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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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but for the mid-atlantic states expanding a blizzard out of the storm that comes on by not forecasting for them specifically but for us looks like one of the northern bridges of the storm system that's the american computer model showing you these each and every day the track is changed the coming of the carolinas were going more east the north european model same idea. they both come out the carolinas both what is the easy up the northern bridges of any significant snow it would be on saturday that would happen this is rpm model bring it in saturday morning at the coastal areas of massachusetts out the islands. your best chance to see six inches or more of snow is come south coastal areas of the island in new england. that's where chance to see six or more inches of snow the farther north you go it drops off very quickly to nothing. keep in mind these bands can shift as a path shift not been born yet keeping list information sharing with you as it arrives picnics the path of
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be sure to download the new fox25 storm weather app. >> pats in the playoff today they talk about the dual endeavor watching the news comes live on your right on fox 25 different patriot layer making headlines for something he did off the field. >> fleming is not one of the outstanding stars of the pages but thanks to some thinking is one woman's mvp last thursday. fleming was on his way home from tuesday's practice when he witnessed a car accident and of him and walpole. asking quickly after the car so that the woman needed to escape fast because of the smoke so he kicked in the passenger-side window. the problem is he cut his leg and needed 22 stitches to close the wound.
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playing on saturday and should a story today. >> very appreciative she was like thank you i want to make sure she was away from the car. >> just started kicking it. it didn't break right away the 13th of broke it. that was that. >> i don't think was that crazy. i'm glad i was there. >> i got some good feedback from it. >> something quite publicly about the situation until his high school in chicago posted story about it on facebook and from there quickly went viral became a headline story today could some people actually question the validity of the story and justin last our dearest fleming himself put this on twitter sang people are quick to try and bring you down. >> so sad. go to hear from fleming's teammate about how the team
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brian summers report from foxboro tom brady and eligibility shared thoughts on peyton manning today. >> first we didn't know where this historic of this heroic rescue took place so we started making some phone calls. we learned there was a three car crash reported on thursday in the town of walpole. fox 25 kerry kavanaugh continues our coverage now. >> kerry: police are one of the victims and the crash they said the woman was in a car that was involved in the three car pileup the woman's airbag had deployed she could not open or driver-side door. she said the man stopped came to her window and motioned he was going to help her out in the that window and she told police she thought it was a pass player. >> she believed it patriots player kicked her window
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we did observe some blood that window frame. she didn't indicate a name or anything just that she thought that it was a patriots player that kicked her window in. >> the person didn't stay on scenes was named did not make it into the police report police say since that airbag deployed the dust create a smoke effects of person came to the rescue man thought the car was smoking and could catch fire pit. >> be sure to stay with fox25 for complete coverage leading up to the afc championship game. >> there live reports beginning tomorrow right here on fox 25. >> you've probably heard by now i'm up the trash talk from broncos players slinging towards pats qb tom brady. coming up in the next half hour wait until you hear some of the headlines pages and to come up with for peyton manning and his
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decided convicted child lester still sexual dangers. that means this man wayne chapman will remain in state custody 25 is recovering this trial all week long chapman is also the suspect in the 1976 disappearance a lawrence boy are bob ward has been reporting on this case for years and bob that lawrence boy has never been found. >> reporter: no he hasn't andy puglisi disappeared from lawrence 40 years ago a people in lawrence still talk about this case. over the years wayne chapman has emerged as a prime suspect in andy's disappearance. and today a jury after seven hours of deliberation ruled that wayne chapman today remains sexually dangerous.>> i am relieved more than anything else. i'm relieved that he's not going to get out and hurt another child. melanie perkins was with andy puglisi on the day in 1976 when her friend banished from a lawrence to the swimming pool.
