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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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another tough day and what investors are looking at another rollercoaster. complete new england news coverage starts right now. >> julie: good thursday morning, it is 9:00 on january 21st. i'm julie. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. getting a better picture what we are in for with snow and it keeps changing. >> jason: lower amounts here in southern new england. let me show you where the storm is right now. it is back over kansas, nebraska, parts of texas, making way eastward, at least week see it now, overnight models dryer overall and saturday afternoon through sunday morning, wind, snow, potentially rain mixing in, coastal concerns as far as the beach erosion and flooding, still something to watch closely there's the icing charlotte big
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feet of snow up to d.c. and then you get up to southern new england and dry at 4:00 on saturday afternoon and most of the area and changing it over to rain for the cape and islands. so i'm going to show you what that means for accumulation and what the most likely scenario in just a little bit but today we have sunny skies, worcester, you're in the teens but warming into the mid-20s later and in boston trying to get above the 30 degree mark. crisp and chilly out there. julie, you have heavy volume on a thursday morning i would imagine. >> julie: yes, we do and i'm grateful things are dry out the there and take you to the heavy spots know what to expect and pike slow and allston-brighton tolls and very typical this time of the morning commute, 446
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split to the pike and almost an hour 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: updating breaking news in mildford, police given all clear after searching a school for bomb threat. the high school will still remain closed all day. crew is on scene right now as police investigate that threat. the fire department is also there as you could see in this picture. the fib is now investigating multiple school threats across the state this week. 15 districts were threatened by phone yesterday it had tuesday and yesterday schools in methuen and tewksbury received e-mail threat. two methuen schools sent students home and students left the backpacks as you could see from sky fox here, so bomb-sniffing dogs could check them and threat mentioned pipe bombs being in backpacks and lockers. all seven schools in tewksbury got a similar e-mail and fbi is currently investigating threats at schools in six states but have not connected all the cases. >> julie: new this morning
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police say someone brutely attacked a man outside dunkin donuts in milton and attacker is under arrest. fox25 dunkin donuts back open following the attack. catherine? >> catherine: dunkin donuts opened right on schedule this morning around 4:00 and aren't any police on the scene and they say the scene is secured. however, it was earlier this morning actually overnight, in fact, that police were here, they say a victim was attacked around the back of the dunkin donuts and they do say somebody is in custody. take look at video, daylight video gives you better sense of the back of the dunkin donuts, which is again where police say the victim had been found, and you can see that the back of the dunkin donuts and drive through next door and located on granite avenue and milton and police arrived here after 11:00 last night after receiving several 911 calls. fox25 was on the scene while police were here and they say they found a man who had been attacked with serious injuries. police aren't commenting on the nature of the attack but they say the man was taken to the hospital. police searched for the suspect.
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they say they found him near milton gas which is also on granite ave and police posted on facebook payment they have arrested the suspect and likely be arraigned today. although they haven't released the suspect's name or charges he is facing and again they do comment on the nature of the attack. i just called milton police again, haven't been able to get ahold of anybody to get more information and as we get information we will pass it along to you, live in milton, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: scene from deadly crash in framingham, breaking last night during news at 10:00, man killed on route 9 in prospect street. the metrowest daily news is reporting victim is 25-year-old walking in the crosswalk. the driver of the car did stop and questioned by police and no word if the driver will be charged and crash is still under investigation. >> daniel: happening today we are expecting new developments today in the one of the worst child abuse investigations in the state. woman is accused of keeping her children in squalor after
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fox25 michael henrich is live in blackstone where the home once stood. >> michael: right across the street in blackstone and now it is an empty lot. the house torn away and two people they say are responsible for the horrors inside it but before we go any further i need to warn you some of the details and video in the case are disturbing. pictures taken inside the house are st. paul street in blackstone show horrifying conditions. the clerk's office at worcester superior court tells fox25 both erika murray and raymond rivera are oned to's court docket. cases involve around this house of squalor filled with trash and death, discovered back in september 2014. murray is charged with killing two infants and concealing the death of another among other charges. white murray's boyfriend rivera is charged with assault and
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endangerment and other counts. not only were three dead infants found inside as well as animal remains, but four other children ranging from five months old to 13 years old lived in that filthy home. rivera's defense has offered in the past he didn't know anything was wrong even though he lived downstairs. murray's attorney has previously said she suffers from mental illness. in today's hearing defense attorneys are expected to push for their motion to dismiss several of the charges. of course, as soon as any developments come down in court, we will bring it to you on fox25 news app. for now reporting in blackstone, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: police return to worcester home where two-year-old died last year and have to revive another toddler. we reported last week they were called to the home because pen-month-old boy had possibly overdosed on pills he found. worcester telegram reports this morning the police have used narcan, powerful overdose reversing drug.
