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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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time while they bent the building in the call came in around noon and firefighters tell me that this was a difficult one to knock down initially. >> a close call. five employees at the night island water sewage treatment plant in quincy transported mass general hospital for smoke related injuries after the explosion and fire.the lower level of the building. >> when maintenance crews working down some three or four stories down below the ground. at some point something went wrong there was an explosion subsequent fire. skybox overhead is quincy firefighters worked to knocked on the flames smoke going over the boston harbor. on fire. looking at the cause of the explosion and fire being investigated but resins have been told tricking water in the area is not affected and they
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service even with the power to the plant shutdown.>> the maybe it could blow up. >> now the mwra tells me there are surveillance images of this explosion and fire want to get this building all clear, the going to be taking a look at those cameras inside. in the meantime these five employees being treated at mass general hospital they were complaining of eye irritation and difficulty breathing but they are expected to be okay. treated and released tonight. developing storm to stay on top of it updates coming up in our 6 o'clock hour. >> for breaking news person shot dorchester witnesses tell fox25 all or a parking spot. >> reporter: within the last five minutes commissioner gave all of us an update and he tells us the victim in this case is expected to make a
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as for the suspect at this hour he is still on the run. you can see drucker behind me the police lights we are just about a block away or so but i want to show you what the scene looks like overnight gill street have video what we do know is just after 2:30 pm this afternoon witnesses tell police that the two men were arguing over a parking spot. a parking spot that was shuttled out the gentleman the victim here 35 man pulled into the spot this is what witnesses are telling the police.when he was shot by a 27-year-old man in a black bmw.we do know that police found that bmw just up the road over there nine nightingale street but the suspect himself he is still out there.also being told by sources that police just checked the house a short time ago the suspect is still nowhere to be found but at this hour we are being told that the victim is expected to make a full recovery and other witnesses we spoke to telus they heard one gunshot in the also saw the victim try to get up and try to just get help
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backup your life as you can see police are still here and active scene about 2 and a half hours we will be out here bring you an update again at 6 o'clock.suspect is still out there and the victim is expected to recover. >> story broke down load the fox25 news app to your phone or tablet it's free for all devices. police call it six-year-old man arrested for allegedly firing his gun your snowplow in the middle of the weekends raging store. >> berkeley say this happened right after the man passed the snowplow in plymouth. >> reporter: all of the allegations contained in this incident report this all went down saturday night in the middle of that blizzard. police arrested this man at gunpoint here in plymouth and at the time of this whole
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sitting with him in his sub. police are calling is a classic case of road rage. this is six-year-old bruce o'brien of whitman plymouth district court charge with bargain handgun during a road rage incident with a snow plow driver in the thick of saturday's big storm. according to police it happened here on rocky hill road in plymouth. saturday night about seven neighbors told police he heard shots fired most of their homes. police alleged all started when a prime was behind the plow he said the plows rear lights were too bright so o'brien flashed his lights to pass.according to this is a report o'brien told investigators that when he passed the plow driver he signaled him with his middle finger. the plow driver got too close of him o'brien said that's when he said he reached for his gun and then pointed out a driver-side window and shot into the ground. o'brien's wife maureen give a statement to police. she said he pointed the gun out
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she said he was not aiming anyone. and that he did have a license to carry. and that she herself has a license to carry o'brien's lawyer said it was a warning shot afterwards i tried to talk to o'brien's lawyer but he had little to say. is he responsible gun owner? >> of course he is. >> how did this happen no answer to that question police say that o'brien is licensed to carry a firearm that god was registered. o'brien has been order to give up that god and any other gun that he owns two police. he's also ordered held on $2500 cash bail is due back in court next month. >> beautiful sunset cold night here at the city of boston about that. fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz talk about a bit of a warm coming our way. that's pretty just clouds out there to make that beautiful
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few clouds mostly clear skies times just met is where you are right now no precipitation skies clear of that. temperatures in the 30s right now actually not that cold out there. wait until today especially tomorrow that snow you did shovel is going to melt away. temperatures evening was to drop it down into the 20s anything it did not to be aware that's going to refreeze overnight that can cause liver spots driveways walkways some of the roads be careful of that.just never know big sure looks wet could be slippery in the morning but the same thing going below freezing overnight you wake up to mixture of scouts such under the day tomorrow any rain showers likely to be held to northern with the first part of the day how warm are going to be tomorrow going to like this in tracking the potential for another week storm.>> having multiple dig out clear the streets after the blizzard was showing how the big dig is going in the city and other
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that's coming up in about 10 minutes right here on fox 25 news. new england patriots facing charges after police say he assaulted a man and a foxboro rfid a wart was arrested early saturday morning after police say hit one victim so hard he knocked him unconscious. fox25 live in foxboro more on what happened. >> reporter: jj worden was just signed with the patriots as a rookie wide receiver on december 11. know about a month later his future with the team is uncertain after the alleged assault here at the bar. >> was supposed to be a night out with friends in his foxboro pub but instead patriots practice team member jj worden ended friday needing in handcuffs fox25 obtained a police report that says what was in the bar with friends when he grabbed the buttocks of two women inside. according to police the boyfriend of one of those women that comforted wharton who responded punching the victim in the face. knocking him unconscious.
