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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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plans, thousands of flights cancel ahead of the storm, and what we are tracking to arrive here this weekend. incredible video new this morning, a jeep goes through a wall and lands in a swimming pool. hue floor mat sends the driver off course. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this -- let's spell it today, f-r-i-d-a-y. friday, january 22. hope your morning is you off to lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. blizzard warnings is up for stretches of the east coast. 75 million people are in the storm's path. 30 million could see blizzard 30 million could see blizzard conditions. this right here is the look at the storm from space showing just how big it is. our stephanie coueignoux is at logan airport monitoring the thousands of cancellations and delays. and meteorologist sarah wroblewski is in the storm tracker weather center where we have just gotten our first
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with this storm, sarah. >> sarah: really noticing all of the watches and warnings just develop across the mid-atlantic through the day yesterday. and, boy, now we are starting to see some changes in the models, shifting some of that snow further north. and that's why we just had a winter storm watch pushed into parts of the south coast as well as the cape and islands for that heavy snow potential starting tomorrow. but, boy, take a look, here is the storm system. we have got snow as well as some ice out through parts of the mississippi valley. we have some very heavy rain pushing through the pan handle. this is our storm system that will continue to get together. it is still a ways away as it is probably under 600 miles now now. that northern edge, but you can see that winter storm watch now has been issued for parts of the south coast as well as places like new bedford, fall river, as well as for the cape and islands. and across the rest of the area and across the rest of the area, we are going to be watch area, we are going to be watching this track very
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shift could be bumping up some totals as well as pushing that watch further north. what you need to know as we step outside right now, it is cold. it is in the teens. we have got mostly clear skies. the winds also adding a bit of a chill out of the northwest. so it feels like the single digits. you need to bundle up for that as we are getting ready to head through the day today. the wind chill value also be struggling to get out of single digits and teens. in fact as we head into the afternoon, we will see those winds brighten up. the clouds will begin to thicken ahead of that storm system. i will be breaking it down for you and showing you how much snow to expect in your area and also the changes that occur during the overnight hours. over to you. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the roads right now. overall roads looking good but be careful of what may be a little black nice your neighborhood around some of the supply roads. route 1 is moving along fine as is 93 south into town. nothing slowing down. pike wide anticipate from framingham through the weston
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only a handful of cars out in brighton. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara. back to you. people in the mid-atlantic are moving fast and furiously to try to get ahead of this storm. grocery stores sold out of bread in washington d.c. they could have record snow in the nation's capitol. hardware stores cannot keep rock salt, shovels on shelves. treating the roadways now for what could be 30 inches of snow what could be 30 inches of >> sara: the word "cancelled" and "delayed" are on boards across the country. >> gene: thousands of flights are cancelled. major hubs are right in the path of all the snow. stephanie coueignoux live at logan this morning where it could really be a long weekend for folks over at the airport. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: and, gene, a lot of nervous passengers. i spoke with one woman who said she has been hitting that
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taking a look behind me, we are this is jetblue. and just within the last 30 minutes, activity has definitely ramped up. a lot of folks looking at that departure board very closely, but here is the thing, a lot of airlines have already started waiving those cancellations and delay fees. for jetblue here in boston, you have tomorrow and sunday. that is the window of opportunity if you had to waive cancellation fees. for other areas today through sunday. sunday. so it really depends on your airline. you definitely want to check your airline and check your ticket very closely. take a look at your video from reagan international airport in different picture. stranded passengers already there because of those thousands of cancellations and delays here at boston.
