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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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patriots jj whton told police that he was simply trying to defend himself when he not that man unconscious on tonight here at o'connor's. as you mentioned we have since learned that this is the first time whorton has been arrested on assault charges. >> jj whorton signed onto the page with practice squad just last month but tonight 's future with the team is uncertain. foxboro police and they were called to this irish pub early saturday morning after two women claimed whorton groped their buttocks. lisa the boyfriend of one of those women confronted whorton and that's when whorton lashed out punching the man and knocking him unconscious. but whorton has faced assault charges before. fox25 obtained a court document that detail and incident in march 2012 when whorton was a football player at the university of central florida. according to investigators whorton was arrested after he punched an off-duty sheriff deputy who asked him to leave a
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unclear if the patriots knew about wharton's prior conviction when they signed him a spokesperson this afternoon said they had no comment on him or the incident. the bar owner told me they are working with police on the investigation but could not comment on the incident beyond that. follow breaking news in dorchester where there's been a shooting witnesses telling fox 25 all started over a parking spot. fox25 live at the scene on nightingale street with what she's learned since five.>> reporter: the scene cleared is about 35 to 40 minutes ago but still at this hour is an active investigation as police are looking for the shooter but again a short time ago police have confirmed for the 34-year-old man was shot over a parking spot. i'm going to take it to some video that was shot a little while ago over here on nightingale street.just around 2:30 pm this afternoon
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gunshot on a man on the floor. other witnesses told police there was an argument over a parking spot. the 20 god victim here the 34-year-old victim was just parking is toyota camry when he was shot in the stomach suspect took off in his car just a little while ago commissioner edmonds showed up unseen areas. >> suspect fled in a black bmw located the black bmw up around nine nightingale at that point we got information of him running our officers mobile operation squat team we swept the building unsuccessful. >> at this hour we are being told by investigators the 34-year-old victim is expected to make a full recovery. also right now as undercover police officers just down the block from where we are the actively looking for that 27-year-old shooter again he is still out there as soon as we
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dorchester. >> she got a concussion during a practice and was cut from her team. it's a story you only see tonight talks 25. colorguard members mother says a coach cut her daughter let message. now. >> heather: the girl is only 14 years old she a private competition team is not affiliated the school the injury she sustained our serious energy has documentation in the hospital visit to prove it she says all she wanted to do was be like she was still part of the team and be able to cheer on her teammates that's why she was so devastated when she was asked equipment. >> this six-foot lag the back of the head during colorguard practice two weeks ago several days later she started to have fainting episodes. and i hit the tile floor at least three times this was me getting ready for school and said nobody else. one time it led to a 9-1-1 call
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she collapsed here in the kitchen and she lost mental awareness i'm holding my 14-year-old daughter she staring at me and not responsive. pediatrician said it was a concussion. since that diagnosis lindsay has been able to go to school only a few hours a day and she misses the karate she shares with her friends of the colorguard team. she's been on the team for a year even had a solo in a competition last year. that's why lindsay was so shocked and upset when the coach texted her mom and said lindsay was being cut because he quote needed to do what was best for the team. i wanted to be the better person i didn't know if i should scream or if i should just like burst out in tears. we got lindsay's coach on the phone he told us lindsay was cut because of the concussion but because she missed too many
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warned several times. they would've been okay with her having somebody else be in her place but she still could've won the uniform and sat on the bench and cheer for her teammates. now lindsay and her mother say apology. not one coach not one of the people in my card except one person has reached out to me. saying like are you okay is everything all right. lindsay and her mother tell me she did have other injuries including strep throat this year prior to the concussion so she did miss three practices this season and she knew if she missed three practices the rules where she would not be allowed to compete but she didn't think she would become altogether either and she said some of her teammates miss for the three practices and they weren't cut. x one storm out of the way but fox 25 kevin lemanowicz tracking another nor'easter. always tracking it's going to be another storm last week at
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the area and become a close shave for us.look at the computer models down the road for this coming week this the american model of gfs takes storm off the coast there will be another nor'easter next week coming off the coast. however look at this far south we don't get into that green shield which will be the rain or snow that would come in here this case it would be snow because of the far southern track goes right by tour south much. if that verifies we've got nothing to worry about in fact the snow would not even make it into the mid-atlantic states as time. you can see it drifting out to see far off to our north and east.if that happens i'll be watching very closely just in case there are some clouds out there tonight mixing it with clear skies depending on which town urine temperatures are