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often found wharton driving way with friends and stopped the car. according to the police report wharton admitted to accidentally brushing a girls buttocks when leaving the bar but claimed he had her boyfriend in self-defense. he was arrested and charges of indecent assault and assault battery. as spokesperson of the patriots told us they did not have any comment on jj worden or what happened here however we learned this isn't the first time that he's been arrested for punching someone. more what we uncovered at six. >> pages back home tonight after a tough loss to the broncos in the afc championship. the team didn't have a lot to say when they were cleaning out the lockers today. fox 25's bryan salmond joins us with the story. >> reporter: still there and the wound is still fresh but people is time to move on and that's exactly what the pats players were doing today at gillette cleaning out the lockers and wrapping their minds around those season being
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home because he was outplayed by peyton manning who is now three and one versus 2b 12 and if the chairmanship games.sad to say is also an emotional day for bill belichick and his players. >> this came up a little bit short in the end. disappointed at this time of year turn the page and move on. start the process all over again. >> that with this team is ill to do around here that's what our expectation is. i may be adapting to be a husband i look forward to that. that's more important football. matthew was all perspective those parting comments but i have two disagree and say that this season was successful as you consider how many injuries this team had to overcome. just my thought. >> good point all tom rady supermodel thanking patriot nation treated thank you all for the message supporting tom were so proud of them.
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>> mbta hold its first public meeting about proposed bear hugs and changes to the commuter rail schedule. team lives in the new proposal would help close to hundred $42 million budget gap. the commuter rail changes are aimed at making the service more reliable. that meeting begins at 6 o'clock tonight at the middle school and lynn fox 25 has a crew there we will have a live report for you at 6 o'clock. is on the redline today stranded estopped from the city thanks as a morning bridge work. weekend reconstruction on the longfellow bridge caused issues for riders around the city. we can construct redline trains were limited to just 10 miles per hour in some spots. mbta spokesperson said speed restrictions could be in effect for the next day or two picnics please what attracted to men employs at the convenience store group 90 tell us it happened early this morning. you can see each man in the store then one of them goes behind the counter pistol whips the clerk the man took off with
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taken away by amulets. suspect identified the double shooting and mbta station police believe 21-year-old alvarado was a gunman at maverick station east boston last week. he is still on the run and considered armed and dangerous. two people were shot after parent argument police say alvarado fired a gun of 29-year-old man. 43 old man was also shot. both of them are expected to be okay. drunk drivers back on the road despite having third fourth three and fifth convictions. >> coming up at 5:45 bucks 25 investigates at current laws and some say go to easy on drunk drivers. in the new push to change them. rattlesnake island not a work of fiction actual plan what experts say it's an urgently needed one. >> smiled tomorrow how on one you going to be in your town
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the latest track of a late week nor'easter coming up the coast. but first digging out after
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this time it wasn't an image from a area it was a scene in the nation's capital.
