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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  January 25, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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welcome to the pit of the swalws, one of the deepest open caves in the world. every year a group of kindred souls gather here to pay tribute to the cave and go big or go home. a human sacrifice, you ask? no. just base jumpers. you see, in the not so world of base jumping, it's not so much you regularly risk your life jumping off things like skyscrapers, because that's like so yesterday. you have to find new and more insane things to jump from. there's a lot of pressure keeping up with the base jumping joneses, and that's why they love this cave. it's beautiful and awesome jump and very hard to get to. but they better love it because it's the last jump they'll ever make. there's no way out of this cave. and rumor has it, when these jumpers set up camp at the bottom, they slowly cannibalize
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oh, hey, looks like someone installed a bench. cool. guess these guys won't have to eat each other. hopefully for them i hope the bench didn't break. don't you just love it when friends just drop in unexpectedly? this is the big new sport of r.v. jumping. >> it's the american dream to own an r.v. and why this r.v. is getting owned h5n1 bigtime. you know, nascar is great but for the average joe three-pack like myself, the races at the local track is where it's at 3 the drivers don't have as much
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fingers and the cars are held with duck tape and chicken wire. and there are huge gaps in the safety railing. that does not happen in nascar. >> a terrible crash on the back straightaway. >> see, if some yahoo! hadn't sold that stretch of railing for scrap metal, this would be a simple fender-bender, but instead, it's totally whacked out. don't worry, they got him out and he wasn't even hurt, that bad. he'll fix that car up and be racing by next weekend. what are you going to do? guys just like to go big. if you're like me, you think surfing and hang-gliding look fun but aren't dangerous enough.
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together. it's called kite surfing and here's kite surfing hall of famer dave edwards to show us why it's so popular. and why it's filling up emergency rooms all over the country. ooh! that will rock your world. every kite surfing expert and champ gets the same advice. rinse and repeat. rinse and repeat. everything in minnesota is big. ever spent a winter there? ok. it's time to race snowmobiles. hey, what's a few snapped vertebrae between friends?
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the list. my god, does niinimaa it to the finish line? looks like the only safe way to do this sport is solo, like this guy. he's trying to impress his girlfriend tiffany up in the stands. well, i don't know about tiffany, but i find his girlish screams very moving. [screams] >> next time, pal, you should just try roses. >> is tiffany here? >> she's here. >> send her over here. >> oh, that's so romantic. he wants tiffany to know he's ok. >> i'm fine. nothing broke. i don't know. >> uh-ho. might be time to look for a new girlfriend, bub. don't worry, i have just the girl for you. >> do it again! do it again! >> stick with us.
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close and personal with his favorite driver. and meet the human pinata. plus, good thing there's not a hunger problem in the world. that's next on "whacked out sports." >> you're flying high with "whacked out sports" where diddy gliders defy gravity and sore losers sink into depravity. you'll see some minor motorcycle miracling and major altitude adjustments. it's "whacked out sports."
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7 >> we're back on "whacked out sports" where the hits keep on coming. all right. let's hit the dusty track of dusty track, north carolina, where stock car racer tim drake is -- how do i put it nicely?
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but there's no giveup in this good old boy. tim's going to finish what he started, see if he can drive after drinking that fire water he cooked up in his uncle lester's outhouse. wait, tim is at the head of the pack, not another car in sight, maybe because he's going in the wrong direction. what a guy, the timster is a lap behind but taking time to say hey and sign a few autographs. here we see him pounding his john hancock in some lucky fan's face. and they're not about to let a goodwill gesture by their favorite driver go unreturned. don't you love sports where even the fans go big or go home? ever seen a pinata at a kid's birthday party and wondered what it would be like to be savagely beaten while you dangled helplessly from a rope? why, me either. lucky for us that's not the
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he calls himself the human pinata. instead of getting whacked around by kids, he prefers an angry bull. good times. let's see if he has everything he needs. bubble wrap? check. red paint which turns bulls into a homicidal killing machine? check. throw on a goofy looking duck suit and you're ready to go big or go home, amigo. hmm, wonder if this guy was homeschooled? one thing for sure, this guy has a major pair of huevos, good thing he bubble wrapped them. come to think of it, it does look kind of fun. no, not really. goodbye, pinata guy. let's move on. if you like to travel the world just looking for food fights, your next vacation destination has to be in italy. every july this tiny village
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so in august, it's time to go big or go home. yes, it's the annual festival. if it looks like a bunch of crazed italians throwing tomatoes at you, well, it's because there's a bunch of crazed italians throwing tomatoes at each other. to get things started, every oil. i prefer extra virginen. it's an experience. don't laugh at me. then it's every saucy citizen for himself. they say sports are about the joy of competition and building friendships. but we all know that's pooey. sports are all about the riot after your team wins the championship. it's about going big or going home. welcome to boston after the red sox won the world championship. oh, yeah. this is what sports are about.