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30s out there for evening plans and dropping tonight out worcester for instance right down into the mid-20s if you not there already coming back up in the morning as winds shift how warm will get to tomorrow afternoon a lot of melting going on computer model has some snow actually making it in here later this week. >> washington d.c. still working to dig out after this we can storm dumped to be on the area plows continue their work today to try to clear the roads many people ventured outside to start the process of digging other cars. federal government was closed today so thousands of people were in the area. have the day off. >> new york city are not faring so well this is the same this morning in one neighborhood queens which barely had been touched by the plows some neighbors tried their hardest to get their cars out with little success. when a plow arrived the plow got stuck as well. city blocks says rather some blocks in queens very tough to plow because of the streets are
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>> parts of public works crews are helping baltimore dig out and clear the streets after the blizzard ultimo mayor sent a thank you letter to mayor walsh is more between saying i just ran into one of our crews one of your cruise rather with huge snowblowers on i-83 you were joking thanks for looking out. >> developing news in quincy now where there's been an explosion at a sewage treatment facility five people hurt in that blast. all of this happening at the facility on net island in quincy bay. that plants been in operation since 1998 on that island. that's what fox 25 crystal hand is back with us live. there's no danger to the public right now. >> reporter: that's right vanessa but i'm going to step out of the frame here as you can see behind me there's some sort of a parent flareup we did see several firefighters go back into that building.
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hotspots all afternoon since i first got this call around noon time today. five employees were working odor control when an explosion rocked this fire and they are expected to be okay tonight. but how this all happened remains a mystery. >> they keep order control because obviously it stinks and so maintaining it when the incident occurred five employees at the water sewage treatment plant rushed to the hospital with difficulty breathing and eye irritation be after the explosion and fire inside the building. it's way down in the bowels probably three or four stories down below the ground so they needed the oxygen masks to work. skybox overhead in quincy as firefighters worked to knocked on the flames billowing over the boston harbor. if industrial building at the air scrubber that was on fire. so will look at mostly insulation. quincy fire chief says it's unclear what sparked the fire or explosion. but it took two companies to
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you never know. but it is kind of scary when there's helicopters and every fire department and fire engine in quincy down there. the facility treats roughly and a half of all the water on the south shore and residents have been told tricking water in the area is not affected. and there are no interruptions to sewer service even with the power to the plant shutdown temporarily. a bypass will kick in. if we need that's been no environmental issue at all. >> as you heard there the chief said this was a difficult one to get knocked down hotspots they been dousing them all afternoon as you can see again it looks like there appears to have been some sort of flareup with this increase in smoke were seeing coming from this facility.meantime the mwra says there were surveillance cameras in the area where this explosion and fire happened in the going to be taking a look at those cameras in the video from them to determine exactly what happened here as investigate
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get all of this fire out and make sure to stay clear of the building and resume their investigation. >> new arrest of vandalism spree in salem new hampshire these images all at six. salem police tell us matthew joe is a fourth person arrested in connection with the vandalism on norwood road. at least a dozen homes in the neighborhood were hit while homeowners were sleeping. very same neighborhood also targeted over the summer. police do not expect any more arrest picnics patriots back home today after a brutal loss to the broncos in the afc championship team did not have a lot to say when they're cleaning out the lockers today. fox 25's trim thing joins us. >> reporter: now over and despite what we all witnessed entering the posting pats we all thought things would be different in the playoffs. that's called choosing not to believe our lying eyes mainly because of pats play up when
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overall dominance over the peyton manning but after another afc championship game pushing his record in those games to three and one versus brady at three into overall the playoffs bill belichick in the pats are left feeling sad and unfulfilled. >> turn the page and move on. start the process all over. that's what this team is built to do around here that's what expectation is. i'm good to be dad and husband and i look forward to that because that's more important than football. matthew giving pure perspective all have more from the pages in sports including what steve's team is a thing about him accepting responsibility for sunday's loss. >> please call the classic case of road rage. driver accused of pulling out his gun and tarring off several shots the reason police that he was so upset with a snow plow driver. the possibility of a third-party candidate now getting very real. in this presidential election
