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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, breaking news in everett overnight. police on the hunt for suspects in a an armed robbery. what we learned this morning at the scene. this new this morning, the patriots are back home. we are with fans overnight greeting the team after a stung loss. working to get on schedule at airports across the nation. the impact the heavy snow in the south is still having on logan this morning. >> catherine: good morning to you, 4 a.m. on this january 25, i am catherine parrotta. >> julie: good morning, i am jewel. looking forward to a bit of a warm-up after blizzard conditions over the weekend. meteorologist shiri spear is
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these cool temperatures but starting in the teens and 20s this morning, shir. >> shiri: that's right. a little taste of reality. where we should be. i am happy to say check it out. not a single flake in the northeast at all. all the way to the great lakes, all the way to the mid-atlantic states, we are in a clear state. we have a few clouds temperature-wise. you heard it from julie starting off in the teens and 20s. 28 degrees in boston. 19 in orange. 25 in nashua. 28 in chatham. this is where we are going for the rest of the day. notice temperature-wise here at 6:00 this morning. we are still in the teens and 20s. not going to see a warm-up there. we do have a couple of early morning clouds. wouldn't be surprised to see one or two flurries before 10:00 this morning. the noontime rolls around. temperatures back to that freezing point about 32 degrees out there and we will stick with mostly sunny skies through the afternoon. a little more cloud cover to the north and west of boston, and here at 5 p.m., headed home from work, temperatures are
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highs today 34 to 38 degrees. we have got normal temperatures for january standards, and we have got a much brighter forecast than we had over the weekend. but we do have a risk of more snow this week, even though dreaded term "nor'easter" coming back into play. later on a timeline of that. but julie, send it over to you for a check on what we have for the roads. what do he? >> julie: things are quiet. bright green for our traffic flows, route 1, 93 south. pike wide anticipate from framingham through the weston tolls and what you will encounter through brighton. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. breaking news morning in everett. police investigating an overnight robbery at its tedeschi store. it happened at the 24-hour store on broadway around 1:00. initial reports say several people came into the store and
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we are working more to have more from police. and to have the information confirmed. a live report is coming up in 30 minutes. new this morning, the new england patriots are back home following their loss to the broncos in the afc championship game. the pats arrived overnight at gillette stadium and a few fans were there to show their support. the die hards have already turned the page on the season. >> come back next year, and to go to the super bowl next year. >> catherine: going to be a rough morning for this little guy after staying up late. he does have school this morning. julie the pats had trouble at the start of the game. steven gotowski missed extra point after the touchdown. the first time he missed extra point until 2006. and it will be huge. pats down 8 and brady finds gronk in the end zone but they have to go for 2 and here it is, brady under pressure like he was all night. try
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ball right there tipped and intercepted. denver wins 20-18. sports director tom leyden has post-game reaction from the mile-high city. >> reporter: a well orchestrated day at sports authority field and what home field advantage gets you, an emotional lift, a safe orange in the stands. peyton manning striking first to set the tone. >> not saying anything different. just go out there and make the plays. we just came up short. that is a good thing. >> we didn't come out making plays right away. we needed to settle down a bit. just anxiousness of the game. >> reporter: pats were like passengers today, constantly clawing with tom brady looking up at the sky far too much. >> we never could play with the lead. we could never play on our terms. there was a lot of. an uphill battle all day. >> our guys fought to the very end like they always do, and in the end we just couldn't make the plays. >> reporter: the pats had
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the difference on the scoreboard came down to that missed extra point by the
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international airport. we just checked the numbers and more than 60 problem with flights in and out of boston. just 24 hours ago, more than 1 just 24 hours ago, more than storm. >> they cancelled my first flight, and made reservations for the next flight and they cancelled that flight julie many flights were cancelled because of snow totals in other areas. airports to our south get back on track. the cape and south shore are still digging out from the storm. we reported all weekend that area was one of the hardest whitmore than a foot of snow. this sandwich, heavy winds caused even more problems. >> it got pretty nasty out. we lost power twice, but luckily it came back on. >> julie: in scituate flooding was a concern as waves crashed over the seawall at high tide. minor flooding to streets and homes and locals tell fox25 it