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number is expected to grow. a lot of work being done de-icing those planes, and that's not all. in fact mayor marty walsh was speaking about remembering last winter in boston. he says his heart just goes out to all of the stranded folks in d.c. and he says that he is ready to send two snow blower there is to help clear out all that snow. take a listen. >> if she needs additional blowers to come to the city, we will help. >> reporter: and taking a live look. this is the departures board. we are keeping a very close eye on that. coming up in 30 minutes, we will let you know the very latest in cancellations and this window of opportunity for passengers who want to fly out at time. at boston logan international airport, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 morning news. >> gene: our coverage of the winter storm continues all
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sara will continue to update on the track every ten minutes. if you are away from your tv or you can't keep on eye on the storm, the fox25 weather app available for download for free for apple and android devices. new this morning a jeep crashes through a luxury fence and into a pool. it happened at regatta riverside residency on museum way. the jeep ended up in the pool when the floor mat got stuck under the gas pedal. a valet was trying to park it at the time and instead it jump at the time and instead it jumped the curb went through the wall and right into the water. took a while for fire fighters to get it back out because it was leaking gas and they were worried about starting a fire. the valet was not hurt, and the building is boarded up this morning. we will take you live to the scene as crews work to patch up that hole. an american college student is under arrest in north korea.
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agencies in that country says a university of virginia student is accused of committing a hostile act against the state. north korea said the student intended to destroy the country intended to destroy the country's unity. he was arrested on january 2. a chinese-based tour agency said the student was part of a group tour in north korea when he was detained. 5:07. two men are facing charges for leading police on a dramatic chase across town lines. it started with a armed robbery on central avenue. two men entered the store, jumped over the counter and told the clerk she was being robbed. the clerk also tells fox25 they attacked her. >> he tried to tase me. feel anything. it i didn't feel anything i went at him which i shouldn't have and that's when he punched me. >> gene: the suspects led police on a chase that ended when they hit a tree on kendall street in walpole. two other cars including a
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the crash. one walpole police officer was taken to the hospital with chest injuries but he will be okay. mail deliveries in four communities will resume after a hazmat scare. a brown substance was found. state lab tests said it was sugar and alcohol-based glycerin, royalston, phillipston and peterham took no chances when the brown goo turned up. delivery was stopped for the rest of the day. glycerin found in low-fat foods glycerin found in low-fat foods, drugs and cosmetics. glycerin is only harmful if someone is exposed to it in small amounts. a local man is behind bars. police say he stabbed another man and left him behind a dunkin' donuts. we were live outside the dunkin' donuts in milton as the story was breaking yesterday. the man was in court yesterday and faces several charges in this attack. they found pasholi at a gas station near the dunkin' donuts with his clothes covered with blood. a judge set bail at 100,000 and
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cases in boston. he will be back in court next month. a bill to ban cell phone use behind the wheel is moving forward. it was approved by the senate last night. under the bill, phone calls would only be allowed through a hands-free device like blue tooth. a similar bill received preliminary approval from the house. happening today, boston-based draftkings plans to make changes to its daily fantasy sports game. the company tells the globe they will implement consumer protection rules by the attorney general of massachusetts. they include identifying experienced players who won large prizes and banning the use of software that let some customers enter hundreds of line-ups per day. draftkings won't raise the playing age to 21 or place a limit on monthly deposits. well, this is where the new england patriots hope to keep going in just over a week from now. the official super bowl banners and decorations are going up around san francisco. the city hosting super bowl 50 on february 7. the road to san francisco goes through denver.
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sunday. fox25 sports director tom leyden is in colorado where it looks like the weather will not be affected. >> reporter: sharp contrast with what is expected on the east coast. the weather here in colorado will be seasonably beautiful. it is expected to go in the 50s today. on the videos on sunday with the sun when the broncos an patriots square off in that stadium behind me. good news from foxborough yesterday. practice field. he missed the workout two days ago with a shin injury. everybody even if it is limited were out on the field yesterday and that was good news. sports authority field. it is boisterous. on top of everything else, the players have to fight through thin air which certainly does not make things easy >> the level of competition and the quality of their players and coaches makes a great team and a great organization. it has been that way for a long time. we played a lot of good teams. beat them a couple of times, but they beat us most of the
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so let's get to that number 3 in the win column. >> road games playing on the difficult. but we are going on the road in december. the fans will be loud and ready, and denver broncos a very solid team. very, very solid defense. we just got to be ready mentally and physically. >> reporter: the 1 p.m. mountain start time on sunday means the sun should be shining throughout the throughout the game. good news a far cry from the conditions back in november. it was snowing that night. we will be at broncos practice today and we will will bring you the story from englewood. the patriots fly out after that workout and they should arrive tonight. the latest for denver, tom leyden, fox25. patriots head coach bill belichick will address the media later this morning and we will bring you his comments live in our 7:00 hour. stay with fox25 for complete coverage of the afc khachl i i don't knowship game.