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antiabortion activists behind the country was video
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done by a grand jury in texas. video spoke covertly shot showed planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of ordered fetuses for research. grand jury has ruled the leader of the city for medical progress should face felony charges for tampering with government records and a misdemeanor charge for purchasing human organs. second activist also faces charges now from grand jury cleared planned parenthood of any lot wrongdoing. commuters on the red line stranded at tops around the today thanks as a morning ridge work weekend come along follow bridge caused issues for writers around the city during this morning's commute. reconstruct work red line trains were limited to 10 miles per hour in some spots. head's up for you writers and bt spokesperson tells us speed restrictions will likely be the effect for the next day or two. having right now t is having a hikes. invited to ask whatever questions they have. >> reporter: this is the first
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t will hold over the next several weeks. to get public input on the proposed fare hikes. there are two scenarios on the table right now one that would increase fares on average near seven percent another one that would increase fares closer to 10 percent. one example for you the t has the popular link pass it allows unlimited travel on subways and buses. right now the link cost $75 a month it could go as high as $84 and $.50 a month under one of the higher proposals. it's no secret the mbta is in dire financial straits and fare hikes are one way they hope to reduce that massive $242 million deficit. as you might expect this is going to be a hard sell for many riders especially after last winter's dismal performance and recent news that a quarter nearly a quarter of all t employees make more than 100 grand a year. tonight's meeting is one way for people to voice their opinions.
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now and i will be heading in. reaction from those in attendance all new tonight on the fox 25 news at 10. >> a video just released by isis appears to show most of the terrorists who carried up november attacks appear the graphic images show the minute isis terror camps in syria and iraq summer shown beheading prisoners this is the first proof the paris attacks were planned by isis readers and syria. 130 people were killed hundreds more injured when terrorists attacked the soccer stadium concert hall and restaurants in french capital. in another part of this video isis threatens a new attack on the united kingdom. >> clouds in and out of the area this evening will be tonight as well times totally clear over at other times not so much clouds were talk about behind me floating on by none of which have any precipitation with them at all at this hour. makes for some nice pictures.
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twitter daniel sent this in. of a sunset off to the west live in our area just a little bit ago. beautiful to look at. from charlestown of the nice guy off the distance over here sunrise sent into us this morning thank you for your reports of pictures coming and always send them to us. lot of snow looking forward to baseball after yesterday's football game but is outside tonight now that the sun is down and quiet. pretty scene of the city of boston temperature is 33 degrees winds from the southeast at nine miles per hour. low temperatures tonight about the 20s to low and mid-30s across southeastern massachusetts. not going down from where they are right now when shifts around to the southwest expectation anyway tonight and then tomorrow.
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the area all night long through your morning so when you wake up you mostly sunny skies. the cold front that has some showers along the rain showers staying mostly to our north and offshore to ourselves. kind of splitting the operates on that. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon to the north shore and beyond all 47 and over 45 danvers both of 47 in essex at 46 degrees. mediate boston area expect temp just to be in the mid orders here as well upper 40s in some cases quincy your 47 braintree 48 watertown 46 and little cooler back here and was the county lord is gardner 41 worcester 42 in bellingham up to 46 degrees tomorrow afternoon. a lot of melting going on. is a wider view of that front last night if you are watching their a couple of showers we thought would come through. still the risk of one or two to make it in here but host of them are going to go to the south and to the north of us and leave us high and dry so we'll get some clouds and mild
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will stay dry. takes us into wednesday morning with the clouds hanging around getting out of here in the middle of the day in the afternoon with sunshine for the balance of the day coming up on wednesday. seven day forecast showing you what's happening to that time. as temperatures in the 40s both days tuesday and wednesdays staying in the 30s on thursday and then by friday i showed you earlier that gfs model which showed a storm system staying offshore this is a european model which takes@storm system brushes cape cod the islands which would be rain or snow that rain snow line is essentially that blue line right there but it can still see note to the south of it just be a weather snow fort to come by above freezing but that's another model presentation if you an idea not an agreement and these models except for this is more subcontract than what we saw
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so at this time i'm not concerned about it something i'll just watch with the new information tonight.