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i mean, really hugging. but it's not weird, man. because the red sox rule. it's about jumping into a crowd and no strangers are there to catch you. or not catch you. whatever. but the sweetest moment comes after you see the police gathering into riot gear and the sharp stench of tear gas is fresh in the air and your legs ache from running from the police. well, then you'd know the joy of a championship riot. and that's a memory to last a lifetime. as well as an arrest record that will also last your lifetime. sure, everyone knows what traditional bullfighting looks like. but in mexico city, they have a little thing called bull
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here comes our star attraction. whoa! and there he goes. and people, you're watching one of the top leaping bulls in the world at the very height of his game. that's just topnotch leaping by that bull. excuse me, bull coming through, pardon me. head's up, lady. bull coming through. bull leaping is so new they haven't figured out an exit strategy for the bull yet. but hey, as long as the spectators stay alert and prepare to run for their lives, what could go wrong? while the bull is finding his way out of there, let's just relive the glory. and as a prize for going big,
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>> a trip to the meat grinder. >> hmm, i thought he'd get a toaster. don't get up. we've got life on the skids. extreme pillow fighting. plus, no love for this tennis ace. and a guy who will sink in the stink.
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for 24 hour relief. t try allegra-d . >> we're back on "whacked out sports" where we love it when you go big. let's just hope you go home and not to the e.r. now let's head out for some drag racing. these guys can get their cars going up to speeds at 330 miles per hour. so it's no surprise that these cars can burn up a lot of fuel. and as you're about to see, a lot of people. >> in just under three seconds,
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10,000 degrees. thankfully the driver managed to escape this wreck alive. afterwards, he got a lot of praise for the job and the car well done. it doesn't get more manly than sitting on a pole slapping each other silly with a pillow. followed by a refreshing mud bath. you'd be glad to know they both tested negative for testosterone. >> now let's go halfway across the globe where these rich eccentrics are going jumbo or going home. it's elephant polo.
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what is possibly the world's most outrageously expensive sport. all it takes is 10 rare majestic elephants and one tiny ball. he's on a breakaway. he shoots. he shoots again. and it's in. let's check out this highlight in slow motion. oh, wait, that's its normal speed, isn't it? hey all you snow dudes and home? a new way to light up the slopes this season? how about ski base hanging. a sport that combines skiing with base jumping. i'd try it myself but my doctor told me to stay away from things that might kill me. but these daredevils are all fired up and ready to rock. anyone can do it. all you need are skis, a parachute, and an adult diaper.
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question, if johnny jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too? well, mom, the answer is yes. >> this guy created a new sport called net skating. the object? to rollerblade across the top of this tennis net. he's certainly no ace but you've got to give him points for this rally. 15-0. 30-0. 40-0. bet his parents are proud the tennis lessons paid off. we have a winner. >> hell yeah!
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that's better. kick acid and gas with rolaids
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p maximum strength selsun blue targets dandruff, wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue. freedom from dandruff. >> we're back on "whacked out sports." so far you've seen lots of guys get themselves in deep doo-doo but nothing can prepare you for the depth this is guy is willing to sink in a little segment we call- >> "how far would you go?" >> need tickets to the ohio state-notre dame game. >> go buckeyes! >> how about diving feet first in some deep doodoo or even some shallow doodoo. yes, that's not much.
