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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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would so far. let's keep that going. here in new england the snow is rolling toward the coastline in the morning. when you wake up, mostly clouds. but by 9:00 or 10:00, snow falling. notice the snow showers along 495 to the northwest of boston. there could be some snow showers out ahead of the main shield of snow, but the steadiest snow will move through connecticut, rhode island and the south coast of massachusetts in the morning. by 2:00 along the mass pike, in.3 boston during the early to mid-afternoon and points north. boston. you see the deeper blues. that's the heavier snow. not expecting heavy snow to the north of boston. while this will wheel on through here late tomorrow night and getting out sunday morning, at the end there will be some shoveling to do, especially south of boston. so imagine where the 128 beltway is right ash boston and that braintree split and take that down to plymouth along the southeast expressway and on the route 3. you'll get 3 to 6 inches out there. north of there through boston up to the new hampshire border, a coating, so up to two inches in boston from this, a sharp cut-off thanks to some dry air
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then to the south of plymouth, out to cape cod and the island, 7 to 12 inches of snow. that was your best shot of more than six inches of snow we've been saying all along. hard numbers now keeping it at 7 to 12. that's enough to be worried about, but there is the potential of strong winds and coastal flooding particularly on sunday. we'll talk more about where the worst-hit areas are likely to be. >> kevin, we'll see you again in a bit. as we've been reporting, the nation's capital is bracing for the worst. more than two feet of snow is expected to fall. there fox25's justin gray live in washington, d.c. justin, the snow already starting to stick behind you. >> vanessa, it's getting ugly out here. it's worse since we saw you at 5:00, the wind getting dustier. the snow falling more. really starting to gather on the ground. these roads are getting ugly. a car here trying to make its way down the street, going very gingerly, very slowly. city officials actually encourage people the stay off the roads completely.
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throughout the weekend. the snow coming down heavily now, first flakes started around 1:00, but this just the beginning. city leaders told washington residents to find a safe spot by 3:00 p.m. and plan to be there through the weekend at least. >> we want people to hunker down, shelter in place and stay off the roads. >> more than two feet of snow is likely, but the beginning of this blizzard looks so pretty, gina curry rushed over to take pictures of the capitol before the metro train stopped running. >> i went to school in syracuse, so a couple feet isn't a big thing, but in d.c. that's a huge thing. >> the tour buses were still running, but there were no tourists inside them. city governments were closed in anticipation of the blizzard. federal government employees were released at noon. mary hoffman is rushing home from work and doesn't expect to be going anywhere for a while.
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heat, watch a few movies. i guess stay that way the entire weekend, yeah. >> even with the blizzard approaching, thousands of people converged on washington for the annual march for life. this family has been coming for 40 years, but this year they're stu stuck. >> we were scheduled to leave on saturday mourn, but that's all been cancel. we are scheduled for sunday, but i'm suspicious that will be canceled as well. >> since the sun came down, things have gotten a lot worse out here. take one more look at the roads. empty out here. a know plow working its way up the street. but as city officials said, expected to get so much worse. we're expecting 30 inches here in d.c. right now we have, what, looks like about three. so a long way to go, a rough weekend ahead for everyone here in the nation's capital. reporting live in washington, justin gray, fox25 news. >> justin, stay safe. many air travelers are facing miserable conditions tonight. take a look at this.