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s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. the proposals include $5 million in initiatives including those plans the creation of a new committee organization to provide job training and $1 million to
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people getting out of prison. more opioid abuse now tangling the nomination process for the next leader of the fda senator ed markey says he will block the nomination of a new commissioner for the fda to call attention to the agencies approval process for the painkillers. markey wants the fda to consider addiction abuse and dependence when determining which opioids are safe. >> getting a first look at southern california prison with three fugitives in a daring escape on friday. officials say three inmates broke out of sin and is maxim on security jail cutting two steel bars and the cells and sticking through plumbing tunnels to the roof. they apparently used shift to repel for stories to the ground. the escapees included suspected murder and inmates charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. the men hunt for them continues right now. >> a safe pulled from the foundation of the form home of
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domitian*last week on the pink one mansion in was once owned by pablo escobar the new owners say they also found another safe hidden under the stairs that it been empty within the last month. escobar was killed back in 1993 in a shootout with colombian authorities. proposal could dramatically change one of america's most famous landmarks. the new york state parks system was to make my niagara falls run dry but only on the american side officials say they need to diver all the water from the niagara river to flow over the horseshoe falls on the canadian side. this move allow cruise repair to stone bridges which were built back in 1901 the last time the walls were ran drive was 1959. >> snow can bring out the worst in some people. coming up next while local men allegedly fired his gun in the middle of this weekend's snowstorm. students who say no one listen
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week. foxboro police say wide receiver jj whorton assaulted two women and a man a local bar happened around 1:00 a.m. saturday at the irish pub police try to rookie wide and two counts of indecent assault and battery one count of assault and battery. we first told you about this raking news at the top of our 5
6:29 pm
injured in an explosion fire adequately sewage facility. it happened is afternoon at the facility on not island part of a massachusetts water resources authority police say the five victims have minor injuries investigate is also try to find out how the quote minor explosion happened.the public was never in danger. a case of road rage in the middle of this weekend snow a man was arrested for firing up his gun there as snowplow. bob ward was in court as a suspect was arraigned today reports known what led up to the shopping fire. >> reporter: allegations are all contained in this incident report. this all went down saturday night about 7 o'clock in the middle of that big snowstorm. police say this was a classic case of road rage. people who live along serene rocky hill road in plymouth are not used to hearing gunfire. but they knew something was wrong when heard three pops at about 7 o'clock saturday night at the winter storm rage. police say what those neighbors heard was this man.
6:30 pm
whitman find his gun into the ground during a road rage incident with a snowplow. police allege it all started when a o'brien was behind the plow and he said the plows real lights were too bright so o'brien flashed his lights to pass. according to this incident report o'brien told investigators that when he passed the plow driver he signaled him with his middle finger the plow driver got too close to him o'brien said and that's when o'brien said he reached for his gun and then pointed out his driver-side window and shot into the o'brien's wife maureen give a statement to police. after passing the truck he pointed the gun out the window and fired two shots it was not aiming anyone. he did have a license to carry. and that she is well has a license to carry o'brien's lawyer said it was just a warning shot. afterwards i tried to talk to o'brien's lawyer but he had little to say. is a responsible gun owner? >> of course he is. how did this happen? >> prosecutors say o'brien was
6:31 pm
and that his gun was registered. o'brien now has a surrender that gone and any other gun in my own he's also ordered held on $2500 cash bail is due back month. >> right now fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz tracking another nor'easter. >> don't be a direct hit to bring some impact here whether it's wind waves or even a little precipitation but all indications are from our medium-range computer models all indications be too far south to be much of an impact on southern new england you can see that green swap that's a precipitation in the gray or white that's a cloudiness and that blue squiggly line going up there was a wheezing line at ground level so southeast of their likely reign or mix of precipitation snow possibly two so it's hard to tell this far out exactly what you get
6:32 pm
this computer model seems to want to keep it offshore that's one version.that's american version of the model also european version 2. also that one later. different story to tell. clouds floating by right now temperatures out there getting between 22 and 32 overnight action arising toward southwesterly winds bring a few clouds at times overnight to the first part of the morning also bring a change in how it's going to fill outside warm will get for that melting day tomorrow. >> allegations races comments in order procedures boston school popping action4 the mayor tonight. promising a districtwide review boston public schools after students claim boston latin school did not address racial slurs directed at minorities. school's headmaster met with members of the student activist friday. we spoke with the mayor today. he says more will be done. >> this not be going on and today in our schools and certainly gorgeous support the students.
