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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> stephanie: airports up and down the east coast brace for massive storm. >> daniel: pats are ready to go. 48 hours before their game. >> julie: bic weekend ahead, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. big storm pushing and it could shift a bit and in the
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it is changing quite a bit. >> sarah: i haven't changed snowfall totals for the area and still going with the highest impact down across the southcoast and right now the storm system pushing across the southeast bringing steady snow to parts of the mississippi and tennessee valley as well as to the mid-atlantic now and still several hundred miles away and northern edge and head into the weekend and warmer -- winter storm warnings in the region and we have one tomorrow morning through sunday morning and snow arrive and continue. the best chance of six inches or more down along the southcoast, cape, it will be a sharp cutoff further north you go as only getting the northern edge of this storm and that's why it has been so tricky to determine exactly how much snow we will get, but we haven't changed. we are still expecting the highest impact down across the
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boston temperature trend for the day today, if you need to step outside, it is feeling like the teens, in the twenties now, clouds will increase as you head on through the day and really thicken up ahead of the snow that will arrive tomorrow, i will have that timeline coming up in just a few minute. check of traffic wit with julie. >> julie: accident near 128 and 93 southbound near mystic ave, both of those slowing things down just a little bit, pike sluggish as you make it to the weston tolls, average speeds 16 miles per hour through newton and as you could see nice and light through brighton, usually still jampacked during the weekday morning commute. here are live drive times, 26 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and 18 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street and 42 minutes 128 southbound from tolls. >> daniel: 9:02 right now. airports up and down the coast are running into issues because of the snow. this morning logan airport
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wait for delayed or canceled flights. fox25 stephanie coueignoux talking with people at logan this morning, and stephanie, you keep showing us the departures board, doesn't look good. >> stephanie: want to start with wide shot and direct attention with windows here and maybe hard to see with the glare and bright blue skies and not cloud in the site and don't let that deceive you and all morning long and major hub still problem spots charlotte, baltimore, reagan international airport and richmond, virginia and this video you could see and earlier on at terminal c and not looking so bad. the mood not too down just yet because again, the storm still churning up the east coast.
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called ahead and just stayed at home or stayed in their hotel if their flight was canceled. now, i just spoke with one woman who was here in boston for work. she lives in baltimore. so she is actually flying into the storm, into the blizzard. she is very nervous. already several coworkers from charlotte, stranded here in boston for several days and she says this is scary but believe so far her flight is on time. >> nothing until this week when the storm was coming and thinking please don't let it hit >> stephanie: flying into the storm expecting to be stuck inside for the next several days and keeping a very close eye on cancellation board and we will have another live update for you in 30 minutes. at logan airport, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> daniel: coverage of the
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morning and throughout the weekend. sarah, of course, will update us on the track of the storm every ten minutes and also going live to nation's capital as washington braces for a blizzard if you're away from the tv, remember, keep an eye on the storm with the fox25 weather app and available to download for free for apple and android devices. >> julie: we are still following developing news in brockton and water main break on north main street. crews are actually down in the hole still working to fix the rupture and happened around 11:30 last night between aims and battle street and getting water on 8:30 this morning and driveways were washed out and at least one car was damaged. >> julie: luxury condo building in cambridge and look at that, quite bit of damage and happened around 11:00 last night
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on museum way and jeep ended up in the pool when the floor mat got stuck under the gas pedal. valet trying to park it at the time. again, jumped a curb, went through the wall and threw into the water and took awhile for firefighters to get out because leaking gas and they were worried about starting a fire. valet was not hurt and building was boarded up this morning. >> daniel: this morning the new england patriots will head to denver for the afc championship game. the pats are slight favorites despite losing in colorado earlier this year. sports director tom leyden is in denver this morning where drunk dad >> tom: laid off the gas when it came to bulletin board material on wednesday but it was ratcheted up again yesterday thanks to cj anderson.