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map, aptly named. it shows how some major hubs are doing at this hour. more than 3,400 flights have been canceled today in the u.s. 6,000 more have been delayed. those numbers seem to grow by the hour. let's take you through here. d.c., we talked about this, if it's red, that's bad. you can see d.c. right now is bad. other hubs for the major airline, how about chicago right here, you see as it fans out, the red line. let's go down to atlanta, another major airport, hartsfield, it's going all the way out to the coast, you can see out west, seattle, san francisco, los angeles all impacted. you want to go to florida, forget about it right now. up the east coast, new york city, how's that line strike you to l.a., doesn't look like many people will get there, and in boston, here's how logan looks right now as more snow starts to build toward our area. robert gholston is live at logan where more than 200 flights in and out of the airport have been canceled or delayed already. robert? >> reporter: yes, if you had to deal with airplanes and
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south, there was pound to be lots of headaches. as the storm moves into the northeast corridor, it's getting worse. >> i'm going to denver, i'm going to the game. the. >> reporter: just try and stop mike who has seats. his hail mary, leaving early to hit new york before delays hit. >> it's on time. it's perfect for me. >> reporter: rebecca price's trip is a little trickier, she's flying to arkansas where it's already snowing. >> i'm going to see if i can get on an earlier flight. earlier is always better when you connect through atlanta. >> this is the final boarding call. >> reporter: getting on board earlier seemed to be everyone's approach at south station, as well. >> they were very accommodating, but the ticket was a little more expensive, but it's worth it. it's better than being stuck. >> reporter: amtrak plans to run trains down the northeast
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of them. christine tedesco was supposed to leave saturday afternoon but paid more money to get out today instead. >> i didn't want to get stranded in south station overnight, so i just changed my ticket. >> reporter: some ride verse a different approach. >> i have a lot of wine with me, so i think things will be okay. >> reporter: perhaps the best advice. massport is pushing their advice to make sure you call your airline. of course, here in boston, there's no snow on the ground, but those flights are coming from other areas that are being impacted by this storm. facebook 25 news. >> and massachusetts is ready to repay some storm favors. governor charlie baker says we will be there for other states that might need our help. >> if we have the ability to our equipment or assistance of one type or another, folks in other states that are going to get hit, obviously we're going to because a lot of those states came to our aid in a big way last winter. >> snow is also falling in places that don't usually see much snow. this was the scene in national veterans homeless support,
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off over the roads. >> and a fresh coating of snow in north carolina, the snow falling at bank of america stadium today. this is the home of the carolina panthers. a similar scene in roanoke, virginia. you can see a light dusting of snow all over the roads there today. be sure to stay with fox25 and all weekend for storm. kevin will be back in just a few minutes with his full, updated forecast. developing tonight, a tractor-trailer crash has shut down a street in town townsend. the fire chief tells us the truck, which was filled with candles, hit something in the road and then took out an entire section of guardrail on brookline street. the driver is doing okay and did not need to be taken to the hospital. crews are now loading the truck's cargo onto another tractor-trailer. >> sky fox high above gillette stadium in foxborough this afternoon as the patriots started their trip to denver. the buses rolled. the a.f.c. championship game now only two days away. the patriots are in the air right now.
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hours in the mile high city. tom is already there. tom, bring on the game. >> reporter: you know, amazing to here all those reports of the bad weather back on the east coast. it's an absolutely gorgeous day here. it was in the 50s. it reached about 55 degrees as the broncoses were on the practice field behind me at their headquarters. listen, we've heard a lot of talk about the a.f.c. championship game, and that's frankly been great for us. but no matter how much a little quote may have been blown up throughout the week, it's clear these players understand the magnitude of this game. we got a sense of that today when we talked to the bronco players. >> either you're resting up next week or you're resting for a long time, so we're going to give it our best. >> i toll them the day after ready the play. >> this is the biggest game of you life. up to this point, so i think, you know, i think we're... we all feel the energy. special. >> the line of the day came there derik wolfe, who was blunt when asked how he felt about the patriots.
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they're always in my way. they're always in my way to get what i want, so this is going to create hate. >> reporter: you know, just a wolfe. it's okay. you're supposed to hate your opponent, as long as you have respect for them, and i think it's clear the whereon -- broncos have respect for the patriots and the patriots have respect for the broncos. patriots en route to denver where butch sterns is standing by live right now about 20 minutes up the road north. >> yeah, tom, we're in the streets of downtown denver. we've run into patriots' fans already. as a matter of fact, i just interviewed a brother and sister who came here from connecticut. one is a patriots' fan, one is a denver fan. that interview will be on soon. patriots' fans have made their presence felt. speaking of making your presence felt, how about julian edelman? the littlest man in this game may be the biggest factor.
