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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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willou be ready wh growth presents itself? realize your buying power at now at 6:00, a blizzard warning for the mid-atlantic states. already paralyzing travel this morning, but the impact here at home still in question. what the newest models are saying and how a minor shift could change everything. new overnight, a jeep plunges into a swimming pool at a luxury condo complex. the mistake behind the wheel that led to the big splash, and why the owner is not to blame. and the fox25 sports team is in denver waiting for the patriots to arrive. a full report from sports authority field including good news that could give the
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sunday. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning to you. good friday to you as well on this friday morning. it is january 22. appreciate being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. the national weather service posting a winter storm watch for the coast and it came out in the last hour. >> gene: we have team coverage as the monster storm cancels flights on the east coast. stephanie coueignoux is at logan monitoring the airports. and first we go to meteorologist sarah wroblewski in the stormtracker weather sent he looking at the latest models. >> sarah: analyzing some of the data and we will have to watch the system over the next couple of hours and the impacts could change as the storm system from the southeast will continue to gain strength and push toward the mid-atlantic. the question comes, when it pushes off of the mid-atlantic by early tomorrow, how close is it to southern new england.
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talking about some more significant snowfall, and some of the latest models are trending toward that direction, but right now, the snow, it is well over several hundreds of miles away. so we are going to be dealing with just fine conditions right now, although the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch that begins tomorrow morning and goes until sunday morning as well. but it is clear out there. it is cold out there. temperatures are in the teens and 20s. and if you need to head outside this morning, be prepared for those wind chill values right now that are in the single digits and teens. it feels like it is 1 below in worcester. i will show what you to expect throughout the day today, and show you the latest snowfall totals what i am thinking minutes. check the traffic with julie. >> julie: sarah, good morning. easton street 1 6 in easton is closed near foundry street because of an earlier accident. shifting north, volume picking
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average speeds of 27 miles per hour from furnace brook to columbia road. 93 south route 1, still moving along at a decent you clip. route 1 in saugus, volume reasonable. that will increase i would expect over the next 45 minutes and really start to slow down. here why your live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 21 minutes on 128 south through route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. gene and sara, back to you. >> people in the mid-atlantic are moving fast and furiously to get ahead of the storm. grocery store are old sold out of bread in washington d.c. where they could have record snow. hardware stores cannot keep rock salt and shovels on shells rock salt and shovels on shells. they are treating roadways right now for what could be 30 inches of snow. this storm, we have a live look right now by little rock, arkansas. a look that you can see in this live picture they are starting to get the snow right now. this thing is starting to make its impact in the eastern part
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and it is getting very busy at logan airport this morning as thousands of people try to get out ahead of the snow. >> gene: it may be too late. more than 4,000 flights have already been cancelled. fox25's stephanie coueignoux passengers are getting bad news. good morning, steph. >> reporter: many flights have already been cancelled. in fact in just the last 20 minutes, baltimore has now made that cancellation board. taking a look behind me at terminal c, and you can see the passengers starting to pile up into the lines. really the winter storm is all anyone is talking about. a lot of relief as you can imagine from the folks who swipe -- they are finally on time. a lot of folks calling ahead because a lot of bad news. and speaking of bad news. take a look at this. a different story elsewhere, reagan international airport in washington d.c., as you can see from that video, dozens of stranded passengers already.