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her to produce the award-winning hbo documentary you seen andy? that's why perkins was inside courtroom 914 as the third jury found wayne chapman still sexually dangerous and he must remain locked up. >> i don't. i don't think that wayne chapman will ever come clean about andy puglisi because i think he has it in his mind that he did not do anything wrong. by his own count chapman's victims number up to 100 and his crimes back to the 1960s. his lawyer tried to convince the jury that at 68 years old, chapman is too old and too sick to be a danger to kids anymore. the jury did not buy it. the state presented evidence that chapman still things about his crimes against little boys and one is testified that chapman recently said that he was released before christmas maybe he could play santa claus. >> in a statement the
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correction said we are grateful that the jury appreciated the compelling evidence that wayne chapman remains driven by the same pedophilia and sadistic actual impulses that drove him to sexually assault up to 100 boys in the community and that he remains a serious threat to public safety. >> this is now the third jury that has ruled on this case and found that wayne chapman after all these years, is still sexually dangerous and should not be released. he can ask for new trial try to get out again in three more years, wayne chapman it 68 years old he'll be 71 then. >> breaking news right now from wall street another white knuckle ride for investors but dow jones closed down nearly 250 points nasdaq lost five points today s&p 500 off 22.2 and the day. not one point dow dropped more than 500 points. double coming up to the price of crude oil suffered its worst
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oil prices are at their lowest point since may 2003. >> state strategy to stop opioid addiction is evolving from just trying to stop common drug dealers on the street. attorney general's office is teaming up with you guys dea and department of health and human services to crack down on people who illegally prescribe and dispense opioid painkillers. since the mid-90s those prescriptions have increased 100 percent nationwide opioid state. 2011 2014. 4.6 million prescriptions for opioids in the state last year alone nearly enough for every adult and child in the state to have a bottle of their own prescription pain medication. >> attorney general says the availability of narcan has greatly reduced the number of overdose death. bit of a surprise after drug bust in nashua new hampshire turns out it was bigger the police originally thought.
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peers in charges he was selling marijuana. when they let a search his car they found another 10 pounds of the drug pearson was held on $75,000 cash bail. please searching for two men who tied a man with duct tape looted his home and took off in his car. this happened on chester road raymond new hampshire last night. today we learned that man was on his playstation for playing some games online with a friend when the break-in happened his friend called 9-1-1 a police race to the home police found the car this morning but there was no sign of the suspect. >> definitely fire situate remains under investigation tonight fire began just before eight last night on situate we first told you about this fire fox25 news at 10 and during our limit clock show we learned one man had died in the fire. tonight we know that man was sean gorman who lived in the house with his mother. firefighters rescued woman from
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hospital but he did not survive. >> gorman's mother wasn't home when the fire started. part is a gorman and his mother are hoarders and that they tried to help them in the past. >> problems with a lot of clutter in the home. we been here about a dozen times to help this woman and her son to try to get get it cleaned up. >> we got here situation not safe to go inside the home. >> firefighters tell us all the clutter in the home couple can about their efforts to fight the fire as well as the rescue attempt.>> electrical short heating system blamed for fire at this east boston business firestone just before 930 this morning on congo street. firefighters knock it down and left less than 30 mins no one was injured.>> touching tribute today for a young boy was dying wish is to be famous. today is officially the strong day in rhode island. eight-year-old dorian murray is from westerly he has an incurable cancer.