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difference in this patriots' offense. earlier today before the patriots got on the plane, end animal stepped to a podium in foxborough and he was asked about broncos' players calling tom brady a crybaby. julian says he and his teammates heard it, but they're not listening. >> it's just noise. we're focusing on what they do, not what they say. they're a really good football team, and we can't afford to get into that game. we're going to focus on the process and the process is through the preparation, and that's what we do here. >> reporter: again the patriots expected to arrive within a couple hour here in denver. as tom said, the weather is beautiful. i'm right around the corner from their hotel. we'll be back tonight later with more from the streets of downtown denver and more patriots fans for you. guys? >> keep a look out for tom and
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each day through the a.f.c. championship game on sunday. stay with fox25 for post-game highlights and reaction from your favorite players. we continue to follow the snow that's on the way for us. a major hit that's coming to the mid atlantic. >> washington, d.c., is set to get feet of snow. the preparations under way right now to avoid a nightmare for commuters. >> it's a big storm and it's coming off the coast tonight. it will push snow on in here during the day tomorrow. a time line on when you can expect those flakes to start to fall. >> also ahead, an engage. ring stolen. how a thief made off with a ring worth more than $20,000 and the store owner determined to get it back. >> nurses at this local hospital say little has changed to
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>> mark: we've been talking about it all week long. there it is coming to life. a big snowstorm hitting the mid atlantic, trying to make its way toward new england. we will see some snow. i'll show you where the the heaviest will be and we'll talk about the coastal effect and the strongest winds. a year after a love doctor was shot and killed inside boston's brigham and women's, some staffers continue to have big concerns about workplace safety. fox25 investigates has learned federal safety officials from osha have issued the hospital a hazard alert letter. new at 6:00, we are live in boston with a long list of the ways the feds say the brigham can improve safety. >> reporter: the nurses union
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they inspected the hospital for themselves in july and then in december they sent this letter to the administration of the brigham saying that threats to the staff here is an ongoing problem. >> if the nurses aren't safe, no one is safe. patients aren't safe, visitors aren't safe, no one is safe. >> reporter: trish powers says her opinion is based on the 24 years she spent working as a us in at boston's brig writing. she says little has changed in the 12 months since tragedy struck their workplace. >> in fact, i feel less secure. >> reporter: dr. michael davidson was a cardiac surgeon. in january 2015, a shooter came into the hospital asking for him, shot davidson and then turned the gun on himself. >> they could have set an example of how you should do hospital security. since the shooting last january, we've actually had more nurses physically assaulted this year probably than ever. >> reporter: so powers, who is also the bargaining chair for the massachusetts nurses association, brought her concerns to osha. in december osha issued a hazard letter to the hospital following
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they said the brigham does not violate any standards and acknowledges programs in place to address workplace saint, but the letter stated employees' exposure to workplace violence is ongoing. it listed 14 recommendations to decrease that threat including ensuring doors lock and cart -- card access equip works, suggest metal detectors, call for improved security and better training. >> the day of the shooting, they were announcing to shelter in place. most people had no idea what shelter in place meant. >> reporter: brigham and women's declined to speak on camera. a spokesperson e-mailed a statement saying. "the safety of our patients, their family and our staff is a top priority. we have worked extensively and in good faith with the nursing union to address their concerns and regret they are exploiting the anniversary of the death of our beloved colleague in this way. we have and will continue to evolve our safety and security protocols in keeping with national best practice." >> the tragic loss of mike, who
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have been much worse. >> reporter: the nurses union really stress they believe the shooting was a tragedy, a tragic loss for the entire community, but they believe it only illuminated security issues that have been ongoing here for some time. live in boston tonight, fox25 news. >> this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. about it. temperatures will be dropping through the teens and 20s overnight tonight, even with clouds overhead. there's a will be at what you're looking at. low temperatures. worcester 15, boston down to 25. even the south shore and cape cod in the 20s and freezing in nantucket. clouds overhead right now, but not a flake to be found. you have to go down the coast to at least central jersey to find some of those flakes or even out in the water south of long island. this center of the storm is still well to our south. it's jumping to the carolinas. see all this activity here, the yellow and orange showing up.
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coastline. that's what happens when you see that transition to a nor easter on the coast, but heavy snow pounding the d.c. area through baltimore, virginia, seeing ice through the carolinas into raleigh, points north and west of there seeing snow. what a mess for the south with this storm system. now it's trying to do the same to us. we'll have clouds all night long. notice how it's clear in that's where that the high pressure is. the high pressure means sinking, drying air. it also acts as a wall or barrier, not allowing this storm to go further north. if it's strong enough, and it looks like this one is to keep the heaviest snow at bay, doesn't mean there won't be heavy snow. there is a storm coming an shore on the south coast first thing in the morning. by noontime getting close to the pike and early afternoon through boston. points north you'll get the northern fringes of this, but the steadiest and the heaviest snow staying in southrenmost new england. this rolls out of here sunday morning, the last of the snow showers through noontime. most of us already seeing some sun.