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winter. >> as bad as the storm was, it doesn't even compare to what happened a year ago. >> reporter: the national weather service declared an official blizzard for nantucket official blizzard for nantucket, plymouth and marshfield. the storm proved deadly to our south. today the federal government remains closed in washington d.c. we will take a look at the situation there this morning in the next 15 minutes. this morning, police continue to investigate the death of a man hit by a snow plow in boston. it happened yesterday morning in dorchester. nicholas tamaro was hit heart in intersection of dorchester ave and harborview street. a neighbor tells fox25 it happened just steps from tamaro's front door. >> could you still see the plow truck and you could see, like, there were white blankets under it because they couldn't get him out at the time. >> catherine: a witness tells fox25 that at the time of the area the area was not shuffled yesterday and people were walking the street. unclear how tamoro was hit but
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so far no charges have been filed. another man is recovering after being hit by a plow on the cape. it happened in yarmouth during the heart of the storm. you can see how it was coming down at the time. the victim was walking his the victim was walking dog wednesday he was hit. he home minor injuries and not facing charges. happening today, a man from whitman will be in court accused of shooting off gun near a plow truck tampa happened on rocky mount road in plymouth. trying to find out why he fired the gun. he was carrying a firearm under the influence and assault with a dangerous weapon. on the cape, police are working to track down a driver who hit a person and stopped to ask if they were okay before leaving the scene. it happened saturday evening on main street in orleans. at first the driver did stop, but then drove off when the victim said he was hurt. the driver is a younger white man driving a dark four-door sedan. the car may have damage to his head and windshield. the victim hurt his leg, but he
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a trail of destruction on the streets of brockton. cars and trucks left battered in a high-speed chase involving a stolen suv. this morning the man at the center of that chase will be in the hospital land likely face a long list of charges. fox25 obtained this surveillance video of the suspect running from police. officers say he was driving a stolen suv that caused a nine stolen suv that caused a nine-car crash. eventually officers with gun captured the man behind a convenience store. witnesses say it was a dangerous scene. >> that guy coming in the door >> that guy coming in the doorway, and shoot at the car. >> catherine: two other drivers suffered minor injuries in the nine-car pile-up. one of the victims was a pregnant woman, but she is okay this morning. no word when the driver of the suv will be in court. it is 4:09. we are one week away from the iowa caucus and democratic hopeful hillary clinton is celebrate celebrating a big endorsement from "the boston globe." the paper said that clinton would make a better president
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it could help sway undecided voters in new hampshire. clinton a beating sanders in poll fare. the attack on hillary clinton made her polling numbers drop. trump will be from new hampshire with an event in farmington and will head out of state for a few other appearances before returning on friday. this marks the final push for support when we are two weeks out from the first in the nation primary. a store clerk is recovering from injuries he got fighting off a knife-wielding robber. look at these surveillance pictures from concord, new hampshire. the clerk was cut on the hand when he used a stick to fight back against that robber. the suspect got away with cash. police are looking for a white man in his 40s with gray facial hair. happening today, the mbta will begin a series of public hearings about a proposed fare hike. t officials will meet with ride at a middle school in lynn. brockton, concord, boston and worcester.
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increase fares by 10% and looking for changes in the commuter rail schedule. check traffic and weather every ten minutes. live drive times. easy 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri? >> shiri: tell you what as you are hitting the road early this morning. on the dry. a couple of clouds. temp notice 20. 5 a.m., 25. 6 a.m., 24. i am mapping out today's warm i am mapping out today's warm-up and an even better one on tuesday and wednesday when we come back. >> julie: talk to you soon, shir. a man is caught on camera helping himself to cash at a local pizza place. the unique characteristic in this video that will help them track down the robbery suspect.
