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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> hi, everydy. new forecast models are coming into the newsroom. our fox 25 chief rotle will have -- meteorologist will have those in minute. here's what we know about the nor'easter. at least ten people have died, most of them from car crashes. 85 million people are in the path of the storm. that's a quarter of the country's population. the nor'easter is also causing painful travel headaches for airline passengers. more than 7 thousand flights have been cancelled nationwide including some 4100 tomorrow. >> fox 25 is bringing you live team coverage tonight at 11. george is in our nation's capitol for us. erika richie is live at logan where people are happy to be stuck in our city, but we begin with fox 25 chief meteorologist in the stormtracker weather center. kevin? >> the new information coming in is actually aligning pretty well with the forecast we have. not going to make any changes just yet. there's plenty more information to come in overnight, of course. there's the storm barreling through the mid atlantic states, all the yellow and orange you're seeing around the north carolina
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the secondary storm, the one that will become the main storm, our nor'easter. there's the snow creeping up on the long island new york city area right now. it will take a while to get into southern new england. you can see the dry air to the north. you can tell where there's no clouds, it's dry. it's causing this storm to stay farther to the south and not allowing it to barrel into southern new england like it is doing in the mid atlantic. the snow is trying to make it here into the morning hours and the afternoon. not much making it farther north in boston. a little on the northshore, perhaps a coating that way, by the heavy snow and the deeper blues staying in seizure and southcoastal massachusetts. identifier forecast stays the same. a coating to two inches. that may be aggressive, especially up to the northwest of boston and worcester. on the northshore they'll get a coasting anyway. 3 to 6 south of the mass pike in worcester county. for much of the south shore until you get to plymouth. draw a line to prochedz and go -- providence and go south to the islands, 7 to 12 inches. that's where the strongest winds will be as well.
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warning in place for mar that's vineyard. we'll talk about coastal flooding and how strong the winds will be, too. >> kevin, we'll check back in a bit. earlier this week, less than an inch of snow pretty much crippled washington, dc. major roads were turned into parking lot. ahead in 15 minutes, we'll take you to the nation's capitol to show you how the area is trying to tryingto avoid being buried by a blizzard. >> look at this. this is's misery map. it shows how some major hubs are doing right now, more than 3500 today in the u.s. delayed. here's how it works. right here. you see red, that's bad. i see green, that means go. it's okay. here's the deal. we're going to take you through chicago. you can see how the flights are affected if you're going to the west, to the east, going to the south right here. this is chicago where they're dealing with a number of delays. down in atlanta, here's how it works here. if you're going west, isle have a few problems, certainly coming up the east coast.
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new york city. you can see flights going out to the west coast. lax, san francisco, up to the great northwest, seattle, not happening tonight. having a difficult time with that except maybe for seattle. how about boston and logan airport? challenges there as well. fox 25's erika richie is live at logan where some people tell her they're actually happy to be trapped in boston. >> reporter: well, can you blame them? i mean, if you've got to be stranded somewhere, this is certainly one of the better places to be, especially with the patriots playing this weekend. there is going to be a lot of atmosphere here in boston for people who were stuck here to be a part of, but truthfully, i haven't met one person tonight who has been bothered by this travel inconvenience. >> no big deal. it's great. all good. >> it happens, you know. it's the way weather is. >> i don't have anywhere to be, so i'll make a weekend out of it. >> reporter: each of those passengers i met at logan airport tonight had their flight
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mark and his buddies flying from cincinnati was delayed. >> it's a trickle down flight coming from another city. >> jeff was delayed -- genoas delayed, too. she and her 8-month-old were stuck in jfk for three hours. >> we were supposed to fly out tomorrow, and we were able to get out early and we're okay. >> reporter: matt wasn't able to born a plane at all to get home to south florida. >> i went to get on my flight to get to palm beach, but they had it connecting in atlanta. my connecting flight, i won't make it. >> reporter: making travelers from st. louis through detroit, where cancellations were abundant. >> we got in on time and landed early. how do you figure on a day where everyone is getting cancelled and delayed? it's think its dumb luck. >> perhaps so because mass port reports 122 flights cancelled, 84 delayed going to and from logan due to weather. train travel no better. amtrak reporting its running half the service to and from the
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passengers at south station were making adjustments. >> i didn't want to get stranded in south station overnight, and so i just changed my ticket. >> reporter: while others like elizabeth are taking it in stride. >> i have a lot of wine with me, so i think things will be okay. >> >> reporter: okay. enough said there. if you're planning to head out of town this weekend via train, make sure you check with or their mobile app first to see if there's been any changes to your plan. if you plan to take flights this weekend, check with your airlines first or logan airport's website to see and also remember any change to any plans this weekend is all for your safety. live at logan airport, erika richie, fox 25 news. there's still time for things to change with the winter storm, so be sure to download the all new fox 25 stormtracker weather app. you can get custom forecasts from our team for your neighborhood. free for all devices.