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huge chunk of the east coast on the five scott mclean shows us how major these are try to get back to business after getting shut down. it's a tale of two cities in the wake of this weekend monster blizzard. quickly. things are not entirely normal today but a lot of the city is operating well. washington. where the mayor warns the snow all week. while we have made some progress, there's still a lot more to do. dc's head of emergency calls comparison to the rate to recoveries unfair. i would ask you to say are the roads clear the schools may be open and are is it a safe situation for those children to get their that's mayor deblasio's call and his folks advising him. dc schools remain closed and federal buildings are shut down. house of reps is canceled both for the whole week. this is mayor says she'll be asking for federal help to dig out. across the entire region pulling water on roads likely to refreeze overnight is
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lack ice. meanwhile air travel is a feeling the pain as airports slowly return to life. 12,000 flights have been today. they been rolling all the cancellations over. so i'm thrilled to be getting out on time and headed back to new orleans. >> i had a nice little forced vacation in dc so it was good. it wasn't too bad. >> federal government remains shut down his washington d.c. to clean up all in this weekend's massive snowstorm in the house delayed both of the gop overriding obamacare bill and another that would increase sections on i ron. meanwhile the national park service is a could be a few weeks before the total cost of taxpayers have been calculated one place open today the us supreme court. >> our area may not have
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middle and it states were still dealing with travel delays from the blizzard right now logan airport the still decent number of canceled flights mainly two areas such as new york new jersey and dc. passengers stranded all over the east coast are slowly making their way home with some crazy stories to tell. >> everything was shut down we were walking down the middle of broadway.and no one cared. it was crazy. airlines say it could take a few more days until everything is back to normal. >> mixing with those clouds doing some melting temperatures getting above freezing temperature can't warm up as much on days like this when you have snow on the ground because energy from the sun goes toward melting the snow rather than warming you up. we got some clouds of voting in here tonight those clouds are associated with much except milder air that's moving toward us temptress right now it's still 37 apparent fitchburg not.
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in this part of the world so this a warming going on. 33 is what it feels like with a light breeze dropping down to the 20s overnight tonight. in contrast look at plymouth new bedford the vineyards hyannis deep snow up here from that weekend nor'easter. only warming up to 30 degrees a typical water spot in our state not so today.all because of that snow cover. acting like a refrigerator feels like 25 degrees out there to be going up to 37 by 5:00 a.m.. that's with a mild air takes over. will start this out 6:40 p.m. this evening few close floating around my 11:30 p.m. talking clear skies outside a few more clouds drift on through here comes a cold front it's back here can't really see it except for some showers that are happening and northern new england but even around burlington vermont those rain showers in the higher elevations of lake champlain become snow showers. it indication of how mild going
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if it's warm and for rain all the way up into burlington vermont you know it's going to be mild here. 45 in dedham 48 foxboro hudson at 47 degrees tomorrow afternoon. that's why told you to wait on that shoveling if you have not already done it. a lot of melting going on tomorrow. such 51 degrees real good shot at hitting 50 many of these towns tomorrow worcester 42 douglas 46 in milford at 47 degrees tomorrow afternoon. sal with that snow cover it won't matter this time because that wind is coming in from the southwest of blowing air on here 47 in fall river. making a difference temperatures in the 50s if there wasn't snow cover on the ground. seven day forecast is your weekend and you mild temperatures tomorrow continuing into wednesday keeping the showers out of the forecast except for northern new england for the next couple of days. by friday that's when the next threat is coming up the coast line a little closer look at that one computer model we did this last week the storm well offshore but close enough to
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precipitation to cape cod and the islands during friday and pushing off to the north. let me tell you of everything i looked at this is the most aggressive computer model meeting the only one that's bringing anything on into southern new england all indications this was going to stay twice else like next week will track it each and every day to make sure the no changes and that path like this last storm and bring it heavier snow toward us. for now it looks like it's going to be a close one but staying just to see the will be a big issue for the seven-day forecast while has a threat and it definitely not a done deal. stay with us. boston city hall getting some upgrades to make it safer and more economical. a total of 325 led light pitches will be going up around the building. this is a rendering here of what the area will look like after their up. led lights are much brighter than regular bulbs also have a 20 year lifespan.
