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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> let'sk about what we know first that is a storm is getting going it's tapping into the gulf of mexico much of something we discussed last night producing severe weather tornadoes even deep south is not yet transitioned to a winter storm it's so milder air spectra to make its way to the deep south is the color change some snow and the northern fringes that pink color that is ice the worst of all to achieve late in north carolina around raleigh-durham points northwest of their into northwest south carolina northeast suburbs of atlanta georgia. northeast georgia looking like they're in bad shape there as well. the snow heavy snow blizzard conditions in the dc philadelphia southern new jersey perhaps even into new york as it creeps up the coast line by saturday morning. and then start to make it way onto the east coast of new england the south coast of new
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also look at that saturday during the morning snow starting to arrive connecticut rhode island interpreter county massachusetts make its way northward to the massachusetts turnpike during saturday evening and then eventually shifting offshore but with that track i'm expecting according to two inches around the massachusetts turnpike. so the worcester county and then off into the south shore region even part of cape cod and the grace transfer six inches of monster remains along the south coast of newington. >> if the storm shifts we could get hit much harder so the still time for this to happen but does how likely do you think is it. >> this is our doppler radar map. from boston way over there all the way down to long island about 100 miles the average track error from the noaa the folks that make these computer models they tell us the average track error at this time frame about 125 miles. they're expecting blizzard
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tracks 100 miles to the north which is within that cone of error that were blizzard conditions to me it's an unlikely scenario right now but it's on enough uncertainty within a day to go to prepare before even see a snowflake and relay day at half that i don't want to tell your totally all clear yet but were definitely treading low on i believe this information coming in later this afternoon. have already declared states of emergency region could see up to two feet of snow from the storm. just yesterday seek an inch of snow which pretty much coupled the city. >> and 20 minute we have a live report from a dc bureau about bracing for the potentially historic event. >> with a chance the storm can still shift is mentioned be sure to download the new fox 25 storm tracker weather app. custom forecast martin for your neighborhood it's free and available for any device just search fox25 weather.
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crash. over a very active scene tonight this is on kendall street east street walpole that's a busy area not too far from downtown walpole and the middle school pass minutes we learn to people in custody we are told there wanted for an armed robbery at the central market in norwood on washington street. the men took off from a market in the pickup truck that the crew on the ground headed to the scene as we learn more that we will bring it to you. >> we're getting a disturbing look at some very violent fistfights involving students and the part that has police and the superintendent fuming is someone taking video of these fights and posting them on facebook. >> reporter: we spoke with the superintendent of schools here in wooster a little bit earlier and he was visibly upset about this website and seemed determined to get to the bottom of it and to that end they've enlisted the police and also
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grout was posting these bike videos to facebook.>> punching kicking clawing and more and posted in a place for all the world to see. disgusting. school officials in wooster are grappling with a new and elusive problem facebook page originally called was to fight that shows just that. videos of wooster teens fighting. >> they were fisa happened a little while ago some last school year. the page surfaced within the past week. he is now asked school principals in the district checked the videos for familiar faces. students. >> in some cases we have parents who are taking the children to the fights because of a conflict their son or daughter might have had with another teenager. school superintendent has some good news to share with the world today is wooster recorded its highest graduation and lowest dropout rates ever. but when it comes to what the
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schools he didn't really want to go there. >> we showed the facebook page to parents waiting outside north high school where one posted right to place. i absolutely horrible. >> i don't know what is going on. one thing that worries robert the long-term effects. >> anybody that has a hot here's the type of fights is traumatized by it. >> one thing to bring school officials and getting to the bottom of this is that they say students tend to be very savvy when it comes to social media. for example when word got out they were investigating the site the site went down. it has since come back up but now it's under a different name. >> tonight tom brady now boys are getting one more nights good rest before they fly to denver. their previous play of expense means nothing. sunday's game come down to execution on the field. fox 25's bryan salmond is here now. >> reporter: for the first time the season tom but he
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and brady adjust everything from the big-game to its place in boston sports floor. interesting that he does not consider himself up there with the birds of the world. rob gronkowski not on the boston mount rushmore but he still the man the man that broncos players feel cheats by pushing off to get open on 95 percent of his respite the man broncos play said they would tackle down low because they couldn't do it high. even though denver was a team that hurt gronk today rob spoke to the media about the broncos pregame trash talk picnics it's part of the game. they're not doing anything just part of the game. got to be aware of it. maybe just go step up my game a little bit. maybe throw a juke. i don't know how many jokes i got. >> but just got to be aware four. it's football. as part of the game. >> congress clearly back to page it way choosing to do his on the field performance to the
