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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, smoke and flames engulf a home killing a man inside. what was in the house that fire fighters make things especially dangerous. parents in dozens of communities are on heightened alert after students are threatened with bombs and gun threatened with bombs and guns. developing this morning, the extra security when kids return today. and chaos erupts on the blue line. >> right when the doors open you heard boom, boom, boom. >> julie: what sparked a shooting that sent commuters running for their lives. >>announcer: complete news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, it is 4:00 on this wednesday, january 20, i am daniel miller. >> julie: i am julie grauert grauert. the arctic air continues this
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the moon was out and looking very bright over littleton. a lovely shot. dry and quiet again for now but keeping a close eye on the weekend. >> daniel: meteorologist jays yais is in the storm tracker weather -- jason brewer is in the storm tracker weather center and has a preview. >> jason: later saturday into sunday we are watching for the neck big snow maker and full details in the big weather report coming up. you see the teens and near 20 you see the teens and near 20-degree readings. we still have winds out there run being 20, 30 on the gusts, even higher worcester and p-town. nantucket a 40-mile-per-hour wind gust. so quite breezy and we will see wind chills in the negative territory as you get out toward worcester. 6 feels like in boston. you want to layer up and the good news is more sun today overall than what we had yesterday. the hour by hour numbers, there is plymouth in the upper 20s at noon. at least we are recovering back close to the freezing mark today and won't be quite
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i will be timing much more on up. and just a little bit. and julie grauert with a check of traffic. good morning, julie. >> julie: good morning, jason. things nice and right. route 1 moving along just pine. pike open from framingham to the weston tolls and through brightto, n. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. we begin with breaking news in pakistan. they claim responsibility for a deadly attack on a university. gunmen stormed the campus killing 19 students and officials believe that number will increase. they believe there are more dead inside the building but they haven't entered yesterday. a pakistani army spokesman sent out a tweet that four attackers have been killed and the government has regain and the government has regained control of the university. new this morning a house full of clutter may have led to a tragedy on the south shore. fire fighters in scituate say
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in a fire at this home last night. he lived there with his mother who was not home at the time. when fire fighters arrived, they said it was too dangerous for them to enter the home. there was too much clutter and burning debris inside. at the scene overnight, the chief says fire fighters have been to this home many times. >> we had past inspection at this home and problems with a lot of cut willer in the home lot of cut willer in the home. >> we have been here a dozen time trying to help this woman and her son get help to try to get it cleaned out. >> daniel: so far no word what sparked the fire. a crew heading to scituate and live update in 30 minutes and live update in 30 minutes. now 4:03. developing this morning, security is being increased at local schools and the fbi is investigating a series of threats across students in the region. classes were disrupted yesterday in 15 different communities including boston, newton, westward and plymouth newton, westward and plymouth. all of the threats were hoaxes. the response was swift. fox25 cameras spotted
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school after officers were sent home. skyfox saw fire fighters and police officers at arlington high school. none of the threats were credible and most were made using automated phone calls. some mentioned bombs. at least one caller talked about shooting students. in all cases the identify and location of the caller was hidden. >> it is alarming and the children at first initially freak out because they know it is not a drill. >> simply not fair to the kids. not fair to the parents. not fair to the community. >> julie: on friday several threats on schools in several communities from arlington down to falmouth. we will continue to monitor the situation, if there are any new threats, we will let you know what schools are affected. also developing this morning, coast guard and have suspended the search for marines. they were on two helicopters that crashed. one of the people is orlando of hingham.
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massachusetts state trooper. we have a crew headed to hingham and reaction throughout the morning. coming up on 4:05. two people are shot on the t, and this morning the gunman is still at large. >> right when the doors open you heard boom, boom, boom. >> daniel: a story we have been following since it first broke. witnesses said they were ducking for cover as gunshots stop. two men got into an argument on the train and one of the men shot the other as he was walking you have the train. riders say it was a chaotic scene. >> one of the bullets hit him in the back and he fell face forward on the platform. >> people were running on the train to run away from the gunfire and people started dispersing everywhere. it was insane. >> reporter: another man who was standing on the platform was also shot. both victims are expected to survive.the shooter and the man he targeted may know each other. police are investigating a home invasion that left the victim tied up in duct tape.