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it will look very familiar. last night we had a coating to two inches up in this area. i had three the five inches. i'm upping it to three to six inches to capture towns with ocean enhance. close to plymouth. from plymouth southward, 7 to 12 inches. hard numbers rather than telling you 6 plus. i'll make it 7 to 12 inches of snow in this area. pretty wide range, but again, you're just getting close to that shape of where the the heaviest two-foot snow totals will be off to our south, that kind of precipitation. at the same time, an intensifying storm bringing 40, 50, even 60mph wind gusts to the area. that's where the high wind warning is in here. also to the west of there out on martha's vineyard, you see the area covered in red, that's a blizzard warning. blizzard warnings mean you'll have blowing and drifting snow. that's likely to happen out there. then here along the coastline, a winter storm warning, why not a blizzard warning for nantucket? a check of our friends with the national weather service, and steph told me that it's likely because they're expecting a wetter know there. we're also expecting it to be warmer there for a wetter snow
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and limit that visibility. that's a criteria for the blizzard conditions. here's the seven-day forecast. your weekend always in view. temperatures will be in the 30s this weekend. in fact, since the weekend is most affected, we should probably look at that more closely. i guess i'll this that later, but the forecast for this week includes some warming air coming on tuesday with temperatures in the 40s and some rain. we have to get through this storm first. we'll talk more about the coastal flooding potential coming up in a few minutes. ism kevin, see you in a bit. emergency landing in new york with local people on board. later on passenger describes what happened in the air. >> >> reporter: the one name hillary clinton didn't mention during her visit to rochester,
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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>> vanessa: hillary clinton back in new hampshire, making three campaign stops in the state. this as vermont senator bernie sanders has surpassed her in the latest polls in new hampshire. fox25's political reporter was in rochester. >> reporter: here in rochester, new hampshire, hillary clinton is telling people the primary is getting closer. she says she's working for every vote while trying to stave off a serious primary challenge from bernie sanders. introduced by u.s. senator jeanne shaheen, hillary clinton takes the stage before a crowd of about 500 people in rochester, new hampshire. with 18 days to go and a self-described democratic socialist suddenly beating her
6:22 pm
hasn't been an easy week for the democratic presidential candidate. >> we're getting down to that part of the election when, you know, people are really paying attention. and they're trying to make up their minds. >> reporter: at the rochester opera house, she thanked those she had won over and asked undecided voters to give her a chance. >> for those of you who are still shopping and trying to decide, i hope i can earn your vote before the primary. >> reporter: it's been a tough few days for clinton, what with the e-mail investigation coming back to the forefront and once again a candidate far to left potentially eclipsing her in new hampshire. she never mentioned sanders by name. sheheen did that. we did hear her hit on themes liberals want the hear. >> raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing equal pay for women's work. >> reporter: the attacks, she saved those for the republicans. >> they are arguing that their failed policies of trickle-down economics will work when we know they won't.
6:23 pm
they've made up their minds. >> i think that she has the experience to navigate the congress and make a difference. >> reporter: secretary clinton is making three stops in new hampshire today. this weekend boston mayor marty walsh, senator ed kennedy and congressman mcgovern and stephen lynch all plan to come to new hampshire to make stops on her behalf. in rochester, new hampshire, fox25 news. >> mark: senator bernie sanders also stumping in new hampshire today. at a town hall in north conway, the democrat talked about wealth distribution and his goal of getting the top 10% to share the success with those working their way up. he also had some strong words for republican front-runner donald trump. >> and unlike donald trump and some other republicans, what we do is bring people together, not scapegoat and engage in bigotry and racism. >> mark: sanders also held a
6:24 pm
concord. >> vanessa: jeb bush talking snapchat at a crowd in new hampshire. bush said someone came up to him to explain his tax plan in nine seconds. bush said lower rates, eliminate deductions and go to his web site for more. >> mark: chris christie says he's back to new jersey with the winter storm bearing down. mbta riders are all too familiar with storm-related delays and cancellations. >> vanessa: next at 6:00, a dramatic step subway officials in d.c. are taking before the heavy snow falls there. >> kevin: it's already coming. it's going to come even harder tonight. that snow working toward new england. when we'll see some heavy snow in new england and when the worst winds will start to hit, too. >> i got here. i just cannot believe what i saw. >> reporter: a brockton business flooded and closed down following a water main break, and it's not first time. the reason the city has for the
6:25 pm
>> mark: and an engage. ring worth tens of thousands of dollars is stolen from a local jewelry store. up next how the suspect gained
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before ripping her off. the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped a city rise again... the secretary of state who stood up for america, and stared down hostile leaders around the world. is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job she'll never let anyone privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women...
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ripping all our progress away. so on february ninth, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice. "i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i'm going to deliver." i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> this is a fox25 storm tracker weather alert. >> kevin: snow on the way to washington, d.c., and the mid atlantic. the mayor in d.c. telling people the stay put. >> we want our residents to stay in place during the duration of this storm.