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a heaping pile of cow ala mode. all he has to do, besides give up on attracting a woman is dig around the pool of poop for the tickets. yep, a man never stands so tall as when he stoops in a steaming stack of prairie pancakes. i smell a winner, it's a dung deal. he's going to the game. but he's definitely going alone. >> head-first in the manure. >> there you have it, all the insane jumps, guys taking their lumps, and things that go bump that we can cram into an episode of "whacked out sports," dedicated to all the men and women who go big or go home. thanks for dropping by. don't forget to get a good
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. fibromyalgia may have changed things but with less pain, i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica today. lyrica, move forward with less fibromyalgia pain. here are this week's top five stories. number five sarah palin responds to her son's arrest. >> my own son is going through ptsd. >> saying his girlfriend feared he would shoot her with a gun at sarah palin's home. >> next, saved from a burning car. >> when i get here the truck is on the side with flames. >> jamie met the father of the family he saved. >> maria carry and her
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james patrick popped the question thursday night with a blinding colossal 35 carat ring. that's about the same size as beyonce's and kim kardashian's combined. the diamond and platinum spark letter is estimated to be worth about $7 million. >> number two, will smith responds to his wife jada's oscar boycott headlines. >> there's a disharmony that is brewing in our country and in our industry that, you know, i want no part to that. >> will smith was clear. he is not going to the oscars this year and lent his voice it a powerful diversity discussion his wife started on facebook. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> and number one story this week. fun ral for celine dion's husband, renee. put to rest after a national funeral friday in montreal
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statemen family and friends. go to et john for the latest. >> there he is, eagles superstar since 1972. glenn frey rock icon pass aid way monday. he spent decades as a musician and actor. along the way sharing biggest moments with "e.t.." here is glenn frey in his own words. trying to loosen my load, got seven women on my mind . >> we were always pretty visual song writers. if you think about the way our songs open up, on a dark desert highway. on a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair >> the people have pictures in their minds. california >> as gl glenn told us, their music was the sound track for
1:29 am
break-up answers everything in between. you can't hide your lying eyes . >> people did things to the eagles. got in the car and drove across america don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy . >> tributes have been pouring in from across the world. most notably from eagles band mate don henry. quote, he was like a brother to me. we were family. the bond we forged 45 years ago was never broken bp. >> eagles from los angeles. >> people are always saying things to me like, you're just like a normal person. and i always say, of course. rise >> other from the moment they formed in l.a. in 1971 the eagles became one of the best selling bands of all time. glenn frey gets much credit for that. >> don henley said that glenn frey was captain of the eagles.
1:30 am
happen. >> when i quit the eagles in 1980, it was just like starting all over again. >> glenn's solo career was huge with hits from beverly hills cop and miami vice. >> smugglers blues that got glenn his first acting gig on "miami vice." we were on that set. >> i'm getting the clans hance to act on the biggest hit show on television. and the record of the year. i'm one lucky dog, folks. i've accomplished a lot in the music business. you know, this is -- a new challenge. >> it was an opportunity to eliminate travel and stay home.
1:31 am
in the '80s, glen promised that the eagles wouldn't reunite. >> i don't think i can sing take it easy at 36. at 26 it meant something. i want eagles to remain a young man. quit while we were at the top. there is moonlight lost in the trees >> but in 1994 hell froze over. >> never say never. you know. things always happen for a reason. >> i mean, you really got don henley now with the supporting cast. it is hard for me to imagine the eagles going on without glenn frey. >> and maybe with these words don henley spoke for all of us. i will be grateful for everyday he was in my life.
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>> back to 1992 glenn wrote a song called river of dreams. one of the lines is particularly poignant now. he wrote people don't run out of dreams. people just run out of time. >> up next, we're talking to tv trainer and mom jillian michaels about her new rereality show,
1:33 am
>> run on the treadmill! i'm not going to say it again! >> she is one of the most famous tv trainers. you remember her from "the biggest loser" jillian michaels. but she is showing a softer side on her new reality show that just debuted this week and jillian opened up about everything from her kids to her love life. >> how is heidi? >> heidi receiving i'm not. i would kill me if i today date me. she is so sensitive i -- >> what is wrong with you today? >> you see ceci see her bickering with heidi rose and their kids. but still not sure about marriage. >> what is going on? >> an ongoing dialogue. we come from very different back grounds. to a certain extent that's what
1:34 am
>> never knew you were with >> well -- >> is that something you tried for a long time to keep private? >> when we were going through the adoption process, there is only 14 states in america right adopt. i always knew i wanted to adopt but i didn't know what path i would take. so i did keep my personal life was going to happen. >> hello. >> i love you phoenix. >> tell us about your children. heidi gave birth to your son and a week later you got your daughter. >> i had been trying to adopt for two years. we were matched with a child. the next day heidi said she was pregnant. lou got her visa and they both came home on mother's day. >> as a teen jillian was convicted until she saw madonna's video "justify my
1:35 am
>> i didn't know i was gay. i is thought that's disgusting with be that's weird. when she did that, i thought okay that is not disgusting. and it allowed me to figure out who i was. >> you try that crap on. >> that same drill master shows up on just jillian but we still see a woman trying to balance it all. >> you either hate me or you're inspired by me. the reality is, you hated me. she's normal. not so bad. you were inspired by me. oh, she's normal. >> and she has whipped a few people into shape eefr the years. >> look out. jillian is not sure they are stopping at just two kids. they may adopt an older child from a foster care system. >> love that. we are with another fitness guru. hitting the gym with the woman dubbed instagram's most famous trainer. find out how she is inspiring people all over the world to get fit. >> i've got jessica alba following me.