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to be famous around the world before he goes to heaven. people around the world are using social media to make that wish come true. billboards here in massachusetts and the sexual is a part of this message today. we are thinking of you dorian keeping the strong. >> the stories touched so many people even in the face of this museum with a smile and all the pictures that we continue to see him. amazing assembly of people on the beach there with that heart that's fantastic. >> right now police looking for a man accused of pulling up to a car dealership in stolen car only to about a bit and still another one. at six you please want you to see why they say is part of a
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boston 89-year-old police hope you recognize this man in this video showed up at a local car dealership in a stolen vehicle on the left the car there only to still another car immediately. best is also think of it as part of a large criminal enterprise. >> reporter: real incredible police said the man didn't even try to hide his identity during all of this is a look at that surveillance video you see him open the door right there and then he closes it behind him. then he looks around the garage
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says making his way to the black car on the left of your screen right there.he hops in the driver seat, and eventually and then off he goes. the crime happened on january first police say he showed up at a local dealership in a stolen vehicle and then stole the car we just showed you. investigators we also believe this man is involved in a larger criminal enterprise and several police department hope to speak with him of course if you recognize has to call the natick police. >> worried about it coastline cannot handle the winter storms which to get around this time of year. fox25 robert goulston is live in sandwich now where brenda sander was completed. before the big concern here is as high tide inherent sandwich they just spent millions of dollars on a new beach here one of the main beaches they know it's going to be put to the up. >> nearly hundred thousand
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beach in sandwich the original plan called for nearly three times as much. >> people are worried because it isn't the full replenishment the just won't hold up.the town of the work completed will make a huge difference. brewster ambulance service gathering video of how the beaches looked before and after storms. a comparison. it's a comparison of what roadways look like waterways, housing and any of the beach. the birds eye view gives emergency workers information a lot quicker. so they can go through it frame by frame to see if that any damage and then you know apply for any funny. in sandwich residents hope the beach will catch a break this winter. >> a camera has been positioned near that doing so
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these winter storms moved through and they said they will take some adjustments to that i if need be. >> i'm with the storm looming for this weekend storm that may not actually does force will talk more about that about the time outside right now. it's 30 degrees in norwood 29 in boston was to your 24 degrees right now still a bit of a chill out there from the breeze is blowing today so worcester is at 24 but feels like 16. that's a lot better than yesterday we were below zero for windchill yesterday worcester at this time. wins from the west only seven miles per hour. gus going about 16 overnight tonight boston 29 degrees with the wind feels like 16 there as well. dropping down to 21 for low temperature tonight. let's check up fitchburg here northern worcester county was
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you going down to at least 18 likely 17 overnight. bottom line another cold night another chilly day coming up tomorrow. limit below average like today was but typical to late january weather. two clouds out there this evening clouds actually ahead of a system it's going by to our south tonight snow falling in pennsylvania down to dc to virginia and the carolinas hope to not thinking this is a storm that were talk about them is a weaker system it's been forecast to go to the south of us the clip us with a couple of flurries it looks like lesser scenario at this point. just up lori after all. waiting for energy diving through the mountains to hit the gulf of mexico become that nor'easter pretty amazing talk about this all week in the computer models have been used so far. the track has been back and forth. we been talking a storm coming off the carolinas that would be an issue for us but let's talk about this snow going to our south leaving us to discuss by
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afternoon. we jumped to look about moral metrowest 28 dedham 28 holliston north shore here rockport ub 20 degrees tomorrow afternoon.was a counting worcester 26 milford at 20 degrees tomorrow afternoon. coming up about the carolinas every day the difference has been where it goes from here. northeaster we track gives huge snow term for much of southern new england and more eastward track gives is on the northern fringe of this work goes. more east. that means that we would still be on a northern fringe. click the computer models have updated they put the ells on your latest run still continues that trend of keeping on the northern bridges. the euro pan model this will not update will do so into the early morning hours is when going other east as well. keeping us on the northern bridges. rrp model bringing the snow to southern new england by late saturday morning into the afternoon but only south coastal areas. three models all agreeing on