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brunt of this storm and mayor marty walsh was in d.c. yesterday. he tells us he was very relieved he was able to flight out on time, and he said if d.c. does need help d.c. does need help digging out of the feet of snow he has two truck-mounted snow blowers on standby. >> spill offer if she needs those snow blowers to come to the city. we will help. >> reporter: taking a live look at this departure board. yet even more cancellations. again baltimore now making that list just 30 minutes ago. i spoke with one woman who is flying to baltimore so far her flight is still on time. but, again, she is flying into that massive storm. coming up in 30 minutes, how she told me she is expecting to take the next few days. at boston logan international airport, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. our coverage of the winter storm continues all morning and
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sara will continue to update us on the track of the storm every ten minutes. and coming up in ten minutes, we will go to charlotte, that is, north carolina, where heavy snow is already falling there. and if you were away from your tv, keep an eye on the storm with the fox25 weather app. it is veilable to download for free for apple and android devices. well, 6:06. take a look at this video. developing news in brockton right now. we got brand-new video into the newsroom of a water main break on north main street. police tell us crews are work police tell us crews are working to fix the break and will have water shut off on parts of that road. right now there is no word on how long those repairs are going to take. new this morning, a jeep crashes through a luxury condo building in cambridge and lands right in the pool. take a look at the damage. this happened at around 11 last night at regatta river view residency on museum way. the jeep ended up in the pool when the floor mat got stuck
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a valet was trying to park at the time. instead it jumped a curb, went through that wall, and flew right into the water. it took a while for fire fighters to get it back out because it was leaking gas and they were worry they were worried about starting a fire. the valet was not hurt, and the building was boarded up this morning. we will go there there live straight ahead at 6:30. well, the new england patriots hope to be in san francisco in just over a week from now. the official banner and super bowl banner and other city. san francisco, of course, hosting super bowl 50 on february 7. and the road to san fran goes through denver. the patriots face the broncos in the afc championship game. sports director tom leyden is in colorado where it looks like the weather will not be a factor. >> reporter: good morning. yes, in sharp contrast what is expected on the east coast this week. the weather in colorado will be seasonably beautiful. it is expected to go into the 50s today. in the 40s on sunday with the sun when the broncos and patriots square off in that
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there was some good news from foxborough yesterday. matthew slater was back on the practice field. he missed the workout two days ago with the shin injury. everybody even if they were limited was out yesterday. that is good news. and boisterous. on top of everything else, these players have to fight through that thin air which easy. >> the level of competition and the quality of their players and coaches is what makes them organization. it has been that way for a long time. we played a lot of good bronco teams. beat them a couple of times, but they beat us most of the time. so get to that number three in the win column. >> games playing in the nfl is always difficult task, but we are going on the road in denver. fans will be loud. they are going to be ready. and the denver broncos. very solid team. very, very solid defense. so we just got to be ready mentally and physically. >> reporter: the 1 p.m. mountain start time on sunday
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shining throughout the game. that is good news. a far cry from the conditions these two teams played in back in november. it was snowing that night. we will be at broncos practice today. we will bring you the story from inglewood. the patriots work out in foxborough and fly out after that workout and they should arrive tonight. the latest for denver, tom leyden, fox25 morning news. patriots head coach bill bell youi chick will address the media later this morning and we will bring you his comments live in the 7:00 hour. stay with fox25 for complete coverage of the afc championship game. tom leyden tom leyden butch will have more at 5, 6 and 10. breaking this morning, an american college stud is unarrest in north korea. the government-controlled news agency in that country says a university of virginia student is accused of committing a hostile act against the state. north korea says the student intended to destroy the country intended to destroy the country's unity. he was arrested on january 2. a chinese-based tour agency
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group tour to north korea when he was detained. the u.s. military says a massachusetts marine and 11 other servicemembers are dead. corporal christopher orlando of hingham is one of 12 marines who disappeared when two helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii last week. the coast guard spent five days searching for the helicopters, but they were not found. last night, the marine corps declared all 12 victims officially dead. two men facing charges for leading police on a dramatic chase across town lines. it all started with an armed robbery at central market and travel on washington street in norwood. two men entered the store, jump two men entered the store, jumped over the counter and told the clerk she was being robbed. the clerk tells fox25 they also attacked her. >> he tried to tase me. i had a coat on, so i didn't feel anything, and when i -- when i didn't feel anything, i went at him -- which i shouldn't have -- and that's when he punched me. >> gene: the suspects held >> gene: the suspects led police on a chase that ended when they hit a tree on kendall street in walpole.