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police recover bottles of pills from the home where last september 2-year-old gigidied and colder were not related but the boy's parents were staying the night with little girl's grandmother. no charges filed in either case. >> daniel: police investigating possible gang activity at busy steat stop. fox25 obtained the cell phone video of one of the victims inside the maverick "t" stop on tuesday. the globe is reporting this morning that one of the men shot was affiliated with the 18th 18th street gang and he has a history of violence. transit police tell fox25 the shots were fired shortly after an argument on the train. police believe gang rivalry may be behind other recent shootings in east boston, chelsea and everett. the other victim was unintended target and man who was just standing on the platform. >> julie: a convicted child rapist will stay behind bars. yesterday jury denied wayne chapman parole by finding him sexually dangerous.
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prison and accused of molesting nearly 100 boys and remains the suspect in disappearance of lawrence boy. he stayed in prison because multiple jessica reyes ruled he was too dangerous. chapman's lawyer argues he is too old and too sick to offend. >> daniel: we will be keeping a close eye on wall street. yesterday the dow jones was down more than 500 points during the trading day. the nasdaq and s&p also closed lower. overnight the major asian markets all suffered markets and dow futures are down once again. the u.s. markets open in about 20 minutes. >> julie: state lawmakers will start a new discussion about when and where you can use your cell phone. proposed bill would make it illegal to make phone calls while driving without hands-free technology. exceptions, however, would be made for emergency and also make it illegal to program a gps by hand while you're driving. 14 states including new hampshire already have hands-free cell phone laws and it is already illegal to text
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and drive in massachusetts. tonight governor charlie baker will give his first state of the state address. baker is planning to highlight accomplishments from his first year in office and look ahead issues considered critical to massachusetts. governor baker was live just last week and told us tonight's address will have a big focus on opioid crisis in the state. you could watch the state of the commonwealth live right here on fox25 tonight at 7:30. >> daniel: new numbers shows the mbta system has most breakdown over any transit system in the country and according to the national transit database the "t" had 219 major mechanical failures in 2014, four times the national average and according to the boston business journal the data did not include any breakdown during the january and february snow storms. the mbta says their employees work hard to keep the aging fleet up and running. the company which operates the "t's" commuter rail system is moving the north american headquarters to boston.
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keolis is a french company and the north american office has been located in arlington, virginia and the contract is the largest in the united states and move will bring invent jobs to the area. earlier this month general electric announced it would move corporate headquarters to boston. >> julie: live look at pike through brighton things still slow as you head eastbound toward the city. i will have look at live drive times in a moment. first here is jason. >> jason: clear skies and update on weekend storm though and going to be snow, rain, wind, even coastal concerns, time it out for you straight ahead. >> daniel: harlem globetrotters are making change to classic theme song. the new song on the team coming up. >> julie: first, inch of snow
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>> daniel: 9:13 right now. washington is bracing what could be record breaking snowfall this weekend. fox25 jacqueline fell is live near the capitol. just being told we lost technical live shot and we will be back it to her in a few minutes. >> julie: blast winter storms battered the coastline so cruises stepped up operations this year. beaches in sandwich lined with
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100,000 more yards of sand. people there are still concerned though because the original plan calls for nearly three times as much. >> will it be worth it? i will have to hope it does because it will be a good thing to see the beach stay for awhile and not just a year or two. >> julie: sandwich officials tell us the work done will make a difference and using drones of video how the beaches look before and after the storm so they have more specific information on impacted areas. >> daniel: less than 3-week left until the new hampshire primary, majority of granite state republicans have not made up their mind who they want to be president. donald trump remains the front-runner over ted cruz and 34% of likely republican voters said they would support trump but 31% of likely voters said they definitely made up their mind.