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more on the fox25 news 5, 6 and 10. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. an important combo. traffic pretty mellow. 25 minutes from andover to the zakim bridge. weather, though, very different story, sara. >> sarah: especially what will be headed our way as we are tracking this massive snowstorm heading through the mid-atlantic and bringing us some snow as we head through the weekend, but right now it is dry. temperatures in the teens and 20s, but if feels even cold we are that wind chill. feels like the single digits right now. bundle up appropriately. for the day today, mostly sunny skies. it is the calm before the storm with temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s. i will be breaking down that timeline and showing you how much snow you can expect this weekend in just a few minutes. :12 this morning. a local couple heartbroken. their dogs are missing stolen out of their homes. still coming your way, the video of a stranger walking away with the pets and why the couple think where they took the dogs to play made them a target. up next, a grandmother
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approve this message. track can a large storm that is continuing to develop across the southeast bringing a widespread amount of snow, ice and rain. i am going to have the latest timeline on when we can expect to see snow arrive in just a few minutes. new this morning, police are still trying to track down a gunman that attacked a woman
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officers say the man was drunk when he walked into a showing of the benghazi film "13 hours." he fumbled with his gun before police say it went off by accident critically injuring a woman. the guy took off, and police haven't been able to find him. health experts are investigating how an otherwise healthy 12-year-old died of the flu. piper laurie passed away last weekend in washington. she got sick last tuesday and her mother took her to an urgent care twice. she seemed to get better until saturday when her mom rushed her to the hospital where doctors discovered that piper's kidneys were failing. doctors are looking for other medical issues that may have played a role in her death. this grandmother takes things into her own hand when when she beat a would-be robber with a club. the 58-year-old brockton store owner hopes that surveillance video from inside her store will catch the man who tried to steal from her. maria said that the man was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and
5:17 am
as she rang up his items he demanded money from the register. she took out a club and hit the suspect until he ran off. she is concerned that he is still out there. >> i am really worried about it because if he tried to hurt me, he would hurt somebody else. >> gene: she said she only had to use the club once before to defend herself. police are looking for the suspect on that surveillance video. good morning, everyone, 5 good morning, everyone, 5:17 on this friday. we will start north of town, things moving along very nicely on route 1 as you head from peabody into the saugus area and into revere. 93 south similar story from the cloverleaf into woburn and medford. a look at the pike, nothing bothering there. 61 miles per hour from the expressway right now. there is a little bit of red in the traffic flow right around granite avenue. probably because of work crew that is wrapping up late and slowing things down just in those southbound lanes. over to the live look at the expressway. this is actually all of our cameras that i am watching for
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here are your live drive times. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear today. and you are closely keeping an eye on a winter storm watch that is now in effect. tell us more. >> sarah: well, you know, through the overnight hours, julie, the models started to show a slight shift to the north and sure enough we were talking about it yesterday, jason as well as kevin, that any slight shrift significantly change our snowfall forecast. for us we will keep the totals the same, but it does mean that the best chances of some accumulating snow will be down across the south coast where that winter storm watch is in play, but this morning, it is dry out there. it is cold. and if you need to get where you need to go for the day today, it is looking just fine. just temperatures in the teens and 20s down across the cape and islands. it is 19 in boston right now. and that wind chill, it is in
5:19 am
by the afternoon, we will be climbing into the 20s and 30s with mostly sunny skies. the winds will lighten out of the northwest, but in is what we are watching. the timing of the snow to arrive during the day on saturday, and then pushing out by early sunday. again, we do -- we are going to continue to watch some of the models as this storm system continues to evolve. there could still be some changes. but what we are expecting is wind, snow, rain, and coastal concerns with the possibility of some beach erosion as well as some slosh over during the time of high tide late saturday as well as early sunday. right around the 11:00 hour. now here is our massive storm system bringing everything from snow, ice, as well as severe weather down through the florida pan handle. it is going to continue to evolve as it pushes toward the mid-atlantic for the day today where they have winter storm warnings, as well as blizzard warnings in effect. for us we have a winter storm watch now in effect for the south coast, cape and islands, and, again, the track of this system so crucial, because any