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police cruiser were involved in the crash. one walpole officer was taken to the hospital for chest injuries and that officer will be okay. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. right now on 93 southbound, a 2 right now on 93 southbound, a 21-minute commute from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. sarah? >> sarah: chilly out there. if you were stepping outside, a little cooler than yesterday but the winds won't be as biting, upper 20s to low 30s. already tracking the threats for the weekend with snow, wind and coastal flooding. break it down for you and show you the latest timeline in just a few minutes. it is a real-life fight club involving local high school students. coming up at 6:30, the violent confrontations found on facebook and what police are doing to find the people in these videos. but first the storm is still a day away from hitting new new england, but the snow is already falling this morning in charlotte. check this out. we have been following feeds
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i am fox25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking snow from little rock to charlotte and showers through atlanta through the panhandle of florida. this is our storm system i am tracking for the weekend. the latest timeline just ahead. and you could see that radar sweeping over the carolinas this morning. our sister station in charlotte is in full storm force coverage. we have been following tweets from reporter angela hong.
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around 4:30 this morning. roads already getting slick there, and by now the situation has intensified. angela? >> reporter: when we first came out on the roads this morning it was rain and sleet, back and forth 37 around forth forth. around 3:00, it turned into snow, and you can just see the impact it is having on the roads in charlotte. this is a major their goes through the center of charlotte through the center of charlotte. it is covered in snow. we have started seeing crews starting to plow the right lane of this highway. it is completely covered in snow. so it is very slick. the good news is traffic is lot of the major school districts in our area, they are closed today. offices are as well. now the side streets, there are major issue through charlotte. this is the bridge that goes over this highway. bridges, of course, tend to freeze first. it is very slick. plows have not actually come through this area, so peep are taking it nice and slow. and emergency crews say if you don't have to be out today, they have told people in charlotte to stay home because road conditions are expected to
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falling. reporting in charlotte, angela hong, fox25 news. >> gene: we continue to monitor the situation down south and bling you the latest developments as the storm gets closer to new england. sara is back with the latest update in just a few minutes. here are some big national headlines that we are following this morning. police are waiting on results of an autopsy to determine what happened to a little boy found dead near his home. >> we have found noah chamberlain. he was located about one and a half mile from his home where he went missing from. >> sara: crews spent the last week searching for noah chamberlain. they found the 2-year-old in a clearing near his home. 6:16 this morning. former cop will spend the rest of his life in prison. oklahoma city prosecutors say daniel holdsclaw used his power as an officer to find women in poor neighborhood.prior drug and prostitution arrests. he then raped and assaulted them.
6:16 am
to serve 263 years in prison. small legal victory for tv legend bill cosby. a federal judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit against the comedian filed by a woman who claimed cosby sexually assaulted her. more man in 50 women have accused cosby of assault. he was charged with aggravated indecent assault on a woman in pennsylvania in 2004. the water cry cities in flint, michigan has cost one person their job. a regional director for the environmental protection agency resigned yesterday. the agency also issued an order directing officials to take action to affect public health. the water supply to the city is contaminated with lead. this happened after the city started drawing water from the flint river in april of 2014. new documents show the epa knew that the water was contaminated early last year, but a local emergency was not declared until middecember. good friday morning, everyone. at 6:18, things still looking
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route 1, 93 south, and 128 north and southbound as you can see on the maps, bright green. no mayor issues there yet that will delay you considerably. expressway starting to see slowing right around morrissey boulevard. average speeds of 15 miles per hour. take to you a live look, the number of headlights increasing in this shot by the time we checked in 10 minutes ago. the live drive time. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. 22 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear today. and sara, we are starting chilly out there in the 20s. also tracking, you know, that weekend storm. >> sarah: we will have big changes happening our way in the next 24 hours. when you step out today, the calm before the storm. mostly clear conditions. the temperatures right now in the teens and 20s, feeling even cold we are that wind out of the northwest. now the wind will lighten up as
