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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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that now in the continent of the u.s. as you get all the way back here into the pacific northwest. you can see how far this happens in advance. question. one of the northern fringes of it, a lot of snow or a little snow waiting for the latest information to come in right now. we'll talk about when it gets here and how cold it will be when you get up in the morning. >> stay tuned for up-to-the-minute forecast from our weather team and custom forecasts based on where you live. a missing marine from hingham just after 9:00 tonight, the coast guard announced it's suspending the search for 12 marines disappeared when two helicopters crashed off of hawaii. christine mccarthy is live from hingham with what she's learned since 10:00. >> just devastating news of course for the family of 23 years old marine corporal christopher orlando. his family lived in a nearby neighborhood hoar where we are in hingham. of course this family did release a statement you may remember overnight weekend
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for their son christopher and since thin, of course, this heart breaking news that the search has been called off. now, christopher orlando is one of six marines in one helicopter and another six in another helicopter. all missing after crashing off the coast of hawaii. they were taking part in a night tame training mission and since then the coast guard, among others, have been searching at least a two-mile debris field for wreckage and for bodies. of course, we're learning now that that search has been suspended after a long five days, since thursday. we did speak with a family friend of christopher orlando's over the weekend, he did tell us that orlando was a very funny, smart, nice guy, a 2010 graduate of hingham high school. he was athletic and very excited to move to hawaii so that he could surf. again, the devastating news copying out hingham tonight, that search has been called off for those marines. live in hingham, christine
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breaking news in sudbury where a fire caused major damage to a home. the fire broke out at a home just after 7:30 tonight on the second floor and at thetic was seriously damaged. at least one person is without a home tonight. still no word on what caused the fire. >> people in one local city outraged after hundreds of cars were towed and ticketed. all this happening during last weekend's snow. new tonight the city is trying to make things right. kathryn burcham is live in worcester and you spoke with one family whose cars were towed. >> yeah, they not only want answers from city officials but also a reimbursement, from tow companies like the one behind me, that removed hundredses had of cars within just a few hours. and after multiple emails and phone calls to city officials today, we did confirm they will pay residents the money back although some of them are still
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>> it cost almost $200 for an inch of snow. >> reporter: she stands next to her black sedan that vanished before her eyes sunday night. >> i happened to come outside and saw a tow truck backing up >> reporter: worcester police began ordering cars to be towed during sunday night's snow. but the problem, the parking ban announcement from public works wasn't sent to residents until hours after the tow trucks began carting off vehicles. >> i got nothing. no one said anything. >> reporter: the mahoney family had three cars removed from the front of their lake street home. >> i was confused, thought my something. >> reporter: mike mahoney showed us the $50 ticket from the city vehicle. >> it's not easy money just to hand over like, that thanks for the car back. >> reporter: in all, city officials say 700 cars were ticketed and nearly 350 towed. since residents have been expressing outrage on social
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its failure to notify. manager announced all tickets and tow fees will be reimbursed. with more snow looming on the horizon, mahoney hopes it's a lesson well learned. considering the money they were going to be losing because it. reimbursement, the city says the residents will have to fill out a claim form as well as present proof of payment. you can get one of those forms facebook page. live in worchester, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. more than a dozen massachusetts schools targeted by threats today. fox 25 has been following developments for you all day as that list grew. students were evacuated. state police have confirmed 15 schools and districts received threats and the fbi is now monitoring the swaying. this case is very similar to other threats phoned in all over our area just last friday. shots ranging out on the t during the afternoon commute. it was breaking at 5:00 and 6:00 when we told you how two people
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new tonight we are hearing from witnesses, malini basu is live at maverick's nation boston what they saw? we spoke to one man who was feet away from the gunfire and tells us he and another woman are going to help the man who was shot on the platform, they were going to help, but then shots rang out. they went ducking for cover anywhere they felt safe. >> we were crouched on the ground by the elevator door. >> reporter: jamie was just feet away from where two people were shot on the maverick's blue line this afternoon. >> first victim was shot on the train as he was exiting the train so he landed on the platform. the second victim was shot on the platform. >> reporter: witnesses say two people got into an argument on the orient hunts train stop. >> right in the mouth, start the bleeding and that's when the kid reaches in his pocket and pulls out like a handgun and all of a sudden we hear like a big pop, like a firecracker.