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endorsing donald trump for presidential candidate sarah palin went to the campaign trail criticizing president obama. she questions whether he understands what veterans like her son, track, go through. >> makes me realize more than ever, it is now or never for sake of america's finest, that we have the commander in chief who will respect them and honor them. >> daniel: this week palin's son was arrested on domestic violence charges. she says she can relate to veterans dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder. >> daniel: back to washington d.c. where residents bracing for what could be record breaking snowfall. you guys going to get slammed? >> reporter: tell you why that's a problem. we have an inch right now, dusting overnight and practically paralyzed the district and surrounding areas. major problems on the roads. icy conditions had drivers
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two, four, six, even eight hours overnight and it is even affecting this morning's commute drivers slip and sliding, banging right into each other, and then drivers ran out of gas. they fell asleep at the wheel. or even just abandoned their cars, so it was really just kind of crazy all over the place. we will need to take some tips from you, i think. >> sara: >> daniel: people are abandoning cars and what were crews doing before the rush this morning? >> reporter: underestimated last night's snowfall. they were going to pretreat the roads right around in the evening but the snow was already here and that is a problem. now, overnight the district had about 150 trucks on the roads and but and backed up because of all of this weather. >> daniel: we have seen the government shutdown, speaking what people are trying to do as far as going to work in the past
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for delay or shut down before tomorrow's storm? >> reporter: wasn't delay this morning, schools on 2-hour delay, university of maryland shut down for the weekend because of the storm and i think what we will see later today and tomorrow morning advise workers to work from home if week to try to get workers and leave early tomorrow since the snowfall is expected then. reporting live in washington, i'm jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> daniel: stay safe and warm down there. >> julie: they are going to hit with snow but the capitol hit with snow is stunning. jammed from furnace brook parkway up to columbia road, pike a little bit slow, after the weston tolls and then here you go as you approach the allston-brighton tolls, still heavy volume heading eastbound. over to those live drive times, 36 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 26 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel.
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36 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri today and d.c. is getting the bull's eye but what you have been seeing for boston changing throughout the morning. >> jason: several models keep it offshore and don't get a lot from it and others still not in agreement with that and both options on table and let me show you right now, got the low out to the west of us here, tracking eastward, ever so surely and monitoring that as it gets over to the carolinas and really starts to develop area of low pressure near the outer bank. so still time before that occurs meantime clear skies here above boston, right now it is a dry end to the week, timing still late saturday into the first part of sunday, still too early to tell that the exact track of this pesky storm, but it does look like it is headed over
9:18 am
wallup with heavy snow and chilly temperatures in the teens still, worcester at 19, leominster 22 and 24 now in boston coming up out of lows in the lower 20s earlier, 20 walpole natick 22, see mid and upper 20s from sandwich toward the cape and islands as well and lunchtime in the city breezy, right around the low 30s by 1:00, mostly sunny skies. there are those high temperatures for you today, mostly around 30 and then in the teens overnight tonight but the good news is it is not going to be that windy so not going to have biting wind chills and below normal temperatures and in house model, rpm model, this one showing the crushing ice from the carolinas and then changing into the crushing snow toward d.c. and get into saturday afternoon we are beginning to see southern new england, 5:00 saturday, this is sunset time beginning to see the snow for the islands and cape, and then it changes over to rain because
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more westward track on the overall system and that track would verify with snow totals inland getting a little bit higher, so let me show you that scenario and more unlikely scenario at this point and four to eight south boston to plymouth over toward norwood and then, of course, nothing at nantucket with the rain and you will see even lower amounts north and west here as the coastal storm is doing just that let's go to the european model and gfs, american counterpart, similar are to this and overnight tonight and updates coming up at 5:00 today, but show you offshore track of this system and that's going to mean it is cold, going to mean it is all snow, but the amounts are much lower with that southern track. so you could see why the track is so important here, just about 30, 60 miles to make a big difference who sees exactly what european model output, and only about an inch or two from boston