6:18 am
the area. it is 19 right now in boston. but that wind raging about 16 miles per hour. so it feels like it is only 4 degrees. over the next 12 hours, temperatures will climb out of the teens into the 20s by your lunch hour. upper 20s to low 30s by the afternoon and we will see high clouds move in advance to the storm system pushing into the mid-atlantic. this afternoon temperatures upper 20s, low 30s. i want to point out a different story tomorrow. we already have a winter storm watch that has been posted for the south coast, the cape and islands. it begins tomorrow morning, and continues until 7 a.m. on sunday. and i want to break down the headlines for you. this is what you need to know. currently it looks as though heavy snow, the highest totals will be down across the south and a sharp cut off as you travel further north. strong winds are going to be an issue as we will see gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour. that should say 60 right there. especially along coastal mass,
6:19 am
isolated -- scattered power outages too and that wind will turn over the seas. during the time of high tide especially for the south, for the cape and islands. the east, northeast facing beaches around 11 p.m. saturday night and 11 a.m. sunday, could see coastal flooding and beach erosion. here is our storm and one thing i want to point out. it is massive and barreling toward the mid-atlantic providing blizzard conditions along with some strong winds that are on and then as it pushes on to the coast early tomorrow, this is where our questions still lay, and want to show why you. high pressure to the north that is trying to block this system, push south; however, tall needs is just a little bit of a wiggle to the north, and we will be talking about some more significant snow in our area. but currently the trend is keeping the storm to the south, but still bringing that heaviest snow to our southern areas, and we continue to keep the track and timing the same as most of the snow arrives through the day on saturday. reaching close to that new
6:20 am
hampshire border in the evening, and continuing through the overnight hour. exiting the region by early tomorrow, and then we should see at least some improvements. bull's-eye through the mid-atlantic, but for us, coat mid-atlantic, but for us, coating to a couple of inches. and, again, the highest totals down along the south coast with that track shift a little north. that high weekend will be shifting the totals further north. if it pushes further south, you have the friend. a lot of information throughout morning and into the afternoon. of course i am going to be analyzing that for you and giving you the latest, but as we head on through the weekend with temperatures right near the freezing mark, we willing watching for that accumulating snow. temperatures moderate through next week. a chance of cold rain showers by tuesday. i will have more with an update in just a few. 6:21 this morning. a pair of adorable dogs are stolen from a local home, and the theft is caught on camera. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, why the owners think where they took the dogs to play actually made them a target. but first, he is a real but first, he is a real-life magnet.
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tuned in. part of the fun. >> julie: in all good fun. if you were not talking pats, the other big story this weekend, washington d.c. is expected to get slammed, so congress is having a little bit of fun and letting people sled down capitol hill. sledding has been banned for years. >> sara: sayre don't see sledding, i see drinking. >> julie: which mains the sledding even more fun. kids go sledding, grown-ups can enjoy adult beverages. we are getting this drinking video. beside bread and milk, stores are running out of beer. >> sara: wine. >> julie: wine is a backup. very talented guy earlier stick
6:23 am
>> sara: sounds like a party in d.c., get your beer, you go sledding and voila. >> julie: it's weekend. sara, for us, it is still kind of up in the air. >> sarah: we are narrowing down on the track and we will have to watch how this storm does evolve, but sure enough, i am tracking it. one thing you need to know coming up if you head outside right now it is cold. i will show you how the cold temperatures will play a factor for this weekend in just a few minutes. and police make an arrest in a school threat investigation, but they say the problem is not over. what we know about the
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: right now 6:30, a live look at the big radar of the big storm. if you are just waking up, it is bringing heavy snowfall through the charlotte, north carolina area. heading north of d.c. a live look at the snow outside of raleigh, north carolina. what happens over the next 24 hours will make all the difference in terms of what we get right here. >> sara: that's right. a storm watch from saturday into sunday. and i know sarah wroblewski has been working really hard trying to figure out how much snow we will get in our area. >> sarah: something i have been watching some of the trends of the model and i like how kevin lemanowicz last night put the best chance of seeing a south coast, because those models overnight did trend a little bit further north. so i haven't changed his likely snow fall forecast as we go through it.