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victim was stepping out of the train, sources say the gunman shot him in the head, a 43-year-old man standing on the platform was also shot. >> one of the beauties went and hit him in the back and he fell face forward on to the platform. >> the train was coming and the doors opened and all you hear is boom, boom, boom, and people are running back on the train to try to get away and started dispersing everywhere, it was insane. >> reporter: passengers ducking for cover and trying to run out of the train station. >> you heard boom, boom, people are staying stay on the train, shut the doors, run this way, run that way. >> sources tell us one man was shot in the eye. we're also being told at this hour that both men are in the hospital. they're expected to recover. police also think the men snow each other. witnesses tell us the men were arguing in spanish just moments before the shooting and again at this homeland security the shooter is still at large. for now, live in east boston,
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the fire marshal just confirmed to fox 25 that one man has been killed at a fire in scituate. the firefighters responded to the home and the victim was later rescued but later succumbed to his injuries. we'll continue to follow the story for you. a local man accused of using women's identities on an adult web site. thomas sheehan of quincy was arrested last week after police say he used the photo and information of a global woman on another woman who was working with investigators tells fox 25 she was horrified when detectives told her what was going on. >> it said it was my fantasy to be abducted, raped, and he gave out my address, my work address, my home address. >> reporter: in court today, sheehan's attorney say he wasn't trying to hurt anyone but a role playing fantasy online. jury deliberations will
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serial child molester hoping to go free. the convicted child rapist has already sevenned a decades long prison sentence and has been trying to regain his freedom since 2007. 11 of 13 jurors will have to find him in danger. nicholas was convictedded of neglect operations in the 2013 cost. he will be sentenced to february 3rd and faces a maximum of two years behind bars and prosecutors say he was speeding with several other teens when he crossed the center line with his truck. two of the victims suffered traumatic brain injuries. tonight people tell us they fear their cat was the target of a gunshot. the homeowner says he thinks the
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front when they pulled the trigger. >> if you looked ated neighborhood we're in you'd never expect this to happen over here. >> the homeowner says their cat typically naps on that very window sill. police are now looking into surveillance video in the area. >> a new hampshire man is arrested for a sixth oui offense. new at 11:00, 52-year-old nelson was arrested in groton this past saturday and allegedly got into a crash in the area of forge village road on boston road and facing several charges including vehicle. one of the six people arrested during a peaceful labor protest at logan airport was in court today. facing charges against the 41-year-old roxbury woman was cities inned, the judge dismissed them even before she was arraigned. supporters rallied for higher wages and union organizing rights and the six people were arrested for releasing to leave the terminal. two others are expected in court tomorrow and two more will be
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identifying this man after they say he got a little too heated over sugary scene of the accident. cambridge police say the man pointed a knife at a clerk after the two had an argument over candy. if you recognize him, contact cambridge police. boston mayor walsh declaring the state of the city is strong tonight. in its second annual address from city hall, the mayor touted a drop in crime and unemployment in boston. he also addressed the concerns of hundreds of boston public school parents and teachers who protested education cuts before his speech. my job as mayor of the stiff boston is to make sure the boston public school systems are the best in the country and that's what i intend on doing. >> reporter: the mayor also said he looks forward to welcoming general electric to its new global headquarters in boston. it's cold out there again tonight. sub-zero windchills one more time sets the stage for a wintery week that may end with some wintery weather. the latest when the computer models are showing for a big named storm. big name backs donald trump
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. poll released showing bernie sanders taking the lead over
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sanders jumping up 60% grump and holding his doesn't digit lead and when it comes to iowa the two are virtually tied with less than two weeks to go before the caucus there. >> are you ready to make america great again? >> reporter: nationally a new poll shows trump 17 points ahead of his strongest rival ted cruz but in iowa where the caucus is just 13 days away, the two candidates are crawling for the top spot and the gloves have come off. >> we're doing very well. the post just came out in south carolina where i went up 4 points. >> reporter: cruz showing off support in the first primary state of new hampshire today continued to blast trump for not being a true conservative. >> mr. trump enthusiastically
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stimulus plan and said the only problem was it should have been bigger. i don't think we should have a massive payoff to lobbyists. >> reporter: on the democrat side, a new university poll shows bernie sanders continuing to cut into hillary clinton's lead. the vermont senator gained 11 points last month promising his campaign is not finished gaining ground. >> it is empiretive that trump or any of these other guys not be elected president but what is not true is the suggestion that she is the strongest candidate to defeat trump and others. >> hillary clinton meanwhile picking up a big dorsement earlier today as the human rights campaign, the largest lgbt civil rights advocacy group in the nation announce it will back her. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. we are following breaking news now at 11:00. raymond new hampshire police are investigating a home invasion.
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into our newsroom in the last half-hour. police say two men wearing ski masks forced their way into a home on chester road and stole small valuables and memorabilia before taking off with the black dodge charger. police are looking for that car and to the men tonight. ice bucket challenge inspirations, pete freighties, new at 11,, the family posting this photo here as they welcome endicott representatives into the home, the school giving their first look at plans for the new pete grady hall on campus. we told but that hall back in december. brady's daughter lucy has been gifted a full ride to that. new at 11:00, the wreck happened around 10:00 this morning on charles street. no one was hurt and the crash caused major damage to the car. police in plainville are warning people about a phone scam, today someone called claiming they were from publishing clearinghouse and told the
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for a gold seal claiming the money and had to get the first information. publisher's clearinghouse says they never ask anyone to pay for a prize story a feline crimefighter will soon be back on the streets. boston police tweeting out this photo of s.w.a.t. cat with veterinarian castillo in franklin. it will turned to police after returning for weeks but they noticed she wasn't herself. the doctor treated the cat for dehydration and expect her to return to duty in just a few days. i realize i'm getting ahead of myself and haven't told you much about the cold weather out there tonight. let's talk about how chilly it is. how about 16 out in worcester. 17 in bedford and 20 in boston. no question cold air is in place. that's the first ingredient we need. not gonna be quite this cold when any storminess arrives by the weekend but not as dry as we have out there right now either.