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electricity and will be able to change color as well. almost tax time if you call the iris for help you probably
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isis appears to show most of the terrorists who carried up november attacks in paris. the graphic images show the minute ices turkey and syria and iraq. some are even shown beheading prisoners. first proof the pears attacks were planned by isis leaders in syria benjamin hall reports from london this video also puts a new attack on the united kingdom. >> reporter: isis out with a graphic new video threatening more european attacks the middle claimant shows none of the terrace carried out the deadly november 13 rampage in paris planning the violence. in the video the men seem beheading critic prisoners as well as shooting another in the head. the video reportedly shot and isis controlled territory before paris is all nine attackers died in or after the attacks. in the video the group also specific threats to attack britain and prime and david cameron. which present responding monday during a state visit to india.
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by any kinds of threats of terrorism. we will take all measures that are required to protect democracy. the french president said new threat extension to the ongoing state of emergency in the country. and he says his government is determined to continue strikes against ices. new video out monday shows coalition airstrikes continue to target the terror group in iraq. netherlands europe open a new counterterror center. improved exchange of information to law enforcement agencies all over europe. it provides a strong and secure platform to enable national authorities to cooperate more effectively in the fight against terrorism. french authorities said there no closely studying the new isys video. first look inside the california prison where three digit minute daring escape friday. prison officials of the inmates work out of santa anna maximum security jail coming to steel
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to plumbing tunnels to the roof. they apparently used sheets to then repel for stories to the ground the scabies including suspect in murder and inmates charged with attempted murder and kidnapping the manhunt continues for them right now. seven people hurt during a severe turbulence on american airlines flight from miami to milan. the flight was diverted to newfoundland canada three flight attendants of four passengers were hospitalized with minor injuries the rest of the passengers spent the night at a hotel. drunk drivers back behind the wheel. thousands of repeat offenders on the road again coming up at 5:45 bucks 25 investigate and instead is new information about how just about this trouble really is in massachusetts. >> a week away from iowa while she still in a neck and neck battle with the socialist senator from vermont?
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controversial plan to read the people stuff of nightmares island populated by venomous snakes. to become a reality on an island off the quabbin reservoir. six planes one while it expects say it's a good thing. >> reporter: it's funny here a lot of people don't even realize that we have rattlesnakes in our area we do with the population is getting smaller and smaller. so the plan to protect them is
5:25 pm
of the pond a little rattled. generally. if anyone knows that it's doctor thomas french men would like to protect them at the division of fisheries and wildlife is a plan to do just that. but it's giving a creepy crawl public. the plan is a snake island. what is your protection. present north quabbin trails association spoke to us by phone he claims is dog was bitten by a venomous snake along the trail he was working. he says the commonwealth leading outdoor organizations have some questions about the plan. vfw review the medical records of curly start don't believe it was by a snake and say no human in modern times has been killed or seriously injured either by
5:26 pm
the public is fine with that they have not been hurt but the snakes haven't fared so well. most of the snake population does have been a result of being a bike article by people who came across them in the wild. there is offense that carries jail time. so that dfw would like to see the offspring of local snakes taken six or eight at a time to properly an island in the quabbin reservoir. it's already completely off-limits to the public the exact spot is not been selected yet but french so that will provide a unique habitat that would encourage the picky snakes to stay there and populate. as we mentioned exact spot has not been selected but if this plan is underway it would happen in the next two to three years and that it would take 30 years for that. population to mature and really
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>> chilly night here in brighton but things are about to start warming up. fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz is in the temperatures. the storm that comes up the coast to this week were kind of in that pattern it seems like were going to get those big storms but help or not they come that's the issue. very typical of an el niqo winter that sourcing set up right now temperatures outside not so bad but notice there warmer to the north and west like fitchburg at 37 lawrence at 34 down the cape it's 30 in hyannis the difference in snow cover. no snow up there a bunch of snow down there. all that sunlight coming down all the energy from the sun is going toward melting snow in southeastern massachusetts is going toward warming up the land and you in northwestern massachusetts.