6:33 pm
students wore black clothing in a show of solidarity with those speaking out.>> police tracking to work down too many use a gun to tack a local score clerk employs other could be a store route 99 tell us it happened early this morning. take a look at the surveillance photos here you can see each man in the store and then one of them goes behind the counter and the whips the clerk. the men took off with the money and the ploy he was taken away by ambulance. tonight police said they have not been able to figure out who is responsible for vandalizing portraits of black law professors at harvard. fox 25 told you back in november pieces of tape are found in the photos of several black fences there the school. despite a thorough investigation police were not able to track down the people responsible. university will be installing security cameras in the area to make sure this doesn't happen again. hillary clinton bernie sanders
6:34 pm
one week to go to the iowa caucuses and now things are getting even more interesting. because as political reporter tells us michael bloomberg is also considering the possibility of mounting a third-party run. >> sharmann: hillary clinton making her way to the finish line and i will lock in a heated battle with bernie sanders while she struggles against a socialist is a new wrinkle talk of a possible third-party candidate. no longer the clear frontrunner at least not in the early stages in iowa at the jewish federation of greater des moines hillary clinton asking for boats in this final stretch.i hope to earn your support in the caucus on monday. secretary clinton is trying to survive a strong challenge from bernie sanders and avoid a repeat of 2008 which he lost to newcomer brock obama. i don't think she's going to blow it this year i think she has too much going for her. but a loss in iowa and a loss in new hampshire back to back
6:35 pm
of the race to be sure she has her supporters but i think she's going to do just fine. she could hold her up and just when you thought this race could not get any more unprinted predictable the latest twist former new york city mayor and billionaire eiko bloomberg said to be considering a third-party run for the white house. self-funded up course. >> it's been a crazy season. and new hampshire voters tell us they're not sure exactly who that would help except maybe bloomberg himself. i think he would be a detriment to tell you the truth i don't think you have add much to the race. i'm not sure that the affection for michael bloomberg and states around the country is as deep as he thinks it is it's going to be quite a challenge. not to mention mounting a serious national campaign with just months until the election. iowa caucuses are a week away. >> over two weeks until new hampshire's primary the campaign trail red-hot right now that state this morning new
6:36 pm
held a meet and greet greenland republican hopeful trying to win support at a restaurant there and close the gap with the front runners. john kasich also talk about voters in new hampshire this time in newmarket but his comments about tom brady salary on as of last night's loss that did not go over well. what you want to be squawking about is how much money is brady making. [laughter] >> he had some booze there. for the record the ohio governor said he was rooting for the pats. >> you have a primary will be the first test for the state's voter identification law voters will be asked to show identification while the drivers license military id to fill out an affidavit to judges will be standing by to handle any legal challenges. narcan credited with possibly saving thousands of lives in just one massachusetts town alone last you arlington first responders report giving nasal doses of narcan 29 times to reverse potentially deadly heroin overdoses total of 40
6:37 pm
them resulted in different police credit the progress to an initiative launched last summer to help those suffering from drug addiction. >> disturbing facebook page showing teens attacking one another has been taken down. fox 25 reporter last week that was to school officials have begun investigating after page originally called worcester fights came to their attention. school principals have been asked to the videos for faces they might recognize. although it six new hampshire woman out on bail after police say she stole money meant for a senior citizens club. 47-year-old diaz turned yourself into merrimack new hampshire police on theft charges yesterday. police say she volunteered to solicit donations for the merrimack senior citizens club earlier this month then proceeded to cash a check in her own name keeping the money. she is due back in court and no march. >> were him harbor is like a go ship in the movies it just keeps popping up.