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>> reminder alive report from denver begin tonight fox 25 news at 10. >> about an hour and half governor charlie baker will deliver his first state of the commonwealth adjust to be to see it live right here on fox 25 beginning tonight at 7:30 p.m. but first a political reporter shaman the caddy is live inside the state house now to show us what the governor is excited to talk about. >> sharmann: were alive inside the state house inside the house chambers this is where both houses of the legislature will began the governor will deliver speech from the just of their members of congress will be here we will expect to see senator elizabeth warren and senator ed markey as well. we can tell you the governor
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on what he believes is some of his in his first year in office also key priorities coming up is actually one element that could set the stage for real battle will explain that just a minute. i can tell you just a couple of hours ago i caught up with the governor briefly as he walked rehearsal. pretty good baker will highlight how we handled well we know the challenges with the snowfall. he's also expected to tell the progress he's made when it comes to dcf his big priority this year signing a bill to deal with the opioid crisis. he's introduced one so has the house. bill also talk a lot about charter schools how he wants to list the o performing district. that's the issue that could get sticky for him in this building in front of a democratic controlled legislature. we also expect that the governor will be announcing
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comes to job training. we can tell you he ended last year on a very high note. he ended with his approval rating in the 70s after quite a trying first year in office will see if he's able to continue that certainly bring this to you live as it happens starting at 7:30 p.m.. speech expected to last about 30 minutes. >> expected here a lot about partisanship and night speech this seems pretty important to the governor. >> certainly this is a situation where this governor won by 40,000 votes. that was a very tight race. i guess the democratic challenger. he knew we had to campaign on the message of bipartisanship to win if work in on beacon hill were both houses of the legislature are overwhelmingly democratic he will tell the initiatives that infect he believes he accomplished at the mbta able to physical control board with the help of the
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able to wave the law for at least three years states anti-privatization bill and also dcf remember he held a news coverage to the couple of months ago to say that sei you the union rep sensitive workers were on board for him that's a scene we expect he will continue this year.but again what the charter school bill. watch for that that will be interesting that could potentially set up some friction. >> we look forward to coverage tonight. you can watch a state of the commonwealth law right here at 7:30 p.m. on august 25 picnics mayor walsh is in dc to meeting with president obama in more than 250 mayors from around the country to discuss ways to help everyone achieve economic success. earlier in the day mayor walsh and two other mayors were invited to speak at the daily white house briefing. while she spoke about raising the minimum wage creating more affordable housing in the city's initiatives.
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>> we don't believe in locking people out there working to make that happen across the city. >> mayor also is a question about bringing ge to boston what the white house should be doing to address the opioid epidemic picnics father of a little girl known as bobby joe. court today on a chef colton the video joe committing the crime this past november. he was accused of stealing roughly 600 $80 with the merchandise from a south boston home depot. his daughters body was found less on deer island. it took several weeks before please were able to a positive elected by her spell a bond. bella's mother and her boyfriend been arrested in the case. >> troubling new information child found unresponsive is that it was a probability we the overdose reversing drug narcan had to be use to save the life of the 15 month old boy. it happened early this month it
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department were two-year-old died last year. tall this were not related but the little boy's parents were staying the night with the grandmother of the dead little girl. no charges have been filed in other case. >> father was in mourning the death of his son after he got
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a drunk driver killed that young man is trying to cross route 9 in framingham. tonight we are learning it was a drivers second driving offense. >> our robert goulston was in court today. >> robert: that father saw his son last night before he ran down to this walgreens and when the 25-year-old at the walgreens he crossed nine at this intersection he was in the crosswalk when police say a drunk driver barreled into him. >> the cross work patrick stratton's father that his son would be right back after making a quick trip to the store. but the 25-year-old was hit and killed while trying to cross route 9. >> police say jason terrill was drunk when he hit patrick this is a second drinking and
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police say the 33-year-old taste of the driver during a road rage incident. on his behalf. >> it's a shame that happened. i really feel bad for the father that i just seen for his loss. patrick know by his family and friends as he struck the music especially playing the electric guitar. jack's father was upset the bill for son's killer was reduced to $5000 half of what the da asked for. nothing. >> we also learned in court today the suspect violated his probation after being convicted of that first ou i in 2005. where live in framingham. >> please working to track down lead in sophisticated energy scampi summer is visiting homes in whitman posing as an national grid worker and demanding money to keep the utility services.