5:28 pm
now clear out later on tonight low temperatures in the 20s to around freezing most places but with the wind shifting to the southwest temperatures will start to tilt back up morning. so just how warm are going to get tomorrow and yes the latest track and what looks like coast this week. >> no cold front is been found in the case of vandalism talking black law professor back in november black pieces of tape found in the glass of the porches of several professors at harvard. harvard sang tonight the police were not able to figure out who did it or why. university will be installing security cameras and the area to make sure it doesn't happen again. investigate is working to figure out why a man hit and killed by a freight train was lying on the train tracks. police were called to the lincoln street overpass and was to last night a man was killed but his name is not being released right now. autopsy will be done to determine if there were any factors that led to that man's
5:29 pm
narcan being credited with saving possibly dozens of lives in just one massachusetts town alone last year. arlington first responders report giving nasal doses of narcan 29 times to reverse potentially deadly heroin overdoses. there were 40 reported overdoses and arlington last year in total. five people died. one death was reported shortly after the launch of the arlington outreach initiative. notice died since. when we to go to the iowa caucuses hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting for a win those caucuses it comes just as billionaire michael bloomberg considered the possibility of mounting a third-party run. fox 25's sharmann saccheti is in nashua new hampshire. the one locked in a heated atul with bernie sanders while she struggles against a socialist there is a new wrinkle talk of a possible third-party candidate. no longer the clear frontrunner at least not in the early states in iowa at the jewish federation of greater des
5:30 pm
for votes in this final stretch.>> i hope to earn your support. in the caucus on monday. secretary clinton is trying to survive a strong challenge from bernie sanders and avoid a repeat of 2008 which he lost a newcomer barack obama. >> i don't think she's good to blow it this year i think she has too much going for her. but a loss in iowa in a loss new hampshire back to back is going to change the concourse of the race to be sure. she has a supporters. and just when you thought this race could not get any more unprinted predictable the latest twist from a new york city mayor and billionaire michael bloomberg said to be considering a third-party one for the white house. self-funded of course. >> anything could happen it's been a crazy season. and you have a potus tell us that not sure exactly who that would help accept the bloomberg himself. >> i don't think he would add much to the race.
5:31 pm
for michael bloomberg in states around the country is as deep as he thinks it is going to be quite a challenge. not to mention mounting a serious national campaign with just months until the election. iowa caucuses are a week away. >> two weeks until new hampshire's primary campaign trail red-hot right now in that state this morning new jersey governor chris christie held a meet and greet in greenland republican hopeful is trying to support try to win rather support of a restaurant there and close the gap with the front runners. fellow republican john kasich also talking to voters newmarket's comments about tom brady's salary on the heels of last night not going over to well though. what you ought to be squawking about is how much money is brady making. [laughter] >> the record the ohio governor said he was rooting for the pats. you have a potus hit the polls
5:32 pm
first test the state voter identification law.voters will now be asked to show identification like a driver's license or military id. or they will have to fill out an affidavit. two judges will be standing by to handle any legal challenges. governor charlie baker job training initiative to help the chronically unemployed today proposals included $5 million initiatives. including in those plans to creation of a new fund organization provide job training and $1 million to expand climate programs for people getting out a prison. >> although it six 14-year-old gets a concussion during colorguard practice but he still wanted to sit on the bench and hear his teammates. will take the expiration she got what she was then cut from the team.