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this is your best chance of seeing this much snow. . your best chance of six inches or more still will be hugging the coastline of southern new england to the island nantucket martha's vineyard it really drops up quickly when you get to the pike north of the pie won't be anything on a track like this. 70 forecast your weekend if you shows a potential 40 percent chance of seeing snow here in the boston area farther south you go you have a higher chance of seeing some snow. this weekend it will be colder on saturday wenzel still be blowing and one thing i want to caution you about with the winds piled the water up against the shoreline. could be coastal flooding minor to moderate depending on how close the storm actually does tract was that's also the expected as we can. >> he doesn't do the retail politics new hampshire is
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their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. looking at bomb sniffing dogs searched students backpacks outside of the elementary school. an email threat referenced above the backpacks this is not the only threat today every school took sperry received one as well fox25 2011 follows a day threats 15 different committees just yesterday. for the third day in a matter
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pick up their students as police question here at methuen high school and took sperry school please tell me this email bomb threat targeted both students and police and rambled at times it was a page long it even mentioned how the suspect feels girls don't like him. >> you have to be cautious. sky fox above two methuen schools were high school students sent to keep warm after they were evacuated from their schools. those are backpacks on the ground students were asked to leave them to be stiffed by dogs. >> superintendent police chief said the email threatened pipe bombs of my packs school lockers although the chief says there were also generic to the email which could mean it didn't come from within student. >> tewksbury schools receiving
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said to principles all seven of the schools tewksbury superintendent tell me over the phone that some of the threat was not serious enough for them to cancel schools some parents disagree with that decision. >> tewksbury was one of 15 has achieved committees that yesterday received automated robo calls bomb threats. police and the fbi said it's too soon to know whether today's threats are related. >> fbi is now working with state and local investigators to try to identify the source of these threats weber is doing it could face federal felony charges as from the winds activities are happening tonight at the school and school is back on for tomorrow. >> two people shot mbta station now out of the hospital fox25 obtained a cell phone video. shortly after tuesday shooting inside the maverick street
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can see one of the victims on his hands and knees shortly after being shot. according to police investigators have no plans to release images or description of the shooter. transit police tell fox 25 the shots were fired shortly after an argument on the train. >> first time the obama a ministration to defend the present executive accident gun-control to congress. republican senators challenge the presence orders saying they for junk gun owners rights. orders call for more background checks and changing how firearms dealers are classified and quicker reports of stolen guns. today was attorney general the right to testify before a senate panel. >> the common sense steps announced by the president are a lawful. they are consistent with the constitution. >> that senate panel received funding for the justice department which would had to hire more people to conduct the back on checks. calls for by the executive order. >> tonight 89-year-old grandfather is dead after
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walking on the sidewalk. >> the day it happened we did not get a lot of snow to the question about why a plow is used in the first place. we look at that next at six you also hear from one of the grandfathers neighbors who knew him for decades. >> bernie sanders versus hillary clinton people are feeling the burn in new hampshire.
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closer marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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nor'easter forming right now as new models continue to be updated on the path of this winter storm. >> fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz keeping an eye very close one move. >> we know it's cold out there we need that cold air in order to get yourself into situation we talk about us norm and tonight it is just partly cloudy out there some snow tore south we see that here the satellite radar. that's a storm now.that's a weak system going by yourself never be our storm our storm still being born out here in the mountains to the west. that mountain region give us an area of low pressure a storm that's going to dive toward the gulf of mexico and become a system that will have to watch. this first one not initial force but the second one will be a bigger problem. high temperatures in just a little while as far as a storm path of this with it's coming