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on chester road in raymond, new hampshire around 5:30 yesterday evening. two men wearing ski masks forced their way inside, tied them up, and stole small valuables and wrestling memorabilia. the suspect took off in the homeowner's car that may have damage to the bumper. police continue to search for the suspect. a local man accused of using women's identities on an adult web site has pled not guilty. thomas sheehan posted pictures and addresses on the site including a woman in groveland and solicited disturbing sexual acts. another victim tells fox25 she was horrified when detectives told her what was going on. >> pretending to be me. said it was my fantasy to be abducted, raped, and he gave out my address, my work address, my home address. >> daniel: in court, sheehan >> daniel: in court, sheehan's attorney said he wasn't trying to hurt anyone but a role-playing fantasy online.
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a couple in hookset, new hampshire, said someone shot at their house. the couple said they think their cat was the target because it likes to sit near the window. they weren't home at the time and no one was hurt. the homeowner was surprised this happened in their quiet neighborhood. >> if you looked at this, would you never expect it to happen over here. >> julie: the cat napped typically on this windowsill and that is where the bullet was found. a local man found guilty in connection with a brutal crash that left two people with devastating injuries. he faces a maximum of two years behind bars. a jury convicted him in the horrific crash on the arbor way in jamaica plain in 2013. he was speeding and had several other teens in his car when he crossed on to on car when he crossed on to oncoming traffic. the driver of that truck suffered serious injuries and could no longer move or communicate on his own. a passenger in papali's car suffered a traumatic brain
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wheelchair. a judge in boston is still deciding when former patriot aaron hernandez will stand trial for a double murder. hernandez is accused of killing two men in boston south end in 2012. the state's highest court is deciding if a cell phone belonging to hernandez can be used as evidence. jury selection was originally set to begin yesterday. hernandez is already serving life in prison for another murder. hundreds of people will get their money back after their cars were ticketed and towed in worcester. city officials didn't tell anyone of a snow parking ban during sunday's storm. when neighbors realized their cars were missing they euless eulessed social media to complain about the tows and tickets. >> i am pretty upset. i am trying to save my money and having to fork out $430 for something out of the blue it is not something i want to deal with. julie the city can request refunds but must show proof
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the mayor last night delivered his second state of the city address. the mayor touted a drop in crime and unemployment in the city and expressed concerns of parents and teachers who protested cuts in funding for schools before the event. >> may job as the mayor of city of boston to make sure the schools are the best in the country and that's what i intend on doing. >> daniel: the mayor is looking forward to welcome general electric to the global headquarters at the district this summer. a local sports company is facing a local challenge. a judge issued an opinion that fantasy sports game are part of illegal gambling. draftkings and fanduel may still operate in the lone star state, but could face a new lawsuit similar to the ones filed by attorney general attorney generals in new york. they say the attorney general they say the attorney
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a misunderstanding of daily fantasy sports. the new england patriots are dealing with another big injury days before the afc championship game. defensive captain gerard mayo is out. he suffered a shoulder injury in sunday's win. the broncos have started talking crash, antonio smith and malik jackson says tom brady is a cry baby that likes to throw temper tantrum likes to throw temper tantrums after he is hit. marshal also took off on gronkowski. >> he pushes off and gets away with it 98% of the time. that is what makes it hard to cover. >> daniel: the afc champion >> daniel: the afc championship game is sunday afternoon in denver. fox25 will have complete coverage of all the buildup to the title. sports director tom leyden and butch stearns are heading out for live reports on the game. you can expect their live reports tomorrow right here on fox25.