5:20 am
talking about the possibility of some blizzard conditions as there is a blizzard warning for parts of long island right now. we are not that far away; however, it does look as though we are going to escape some of the brunt of this storm as it pushes throughout mid-atlantic through the evening hours today. by early tomorrow, that is when we will see those clouds thickening up. the snow beginning to fall along the south coast, pushing north toward the boston area during the early afternoon and may get toward the new hampshire border as we head toward the evening hours. the winds will be picking up on create creating some difficult driving down across the southeast with the falling snow, as well as those strong wind gusts upwards of 40 to 50 miles per hour and the trend does continue to keep the heaviest and steadiest snow overnight saturday through early sunday before we actually dry out, so that hour-by-hour forecast show the bulls eye in the d.c. area where they could see up to two feet. i wanted to show you a couple of the differences because we
5:21 am
much happening for our area; however, another model, the euro, has pushed up our snowfall totals as we headed through the overnight hours just a little bit. but for us, i am going still with a coating to a couple of inches in the boston area out toward worcester. 3 to 5 toward the south coast. ruff the best chance of seeing that 6 inches or plus. of course, we will have to monitor. these could change through the day as new information becomes available. but the one thing we do know is that the impact will be through the day saturday into early sunday. then we should be drying out although we have a chance of showers on tuesday. temperatures will begin to moderate just a little bit. coming up, i will show you your wind hour by hour so you know what to expect along coast. over to you. >> julie: -- >> sara: all right, sarah. police say it is happening far too often at school. kids are fighting and uploading video to social media. who is in a new video that could bring big trouble for
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endangered piping plover community of birds. the u.s. fish and wildlife service are easing restrictions that give local officials more flexibility to manage the birds flexibility to manage the birds. the plan is likely to be approved this summer. well, you got to check this out. a wild scene in new york. a cow was headed to the slaughterhouse must have great sense of what was going on. he got out of there. made a break for it. police had to shut down streets around queens before corners the cow in a parking garage. they got it back on the trailer and over to the slaughterhouse so a last run -- a last escape. >> julie: unsuccessful. >> gene: before it became a steak. julie julie yum. a couple that relocated to florida may be rethinking their move after fining an unwelcomed guest. this animal esignificances of check it out. a 8-foot crocodile taking a dip in their pool. the crocodile ended up leaving on its own before fish and wildlife could arrive.
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>> gene: the croc or the alligator by the snout. that is how you different ren 1998. that is a gator, but in the i don't know -- one of the hottest trends in the winter is being called creepy by a lot of people. you are going to love this. ready, julie. frozen pants. viral. apparently a man in minnesota started this trend. put a pair of jeans in the water, put them outside and their own. some are calling this over the top. "esquire" magazine says please stop with these creepy frozen ghost pants. >> julie: how long do you think that takes and you are just standing. >> gene: i tell you what i have been in a frozen gene when it gets cold. >> julie: you have been a frozen -- >> gene: my name, when it is cold. i will explain it to her in the break. you know it is frozen. that's what it is all about. >> sarah: yeah, pretty much freezing out there right now.
5:27 am
but it feels like in the single digits today. that wind chill value is going to be in the teens by the afternoon, but those winds really ramping up this weekend. i will talk about the potential wind gust. when we will peak coming up in just a few minutes. plus, the trash talk game is on between the patriots and the broncos. our sports team is in denver this morning. dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: weather the big story on this friday morning. a giant storm is headed to the east coast and millions are in its path. logan airport where they are dealing with cancellations and delays. what our weather team say could be feet of snow in some places. >> sara: good morning on this friday, january 22, we are also expecting snow here but how much is still a very tricky condition. sarah wroblewski in the storm tracker weather center with the newest forecast with new information for us. >> yeah, through the overnight hours, we saw a shift in the models a little further north which would suggest that we are going to be seeing some heaviest impacts down across our south coast, but, boy, the impacts really through the mid-atlantic. this storm system is just getting going down across the southeast from snow in little rock to some icing in parts of tennessee. and heavy rain atlanta down to the florida panhandle.