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5 following breaking news right now to antiabortion activists been a controversial video to planned parenthood have been indicted by a grand jury in texas. you may remember the videos they were covertly shot and showed planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted this is for research. grand jury has ruled the leader of the center for medical progress should face felony charges for tampering with government record. misdemeanor charge for
5:36 pm
a second activist also faces charges grand jury cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing. where have harbor master says it's like a ghost ship in the movies that just keeps showing up. the boat you see here was discovered in the middle of freetown state forest. when the where have harbor master saw the photos he knew it was the same boat that was dumped by the side of the road in mattapoisett last week. officer said it's a case of illegal dumping and they notified massachusetts environmental police. for customer tonight call is a telling customers in several local cities that need to make a payment to a prepaid debit card or their electricity will be cut off. resource once remind customer tonight that will never require payment through prepaid card and will never ask be customers at a store that sells those card. please department use of program to help some of the log of complaints against officers. boston police launched a nation program will reporting the
5:37 pm
with harvard to set the stairs complaints faster high-priority complaints like misconduct or excessive force will still be investigated by internal affairs. equal pay for equal work that's the goal of the new bill up for debate on beacon hill this week it would stop employers from discriminating based on gender when it comes to wages and other compensation. companies who refuse to comply with these fines and forced michelle back pay. about to get much warmer how hot it will be at least for january tomorrow is track a any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright any way you want me of your life. sleepia technology adjust any way you want it
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next. investigates uncovered stunning cases of drunk and drunk drivers back behind the wheel breaking the law over and over again. survivors of a recent crash involving repeat and contacted fox 25 we found thousands of people in messages three ou i convictions and even those are not the worst. >> the heart never simply suggest a lot of drunk drivers will get back behind the wheel whether they have a license or not. i just went through the last three years of ui cases in suffolk county found one man with nine convictions fox25 investigates discovered it's far from an isolated incidents. >> it was a day after christmas i had the green light proceeding through the light
5:39 pm
right across the path accelerating quite violently. he barely had time to hit the brakes. you realize all of a sudden this going to be an impact. this was a car that hit thorne and his family on main street in salisbury. we immediately said that person has to be drunk it didn't and hear police or the drunk driver took off making it a couple of miles into amesbury and was smashed the sub for offices eventually arrested him. fox 25 investigates discovered this was more doyles fourth time in front of the judge accused of drunk driving. rmv records reveal a third dwi conviction in 2011 and eight your suspension of her license did not stop the 58-year-old from driving or posting pictures on social media without alcohol. now doyles license is suspended
5:40 pm
least until her next court date. she didn't care. she's not the only one. fox25 is reported on a seemingly never-ending parade of accused repeat offenders another one in the last week. according to mass.records of tamed by fox 25 investigates nearly 29,000 drivers in the state have three ou i convictions. 10,000 with 40 uis and 2500 convicted more than five times. the most by one person the national highway traffic safety administration identified a massachusetts driver with 21 drunk driving convictions. right now it often takes a fifth drunk driving conviction for a lifetime suspension in massachusetts. connecticut hampshire vermont will permanently revoke a driver's license after three ou eyes. we know from the data that 50 to 75 percent of all convicted drunk drivers simply continue to drive even with a suspended license. aa is among those supporting a
5:41 pm
requiring so-called ignition interlock devices for first-time offenders who would have to blow into a breathalyzer to start their cars. tougher laws. come too late for chris doyle. a three-time drunk driver slammed into the side of his car police cruiser in wilbraham in 2006. my pelvis was shattered. several broken ribs. in my brain was bleeding. the woman who hit him did jill time and lost her license for life. but lasting brain damage means doyle can never go back to the job he loves. absolutely. it's not working now. we compared states new england and found vermont and connecticut can already require ignition interlock devices for first-time offenders fox 25 investigates also uncovered even more information about
5:42 pm
are out there you can find all on my fox >> chill in the air tonight as we take a live look at a bridge in boston kevin is talking about some mild weather coming our way tomorrow. >> shift to the southwest with those wins but really it's tomorrow that were going to see that melting going on in the warm air streaming on in were seeing some clouds right now out there but those clouds are just leading edge of that some that mild air. satellite radar picture with the clouds drifting on in mostly clear skies some towns a few clouds others generally quiet conditions temperatures in the 30s bedford at 33 boston at 33 degrees but it's warmer back here with is no snow on the ground fitchburg is at 37 compared to the key around 31 degrees below freezing with that fresh snow cover out there. a few clouds drifting by between 22 and 32 degrees on the parlay artist guys that wind shift to the southwest
5:43 pm