6:28 pm
atlantic are expecting more than two feet of snow. >> vanessa: fox25's chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz has been following the system for us all week. he's in the storm tracker weather center now with what we can expect. kevin? >> kevin: it's been a long week of tracking this one from a baby storm in the pacific ocean to gaining strength as it crossed the country. it was expected the blow up and it's certainly doing that. there is our first snow into southern new jersey and pennsylvania. heavy snow into the d.c. area. it's going to be a blizzard for them. it will come off the coastline and hit us hard in some parts of the area. future cast shows that storm coming up the coast. it's begrudgingly going the make it on shore during the morning hours. it will come down lightly at first and pick up in intensity during the mid-day. the leading edge of the snow makes it to the mass pike and tries to get into northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire but having hard time because of dry air up there. that the high pressure is acting as a wall, keeping the the heaviest snow to our south, eating away the northern fringes of the snow. that's why there will be lesser aims in those areas.
6:29 pm
get much of anything as far as know flakes falling, especially for you in southern new hampshire. but the way this is playing out is for the lighter amounts anyway to be up that way, a border and southeast new hampshire, up to two inches in boston. so you go south of the pike, especially south of... then on the south shore, south of the braintree split, you're in the 3 to 6 inch range. along the coastline of scituate and marshfield, as well. plymouth and south of there, that's where your best chance of 6 inches plus. there. there's also the winds that get involved with an intense storm like this, 30, 40, 50mph wind gusts at the height of storm, even 60mph plus possible. that means you could have some power outages and also the possibility for some coastal flooding. a high wind warning is in police for those areas, and the coastal flooding thanks to the waves getting piled up against the shoreline, most likely from scituate southward toward cape cod. we'll talk more about that possibility and take this forecast step by step right through the storm. >> mark: for the first time in years the subway system in d.c.
6:30 pm
from 11:00 tonight through sunday, the metro will be off limits. our kylie campbell explains why the d.c. metro says it's necessary. >> reporter: we reached out to metro officials today. they told us the last time they shut down the metro was during super-storm sandy in 2012. we are at the union station metro stop when people were leaving town shortly after lunch. the main reason metro is shutting down is to hopefully be ready to go for the monday morning commute. metro says it will protect hundreds of rail cars by storing then in the underground tunnel during the storm. with no metro service, people are left with few options to get around d.c. if they need to. officials already warn they will not start clearing snow from the streets until after it starts falling down saturday night into sunday. so some people may attempt to walk from point a to point b, but with about two feet of snow expected and 30 to 50mph wind gust, officials say people could just stay inside all weekend.
6:31 pm
also falling in charlotte. charlotte will host the n.f.c. championship sunday night. it will air right here on fox25. the roads here there have been a mess all day. 200 accidents were reported before noon. new jersey and southern new york will also be hit with up to a foot of snow. people living along the new jersey shore hit hardest by hurricane sandy in 2012 are saying they're concerned about possible storm surge. meantime new york city mayor bill de blasio says his teams are in position already to get starts the fall. there he issued a very strong warning to residents of his city. >> stay off the roads. it's as simple as that. make your plans now to not be on the streets of this city tomorrow, and i would say sunday likely as well. get done what you have to get done today. if you have to go out, rely on mass transit, walk if you have to, but do not bring you vehicle out tomorrow. >> vanessa: meanwhile new york governor mario cuomo is telling his new yorkers that as many as
6:32 pm
ready to act if the situation gets bad enough. keep it on fox25 all weekend long for our coverage of the storm. the weekend edition of the "fox 25 morning news" is bright and early tomorrow morning and sunday from 6:00 until 10:00. >> mark: local police are on the hunt for a diamond thief. he recently stole a diamond family-owned store in foxborough. as fox25's bob ward tells us, stores. crime. it's a jewelry store called cindy's diamond and jewelry gallery in the center of foxborough. now, the thief who hit this store ran out of this front door, up the sidewalk with a diamond worth more than $20,000. and as police conduct their investigation, they are convinced that this is not the first time this thief has struck. this is surveillance video of a suspected diamond thief. on january 12th, he grabbed a two-carat round diamond worth $22,000, right out of the hands
6:33 pm