5:29 am
this system still has to continue to evolve. it is well over 500 miles away, northern edge of it, but as it pushes into the mid-atlantic for the day today and off the coast, we are going to get a clearer idea of exactly how high the impact will be with snow, wind, as well as some coastal concerns, but at least today it is dry out there. we have cold conditions. temperatures in the teens. i want to show you your day planner. as you plan your day, through the morning hours, sticking with the teens. feeling like the single digits. the winds will lighten up by the afternoon. your lunch hour. we are already in the 20s. not budge not budging too much by the afternoon with mostly sunny skies. we will see those high, thin clouds move on in by the evening. upper 20s to low 30s. but we are talking about snow heading our way. we will show you what to expect as far as the latest timeline of. a check of your traffic now with. >> julie: >> julie. how are the roads going. >> sara, things quiet at 5:31.
5:30 am
southbound at granite avenue. we are seeing that slow traffic flow because the work crew late cleaning up. live look at the zakim bridge where nothing is slowing you down on the leverett connector or bridge. >> itself. live drive time 9 minutes from 123 to 123 to 128. 2 minutes eastbound to mass avenue. 23 minutes on 93 south from 49 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: julie, new this morning. come over to your tv and look at this. a jeep inside a pool. i don't think that going to help. the owner handed over the car to be parked when something went wrong behind the wheel. fox25's michael henrich live in cambridge. michael, a big hole in that building behind you but you said it was boarded up a few minutes ago. >> reporter: just within the last 15 minutes, gene, they were able to board that up. the restoration workers still out here. they were making sure that area was boarded up and supported as well. they do have work to do. we are here on museum way in
5:31 am
the regatta riverview residence the regatta riverview residences building, the condo building and show you again what it looked like not long after the jeep did its damage around 11:30 last night. crews on scene telling fox25 a valet driver says that the floor mat somehow got stuck with the gas pedal causing the suv to jump the curb, slam throughout condo's wall, jump over the lap pool into another wall, and landing on its side in that two-lane pool. the valet driver got out of the jeep on his own and was treated at -- at the scene here at this complex over 600,000 by first responders. now we are working, of course, to see how long these -- these restoration crews will be out here before the building is given the all clear and thumbs up from a safety standpoint and working to find out more about the investigation. as soon as we have an update, of course, we will bring it to you here on the fox25 morning news. for now, though, live in cambridge, michael henrich, fox25 news.
5:32 am
are moving fast and furiously to try to get ahead of this storm. grocery stores are sold out of bread in washington d.c. where they could have record snowfall they could have record snowfall. hardware stores can't keep rock salt or shovels on shelves. the federal government will shut down early today. cities and towns are treating roadways now for what could be as much as 30 inches of snow. the words "cancelled" and "delays" are on boards at all airports this morning. >> sara: major hubs are right in the middle of the snow and logan will definitely be impacted. stephanie coueignoux is at logan and she tweeted this just a few minutes ago. watch what she says uh-oh, a boston logan employee told me it is about to get crazy in here. stephanie joins us live, and tough on employees as well as travelers, stephanie. >> reporter: and sara, this all about a marathon, not a sprint. very busy here already a 5:30 in the morning at boston logan. take a look.
5:33 am
we have been keeping a very close eye on this departure board, and in just the last 30 minutes, two more cancellations have been added. one in washington. one in raleigh-durham. nine so far. and that is expected to grow. you mentioned hubs. we are talking about charlotte, raleigh durham, washington d.c. already 101 cancellations, and, again, that list will grow, and speaking of reagan international airport, take a look. this is video from that airport this is video from that airport. stranded passengers there already, and that is likely to pile up over the next few days. now i just did speak with one passenger here. her flight to trinidad, that's okay. but she says she has been calling her friends up and down the east coast. they say they are stocking up on their goods, and they are staying inside. >> i have friends in virginia and in north carolina. i spoke with them, and they are scared. they are really scared.