forecast there's a futurecast this evening starting at 7 o'clock with the clouds drifting through clearing up by midnight to get the idea the clouds will be in and out of the area. as far as rain showers higher chance that i was talking you last night looks to me like the rain showers stay right along the front to the north posted most of the energy is going but important to note that screen that is rain going by and arlington vermont into canada was going to be warm tomorrow warm enough that you don't have to worry about any snow showers even if a shower makes it far south it would be rain. 46 concord sudbury framingham even holliston norwood flirting with 50 degrees at 40 degrees on the south shore is a snow-covered down here but still going to be plenty warm without that snow cover these temperatures spike into the 50s. nine marshfield and plymouth at 40 degrees out here in cape cod
5:44 pm
with the snow you staying in well. not impossible there will be towns that hit 50 degrees the day tomorrow. worcester county again a place of typically a little cooler 41 worcester. a pretty nice-looking day coming up in a seven day forecast with the weekend in view before we get to the weekend the something we need to discuss. tomorrow's nice and mild side thursday actually this time of year you would figure it to be on the mild side but you see the downward trend in temperatures into this weekend let's talk a little bit about friday really by thursday night into friday were going to be seeing another storm come off the coast for us. the european model with a futurecast and notice getting pushed by the cape and islands is green swap with a precipitation would be for this
5:45 pm
not necessarily hard and fast rain snow life but it's not raining to the south of it it would be a very wet snow. so this comes up the coast and still clips cape cod and the islands to the day on friday and into friday afternoon. this is one model i can't find any other models that are telling us that cape cod and islands are going to get hit with this but seeing how we were such a close shave this past weekend with the storm system we know we have to watch it closely. i would say that you're not going to get snow from the system this week and not something to run out to the grocery stores for just yet but something to keep tucked in the back of your mind something or we are watching will keep you posted if anything changes that's why the risk only a 30 percent chance is in there for friday saturday and sunday showers are just that weak systems coming in by with snow and rain.
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are many people stuck inside the dating app haven't reported a jump in use on saturday messaging a new york city wet 100 and 39 percent for the week and before in philadelphia the app saw 342 percent surgeon
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advocate since part of an iris plan to move service online. welcome to the internal revenue service. try to call the irs with a question about your taxes and it may be hard to get an answer. we are experiencing very high call volumes at this time. taxpayers are just waiting a long time and hold the majority are never getting anyone to pick up at all. new numbers from the governments own internal auditors at the gao show that in 2015 more than 56 million calls to the irs went unanswered. only about four out of 10 people trying to reach iris were successful. the country's official taxpayer advocate said in her recent report to congress that this is by design. quote and intention on the part of the irs to substantially reduce telephone and face-to-face service. we figured we call the irs and see how long it takes them to answer our calls. we called multiple times and each time that an answer under
5:50 pm
but the numbers show that's rare. on average taxpayers waited about 30 minutes. i reached out to the irs a spokesman referred us to the official audit response iris officials say in the future they want more customers to go online to finance answer to question rather the picking up the phone. in terms of becoming more efficient the irs took formal online services. iris says money is also a big part of this. congressional budget cuts of left them with limited resources. this weeks after announcing historic moved to boston ge has signed its first lease the copy signed a lease the four-point channel area on findwhat street ge spokesperson said the location would be a temporary landing spot. not the permanent headquarters.
5:51 pm
electric will rent a rehab and old building or build nothing new for the boston headquarters. oil prices helping americans at the pump gas prices in massachusetts dropping three since last week. average price for a gallon of gas in the baystate $1.83.but many locations had prices much lower than that in new hampshire gas prices fell a full nickel in the last week down a dollar 86 a gallon. national average price gases fallen $.17 in just last month. hollywood actors will be in massachusetts next week to be honored with a local award. scandal actress kerry washington has been named this year's 80 putting woman of the year. washington will be at harvard on thursday for the traditional road and prayed to harvard square. the group says that they chose washington for the award because she's engaging and continues to break barriers in hollywood. pages play arrested for a bar assault now is six what he told police when confronted and has trouble past. five people hurt and explosion
5:52 pm
treatment plant in quincy tonight the message for residents that live around here. latest information on later storm in the week how warm will be tomorrow. local teen severs concussion doing a college guard routine. note 6 what she says she was kicked off her team after her injury. rattlesnake island the plans breed enema snakes in a local island wildlife expects say the good thing the locals who are worried about where the snakes might end up. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 6. >> patriot practice squad play arrested accused of assaulting two women and a man over the weekend. >> we told you about the events leading up to the arrest and knew it six were learning about his troubled past and florida. >> reporter: we obtained this
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