1:36 am
>> absolutely kicked her ass. one of her favorite workouts. the toughest she has ever done. >> got coffee after and she is like, i can't move these arms. i love her. she's amazing. >> this is how you start a fitness revolution. as an 18-year-old australian trainer, kayla started posteding before and afters of her clients on instagram. but then kayla's boyfriend toby add video guide. post exercises so followers could work out with her. >> probably 2 1/2 years ago, maybe. >> need to check your notification here. 4 million followers. >> oh, my god, yes. >> overnight. >> kayla is 24. her followers are called kayla's army. [ cheers and applause ] >> with the fitness app called sweat with kayla and subscription workouts she has more followers than celebrity uber trainers tracy anderson and
1:37 am
>> tells us about your workout. >> high intensity 28 minutes. circuit training. four exercises and 7 minutes to do those four exercises. jump back. you should be feeling it. jump back in tp stand up. all right. >> how many of these? >> 15. >> 15. >> yes. >> what number are we at? >> you're on 5 right now. snrs. >> i'm always picking up little new tips for the gym. and you know, i wonder, is this reality fitness show in the making for kayla's future? we asked her. she told us she hasn't thought about it yet. kayla, i bet there are some producers watching right new that are thinking about it. >> where is the cast of the people versus o.j. simpson?
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side effects, such as allergic reactions, p p pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, p p and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects rrr are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. . so much buzz around the upcoming people versus o.j. simpson, american crime story. with cuba gooding jr. playing oj. this mini series promises to
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down behind the scenes during trial of the century. cast. >> two victims in brentwood. >> brentwood? nobody gets killed in brentwood. >> did you go into this having thought about oj's innocence or his guilt? >> everybody has their opinion. >> what was yours? >> i don't want to influence the character. >> all rise. >> at the time, everybody had an opinion about oj ae guilt. not the least of whom was prosecutor marcia clark. >> in my opinion he's a murderer. i'm deeply sorry he's not in prison. >> tell the truth as it was recorded but i think the company did the best they could reflecting the truth of what was going on. >> travolta plays shapiro who is just as open about what he believes. >> the real life drama unfold pg. >> it is unprecedent. we get out of our cars in the
1:42 am
the building. it is amazing. >> cochran played by courtney b. advance. >> when people actually see, especially young people watching, they may even go, you know, this really happened. but you can't write this. >> nobody suffered from scrutiny more during the trial than clark, played by sarah paulson. >> picked apart like a buzzard with road kill and raked over the coals about her physical appearance. nobody would have said that it a man. >> you are losing control. >> this is a fiasco. >> you are afraid there will be more riots. >> i learned what it would be like to be a football. i i was kicked around from one end to the other. >> do you think he did it? >> she was terrified of him. >> i believe that robert was oj's closest friend you want to be there for them if you love
1:43 am
i don't turn my back on people. >> you are turning your back on nicole. >> did you meet with oj? >> no. i'm playing him at his most flamboyant charismatic self. this is a time where he was in a different state of mind. >> i think the main thing at the center of this whole story is that two people, innocent people, were brutally murdered and that will never change. >> mini series begins february 2nd on fx. i cannot wait. >> it's going to be a very riveting one indeed. and now another true story coming to tv also probably very riveting, madoff. richard richard richard dreyfuss played madoff. serving 150-year sent sentence for rif ing off his clients. >> i can't take your money
1:44 am
to bother with. >> richard is kidding around but the subject is serious madoff defrauding investors out of $65 billion in the largest upon ponzi scheme in history. >> gweneth's mom, blythe, his wife, doesn't see it. >> they loved each other deeply and i don't think she absorbed what happen ped. i don't think she knew. >> they called me a fraud. i was the biggest ponzi scheme in history within the biggest ponzi scheme in history. >> the series is personal for richard. he has friends o who lost their savings as madoff. >> do you know how i view you? >> no. >> a guy that doubled my money in six years. >> they were all secretaries and
1:45 am
well, you lost money but you know, you must be really rich. and they weren't. and they're not. it's not only the rich who got hurt. >> financial systems rock from the top down. just a dirty little went around in great big pond. >> i was very nervous about the whole, you know, when you're playing a real person, it it is a gamble you have it put your faith in the people around you who help make the transition and i have. >> people give me their money and i make them richer than god. >> how much did you lose? >> $50 billion. >> i'm exhausted after one scene and he just goes on and on and on and always brilliant. always changing. always thinking. oh, he is digging deeper. kind of actor you want to always work with. >> honest. >> i'm not lying.
1:46 am
>> blythe and richard have a long hustry. first working together in theater. >> after all these years. we were kids when we began. >> yeah. >> we had none of this. >> this is a very interesting story. and i look forward to seeing the whole mini series. now we did ask blythe if a certain famous family member, aka, her daughter, gwyneth
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