9:20 am
southward, slightly higher nantucket and have you been yard with low amounts in southern new hampshire and south vermont. let's go over to the 7-day forecast, 30 today, 32 tomorrow, kind of chilly out there tonight, 13, and then over the weekend, here comes the wind, start to kick that up saturday into sunday behind the system we dry it out and get quiet again early next week, but new front by tuesday could mean a couple scattered rain or snow showers, doesn't look like much in way of accumulation there, it is the weekend we really got to watch, julie, daniel? >> daniel: two masked men tried to carjack a woman and how she got the upper hand and keep
9:21 am
>> julie: marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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>> julie: good news for wal-mart employees. company giving raises to workers every wal-mart and sam's club before the start of the year will earn at least $10 an hour and more than million u.s. workers will get a pay hike starting february 20th and critics say pay raises are nothing more than publicity stunt. julie: amazon says anyone that brought hover boards will get a refund. the consumer safety commission
9:23 am
three dozen instances hover boards bursting into flames and urging people to wear safety bear because it can lead to injury. >> daniel: everyone talking about sarah palin's outfit. check it out. unusual bouncy beaded jacket getting a lot of attention online this morning. what do you think, julie? >> julie: not a fan. >> daniel: wall street journal wrote this morning it was intentional and many are suggesting it was a way of isep rating her from other women who often wear suits and jackets and campaign speeches. i can where she is saying that and in case you want to know jacket can set you back nearly $700. >> julie: expensive jacket. >> daniel: harlem
9:24 am
globetrotters getting into the groove and changing their song. this time it is an acapella. it is used with shoes, or basketball and theme song sweet georgia brown, same basketball team is in ninetieth year and currently on 250 tour so new one of the original. >> julie: i like it. balls give very distinctive sound and whistling. >> daniel: have you seen them? >> julie: i have. >> daniel: you have to see them. >> julie: jason, you have mad whistling skills. >> jason: you got it on video and check out twitter accounts if you want to see it and check out models and what you will be
9:25 am
be right back with that. stay tuned. >> stephanie: man posing as
9:26 am
demanding money complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: now at 9:30, take look at screen, that's the storm heading our way this weekend. right now it is moving through
9:27 am
slam the mid-atlantic. >> daniel: some of us happy about that. >> jason: not looking like blockbuster nor east and her some wanting a lot of snow, seen a lot of folks on social media, come on, bring it over, but right now have to keep both options on table, not getting much at all to several inches in few locations. let me show where you the tomorrow is over kansas, nebraska, back into texas, all winding up now, overnight models came in dryer than what we were showing yesterday, timing still saturday afternoon to sunday morning when the snow, rain, coastal concerns, minor beach erosion and coastal flooding all a threat as coastal storm starts to wind up. there's future cast, does show the snow and ice for mid-atlantic, down toward charlotte and snow making way toward southern new england late saturday on into the overnight saturday, on into the first half
9:28 am
over to cape and islands and farther west and break those down for you straight ahead and for today, nice and dry, lots of sunshine, plymouth forecast into the upper 20s to near 30 for the high temperatures. all right, julie has been watching traffic all morning, how has it been late in the commute. >> julie: things settling down on morning commute and stall on the pike eastbound but it is off to the shoulder, so you're moving along at decent clip. we have an accident on 93 south that's right at the cloverleaf and another as you approach montvail avenue, so a little bit of sticky situation there. zakim bridge moving along fine, leverett connector just moderately backed up. 32 minutes on the pike 495 to mass ave and 36 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 31 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: a warning this morning as pair of thieves try to pull off sophisticated scam in the area. two men dressed up as national
9:29 am
grid employees going door to door demanding money from customers. live in whitman where one woman says the pair cut off her power. >> stephanie: police say scammers have done their homework in just the last five minutes another victim came here to the police department. she owns a breakfast shop here in whitman, and she told me same thing happened to her. these scammers went to her store claiming that she owed them money. in fact, she handed me a paper, showed me a paper that they gave her with the amount they say she owed. they were wearing the same outfit, hard had, she demanded to provide her prove but they