cynthia hadad. >> suddenly he got kind of strange and grabbed the diamond, took a step back, and i really thought that he was, you know, fumbling it, like i didn't know what was going on, and then he took two more steps back and boalgted out the front door. >> reporter: foxborough police detective scott hobson is working the case. on the same day the thief hit cindy's diamond gallery, he tried to pull the same scam at two jewelry stores at the emerald square mall, but they didn't have what he was looking for. >> he was looking for a carrot and a half to two carats in size and he showed photos of the girl he's supposedly marrying on his cell phone. >> reporter: but the detective fold these images on mass most wanted. he's seen here robbing menard jewelers last may. the detectives hope it's a matter of time. >> we got good images of him and his vehicle. >> reporter: back at cindy's
6:34 pm
of a ring worth $22,000 stings. the store owner personally bought the diamond during a recent shopping trip to antwerp. this is money out of her pocket. >> i'll be pleased to know he's been apprehended. i don't know if he gets locked up that it's going to end it, so i'd like to see him get help. >> reporter: if you recognize the man in those surveillance image, you're urged to contact foxborough police. in foxborough, bob ward, fox that 25 news. >> mark: a jeep crashes through a luxury condo in cambridge and lands right in the pool. wipers still going. take a look at the damage. that happened around 11:00 last night at the regatta river residency on riverway. the jeep ended up in the pool when the floor mat got stuck under the gas pedal. the valet was trying the park it when it jumped a curb, went through the wall and flew into the water. it took a while for firefighters to get it back out because it was leaking gas and they were worried about starting a fire. the valet was not hurt and the
6:35 pm
a group of thieves targeting elderly women. these two women and one man were seen at the marshall's on route 18. on surveillance video, the woman is seen talking to an older woman, and then the male suspect comes around and grabs her wallet. the group then moves on to an electronics store. they charged thousands to the victim's credit card. >> thus of dollars both time, same m.o. they pick on an elderly female, someone with a percent book, and take the purse home. >> reporter: police say a small group is doing this in many areas around boston. if you know anything, contact weymouth police. >> vanessa: giving students the tool they need to siewk seed in high school. today massachusetts governor charlie baker proposed $83.5 million in additional funding for voidcational education. vocational students can choose to learn skills from electrical to welding. >> when i'm in the pioneer valley talking to the precision manufacturing folks and they're
6:36 pm
60 or 80k and being able to make 150 after a few years. >> reporter: the governor says he hearsay it all the time from employers that they cannot find qualified workers. >> two new bedford men are on ground after the plane they were flying lost power over upstate new york. jeremiah cullhan said his plane lost power after taking off from new bedford. he had to find a safe place the land. passengers describe the moments leading up to the landing and what happened when they touched down. >> it actually wasn't as hectic and crazy as you would think. it was kind of just real quiet. and it was gliding. then he made a couple moves to take away some speed. than we found the perfect place the land. so it was just as easy as landing in an actual airport, believe it or not. it's a little bit more like what do we do now and we got out of the plane. >> mark: good problem to have, right? the pilot said he was shaken up and unsure of how he'll get that plane back. it turns out the plane lost
6:37 pm
icing. in cold temperatures. >> vanessa: he's called the miracle cat. home. meet frank. he was rescued by the mspca in december after being hit by a car a few months earlier. veterinarians say that frank was lucky to be alive and new he's made a remarkable recovery. he does need more surgery, but the mspca says they will cover the cost no matter who adopts him. if you're interested, contact the mspca's shelter. businesses flooded in brockton. this water main break was breaking on the "fox 25 morning news." new tonight we're hearing from business owners who were left devastated. fox25's christine mccarthy is in brockton now and tells us this is not first time people there are dealing with this. >> well, this business owner tells me that he's been open for 25 years and he is not ready to close his doors right now. his water main breaks make that
6:38 pm
restaurant owner paul stewart has been up all night worrying about the damage caused by a water main break that flooded part of brockton's north main street thursday night. the disaster shut off the heat, ruined equipment, contaminated food and effectively closed down home cafe . >> i was in disbelief. i got here. i could not believe what i saw. >> reporter: and you think this is the worst stewart was seen. >> water gushing everywhere again. and it's just de ja vu i guess. >> reporter: eight years ago the same water main ruptured, leaving the rest koran with structural damage and shutering the business for ten months. >> it was a nightmare. it was a definite nightmare not nothing what to do, what's going on. >> it's a big tidal wave going down. >> reporter: we asked brockton public works commissioner larry rowellly why this keeps happening? >> it's old infrastructure. it's over 80 years old. everything has a life cycle. >> reporter: rowley says the city needs to replace the pipe, not just repair it, but that requires a lot of money. >> i feel terrible for this gentleman.