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be sure to wake up with the fox 25 morning news. jason will track the storm overnight. he'll have an update forecast for our area starting tomorrow at 6 a.m. tonight there's concern too many people are walking on thin ice. first responders are sending an urgent message warning it's too hard to predict if the ice is thick enough to walk, skate and fish on. fox 25 is live in jamaica plains tonight where people are taking the chance anyway, jim. >> reporter: they certainly are, vanessa. right behind us is jamaica pond. i'll step out of the way. you can see it's not frozen at all. other ponds and lakes in the state are. emergency responders say that is a big gamble. they can be a source of winter pleasure and tragic pain. after several days of frigid temperatures, several ponds and lakes are final frozen over and it has emergency responders concerned. >> we hold our breath a bit and try to encourage people to get off the ice.
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like these four young men in west wood who set up an ice fishing camp on a local pond. >> sometimes you hear it like crack a little, but it's kind of scary, but it's kind of normal. >> reporter: so when are frozen ponds safe to walk on? the answer, according to fire much never. there's really no way of knowing when the ice is safe. its thickness. >> it's more than five inches. pretty much enough to basically have a snow mobile on here if we >> one. >> reporter: five inch ice can support the weight of a human being, maybe even a couple, but here's the rub. it's often difficult to tell which part of the pond has ice that thick. >> you could have something two inches thick. >> we get to the scene. necessary, it's a complicated and druts endeavor. >> we have specialized training gear. we train with it every year. we familiarize ourselves, go over the procedures, practice
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>> firefighters wear these wet suits and go out on the ice tettered. there's a thin line between failure and success. >> temperatures are going to kick in. your body goes into hypothermia, and in minutes, you know, it makes a difference. >> reporter: and one thing emergency responders also get involved in is rescuing animals off the ice. in fact, this morning clifton police and fire rescued two deer that had fallen into a cranberry bog. along those lines, emergency responders recommend if you're walking your dog around a pond or lake and it's froze be, keep that dog on a a leash. live in jamaica plains, fox 25 news. a bank robber is on the loose tonight. this pate gear patriot gear wearing cook robbed the citizens bank in hooksett, any ham this afternoon. there are pretty clear pictures of the suspect's face. new at 11 tonight, what
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person is wearing the same patriots cap and both of the rob relation. if you recognize him, call police. playoff run, and they're flying to denver. tom brady will take on the broncos. tonight they're in denver, settling in for the night. we have live team coverage from outside sports authority field. >> reporter: the pats are here safe and sound. they chose to get out of town early to avoid the storm. probably a wise move. hopefully they're roasting in the hotel after a long day of practice and a long flight to denver. you showed them getting on the plane. i'll show you getting off the plane. in colorado the pats touched down. from there they had a police escort to the team hotel. meetings tonight, and a ball room walk through tomorrow before sunday's game. it's a game that will challenge the patriots in every way.
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>> with a team like this, and the type of game it is, you have to go out and you really have to hunk down on just everything because you don't know if they're going to bring something new. you don't know if they're going to stay with what they've been doing. we still have two days to go out there and tighten things up and prepare for the final event. >> reporter: the broncos feel the same way. a lot of respect for the patriots, but you know what? that's not always the case with the fans. that. you're not going to get a lot of love for new england fans here, are you? >> reporter: well, not a lot of love, and there wasn't a lot of disrespect. we talked to a lot of broncos fans today, but they weren't might have something to do with the legalized marriage out here. i'm not -- marijuana out here, i'm not sure. let me show you these guys, fred and wallace, who say that they have the game plan for gary kubiak to beat tom brady.