9:30 am
she has since gotten it back. man claiming to be national grid worker showed up at her door she believes him. he drove up in white van and even dressed the part. >> yellow or orange hard hat and carhartt brown jump suit on. >> stephanie: turning out he was an impersonate and her they are warning people who cut off gas yesterday morning. >> stuck metal into it blocking off the electricity to my house from the wires. >> stephanie: thankfully they started him and other residents have called them threatening to shut off power unless they send money. >> they tell you, you could send money gram which national grid says we don't do that. >> stephanie: national grid says they will never shut off
9:31 am
conversations and during winter time it is illegal to shut someone's power off. now, the woman that i just spoke with this morning, she is now speaking with detectives here. police do tell them they have a lead. also waiting to speak with the deputy chief to see if any arrests are made. as soon as i have an update i will let you know. in whitman, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> julie: it is 9:34 and market open four minutes and right now up 63 points. traders tried to extend late session recovery and european central bank, president making remarks that there maybe some issues the central bank needs to review. >> daniel: this morning local man in the hospital and under arrest outside dunkin donuts. this happened in milton and store actually back open this morning. fox25 catherine parrotta joins us live outside the store. catherine, you have been telling
9:32 am
could help police in this case. >> catherine: yeah when you go in the dunkin donuts behind the counter you notice on screen there they have a view of the back of the building and that is, of course, where police say they found a victim and they say that victim had been attacked. they also say they do have a suspect in custody. now, you can take a look at video, this is shot during the daylight here to give you better look at the back of the store and see the back of the dunkin donuts and the drive through through the bank that's next door and police say that's where they found the victim and police arrived there 11:00 last night and after receiving several 911 calls and fox25 on the scene when police were here and police say they found a man that had been attacked with serious injuries and they haven't comment on nature of the attack but taken to the hospital and police send for the suspect and found him near milton which is also near granite avenue. i reached out milton police and
9:33 am
wondering what the suspect's name was, circumstances around the attack, ask still a lot more information to come, and of course, keep you updated all day on the website at also get the latest tonight on the newscast at five and six. for now live in milton, catherine parrotta, fox 25 news. >> julie: elderly man tragically hit by sidewalk snowplow. they are trying to figure out what happened. jason goldburg hit at 129 in reading. father and grandfather rushed to the hospital where died from his injuries. neighbors devastated saying he was a gentlemen and very active in the community. >> don't understand it but bad things happen to good people. that's the only way i can put it goldberg crossing route 129 when the plow hit him and driver of the plow stayed on the scene and cooperating with the investigation. julie: this morning fire investigators still trying to figure out what caused a deadly fire on the south shore. we have been following the investigation since the fire
9:34 am
first broke out yesterday morning. flames started inside the house on edeth homes road. he was taken to the hospital but didn't survive. the fire chief tells us they have been to the home many times before and crews say all the clutter made the rescue mission difficult. >> daniel: new hampshire man was home playing video games when two masked broke in and taxed him. the men rushed into the raymond home on tuesday night. the suspect used pepper spray and pitbull jumped on one of the suspects which allowed him to escape. >> i thought i was going to die, but, i don't know, no excuse. >> daniel: reed was playing video games online at the time of the attack and his friend heard the commotion through the microphone and scald 911. police say the men stole sportsman momentabelia and took reed's car. his car was killed in violent
9:35 am
attack ten years ago. daniel: police still searching for the man seen in this surveillance video. drove up to natick car dealership, stole a car and left it there and stole a new one and walk into the garage and get into the car and take off. they believe he is part of larger group of criminals. this happened january 1st and the car was found the next day in lawrence. >> julie: have to pay the state nearly $5,000 out of own pocket. globe says state senator brian joyce of milton has agreed to repay campaign funds he used to pay for high school graduation party. joyce also faces ethics investigation for reportedly lobbying state and insurance regulators behalf of a private company and joyce have has been cued cued -- accused of receiving dry cleaning.