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even present a piece of paper that says national grid. account number and money owed. at one of the homes he actually shut off power and turned off the gas line when the homeowner did not pay. police are calling the scam very bold.>> actually shutting out the powers one thing if someone doesn't go along with it but it's a whole other level when you start shunning peoples power off picnics also been several reports that someone posing as national grid workers over the phone and threatening to shut off service. national grid says it will never shut down someone's power without several conversations. >> cold out there but we can get used to that mid-january after all new england some of the damage of the effacing is walk out the door this evening for dinner plans nor'easter even rain does not even a cloudless sky. 24 and milton 31 boston already
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rand up at 27 degrees quincy area temperatures in the upper 20s their north shore outing kb and 26 gloucester 26 at rockport newburyport 25 degrees to as the county low to mid-20s here as well auburn here are 25 degrees this evening cape cod warmer sticking up the water will do that to you temp just 30 harwich 31 chatham 31 in orleans is afternoon. low terms of night dropping down to the teams even some single numbers for you new hampshire northern was the county tenet was a 16 in boston going to a cold day is nothing out there right now storming this is way to the south futurecast showing the clear night waking up to sunshine having a sunshine right through the afternoon. no issues no problems not even the clouds just yet. high temperatures figure to be well cold again but close to average 31 brockton bridgewater 30 plymouth scituate tomorrow afternoon and for you appear to the north of boston 29 ipswich
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coming to the south severe weather right now a lot of moisture being sucked into the storm from the gulf of mexico remember areas of low pressure circulate like this counterclockwise so it pulls moist air off of the gulf of mexico into the storm and feeds it.that will continue to intensify and drop all kinds of heavy rain here but more importantly in the northern fringes becomes cold and it falls the snow in between there is ice which is storm warnings here from northern georgia and the carolinas for an ice storm. and some snow to the heavy snow though with a blizzard warning supposed to mid-atlantic states there really battening down the hatches in baltimore and dc for this new york is a blizzard watch what it to long island just 100 miles away from us if the storm were to juggle a father to the north would have to pay for that is something i'm going to be watching very closely. jason will to tomorrow first
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out to the coastline tomorrow morning north which the pike by 1:30 p.m. saturday afternoon not talk much about tomorrow's fine etc. they were going to see the first snow start to arrive as it pushes to the pike a little bit farther north during dinner time stay pretty much they are maybe go a bit farther north but all indications that the storms going to do anything it will continue to trend southwards of these amounts may end up being too aggressive but i don't want you to be letting your guard down just yet i still think it's not much anyway around the pike 3 to 5 inches potential in the south short upwards of six inches plus on the south coast of new england out to long island expect and six to do and inches of snow clearly the storm comes north just a little bit everything shifts north toward that's what i'm
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trends of been southward so this is likely to go down if anything. but of course latest information coming in this evening i'll be up to update 11. there's your weekend forecast always in view looks a little sloppy specially south of boston and wendy to watch out for some strong winds a special sunday morning potentially some tree limbs coming down on cape
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declaring a state of emergency for the district of columbia. experts would agree that the state play after less than an inch of snow crippled the washington dc area just last night. traffic was a nightmare major highways are turned into parking lots. but tonight dc leaders claim they're ready what could be the start which is storm picnics raking breaking storm forecast predicted anywhere from 12 to 30 inches of snow. >> kyla campbell is live in washington d.c. to show us how people are preparing. >> national weather service issued that blizzard warning takes effect tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and does not expire until they morning. we could be in a lot of trouble with last night one or two inches of snow that fell is any indication of what could happen
6:24 pm