6:27 am
anywhere from 3 to 5 south of the city to that best chance of north. we could see a coating to a couple of inches. it may not seem like a lot, but we are still going to have to track this storm because it is just getting going down across the southeast expected to strengthen as it pushes toward the mid-atlantic. still 500 miles away, and there is a lot that can change. a massive storm, and tall needs to do is wiggle just a little bit to the north and a little bit to the south and it will have a big impact on what we will expect this weekend. but before that, you have to know, it is chilly out there right now. temperatures are in the teens, and through the morning, expecting to see temperatures climb into the 20s and into the upper 20s and low 30s by this afternoon. some high, thin cloudy some high, thin cloudiness moves in ahead of that system. i will show you the latest timeline when the first snowflakes arrive and i will have that in just a few minutes minutes. a check of your traffic with >> julie: sara, good morning. don't be fooled by this bright green map. that means the traffic flows are going along well. we are not lying but i do
6:28 am
expect it to change significantly. usually starts around 6:30 into 7:30 when we start to see the volume increase. right now the slow spot remains the expressway right around morrissey boulevard, both northbound and southbound direction seeing pretty heavy volume. otherwise, low on 93 south as you avouch somerville, but zakim bridge starting to see the you volume build. 12 minutes from 106 to 128 12 minutes from 106 to 128. 24 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 25 minute on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. gene and sara, back to you. well, this morning a jeep plows right through a cambridge condo complex and makes a splash landing the pool. >> sara: a valet driver was behind the wheel when this happened feet from the parking garage. from the building. michael, you were there as they boarded up a huge hole there this morning. >> reporter: and those restoration workers are still working hard here to continue this cleanup effort. we are here on museum way in
6:29 am
this is the regatta riverside residences, a high-end condo complex here. and you can see these red trucks, these are all connected to this -- this emergency services, this restoration company. you can see where they boarded it up. i will show you again what it looked like right after that jeep crashed into the condo complex. around 11:30 last night. fire crews on scene told fox25 our overnight crew that's a valet driver says that the floor mat got stuck with the gas pedal, causing him to jump the curb with the jeep, slam through the condo complex's wall, leap over the two-lane lap pool, hit another wall, and then land on its side in the pool. the valet driver somehow was able to get out of the jeep on his own, and was treated by first re1307bders -- treated by first responders at the scene. no serious injuries. it took time for fire crews to
6:30 am
because there was a gas leak there, and they were worry there, and they were worried it might cause a fire. so a lot of facets to this situation here as this morning now in the last couple of minutes, we saw several people in this complex starting to wake up and drive out, and there was a little bit of a backup here because the garage ramp is right by the turn off of the garage ramp i should say is right by the wall where this suv crashed through. thing going on here. we will monitor and try to speak with residents to see what they have heard last night what they have heard last night. and we will have an updated report as soon as we can. now live in cambridge, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. a long wait is on this morning at airports up and down the east coast. so far thousands of flights have been cancelled because major hubs right in the path of that major snowstorm. fox25's stephanie coueignoux live at logan this morning, and he tweeted last hour of that airport workers told you they are really not looking forward to what is coming here. >> reporter: that,
6:31 am
not going to be much good news for the next few days. take taking a look behind me, this is the departure list. and baltimore now added. and again, as sara was saying, that storm is in the southeast, but, again, cancellations c so far. not surprisingly charlotte and raleigh durham and also washington d.c., richmond, virginia, and, again, baltimore, making that list. and in the meantime, take a look from the reagan international airport from d.c. stranded passengers there already. and, again, here at boston logan, an employee told me it is about to get crazy as those cancellations continue to build you up. i just spoke to one woman here in boston for work. she says several of her co-workers stayed back at the hotel. supposed to go to charlotte. that flight has been cancelled and stranded for a few days.