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after a view from space shows the weather picture across the northeast. some places covered with snow. other spots were spared. new drone video from new york city show madison square garden, yankee stadium and central park are still trying dig out from massive storm. trains in new york are struggling to come back line to morning. in d.c., limited service is returning for the metro, but all federal offices will be closed. chris welch reports on the cleanup. >> reporter: all along the east digging. >> there you go.
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and, of course, plow. roads as best they can. >> while we have made some progress, there is still a lot more to do. >> reporter: washington d.c. schools and city government are closed monday as is the federal government, but some of the city's transit will be back up and running. the d.c. mayor cautioned residents about one of the big concerns in the coming days, black ice. >> we expect that with the temperature dropping tonight and for every night this week, that we will see continued slick and dangerous roadways. >> reporter: in new york, even though the travel plan has been lifted and buses and most officials are still urging residents to stay off the road. leave your car where it is. don't try to shovel it out today unless you have an emergency or something truly urgent. >> reporter: the coastal flood warning has been lifted in new jersey where several cities
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caused widespread power outages caused widespread power outages. officials say the worst appears to be over. >> we have really done very, very well in this storm, and we have no concerns about flooding or damage from flooding any time soon. >> reporter: drivers in at least three states were stranded for hours during the peak of the blizzard. one of the worst back-ups on the pennsylvania turnpike prompts an apology from the turnpike chairman and the promise of a thorough review. >> that was chris welch reporting. the snowstorm has delayed things on capitol hill this week. the house said they won't hold votes tomorrow or wednesday because some lawmakers are struck -- stuck by travel delays. pushing off the vote of obama's wednesday. the storm has claimed 14 lives including a new jersey woman and her 1-year-old son poisoning. the pair was found passed out in their car with a 3-year-old girl inside as well. all three were sitting inside trying to stay warm while the
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the tailpipe was covered with snow causing carbon monoxide to leak. the mother and son died but little girl is in very critical condition at a new jersey hospital. 4:17. looking at the map, things moving along fine on the expressway. 128 north and southbound wide open through dedham, needham and up to the pike. pike clear from framingham through the weston tolls and a handful of cars out there most of them eastbound on the pike through brighton. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 49 to mass ave. 13 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear back from vacation joining us with a look at some warming temperatures, shiri? >> yes, which is nice because we got slammed with snow, southeastern massachusetts over the weekend and today we got a little bit of a breather. a several day breather before the next storm system. but check out these totals, about 15 inches of snow this
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bury as well, nantucket with nearly a foot of snow. just over six inches in boston and worcester on the flipside. not even three inches of snow. so those totals seriously twinned dwindled to the north and west of boston. even right now starting at 28 degrees in boston. a little chilly out there this morning. and nothing abnormal for january standards. because the winds are only running 10 miles per hour, do you have a wind chill that is at 19 right now. winds are not going to be all that strong today, so i don't think wind chills need to be our main focus but 20s in the forecast through 10:00 this morning, and we are back up to freezing at noontime today, and we have got highs in the middle 30s are burr you can see it brightens up very, very nicely. cooler in spots like worcester at 24 degrees. right now we have partly cloudy skies. and although we brighten up. temperatures here really only get to freezing during university noon hours. on the flipside, a little milder in southeastern massachusetts. 19 degrees right now plymouth.