5:34 am
remembers last winter all too well. she was very nervous checking her flight time and time again. airline s already waiving those cancellation and delay fees. coming up in 30 minutes, the action and resources mayor marty walsh says he is prepared to provide those really impact this snowstorm. at boston logan international airport, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. our coverage of the winter storm continues all morning and throughout the weekend. sarah will continue to update us on the track of the storm every ten minutes. if you were away from your tv, keep an eye on the storm with the fox25 weather app. it is available to download for free for both apple and an dry devices. 5:36 this morning. developing news. e-mailed bomb threats have been sent to yet another school district. there will be extra security for kids at cambridge public schools today. police say no evidence of any real danger in any of the messages. just last month, police were called to cambridge schools multiple times for a series of
5:35 am
school. a threat in me how that sunshine a copycat of the e-mail message. a 15-year-old left a note about a bomb at a high school hope a bomb at a high school hoping to get out of class. the incident came a day after a building was evacuated over one of those e-mail threats. in milford, students will be back in class following a e-mail threat there. we were on the scene as police and the fire department searched the high school yesterday morning. the entire building was searched, but officials decided to cancel school snus in case. dozens of schools have been hit by those threats this week. the fbi is investigating. the u.s. military says a team of marines missing off the coast of hawaii is dead, all of them. corporal christopher orlando of hingham is one of 12 marines who disappeared when two helicopters crashed over the ocean last week. the coast guard spent five days searching for the helicopters, but they were not found. last night, the marine corps declared that all 12 victims are officially dead. violent fights involving local teenagers are being post local teenagers are being posted to facebook, and police
5:36 am
to find the source. the video first and onto a page called worcester fights that show young people in real fist fights at locations around worcester. some of the fights happened last school year. school leaders are trying to identify the fighters, and investigators say local mothers and fathers may also be involved. >> in some cases, we have parents who are taking their children to the fights because of a conflict their son or daughter might have had with another teenager. >> facebook page was taken down for a short time after police started investigating. it is now back online but under a different name. local college will soon have armed security guard on campus. security guards at endicott college in beverly will be carrying weapons. college president richard wilie says under strict policy gun also not be moved from the holster to protect the lives of members of the community. president you wilie said the officers will be trained on how to use the weapons. new numbers show that more numbers will be found in carry
5:37 am
tsa officials found more than 2600 guns in 2015. that is up 20% from 2014 that is up 20% from 2014. at logan. agents found ten guns and two were found in manchester, boston regional airport in new hampshire. in much smaller number compared to the 153 guns found at the dallas airport. today, the new england patriots will head to denver for the afc championship game. the pats were slight favorites despite losing in colorado earlier this year. fox25's sports director tom leyden is in denver this morning where the broncos say they feel like they are being disrespected. >> reporter: earlier this week the broncos raised eyebrows calling tom brady a crybaby saying he threw temper tantrum and laid off the gas when it comes to bulletin board material on wednesday, but ratcheted up again thanks to cj anderson. it was anderson that scored the gameing touchdown against patriots.
5:38 am
teammates underdog on sunday in their home stadium don't have the respect across the country that he feels they deserve. >> just -- you know, we have a chance. wrong business. we are supposed to get g out there and get killed which is fun to me. go out there and play business -- play for the game. >> reporter: a whole different game on sunday than it was in december. a lot of player back in the line up, peyton manning, ware and. that is why new england is the faiths going into the afc championship game. the patriots work out in foxborough and fly out later tonight. that is the story from denver, tom leyden, fox25 news. patriots coach bill belichick is expected to address the media. we will bring you his comments in the 7:00 hour and stay with fox25 for complete coverage of the afc championship game, tom leyden and butch pwluch have live reports from denver on the fox25 news at 5, 6 and 10. we check traffic and minutes.