6:39 pm
devastated. >> reporter: once crews finish pumping out the basement and the damage is assessed, stewart will file claims with his insurance and the city, but he's concerned this time his business won't survive. >> i can't go through this twice. and maybe who knows if it will happen again. >> reporter: there is also another water main break in this very neighborhood about a year ago, however, we're told that that break did not affect this restaurant or any other businesses or homes in this area. i did just speak with a restaurant owner's son. he tells me that most of the water has been pitched out of the basement and an insurance adjustor was just here to decide what they will and won't cover. reporting in brockton, christine mccarthy, fox25 news. >> mark: new at 6:00, a bet is a bet. a lot of kansas city chiefs fans are paying up this week. the wyandotte county sheriff's department lost its jersey wearing bet with the norfolk's debt. so they had to photoshop tom brady jerseys on themselves. looks good.
6:40 pm
some famous kansas city barbecue sauce. what about the ribs? more than two feet of snow forecast for our nation's capital. up next we're live in washington, d.c., where the snow has already started to fall. we'll. >> kevin: we'll have the wait until the morning for it to get to us.
6:41 pm
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>> mark: snow emergency in tonight. all schools closed today and city government, that will shut down, as well.
6:43 pm
mid atlantic may get two feet. fox25's justin gray is live now in washington, d.c., where the snow has already started falling out there. justin, are people out and about tonight? we know you guys had an awful lot of trouble with about two inches of know yesterday. >> yeah, vanessa, they told people at 3:00 to find a safe place and stay, there but you can take a look at the roads. there are some cars out here. there's also some people standing in the road over there. we're seeing fewer and fewer people out here, which is good. they want people to get home and to stay there throughout the weekend. as you say, we had trouble with two inches. people were stuck on the road for hours. right now 3 to 4 inches. we're expecting to get up to two feet. if you have problems with two inches, you can imagine the mess out here with two feet of snow over this weekend. >> mark: justin, i'm struck by the lack of people in cars behind you. i can't get over it because i last saw you in september when we covered the pope down there in his visit the washington, d.c., and it was a mob scene. >> reporter: right. well, mark, this is a very busy
6:44 pm
you can see we're right by the capitol, very busy intersection here, and right now very few cars out. we also have union station on the other side of the camera. it is also very slow out here tonight. and even the metro, the subway and bus system is scheduled to shut down at 11:00. that's unprecedented for washington, d.c. they're shutting down public transit for the entire weekend. they're taking this very seriously, really strongly encouraging people to just go home and stay home. >> vanessa: all right, justin. we want to know what your plans are for the weekend. what are you going to do to hunker down? >> reporter: well, my car is staying right here. who knows when i'll be back. i'm going to try to hit the metro before it closes down, and we'll see how that goes. we'll see how it's running. but that's my goal, when i'm done talking to you to, take the metro on home and see how long >> vanessa: all right. you better get there fast. thank you so much for your live report. >> reporter: that's right.
6:45 pm
weather alert. >> kevin: well, he seem awfully happy about the blizzard, doesn't he? got to keep a good sense of humor in situations like that. you also have to keep safe. that's what we're trying to help you do with the know moving in and the wind and the celestial concern, too. those are the clouds over us. i want to get you an idea of what it will be like tomorrow as far as temperatures. it will be cold enough for snow no matter where you go tomorrow. for instance, 28 dedham, 30 in natick tomorrow afternoon. here on the north shore, 30, 31 degrees beverly. rockport 31. below freezing. should be fine for snow. worcester 22. auburn 24. but you're getting into the dryer, colder air back here and not as much snow. where it will come down hardest to the south shore and the south coast, new bedford 33, plymouth 34. that means you'll get some wet snow, columbiay snow. it will not blow around as much, which cur tails any blizzard conditions. blizzards mean you have to have blowing and drifting snow to cause white-out conditions. the snow is too heavy and wet to blow around, you're not going to get a blizzard no matter how strong the winds are, just the
6:46 pm
know falling in southern jersey into philadelphia. you saw justin in d.c., it's coming down hard. ice and snow in the carolinas, heavy rain at the coastline where the storm will come off and make a run at us. it's going more east than north. so we're on the northern fringing of this track. but the snow will come along the south coast by 11:00 a.m. it's slowing down a bit. this is updated from what i was showing you before. i expect this because the reason is there is plenty of dry air to our north. it's away the leading edge of the snow. it will eventually make it to boston by about 3:00 p.m. it will try the make it to the north shore and on to new hampshire. notice southern new hampshire back the northern worcester county, they may be shut out of this storm. it's something we'll be watching closely. they're getting the lesser totals anyway, but you could be shut out. the the heaviest will be south coast and the south shore of massachusetts and it blows on out of here. we're back into the sunshine by sunday afternoon. so from tomorrow morn, we'll be watching the snow creep in through sunday morn, prime time for the storm. but particularly in the afternoon for boston.