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blowing 9 miles per hour around bedford... 30 miles per hour in worcester. 26 in boston. will give you a windchill. 2 below in worcester. 5 above in boston and 0 for you in fitchburg. cold air no doubt about it and tomorrow's high temperatures they'll be cold too but closer to average than what we saw today. 29 in dedham tomorrow afternoon for a high temperature here in the northshore. milford he'll check in at 31 degrees tomorrow afternoon. not much happening here in the north eastern part of the country, some snow flurries up here in the green mountains. they like that. some snow flurries here in new york state. but look at, this a batch of snow in the middle of the country coming through illinois now and into ohio overnight. that will slide to the south and not bother us. maybe some clouds and maybe a flurry on thursday, will be the worst it though. what we're waiting is for this, that storm system has been
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been picked up on by our computer models and turning into a huge nor easter for the east coast and possibly for us. it's finally getting on to land. gonna be interesting to see what happens in the next 12 hours in our first computer model run with information coming off the land to go into this storm. so far, and i want you to pay attention to this part of it, a storm coming off the carolinas in this computer model bring some snow and mixed precipitation here on saturday. european computer model coming off the coast but bringing lesser amounts, still some snow and precipitation in here. both of them taking a more southerly easterly track than we were talking about last night. however, i was looking at the latest computer model coming in from the american version, looks to me it comes back farther north again and that's what's gonna happen with the computer models. back and forth over the next couple of days before this can actually take a trek across the country and a solution can be settled on in. buckle up. we'll be in for a rude all week long as far as the track for the storm system. we do know that there will be a storm coming off the coast.
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coming to the coastline friday evening. almost no doubt there's going to be a huge storm on the east coast. the questions remain how far north are they going to go and how strong the winds will be around with i will cause coastal issues even if we don't get a lot of snow. something to watch for this storm for sure for everyone in southern new england. plenty of times you run out and get all the french toast ingredients wednesday, thursday and friday and by saturday and sunday, that's the time frame. the weekend in view shows the potential for snow and mixed precipitation lingering into sunday morning. and important to note, it looked like it was going to be a friday night storm earlier in the week and now looks saturday afternoon sunday morning if indeed the storm is going to hit. make sure you're back here first thing in the morning to get the very latest computer model information. where were you 14 years ago tonight? we are celebrating a very special anniversary in patriots' history. we're also amping up the afc
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raising a ton of money and auctions off the jerseys they wore tonight. the james jerseys they wore on january 1st at gillette stadium. you can go to to raise money who was paralyzed after hitting the boards during the women's games at gillette on december 31st.
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it going early. gets the puck, fires, and scores. the max get them on the board first, 1-0 bruins. th 21 through 2 and almost halfway through the third, david posternot, great to have him back in the line-up. the bruins take it tonight by a 4-1 final. bad news for the third time this year the patriots have placed the captains on the injured reserve list. gerard mayo joins many others on the sidelines for the rest of the season. mayo injured his shoulder in the third quarter of saturday's winner for kansas city so now done for the year.
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reporter who called brady a crybaby and malique jackson didn't back down adding his two cents during a radio interview. >> i mean, when we played him that time he definitely threw some temper tantrums. you know, what's going on, why, you know, so you know, it's a people do. he's definitely a whine but definitely a good competitor, too. >> rob gronkowski replying to a fan today on twitter who reminded him to be careful when he goes to denver because the broncos like to hit low when he comes to town. that's where he got injured right there on november 29th. gronk state, there is nobody like him. where were you 14 years ago january 19th, 2002? snowstorm in foxboro, one of the most infamous plays in nfl
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woodson hits brady, the ball comes loose. raiders recover, they're on their way to victory but the patriots get a second chance, tie the game, with inin overtime and ultimately go on to win super bowl xxxvi. by the way, who's this guy you're about to see? he hit me, i wasn't sure. >> did you throw the ball for him. >> i was gonna throw it and he hit me instead of throwing it. >> the kick by adam venturi, without question, as far as i'm concerned, is the most difficult field goal ever converted in nfl history. i remember watching that one and we all remember exactly where we were and i said no way is he gonna make this. >> i was there. down on the field. and then drove home that night and it was snowing for sure. >> trouble getting in your driveway? i had a little trouble at the
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced
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