5:39 am
the expressway northbound, an easy 8-minute commute from furnace brook parkway to columbia road. sarah. >> sarah: temperatures in the teens and 20s and feeling like the single digits. bundle up if you were headed out on the roadways. by this afternoon, sunshine, temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s. definitely the calm before the storm across new england with temperatures on the chilly said. but the further south you go, likely going to see some snow arrive. i will show you when snow arrives for us coming up in just a few minutes. it looks like black friday at wal-mart. stores across the country. how long people are lining up outside to snag a bargain as the stores close. and animal lovers are following this story closely this morning, two small dogs
5:40 am
ah, this lucky boy... he has no idea what's coming. my taste - so huge, yet so unexpected. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with a whole lotta creamy goodness! left! right! uppercut! leaving taste buds... deliciously dizzy! look! his tongue is knocked out! oh! mom steps into the ring! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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an i am tracking the latest with the storm developing across the southeast headed toward the mid-atlantic to provide blizzard conditions to
5:42 am
i will have the latest track how it will impact our area minutes. 5:44. these precious puppies are miss missing this morning. they were stolen right out of their home. this morning video a neighbor took could be the key to help finding those dogs. fox25's daniel miller is here with the video. >> daniel: these rare pomeranians were stolen from their home in somerville while they were home alone. it happened on tuesday. they believe the burglar broke into a window and took a sentiment items from russia and their dogs 4-year-old caesar and 2-year-old cleo. both are black and white. a neighbor captured this video. the man appears to have the dogs tucked under his arm. >> i just didn't know what he wanted with them. but it is a horrible feeling not knowing where they are. >> daniel: they told fox25 they don't care about those russian rings, they want their dogs back. they think the thief has been watching their house and knew
5:43 am
they play at the park across the street. they are posting signs around town and pleading online for help. now somerville police are also investigating and we have this story up on our facebook page. if you want to share this it this morning to help find the dogs. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. babies at risk from the very devices meant to keep them safe. infant seats are being recalled because the handle can break sending the seat and baby falling to the ground. now take a look. three models are on list. the 35, elite and travel system. they were all made between october 2014 and last july. vitax -- britax is recalling some strollers because baby could choke on the arm padding. everything you need to know about both recalls on good friday morning. it is now 5:46. we will start at route 3 south of town moving along fine from 228 in rockland past route 178 in weymouth and up to the braintree split. main roads feed to 128.
5:44 am
talking mostly about 24 and 95. expressway moderate delays. nothing mayor. it will -- nothing major. it will continue to get much worse as the morning commute continues. a typical number of headlights past the gas tank. 10 minutes from 228 to the braintree split. 12 anyone from 1 26 to 128. 12 minutes from 495 128. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear. clear skies this morning. temp notice teens. but changing models for the storm this weekend. >> sarah: we will be dealing with sunshine to start and solar drive, but we will change that up with clouds and snow as we head into the weekend. in fact a winter storm watch already posted for the south coast, cape and islands. starts tomorrow morning and goes through sunday morning. the biggest impacts from the storm that is going to blanket the mid-atlantic with a foot to two feet of snow.
5:45 am
but the track still uncertain, because it still has to strengthen and evolve, so it may still shift to the north. we will continue to analyze data throughout the day today, and one thing we know along with the snow, we are going to be dealing with strong winds and coastal flooding beach erosion during the times of high tide, 11 p.m. saturday night and 11 a.m. in the morning on sunday. so here is our storm right now bringing snow and ice through parts of the tennessee valley and mississippi valley. heavy rain in atlanta, down to the pan handle. severe weather too. bringing some snow into charlotte now. heading northward into virginia heading northward into virginia. and getting close to the capital. now we are still hundreds of miles away from this storm. but the track is going to be very important over the next 12 hours, because it will continue to evolve off of the mid-atlantic, and push eastward. the question is, how -- how far north does it get and if it does move further north, we are going to be talking about more significant snowfall down
5:46 am