check out the video we have here. traffic was at a standstill for hours last night people abandoned the cars on the side of the road a cab driver told me today as usual 15 minute commute home became a four hour nightmare. dc public schools and other area districts close for tomorrow but so far the government is not. dc's mayor today called for a federal government shutdown tomorrow she says commuters need to stay off the roads. >> were preparing for a blizzard you know i've lived in dc most of my life and i don't know that i have lived through a forecast like this. >> people can look forward to go sled riding on capitol grounds this weekend it was against the law until last month when congress changed the rules you can see here people last year didn't mind breaking those rules. as for lawmakers the house already canceled votes for monday the no planner coming back into town on tuesday night. the metro last hour announced it would shutdown tomorrow
6:25 pm
remain closed for the entire weekend.also about an hour ago i got a couple phone call for my electricity company warning me that i may be without power this weekend.>> stay safe kyla. >> more details now boston mayor marty walsh. he tells fox 25 his team will monitor the forecast and if equipment is that it will not be until sunday after any snow falls here in our area. tonight there is a chance that massachusetts drivers will have to put down the cell phones while behind the wheel. how close it is to becoming a reality.the exception to the potential role.>> one of the most recognizable sites in the city. the possible changes coming to the famous citgo sign in boston. >> you know what this blizzard
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the reasons many of you are watching the massive winter storm moving closer to the east coast. as of right now we're still on the northern edge of the projected path.if the storm shifts a week and forecast look a lot different. let's get right over to fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz. >> but when we have a storm system coming up the gulf of mexico and really just gaining strength make a move out of the ocean we still looking at computer projections and most
6:29 pm
however, there's some era will to do that to make these models tell us that over 100 miles of error is average at this point in the game. if you were to come 100 miles farther north to us would be dealing with some heavy snow over much of the area. i don't expect that to happen but here's what is happening. heavy rain calm tornadoes thunderstorms ice or snow portions of arkansas moving toward memphis and tennessee. so the south will be dealing with snow and ice overnight tonight and first thing in the morning and i storm for northeast toward the south of north carolina overnight with some snow to the west of where the ice is happening rain farther to the south and then heavy snow it is deep-sea area during the middle afternoon tomorrow that's with a blizzard warnings are. dc area out to maryland any portion of the mid-atlantic area southern jersey blizzard watch new york city and long
6:30 pm
that's only 100 miles from us. that means the storm system comes up over long island in our area to an afternoon saturday will be watching for that northward shift but right now looks to me like the heaviest is going to fall in the south coast of new england with just a few inches other side of the pipe will talk more about that snow totals ensure the liz computer information coming in right now just a few minutes. >> storm can still shift and make our weekend forecast a whole lot different so be sure to wake up and fox 25 morning news our team of meteorologists will be tracking the newest models overnight while you sleep fox 25 morning news starts at 4:00 a.m.. >> look at our top stories now starting with the pilot profane and shocking video showing teens fighting around the city. school official police working hard to find who's posting these videos to a facebook page called worcester fights. video showed teens fighting in
6:31 pm
say some of the teens may not be students. and they're looking to see if any of the teens and the videos are known to them. >> we are about an hour away now from governor charlie baker's first state of the commonwealth address. governors expected to address some of the biggest issues facing massachusetts including the opioid addiction crisis. the challenges facing mbta and some changes being made to the department of children and families. we will carry that address live right here on fox 25 at 7:30 p.m.. >> hands-free at five we told you about massachusetts senate is again taking up a bill that will force drivers to put down the phone while behind the wheel. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh joins us from beacon hill. >> kerry: one hand on your cell phone another on the wheel. perfectly legal in the baystate but massachusetts may soon join 14 other states for hands-free. we are supporting the bill because texting is really reached epidemic proportions here in massachusetts.