6:32 am
where she is expecting blizzard-like conditions. she said it is very scary but as you can imagine her flight so far is on time. >> i am so grateful. we thought our flight was going to be cancelled. we are grateful that they are not. a lot of us have family, so we are not alone. they miss us. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. the relief in her voiles. she says her family already stocking up on grocery stocking up on groceries and other items. they do expect to be stuck inside for the next few days. the help that mayor marty walsh is helping the -- offering the d.c. area as they get pummeled by all of that snow. at boston international airport at boston international fox25 morning news. our coverage of the winter storm continues all morning and through the weekend. sarah will continue to update us on the track of this storm every ten minutes. if you are away from your tv, and you can not keep an eye on thing, you can do so by downloading the fox25 weather app. a lot of great information.
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free for apple and android devices. developing this morning, e-mailed bomb threats have been sent to yet another school district. there will be extra security for kids at cambridge public schools today. police say no evidence of any real danger in any of the messages. last month, police were called to cambridge schools multiple times for a series of threats against the middle schools. a threat in metheun is a copycat of all of those e-mail messages. administrators say a 15-year-old left a note about a bomb in the bathroom at the high school hope high school hoping to get out of class. the incident came just a day after the building was evacuated over one of the e-mailed threats. and in milford, students will be back in class this morning following an e-mail threat there. on scene as police and the fire department searched the high school yesterday morning. the entire building was searched but officials decided to cancel school just in case. dozens of schools have been hit by those threats this week. the fbi is investigating. now 6:37 this morning. a grandmother takes things into
6:34 am
wood-be rob we are a wooden club. the brockton store owner hopes surveillance video will catch the man who tried to steal from her. take a look, maria alves said the man was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and he took out a knife and demanded the money from the register. when alves grabbed the club and hit the suspect until he ran off. now she is concerned because he is still out there.time really worried about it. because if they try to hurt me, they will hurt somebody else. >> gene: she said she only had to use the club once rather to defend herself before. police are still looking for the suspect on that surveillance video. violent fights involving local teenagers are being posted to facebook, and now police and school officials are trying to find the source. the videos and on a page called worcester nights show young people in real fist fights at locations around worcester. some of the fights happened last year on school. leaders are trying to identify the fighters and investigators
6:35 am
father mace also be involved. >> in some cases, we have parents who are taking their children to the fights because of a conflict that a son and daughter might have had with another teenager. >> gene: the facebook page was taken down for a short time after police started investigating. back online but and you different name. some local police officers are questioning whether politics played a role in a judge's sudden decision to kick cops out of the court room. fox25 investigates obtained an audio recording of what judge sally kelly called a general announcement in boston municipal court last month. several uniformed police officers who were waiting to testified were ordered out because they were carrying their department-issued guns. >> if they want to step outside and await the commonwealth's call, that is always appropriate. but there are no firearms in this court room. >> sara: the judge declined
6:36 am
interview about those comments. a spokesperson for the trial court cade judges have discretion whether to allow guns in their court rooms but could not tell us whether any other judges have ever given such an order. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. right now expressway a little bothersome. up to 19 minutes northbound from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. sara. >> sarah: 19 is the number i have at the bus stop but feel like the single digits. the winds should lessen a little bit with mostly sunny skies. but will still feel like in the 20s. we have big changes headed our way for the weekend. i am tracking a big storm that will bring significant snow cripple crippling parts of the mid-atlantic. how much it expect in our town coming up. and a warning this morning about car seats. coming up at 7:00, the safety alert involving this popular brand. this story getting a lot of attention on our facebook attention on our facebook page.