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the broncos will win sunday, and if so, why? >> yeah. kubiak puts ward on gronkowski and roby on ed el man, and we'll win. >> nice. you got a game plan like that. >> my plan is truthfully and honestly tom brady, you've got to get to tom brady. nobody gets to tom brady. you give him three seconds in the pocket, that's three inches of daylight. that's all he needs. he's quarterback gayle sayers. >> are you confident the broncos will win on sunday. >> i think the defense will stop tom brady. i'm saying 20 foyer-20. >> i notice you went to the manning first. >> i mean, let's be honest. you're not sure what you're going to get from him on sunday, right? he's a great player, but you're just not sure. >> i mean, the fact is he does have a dead arm. >> reporter: see, realistic pron koco fans. we're -- you can go to
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get all of identifier interviews. we're standing in front of the local courthouse here. it's lit up. two nights from now we'll know whether the patriots are heading to another super bowl or not. live from denver, back to you guys. >> tom and butch's live reports continue every day until the championship game on sunday. stay with fox 25 for post game highlights and reaction for the favored patriots. next, all new at 11, the unique perspective from the ocean's ocean's fiercest predators. when officials attach a go procamera to a tiger shark. the awakening people in a luxury condo got. how the driver said it happened. we'll take you to washington, dc where people are bracing for the worst from this winter storm. new at 11, why not everyone is sweating it. tracking the storm coming off the coast now, and heavy snow for the mid atlantic. tracking its way to new york city.
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stro new oat at 11, scientists strapped a go pro on the fin of this tying shark before releasing it into the ocean. amazing video here. you can see the shark go from above the water down into the ocean. the shark, whose name is fred, and right now he's just off the italian coach. a deep crash in cambridge and lands right in the pool. this happened around 11:00 at the riverview residency on museum way. we're told the jeep ended up in
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stuck under the gas pedal. when a valet was trying to park the jeep. the valet was not hurt, and the building is boarded up tonight. earlier today, governor baker said he is also on board when it comes to helping the people who helped us last winter. >> if we have the ability to offer equipment or assistance of one time or another, folks in other states are going to get to. a lot of those states came to identifier aid in a big way last winter. >> we want to get you back to the nation's capitol where snow and high winds sweep through the area. >> by the time this ends on sunday, it could go down as the most snowfall in the stow's history. george is in washington, dc live to show how people are making the most of it. >> reporter: you don't goat many storms like this one in washington, dc. a state of emergency has been declared. public transportation shut down through the weekend. but the people we're talking to,
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historic snowfall. it's not stopping some dc residents from their normal rient. >> routine. and for visitors like this group of 49 children from china whose flight out west was cancelled, they just don't seem to mind. >> they've seen snow before, but not this kind of altitude, this kind of level snow that we have over here. >> >> reporter: dc residents either hunker down at their house or at a local watering hole. >> nobody's going anywhere. down. so before we go into hibernation, come out. >> reporter: at a restaurant near capitol hill, those with a drink in front of them are ready for whatever. it's a potentially unprecedented storm threat. have you been through one of these before. >> not as big as this one or expected to be as big as this one. >> reporter: up to 30 inches of snow could accumulate here by the time this storm ends on sunday. in washington, george collie, fox 25 news. this is a fox 25 stormtracker weather alert.