6:32 pm
northeast is aaa supporting this bill so they don't believe it's a cure-all. senate bill 2030 says no operator of a motor vehicle shall use a mobile electronic device unless the person is using the device in a hands-free mode. there are exceptions for emergency purposes.a memo to the bill also addressed using the phone for navigation that too will only be allowed in hands-free mode. >> traffic accidents and deaths are dropping the number of accidents that are caused involving cell phones are going up picnics senate president sam rosenberg said the state is to take action because it driver risk. >> it affects alpine safety also fix people's auto insurance premiums and rates. because a lot of accidents get caused and worse. >> two places and below will help police since drivers will no longer have a excuse to have their hand phone in hand. this law would limit the ability of drivers to be able to dial a phone number and
6:33 pm
for police to enforce the texting ban. >> senate is debating its version of a hands-free bill the house is also working on one of its own will keep you posted on the process status of both of those in boston tonight kerry kavanaugh. >> most of them loaded from carry-on bags at airports last year.we dug into the report to find out how many nuns were taken from local airports. at boston's logan 10 taken that the 63rd highest in the country. manchester airport has two and tf rena rhode island had none. top five airport for the most comfort getting done at dallas-fort worth atlanta houston denver and phoenix.>> heroine 12 granted cash in a loaded pistol all confiscated from a boston home. tonight one man is in custody police arrested 25-year-old william in roslindale this week he is facing multiple charges. >> mother in a disturbing case of alleged child neglect black to face a judge davis to get his said it was one of the worst child abuse
6:34 pm
today the mother's attorney told the judge to murder charges against her should be dismissed. >> fox 25 crystal haynes. >> reporter: in addition to the motion to dismiss to murder charges erica murray's attorney asked the two child endangerment charges be dismissed as well. the main focus of today's corporate things to try to poke holes in the government's case. >> no evidence of her doing anything.erica murray stood staring straight ahead and worcester superior court an attorney told the judge 's client is a bad mother but not a murderer. the mother of four living children is charged in the death of two of three dead babies found dressed and i'm boxes amongst piles of trash and felt in a blackstone home. two other children a three-year-old and a five month old board in secret were found alive hidden in that same filth. but had never been outside in their lives. >> what we have is motive she knew her boyfriend did not want these children. among other motions as attorney
6:35 pm
charge you to search murray's home was issued under false pretenses. he's asking that evidence be thrown out of the case. >> the notion that that woman in that house was capable of masterminding a kidnapping ring, i mean it's absurd notably for a minute that the police believe that. >> assistant district attorney john bradley tells the court investigators to the only risible thing they could do. >> is a commonsense inference that if you have a baby and simply leave that baby to his our own devices, without care, then that baby is going to die. >> a judge will decide on those motions to dismiss the murder charges before february 25 in the meantime murray's living boyfriend is due in court next month. >> 15-year-old high school student arrested today for making a bomb threat at a local
6:36 pm
bathrooms school investors were able to attract a student who left the note when question the student admitted to leaving a note and effort to get out of class. police said the school was never in any danger and this was not related to the threats made yesterday. >> milford a bond that cancel classes at the high school. brett said he via email this morning police and fire crews searched the entire school all clear signal was given a short time later but the police chief school officials to get the school closed just in case. fbi is now investigating the multiple school threats across state. >> medic using a violent assault it happened dunkin' donuts appeared in court today. he is facing several charges he's accused of stabbing another man behind the dunkin' donuts on last night court documents pay a gruesome picture of a fight that quickly got out of hand. after the fight police said they found him in a nearby gas station is close covered in blood.