9:36 am
>> daniel: game balls from last week's game were left at hotel. worker at hotel retrieved the items and retrieved to foxborough and game balls and gauges arrived at gillette stadium just 1 hour before kickoff. this is what the patriots are playing for this weekend. you're looking at lamar hunt trophy arrived in denver ahead of sunday's game between the pats and broncos. shiny piece of hardware goes to the winner of the afc championship game. fox25 live coverage from denver begins tonight. sports director tom leyden and butch stearns are in california and have all the action from afc highlights game and highlights and post game reaction isn't night on fox25 news at 10:00. >> julie: bizarre sculpture that generated controversy at wellesley is going to new york city. remember sleep walker? it is a man in white underwear walking around like a zombie and
9:37 am
looks very life-like. it was at home on the wellesley college campus in 2014 and vandalized at one point, but come spring it will be part of new art exhibit in big apple high line which is elevated park down near the west village. >> julie: we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. 33 minutes brant split to the exit for the pike. jason. >> jason: off to sun starts, starting to see wind gusts in boston, getting breezy as expected through the late-morning and into the afternoon but no rain, snow, nothing of the sort until we get to the weekend and have the latest timing coming up. >> gene: giant undertaking with crews and ramp in the windshield.
9:38 am
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>> daniel: linebacker darius fleming on his way from practice last wednesday when saw driver on route 1 in walpole and she reared ended car in front of her and car shut down and couldn't open the door locks as started smoking and seconds later fleming smashed one of the
9:41 am
wendy's so she could get out. >> didn't brake right away, wasn't sure if going to break. >> helped me to get out of the vehicle, told me to stay awake because there was smoke. >> daniel: woman needed 22 stitches but 48 hours later he played in the playoff game against kansas city. >> julie: woman fights off two men for carjacking. mom goes on attack and pulls him out of the car and other man takes off. >> he was a mom and what the bad guy didn't know, back seat of the car were two kids and wasn't going to let them be taken. she fought, grabbed the guy out of the car and both ran away like cowards. >> julie: the men jumped in get away car and sped away. officer that had no idea what
9:42 am
speeding and arrested after leading police on high-speed chase and crashing their car. julie: fire truck crossed over several lanes of traffic before hitting dairy queen. dairy queen worker and customer are hurt but expected to be okay and truck driver injured and no word what caused the crash. >> daniel: fox25 investigates undercovers serious accident saying some crossed line when ordered officers out of her courtroom. >> there are no firearms in this courtroom. >> reporter: when you hear the words from the judge what was your reaction. >> very unusual. >> daniel: it is the judge's prerogative but one part of the statement that didn't hold up when we checked it out for ourselves and that's tonight at 10:00. >> julie: there may be a big shift in college application process.
9:43 am
harvard saying leading universities should redesign the applications. some schools will limit number of activities scenes can mention to four and applicants required to write essay how they served communities and families and goal is to attract opportunities human not necessarily overachievers focus on academic right-hand poand achievement. >> daniel: veteran flying halfway around the world to reunite with his sweetheart. he hasn't seen her for more than 70 years. after someone got wind of wanting to meet again they asked for donations on gofundme. they have gotten more than $7,000 for more than 300 people and get this, air new zealand heard about the story and agreed to send thomas and son to australia free of charge and
9:44 am
>> julie: awe, how romantic. accident to tell you about, 93 south near the cloverleaf. expressway still slow from furnace brook parkway up to columbia road but we also have an accident on route 1 in saugus as for the zakim, volume moving over zakim bridge in the leverett connector with pretty typical volume this time of the morning commute. here are live drive times, 14 minutes route 1 to the tobin and 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and 24 minutes on 128 southbound from approximate route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri today and you have been tracking the weekend storm. >> jason: watching every move and determine the exact track examine that will tell us who guess what and still early to do that and sunny skies and dry skies right through the end of the week and coastal storm though that's what to watch late saturday through the first half of sunday, timing still looking pretty good.