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that's where it is with the american model taking it to our bridges. keeping us on the northern fringe of the storm as it makes it way eastward what that means for us less chance of having any heavy snow here you want a third opinion no problem is rpm model coastal area of new england getting into the snow squeezes its way off to the east and south of us. that leaves me with this final conclusion at least for now over this can change a bit in the next couple of days but the best chance of seeing any significant snow will be the south coastal areas of new england really drop off toward the pike this goes any farther south that's been the trend will get totally pulled out of the snow is light jog to the north and six inches could go a little farther north as well. will fine-tune the totals if they're going to be the next couple of days as a first at the chance to any steps we will talk more detail about this computer models and our cold snap coming up. >> convicted child rapist
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sexually dangerous and will not be released from prison if one of our top stories tonight. today for the third time since 2007 a jury found chapman still sexually dangerous.he will not be released. wayne chapman is been decades in prison for crimes against boys dating back to the 1960s. his victims numbered up to 100. his lawyer try to make the case that chapman is to all the two sick to reoffend. >> stocks rebounded a bit at the close after plunging more than 600 points today. they took a tumble after the price of crude oil suffered its worst one-day drops in september.oil prices are the lowest point since may 2003. which is concerning investors at the global economy is slowing down. the dow jones closed down 250 point the nasdaq using more than five and the s&p 500 took off 22 points. >> local family is mourning the tragic death of the grandfather police say that 89-year-old man was walking down the sidewalk when he was hit and killed by a plow. knew it six bucks 25 little
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why a plow is being used in the first place. >> this father and grandfather was just down the road from the scene of this fatal collision with a sidewalk snowplow announces family mourns tonight it remains unclear how his body ended up in the roadway. >> richard freeman has lived on bond street since the 1970s and it was neighbor jacob goldberger well. >> freeman shocked to learn that 89-year-old husband father and grandfather was hit by a sidewalk snowplow around three in the afternoon. >> scott robertson was working on his house nearby and he looked outside and made a disturbing discovery. >> goldberg was taken to leahy medical center where he died from his injuries. it remains unclear how his body
6:31 pm
witnesses i spoke to say it was unusual for anyone to be using something like a snowplow to be clearing the sidewalks given what they say is a small amount of snow that we got on monday. >> i don't understand it. i've been told that the operator stayed on scene after this fatal collision cooperating with reading police investigators and the mass state police after the reconstruction team. i'm also told that it remains unclear charges will be filed in this case.>> 10 years since the murder of a mother and a baby gained national attention. shaw's family and then took off for his native london was captured guilty is now serving life without the possibility of parole. during the trial prosecutors revealed he led a double life deep financial trouble at the
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>> he was accused of using campaign money for his graduation party. tonight mildred democrat brian choices resolve some of his campaign finance problems. this update was to we first told you about last week is on at six. the office of campaign finance thousand dollars of personal donations to charity to help cover the cost of the discrepancies. last week the governor called for an ethics investigation into joyce over separate reports that he received years of free dry-cleaning from a business in this district. >> pats playoff runs with a trip to denver in the afc championship tom brady and peyton manning will face off for 17th time and it was had this will be the final rodeo and that stories rivalry pick some bronco players don't have brady. >> this is the back page of the new york daily news tom
6:33 pm
picture but take a look at his face in a news conference from today and you will see the jab didn't go entirely unnoticed. >> asked the broncos and i'll say this is a fair assessment. a suggestion that pats qb tom brady is a complainer. looks to refs role/whatever he's hit. a crybaby. >> in a news conference he was asked about the accusation. >> it's a narrative that started when the lead up to the afc championship the broncos were asked about ready by reporters. pencils were thrown at tight end rob gronkowski to linebacker brandon marshall
6:34 pm
skirting the rules of play. gronk didn't directly respond to this to a fan. i asked pats fans what would your headline read if you are targeting peyton manning of the broncos? here's what they had to say in defending their tightlipped patriots. >> to oldies over the hill. big forehead. he sucks. >> the pages take on the broncos this weekend in denver. at gillette stadium elizabeth hawkins. >> tomorrow senator bernie sanders headed back to new hampshire secretary hillary clinton back on friday. and also saying it's very possible status could take the first in the nation primary in the state. with the still time for things to change 25 political reporter trend i went to new hampshire
6:35 pm
>> with three weeks to go until the new hampshire primary hillary clinton about to be eclipsed by yet another candidate? what about the retail politics new hampshire is known for. donald trump is way ahead in the lead we decided to stop voters what they thought. >> the red arrow diner place where present can it really campaign with a politically savvy can grab it by we asked voters here hillary clinton's campaign is in trouble. >> they're not at all surprised about the 27 point lead bernie sanders has opened up over clinton in the latest poll. >> it definitely helps that new hampshire's right next to vermont so his names pretty familiar. >> dante scarlet is a professor of political find at unh in durham. >> there's a lot of pent-up energy among democratic voters. what about the republican
