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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  January 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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we have the conversation every year. >> new oscar anger. should chris rock drop out of hosting after pink et smith called for a boycott? >> the academy is taking dramatic steps after no actors of color were nominated. what does it mean for "the hope"? >> chris rock is under pressure to bow out as the host. >> chris rock is in a no-win situation. >> from chris rock to the academy pressure academy president, the pressure is on. >> what is going on here? >> we'll explain what is being done now as stars speak ou >> i can only play so many gang leaders. >> then --
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>> news on plans to televise the husband. plus, jamie foxx to the rescue. how the oscar winner saved a driver from a burning car. >> vehicle on fire. >> and -- >>. you can't hide >> remembering glenn frey. our time with the eagles and the actor. >> the best new drama series in television. i'm one lucky dog, folks. >> wait so many hours and i'm a memory. >> now on n. in our 35th season this is entertainment tonight. >> some of hollywood's biggest stars walk away from the oscars? we're at a major tipping point. >> i hear you. yesterday spike lee and jada pinkett smith began leading the oscars because of a lack of diversity. weighing in. >> i was on cbs this morning discussing the issue. and all of this really leaves chris rock in a very precarious position. >> the theme is we all dream in gold.
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tarnished by controversy? >> we have the conversation every year and itpisses me off. you can't bitch about it just on oscar time. >> there is new pressure over oscar dive today. a lot of people are wondering if chris rock will opt out of hosting the show. >> everybody get together and stand behind chris rock and he says i'm not hosting tonight until change happens. >> chris rock were to step huge impact. it would bec a national conversation. don't you think it's better for him to stick it out and do the hosting? widespread consensus within hollywood is chris rock should not step down. there is so much opportunity for him to make statement about this year's oscars. >> hey, chris, i can't think of a better man to do the job hand this year than you, my friend. >> jada pink et smith supported chris in a facebook post yesterday but also suggested an
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>> what i get from jada smith is your man, because your man wasn't nominated. so you have personal for being mad. >> wendy williams went off today on the actress. >> prior to this, all them people hollywood were perfectly fine with you and your family, correct? >> meanwhile, the academy's first black president issued a statement calling for changes after the second year of all white acting nominees. we asked about the issue moments after the nominees were announced. >> people, they will look at you as the president of the a a woman of color and say, cheryl, what's going on here? is tdisappointing to you? >> it is disappointing. of course it'sdisappointing. and like you said, a lot of tremendously good films, you know? "straight out of compton," "concussion," "creed." >> academy president says she is frustrated and heart broken. i reported this story today on cbs this morning and michelle on
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>> the g consensus is that everyone does believe there is a problem. >> how did this happen? well, two reasons. first, the academy's ethnic makeup. >> the makeup of the academy is overwhelmingly white. >> second, the hollywood system. george clooney talked about it today telling "variety," i don think it's a problem of who you're picking as much as it is how many options are available to minorities in film? particularly, in quality films. >> there are zero african-american studio heads in hollywood. >> i realize i can only play many best friends or gang leaders. >> actor who was overlooked for his role in movie addressed diversity yesterday in the >> i know there wasn't enough imagination yet for the industry to be seeing me as a lead. >> this is going to get really interesting. i do want to point out that the lafk lack of diverse ity is the reason
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her awards. there will be image awards on february 5th. >> i think you make a good point about that one, kevin. the theme to that show last year was quit asking for oscars to recognize you. we got you. i expect to see much more of that. >> there was discussion about whether there were enough films that people of color out there. and yes, were so many actors out there who were worth yif a nomination and didn't get it. >> all right. well, there is also news tonight on oscar winner jamie foxx. he is being hailed as a real life action hero after he pul someone from a burning car. >> reports of multiple people trapped with a vehicle on fire. 32 and 33, squad 31. >> the crash happened at 3 8:30 last night outside ofjamie's he heard someone screaming because the car was on fire. "e.t." spoke to an eyewitness this morning who told us jamie
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and dragged h feet away from the car. reading into police report, jamie was not alone but with an unidentified comp he ran to the burning overturned truck and n. an attem to free the he was told to break a window, cut the seat belt and extricate the driver. a 32-year-old male who police say was driving under the influence. >> proud of my friend jamie. cameron is here with the latest on the funeral for celine dion dion's husband. >> it is happening inmontreal. i will be there to cover it for "e.t.." i'll be inside the basilica for the funeral itself. this is where the funeral will take place friday at 3: p.m. i've got an invite inside to attend. now the service will be televised on one canadian network and we've been told that celine will not be singing although it's very likely her songs will be played. heart will go on >> "e.t." confirms that renee planned his own funeral in the