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traffic he ten minutes. your live drive times. easy 12 minutes on route 1 southbound as you head from route 128 to the tobin bridge route 128 to the tobin bridge. jason? >> jason: julie, off to a dry start, but still brisk. wind chills in the single digits. when the winds subside and the latest timing on a weekend storm coming up. strangers rescue a driver who crashed in a creek. the at thes us how landing in the water saved his life. a conservative powerhouse makes a stump for trump. >> are you ready for a commander in chief that will let our warriors do their job and kick isis's [bleep] >> daniel: why the sarah palin endorsement could be a turning point in the iowa
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just 13 days out from the first vote of the 2016 election. one candidate gets a major boost from a conservative powerhouse. sarah palin is supporting donald trump. >> reporter: sara pail is throwing her weight behind donald trump. the former alaska governor officially endorsed the republican front runner in a rally in ames, iowa. >> are you ready for a commander in chief that will
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job and kick isis's [bleep] corps corps could be a chief turning point in iowa. he is deadlocked with tez cruz. cruz responded to early rumors by maintaining his support for the mama grizzly. >> i love sarah palin. sarah palin is fantastic. without her friendship and support i wouldn't be in the senate today. >> reporter: the second blow to the cruz campaign in iowa. earlier today, a senator called for cruz to be defeated. >> he haven't supported renewable fuel and i believe it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him. >> well, look, it is no surprise that the establishment is in full panic mode. >> reporter: meanwhile, senator john mccain that collected palin as running nate 2008 didn't have much to say of her endorsement. he said i respect her views and palin has made her views
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we are we are effectually positioned to have you make america great again. >> reporter: andy rosen reporting. a student volunteer of ben carson was killed in a car crash in iowa. three other campaign members were hurt when their van slipped after hitting a patch of ice and was hit by another car yesterday. carson flew to omaha, nebraska to be with his family. new polls show bernie sanders has taken a big lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. a cnn poll show sanders jump a cnn poll show sanders jumping to 60% favorability. that is 27 points higher than clinton. the new hampshire primary set for february 9, and you can expect full team coverage that entire week right here on fox25. it is 4:16. here we go with a look at the traffic map. things are nice and quiet at this early hour. expressway you are flying from furnacebrook parkway up to 128 northbound and southbound also moving along nicely.
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through the weston tolls into the al allston pwlinton area. ten minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. 11 minutes from 16 to 128. 13 minutes on 495 to 195 to 128. meteorologist jason brewer joining us now and i know you are keeping an eye on that storm that may be come storm that may be coming into,000 weekend. >> jason: the latest models straight ahead. and brisk wind d chills. feeling like the single digits in most spots. layer up. more sunshine today. we will warm up a little bit compared to yesterday and, of course, i will have the latest on this weekend storm that we are watching. so out early right now, we are at 19 in lawrence. 20 in boston. plymouth too. provincetown at 25 degrees. go ahead and click there. feels like 9. a west-northwest wind 25 miles per hour. and it is just a brisk start to the day. good news is, the sunshine
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into the low 30s at 2:00, so at least we get back to the freezing mark. let's check out here around lawrence. you are at 19 right now. those temperatures are going to be recovering a little bit here this afternoon with some sunshine, but again feels like 7 degrees because we have that brisk wind. not as blustery as we were yesterday morning, but it is still quite chilly. layer up. keep the kids covered well at the bus stop. highs nearing the 30 mark in lawrence at around 2:00. afternoon numbers, 27, worcester. 30, fitchburg, over toward beverly at 32. and nantucket at 34. above the freezing mark there. we will zoom into some of the local neighborhoods right around 32 for topsfield, andover both at 31. woburn, 31. natick too. hudson, you are in the lower 30s. now overnight tonight will be in the mid and upper teens. seasonably cold no doubt with islands.