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getting ready for a weekend storm. i am fox25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski. i have snow, ice and rain pushing through the southeast. the storm will strengthen as it moves into the mid-atlantic. the latest timeline when it will move into new england in just a few minutes. these precious, rare black and white dogs are missing this morning. they were stolen right out of their homes. and this morning, video a neighbor took could be the key to help find knees dogs. fox25's daniel miller is here with that video. >> daniel: yeah, sara, good morning. pomeranians were stolen from their home in somerville while home alone. olga and chris spiback believe the burglar broke in through a window and took a few sentimental rings from russia
6:40 am
and 3-year-old cleo. both are black and white as you can see. a neighbor captured this video as the man and to have the dogs tucked under his arm. >> they can't protect themselves, but they are really small, and they are super friendly dogs. >> the spibacks told fox25 they don't care about the rings, they just want their dogs back. they think the thief had been watching their house and knew where the dogs lived because they play at the park across the street. they are posting signs around town and pleadingline for help. somerville police are also investigating the spibacks told us that one of the dogs has a microchip so if they are sold, they will be tracked. we have this story up on our facebook page and if you want to share it and help find these dogs. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. new at 6:00, an animal shelter is moving forward with plans to rebuild in the wake of a deadly fire. sweat pea friends of rutland animals have presented selectmen.
6:41 am
when a fire ripped through the shelter killing dozens of cats and dogs. a new design include a fire alarm and protection system plus nighttime volunteer shifts plus nighttime volunteer shifts. just after the fire, selectmen suspended the shelter's license based on a state of concern about safety. winter weather is coming our way, but there is some good news for beachgoers. along the beach that block off prime spots could be coming down as early as this weekend. the fences are there to protect the piping plover community of birds. the u.s. fish and wildlife service now allow state and local beach officials more flexibility in managing the birds. the plan is likely to be approved this summer. good morning, everyone, 6 good morning, everyone, 6:46 on this friday. we will start route 3 south of town, still bright green in our traffic flows. so no major volume there yet as you head from rockland into weymouth and into braintree. 24, 95 also looking very light and reasonable. expressway, jammed from furnace expressway, jammed from furnacebrook parkway up to columbia road.
6:42 am
hour. take you out there, and you can see pretty slow going, but we are used to that during our weekday morning commute. your live drive times, 10 minutes from 228 to the braintree split. 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 13 minutes from 95 to 495 to route 128. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear today. our weekend snow maker taking shape. and i like that you say "taking shape" because you are getting updates every couple of minutes. we sit next to i'm other and you say it changed here. and changed it. what is the latest. >> sarah: right before i came on i noticed a slight change in one of the inhouse model an i am looking forward to seeing what that means for us for this what that means for us for this weekend. i have to point out that it is cold for you folks headed out the door right now. it is in the teens. the winds out of the northwest still adding a chill and feels like 4 degrees in the city of boston as the sun comes up. so this afternoon, we are going to see temperatures steadily climb out of the teens into the 20s.
6:43 am
we are looking at mostly sunny skies today. those winds will remain out of the northwest at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight tonight as we will see some high, thin cloudiness move in. we will go with partly cloudy skies. temperatures will fall back once again in the teens and 20s 20s. this is what it will be like as we start our day. as precipitation moves on in, sure enough, it is going to be snow, although we have got a wide range of precipitation down across the southeast. this is our storm system finally taking shape. snow across parts of little rock, as well as nashville, charlotte too. showers pushing through atlanta and panama city. we are going to continue to watch this system as it strengthens and pushes into the mid-atlantic for the day today. now the northern edge of snow i have been showing you all morning long, it is now just under 500 miles away from the city of boston. so with this storm taking shape and strengthening toward the mid-atlantic coast, it is then going to push off the coast.