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february didn't it, where you're standing right now, and that's the storm that's hitting them. right behind me you'll see it here. the storm is becoming a nor'easter. is it a nor'easter yet? not technically, but it's becoming one. it's transitioning to the coastline. this is where the storm center is going to be. you can see a little curl in the radar as the center takes over. the snow pounding down the mid atlantic states. blizzard conditions there. snow reaching the western end of long island into the new york city metropolitan area. snowing in new jersey and philadelphia. here it's dry. sure, there are clouds, by look at this to the north. very dry air, no clouds here. that's because of the high pressure settling farther south. that's what we expected. if it had been farther north, we would be lifting the snow totals up and bringing it farther. doesn't look like that's happened. judging by all the clear sky, the high is exactly where we thought it would be which means the forecast is still a goal there's the snow reaching the islands by 10:00 in the morning. the southcoast of new england, some snow showers ahead of it still possible, but the real steady snow will reach the pike
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the early afternoon and notice, doesn't go much farther north. every once in a while snow farther north of the pike. for the most part, it's the pike south eastward into southeastern massachusetts, especially the cape and islands with the heaviest snow from the storm system. it's out of here early sunday morning. only the sunshine for the late morning and into the afternoon on sunday. it will be cold, and there will be fresh snow in places. off to the north and west of boston you run into the dry air. it's a coating along the border between new hampshire and massachusetts, but just in case it jogs northward, we're only talking about a coating anyway. a coating to as many as two inches. south of the pike in worcester county and to the south shore south of the braintree split, 3 to 6 inches. go south of the line from plymouth to providence, that's where i'm expecting 7 to 12 inches of snow to fall. your heaviest snow. this is what we've been expecting all week long. it's playing out pretty well so far. a winter storm warning along the coastal areas, that's where your best chances for six or more inches snow will be.
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the way i see t the blizzard warning is extended along the connecticut coastline. you have blowing and drifting snow, reducing visibility due to strong winds over 35 miles per hour, and it has to happen for three hours. doesn't even have to be snowing. it has to be blowing the snow around so you can't see in front of you and have whiteout conditions n this case, it will be snowing. windy conditions causing a high wind warning on cape and the islands. gusts up to 55 miles per hour. in fact, our computer modeling showing up to 60 miles per hour wind gusts possible on nantucket during the height of the storm tonight night. these will come down sunday morning as the storm pulls away. with winds that high, you'll have some tree limbs come down, could have power outages. make sure you have a secondary heat source if you have one available like a fireplace. bring the wood in before the snow starts to fly. this is a coastal flood watch. those winds blowing the water against the shore line. outer cape nantucket and here inside the eastern massachusetts coastline. it's flooding spinach woat switch
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scituate to sandwich.
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at the weath the patriots are in their game. when i stop to think about it, it's really amazing. pretty cool.
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nfc championship every season as a pro, and it has not gotten old. >> been here from the jimple. it's talking to steven jackson the other day. the guy has been great player all his career and on the short epidemic of the stick. just talking to him, and he's worked to be here, you know. a lot of guys kind of tack it for granted, by it's a slap in the face that we're all glad to be here. we do things different around here. >> as a sports fans, you have to appreciate the bra vai doe vado and trash talk. tom is not talking trash but caught up with a bronco or two that was. today we were at broncos at their training facility, and derek wolf gave us another one when he was asked how he really felt about the patriots. >> i hate everything about them.
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they're always in my way to get what i want. that's nationally going to create hate. >> any try sports fan has to love that talk. from behind the mic again today. >> i didn't think they would blow up like that. i definitely wasn't aware that all the patriots fans would be in my twitter mission. >> calling people names and giving mo something to talk about and hype up the financial an put some fire in the situation. irdz their job it's their jobs to make stories. that's what they did. >> to the broncos learned this week i can never underestimate the power of a patriots fan on social media. that is the story live from denver. brian, back to you. >> thanks, tom. boston fans talking trash and cursing, crazy talk. sell diction at the garden.
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they were up fifteen at the half. thomas trying to get not nba all-star game. he should. derrick rose who is having a good condominium of weeks as of late as 27 points had the bulls close, by beautiful passes like that from thomas will give the cs the win, 110-101. folks, have to say a big congratulations to bc hockey man jerry york. in a short 44 years, 1,000 wins. >> a mere 44 years. >> congrats to him. >> pretty cool. >> he's a ledge legend. check this out. the choice getting a coat of paint or snow. it's becoming the white house. >> it's almost a whiteout is what blizzard conditions bring. it will get worse there before it gets better. up to a foot of snow on the southcoast, up to cape cod, a blizzard warning for the vineyard.
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