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clouds and maybe a brief flurry by the time we get to tomorrow morning at this time. no sign of any approaching weather here, but you are back over the great lakes. a quick disturbance that is just going to fly in here in the early morning hours tomorrow. that's where we have just a 20% chance to see a few flakes flying early tomorrow. no accumulation with that. the big story is the weekend storm that we are watching. the jet energy is now come ashore and is diving up throughout northern rockies. it is going to cross all the way into the deep south, and storm. this is saturday early afternoon, still dry here in southern new england. the european model brings this storm just off to the south. there is the freezing line. still a little mixing for the cape and islands. lower accumulation there is and right along the freezing line and just inland from there, decent accumulations before it is all said and done the american model. it is a little stronger, and it does show a little bit longer lived duration here of
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again south and eastward. the freezing line. good agreement that this coastal storm will come by. the question is the exact timing and how much we will get out of it because that is all tied to exactly how much cold will be with it. does certainly look like more cold air than what we saw last weekend when we had all rain come through. of course you remember the morning the patriots played, it was looking like it would stay wet and nice clearing in time for that game. this weekend doesn't look like the same set-up. we will have more cold air. the better potential for snow the better potential for snows. and we will see temperatures in the lower 30s for highs with lows in the upper teens to around 20. we will be back with much more coming up. 4:20 right now. changing up a menu for school lunch. coming up, why some schools once deemed unhealthy could be back on the lunch trays very soon. and this hollywood star is being called a real-life superhero. roic. i look at -- as heroic.
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the scene of a deadly crash in northern california involving a greyhound bus. one of the victims is identified as a 51-year-old mother. the second victim has not yet been identified. 18 others were you were in the a crash during a rainy morning commute. the bus driver told police he was tired and witnesses said he seemed to be nodding off just before the crash. the ntsb is investigating. not far from that crash, a rock slide closed a highway south of yosemite lakes park. officials say rain caused it. will not review the murder conviction of a former fbi agent. john connolly was convicted of second-degree murder for tipping off mob boss james whitey bulger that businessman john callahan was going to implicate him. callahan was killed. the florida justices declined to hear the case.
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united states has tested positive for a dangerous virus after recently traveling abroad. the women have the zeka virus. a mosquito-borne virus led to to an increase in birth defects. the condition causes babies to be born with seriously underdeveloped small heads and brains. the zika virus is spreading in parts of latin america, the caribbean and puerto rico. both women have tested positive and are in illinois. chipotle is offering paid sick leave to employees to prevent any food-borne illnesses. the company is shutting down all chipotle locations for a few hours on february 8 to hold staff meeting on new food safety protocol. sick paid leave will give employees less incentive to go to work if they don't feel well and avoid the risk of getting customers sick. cases of e. coli, salmonella and norovirus have been connected to chipotle including one in boston where
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the nation's largest health insurance is blaming obama care for losing them more millions of dollars. united health say it is lost close to half a billion dollars last year and expects to lose even more in 2016. the company is blaming higher-than-expected claims from enrollees in obama care exchange programs. united health said they are considering dropping out of all obamacare exchanges in 2017. amazon is making headway with its delivery drones. yahoo tech reports that the drones are much different than ones people can buy in stores. the drones are highly sensitive and have avoid technology to helps them avoid crashing. amazon officials say the drones will be quiet and deliver 5-pound packages in 30 minutes or left. prices for amazon drone delivery has not been set, and the company still needs regulatory approval from the faa. it is now 4:26.
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winner's front yard. actor jamie foxx pulled a suspected drunk driver from a burning car when the driver crashed right in front of foxx's home in california. foxx did not stop to help the man. >> i am getting him out up said i need to help to get you out because i don't want to leave you and i said you have angels around. >> you we all hope to do something when the sometime there. do we or do we fear our own lives. and he did not julie foxx wasn't alone. another driver who happened to be an emt helped him cut the seat belt and pull the man from the burning wreckage. >> daniel: wow. a top secret meeting between a hollywood star and a wanted drug lord. still coming your way this morning, new questions surrounding the actress who arranged the meeting surrounding el chapo and sean penn. why authorities are looking into her financial background. and paying tribute to a hockey p find your sweet spot today
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