6:36 pm
trump is far ahead. >> a lot of people on the fence between him and bernie because they're tired of the regular same old. campaign about make a statement kind of you know coming in dominating leaving.indeed trumps campaign defies what we've always believed about new hampshire that voters need to be courted he shows up hold a rally and leaves. with his star power translate to real bolts. >> how many of these multitudes of people show up at trump rallies are there for the show as opposed to people who turn out and then leave saying i'm absolutely going to vote for this man pickets bernie sanders is back in new hampshire tomorrow hillary clinton is back here on friday the primary happens on february 9 and yes a lock can happen between now and then. >> republican ken is also campaigning hard new hampshire today lord a senator local ruby
6:37 pm
house of representatives a speech he reminisced about his time spent in the florida house. and how some of his proudest moments of public service came from his first time. >> john cusick also addressed new hampshire house today before heading to a town hall concord. he has been making up around this granite state in recent weeks not tout with tech was the second place behind donald trumpet. >> ted cruz hosted a town hall in exeter voters vision of america after president obama. crews has a meet and greet manchester tomorrow before getting to hawaii pickets had was another big company is now boston bowed mbta commuter rail operator announcing today. right now the company's north american headquarters are based in arlington virginia. mbta is the biggest contract on the continent. shift brings just 15 20 jobs to the area earlier this month ge announced it would move its offer offices to boston and bring hundreds of jobs.
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night governor charlie baker delivers day of the commonwealth address and you can watch it live right here on fox 25 hour coverage will start at 7:30 p.m.. several police department doing everything could today to make a little girl smile. the three-year-old is currently battling leukemia. >> mission accomplished today thanks to copps for kids with cancer gene and a family got a police escort to the tewksbury police station when they got there the family was presented with a $5000 check to help out with their medical bills. >> the little girl and her big brother also got to where police uniforms and take a ride in this very special cruiser. >> 75 different police departments came together.
6:39 pm
getting credit for helping a woman escape or smoking car after crash but when it came as a surprise by the pats player had to go to the hospital himself and why coat ella check would be mad at him. >> where ported blonde goes to marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015
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what some members of congress calling wasteful projects. on six fox 25 with her mission top defense official meeting tonight is alarming. >> these luxury ellison the private security guards protecting them and afghans in canada huge hundred $50 million price tag. phyllis on the defense department task force center of a controversy over spent $800 million of your money. their huge questions about whether this money which is not totally wasted on behalf of taxpayers. you have to senator calling a senate hearing into defense spending $800 million intended to help economic development afghanistan. task force spent millions of things you would typically associate with the pentagon from jewelry making businesses to importing rare blonde italian goats. >> do we get any return on investment one of the most
6:43 pm
before was his compressed natural gas station. inspector general is that for months at a cost of living for $3 million. testimony here the defense department says that number that came from its own consultants is inflated. >> we believe the methodology used is wrong in the project cost of far lower. all along we've raised questions we can't understand that number and we never got any answers from dod until behold the night before the hearing they said the numbers were wrong pickets it's dod's numbers. beyond a gas station the larger question is should the defense department be in the economic development business. even the under secretary of defense testified here that is quote skeptical of the pentagon should be doing this work. >> midwinter feeling just like midwinter on the field kind of cold out there tonight.what school it's been the last couple of nights not much went
6:44 pm
tempted in your town 29 and watertown 27 westin milton checking in 26 boston at 31 degrees right now. to the north north shore to southern new hampshire salisbury beach at 27 newburyport at 27 up to new hampshire 27 to the west out to worcester county temperatures in the 20s here holding auburn for the 24 leominster 26 46 buried at 24 degrees, condiment warmer here 29 30 born 30 over in yarmouth. these would drop tonight into the teens with some 20s out there can caught in the islands been also be quiet night as clouds one by clouds of the right now will see those at times tonight continuing because of the snow is moving to our south it will go over the water be done with the carolinas the next few hours but that snow is not going to clip us you see it down out there because a bigger storm the ever come close to us that's not the storm been talking about this week.