6:37 pm
he will be back in court next month. >> mass man in the photo here wanted for robbery of 7-eleven overnight walk to the store crossing in salem new hampshire early this morning demanded cash is about five foot 11 and weighs 190 pounds call police if you know anything about it because up to protect the town from the marathon bombing what police officers involved in this shoot out with the terrorists were honored in arlington sons of italy welcome the offices found themselves a gunfight with them.>> what these officers did brave and unusual extreme danger was incredible. they were able to turn fear back to the training step up and get the job done. >> offices were honored by the massachusetts police associated mentoring the barry the night that helped to end the manhunt. >> fenway park under construction winter games check this out crews building a huge ramp for big air snowboarding and pre-skiing grand prix of
6:38 pm
wrap be 140 feet tall that's bigger than the light towers in the ballpark. the event is scheduled for february 11. and 12. >> building that's taught bio a connex for its backdrop of the coaches going up for sale talk about the famous sickle son in the shadow of fenway park. austin university looking to sell several properties in kenmore square the citgo sign sits on top of one of them. current fixture has been lighting up the sky behind ny since 1965 and spokesman for bu tells the boston globe the citgo sign is owned by a company that leases air rights from bu. new owner of the building will decide whether to continue that lease. >> this is exciting it turns out there are new massachusetts singers audition for american idol. i worcester native will be making her voice her tonight. >> she sounds great. she heard josh and will be featured this evening we don't
6:39 pm
she got the golden ticket to advance. we will be cheering her on tonight. you can watch american idol right here on fox 25 starting at 8 o'clock. he sure to join us for the fox 25 news. sounds good doesn't she. >> right now the patriots are sleeping in their beds one more time before heading out to denver for the afc championship
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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supporters. fox 25 blair miller with peterborough. >> reporter: pretty sanders hitting new hampshire very hard today he had three stops earlier today one more at some o'clock tonight and he's not just talk about the issues. >> pretty sanders arrived this gym in the small town of peterborough. with hundreds here ready to support him. but also with pointed questions like cat allen who asked about his plan to fight corporate corruption. what specific reforms will you put forth to end corruption. i do not represent the interests of corporate america or the billionaire class i don't want them money we will do it without a super pack. after that response i tracked down alan. >> did you get the answer you wanted?
6:43 pm
i was really more specific details would be good. santos comes to new hampshire with a strong lead-in state pulls over democratic rival hillary clinton. here today visiting several of the towns he pushes message of income inequality. energy use tuition for college citizens. but he focused on his chances of winning here in iowa. if we do well in both of those states, i think my friends, we are looking at one of the great political upsets in the modern history of the united states of america. >> santos says the primaries election will come down to voter turnout. i want to see this country have one of this highest order turnouts in the world. >> from here it's much of the same for santos tomorrow is a day full of more town hall meetings all across the state. >> hillary clinton is in iowa today she folks supports her talks attacked citizen of
6:44 pm
well as the republican party. >> john kasich he was continuing to gain momentum there as well the granite state ohio governor snag an endorsement performer and have the gop chairman fergus collins. jeb bush seems to make his presence known healed town halls and newport in nashua today the list you have your polls have bush tied for third place. >> chris christie working to make up ground you can new hampshire take holding a meet and greet at a local restaurant. marco rubio also bridge the gap between himself and take was he answered questions that if foreman manchester before heading to a town hall brookline. you don't trump is in las vegas. >> investigates uncovered serious questions about the actions of a boston judge and simply say she quote cross the line. when she'd ordered officers out of the courtroom. >> there are no firearms in this courtroom. when you hear those words from the judge what was your reaction? >> area unusual. court demonstrates saying if
6:45 pm
but there was one out of a statement that didn't hold up we checked it out for ourselves that's tonight on the fox 25 news at 10. >> talk to the staff this afternoon told them it was one computer model that would be outward start come in more into line with the other ones let's talk about the changes information justin tour with a center clear skies over southern new england futurecast take us through tonight and tomorrow will be clear all night long you wake up to the sunshine the morning keep it into the afternoon as well. looking like a pretty nice day out there. high temperatures are going to the chilly side going down to 12 in worcester. same thing for boston going down to the teens bottoming out the midteens around 80 degrees in the city of boston. high temperatures going to have to make up some ground getting up to 31 with the wind lowell and over 29 degrees tomorrow
6:46 pm