6:44 am
north does it get before it pushes off. that is something we will have to watch. high pressure to our north trying to push it down and some of the latest models suggesting that too. we have blizzard warnings stretching from d.c. to long island, and it is a sharp cut island, and it is a sharp cut-off where we will see that very high snowfall amount to some lesser amounts. but we are still thinking the highest amounts at least in our state will be down across the south coast, the cape and islands where we could see six inches or more. we have a winter storm watch that goes into effect tomorrow morning through sunday morning as we are expecting to see the best chance of seeing six inches or more. south of the city. as you head to the north, as you head to the north, sharp cutoff within this area with lesser amounts as you travel into parts of new hampshire. northern new england not likely going to see a flake out of this storm. futurecast showing some of the snowfall pushing in by your lunch hour. a new update from the last half hour because it is showing by this evening, not making it to
6:45 am
in fact it is just falling short, but down across the southeast, you are seeing those winds whip off of the ocean. that is where we are going to see the steady snow. a colder solution for parts of nantucket, and one thing we have noticed throughout this, the trend continues that we will see our steadiest snow late saturday through early sunday before tapering off and seeing partly sunny skies out there. the winds are going to be an issue down across the cape and islands and south shore. likely lead to coastal flooding with wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. could see localized gusts near 62. we will have to watch the high tides late saturday around 11 and early on sunday morning. temperatures moderate as we head into next week. another chance of some showers. pretty light by tuesday. of course, i am going to look at some of that new information and bring that to you coming up in the next half hour. >> sara: all right, sarah. we have another local "american idol" contestant to
6:46 am
>> sara: what a beautiful voice. where she calls home and how she is making sure no one misses her performances. and we continue to follow a major water main break in brockton this morning. self-roads shut down in the city as crews make repairs.
6:47 am
very latest. the top 1/10 of 1% owns
6:48 am
as the bottom 90% this great country to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, i'm bernie sanders,
6:49 am
6:53 this morning. new in morning new numbers show more guns are being found in carry-on bags in u.s. airports. officials found over 2600 guns in 2015, up 20% from 2014. at logan, agents found ten guns and just two were found in manchester boston area in new hampshire. a much smaller number than the 153 guns found at the dallas airport. local college will soon have armed security guards on campus starting in july. some security guards at endicott in beverly will carry weapons. and under strict policy, the gun also not be removed from the holster except to protect the lives of members of our communities. president wilie added the officers will be trained on how to use the weapons. hillary clinton is heading back to new hampshire to continue her campaign today. the democrat will host a town hall in rod chest they are morning
6:50 am
after the town hall, clinton will head to concord for a pro choice dinner and then host another town hall in manchester. fox25's sharman sacchetti will be at the rochester event and bring you the latest tonight from the fox25 news at 5:00. and clinton's rival is leading several polls in new hampshire. fox25 is with the vermont senator bernie sanders as he campaigned through -- -- with bernie sanders as he campaigned through peterborough. he spent a good amount of time focusing on his chances in new hampshire and iowa. >> if we do well.both of those staidz, i think, my friends, we are looking at one of the great political upsets in the modern history of the united states of america. >> sara: some of his supporters tell us they question his electability and if he can beat hillary clinton in the long run to get the nomination. with just a week away, the republicans are pushing hard in new hampshire as well. chris christie has three stops. john kayic is copping in
6:51 am
and jeb push, stratham, exeter and rod chester. stay with fox25 for complete election coverage and the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary. two massachusetts singers are hope are hoping to become the final american idol. the worcester native auditioned last night on the farewell season, and jessica cabral tweeted to fox25 giving us a heads up about her performance and good thing she did. [singing] . >> gene: boy, talk about knocking it out of the park. good news for cabral, the judges loved her. the show's official twitter account said she had serious vocals. two massachusetts natives heading to the next round. jeff jessica cabra and sonica from weston we introduced you a few weeks ago. we are looking good and rooting interests there. harvard's hasty pudding theatrical group picked its man of the year. joseph gordon levitt will
6:52 am
he was selected for his acting talents and a visionary entrepreneur. the actor will be roasted by the group and given a pudding pot. that will take place on february 5. >> sara: which is always a good time. >> gene: hopefully the weather cooperates. >> sara: i hope so. getting ready for a chaotic travel weekend as a storm heads up the coast. logan airport where the big board is filled with cancellations and delays. the coming up at 7:00, the impact in our area and boston is getting ready to help one city under the gun. you are stepping outside. wind chill values mainly in the single digits and today will be a little cooler than yesterday. the winds a little bit lighter as temps will be climbing into the 20s, low 30s, setting the stage for snow to arrive by the weekend. the latest timeline and show you how much snow we can expect here. and no weather worries for the pats. the team heading to denver
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