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it wa final act of love to care for celine to her grieving. of course, the cathedral is the same place he said i do to the ago. the streets will be cl on friday. thousands of fans will be in attendance and what is interesting is the police for in montreal have been involved in long protests and they've been wearing camouflage in anger over unfair wages. but for the funeral, they will wear their uniforms out of respect for renee and for celine. who are considered royalty. they're beloved. all by myse >> there will be more heartache for celine on saturday when she says good-bye to her brother daniel who also died of kans twoer days after renee. the ceremony will be held in the church selena attended as a little girl. >> we suffer another big loss with the passing of glenn frey of the eagles. we were with glenn on stanl and on set. we're to share our
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>> so many great moments with glenn. meanwhile, nancy, let's move on to your guilty pleasure. yes, last night a roller coaster ride on "the bachelor". >> no doubt about that. so many twists and turns on this show. it's fabulous! there was a surprising exit that nobody saw coming and a devastating moment after bachelor ben received some horrible news. >> two people who are close to my family passed away in plane crash last night. >> emotions ran high as ben shared the news of his tragic loss. resulted in a massage from jubilee which, of course, wasn't without drama. >> are kidding me? what the [ beep ] >> and in a shocking turn, another self elimination. lace decided to leave the competition. >> i have a lo work to do on myself. i just feel like going home might be easier. >> but that may not be the last of we see of her. here is what went down "the bachelor live" off the show. >> are going to see new paradise? >> i still have to work myself. >> i have momma june and her girl.
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>> the shaning clan out on rodeo drive, h boo boo sporting full on makeup, june is in town shooting an episode of "botch." chout shechlt . she dropped 140 45 pounds and is having surgery to remove the results of excess skin. honey boo boo and pumpkin were just having a good time. >> i'm a cheerleader. >> and finally, are mir cyrus and ee liam hemswo engaged? even liam's brother is not sure if they're together again. >> i find out last half the time. >> miley has been flaunting the ring liam gave letter in 2012 when they first got engaged. we went straight to the source some details. >> they say she's never really parted with the ring. she's kept it very precious. that's what i heard. it's back on her inger the right hand.
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g calm down and stop riding naked on wrec balls? >> i don't think so. coming up, the woman called instagram's most famous trainer. how she s she gets celebrities fit in 20 minutes. >> yes. what number are we at? >> then,beyonce, we see you. you can't hide from us. is the queen b doing secre super bowl rehearsals? plus -- when i see you again >> grammy nominee charlie remembering his makeout with megan trainer? we're at home with the singer who is working wi [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey.
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all with hand chopped salad & unlimited bread for $12.99. tonight only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. and for lunch try our new steak and bacon cheddar melt. or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. >> that number one hit could win three grammys on february 15th,
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now that video has be watched more than a billion times on youtube. >> i believe it. i've been watching it myself. it completely transformed charlie's life. now he's working with megan trainor and selen gomez. we talked about the next big thing. >> okay. now you gave me a little bit of a scoop here that i hav go with. music video withselena. what kind of ideas are you throwing around there? obviously with megha things got steamy. let's >> so what kind of rap are we going to go with? >> i love what you're getting at. i mean, i -- so -- i mean we're going to wait for the song to come out first. >> and selena have been teasing us on snapchat. we'll find out more when charlie kicks off his north american tour in march. but for now, he's looking to
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when i see you again >> we're very excited. you know, we got tied to the world's most unlikely but it's cool. >> so is whiz your date for the grammys? you are bringing a date >> no. wiz is not my date. i think we're going to bring our moms. >> that's so sweet. i love a good mom date. >> with charlie, it's all about the music. >> and formula works after building a youtube following from his dorm, charlie moved to l.a. just over a year ago. his new ho hollywood hills looks over the capital records building. >> how d family keep you grounded? >> they let m know that 15 years ago we couldn't even afford tomato sauce. so we had to use catchup on spaghetti. and that money can go away really quickly. i'll tell you all about it