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thankfully your winds are nice and light and no breeze to really cool things down. 22 at 8 a.m. by 10 a.m., 29 degrees. 33 at noontime, and we do manage to warm into the middle 30s there as the day goes on. futurecast involving sunshine, scattered clouds throughout the day. i do think that the clouds are going to favor the morning hours a little bit here so that drive home from work will be pretty quiet yet. we have partly cloudy skies overnight, pwaintd time you wake up tomorrow morning, there will be a little bit of sunshine in the forecast. this is our next weather maker that will be pushing toward us, and as it does during the day, expect clouds to increase during the afternoon. we start to see some very patch we start to see some very patchy showers out there, especially over southeastern massachusetts. they are just not going to amount to much. not expecting downpours. just scattered lighter showers, afternoon and evening hours especially here at 9 p.m. you can see we have dinnertime showers around and they wrap up by the time you wake up on
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ending as a couple of flurries to the north and west of boston during those overnight hours. 7 a.m. wednesday, looking okay. we only have a couple of lingering in that forecast. 34 in boston. 35 in beverly. 37 in plymouth. and 34 in worcester. here is your seven-day forecast for the weekend in view. they are for tuesday and wednesday and they have got some rain, kind of mild out there. wednesday don't be surprised to see a couple of flurries but the next weather maker thursday into friday. this is what we are going to be watching over the weekend. it is not a slam dunk, not a guarantee, but you can see there is moisture here over eastern and southeastern massachusetts. and some of that could potentially fall as snow. i see not a slamdunks because some of our forecast models have entire bulk of moisture stayinging offshore. certainly a nor'easter to watch with the potential of snow and perhaps rain mixing in on friday, but over the weekend going with a dry forecast and temps back in the 40s. back to you, guys. >> catherine: 4:20 on a monday
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a nasty spill caught on camera. a skier flies down the mountain like a ragdoll. the outcome that makes this video hard to believe. and video of a panda enjoying the snow is lighting
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and so is a . a strong earthquake in alaska causes gas leaks, fires and power outages. the 7.2-magnitude hit southwest of anchorage. at least one home exploded. this is video we want to show from you a grocery store and you can see tons of items thrown from the shelves on to the floor. at one point 10,000 people were without power and 30 aftershocks were reported. severe turbulence on board a plane sent seven people to the hospital. the american airlines flight was on its kay to canada from milan. it left three flight attendants and four passengers with injuries. the rest of the plane's passengers were nut hotels for the night. "the revenant" continues to rule the box office. the toes car-nominated film starring leonardo dicaprio brought in $16 million.
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came in second place to $879 million. ride-along, dirty grandpa, and the boy trailed behind. gas prices are well below $2 across the country. according to, the average price is $1.83 average price is $1.83, down $.20. prices at the pump in massachusetts are just above average and gas stations are as low as $1.60 a gallon. analysts say prices will continue to drop. a chinese organ who was considered unadoptable has a new home in the u.s. the 9-year-old has spina bifida and waited years to be adopted after abandoned as a baby. a kansas city family heard about the story and raised enough money to adopt him. he chose a new american name, jason. a man in maryland is one upping a viral video of a giant panda rolling around in the snow. the smithsonian national zoo in d.c. posted the video of a bear named tian tian playing in the
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see and it quickly went viral. a day later, this video also was posted. a man from maryland with his own version of a panda playing in the snow. people can't stop watching both clips. the fake panda even tries to put his foot in his mouth like the real one. all right, 4:26. a routine traffic stop takes an interesting turn. two men end up on the run from police, and still ahead, how to phone call made it easy for flows track him down. rumors are already swirling of the new iphone.
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ve now at 4:30 now at 4:30. breaking news everett overnight. we are on the scene as police investigate a robbery. new this morning, the patriots are back home. fans waited overnight to welcome them back. their message for the team after a stung loss. working to get back on schedule at airports across the nation.
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south still having on logan this morning. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> good monday morning, everyone. it is just about 4:30 on january 25. i am julie grauert catherine parrotta@and i am catherine parrotta in today for daniel miller. looks like another nor'easter could bring snow this week. meteorologist shiri spear joins us from the fox25 stormtracker weather center. shiri, a few days before the shovels need to come back out. >> absolutely correct. today calm before the storm and so is tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. we are looking toward the end of the week. what we are waking up to. 28 degrees in boston. randolph at 25 degrees this morning. 26 in lawrence, and 20 in west bridgewater. we do have a little bit of cloud cover out there now. worcester at 24 degrees. pepperell at 26 pepperell at 26. wyndham, new hampshire at 24. teens a little bit harder to come by.
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33 in nantucket and 20 in
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