6:38 pm
was discovered in the middle of freetown state forest and were him harbor master saw the photo he knew it was the same boat that was dumped by the side of the road of mattapoisett last week. officer says case of illegal dumping and they've notified police. downward spiral for oil prices helping americans at the pump gas prices in massachusetts dropping another three cents last week. the average price for a gallon of gas in the baystate now a dollar 83. many locations have prices much lower than that. and new hampshire gas prices fell a nickel the last week down to a dollar 86 a gallon. national average for gas is fallen $.17 in just the last month. austin's mayor body was getting pushback over's proposal to study raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour house speaker robert tells the statehouse new service he'd be reluctant to take up the issue. back in 2014 increases were
6:39 pm
revisited considering the current law. he says boston is in a good place economically to look at bridging wage gaps. >> police department will use a new program to help resolve a backlog of complaints against officers. boston police have launched a mediation program. globe reporting that apartment will be teaming up with harvard to set a less serious complaints faster high-priority complaints like misconduct or excessive force will still be investigated by internal affairs. boston city hall getting some upgrades to make it safer and more economical a total of 325 led like pictures going up around the building. it's a rendering here of what the area will look like after they are up. led lights are much brighter than regular bulbs and also have a 20 year lifespan. they will also help the city save on electricity costs in the be the change color too. hollywood actors and the messages next to be on it with a local award scandal actress
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as this year's hasty what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. plan. >> reporter: rattlesnakes are not exactly the most beloved creature in the commonwealth so now a plan to give them their own entire island is leaving some people a little rattled.
6:42 pm
before the pilgrims arrived. people don't like snakes generally. if anyone knows that it's doctor thomas french a man who'd like to protect them at the division of fisheries and wildlife is a plan to do just that. but it's giving the creepy crawlers to some members of the public. the plan is a snake island. present north quabbin trails association bobby spoke to us by phone. we have over 6 million people in the state and no one in modern times has been killed by a rattlesnake or seriously harmed but the snakes haven't fared so well. most of the snake population deaths have been a result of being hit by cars i people came across them in the wild. sears offense that carries jail time.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:43 pm
the offspring of local snakes taken six or in the time to populate island in a quabbin reservoir. it's already completely off-limits to the public similar efforts have been used to support a population of all the eagles and turtles when it comes snakes french says the public healthy dose of the factor seems to get involved. x the plan here is to start this in the next 2 to 3 years once an island is selected of the islands is as big as 1100 acres so it's pretty substantial. after that the weight up to 30 years to see that population fully mature and be secure. >> i guess it just something i never thought about here.not here but the video alone freaks me out. >> i thought it was pretty fascinating.>> the pats let's move on they may be out of it as far as the super bowl goes but if you're still
6:44 pm
just be prepared to bring your wallet. checkbook credit card the hope it average resell price for the tickets at the very seventh game between the panthers and broncos is just over $5000 that's according to ticket price seeking a pair of club seats near midfield party sold for more than $12,000 each making them the most expensive seats sold so far super bowl l of course will be played in levi stadium in santa clara california. federal government shutdown as washington d.c. tries to clean up following this weekend's massive storm house delayed boats on the gop bill overriding obamacare and another that would increase vengeance on iran. meantime national park service says should be weeks now before the total cost of taxpayers is calculated spoke to one employee was happy to have a snow day. >> the government is closed the benefit of being able to enjoy this with our kids. looks like they're having fun
6:45 pm
there back to work this morning handing down decisions. seems like love was in the air. people were stuck inside during this weekend snowstorm the dating app happens reporting a big open use on saturday. is itching new york city went up 139 percent from the weekend before and in filling the app messaging. across the country sign-ups they were up to 43 percent. >> quiet night we deserve it after this weekend some clouds drifting on buy-in temperatures big changes on the way with that the damages right now 31 and referred 33 in boston. something to keep in mind with any melting that happened likely put some dampness on your walkway the driveway the roads and that's going to refreeze temperatures already dropping below freezing so you know you're going to have the
6:46 pm
it looks wet or shining assume it's i sent to you can test it out out there when you leave your house tonight or first thing in the morning going down below freezing in a back up to 30 by 6:00 a.m. as wins shift around was with mostly cloudy skies and bossy clouds in an of the area back up to 34 by 6 o'clock in the morning so again going to see that temper to start to rise during the early morning hours thinks the winship so this evening clouds in an out of southern new england others front pushing toward us later tomorrow see those showers up becoming increasingly convinced that a couple of the shows a pop up in the new england futurecast doesn't show it but that doesn't mean i can't tell you it's going to happen i believe there be a couple of showers around southern new england not a huge concern keep in mind tomorrow to see a few drops 49 summerville tomorrow 47 cambridge 46 in brookline. nice warm day 47 in quincy as well.