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scored in november and he feels they don't have the respect across the controversy that he feels they deserve. >> you know, we ain't got a chance. if that don't motivate you, that's the business. we are supposed to go out and get killed, which is funny to me >> michael: >> tom: whole different game players injured. we will be in denver and patriots fly out later tonight. that's the story from denver, tom leyden, fox25 news. >> daniel: breaking international news overnight. an american college student is under arrest in north korea. the government controlled news agency in that country says university of virginia student accused of committing a hostile act against the state. north korea says the student intended to destroy the country's unity. he was arrested on january 2nd
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the student was part of a group tour to north korea when he was detained. daniel: massachusetts marine and 11 other members are dead. corporal christopher orlando of hingham one of 12 marines who disappeared when two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii last week. the coast guard says spent five days searching for the helicopters but they were not found. last night the marrone -- marine corps declared all victims officially dead. >> julie: 9:08. doctor the maic chase across town lines. it all started yesterday with & travel on washington street in norwood. two men entered the store, jumped over the count and her told the clerk she was being robbed. the clerk tells us they also attacked her. >> he tried to tase me and i had a coat on and didn't feel anything and when i didn't feel anything i went at them and
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me july. >> julie: two other cars including a police cruiser involved in the crash and one whatul pole hospital was taken to the hospital with chest injuries but will be okay. >> julie: look at live drive times, average speed on the pike eastbound right now about 27 miles per hour. a 26 minute drive time from the weston tolls to the ted williams sarah? >> sarah: bright blue sky in boston in the 20s feeling like the teens. coming up i'm going to show you what you could expect for the day today. plus i'm tracking some snow for this weekend. where we will get the biggest impacts. >> daniel: a hot trend thanks to the cold weather. new winter trend going viral this morning. >> julie: plus man found
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>> sarah: storm continues to push into the mid-atlantic and latest timeline when we can expect to see snow and where we will see the highest impacts. >> julie: storm made mess in virginia and north carolina and now going to d.c. kyla campbell live in washington d.c.
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and fingers crossed for you guys. >> kyla: may have been two inches but wasn't the best reaction from local drivers and roads were not pretreated and from what i understand from drivers out and about and as soon as the snow hit the ground it turned to ice. d.c. mayor doesn't want that to happen again and federal government shutting down at noon and telling people they have to leave and buildings will close. also all the local school districts are closed today so parents are at home with their kids and bracing with the storm to begin this afternoon. blizzard warning takes effect today and does not end until sunday morning and at this point don't know if getting 12 inches of snow or 30 inches of snow and all depends how the storm might shift as hovers over the washington d.c. area, but going to be tough to get around anywhere this weekend, we know the metro was closing tonight at 11:00 and will be closed for the
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so it will be pretty good in washington, hunkering at hotel block away so we can brace for as much as 30 inches of snow and 50 miles per hour wind gusts tomorrow. reporting live in washington, kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> daniel: the hunt is on this morning for three men accused of killing a recent lottery winner. gregory birch junior was shot and killed at robbery yesterday morning. three masked men used shotgun to blast door open and demanded he turn over 400,000 winnings he won last year in the state lottery. when he didn't give any money he was shot and killed. >> daniel: small legal victory for exploited television legend bill cosby. they have dismissed a defamation lawsuit against him. it was filed by a woman who claims cosby sexually assaulted her. more than 50 women accused of him of sexual assaulting him.
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aggravated indecent assault in pennsylvania in 2004. >> julie: this morning 58-year-old brockton store owner hopes surveillance video will catch the man that tried to steal from her. take look. man was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and acting strangely and allovers wrong up the items he took out knife and demanded money in the register and that's when allovers grab the club and hit the suspect until he ran off and she is concerned he is still out there. >> if hurt me, he will hurt somebody else. >> julie: she only had to use the club once before. >> daniel: water crisis in flint, michigan now cost one person his job. director for environmental protection agency resigned yesterday. water supply for the city is contaminated with lead. it happened after the city
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flint river in april 2014. new documents show the epa knew the water was contaminated early last year but local emergency was not declared until mid-december. >> julie: 9:16 and look at roads. few issues out there and overall volume is light so not major headache. waiting for accident to clear on 128 southbound near 128 and another one on 93 south near montvail avenue and pike a little bit slow as you make to the weston tolls and average speeds 16 miles per hour. there was an accident on 24 northbound and 128 and cleared in the last few minute. here is live look at the pike where overall volume is light and live drive times, 34 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 20 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 40 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear today and, sara, you have had a tough job this morning really trying to