6:45 pm
a big player for the mid-atlantic states. high temperatures hit tomorrow with some sunshine and clouds break in the morning and one bridgewater and hyannis 30. gillette stadium 30 degrees tomorrow afternoon. this is a strong we've been talking about is coming off the carolina coast in the latest gfs or american version of the middle range model just coming in the last hour showing the storm to track off to the east keeping us in the northern just this is trending still to the south which pulls any snow chances even farther south with it. this matches up pretty well with that european computer model still coming up the shore the same spot huge snow in the mid-atlantic expected up to 30 inches or more as possible to three feet in dc. standing record is 28 inches back in 1922 and january 27 storm this one could actually be bigger if the computer model numbers work out by the way it would be crippling storm for the dc metropolitan area.
6:46 pm
for just on the day on saturday rpm model bringing snow on the south coast of new england and then sliding it off to the east actually look full farther north for the other two models so we'll keep that middle game going which is how close to areas likely places shovel snow during the day on saturday and sunday morning up to six inches still possible the chances and the latest computer model run to be waiting on that bit something were not going to flip around too much talking chances without talking concrete numbers that your best chance to see significant snow lesser amounts to the pike and nothing for you north shore and new hampshire as well. seven day forecast weekend in view potential for snow cutting it down to 40 percent. still going to be wendy those winds whipping onto the coastline caused waves potential for flashover even coastal flooding thanks to the high tide expected this weekend with the full moon by sunday it's all gone and there is
6:47 pm
sunshine out shoveling to do for most of you gets little milder into next week with rain or snow expected by tuesday. told you about the computer models each and every day with the keeping track of that storm but now we can actually track it out of the west and toward the coast of the seaboard over the next couple of days click it still going to be a huge storm but we are in the northern just with such a big storm consequences are critical so we need to keep a very close eye on over the next couple of days. >> little football 20 patriots on the injury report long list
6:48 pm
question about being a cry brady. who wouldn't want flags on the team tom brady reporting the temptation to engage a trash talk to it as a starting to heat up a bit for sunday's game endeavor. >> afc championship mark the 17th time of tom brady versus peyton manning 11 five or tom it's 22 in the playoffs is a magic firs of word of the nfl if you asked me but yes tom brady not so much. i would commit to any of those but the thing laying 17 times pretty cool. you gotta play 60 minutes to be in for a tough game. also widely known has it been hall of fame under 500 record but regardless bill belichick abrading have the utmost
6:49 pm
>> 's preparation his consistency of skills i would never ever underestimate him under any circumstances. >> is so accurate. he knows where everybody on the field is offensively defensively ability to always seem to come through be a leader first team so many games every team part of you can see that he leads a great team pickets tom brady was asked to get her the trash talking coming from the bronco saying that he was basically a crybaby or seen or heard the headlights from new york. to which tom brady said no. i haven't seen them. >> sure you haven't. >> darius fleming selling a guy pages fans may recognize the store that became public today fleming was on his way home from practice last thursday when he went just a car accident front of him and walpole. acting quickly hopped out of his car saw the woman in need
6:50 pm
escaping because a car was quickly filling with smokes we kicked in the passenger-side window problem is he cut his leg needed 22 stitches to close the wound but it didn't stop him from playing against the chiefs and sharing a story with his teammates.>> got great guys around here. playoffs regular season always outlook committee trying to say people darius was really quiet about it but the rest of the team got a hold of it and the guys on the team we forced him to give a speech and everything a lot of cheers went on. it was a happy time for us. >> celtics in toronto tonight three and one the last four trotters one five straight games should be a good one. how about darius fleming. >> step it up. >> for us seems off the hook here a bit. you've been showing you the computer models will do that again everything is trending
6:51 pm
here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. can retire i'm bernie sanders,
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