'clock officially.they are the temperatures right now that's not bad enough 17 worcester 21 fitchburg 21 in plymouth doctrine the winds which are blowing between 15 and 25 miles per hour consistently and wins resting up over 30 miles per
6:42 pm
provincetown over 40 miles per hour. what it feels like if you exposed blessed -1 worcester not quite dangerous levels not going to go out there and get frostbite -and-a-half an hour but if you stay out there for much longer than that you go to start to feel in your fingers 's earlobes tip of your nose places that don't get much blood you want to stay covered up in weather like this. is clearing out up there temperatures will drop tonight across country the snow in the middle of the country i don't mean to ignore you build the could we are not watching south of southern new england over the couple of days not going to factor i want to focus on is what quits to be a factor. that's this we been talking about already it's unbelievable we talk this far out about storms that could be coming away but even that's not perfect this has to come ashore
6:43 pm
pacific northwest make its way all the way across the country it's not a straight shot. would it dive to the rockies into the southern us turn the corner and come up the coast in the carolinas. the best computer models that we have to use when you're looking at storm this far out take the storm off the carolinas no doubt about that the tracks have been different one coming to northeast and bring us heavy snow this is the latest coming in this afternoon still brings snow in here during saturday mostly mid-day into the afternoon and keeps it snowing north of this blue line especially into the evening hours but this is a weaker looking storm system not so much weaker in the center of the storm still a very powerful storm but we can for us on a track like that meeting it would not produce as much snow. still several days to watch this though our model of european model like to call the euro for short doing that thing
6:44 pm
north and that keeps us with less snow so the trend is been south what that does is bring colder air farther south in the southern new england makes that rain snow line collapse closer to cape cod of the ocean so the better chance for snow but the trade-off is less precipitation because heavy stuff goes offshore the storm. we'll see the trend continues lay information coming in tonight with a listing computer model data will see how that trend is going to become caring it all week long into the storm actually makes it to the ocs coast we know this nor'easter going to form friday it's going to be snow specially to the mid atlantic's dates heavy snow perhaps even to the carolinas. push offshore and then likely to bring some snow to southern new england the question is is it some images or some many inches of feet it still really can go either way something will be watching closely even
6:45 pm
coast potential for coastal issues astronomical high tides as we can futurecast shows will see some clouds to afternoon that's a morning tomorrow afternoon that is coming from the middle of the country blowing to our south likely to be couple of floors and that's it. all the while we stay cold this weekend or 70 forecast weekend always in view can be called into the weekend good chance we see some snow saturday to sunday the questions remain how much of the snow mexico to fall here in southern new england better information coming in tonight give you another shot of that forecast. >> seems like they were encouraging sibling rivalry from the very beginning colorado family with names should be watching this weekend's pats bronco game very closely check this out brothers brady and peyton. come sunday both brothers will wear the namesakes jerseys there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan --
6:46 pm
close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
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the bad news for the third time this year pages as a captive and injured reserve list. mayo injured his shoulder third quarter of saturday's win over kansas city so he is now done for the year. credible way for the broncos to amp up the hype this in this game already a few players decided it would be a good idea to go public with her. tom brady acts on the field when he's playing a game. antonio smith agreed with reporter who call brady a crybaby. leak jackson didn't back down from the concept adding his his two cents to the radio interview. >> he deftly those temper tantrums is one of those things he definitely was going on why. he whines but you know i mean it's a competitive game i know i would be wanting like that but you know some people do
6:49 pm
big-time competitor too. >> will all be focused on the pages attempt to clinch another super bowl birth but this friday we could also see a little bit of history is bcs hockey coach jerry york goes for a career when number 1000. where the form today as coach your cat's guys on ice gearing up for friday's game against umass it's funny he's accomplished so much he'd be the first college hockey coach to win 1000 we did talk to coach your today were going to share the conversation on the news at 10 but now let's talk as players just beaming about the significance of 1000 what jerry has meant to them. >> kind of preparing a speech after the game kind of loss for words so i was here when he got 925 which is a record for division i wins that was such a cool moment i can't wait for this house and talk to come. >> is always there for you.
6:50 pm
become a better person. how to improve your hockey skills. >> his touch a lot of lives audible to believe it 14 years ago tonight one of the most memorable and controversial moments in nfl history. final shot regulation patriots were bailed out by a little-known rule at the time everyone knows it now. it's a tech role but to more than 95 percent of the people watching this play should look like a fumble when charles woodson pick tom brady we know what happened next the pats tie the game went on to win it. what i still think is the most vocal field goal ever attempted in nfl history i mean look at that weather conditions calmly put it right through the uprights pages went on to win the championship game the next week and then when super bowl xxxvi against the rams a couple weeks later. >> extremely tough kick. >> some snow perhaps on saturday maybe i'll do that
6:51 pm
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