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models for the different storms. >> sarah: good handle what is going to happen and today it is going to be the calm before the storm as temperatures in the 20s now only get into the upper 20s to low 30s with wind it will be a little bit cooler, shave five to 10 off but mostly sunny and dry and really quiet, not much to talk about but this weekend it all changes and couple things we really want to break down for you. one is possibility of heavy snow sure enough, the heaviest snow mid-atlantic dealing with blizzard conditions with feet of snow. for us watching for the highest totals in coast and cape and islands and sharp cutoff further north looks as though we could see six inches of plowable snow for the area to the southcoast. the wind also going to create some lower visibility with that snow but those gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour for the cape and islands as well as our east
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could allow for only scattered power outages and late tomorrow night and again on sunday morning, it could face some pockets of coastal flooding as well as some minor beach erosion so something will be watching is the wind and waves but it is going to be the snow that a lot of folks are talking about and i want to show what you we have been showing all morning long and kevin lemanowicz updated this last night showing the possibility of coating to couple inches from boston, points west, really tapers off to just flurries in parts of new hampshire but as you get closer to the heart of the storm, you start to see the totals increase and that's why the best chance of seeing six inches or more down across the southcoast, cape and islands, now this morning the national weather service did issue a winter storm watch starting tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. through sunday at 7:00 a.m. for this area for that potential, so this is the area that we are going to have to watch very closely and also wanted to point out there's a high wind watch in effect for parts of nantucket as well as the vineyard for those
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hour during the afternoon saturday through sunday because these storm is just getting better now and bringing widespread preparation to the mississippi valley to the east coast and continue to wrap up and intensify as it pushes on through the mid-atlantic, and that's why as the winds turn onshore and snow comes down heavy, blizzard conditions in the d.c. area. notice by this even, high pressure keeping us dry, also trying to push the storm down, so got a good handle this storm will intensify as it pushes off to sea. the question is it is so large a small wobble to the north or south may change the track just enough to bring steadier snow to the southcoast and this is what we are thinking right now. by saturday morning and lunch hour getting close to mass pike, still cloudy skies in parts of new hampshire and by the evening
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times across the southeast as this push away and overnight hours and snow exit by the early morning with improvement by the afternoon. that 7-day forecast with the weekend always in view does show you and temperatures moderate 30s and low 40s and tracking another chance and looks to be mostly rain by tuesday and be cold rain and then dry thereafter. over to you. daniel: family's plea to get the dog back and caught the
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>> julie: mile high to defend their turf. good luck. live outside the stadium where they are already talking smack. >> reporter: good morning from denver, mile high welcome for new england patriots and mile high and take you a little bit closer through the bronx fans and parents through victory as you might imagine here come
9:24 am
you could see here not too many shots of tom brady or rob gronkowski. instead we have peyton manning and vaughn miller and united in orange patriots versus broncos. the weather forecast they are expecting maybe some light flurries and 40 come kickoff time 1:05 and local time here obviously a little bit cooler then we were hoping for and nevertheless conditions probably better than you guys are looking at along the eastern seaboard. now, you know between now and then i talked to local bronx fans and all in agreement until we beat you guys sunday afternoon we will stay away from the boston market, no boston baked beans and heaven forbid any dunkin donuts. reporting from denver let's go broncos. >> daniel: as you can seer a
9:25 am
about the patriots. not only on tv but on social media this week, but this one was one of our favorites. please join us for the retirement party honoring peyton manning. it, of course, hosted by tom brady. >> julie: and bill belichick. >> julie: almost every tv in new england will be tuned in for the game. >> daniel: travel can be tough sometimes. most time there's no problems but every once in awhile there can be bump you flight. air new zealand flight and severe turbulence after crew served dinner and all over the roof of the luggage bins and right side trays scattered across the floor. passengers say they felt a few
9:26 am
big drops in altitude. thankfully no one was hurt. i would have been terrified. >> julie: wouldn't want to be on flight. julie: pictures like this one have been going viral on social. those are frozen jeans. not frozen gene lavanchy. put a pair of jeans in water and hold them upright until they freeze. somebody are already over it. please stop with the creepy frozen ghost pants. >> daniel: put gene lavanchy out in the cold. >> julie: let's try that experiment. gene, are you up for it? would this weekend be the appropriate time to freeze gene lavanchy? >> sarah: it is going to be cold and talking temperatures this weekend and right now it
9:27 am