in the immediate boston area just south of boston into quincy it'll be 30 milton 30 31 a boston self 32 is dropped and here's what you really want to hear about. taking over social media all week long we've been watching this before it was a storm at all pacific ocean and forecasting it to come all the way across the country hit the gulf of mexico intensify into a storm that would become a nor'easter. picking up all that off of mexico him water injecting it into that storm tornadoes found your severe weather in tonight transition from rain to snow and ice through georgia northern georgia northeast georgia specifically into northwest south carolina into central and western north carolina snow in the mountainous areas but ice in the lower terrain gearing up for that places like raleigh-durham other north carolina. heavy snow makes it way into dc blizzard warnings out takes you to friday afternoon by then everything's pretty shut down
6:47 pm
heavy snow continues overnight and into saturday with their creeping up new york city during the early morning hours of saturday blizzard watches in place in new york city. i caution you that very close to us were talking about a blizzard watch only 100 miles away if a storm were to shift northward we would be getting into that mess. i see this trend is going farther south that's for the latest model information is. this is that justin this comes northward up to the pike still but then kind of pinwheels itself back over the ocean executes heavy snow going in here likely because of the storm intensifying offshore plausible situation with bottom line is no longer going farther north storm system though this computer model futurecast data is going northward is turning southward in line with the others. now it shifted boston down to 4.7 inches still too high as far as i'm concerned boston will be in the coding two inch
6:48 pm
to the south potential for more than six inches along the coast. when you get down to the shore line within 20 miles of whether the blizzard watch on long island that's what it can to keep that potential there for the heavy snow and the strong winds and blizzard conditions. something will be watching closely and i believe it's anything this will trend downward so to me this is more likely the worst case scenario at this point keep in mind i'll talk to more the latest data comes around tomorrow night when dick us will get stronger during sunday morning and sunday night. 20 and 30 miles per hour cape cod and the islands something of a possibility that were going to watch for. we can always infuse seven-day forecast still looking for snow to move in will be the heavy snow here in southern new england but saturday and sunday can have other problems to web to watch the strong winds to
6:49 pm
easter strong winds caused culture concerned with the astronomical high tides the boston plymouth and sandwich cape cod bay still this can shift northward i'm not saying that just try keep you hanging on it just that the storm has not come to the coast yet. let's watch it closely make sure it doesn't make a run to the north of bring us the heavy snow. latest information tonight at 10 and 11. >> two hockey players just hanging out bruins visited boston pride washes in the hospital she suffered a severe spinal cord injury marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his
6:50 pm
he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
6:51 pm
i believe the teams that win in the playoffs general have more experience i.e. the head coach cornerback middle linebacker etc. his wife there was no way that the colts were
6:52 pm
kind of football. butch stearns taught the importance of some experience with the pages. >> comes down to it it's us playing playing good. >> i think there is excited for you know of how big this game is this patriots team filled with young guys over ton of expense this time of year. how if it all with experience doctrine on thing is going to matter those free hours. on sunday. you may not have any experience malcolm butler didn't have an expense in the super bowl last year won the game for our team. >> was called upon his squat make a play at that particular moment. if you make great place you got a great chance of advancing if you don't you'll be watching two weeks. the gang comes down to the line it matters about how you play experience are not all comes down to how you plan sunday what should be a factor more than expense the sunday is tom
6:53 pm
complement of weapons on offense. >> we love playing together. when you've been here for a while just getting here that are ready to step up and make plays. >> just everybody out there making plays and you know offense is really running well it was good to just see the execution that we had picnics butch stearns fox 25 sports. >> when the pats have their expense brady gronk and edelman all the fields into amazing 20 two and one averaging nearly 35 points a game writing city for touchdowns gronk has over 2000 yards while adamant hundred and 63 catches proving my point without expense squat endeavor. bringing you all the buildup before sunday afc championship game. red sox spoke today but really too early to really care about baseball? so we had the guys talk about the patriots in the afc
6:54 pm
be just fine. the make the super bowl tom win. you know what i can fly back home but i'm going to change it to watch it i become a big patriots fan. since coming over to the red sox. it's amazing to see urine and how your out how consistently successful they are is awesome to watch. >> obviously the sunday your agent span. definitely. we don't have that but i've been with boston i love tom brady. patriots are 3-point it. butch stearns had he's looking pretty --. he loves brady. of course why not? >> i love brady gronk. absolutely. kevin loves snow. >> here's a seven day forecast. saturday to sunday some snow likely to happen here the heaviest b along the south
6:55 pm
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