9:45 am
the exact track and subtle changes in track on the forecast 30 miles difference between who gets rain and six inches of snow sometime. area of lack pressure in kansas, nebraska and spawn across the outer banks and move up toward the coast of southern new england. right now it is clear, plenty. sup to enjoy, temperatures on chilly side and a lot of lower 20s there boston, worcester, 19 reading -- reading i should say at 24 and over toward boston at 24 as well and low and mid-20s across most of the cape and nantucket trying to get closer at this hour and trying to get up to the 30 degree mark, 3:00 number downtown about 31, it is breezy now and stay that way the rest of the day and winds taper off tonight and get back into the low and mid-teens
9:46 am
start but a lot of wind in the morning and tolerable and in house model and westward track and storm system and see it evolve, get couple of feet of snow in d.c. and then snow moving in to southern new england and brand-new run of it and update every three hours and look at it live on the air, saturday 5:00, still not much in massachusetts as we go into the overnight though, you start to see the rain moving from the cape and islands and that cutoff line right there cross-possibly plymouth county, so right up against the line to see heavier totals if that verifies. nam with rpm model and four to eight inches in corridor through plymouth county up to the south side of boston, not much to the north and lower amounts for the islands as it is mostly rain. let's take look at europe model and gfs or american model is in agreement with this and they
9:47 am
really come into agreement overnight showing the low way offshore and stay on the cold side of it but also means limited accumulation just because the main event is off to the south. so let's take look at model accumulations just an early look here what we can expect, half inch in southern vermont and portions of new hampshire getting in close to an inch and only inch or two with boston southward, maybe higher for the islands as nor'easter blows by with a lot of cold air but not much snow. sal dimasi 30 dade and mostly sunny skies into tomorrow, tore in the afternoon and then it is saturday, late, might be after sunset before we see much and overnight saturday for the first half of sunday and sunday afternoon things wind down and clear out on monday as well with new front by tuesday to bring some scattered rain and snow. >> julie: jason, talk to you soon. pluto is out but new planet
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and why scienti the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as that's the job. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for the senator who helped a city rise again... the secretary of state who stood up for america, and stared down hostile leaders around the world. is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job she'll never let anyone privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. so on february ninth, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice. "i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i'm going to deliver."
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> daniel: start-up using new england staple to help make children's bandages.
9:51 am
tough working on new kind of bandage coating made out of substance from crushed lobster shells. coating would promote blood clotting and resistant to bacterial infection. lobster shelves end up in landfills after the meat is removed and company says using them in a medical product would boost maine's economy. daniel: simple text message could deliver lunch to people in boston. new text based company service called peach launched in the hub yesterday, connects local restaurant with customers by sending automative text every morning and if they respond male will be delivered to them at 12:30. currently already in seattle and san diego. >> julie: celeb with local roots earns a sit down with an
9:52 am
move about boston marathon bombing. one that didn't come up was for pardon. >> daniel: star wars fans dying to watch the next movie are in for the long hall. hollywood reporter says episode eight originally scheduled to come out in may 2017 will now be delayed until december. fans can still get a star wars fix nice year. new star wars trilogy will wrap up in 2019. >> daniel: trip to the movies will cost americans more than ever before. theater owners average price of movie ticket is $58 and 40 cents which is record high. that's also up 40 cents this time last year. major factors in driving up
9:53 am
>> julie: scientists at cal tech calling planet x and arbitting in a big way and believe the planet ten times the earth mask and has atmosphere of endhuge and helium and they hope to planet using telescope in five years. >> daniel: fenway park has winter games. working on huge ramp for snowboarding and grand prix event scheduled next month and ramp will be 140 feet tall, bigger than the light towers at the ballpark. the event will be held it be 11 and get twelfth. >> julie: they want to get the building process finished and shifting all morning in weather what we are going to get. >> jason: see how track evolves and dictates who gets
9:54 am
how much and who gets barely anything at all and both options still on table here and right now watching the storm over the central u.s. by friday night and early saturday it is over toward the outer bank of north carolina and then it will track off the coastline and start to produce some snow, rain, wind, coastal concerns all the above. crisp and chilly though today, breezy day as developing out there right now, dry through the
9:55 am
late in the day into rescuers try to rappel down to a stranded sheep facing -- >> a 2600-foot fall. a child wanders away and false down falls down. see the miracle in the middle of the street. a crazy youtube channel. >> he's dedicated to licking. >> he explains how his hard obsession has hard and fast rules. >> absolutely. i always carry this.
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