so yes, probably could freeze your jeans if you really wanted to. hour-by-hour highs in mid to upper 20s and break down the weekend forecast showing you when the snow comes in and how much you can expect after the break. >> michael: wipers aren't
9:28 am
harp a curve, complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: now at 9:30. >> julie: in 24 hours the storm will be moving through new england. right now the south is taking the worst of it but we have a winter storm watch. it is going to go into effect for parts of the area. thank you for staying with us we will break it all down for you. >> daniel: sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear and the storm has been changing. >> sarah: just coming and pieces together and been involving to monster storm where we have severe weather breaking out across the southeast, we have snow and ice from the mississippi and tennessee valley, all the way to the carolinas and this is something that is going to continue to strengthen as it gains more moisture from the gulf and as it intensifies it is going to peak in the nation's capital, so that's why they are going to be dealing with blizzard like
9:29 am
in fact, blizzard warnings go into effect this afternoon and storm about 500 miles away from us and while we would think it would go to the northeast, high pressure to the north, going to suppress it somewhat and still going to get clipped northern edge of it and while may not get some of the highest totals, sure enough we will be impacted with plowable snow and parts of the southcoast, cape and islands, that's where we have the winter storm watch in effect starting tomorrow morning going through sunday morning, lesser amounts. in fact, sharp cutoff further north you go and parts of new hampshire and vermont may not see a flake. coming up what to expect as well as the temperature and latest timeline when the storm arrives in a few minutes. first, heavier traffic with julie. >> julie: things moving along nicely right now, a lot of green on map which is what we see around 4:00 a.m. 93 south a little sluggish into somerville and still finding
9:30 am
and continue eastbound through newton but brighton things are wide open and live drive times, 12 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin, 36 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector, 26 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: 9:32 right now. take look at this mess here. expensive suv plows right through the wall and into an indoor pool. what makes things worse, owner wasn't even behind the wheel. valet was trying to park the car when the mishap happened. fox25 michael henrich is live in inning cambridge this morning why blames a floor map for the destruction. >> michael: daniel, good morning. that's it is word coming to us from fire crews about the valley's reasoning but we still have an active scene here happened. right now since the last report this hazardous materials emergency services struck has pulled up continuing the
9:31 am
after that crash. no duck boat and wipers won't help in this bizarre crash at the regatta riverview residency. high-end condo complex in cambridge. >> thought a pipe froze, but no, this is never occurred to me. >> michael: somehow the crash around 11:30 last night didn't wake her up and saw the flashing lights from the won't when got up this morning. fire crews tell fox25 the valet driving the jeep says the floor mat got stuck on the pedal sending united solutions -- suv up over the curve ask into another wall and finally into the water. >> i was glad they drove that way and not this way because parking is all over the place and driven into the lob and he hurt somebody. >> michael: fire crews said they needed time to take the jeep out of the fuel because
9:32 am
have caused the fire. the clean-up effort still morning. we must add the driver fire crews tell us was able to get out of the suv on his phone and the hospital. his injuries, they say, were not too severe. we are thankful to be able to report that to you here this morning. live in cambridge, i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: getting out of town thousands of flight delays and cancellations and already seen 4,000 flights canceled this fox25 stephanie coueignoux is live at the airport where many workers and travelers are bracing for the worst. how is it there right now, stephanie? >> stephanie: you know, a lot of mixed emotions. people relieved if the flight is on time, very concerned if they are headed into the danger zones right now 107 cancellations and the colors on this board, they keep on changing, but again, the trouble spots we are seeing
9:33 am
baltimore, richard, raleigh durham and reagan international airport in d.c. now. one particular flight we have been watching is one that has been delayed, and that's in orange. it has been delayed four different times. i feel so bad for those folks, but again, a lot of cancellations down into the d.c. area and take a look at this video. this is what we are talking about already. we are talking about dozens of stranded passengers at that airport and it has gotten so bad mayor marty walsh says he has equipment ready to send down to dose to help them dig out of that blizzard and spoke with one woman earlier who drove in from maine so she was nervous the entire ride down, not really sure if her flight was going to be canceled and remembers last winter all too well. she told us, yes, she was very concerned. >> very, very worried, two weeks ago checking and nothing until
9:34 am
and thinking please don't let it hit. >> stephanie: thankfully her connecting flight in new york got out on time and people have been watching very closely and storm continues to move on, up the east coast expecting more cancellations later on today. at boston logan airport i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> julie: coverage of the winter coverage continues all weekend and if you're away from the tv, you can keep an eye on the storm with the fox25 weather app, available to download for free on apple and android devices. >> daniel: e-mailed bomb threats sent to school district and extra secured for kids at cambridge public schools today. police there say there's no evidence of real danger in any of the messages, just last month police were called to cambridge schools multiple times for series of threats against the