but right now it does look as though the biggest impact down across the south coast, the cape and islands, where petition that winter storm watch. that will be posted. also southern rhode island and connecticut. you head just a little bit further south, places like long island, and they have a blizzard watch in effect for that area. blizzard warning actually for the potential of not only some heavy snow but also some very strong winds. winds will play a factor for us, too, this weekend. right now, though, before we get there cold continues to talk about. bundle up and layer up if you are headed outdoors. wind out of the northwest making it feel like it is about 5 degrees. temperatures in the teens will climb into the 20s through your lunch hour. as you plan your day, a little bit cooler than yesterday, but the winds, they are going to be a little bit lighter as we head into the afternoon. still at 5 to 10 degrees off. that is what it should feel like and dress for with your wind chill valley. upper 20s to low 30s where we are headed this afternoon as you can see and take a look at the conditions across the
5:47 am
if you have plans this region, friday night date night, looking okay. overnight temperatures fall back to the teens and 20s as the clouds will become partly cloudy ahead of the clouds that will move on in for early saturday. now i am showing out futurecast starting saturday morning right about your lunch hour. we will notice the snow beginning to build into southern new england right around the mass pike area. some darker shades indicating some heavier bands. we will have to watch for those to set up. best chances will be down across the south, but in model, a little more robust, bringing snow into parts of new hampshire by the afternoon and evening hours. those winds will really start to pick up too, and we could see some banding with that onshore flow from the east northeast, and also some mixing down across places like nantucket. as we continue through the overnight hours, that has been the trend that this system moves in through the day on saturday, continues through the overnight. and then by early sunday, it begins to wrap and push away and leaves with us partly sunny
5:48 am
also likely seeing some snow, anywhere from a coating to a couple of inches the further south you go, 3 to 5, the best chances of seeing 6 inches or more down across the south coast, parts of the cape and into connecticut as well. of course if that track shifts to the north, we will be ajust to the north, we will be ajusting though totals to the north if it shifts to the south we will be pushing it south. what you need to know with the weekend falls view, we will likely see trouble in the roadways with snow sticking down down across the south. the good news is, we see improvement as temperatures moderate into next week but tracking another chance of showers, mostly like rain on tuesday. over to you. all right, sarah, an incredible car crash. take a look at this. a light pole plunges right through the roof of a car. the chain of events before this close call. >> gene: that is scary stuff. >> we have been tracking this
5:49 am
in north carolina where it has there's a voice of a daredevil in all of us. that urges us to shake things up, to turn up the heat, and take bigger risks. why should damaged hair silence that voice? new dove regenerative nourishment with red algae complex in a formula that nourishes to regenerate extremely damaged hair. for smooth, strong and healthy looking hair as if damaged never happened. new dove regenerative
5:50 am
a driver is lucky to be alive after the wild crash. take a look at this. driver sideswiped an ambulance on monday and hit a metal light pole in washington d.c. the pole snapped in half and went right through their car, it even went throughout floor of the vehicle. it missed the driver's head by about 6 inches. safety experts are issuing a new warning about hoverboard a new warning about hoverboards. the head of the safety commission say they should follow amazon's lead. the ag wants stores to stop selling them until safety problems are investigated. battery packs on dozens of boards have started fires. the devices are also linked to a growing number of injuries from falls. >> i am not so sure these products are manufactured in a way that are really safe enough to use, even under reasonable circumstances gene the commission is issuing safety standards and may offer notice standards and may offer notices. hasty pudding picked its
5:51 am
gordon joseph levitt will be honored. he was selected for his acting talent and being a visionary entrepreneur. the actor will be roasted by a group, and given his pudding pot on february 5. julie dwrooul -- >> sara: two massachusetts singers are hope singers are hoping to be the last american idol. jessica cabral tweeted to fox25 giving a heats-up about her performance and take a listen. [singing] taking one too many chances note a. >> sara: beautiful choice and good news for her. the judges loved her. the show's official twitter account posted that she has serious vocals. that makes two massachusetts natives heading to the next round. congrats to cabral and sonica from weston.
5:52 am
one of my favorite shows of all time. >> gene: very impressive, jessica. >> sara: her and sonica. >> gene: we will keep our fingers crossed. a winter storm gripping the country, bringing snow to everyone from new england to the mississippi valley the mississippi valley. >> gene: meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking the path and she tells us any small movement could mean a big change. >> reporter: >> sarah: new information coming in right now. i have been analyzing it. i will bring you the latest as of 6:00. and a travel nightmare brewing for the weekend as an epic winter storm marches east. we will be live to logan airport where airport workers say things are about to get crazy. and a local animal shelter making plan to rebuild following a devastating fire.
5:53 am
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