6:47 pm
i'm expecting a coating to two inches that. shutout being pitched to the north and west. that could come further to the south. seas can meander north and south. my thinking is stay firm to what we're looking at last night. with 3 to 6 inches on the south shore, you may say that's gone up. i had 3 to 5 inches. 3 to 6 is a slight adjustment. that has to account for some of that ocean-effect snow along the coastline, 7 to 12 inches from plymouth to providence over through places like maybe manchester, connecticut, and then southeast into cape cod and the islands. 7 inches to a foot of snow, that's where the the heaviest is going to be. it's also where the strongest winds would be. expecting gusts over 40, 50, even potentially 60mph. that's why the national weather service has a high wind warning if these locations. that can cause some branches to come down and power lines, too. power outages tough this time of year when it's so cold. tough any time, but especially when it's cold. prepare ahead of time. get the wood in if you have some
6:48 pm
pellets to heat up, any kind of secondary heat source, get ready for that now. vineyard. winter storm warnings in place where the the heaviest snow will be along the coastline to our south. here's a seven-day forecast. this weekend, showing you the snow that's coming on in. 32, 33 degrees. then we're clearing it out sunday afternoon into monday. keep in mind, there are coastal flood watches in place too, especially scituate to plymouth to sandwich. >> reporter: all right it. the celtics are getting back at it. i'll preview their matchup at the garden tonight.
6:49 pm
lowdown on the enemy in denver. announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. so on february ninth, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice. "i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i'm going to deliver." i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> reporter: well, our patriots are in their fifth game. when you stop to think about it, it's really amazing. in foxborough the pats had their final practice before hitting the friendly scielings for denver in search of better weather.
6:52 pm
speaking of good fortune, pats' linebacker dont'a hightower has been in a conference championship game every year as a pro, and he really appreciates it. >> just talking to steven jackson the other day, the guy has been a great player all his career. he just has always been on the short end of the stick, and then just talking to him, for all his worked for to be here, a lot of guys take it for granted. it's a slap in the face that we're all blessed to be here. we do things different around here. that's why we're here. >> reporter: all right, people. it's not spygate, so don't even bring that up, but today fox25 had a camera at brb -- broncos' practice and we have a report. what say you, tom? >> reporter: what's going on, brian? we did get a chance to talk to the other guys today. it's clear there's some disdain for the fact they don't like the patriots, a, and, b, so many people are picking new england to win this game. the fact is they feel they have
6:53 pm
they're up for the challenge of champions. we had about 90 seconds in total to shoot today's workout. that's all the broncos would allow, a pretty type ship with the stakes pretty high, especially when you're facing your stiffest challenge of the season. >> i know it's a big game. and we need to get to the game we're trying to get to. >> you're resting up next week for a long time. >> it's okay to get butterflies. all right. >> tom brady is a great player. bill belichick is a great coach. they have a great staff over. there i got a ton of respect for them. >> he's very difficult the prepare for. his team is very difficult the prepare for because they do so many things. when you play bill's team, you could have worked on one thing all week and they're doing something totally different. that's a credit to them, their staff and what they do. >> reporter: gary kubiak lost his only other postseason matchup with bill belichick when he was the head coach of the
6:54 pm
we're awaiting the arrival of the new england patriots. much more from us on the fox25 news at 10:00 and 11:00. let's send it back to the studio. >> reporter: thankfully the patriots are politician well because it's keeping the president height off the celtics and their miserable stretch of losing eight of their last the games. currently it's one game over 500. tonight it's the bulls in the garden. now it's not going to be the sixers and philadelphia on saturday because the game has been postponed because of nor'easter and the threat of horrible snow. yes, that game will be postponed and played on sunday, the 24th of jab. and tonight could be the night that legendary b.c. coach jerry york gets his 1,000th victory. it's his 45th season. he's been coaching for a little while i guess. a lot longer than you've within alive. a lot longer than i've been alive. mom taught me right. that's the latest. today in america,
6:55 pm
as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
6:56 pm
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