9:35 am
middle schools. >> julie: threat in methuen copy cat of e-mailed messages bomb in high school hoping to get out of class and came day after the building was evacuated over one of the e-mailed threats >> julie: mildford students will be back in class following e-mail threat there. we were on scene as police and fire department searched the high school yesterday morning and entire building was searched but official decided to cancel school just in case and dozens of schools have been hit by the threats this week but fbi is investigating. >> daniel: violent fights involving local teens being posted to facebook and now police and school official are trying to find the source. the video first appeared on page called worcester fights. it shows young people in real worcester. some of the fights have happened last school year. school leaders trying to identify the fighters and investigators satellite picture some local mothers and fathers may also be involved. >> some cases we have parents
9:36 am
because of conflict son or daughter may have had with another teenager. >> daniel: facebook page taken down for a short time after police started an investigation. it is back online but under a different name. >> julie: yesterday urca murray in court and at the center of one of the worst child abuse investigations in the state. murray is mother of four living children and charged in the death of three infants found dead inside squall order blackstone home. her attorney said she is a bad mother but not murderer and jury expected to rule by monday. >> julie: mail delivery in four communities will continue after a haz-mat scare. brown substances found on some of the mail in central mass. the state lab test confirmed it was sugar and alcohol based glycerin and post offices in athol, oil stone, phillipston took chances when the brown goo
9:37 am
stopped for the rest of the day. it is found in low fat foods, drugs and cosmetics. glycerin is only harmful if someone exposed to large amounts. >> daniel: questioning whether politics played a role and audio recording of what judge sally kelly called a general announcement in boston municipal court last month and waiting to testify were ordered out because they were carrying their department issued guns. >> if they want to step outside and await the commonwealth's call, that is always appropriate and there are no firearms in the courtroom. judge declined fox25 request for interview about the comments. spokesperson for the trial court says judges about discretion whether to allowed guns in
9:38 am
have ever given such an order. >> julie: martha coakley was attorney general 2007 to 2013 and teach a class on criminal law in the invent first teaching she had a fellowship at harvard. >> daniel: governor charlie baker says she won't raise taxes or fees during a second year in office. the pledge was made during the governor's first state of the commonwealth address. baker highlighted the work to reform the manhattan and the department of children and families. this year he wants to focus on the drug abuse crisis, increase spending on education and lift the cap on charter schools. >> want kids to have a shot, better shot than they have and can't make it happen. >> daniel: house speaker robert deleo said they would like to focus more on gun
9:39 am
funding. >> julie: we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. sarah? >> sarah: 22 in boston and wind out of the northwest and 8 and through the next 12 hours you could see temperatures will be climbing into the upper 20s, possibly near 30 too and mostly sunny, calm before the storm, winds will be light today and ramp up with snow arriving come tomorrow and i have the latest timeline, just updated and show that to you in the next couple minutes. >> daniel: frightening near miss as light pole cuts through a car missing driver by inches. why emergency crews were already on scene at the time of the crash. >> julie: plus guns on campus
9:40 am
security guards will be allow >> julie: burglar broke into a window making off with sentimental items is and precious pets. nab captured video and in it you could see the dog tucked under the arm.
9:41 am
>> julie: they think the thief was watching the house and watched where they live because they were always at the park across the street. >> daniel: numbers show more guns found in carry on bags at us airports. tsa officials found over 2600 guns in 2015. that's up 20% from 2014. at logan agents found ten guns and just two were found in margin, boston regional airport in new hampshire much smaller number compared to the 153 guns found at the dallas airport. >> daniel: starting in july some security guards at endicott college in beverly will carry weapons. in letter college president richard wily said under strict policy the guns will not be removed from the holster except to protect the lives of members of our community. president wily added the president will be trained on how to use the weapons. >> daniel: >> julie: hillary clinton
9:42 am
continue the campaign today. after the town hall clinton will head to concord for pro-choice dinner and host another in manchester and at the rochester event and bring you the latest tonight at 5:00. >> daniel: clinton's rival leading several polls in new hampshire. senator bernie sanders as he campaigned in peterborough yesterday, he talked about the issues and also spent a good amount of time focusing on his chances in new hampshire and iowa. >> do well in both of the states, i think, my friends, looking at one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states of america. >> daniel: some of the supporters told us they question his electricitiability and if they can beat hillary clinton in the long run to get the nomination. >> julie: republicans are pushing hard in new hampshire as well. chris christie had three stops
9:43 am