6:47 pm
be in the 40s a couple of 50s taught showing up as 50 and back here to the west 41 garden 42 was to and 44 unit air tomorrow afternoon so pretty nice-looking day with more melting going on will do that melt in refreeze cycle each day this week it looks like as temperatures will be on the mild side this is 6 o'clock wednesday morning so the does offshore taking much of the precipitation with it and notice were clearing out so the middle of the day on wednesday there will be a few clouds around but pretty nice-looking day snow showers staying to the west and rain showers mostly staying offshore and to our south will get the sunshine to stick around into thursday as well. a couple of nice-looking days coming up outside at risk of a shower tomorrow you going to have a nice mild conditions tuesday afternoons sunshine as well. here's your seven day forecast. 46 tomorrow for high
6:48 pm
will be at 50. also the new england getting into the 40s and doing lots of melting. wednesday for you 41 degrees thursday staying the 30s as coolest as a filter and sets the stage for friday threat showed you earlier one computer model keeps a storm offshore european model clips us with a little bit of precipitation. here's the key back in here the screen showing up little system is coming this way if they were to merge and return this one closer to us. i'm not saying that's definitely going to happen but that's what we look at as we decide whether not the storms are going to come our way it's called bathing right now looks like it's not going to happen
6:49 pm
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next. the monday morning quarterback and armchair coaches really out today question coach belichick's decision to finish the season wasn't players instead of fighting for home-field advantage especially since the pages clearly have trouble in denver or the decision to go for it on fourth down instead of kicking a field goal late. unfortunate tom brady didn't get a chance of tickets to roger caddell in the league after the flight gate tb 12 she provided inspiration forcing. >> a lot of guys went through a lot this year. maybe not as highly publicized is what tom went through but his situation was motivation for us ultimate team motivation was a lot bigger than that. he's a top sop i would want to have any other guy so.
6:53 pm
the kicker is that doesn't have a gone from pro bowler best kicker in the nfl to the goat not to tom brady broad missing his first act of .5 and 24 temps accepting the blank that's commemorative but not true. for anyone that says that stephen is a reason we lost that game it's ridiculous. we back stephen foley i still personally feel like you the best kicker in our league. the way that he came out and owned it that's really inspiring to me. two example of leadership. something that i'll never forget. now the pats are set up for next season look at the short list of free agent garrett lunt david jackson i say maybe two or four of these plays will return next season.surprise bruins are back to putting it up and playing well winners of for the last five games
6:54 pm
six in philly tonight versus the hated flyers. meanwhile celtics are on game two of the backpack nbc playing team that they've handled this is bid in fact when the done tonight will mark a four-game sweep of the wizards the season tipoff for the game is at 7:00 p.m. so the pats are done people we still have the celtics the bruins and the red sox spring training is just 24 days away. so there you go. not all bad out here. >> can't get here soon enough. >> were onto baseball. >> forecast shows could be some mild temperatures we're going to warm up melt things out there tomorrow be aware of any melting today left you patches of what could be icy tonight icy spots not a widespread thing but just be
6:55 pm
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