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>> so talented. the new cd drop on the 29th. of course, we'll be seeing him at the grammys. february 15th on cbs. also on cbs, super bowl 50. i want you to check this out. beyonce, stop trying to hide from us. we always know where you are. she was caus commotion yesterday on the campus of the university of southern california. she is there rehearsing for her halftime show. the big game is february 7th. coming up next, se gomez and say taylor swift makeup free famous trainer. why thousands of women and famous faces turn to to get fit. >> then -- moving on to the city >> glenn frey in his own words. >> when i quit the eagles, it was like starting all & again. can't hide >> our time with the eagles legend o stage and behind the scenes on "miami vice". that is closed captioning
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that is taylor swift and selena gomez getting their workout faces on. they hit the gym together in yesterday. we're at the gym with the woman dubbed instagram's famous trainer to find out how she's inspiring people all over the world to get fit in just 28 minutes. >> i've got vick it toria secret models foll me. >> one of her favorite workouts. it was the toughest workout ever done. >> i got a copy after. it can't be done. i love her. she's amazing. >> this is how you start a fitness revolution. as an 18-year-old australian trainer, kayla started posting before and afters of clients on insta an idea. post a video guide of exercises so followers can work o with
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>> it was pro 2 1/2 years agomaybe. >> then you checked your notifications, four million followers. >> i was like, oh, my god. >> blew uovernight. >> she is now 24. she and toby are going strong. >> we are boyfr girlfriend for 3 1/2 years. yes, we live together. he's my partner in all of. this he's my business partner. >> the fitness app called sweat with kayla and prescri workouts. she has more followers than tracy anderson. >> tell us about your workouts. >> h intensity, 28 minutes. it's sogood. you have four exercises, you have seven minutes to do the four exercises as many tim as you can and pushups. you should be feeling it. jump back in. stanup. all right. >> and how many of these am doing? >> 15. >> what number are we at?
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>> just felt like15. so reality fitness show in her future? we asked her. she says she hasn't about it yet. but we bet there is producers watching right now who are thinking about it. take it easy take it easy >> that is the v first hit that sent the eagles on their way to super stardom back in 1972. it was co-writt and sung by glenn frey. the rock icon pa away yesterday after an amazing career that spanned decades as musician and an actor. along the way, he shared manufacture his biggest many of his biggest moments with "e.t.." glenn frey in his words. >> we were always pretty visual song writers. mean, if you think about the way our songs open up on a dark desert highway -- on a dark desert highway >> so people can have pictures in their mind. welcome to the hotel
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>> glenn told us the were the soundtrack to our lives, for breakups, makeups and everything in between. you can't hide >> people did things to the eagles. they got in a car and drove across america. don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy >> tributes have been pouring in from across the world, most notably from don henley. "the bond we forged 45 years ago was never broken." >> people are always saying things to me like you're just like a normal person. a i always say, of course. it's another tequila sunrise >> from the moment they formed in l.a. in 1971, the eagles became one of best-selling bands of all tim glenn frey gets much of the credit for that. >> don henley said that glennf frey was the captain of the
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happen. >> when i quit the eagles in 1980, it was just like starting all over again. the heat is on >> but glenn's solo career was huge. it was smuggler's blues that glenn his first acting gig on "miami vice." we were on the set. >> i have a chance to act in the best new drama series in television. i have a hit record and biggest movie of the i'm one lucky dog, folks. >> i've accomplished a lot in the music business. you know, this is a new challenge. it was opportunity to eliminate travel and stay home. during those acting gigs in the '80s, glenn kept promising that the eagles would never reunite. >> i don't think i can sing "take it easy" at age36. something. lighten up while you still
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>> but in 1994, hell froze over. >> never say never. you know, things always happen for a reason. >> and maybe with these words, don henley spoke for all us. "i will be grateful for every day that he was my life." >> you know, back in 1992, glenn wrote a song that was called "river of dreams." one of the lines is particularly poignant poignant. he wrote, "people don't run out of dreams. people just run out of time." >> wow.
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at, our exclusive interview on his wife joey's cancer battle and surprise grammy nomina plus, meet the newe"housewife of beverly hills." what lisa renne really thinks of her. and fabulous and fit in her 40s, mariah rocks her bod in st. barts. we have the vaca pics at
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before we go, the victoria secrets swim special returns march 9 on cbs. they go to st. barts and have fun in the ocean. i don't know if i want to do it next to them. looks like fun what they're doing there. they make wet suits look sexy. >> nick jonas is perf look, there is a lot of eye candy.
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