also and jeb bush also visiting stay tuned for more visits from the campaigns. >> julie: things looking better on the pike though, we don't have any red on our traffic know, so step in the right direction. and nice and light through brighton right now and live pictures. here are your live drive times, 13 minutes on route 1 from 138 to the tobin, 33 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear today. and how are the latest model looking for that weekend storm, sarah? >> sarah: trend overnight pushed it north and latest trend kind of down a bit and wanted to show you first live look outside and beautiful out there in city of been and temperature has actually climbed a couple degrees from the last hour since i last showed you. it is now 22
9:44 am
constant out of the northwest adding a chill, so feels like it is about 8 . now, temperatures will be climbing into the mid-20s by your lunch hour and when the kids come home from school, we will be in the upper 20s to low 30s in some locations, but again, the wind out of the northwest, need to shave five to 10 off that and that's what it will feel like this afternoon and got plans this evening, we will see temperatures fall back through the 20s but overnight back into the teens away from the coast as we will find partly cloudy skies, clouds will begin to thicken up, but right now carved out of the clouds we got new england as high pressure is in control, keeping us dry, so you can see the clouds shield not that far, all due to massive storm system that will continue to take shape as it pushes up across the mid-atlantic, but it is bringing line of showers and storms to parts of the southeast and also bringing icy and snowy conditions all the way from the mississippi valley, tennessee valley to the carolinas and now
9:45 am
so that area is likely going to be impact greatest as the storm really gets going and winter storm warnings and watches in place across the midsection and d.c. area blizzard warning and push the system to the south and beginning tomorrow morning at 7:00 and continues until 7:00 on sunday. further north you go, the less of the impact and going to show you right now what future cast has updated and it still is in line with the forecast with the snowfall totals being highest down across the southcoast. so tomorrow when you wake up clouds and sunshine further north you go, risk of snow will be moving into our southern areas through the morning and into the afternoon and by midday we could see some snowflakes
9:46 am
steadier snow bands parts of connecticut noticing long island dealing with the heavier snow, they have a blizzard warning with the area, by the evening, snow make northern extent and new hampshire and massachusetts border while the cape and islands will really get going as those winds will turn onshore and likely going to see difficult traveling out there as we will see near whiteout conditions at times with strong gusty winds as low as the snow falling and through the overnight hours but you will notice by 6:00 in the morning, snow really shuts off to the north and west and tapers to the coast. in fact, by midday we are breaking out in some sunshine, so how much snow are we likely to get? perhaps coating to couple inches boston to the north and down across the southeast, perhaps three to five inches with the best chance of seeing over six down along the southcoast, cape and islands and also going to be dealing with those winds gusts anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour and parts of the cape could see wind gusts upwards of 60, so
9:47 am
cause some problems along the coast during the times of high tide late saturday and into sunday and then have to watch possibility of some pockets of moderate flooding as well as beach erosion and 7-day forecast does show really for weekend always in view, the risk of that snow moving in late saturday and sunday and temperatures moderate through the week and we watch for the risk of showers by tuesday, otherwise it will be dry. latest look at the forecast.
9:48 am
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>> julie: take a look at this video from a wild crash. the driver sideswiped an ambulance on monday and then hit a metal light pole in washington d.c. as you could see, the pole snapped in half and went right through the car. it even went through the floor of the vehicle. it missed the driver's head about six inches. >> daniel: two massachusetts singers hoping to be the final "american idol". worcester native auditioned last night on the farewell season. jessica carbaril tweeted to fox25 giving us heads up about
9:51 am
take a listen. she has serious vocals and that makes two massachusetts natives heading to the next round. congrats to both of them. >> daniel: harvard hasty pudding picked man of the year. gordon levitt was selected for acting talent and being a visionary entrepreneur and will be given a pudding pot on february 5th. >> julie: police in philadelphia are copying a music video in order to warn people across the winter storm. they have created this video it is illegal to use construction cones to save parking spaces. don't even try. it is a spoof by drake for hotlinebling and list twitter handle for police. julie: college student in
9:52 am
pain out of hospital voice and it turn ivy fluid bags into something with superpowers. what a cool idea. the covers have superhero characters on them like right here. there are ten different designs. idea already a hit at one hospital where even the siblings of some sick children are using them. >> runs straight to the back baunitedbecause she wants to make her little sister safe. >> julie: inventor applied for the patent. >> daniel: awkward and hard position as well. >> julie: shift now over to the weather where may want to check back. >> sarah: toward the mid-atlantic bring them a good
9:53 am
measuring that area in feet. as for us we are going to be dealing with some snow, amounts going to taper off significantly and southcoast and cape and islands and overnight through early sunday and it is the wind and coast too that will be watching very closely and going to be a fluid situation. of course, want to watch kevin tonight.
9:54 am
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